and i hate season finals

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Okay as much as I hate Delena I will admit that one scene in the season 5 finale, when Damon and Elena were saying their goodbyes, Elena said please don't leave me... then started balling her eyes out and Damon was like I don't have a choice baby. That was cute I guess. But I don't like the fact that Elena was acting as if she was gonna die or something just because Damon was leaving

Oh. Literally nothing about them moves me and I’m not even being shady, they just fundamentally do not do a single thing for me.

Everyone sane in the TW fandom except Srydia shippers after THAT (I never said it back) shit episode




Ok… I know there’s lot of hate on the new episode and look, I get it. We had high expectations that weren’t fulfilled. Fine. But I think that it wasn’t all bad. Let’s take a look at some little awesome moments.
First of all, can we please appreciate the development of Mycroft’s and Sherlock’s relationship? The whole scene where Sherlock was about to kill him and Mycroft tried to make it easier for him at any cost just broke my heart. Also Sherlock sticking up for Mycroft at the end…just…this gave me some serious feels.
Also I kinda like the whole Redbeared revelation. Seeing Sherlock changing/erasing his memories because the true was just too hard was really interesting and sad to watch.
And then there are the little things like Moriarty’s enterance (God bless him). Also John and Sherlock redecorating 221b back to it’s exact look was just so heartwarming.

So, I’m not saying that the episode was somehow extraordinarily amazing. I’m not. But let’s just focus on something different than the hate ;)

Things I will forever hate:

Season finale cliffhanger…and than the show being canceled. 

Apparently there’s a small panic going on over something said in the podcast about Keith and Allura interacting next season…it was phrased as ‘strong and emotional interactions’ between them, and I get that people are worried since kallura was canon in 80s Voltron but…am I the only one who interpreted that as the two of them about to have some kind of huge argument? 


“It was 15 hours to Berkeley, at least that’s what we told each other; really it was 7. But when you drive slow and stop for gas all the time and grab dinner and hit traffic, oh thank God for traffic, the hours add up and the moments slip away. Matty and I still had a lot to figure out, but we knew that somehow we would. We jumped through too many hoops to let a little thing like distance come between us. We wouldn’t let it because deep down we knew that love would conquer all.”

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“… of course that’s not quite what happened.” 

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I hate how they split it up, they never did that. Those jerkfaces. lol.


-Leo and April moment, adorbs!

-MY DUDES, MY BROS, MY TURTS ~best thing ever! Can I have that as like a song or something?~


-Leo concerned with his father, and having a worried feeling, my poor baby :(

-My question is, Did Splinter knew?

-The fight scene. Poor Karai, Shredder really is an ass for bringing her mother into this shit. Id be pissed too.


-Everyone gets out safe. And Leo does CPR on Karai. Hey he hasnt got a kiss but he surely touched boobies. Okay sorry xD

-They went back to where they first encountered Shredder. Surprisingly that seemed fitting.

-These fight scenes hurt like a bitch. Holy chaloopa man.

-Bebop mentioning throw back thursday. Pff. These two are my favorite villians xD

-Aprils phone call to Donnie. </3 he sounded so worried! Props to Rob!

-When April screams Splinter, god I adore Mae! Shes amazing.

-And just when they thought everything was fine….nooooope.

-Reference to the movie where Casey kills Shredder. AND HOLY SHIT THE FACE HE MAKES. Jesus.

-Strangely, I loved how Splinters death played out. DONT GET ME WRONG. Im heartbroken over the loss of him and the poor kids are now ORPHANS. But just it really showed a lot of emotion. For a kids show, I didnt really have that when I grew up, Im glad kids shows are improving more and more. Kids deserve some reality of life. If that makes sense. But this scene is what I look forward too, because you see four teenage boys, who had their whole life spent with this man who took them in. And now, he’s gone. I dont know how to really explain it. But I really loved the actors during this scene.


Honestly I cant talk enough about this scene. It was so perfectly well put together, beautifully done. The VAs did an amazing job! escpecially Seth and Greg. Seth mainly though. I never knew Seth could just throw his voice that way, the only experience I had with the guy was Family guy…and well…that show….well its not that emotional. He killed it with the “Father” sayings, and the screaming of “No.” Beautiful! and Greg, our sweet Greg, all he really had to do was, say one word. One single word that will break hearts…. “Papa.”
That one word just says everything. EVERYTHING!
Sorry Korea, but NO language vers could ever compare with the english. These actors….are just to good.
Let me just add that I loved how in the emotional moment, Casey was on the sidelines, and you didnt see his face. I dont know why but that drew my attention.

If you want to discuss! fangirl! cry! or ask a lot of questions dont hesitate to come into my inbox!


I’m seeing so much hate for the final episode of Sherlock season four, and I’ve just gotta say…I loved it? I don’t really see what was wrong with it. The acting was good; I was on the edge of my seat the entire time; and I liked that they humanized Sherlock in this final episode much more than in past episodes. I’m 100% satisfied with how things turned out.

I’m a part of tjlc.

I don’t hate anyone.
I did not harass anyone.

I especially don’t hate Moftiss.
I love them, in fact. I look up to them because of their intelligence.

I did not hate season 4.
I liked it very much.
The final problem was one of my favourite episodes.

I am not mad.

I just think there was something hidden in s4 that we may have noticed and figured out, or we may have not yet.

I think s4 was different.
There were mistakes that Moftiss wouldn’t make.
And that’s why I believe in the hallucination/dream theory.

I am sure johnlock will become canon because it has been a topic on the show from the very beginning (literally since ever. When they first met.)
I am sure there will be johnlock because producers do not let every character mention a certain ship and then never let it happen.

I do not hate and I do not harass.
I am just a tjlc member who feels pretty offended by and is about to cry because of all this shit.