and i hate letting fans or fandoms or whatever do that

Overwatch and the Great Retconning

So, I think there’s something fascinating going on with Overwatch Lore. I think we’re watching Blizzard rewrite unrevealed lore live in response to fan feedback. 

And I think it centers around Gabriel Reyes.

Originally, we were presented with the narrative that Reyes was the original Strike Team leader during the Omnic Crisis, was passed over for promotion. Worked with Jack and Ana for twenty years, then at some point got so resentful that he led an armed rebellion against them, resulting in the base exploding and him coming back as an angry smog ghost.

I have a feeling that the canceled First Strike graphic novel was entwined with this narrative, hinting at Gabriel’s future jealousy and villainy. 

Except, this is the age of social media and fandom engagement. People rejected that narrative, mostly because on it’s own, it is really stupid. People latched onto Gabriel Reyes as a character, and the idea that he brings down Overwatch out of base envy kind of ruins him. Why have a simply EVIL character when you can have a COMPLEX character? It also implies that a good chunk of Overwatch sided with Gabe over the issue of who go the statue and the big blue coat.

So, first strike was canceled, and we’ve been seeing Gabriel portrayed as still close with Jack and Ana.

And now, I theorize.

Gabriel WAS responsible for the fall of Overwatch, but not because he was mad about a promotion from twenty years ago, but because of a fundamental disagreement about what Overwatch was.

The new comic, Uprising, contains a few key moments.

First: Blackwatch is suspended, and Overwatch isn’t allowed to operate in Britain, but Gabriel sends McCree anyway, showing that he’s more concerned with doing good than following the rules.

Second: The entire comic is based around the struggle between following orders, and helping people who need help. Jack has a base full of agents trained to handle omnic extremists holding hostages in central London, but his hands are tied. 

Third: This panel

The implication seems to be that Overwatch wasn’t successful because they had the best gear, or the most skill. Overwatch succeeded because people got desperate enough to let them operate without oversight, free from politics and egos, dedicated entirely to the goal of winning the war. 

That was the Overwatch Strike Team that Gabriel Reyes led. A group of soldiers answerable to nobody, willing to do whatever it took, use whatever methods got results. Maybe they were the ones who blacked out Mexico, depriving the Omnics of power. Maybe they leveled chunks of Rio, gave the Outback to the Omnics, 

And that’s why Jack Morrison got the statue and the big blue coat. Because, while Gabriel Reyes may have won the war, he probably crossed a lot of lines to do so.  As Overwatch was transitioning from a wartime necessity to a global peacekeeping force, they needed somebody more controllable at the helm. 

Which brings us to the Fall of Overwatch. Gabriel Reyes has been running Blackwatch his way, doing whatever he feels is necessary without asking permission. But, it’s coming back to bite them, they’re being attacked on all sides, Ana has faked her death, leaving Jack and Gabe to battle over the future of Overwatch.

Jack holds to the dream that Overwatch can return to it’s prior status as a beloved global peacekeeping force, working with the UN, smiling and waving for the cameras. He’s crossed some lines (Like sending the team to London), but he thinks that was a one-time necessity. If asked to stay out, Overwatch should stay out. 

Gabriel on the other hand doesn’t care what people think. He LOVES that Jack sent the team to London, he HATES that Jack waited so long. He doesn’t think that Overwatch should be limited by the whims of politicians. He wants it to operate like they did during the Omnic Crisis, a free-roaming band of heroes doing what needed to be done. 
Basically, Lawful Good vs Chaotic Good. That’s the conflict that splits Overwatch.

As for the Explosion? Maybe it was caused by the fight, maybe it was Talon. 

Now, post-overwatch, their opinions have shifted. Jack, now Soldier: 76, thinks that Overwatch was a failed idea from the start. Any attempts to rebuild it will just lead to the same problem: Oversite vs Action. Ironically, he’s now become exactly what Gabriel wanted Overwatch to be. He’s a vigilante, operating outside the law, doing what he feels is necessary to make the world a better place. 

As for Gabriel? He’s Reaper now, and that’s amplified everything, but the main feeling is one of betrayal. From his perspective, everybody that didn’t side with him cared more about playing politics and looking good than actually doing their jobs. They betrayed him, Jack especially. Not that Reaper cares about making the world a better place. He’s mad that Jack turned against him, mad that he was turned into Reaper, Mad in general. 

But not about the Statue. It was never about the Statue. 

Mischaracterization of Characters in Haikyuu

Don’t read this if you are not going to have an open mind about it. [Edited]

I am honestly sick and tired of characters being misrepresented here in the Haikyuu fandom. I’m not talking about minor headcanons etc, I’m talking about how more than half of the fandom have been mischaracterizing and diluting characters personalities, twisting them into something that is no way near their original intended character. Quite personally, this is probably one of the worst things you can do. So, right here, right now. I am going to go in depth of some of the most mischaracterized characters in Haikyuu based on my personal opinion. 

This is in no way to hate on any of them, I love every single person in the anime, each for their own individual attributes that make them unique, here, I am merely stating blatant facts based of the manga and anime. So if you like this sort of thing, sit back and grab some motherfucking popcorn cause this is going to be a long-fucking rant.

