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Who do you think are the most overrated characters in ATLA?

What a controversial question xD Well, probably under the cut, for the best.

DISCLAIMER: if you adore any of the characters on this list, this is NOT an attempt to attack you or your peers, merely criticism on how the fandom behaves regarding certain characters.

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Fic wars prompt! I recently read an interview w/ David Harbour where he was talking about how if Hopper and Joyce ever did get together they would have "nightmare fights" bc of Hopper being prideful/emotionally shut down and unavailable. Can you write one of their nightmare fights? I am a sucker for angst! Love your writing (:

Jim Hopper was taking deep, calming breaths as the minutes on the clock in the Byers’s living-ticked by. 1:15, 1:30, 1:45… when he and the boys had managed to convince Joyce to go out and have a good normal Ladies’ Night with Karen Wheeler, she promised faithfully that she wouldn’t be about any later than 12:30 – not that Hopper begrudged her any extra fun, it was just that she had been so adamant that that was when she would glide through the front door and relieve Hopper of his babysitting duties. He cast a nervous glance towards the pup tent in the middle of the living-room; thank goodness Will and El were fast asleep, and not sharing in his terrible, devouring anxiety.

He leapt from the couch to the receiver on the wall in two bounds before the phone had a chance to ring a second time.


Oh, h-hey Hopper. Was just call-calling to to make sure Joycie got home safe.

“What do you mean, Karen? I thought you were dropping her off tonight.”

Karen’s exasperated chuckle floated through the line, causing his stomach to roil unpleasantly. Something that happened, and Karen was too sloshed to be concerned about it.

Well, yeah, except she got really irritated when I kept trying to introduce her to some very nice men. She just kinda stormed off. I’m sorry it took me so long to check on her, but I didn’t want to be rude to the boys, you know?

“What do you mean by ‘so long’?”

Karen hiccuped softly on the other end, and he heard her produce a low, contemplative hum.

Hell, I guess she musta started walking from LaVerne’s around quarter after 12.

Rather than scream himself hoarse over the phone – railing against Karen over how messed up it was to let a so-called good friend walk three miles home on a cold, February night –  Hopper slammed the handset back onto the receiver and rushed to the coat rack near the front door.

“Shit, shit, shit,” he cursed, before throwing the door open and stepping out into the cold. On the plus side, Hawkins was experiencing a mild heat wave; it was a balmy 20 degrees Fahrenheit – but it was still dangerous to walk alone at night, especially in a town that seemed to hover over the gates to Hell. Hopper felt something small and solid collide with his chest as he rushed down the stairs, eyes fixed on his truck.

“Ow! Jesus, Hopper, what have you been eating – steel beams?”

It was the most beautiful thing Hopper had ever heard in his life. He audibly gasped as relief flooded through his tense body as he looked down to see Joyce Byers, flat on her ass at the bottom of her porch steps, glaring up at him with the slightest, adorable pout on her trembling lips.

“Oh my God,” Hopper uttered, bending low to place his hands under her armpits and hoist her to her feet. Joyce slid a bit when he set her down, and he moved to steady her. “Sorry, I know you asked me to make Will salt the walk for you.”

“It’s fine, I’ll do it in the morning.”

It dawned on Hopper, quite suddenly, that it was nearly two in the morning, and that he had just gotten off of the phone with Karen Wheeler, who had informed him that Joyce had stormed off in a tizzy and took it upon herself to walk quite a distance home without calling him first. The warmth in his blood over her welcomed reappearance went supernova as it transformed into a hot rage that staggered him. His hands fell from her sides and balled into fists near his.


“Where were you? Karen was supposed to drop you off at 12:30.”

Joyce exhaled and brought up a hand to cup Hopper’s cheek. He jerked away from her touch like it was made of fire.

“Karen was being ridiculous, and we all had a little too much to drink. I walked home.”

“In the middle of the night. In February. In this town, of all places.”

Joyce rolled her eyes. “It’s not Indianapolis.”

