and i hated onslaught

Wondering if it’s worth the hassle of tagging every RDJ pic I post also with ‘anti rdj’ just to spam them with his glory. Also if they feel a need to spam the RDJ tag with their idiocy, might as well put some goodness in their tag? But I’m not sure I’m up for the onslaught of uncalled hate messages that that will bring. 

Just can’t believe how pathetic these people are… 

Sharp work, samurai!

Honestly please stop. L//nce doesn’t even remotely sound flirty at all when complimenting K//ith. It is simply a goddamn compliment, not evidence for eventual k//ance like y'all wished there were. I hate the onslaught of all the *DreamWorks: “don’t sound flirty Shada”“* *shada: *;)))* like no, even Shada is sick and tired of all this stupid shipping shit too. Like I said before, you guys only worship him bc he’s golden boys VA and he hasn’t ‘disappointed ’ you yet by revealing what ships he supports.

I hate how the fandom is so focused on shipping/romance. Can we just derail and back off and focus on what the show is about? Its not bad to ship characters, but we’re honestly obsessive, that’s why we’re so toxic and annoying to everyone else.

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It really irritates me to see authors such as yourself get little to no notes on your fanfiction or other in-depth posts on writing or eo in general while others who write unimaginative two-lined eo memes gets notes nearing a hundred. Doesn't that bother you? Don't you get annoyed when you see your hard work underappreciated?

I try not to look at notes from other people’s posts. If they get a vast number of notes, good for them ^^ It’s not a competition, right?

I’m sad to say that I don’t really poke my nose around in the eo tag much anymore just in case I see someone bitching about me after the onslaught of hate I had received from a few anons and a certain ‘reviewer’. I may have missed a few truly interesting things, but I’m kinda scared that I may piss someone off unintentionally. I only poke around a few blogs that I’m certain won’t attack me. I’m sure one day I’ll be brave enough to venture back. I love the eo series too much to be scared away ^^

And I’m still going to write. I still have ideas I want to try out. Characters to flesh out more. New characters to design. If I only get a few notes, then so be it. Not everyone is going to like what I write and some people are going to judge me solely on what I write or what I didn’t write. You can’t please everyone. And I’m under no obligation to do so.

The EO fandom can be a tad difficult to write for, mostly because literally everyone has headcanons for their own characters. They may hate the way I portray a certain character/portrait. They may hate the way I chose to focus on male characters and their relationships to each other rather than fawn over the girls. They may hate the pairings I write. Everyone has different opinions and expectations on certain character portraits and classes. And that’s fine. That is what the game is about. What makes it so appealing and interesting. Everyone can think/imagine whatever they want. Create their own characters to their liking. Give them whatever personality and characteristics they want. They are entirely free to do so. No one has the right to stop them. And that goes for me as well.

Though, I do understand where you are coming from.

Yes, writing fanfiction is time consuming and can be difficult. To create likeable characters and interesting plots take more than a day to create. It can be very full on. Those who don’t write fanfiction (or fiction in general) can’t really appreciate how difficult the process is until they attempt to write themselves. The same goes for fanart artists. Their creations take time and effort also. A lot of late nights slumped over their desk, drawing utensil in one hand while the other holds their extra caffeinated coffee. Many early mornings spent staring blearily at the screen while your hands try to keep up with the words/images in your mind. One isn’t easier than the other. One isn’t harder than the other. They both require effort and discipline.

And, honestly, where would fandoms be without fanart and fanfiction?

I’m not saying you should shower me with praise; just understand that what I do isn’t without effort. And understand that I am under no obligation to follow your personal expectations and narrative. You do not like what I write? That’s your choice. But do not abuse me or harass me for not bowing to your personal expectations.

As a fanfiction author, I’m not writing for you. I’m sharing my writings with you.

There’s a difference.

I lied before, apart from the soldier thing, there’s one more thing that bothers me in this post-otayuri age. Forgive me for rambling, it’s three in the morning and I got hit by an onslaught of annoyance.