- Oikawa -

Listen here. Oikawa is not a whiny crybaby who cries all the fucking time, he is probably the most mischaracterized character in the entire fandom. He’s a strong guy who is dedicated to the thing he loves and ensures his teammates can play to the best of their ability. I get that all of us one way or another have an inner sadist in ourselves that makes up enjoy watching our favourite characters suffer psychologically or physically. But when people perceive, write, draw Oikawa as a boy who cries over the smallest of thing, whines, and overall is a weak little shit, it gets very annoying and frustrating. You are diluting his character seriously, tarnishing his real personality and character. And because of that half of the fandom sees him as this weak dude who breaks down and cries over the tiniest and most minuscule of things?

Look at him, does this look like the face of someone who cries all the fucking time? 

Let me say, Oikawa is bloody capable of destroying someone if he wishes. His serves are fucking powerful, and even Ushijima, one of the top spikers in the Miyagi prefecture, acknowledges that. So why do people characterize him as a selfish whiny asshole. You know very well this little ball of terror cares deeply for his teammates, not a self-centred asshole who asks Iwaizumi to bang his ass all the time. Also, why to some people whore him out? He isn’t that type of guy. Although I get that in various different contexts, the situation depends. But just so you know, canon Oikawa is very well a man of pride, I admit, he does whine, but to the extent of using emotional pity to get what he wants is just so out of character

I love Oikawa, probably as much as I love Iwa [IHajime is my favourite character in the series, if you did not know.] , that’s why it’s sad to see that he has been “re-written” by fans as this weak-ass teenager with nothing better to do than tear up all the goddamn time. Really, Oikawa is fucking strong as hell and though he may have a few insecurities, he will crush his opponents with his abilities and strengths. Not fucking whining. 

Even his teammates respect him and put all their trust and faith into this beauty of a captain, they know he can do shit to annoy them, but they acknowledge his true strength and believe in him no matter how dire the situation. He is Seijou’s captain, heartthrob of many high schools, and one of the most respected Setters. So for fuck’s sake, stop diluting his character more than people have already have.

- Iwaizumi -

I wouldn’t go as far to say Iwa’s is as bad as Oikawa’s, however, since he is my favourite character, and I may have a biased opinion towards this, I would like to say some things as to how he has been in some instances misrepresented in the fandom.

Stop mischaracterizing him as this big old brute who does nothing but threaten to hit Oikawa all the time, I mean, sure, he does that, but we all know it’s out of concern. As a personal writer of fanfiction, I often use this to express his concern towards his friend, not a threat, so why are there actually people who see him as abusive? It’s clear this is his way of caring for Oikawa and ensuring he doesn’t hurt himself or overexert his knee in practice. His aggression is just his own way of saying “I care for you so don’t do anything stupid”, also, I’m not very sure why people would think Iwaizumi is the emotionally “Stronger” one between him and Oikawa. If you need a refresher, Iwa isn’t able to keep in his emotions as well as Oikawa, seeing as the very person who told Oikawa the team with the better six is stronger, questioned his self-worth and position as ace because he couldn’t help his team win. In my unpopular personal view on this, Hajime may be more emotional than people make him out to be.

Another thing that genuinely upsets me is that this baby is as strong as Ushijima but doesn’t get the recognition he deserves? Like, give him some credit, his spikes based off official statistics state that it’s a 5/5, just like Ushijima. So can we please do what we can to spread that Iwaizumi is not just the other half to Oikawa and a person by himself as well? You shouldn’t only love him because he makes up the one of the halves to your OTP, you should also love him for the very fact that this baby loves Godzilla, is a huge dork, is a great Senpai, multi-athletic, and most importantly, the ace of Aoba Jousai, a powerhouse school. Give him as much love as you give everyone else. Okay? okay.

Now, moving on to the fandom aspect, may we please have more Oikawa taking care of Iwa? Just have more fanfiction or fanart with Oikawa reassuring he is enough? We have a rather huge amount of fan-related contributions with Oikawa as the person being constantly assured that he is enough and he tried his best. But may I please see more contributions with Iwaizumi being comforted that he is enough, and that he shouldn’t question his role as ace? I don’t know man, but I think Iwa needs that, he has to learn to recognise his own strengths.

- Tsukishima -

Tsukki is not only a salty french fry who looks down on everyone besides Yamaguchi. Tsukki is one of those characters with the best character development. I agree, he can be a dick, but he doesn’t doubt his teammates capabilities. For example, he may find Hinata annoying at first, however, he acknowledges that Hinata has too surprised him with his drive and determination to rise to the top, making him want to be in some way the “moon” that supports the “sun”.

Let me be in honest here. Before I finished watching Haikyuu, all I saw in Tsukki was an unmotivated dick, but after learning how the person he looked up to, in this in case Akiteru, lied to him and made his idea of “working hard to get you anywhere” fall apart, I realised that after knowing this, his character and personality made so much more sense. This boy went from someone who only saw “Volleyball” as a club activity to something he could actually put effort into. That’s right, he tries. This boy does tries. Shocking I know.

- Yachi -

Yachi is not just a girl who gets in the way of your ships. She is so much more than that. She, despite having a very obvious fear of confronting people she is not comfortable with still tries her very best to do what she can for the Karasuno boys. Don’t forget, this little sweetheart is the girl who helped come up with the poster for the team. She put in a lot of effort into that, so I think it would be nice to give her credit where it’s due even if you might not like her.