“I’d almost rather it was! Jesus fucking Christ, Joyce, we have no idea if what El did in November was 100 percent effective – what if something happened to you?” I wouldn’t survive it, he wanted to say. There would be nothing left. The idea fueled his rage, making him want to scream his regard in her face, throw it at her like knives. How dare she take his mind to that dark, hopeless place where he couldn’t find her? That place that poisoned his dreams, replacing Bob Newby’s broken, eviscerated body with hers every single night…

“Nothing did! I’m fine, Hop. Now, let me go to bed and sleep this off.” She tried to walk around him, but he blocked her path. “Why didn’t you call me?”

“Because you were watching the kids, you idiot!”

Hopper shrugged. “The truck is big, I could’ve taken them with me. It would’ve taken one phone call, Joyce. One. Again; why didn’t you call me?”

Something horrible and telling flashed in Joyce’s intelligent brown eyes; it reached it’s black, hopeless claws into Hopper’s gut and twisted fiercely. She knew the risk, and she took it because…

“Joyce, no…”

Joyce gave a diffident shrug and lowered her eyes. “Everyone wants me to be normal now. Karen said I was being self-indulgent for not even considering talking to those horrible men–”

“That was no reason to storm off with a fucking deathwish!” Hopper knew it would’ve been prudent to approach this gently, as he always had since Bob’s death, but this was something new and terrible. It never occurred to him that thoughts like this crossed her mind, even in moments where he sat at her bedside and forced her to eat and function when her body and the lead in her heart wouldn’t let her. She had two boys to live for, she had him, even if he was moving towards that point in ice-berg increments. That she would even consider leaving them behind threw napalm on his already considerable rage.

“Tell me you don’t see what I see everytime you close your eyes!” Joyce shot back, pushing at his chest with black mittened hands. “Look me in the eyes and tell me that doesn’t crush you! Now pretend it was someone you loved! It’s so hard to breath sometimes, and I can’t help but wish it was–”

“Stop it!” Hopper thundered, his hands closing over her upper-arms to stem the tide of repeated shoves. “And how dare you come up to me and try to scream at me about loss! I lost everything when–”

“YOU LET HIM DIE!” Joyce screamed, pulling herself away from his grasp, with a flurry of slaps to his chest, one of which clipped him on the chin. Her breaths were coming out ugly and ragged and the tears came, along with the gasping sobs that wracked through her tiny, shivering frame.

Hopper, despite the pathetic, heart-wrenching sight before him, saw red at the accusation. “Are you fucking kidding me?” he growled, unconsciously closing the distance between them in an effort to appear intimidating. Joyce’s breath caught in her throat for a moment, her eyes softening, and the barest whisper of a flinch briefly paralyzing her stance; the appearance of fear was gone in an instant as her stubborn chin jutted out and her watery, but steady glare focused upwards towards Hopper. She was all defiance, despite the tears that still flowed.

“Again. Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?”

Joyce stepped back and crossed her arms over her chest, shrugging and shaking her head. “You could’ve–”

“COULD’VE WHAT, JOYCE? Kept uselessly shooting at that thing while the other ones came and did the same to you?” The idea was so abhorrent that it soured the contents of Hopper’s stomach, the image conjured enough dread to stagger him.

“I wouldn’t feel like this if you did,” she admitted quietly as her face crumpled once more.

“Well too goddamn bad,” he sneered, averting his face from the sight of her fresh onslaught of tears.

“I hate you,” she moaned against her hand.

“That’s fine, it’s better than you being dead. Be alive and hate me, but stop doing dumbass shit that’s only going to leave your boys motherless, and me…” he couldn’t finish.

Joyce sniffled and lowered her hand, her eyes wide with curiosity, her lips pressed into a thin line. “And you… ?”

“In every scenario I’ve dreamed up since that night, every possible way things could’ve gone, a different exit, a different choice, I always, always pick you. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t have done more to save Bob, you’ll never know how fucking sorry I am – but all I could see in that moment when those things broke through the door was you.”

There it was. He choked up near the end of his speech, his throat closing and his mouth growing dry from the effort of laying himself so terribly bear. There could be no mistaking his words, as ill-timed as they were – but the prospect of losing her, the long wait to hear something, anything about where she was on that cold night, had scared him half to death and stripped his pretense to the core.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call,” she whispered before stepping forward and wrapping her arms around his waist. He heaved a hoarse sigh as her face nestled against his chest, and relented immediately, his arms closing around her thin, shivering body, giving her the warmth and comfort she desperately needed.