I’m hardcore hating how many artists and writers are turning Yurio into a stereotypical uke role now that he can be paired with a more stereotypically masculine character.

The reason is obvious. Otabek is a character that presents very typically masculine: deep voice, short hair, square jaw, bikes, leather jacket, fails at ballet, national hero etc etc. In comparison, while Yurio has “masculine” personality traits -namely his aggressiveness and competitivity-, he still has more effeminate qualities: long hair, fair complexion, Russian fairy, likes cats, very flexible, aces ballet, has delicate choreographies etc etc So it’s easy for y’all to put them in traditional heteronormative roles even while shipping them as a same sex relationship

That alone is already terrible, but it’s only worse if you consider the fact that Yuri on Ice is a series that has been challenging gender roles since day one. Yuuri’s Eros, Victor presenting as androgynous in his youth, Georgi’s male-female costumes.  

In this latest episode, we got to see how Otabek was impressed by Yuri Plisetzky who “had the unforgettable eyes of a soldier” (a very typically masculine metaphor) while doing ballet, a stereotypically feminine activity. Otabek never looks down on Yurio’s effeminate qualities, nor mocks him for them (in fact, no one but JJ does), quite the contrary, Otabek has massive respect for Yurio and never forgot about him.

Yuri on Ice characters aren’t trapped by gender norms. They can have stereotypically masculine AND feminine traits and neither detracts from who they are. And no one ever thinks they’re “less” for showing traits that don’t align with their assigned gender, quite the contrary, these traits often make them stronger.

So why are people coding them with gross heteronormative seme/uke tropes? Why did people go from portraying Yurio as agressive and dominant “top” to whiny and submissive “bottom”? Just because now there’s a “macho” character to pair him with?

Ugh I’m not making any sense but I’m sick of this gross fetishization and heteronormativity and fandoms make me sick sometimes.


(Photo credits Chicago Blackhawks)

It’s been about twenty-four hours since Patrick Kane accepted the Hart and Lindsay trophies at the 2016 NHL Awards - since he made history and was honored and celebrated by his peers and media and family and friends and teammates. And sadly but not surprisingly, I have watched ignorance spread by people who continue to irresponsibly refer to him as anything other than the victim of false allegations last summer. And while it won’t make a bit of difference to such blinded and hateful people, I get to say what’s on my heart.

This hateful onslaught post-Hart award comes as a surprise to no one - not his family, not his fans, not his team, and certainly not him. But the mere fact that we all had to accept that it would come is such a level of unfair bullshit that it is almost incomprehensible.

The idea that people would have any kind of entitled right to continue to defame his name based on what we now know to be false allegations is beyond arrogant. These screeching self-proclaimed champions of their cause hide behind the self-righteous veil of fighting against rape culture but at the end of the day, they are blinded bullies motivated by their own agendas (at best) or pride (at worst). They refuse to accept that they are wrong and continue to try to destroy the life of man who is the actual victim. That makes them no better than the rape apologists they are so quick to label everyone who opposes their opinion.

The only thing that makes this ridiculous hatred endurable is the fact that he has clearly found a way to make the irrational hate just not matter. He took to the ice and quietly and humbly played through the torches and pitchforks mentality. He put his head down and heard the mocking and the booing and the unfair ridicule but didn’t let it affect his game. He has worked harder and dedicated himself to his craft and the sport he loves. And what infuriates me to the point of tears is that while he didn’t let it destroy his performance on the ice, he deserved exactly none of that treatment off it.

And last night, the people with the opinions that actually matter to him made their statement. The men he plays against and with on a nightly basis named him as the top player in their fold. The Hart is important but the title I would wager matters far more to him, is the one voted on by his peers. The Lindsay is the best way to tell Patrick that what he has accomplished is awesome in the truest sense of the word. And unlike the mindless hate and accusations of strangers who hide behind the anonymity of the Internet, he actually cares about the voices of the players.