I personally feel that Yachi has undergone a lot of character development, she went from this fearful girl to someone worthy of being the next manager of Karasuno. She does her best to pick up what she can from Kiyoko so she can be as good of a manager in the future, if not better. So please stop hating on this cinnamon roll just because she might get in the way of you ships. She has done nothing wrong and I don’t feel she deserves hate in anyway, unless you can validify your point and give me good evidence as to why she is to be hated, this treatment towards her is completely unnecessary.

- Kiyoko -

Kiyoko is the classic case of fans over-sexualising her in fanart or in fan-related contributions. This beautiful lady is not just a woman with a big bust and no brains. Mind you, Kiyoko was an ex-athlete. She could whoop your puny ass in running if you try and I highly doubt you’d win. She was the great heroine who brought Hinata’s bag on her two feet excuse yourself. So please don’t paint her as this lady who all guys fawn over just because she is pretty, she has a personality and life too. See past that superficial layer and grow up.

Look at her, look how sweet she is. It is clear she is a little shy at times, yet she, like Yachi, do their best to express their support towards the boys. I think girls in Sports anime tend to receive more hate than usual, mainly with the idea they are a hindrance to your gay OTPs, hey you, what makes you think that? Can’t a girl be a nice to guy platonically? Even if they in fact to get together with someone who is partially but of you OTP, just congratulate them and move on for fuck’s sake. Stop sparking up unnecessary drama when you lack maturity to comprehend that they can do whatever the hell they want. If you are genuinely upset, just write fanfiction to feed your guilty pleasures, no need to hate on anybody.

Look at what a good senpai she is.

- Yamaguchi -

Okay, listen here you little shits. If you hate on this little precious smol cinnamon roll I will rip your throat out and shove it up your ass. Do not tell me that Yamaguchi is just this weak little boy who doesn’t deserve to be on the Karasuno team. Do not tell me that this boy doesn’t try to do his best just so he can play alongside his friends, because more than anyone among the first years, Yama tries the hardest. He finds someone who can teach him a jump float serve so he can prove to be a valuable player and not just a good ol’ bench-warmer. And you can see even if he might not be perfect, this little bean tries so fucking hard to have something he can contribute to the team’s success.

I don’t care if you don’t ship Tsukkiyama or not, honestly, I don’t give two shits about what you ship. But if you hate on him just because you ship some other ship, you are fucked up. What on earth did he do? He’s the best friend of Tsukishima, yes, I perosnally ship them both romantically and just as friends because I do have multiple ships alongside rare-pairs, but why hate on him? Boy, why hate on anybody? Can’t everyone accept that all characters have their on individual strengths, weaknesses, character, personalities? Seeing your NOTPs isn’t a valid excuse to create hateblogs or hateposts against other characters, that is just childish and immature.

- Sugawara -

Suga is not some weak-ass bitch who depends on Daichi for everything JesusFuckADuck. Stop drawing him as this overly-feminine character when his build is not that far off from Daichi’s. Note, I am not saying being feminine is bad, it’s good, definitely, however going as far as to make Sugawara a guy with almost no trace of masculinity left is a little odd. If that’s what you want, go ahead. Just stop portraying him as someone who can’t even defend hiself lmao, Suga will and can whoop anyone’s ass, do you not remember how painful his jabs can be? Even Daichi and Asahi fear him.

Look at him. He can be intimidating, an angel and a devil. He’s Karasuno’s mom alright, but he is a strong independent mother who will and can be strict if he wants to. He was Karasuno’s setter before Kageyama if you don’t remember, he is intelligent, smart and selfless enough to be willing to sacrifice his opportunity to play on the court, because he knows Kageyama taking his place was the best shot to give the team a chance at winning. Yeah well sorry if you’re butthurt if I said that, I just had to remind you guys, seems like some people forgot.

- Kuroo -

[ Contributed by @mayphenix and edited by me. Check them out. ]

Kuroo isn’t a sex god, he’s a dork who likes having fun, teasing his kouhais but knows when he goes over the top and apologizes [Like he does to Sawamura when he thinks he’s hurt Tsukki]. He loves science and is overall a huge little science nerd, currently attending college prep class as one of the top student’s in Nekoma. He’s very well capable of recognizing his opponents’ abilities and strengths, coming up with more than decent strategies to overcome them and pulverising them.

Yes, he is sexy but that’s not a reason to only see him as that. What about his passion and love for volleyball? It’s the guy who learned volleyball by watching on people play it on televsion [Which is pretty close to Volleyball genius Kageyama learning by watching Oikawa] and he’s fucking brilliant at volleyball but he doesn’t let it go over his head. He’s modest and he’s helpful towards his own school kouhais, but also players on other teams, just because he’s just that nice. He just wants to play volleyball and help his coach’s dream to be fulfilled; the Battle of the Trash Dump, live on the national stage. He is such a good person but he’s viewed as this mischievous, mocking and sometimes cunning guy when really he’s got his heart on his sleeve and helps out whenever he can.