“I’m sorry I yelled,” he muttered against the top of her head, before he rained kisses upon it. He hoped she didn’t feel the tears against her scalp.

“I love you too, Hop.”

@incandescentlysilver said:

I’m so glad you wrote that defense of evgenia because the hate she gets has been insane and makes me very uncomfortable. I’ll admit I didn’t like her very much at first, but her skating’s really grown on me, so now whenever I see unnecessary evgenia hate, I’m indignant on her behalf, and I make gifs of her to spite the haters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t get them: don’t like the skater, blacklist/don’t enter the tag. It’s not that hard, esp since a constructive discussion clearly isn’t gonna happen.

oh and I wanted to add that I like your evgenia edits and I know she doesn’t really have a consistent Tumblr “fanbase” and I appreciate you taking up the mantle (unofficially)??? your blog’s been so great: I came for yuzu and I stayed for your sincere appreciation of skaters. Keep fighting the good fight my pal! 🤙🤙

Thank you! And I am so glad I’m not the only weird one who likes to make gifs as a way to annoy anti fans and haters. I do love to be contradictory, me. So, sure, bring it on, I will gif at least one performance from every competition Janny does this season. Her programs are, blessedly, quite easy to gif, as they’re full of transitions and jumps done properly out of steps, unlike some other sad crossover-filled stuffs we see on the circuit these days. As you so rightly pointed out, anyone who doesn’t want to see her can easily blacklist the tag, no big deal.

P.S. I love your Janny edits too!

Anonymous said:

Whoa. I came on your blog (which has recently very quickly become one of my favs btw) and was like, what’s with the sudden onslaught of Evgenia hate!? O.o Then I finished reading the post and I gotta congratulate you on that mic drop. Whether one likes her skating or not, she deserves the highest respect because she works incredibly hard (as Eteri pointed out in a new interview - nobody works harder than her apparently) and as a result she’s pushing boundaries. People just gotta deal with it.

Thank you, I am very glad you like my blog and I apologize for the sudden drama - it was partially my fault to begin with, I was practically begging for it, as you can see :)) Yes, I totally agree with you, whether or not to like a skater is up to each’s personal taste, and freedom of speech means anyone can criticize any skater they dislike, but it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, mean that we have to put up with blatant disrespect and unreasonable hatred.

Anonymous said:

I just read your post on Evgenia and to anon who asks why everyone hates her and not Yuzuru … lbr, there’s also some sexism and jealousy involved. Evgenia is a pretty girl and a super consistent skater who seems to get along with pretty much everyone - that also includes Yuzuru. And *many* of her haters are also hardcore Yuzuru stans so .. you do the math :) and to you: keep up the good work, your posts are always a joy to read, especially for those of us who aren’t so technique-savvy! ♥   

Anonymous said:

Conspiracy theory: People are hating on Evgenia cause she’s so consistent (but seriously though, what’s her secret???), she’s breaking all those records set by Yuna and Mao (okay I’m a bit bitter about this), and she’s Yuzuru’s friend?!? (as in she tends to be around him a lot when they meet) 😱😱😱

I’ve vented my thought on the pointless practice of comparing Janny against Yuna/Mao here so I won’t do it again. As for the other points, on sexism and jealousy, yes, I have to admit, those are things (1) I am aware of but (2) I hate and (3) I try to deny because I don’t want to even begin to think that people can be so small-minded and ignorant. 

On the first point, let’s just say I truly believe if Janny had been a guy, or if the demographic of the skating fandom had been more gender-neutral, she wouldn’t have received nearly a quarter of the criticism and animosity she’s getting now.

