and i hate to admit it but i love the son more than maul

Workin’ For A Paycheck

“With these things there’s no telling, we’ll just have to wait and see. But I’d rather be working for a paycheck than waiting to win the lottery.” –Bright Eyes, “The First Day of My Life”

Hi guys (again)! So, I had a very wonderful and lingering conversation yesterday with my faves madfatty and slitherouter about real life romance, and about Finn and Rae together in an ordinary kind of way. I think it’s important to tell these kind of stories.

So, from my real life romance to yours… I’d like to start a series of these little bits of reality, in the form of Finn and Rae. Because they make everything better. I would love to open it up to some collaboration from you. What are some of your romance despite reality moments? Who knows, I might just steal them and write them in the disguise of Finn and Rae.

P.S. Extra thanks to you, madfatty , for being ultra available to talk about this the second it was finished and for being so super helpful and for finding typos and for thinking I am funny.


“FINN NELSON!” She screeches, loud enough to carry through the whole flat, loud enough for the what-the-fuck in the silences to sound clearly around the words.

There’s a scuffling sound in the other room, and she marks his quickened pace with the sound of his heavy footsteps on the wood. His fingers enter her eyeline before he does, creeping around the corner of the kitchen, like he’s pulling himself to get in that much faster. She pops her hip, crosses her arms, makes her best scowly angry eyes. He’s in so much trouble.

And he knows it, too. He looks contrite already, a bit terrified. She feels a kind of smug satisfaction but forces herself to keep it off her face. He’s breathing a bit heavily, still holding on to the corner of the entryway. He’s only hovering, clearly reluctant to enter the room and deal with the aftermath of his actions. Something about the way his bare feet straddle the strip between the kitchen and the dining room pisses her off even more.

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