and i hate you

Soooo I just have to say:

I know things have been wacky around our SPN fandom lately. I try to stick with myself and not get involved in things. But I feel like something needs to be said or done from an outside party. We’re family guys. All this negativity makes me sick to my stomach. This has been going on a long time, and I couldn’t stand back from the sidelines any longer. When I was in middle school there was a phrase everyone said at the beginning of class: “I will not use my hands, or my words for hurting myself or others.” So I challenge you to spread some kindness and happiness around. How do you go about do this? It can be anything from a simple message to the simple heart emoji. You don’t need to type a paragraph, you the simplest thing can brighten someone’s day! 😃 You know they say it takes fewer muscles to smile rather than to frown! So let’s think of it like this! I honestly feel like sending hateful messages, comments, asks, or general hate takes more energy than sending sweet things. Every single person in our family, dealing with this horrible hate has been affected by it. Whether it be an ask, comment, or message we all know what it feels like. And I think we can all agree that it feels really shitty. It doesn’t matter if you sent or received mean or hateful comments; can’t we just start new? ❤ We all have bad days, we all have good ones. So what do you say the all of us try to make everyday a good one? I love every single one of you: my followers, mentors, mutual, big bloggers, friends, companions, my SPN family. ❤❤❤ Let’s be the family I know we are! ❤💕❤️

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“You are not a horrible person, Don’t blame yourself.”
this whole ‘dark jokes’ thread with morality and logic is honestly my death… like seriously, im a sucker for some hurt/comfort… especially with emotional characters

  • Yeo Wool: So what's your excuse?
  • Hansung: For?
  • Yeo Wool: Acting the way we do.
  • Hansung: I don't like to do what people expect. Why should I live up to other people's expectations instead of my own?
  • Yeo Wool: So you disappoint them from the start and then you're covered, right?
  • Hansung: Something like that
  • Yeo Wool: Then you screwed up!
  • Hansung: How?
  • Yeo Wool: You never disappointed me.

i see you there emmerdale, you give us a day to recover … no robron for us to freak over and then … when we think that our hearts have been mended you hit us with a wedding album ???
a wedding album filled with nothing but smiles and happiness, filled with sugden family pictures, robert kissing at aaron’s temple like they staple cute wedding photo, barsty, chas with her boys … aaron and robert never looking bloody happier i mean … i just see you emmerdale and i know you game 👀