Patrick Kane is the 2016 Art Ross winner.

Patrick Kane is the 2016 Hart Trophy winner.

Patrick Kane is the 2016 Ted Lindsay winner.

History will remember him these things. No amount of hurtful crap spewed by people who can’t even bother to research the case before spouting their bullshit will ever, ever take that from him.

I hope he heard us cheering last night. I hope he knows that he is admired and loved. I hope he is aware that there are far more fans who appreciate and believe in him. I hope he knows how absolutely bone-deep proud of him we are.

But if he doesn’t, that’s okay. Because last night, he found out what the people he most cares about had to say about their pride and admiration. And last night he got to look in the mirror and see a man who deserves that pride and admiration - especially from himself.

Congratulations Patrick. We are blessed to be part of the family that calls you our own and we are awed to get to watch you shine….

Markiplier Fandom Chaos

 I logged on this morning and my heart nearly broke…

Two people I consider dear friends have left because of this petty nonsense. You should be ashamed of yourselves behaving like fools and breaking up the warm community that we all were so proud of…

I know me ranting about will do nothing but get me unfollowed and a onslaught of hate mail…So I wont waste my breath on that.

 Instead I will continue to post what I always post…and be here for the good people in the community who are feeling the stress that others have caused. Remember each word you say mindlessly can seriously effect others, others that maybe fighting battles and use this fandom as an outlet. I WILL BE HERE FOR THEM and pray that MARK will come out and say something to stop this foolish mess.

So with that said… I will wish you a good day….


Man I hate seeing hate for my favorite character.
Thinking of unfollowing a couple of the Teen Wolf blogs I follow because there has been a sudden onslaught of Parrish hate because of tonight’s episode :(((( Why would you want such a cinnamon roll teddy bear dead? He literally has done nothing wrong. Yeah he has visions about Lydia, some of which aren’t exactly PG. but you know what? If Stiles were having these dreams y'all would be jumping out of your seats and screamin about how much Stiles loves Lydia.
Here are just a few things that I have to get off of my chest about this subject:
1) You have no control of what you dream about. Sorry. And even if you did, Parrish’s visions about Lydia have been less than ideal. I don’t know about you, but when I day dream about kissing/banging my crush it doesn’t end with their skin melting or them telling me someone is dying/something is coming.
2) Parrish isn’t that much older than Lydia (who is a consenting adult btw) they have maybe a 6 year difference. That’s not a lot. And it isn’t even a confirmed romance at this point. Just a bunch of visions Parrish has no control over.
3) Lydia IS part of Scott’s pack. She has been for a good amount of time now. I recently saw a post that was like “Lydia would be a part of Scott’s pack if it wasn’t for this Parrish shit” like??? Have we been watching the same show???? She is a central part of the pack! It was her powers that were key in the storyline last season.
4) Parrish has been nothing but respectful and courteous to every one. He has helped Scott and the pack numerous times. Yeah he has a stronger friendship with Lydia because they hung out more. But he has helped tremendously with figuring out the chimeras and getting Lydia out of Eichen House and I’m sure him being on supernatural clean up is going to be a very helpful thing in the future.
I just remember when Parrish was first introduced, he was very well liked. Everyone had a good time trying to figure out what he was and I think he was called like “Detective Pretty-Eyes” or something. But GOD FORBID he be written to like Lydia (both platonically and romantically).🙄

Open When I’m Gone

So he writes.

He writes until he starts to runout of ideas. He writes to tell Dan how to deal with how short the time is they currently get to spend together, he writes to give Dan help on the bad days, he writes to help Dan sleep, he writes to help if they ever fight, he writes to remedy Dan’s fears of the future, he writes to tell Dan the thousands of things that he loves about him, he writes to ask Dan to marry him.

sequel to Open When You Need To Know How Much I Love You

title: open when i’m gone
author: kaleidanscope/rhensis
word count: 1941
rating: PG
status: complete (sequel)
warnings: implied major character death, implied depression
a/n: i got asked for this 100000 times but Open When got 1000 notes today and man how could I deny you guys any longer
ao3 link

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Um, if you don't mind.. Could you write a mini Nanami/Tsumiki thing?