- Bokuto -

[ Also contributed by @mayphenix​ and edited by me. Check them out. ]

Bokuto isn’t a fool who is self-centered and moody. Yes he acts like a dork, yes he is moody occasionally. But what matters most is that he has the capacity to pick himself and act like a proper Captain and Ace. [Not that we’ve seen it happen yet, they stated it may be a biased opinion since Bokuto is their favourite character. But I completley agree with them, Please note all this was in their perspective and I am merely adding it onto this master post.] They doubt Fukurodani chose him as Captain simply because he’s the most powerful player and has Akaashi to keep him in check.

In the manga and anime, they say that the rest of the team pulls him forward, and Akaashi says that a strong opponent doesn’t phase him, I believe we’ll see him being the one pulling Fukurodani forward when they need him the most. He takes a lot of pride in being the Ace of a powerhouse school and among the top 5 spikers in the Miyagi prefecture, but like Kuroo, he doesn’t let it get into his head. He also helps out younger players who aren’t even on his team, showing how much of a good senpai he can be. He’s pretty quick to figure out someone’s behaviour or character, since he figures out Tsukki’s personality very quickly. And in the last few chapters we’ve seen him analyze tactics and plays. One does not simply become among the top 5 spikers just because they’ve got big arms and power: They need to be clever enough to think of patterns and attacks and act accordingly to the given situation. He’s not only an owl-obssessed idiot. He’s not a burden and he leads his team proudly. He’s not just moody, he’s just free to be who he wants to be thanks to the trust his teammates have in him.

- Ushijima -

Okay, I want this post to be honest and true, so let’s make it clear. I did not like Ushijima at all in the beginning, not one bit. Which was immaturity on my part because I didn’t see his full story, I saw him as this pushy emotionless guy who had issues with Oikawa not going to Shiratorizawa. But boy, was I wrong. Ushijima is a giant softie at heart who just has trouble expressing his emotions normally, when he does do it, it may not come out the way he had intended it to be. And as a person who has trouble controlling their emotions, I relate to him a lot. Let’s not forget that Ushijima was a single child who was shunned by some people in his family for being left-handed, one of his relatives even suggested trying to correct it though we all know that is not the way to go.

The following is extracted from the Haikyuu wiki. “Ushijima doesn’t speak often, but when he does he bluntly says what’s on his mind and usually comes off as tactless. He will apologize if he realizes that he has insulted someone, but he won’t change his viewpoint.This boy is not some prick who doesn’t apologise alright? He is not a cold-ass villian with no tact, he is just not very emotionally connected our capable. As @manga-trashcan-pen​ has pointed out, Ushijima was an isolated child. Meaning he did not experience much social interaction which should have helped build his character and social sensitivity. He is a human with just as much emotions as anybody, for god’s sake this big bean’s favourite food is rice.

He is a captain who has faith in his team’s ability, he believes that only the strongest could have got onto his team and thus he makes sure to bring out the best in everyone.

- Tendou -

Tendo is a very sad character I would say. Not only was he bullied and ostracized in school, he was not liked by some of his peers even in the later part of his life, even though he is a very respectable and skilled middle blocker. Not only does he have the talent and skill to deduce an opponents moves, he has the physical capacity to actually do what is necessary to prevent it. It makes me a little sad that there are people who actually hate him, cause I absolutely love him and think he deserves so much more recognition.

Let’s back up a little and delve into his past. We know that this little red floof was bullied for looking like a “monster”, but when he moved on to highschool however, we can see so much more of his character as it’s obvious he feels more accepted in the academy. And though he may be at times a little annoying, he is still a little sinnamon roll, just like how he knew not to push on with Ushijima when the latter spoke about his family. This boy does have tact and knows when it’s enough to stop probing. He is not a over-enthusiastic dick who annoys everyone he sees alright? This boy who had no friends went on to befriend one of the most notable spikers in the prefecture. Even going as far as to call Ushijima his best friend.

Never forget what he said when they lost the match against Karasuno. He lost one of the only things that made him feel accepted and if that doesn’t break your heart then go get one.

Since I realised I left out some other really major characters, I have added on. And mostly because you guys like me venting??

This was with the help of other Tumblr users who have helped contributed to this post, I merely did a sum up. Credits and thanks to the following users for adding their share and pointing out other very mischaracterized characters, @mayphenix​ , @gayerthanchanel​ , @dragonarmada​ , @manga-trashcan-pen​ , and KingofhellLordofTime from my instagram.

In the edit, I covered other characters I have failed to mention earlier or who were not brought to my intention

Well, That’s it. That’s the end of this rant. Have a nice day.

I guess I’ve noticed a really big problem in the ARMY fandom recently with all the hate, fanwars, and even our opinions on the actions of the members and I’d just like to remind you that they are not American. 

They weren’t raised in western culture

They weren’t raised with western ideals

As much as you want to ship them with members and say sexual things about them, just remember, you put their comfortableness at risk. Of course you can be attracted to them and ship them together (yoonseok for life) but just remember where the line is. They were raised in a society that doesn’t look too fondly upon homosexuals and the excessive shipping and sexual fanart and fanfiction can cause a strain on their relationships with each other. An argument might come up saying “well if they havent come out as gay or said theyre straight then we can do whatever” but id like to remind you again that Korea isn’t very open to gays just yet, doesn’t mean that theres anything wrong with gays and it doesn’t mean that nothing is changing, in fact korea is progressing pretty fast but it just isnt there yet. 