On the second point, about people hating Janny because she gets along well with Yuzu, let us for one moment try to be rational about it. It’s no secret that Yuzu is a skater Janny admires. I don’t see how, in any universe, there can be anything remotely wrong with her trying to be friendly with him or talking to him or giving him presents, especially when Yuzu himself doesn’t seem to be the tiniest bit bothered by it. Also, it’s Yuzuru Hanyu, people, aside from Extra, Sunny Disposition is his other middle name. Have you seen him at galas or some such? He gets along well with literally everybody and he enjoys it. If you by default develop a sense of hostility for anyone who manages to be the target of Yuzu’s affection, that’d mean almost any human or animal who has ever been within a 1-meter radius around him. If by chance Yuzu has ever shown to be a tiny little bit nicer to Janny, isn’t it also quite understandable? She’s a good skater and I bet Yuzu does know good skating when he sees it, bless his taste. She seems such a sweet girl off ice and of freaking course she’s so damn pretty. Why on this good face of Earth would a 22-year-old healthy non-psychotic dude be anything less than perfectly happy about getting the attention of such a lady?

But, oh well, as said, that’s what you’d see if you’re being rational. What you’d see if you are not, I don’t know and I really don’t want to know.

Here’s Janny and Yuzu hugging because why ever the hell not?

(and I’d like to point out the very important technical detail of the Yuzuru Hanyu initiating the hug in the first place)

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hey im genuinely curious as to how reylo isnt abuse to you???

I received this ask during the onslaught of hate I got the other day, so I wasn’t sure if this was actually meant to be hate or not. However, I’ll assume that you really are just genuinely curious. I’m not sure I’ll do a good job at explaining myself, but I’ll give it a shot.

So here’s the thing, Rey and Kylo are enemies at the moment. They’re on opposite sides of a war. Which means they WILL fight each other. And I’m sure you’ve probably heard this a thousand times before, but they’re not in ANY sort of relationship as of TFA. Which means there’s no trust or expectation of trust to be broken, as one would expect there to be in a relationship. This is why I don’t agree with calling it abuse. The very fact that they are adversaries in a war, makes it expected that they are not on friendly terms with one another, and therefore they WILL try to hurt each other.

Also, I feel that calling two enemies who fight each other “abuse,” cheapens the actual meaning. I’ve grown up in an emotionally abusive and sometimes physically abusive household. This is not something I like to talk about because it brings up bad memories for me. I only mention this now, because I want you to understand that I DO know what actual abuse looks like, and it’s definitely not Reylo.

There’s also plenty of evidence in the novelization (which is canon) that makes it clear that Kylo treated Rey much differently than he did with Poe. He didn’t want to hurt her, but said he’d get what he needed. Now that definitely doesn’t excuse Kylo’s actions, I think we can all agree on that. But it’s glaringly obvious that Poe was not given the same treatment. He was beaten and bloody, whereas Rey had not a scratch on her. What this says to me, is that Kylo has some kind of infatuation with Rey. Otherwise he wouldn’t have cared if she were hurt in the process. And let’s not forget, Rey gave as good as she got. She kicked his ass not once, but twice. First in the interrogation, and secondly during the fight. She’s clearly very powerful, and most likely just as powerful as Kylo, if not more so. Which also means, that they are equals. Rey isn’t beneath him in any way shape or form.

All this to say, this is my own interpretation of things. People are free to read things differently, and come to different conclusions. That’s totally fine. Feel free to send me Asks or message me if you’d like to debate on this, I really don’t mind. I’m not always the best at articulating my points well, but I do love a good, civil discussion about these things even if we don’t agree on everything.

I hope this answered your question. 🙂

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Number 8 for the OT3 please :)

8. “You hide it in jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken you are.”
You all asked for this one so I decided to just combine it into a single answer haha :3
And damn, this turned into angst real fast. I apologize in advance, please don’t come after me DX

It started by accident. An offhand comment from Kiri, oblivious to the way Katsuki bristled, but brushed it off with a joke. But that was before he’d strode from the room, leaving all of them with a lingering sense of worry. Izuku and Shouto exchanged a glance, next to each other on the couch. They’d been dancing around this topic for months. Maybe it was time they finally confronted Katsuki about it.

Shouto led the way, Izuku trailing behind, and they followed Katsuki into the back bedroom. They found him standing by the window, arms crossed and muscles tight with masked discomfort. It was Izuku who knocked quietly at the doorframe and Katsuki glanced over his shoulder. He blew out an exasperated sigh when he saw them.

“What the hell do you want?”

“We wanna help,” Izuku piped up timidly. He emerged from behind Shouto, concern shining in his green eyes. “You looked like what Kiri said really bothered you.”