Kindness Nanami/Mikan

Mikan wasn’t used to kindness.

She’s only ever learned of the word from the dictionary but never from experience.

So when she entered Hope’s Peak Academy, she expected no less. However, what she got was the most confusing reception. Aside from Hiyoko, the rest of her classmates were apathetic. She didn’t know what she was doing wrong. Why wouldn’t they bully her? Weren’t they supposed to hate her? Weren’t they supposed to lash out at her? 

Did she even register in their minds? She could handle bullying. She could handle abuse. She could handle injuries. However, what she didn’t know was how to handle not receiving any of that. For Mikan who’s only ever had suffering in her life, negative attention was better than no attention at all. This class was the worst case scenario for her. Everyone was just indifferent towards her, it’s like they didn’t even care at all.

“Ah, hello, Mikan.” One of her classmates just arrived and greeted her.

And then there was Nanami.

“H-h-hello, Nanami.” She stammered back as she then proceeded to bow and beg for forgiveness just like how she’s used to. “Was I supposed to greet you first? I should have, shouldn’t I? Please, forgive me! I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine, Mikan.”She said reassuringly as she gently patted Mikan on her arm while her other hand continued button mashing. “You’re fine. And everything is okay, okay?” She smiled a bit.

Nanami was different. But only just a little bit. She went beyond apathetic even if only just a little bit.

“O-okay.” Mikan agreed hesitantly, still unused to such gentle treatment.

“It looks like it’s just the two of us today.” Nanami said as they proceeded inside the desolate classroom.

“Should I go search for the others? I’m willing to go if you need them.” Mikan offered almost desperately as she readied herself to be ordered out.

But it never happened.

“No, this is fine too.” Nanami said as she rummaged through her bag, this time she had to pause her game. “Right now, the two of us is already enough.”

“Huh?” Mikan asked confusedly. She’s not sure what she meant by that.

“There’s this game that I want to complete 100% but I still haven’t gotten through the co-op mode.” Nanami handed her the console she just pulled out from her bag and then looked at her with bright expectant eyes. “Wanna be my partner?”

All this kind treatment had shocked Mikan speechless for a few seconds.

“A-am I even w-worthy enough?” She stammered lamely when she had somewhat recovered from the shock. “I feel like I’ll just be a hindrance and drag you down.” She didn’t want to disappoint her especially when she was so nice to her. “I’m so sorry! I’m not at all useful, aren’t I?”

Mikan braced herself for the onslaught of hateful words…

But again, they never came. They never did. They were always absent with Nanami and instead they were always replaced by something else, something gentler, something entirely new for her.

Something that reminded her of a word she only knew by dictionary and not by experience.

“It’s okay.” Nanami reassured her but this time she was much more determined. There was a hardened resolve in her eyes, the kind of glint that shone whenever she was serious. Whether it was about the game or Mikan, or both, Nanami was seriously pumped and she wasn’t going to let Mikan lose spirit. “You’re not going to play this alone. So it’s fine. We’re going to be fine.”

“B-b-but!” Mikan was about to protest but a hand stopped her.

“You’ve got me, okay?” Nanami reassured her again as she gently placed her hand on top of hers.

“W-well… if you insist.” Mikan took the other portable console as well as her offer on gaming. “Please take care of me.” She bowed slightly. And maybe she had accepted a bit of something else as well.

“Of course, I will.” Nanami patted her lightly on the head as she smiled warmly at her. “Let’s do our best together, Mikan.”

Mikan wasn’t used to kindness but she figured that maybe she could get used to Nanami.