Also when you get offended by something said by a certain member, lets say they said something racist. (Im a poc!!!) we have to remember that they weren’t raised with our ideals and with our perceptions on what is right or wrong to say. And i am no “oppa apologist” because some things can be said that are out of line, but we can implement western societal values and rules onto eastern cultures. 

With all these fan wars and hate being spread around, I’d like to remind you of how heavily Korean culture revolves are respect. They respect groups older than them and they respect each other. So when we set off and start fighting with lets say EXO or Big Bang we are undermining their culture. Once the fanwar becomes bigger, they notice and it puts a strain on the relationships between both groups. It ruins the name of the younger group because they’re supposed to show respect towards the older group. Even if its a younger fandom that’s attacking BTS we shouldn’t stoop down to their level because respect plays a big role in their culture and we’re tarnishing BTS’s name by arguing with their peers.

Lastly, all this fighting amongst yourselves on which members are better or not. Id like to remind you that you are not a true army if you have even a small shred of hatred for a member. Wether you believe that the hyungs deserve better (and they do but I will believe in it while loving the maknae like equally) or the maknae line does. If you dislike even one member for the amount of lines he gets or the amount of stage time he gets then you are not a true ARMY. 

Thank you for reading this, I just want people to understand these things so we can better ourselves as a whole.

Belong To Me

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 853 (almost not a drabble but it is so hush :P)

Warnings: Dean being an ass.

A/N: You voted for prompt, gif and character. Here are what I came up with for the winners.

You hated the fighting. This was the way it had always been and you knew it wasn’t going to stop for a long time. You and Dean had been friends for years before either of you had dared to let anything happen between one another. You loved him so much it hurt and you had no doubt in your mind he felt the same about you, even if he had never said the words. You also doubted he ever would, but that wasn’t why you had fought.

Dean tried to push you away, just like he always did. In the beginning he had flirted with other women, never once taken it beyond that but just enough to make your blood boil with jealousy. Once he had realized he was only hurting you and not chasing you off he had stopped. Then the bossy period had started. Him telling you what to do, which hunts you could go on and what your role would be. Again your blood boiled but those times with anger. A few screaming matches had occurred and you had run off to handle whatever monster problem you were having at the time on your own. After Dean had almost lost you on one of those hunts he had changed his tactics again. Those were the games he was playing at now. Shutting himself down, not letting you in. Not even when you knew he was hurting more than ever. His mom were back in your lives and that was a lot for him to deal with. A few months ago he would have told you about it, but not anymore. Now Dean told you it was none of your business, leaving you in tears to come home smelling like a brewery each night. Each time he left it got harder and harder to watch the door close between you, but you were determined in proving him wrong. Even if you could no longer fall asleep in his bed alone anymore. Even if you sat on the couch in one of Dean’s t-shirt with silent tears streaming down your face until you could no longer keep your eyes open and you fell asleep.

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#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 4)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 978

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy the update!

Originally posted by littlesati

“Huh, #CatchMeBuckyBarnes is already trending on Instagram,” Daisy commented as you audibly groaned, refusing to remember what occurred at the coffee shop hours ago. “And it looks like a video of your incident has gone viral, too.”

“Fantastic,” you muttered. Sinking in your seat, you gazed out the car window and watched the buildings pass by, your mind involuntarily playing the mishap repeatedly.

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anonymous asked:

Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

What Happened To This Fandom????

I’ve seen a lot of posts about this, but i just wanted to share my personal experience i guess and what this fandom has done to me. I have barely any followers so i’m not sure this will even get around :/ When I read Throne of Glass I became obsessed with Sarah J. Maas’s books. I read up to Queen of Shadows and then had to wait for EoS. During that time i couldn’t pick up any other books cuz I thought they just couldn’t compare. Then I found out there was another series by her. ACOTAR.

ACOTAR honestly changed me. It changed my view on things and at the time i was going through a really hard time and i was just very depressed. The series helped me heal but the biggest thing was how real the characters felt for me. I fell in love with all of them.

I don’t have a single friend who reads. Only a couple of my close friends even know I like to read cuz everyone else judges me and I have really bad self confidence issues so I’ve kept it to myself. But it’s been killing me more because I can’t talk to anyone about this book in person and i hate it. I can’t let all of my feels out to any of my friends.

So I joined Tumblr. And I was amazed. At how so many different people from all over could make so many new friends and just endlessly talk about this series. I haven’t posted anything (this is my official first post) cuz I was always nervous and shy that people wouldn’t like me or something.

But I loved just watching everyone rant and just have fun talking about this amazing series and how it brought so many people together! Until ACOWAR came out.

Personally, I loved ACOWAR because it continued with the characters i fell in love with and it healed me even more. That’s my opinion and i absolutely respect everyone else’s. But.

Every time i would look at tumblr, there was a HUGE argument over small things i didn’t even realize you could argue over. It broke my heart to see people that were once together as friends and family and supporters… a FANDOM, fall apart. I had no idea what to do.

I started getting worried to look at Tumblr cuz I hate seeing people argue like this. This fandom makes me SO happy beyond words. Like i’m speechless of how amazing everyone is. I love every single one of you.