“Kirishima says a lot of shit,” Katsuki brushed it off. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“When he teased you,” Izuku told him, and Katsuki froze. “About the slime monster?”

Katsuki’s gaze immediately slid down to the floor and Shouto took a step forward. “Katsuki,” he said seriously, “I’m not stupid. I know that something’s wrong.”

“There’s nothing wrong,” Katsuki growled.


“There’s nothing fucking wrong.”

Izuku lowered his head, biting his lip. Shouto gazed at Katsuki flatly, not believing a word. “What happened?” he asked, taking a few measured steps forward. Izuku followed, watching Katsuki just as carefully.

Katsuki’s glare burned into them, daring them to get any closer. “Nothing fucking happened,” he snapped.

“That’s a lie.”

“You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you, Halfie?” Lip curling snidely, Katsuki stabbed a finger at him. “You’d like to think that I have a problem for you to fix. Well, there’s nothing for you to fucking fix, so back off!”

Izuku flinched, but Shouto just frowned, mouth in a hard line. He seemed to be thinking something over in his head. Then he bent to murmur to Izuku. “C'mon.” Without another word, he crossed the last few feet to Katsuki and looped his arms around his neck. Katsuki spluttered angrily.

“Get the hell off! What—?” He made to twist out of Shouto’s hold, but Izuku was at his back then, arms around his waist. Swearing angrily, Katsuki gritted his teeth as the two kept him trapped between them.

Shouto rested his chin on Katsuki’s shoulder, closing his eyes. “What happened, Katsuki?” he asked again, softer.

Katsuki’s answer was immediate and cold. “Fuck. Off.”

“Did it hurt you?” Shouto’s voice was hardly above a whisper and Izuku leaned his cheek against Katsuki’s back, stifling a shiver.

Katsuki’s body tensed between them. “No.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m not fucking lying.”

“Did it touch you?”

“The fuck do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean.”

There was a weighted silence then. Izuku was holding his breath. He thought he could feel Katsuki shivering. “Katsuki?” Shouto tried again, still with that deadly seriousness.

Katsuki gave a frustrated, pained noise from the back of his throat. “Fuck you,” he said again, harsher, but not from anger. His voice came out ragged.

“Katsuki,” Shouto murmured. He turned his face into the curve of Katsuki’s neck. “I’m sorry.”

“Fuck you,” Katsuki snarled, trying to twist away again, and letting out a furious curse word when he couldn’t. “I hate you, I fucking hate you—”

“No you don’t,” Shouto said quietly. “You hide it in jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken you are. When we’re alone.”

“You bastard—”

“I’m so sorry, Katsuki.”

Katsuki shook his head and when his shoulders trembled, Izuku held him tighter. He shut his eyes against an onslaught of tears. “I fucking—hate you, you stupid—Goddammit.” Katsuki dropped his head onto Shouto’s shoulder, a shudder traveling down the length of his body. “Why can’t you just fucking butt out? Why can’t you—?” He broke off and Izuku thought he heard a strangled, angry sob. His heart hurt.

“It’s okay, Kacchan,” he whispered. “We’re here. It won’t hurt you again.”

And Katsuki let himself cry.

Sharp work, samurai!

Honestly please stop. L//nce doesn’t even remotely sound flirty at all when complimenting K//ith. It is simply a goddamn compliment, not evidence for eventual k//ance like y'all wished there were. I hate the onslaught of all the *DreamWorks: “don’t sound flirty Shada”“* *shada: *;)))* like no, even Shada is sick and tired of all this stupid shipping shit too. Like I said before, you guys only worship him bc he’s golden boys VA and he hasn’t ‘disappointed ’ you yet by revealing what ships he supports.

I hate how the fandom is so focused on shipping/romance. Can we just derail and back off and focus on what the show is about? Its not bad to ship characters, but we’re honestly obsessive, that’s why we’re so toxic and annoying to everyone else.

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You always pretend to be so nice but I can tell you're just a snake. You're so full of yourself, thinking that you're better than everyone else just because you can colour some gifs and make a few messy edits. You rub it in our faces that you're more 'creative' than the rest of us just because you can turn grey into pink or white into green and it's so pathetic. It's also pathetic that all your 'friends' praise your gifs. You're ego is already so big, it doesn't been to be stroked even more.

