and i hate weed

on this 4/20, let’s think about how bob marley has been reduced to a stereotype around weed and “one love” instead of the revolutionary figure he really was. he advocated for revolution and change against a racist political system in jamaica. he was also a staunch anti imperialist, and criticized white imperialism. he didn’t just smoke weed all day and sing catchy songs. i truly hate the liberal cleansing of revolutionary figures because it turns them into a caricature which erases their political stances and beliefs from the public mind completely

the signs as shit my english teacher has said

aries: if you start you essay with “In the book The Great Gatsby…” im gonna throw you out that window 

taurus: elvish looks nothing like that

gemini: when we get back, you’re playing the trumpet or I’m failing you

cancer: oh I forget this class doesn’t get irony

leo: I’m definitely lawful good, c’mon, have you met me?

virgo: you guys know what raisins are right?

libra: *uses the word ‘artifice’ 13 times in 3 sentences* 

scorpio: “Jesus Christ” Just Jonathan will do, thanks

sagittarius: I wonder if [Ryan Ross]’s an asshole

capricorn: I respect any song that has heavy breathing as a bass line

aquarius: I fucking hate sublime, like we get it. you smoked weed once and it was cool

pisces: Hamlet’s long, but he’s worth it

Maybe our bodies were bound in your LSD fantasies. Trips so long you saw me as the beautiful creature I am not. The milky way in my hair and galaxies in my eyes. You saw my hips as a portal to another dimension. Maybe our bodies were bound by clouds of mary jane. High off each other, not coming down anytime soon. Fingers intertwined with each other’s. As if letting go meant sobering up. Maybe my body came down from that high and finally realized I wasn’t as beautiful as you wanted me to be. I ripped our bodies apart so the intoxication of your smile wouldn’t become my addiction. I tried to quit you but withdrawals keep pulling me back. Back to intoxicating smiles. Back to fogged up glasses and fingers stuck in curly hair. Back to you.
—  Withdrawls

The American criminal “justice” system is a fucking joke. They’re not even tryna hide it anymore. 30 fucking years for weed??? If he was white they probably woulda offered to help him open up a marijuana shop in Colorado or something. LMAO police and judges need to trade their badges in for slave patrol emblems. Just go on Fox News and publicly admit you hate black people and be done with it.

It’s okay, I gave up on myself a long, long time ago.

glowpidge  asked:

keith is a pothead,,,,, tell me more,, bc i like that hc tbh

more pothead keith??? totally acceptable 

  • it picked up around the time he started the garrison bc i lowkey imagine keith’s always been good at school but he’s never really liked it, yknow? besides the practical classes, he struggles to apply himself in class unless he’s called upon. 
  • keith found that smoking actually helped him sleep at decent times bc of his hyperinsomnia and, hey, if it took some of the edge off in his case then he was all for that.
  • it also helps bc keith suffers from real bad migraines 
  • keith missed like 90% of his lectures bc of oversleeping dfbdfzbfgbd
  • he was once at home for break and mama shirogane walked in his room just as he was about to light up. keith panicked and swallowed his blunt :/ whole :/
  • broganes regularly get high together, but keiths also really stingy with his weed so… he’s definitely not above making shiro pay himself LMFAO