The fan fics you come up with, the edits you make, the hilarious and relatable posts you make is incredible. And the fact that it all revolves around ACOTAR makes me even happier since i have no one to talk about it with.

Please, please, please, take a minute and remember why you post what you post, why you write about these characters, how you met others through this fandom, and most of all, please don’t fall apart.

I’ve never been apart of a fandom before and this has been amazing even tho i don’t post anything, just witnessing it. It’s incredible.

So please, don’t argue. If you don’t like someone’s fanfic than don’t read it. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion that’s perfectly okay! But respect their opinion like they would respect yours. Everyone is different.

Yes, I ship Elriel which has been an argument lately. Yes, i love the whole “die together” thing that Rhys and Feyre did because i like cheesy romantic stories and i loved that! But that’s just me! I 100% see why people would disagree, and i respect that because i know people are different and you can’t always agree.

Those are just two examples but what i’m saying is PLEASE don’t argue over things like that! Let Sarah J. Maas write whatever she wants! It’s her books. And if you don’t like them don’t read them.

Overall my message is to be kind to each other. We’re running out of kindness in this world and it kills me. This is where I come to be happy. So please be nice and respect each other. You’re all outstanding and talented and wonderful people and i want you all to know that you’ve changed my life even though i don’t talk or know any of you. I hope to post more after this and make friends so i can talk about ACOTAR with someone.

Thank you if you read this. I love you all. Please come together again and rebuild this amazing fandom. You won’t regret it❤️

Okay so I’m seeing things like this again and another upswing of discourse about Jason’s character in relation to his education and background and I have to make something very clear to fandom, and particularly people who are Jason Todd fans (or say they are).

Stop forcing your own beliefs and agendas on a character, especially when it’s completely contradictory to the character’s actual behavior/beliefs/characterization/whatever and especially when what you’re doing is rooted in classism (unconscious or not). 

Please carefully examine why you’re applying your beliefs and agendas to this particular character and no, they’re your fav is not enough. 

Every time I see ‘Jason as a Social Worker’ or ‘Jason would never waste money’ or ‘Jason wouldn’t be interested in pursuing higher education in something intellectual’, touted as in-character, it becomes abundantly clear based on people’s explanations that it all comes back to Jason was a Poor Kid/Street Kid and that’s it. 

Jason’s actual characterization never comes into it. He was Poor. He was On The Streets. Therefore of course he would want to work as a social worker to give back or help other street kids, or would hate spending money or ‘insert headcanon here’. 

It’s like the origins of the character completely define him for so many of you and you’re those rich, upperclass fucks who will never let him forget it.  

Jason’s first appearance and he readily tells Bruce that he chose the streets instead of social workers and hates the system. How does anything Jason experienced after this in canon actually support him deciding to help kids by working within the system? Jason Todd, of all the batkids, thinks the entire thing is broken and that even the ways Batman works outside it are not enough. If you’re going with this headcanon, what parts of his characterization are you drawing on for this other than his background? 

Jason, once he’s back in school, held his education in such esteem that he was willing to sacrifice being Robin to do it. He was highly academic in particular, and extremely engaged in things like extra credit and making his teachers want him to calm down a little. Why is Jason being picked for things like trades and non-academic pursuits when a character like Tim actively hates school and canonically chose to drop out? Would Tim not be a better avenue to explore alternatives to higher education? It’s always Jason that’s picked for this, and sometimes Dick. Both of these characters achieved higher education levels than Tim has, and yet everyone in Fandom seems to cheerfully embrace Tim as an intellectual who will Run Wayne Enterprises, despite Tim probably not actually enjoying that future, and being wholly unprepared for it. 

Jason as frugal is another one that people claim ‘makes sense’ and again seems to be completely reliant on his background instead of his character. Jason has shown time and again that he has absolutely no problem spending large exorbitant amounts of money (even money that isn’t his) on things he wants or ‘needs’. Part of Under the Red Hood had him and Talia buying Kord Industries as part of his plan. At various times he’s shown with elaborate safehouses that aren’t just practical but Extra. Jason Todd recognizes that money is a weapon, and just like any other weapon he’s going to use it to get the advantage. Yes, his death and resurrection derailed him from seeking a traditional education onto his current cause, but that doesn’t change the fact that Jason would probably see Ivy League as an advantage and would likely have no problem spending money to get it. 

Headcanon what you want, but I’m so tired of seeing ‘He was a Street Kid’ as the sole reason for doing anything. That’s classist and harmful and that means you don’t get a free pass. 

Listen up, Dramione Haters.

Okay so I got a rather rude ask earlier, and I’ve talked to quite a few people since and I’m still annoyed. I want to make a few points to people who want to truly understand, instead of spewing ignorant shit. A LOT of my points go along with UpTheHill’s defenses of the ship, but mind you– I’ve talked to many people about this.

I’ve talked to WeasleyIsMyKing540 several times on the subject, some one who does NOT like Dramione; as well as numerous other people who do not like, nor understand the ship. I have even talked on the phone, at length, to the absolute biggest Drarry shipper I know about different points people have tried to use to de-validate this pairing.

Point blank, if you come at me yelling or being rude, I will not even attempt to explain this. So let me try my best to put all of my points out there so you can understand the absolute best you can.