Okay, I really wanted to just let this slide by replying with some ‘I don’t actually care bants’ but no, not this time. Getting a single rude anon doesn’t phase me but getting relentless anon hate that is just the same old boring bullshit is not just extremely petty but also fucking stupid.

What do you hope to gain from sending me this? What’s your endgame? Do you want me to leave this hellsite? Cry myself to sleep because of mean strangers on the internet? Or do you hope to push my buttons until you go too far? I don’t know if you’re the same person or multiple people and I don’t know how old you are but seriously grow up. If anything, getting this hate makes me want to keep making my gifs out of sheer spite because i’m a grown adult and I can do what I want.

Since several topics you brought up in your ask have been prevalent in previous bouts of anon hate, I feel like it is time to address some misconceptions you have about me, this blog, and my interactions within the phandom.

Firstly, in no way whatsoever do I consider myself to be ‘better than everyone else’. This may come as a shock to you but I actually don’t give a single flying fuck about how good I am in comparison to others. That may have been me several years ago but adulthood soon taught me that comparing yourself and putting yourself on a pedestal was the quickest way to failure. The phandom is full of exceptionally talented people who can do beautiful things with photoshop that are far beyond my abilities. I in no way think I am better than them just because my colouring style is extra.

Secondly, I’d like to address how you linked this ask with earlier anon hate by bringing up ‘creativity’. Clearly, the joke went way over your head. I’d say sorry for offending you but you don’t deserve my apologies over something that was such a small a joke. Everyone on tumblr who creates literally anything is creative. I didn’t specifically say that I thought I was more creative than other people just because my gifs aren’t coloured more naturally. Thanks for once again making a mountain out of a molehill with yet another out of context discourse.

Thirdly, I don’t force my friends, mutuals and followers to send me asks telling me that they like my stuff. What do you think I do? Force them to protect me whenever a scary anonymous message enters my inbox? You must have a really twisted opinion about me/any one who receives nice messages. They do it because they want to, because unlike you, they don’t find pleasure in ridiculing strangers.

It’s actually kinda sad that as soon as I turn anon messages back on, I get your toxic inboxes because you ruin it for everyone. I don’t particularly understand how I could have gained such an onslaught of hate after spending just over two months in the tumblr phandom, and I don’t particularly see why someone would gain pleasure in bullying anyone over the internet. 

You can hate on me as much as you like but that will never stop me from being a creator within the phandom.

I knew Aryan squad was still lurking lmaaaao my blog is like the first thing he checks in the morning

Anyways, I thought killian was referring to the racist troll that called me a demon, not mr-WESTERNsupremacist which is what I actually called u. Also soz I guess it’s hard to tell a squad of white peeps mocking your English, sending u anons, and insisting that western beliefs & ideologies are the only right ones apart :(

It would be cool if u focused on ur kid as much as u did on me

Oh and considering the fact that I get an onslaught of anon hate everytime u post about me again, I sorta know when ur shit talking me. U, on the other hand, go through my entire blog looking for responses. If u want to engage with me so bad then do so, but it’s obvious at this point you just enjoy lying and encouraging hate soooo…enjoy obsessing ima ignore u unless u decide to stop being a passive aggressive obsessed lying dickhead. Ok bye mr-baehrainiobsessed

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You know what I hate watching shows, especially cartoons? The onslaught of fanfiction ideas that come afterwards. Like seriously, I have fics mulling around for Xiaolin Showdown, SVTFOE, Steven Universe, Big Hero 6, a few anime, and the Alien franchise. Not to mention Dragon Quest ix and Pokémon. And to top it all off, I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE TO PURSUE!!!!

welcome to fandom

I lied before, apart from the soldier thing, there’s one more thing that bothers me in this post-otayuri age. Forgive me for rambling, it’s three in the morning and I got hit by an onslaught of annoyance.

I’m hardcore hating how many artists and writers are turning Yurio into a stereotypical uke role now that he can be paired with a more stereotypically masculine character.

The reason is obvious. Otabek is a character that presents very typically masculine: deep voice, short hair, square jaw, bikes, leather jacket, fails at ballet, national hero etc etc. In comparison, while Yurio has “masculine” personality traits -namely his aggressiveness and competitivity-, he still has more effeminate qualities: long hair, fair complexion, Russian fairy, likes cats, very flexible, aces ballet, has delicate choreographies etc etc So it’s easy for y’all to put them in traditional heteronormative roles even while shipping them as a same sex relationship

That alone is already terrible, but it’s only worse if you consider the fact that Yuri on Ice is a series that has been challenging gender roles since day one. Yuuri’s Eros, Victor presenting as androgynous in his youth, Georgi’s male-female costumes.  

In this latest episode, we got to see how Otabek was impressed by Yuri Plisetzky who “had the unforgettable eyes of a soldier” (a very typically masculine metaphor) while doing ballet, a stereotypically feminine activity. Otabek never looks down on Yurio’s effeminate qualities, nor mocks him for them (in fact, no one but JJ does), quite the contrary, Otabek has massive respect for Yurio and never forgot about him.

Yuri on Ice characters aren’t trapped by gender norms. They can have stereotypically masculine AND feminine traits and neither detracts from who they are. And no one ever thinks they’re “less” for showing traits that don’t align with their assigned gender, quite the contrary, these traits often make them stronger.

So why are people coding them with gross heteronormative seme/uke tropes? Why did people go from portraying Yurio as agressive and dominant “top” to whiny and submissive “bottom”? Just because now there’s a “macho” character to pair him with?

Ugh I’m not making any sense but I’m sick of this gross fetishization and heteronormativity and fandoms make me sick sometimes.

anonymous asked:

Um, if you don't mind.. Could you write a mini Nanami/Tsumiki thing?

Kindness Nanami/Mikan

Mikan wasn’t used to kindness.

She’s only ever learned of the word from the dictionary but never from experience.

So when she entered Hope’s Peak Academy, she expected no less. However, what she got was the most confusing reception. Aside from Hiyoko, the rest of her classmates were apathetic. She didn’t know what she was doing wrong. Why wouldn’t they bully her? Weren’t they supposed to hate her? Weren’t they supposed to lash out at her? 

Did she even register in their minds? She could handle bullying. She could handle abuse. She could handle injuries. However, what she didn’t know was how to handle not receiving any of that. For Mikan who’s only ever had suffering in her life, negative attention was better than no attention at all. This class was the worst case scenario for her. Everyone was just indifferent towards her, it’s like they didn’t even care at all.

“Ah, hello, Mikan.” One of her classmates just arrived and greeted her.

And then there was Nanami.

“H-h-hello, Nanami.” She stammered back as she then proceeded to bow and beg for forgiveness just like how she’s used to. “Was I supposed to greet you first? I should have, shouldn’t I? Please, forgive me! I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine, Mikan.”She said reassuringly as she gently patted Mikan on her arm while her other hand continued button mashing. “You’re fine. And everything is okay, okay?” She smiled a bit.

Nanami was different. But only just a little bit. She went beyond apathetic even if only just a little bit.

“O-okay.” Mikan agreed hesitantly, still unused to such gentle treatment.

“It looks like it’s just the two of us today.” Nanami said as they proceeded inside the desolate classroom.

“Should I go search for the others? I’m willing to go if you need them.” Mikan offered almost desperately as she readied herself to be ordered out.

But it never happened.

“No, this is fine too.” Nanami said as she rummaged through her bag, this time she had to pause her game. “Right now, the two of us is already enough.”

“Huh?” Mikan asked confusedly. She’s not sure what she meant by that.

“There’s this game that I want to complete 100% but I still haven’t gotten through the co-op mode.” Nanami handed her the console she just pulled out from her bag and then looked at her with bright expectant eyes. “Wanna be my partner?”

All this kind treatment had shocked Mikan speechless for a few seconds.

“A-am I even w-worthy enough?” She stammered lamely when she had somewhat recovered from the shock. “I feel like I’ll just be a hindrance and drag you down.” She didn’t want to disappoint her especially when she was so nice to her. “I’m so sorry! I’m not at all useful, aren’t I?”

Mikan braced herself for the onslaught of hateful words…

But again, they never came. They never did. They were always absent with Nanami and instead they were always replaced by something else, something gentler, something entirely new for her.