Dramione, statistically, is the most popular ship of the fandom. However, it is also one of the most hated as well. To the point that Dramione writers ACTUALLY have numerous support groups for the amount of hatred they get over stories they pour their heart and soul into. But, alas, I digress.

The popularity of the ship, by majority as I cannot speak for everyone, has nothing to do with a “bad boy” fetish. It also, has nothing to do with Emma and Tom. I’ve seen both of these points brought up by antis to explain away why people like the ship, but it’s just not true. I’m going to say this now. I don’t like the feltson ship. I think it’s weird and disrespectful towards the actors to ship people in real life, and Emma really doesn’t even look like Hermione. Hermione’s BIGGEST physical trait was her hair, frizzy snd wild. Emma’s hair, no matter the amount of teasing, is way too light and sleek.

Now, I’m going to start off by addressing the “bully” factor concerning Draco. Obviously, this is something that the pairing has to overcome within fan fiction. Draco was raised by a man who was overly bigoted and spoke about blood purity as if it were the most important thing in the world. From a young age, Draco was around this. He was taught that this was absolutely normal, and idoling his father, he took what his dad said to heart and it showed throughout his actions. Is that okay? No. Is bullying acceptable? Of course not. But he was a child. Just like James and Sirius, also bullies, were children when they participated in such activities. Only those two, didn’t have parents quite like Draco’s.

Which brings me to my next point. I can not stress this enough, that Hermione is absolutely NOT a goodie goodie little breakable princess. She took everything said to her in stride and even knocked him a VERY well deserved slap to the face by third year. Hermione fucking Granger, is a badass. WORDS, of all things, will not break this woman.

And that being said, in terms of those crying “abuse”, do you truly in your heart of hearts believe that that strong ass muggle born witch would allow Draco (of ALL people) to push her around? Could you see her changing herself for him? No. To both of those things. And in most (I haven’t read all) fan fiction– that never happens. If it does, it’s EXTREMELY OOC and not normally very popular.

The entire series focuses around blood purity prejudices. The entire fucking 7 books and 8 movies. Over and over, it’s the same theme. So why put Draco and Hermione together? Simple. In the words of UpTheHill herself, “It is the best, and most effective way for Draco to get redeemed.” Point blank.

She is the muggleborn. The EXACT opposite of everything Draco himself is taught to hate.

Harry is still a half blood. Although the struggles with the Drarry pairing would be more about sexuality, he’s still half blood. The entire story, as I’ve mentioned, focuses on blood purity.

You can skim around that issue with other pairings like Drarry, Drinny, Druna, Dransy, Drastoria. But you absolutely CAN NOT avoid that fact with Dramione. It’s something that NEEDS to be addressed with that pairing. It’s something that NEEDS to be fine, period. It’s unification, smack dab in your face.

And although Ron is pureblood and ends up with Hermione in canon– Ron is not, and never has been prejudice against blood. Nor has his family.

Draco needs to eat his words. He needs to fall in love with the one thing he had convinced himself he hated. He has barriers to get through. His own previous thoughts on the issue, his parents, his close friends, etc. He, quite literally, needs to bend over backwards and ACCEPT that the thing he thought he hated the most in the world, is his biggest weakness.

I’m not saying you have to like it, but people need to stop fucking bashing it because I’m tired. I’m tired of working 6+ hours on a Dramione picture, that I’m quite proud of, just to have people bash me over the pairing– obviously never really taking a look at it in the first place.

I’m tired of having me and my friends having to hold our breath every time we open our reviews, hoping by god it’s not another message bashing the pairing.

I don’t like Romione, or Fremione. I think that they’re easy ships. They’re routine. Hermione is a fighter, and literally Draco’s walking contradiction. He could challenge her, their sex would be explosive, and they’re enough a like to make it work and enough opposite to keep it interesting.

However, I’m not going to bash Romione. Nor Drinny. Nor Drarry, or whatever ship you antis reading this right now think makes “so much more sense.”

Because I know how to actually look into things. I don’t speak ignorantly, and I would never force someone to defend their ship day after fucking day.

If you think it doesn’t make sense, ask around! Nicely. Any Dramione shipper will be happy enough to explain most of the time.

Open Letter to the Clique from Mark

Dear Skeleton Clique,

We are slipping.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun use their many talents to send a message of hope and community to those who feel hopeless and alone. The band’s mission is for this message to reach those who struggle (usually with depression, since this is the struggle they (specifically Tyler) understand best), in hopes that it will also help the listener overcome the obstacles they share. They do send other messages, but this is the most immediate and by far the most important.

When a fan base selflessly rallies around this kind of mission and message for the sake of helping others to stay alive, it’s unspeakably beautiful and actually lifesaving. When that same fan base selfishly rearranges its priorities to put fan-status ahead of the mission, it’s unspeakably ugly and detrimental to everything it stood for to begin with. It isolates the message from those who genuinely need it most. It’s an ego-driven, life-threatening mentality.

If there wasn’t so much at stake, I wouldn’t care enough to write a single word about this. The reality, however, is that a truly lifesaving message is getting heavy pushback from many who claim to believe and live out these truths – all in the name of self-glorification. When that happens, we withhold goodness from so many people. Again, we withhold aid from those who need it, and I refuse to just sit here and watch that happen.