Something that reminded her of a word she only knew by dictionary and not by experience.

“It’s okay.” Nanami reassured her but this time she was much more determined. There was a hardened resolve in her eyes, the kind of glint that shone whenever she was serious. Whether it was about the game or Mikan, or both, Nanami was seriously pumped and she wasn’t going to let Mikan lose spirit. “You’re not going to play this alone. So it’s fine. We’re going to be fine.”

“B-b-but!” Mikan was about to protest but a hand stopped her.

“You’ve got me, okay?” Nanami reassured her again as she gently placed her hand on top of hers.

“W-well… if you insist.” Mikan took the other portable console as well as her offer on gaming. “Please take care of me.” She bowed slightly. And maybe she had accepted a bit of something else as well.

“Of course, I will.” Nanami patted her lightly on the head as she smiled warmly at her. “Let’s do our best together, Mikan.”

Mikan wasn’t used to kindness but she figured that maybe she could get used to Nanami.

Man I hate seeing hate for my favorite character.
Thinking of unfollowing a couple of the Teen Wolf blogs I follow because there has been a sudden onslaught of Parrish hate because of tonight’s episode :(((( Why would you want such a cinnamon roll teddy bear dead? He literally has done nothing wrong. Yeah he has visions about Lydia, some of which aren’t exactly PG. but you know what? If Stiles were having these dreams y'all would be jumping out of your seats and screamin about how much Stiles loves Lydia.
Here are just a few things that I have to get off of my chest about this subject:
1) You have no control of what you dream about. Sorry. And even if you did, Parrish’s visions about Lydia have been less than ideal. I don’t know about you, but when I day dream about kissing/banging my crush it doesn’t end with their skin melting or them telling me someone is dying/something is coming.
2) Parrish isn’t that much older than Lydia (who is a consenting adult btw) they have maybe a 6 year difference. That’s not a lot. And it isn’t even a confirmed romance at this point. Just a bunch of visions Parrish has no control over.
3) Lydia IS part of Scott’s pack. She has been for a good amount of time now. I recently saw a post that was like “Lydia would be a part of Scott’s pack if it wasn’t for this Parrish shit” like??? Have we been watching the same show???? She is a central part of the pack! It was her powers that were key in the storyline last season.
4) Parrish has been nothing but respectful and courteous to every one. He has helped Scott and the pack numerous times. Yeah he has a stronger friendship with Lydia because they hung out more. But he has helped tremendously with figuring out the chimeras and getting Lydia out of Eichen House and I’m sure him being on supernatural clean up is going to be a very helpful thing in the future.
I just remember when Parrish was first introduced, he was very well liked. Everyone had a good time trying to figure out what he was and I think he was called like “Detective Pretty-Eyes” or something. But GOD FORBID he be written to like Lydia (both platonically and romantically).🙄

Open When I’m Gone

So he writes.

He writes until he starts to runout of ideas. He writes to tell Dan how to deal with how short the time is they currently get to spend together, he writes to give Dan help on the bad days, he writes to help Dan sleep, he writes to help if they ever fight, he writes to remedy Dan’s fears of the future, he writes to tell Dan the thousands of things that he loves about him, he writes to ask Dan to marry him.

sequel to Open When You Need To Know How Much I Love You

title: open when i’m gone
author: kaleidanscope/rhensis
word count: 1941
rating: PG
status: complete (sequel)
warnings: implied major character death, implied depression
a/n: i got asked for this 100000 times but Open When got 1000 notes today and man how could I deny you guys any longer
ao3 link

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Markiplier Fandom Chaos

 I logged on this morning and my heart nearly broke…

Two people I consider dear friends have left because of this petty nonsense. You should be ashamed of yourselves behaving like fools and breaking up the warm community that we all were so proud of…

I know me ranting about will do nothing but get me unfollowed and a onslaught of hate mail…So I wont waste my breath on that.

 Instead I will continue to post what I always post…and be here for the good people in the community who are feeling the stress that others have caused. Remember each word you say mindlessly can seriously effect others, others that maybe fighting battles and use this fandom as an outlet. I WILL BE HERE FOR THEM and pray that MARK will come out and say something to stop this foolish mess.

So with that said… I will wish you a good day….