I’m not just assuming this negativity and selfishness exists, but rather watching it unfold firsthand. Furthermore, I’m not just assuming that people could really benefit from the message. How many times have you read “Your music saved my life” in the comments? Has it saved yours? Would you want it kept from you?

Let’s take a look at some (paraphrased) attitudes we constantly see:

1) “I’ve been a fan since [album title/year]”
I completely understand why somebody would be proud to have watched a band grow from the beginning. In that case, there would be few who could claim to have seen what you’ve seen, and that’s special in and of itself.

However, it’s not meant to be a trophy for you to shove in anybody’s face. The most likely reason somebody would do this is so that others might acknowledge and validate some high-level of fandom that they possess. Instead of seeking this approval for no good reason, acknowledge your fandom to yourself and move on. Validate your fandom by being a fan. Support the band and its mission.

Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find more than one legitimate instance in which you should bring up how long you’ve been a fan. The only one I can think of (and it’s rare as hell) is if somebody asked you directly, but even then, just tell them and move on. Somebody was a fan before you, and there’s likely a band you’ll love that – through no fault of your own – you haven’t even discovered yet.

Boasting the number of years you’ve served in the clique doesn’t drive any of your points home. Not a one. Instead, it divides us, which is foundationally against the message and mission of the band to come together and stay alive.

2) “I hate that they’re getting famous.”
If that’s the case, you simply don’t love or support this band. Let me clarify.

There are only two cases (that I am aware of) in which it makes ANY sense to be upset about your favorite band getting famous: 1) They did so by way of “selling out.” In other words, they sacrificed their mission and message and abandoned what they once stood for as a means to an end (but even in this case, you’d be more upset about the means (selling out) than the end (fame)). 2) Their concert tickets are now much more expensive, which makes it more difficult for you to see them live. In these two cases, absolutely be mad.

The reality you need to accept is that if you love this band, it should bring you unspeakable joy when fame allows their message to reach more people. Otherwise, you’re pushing back against the mission of the band, likely because you just don’t want to share, which brings me to my next point…

3) “This is my band.”
I believe the “this is my band” mentality is responsible for a lot of the issues I’m discussing. When you link your personal identity so heavily with something that is fundamentally meant to be shared, you will inevitably forfeit your identity to the public when it actually becomes shared. You will lose yourself entirely.

4) “I hate how people call themselves fans but they only know Stressed Out/Tear in my Heart/House of Gold/Car Radio.”
Show me even one person who claims to be a Twenty One Pilots fan while simultaneously admitting to only knowing one or a handful of song(s). Seriously, if you see somebody do both at the same time, comment it below. Let’s see how many actually exist.

In other words, those who are upset about self-proclaimed fans only knowing one song likely have no way of proving that the person actually only knows the one song. Rather, they assume the worst of a stranger based solely on whichever song they listed as their favorite. If it’s a radio hit, they often call out the poor soul who simply said they like Stressed Out. Even if they do admit to only knowing the one song, in most (if not all) cases, it’s paired with something like, “…but I love this band,” suggesting they expect to dig further into the discography based off of how much they love what little they’ve heard.

The truth is that these songs are powerful enough for one of them alone to move somebody. If you’re not willing to accept that truth because you feel somebody isn’t doing the entire catalog justice, you don’t even understand these songs, let alone support the mission they drive. No matter how ideal it would be for someone to know the whole catalog, no matter how cohesive and intentional each album is as a whole, that can’t possibly diminish the fact that each song can speak volumes by itself. It’s no crime for somebody to recognize that. In fact, it strengthens this community and allows it to grow.

5) “It’s ‘Twenty One Pilots,’ not ’21p’ or ‘TOP'”
I actually agree that we should spell out the band’s name. They requested that we do so out of respect. However, we need to realize something.

Those who abbreviate the band name are almost never doing so to diminish what Twenty One Pilots is. Abbreviating is common with band names, and people are usually just being people. If you’re seeking to invite the person to understand the spelling-out of the band name, do so kindly and in a way that fosters community. This is usually the route the clique takes, and I’m grateful for that. This is just a friendly reminder.

Again, this is no time to take people’s innocent ignorance personally (see point 3). There is never a need to prove how much you know just for proof’s sake.That divides the fan base and pushes back against the band’s mission and message.

EDIT: Since this article was posted, Twenty One Pilots has released official merchandise with their band name abbreviated in nearly every way imaginable (2NTY ØNE PLTS, TØP, etc), which I have to imagine was their decision. Do what you will and remain inviting.

6) “Vessel is not their first album”
Again, those who suggest Vessel is the band’s first album almost never do so just to get under your skin. Don’t let it anger you. Instead, realize that it actually makes a lot of sense for someone to believe Vessel is their first album considering the difference between independent releases and label releases (some of their work isn’t actually allowed by law to be sold commercially or publicly). Be welcoming and kind. Nurture the clique. Let it grow.

7) “Twenty One Pilots is not indie/rock/pop/rap/whatever.”
The lines separating genres have become so blurred at this point that it’s almost pointless to even try to assign one to a band anymore. There’s no reason to get upset if you think Twenty One Pilots has been misrepresented by genre. That being said, by all means have a discussion about what you think it might be. But don’t get upset. That just doesn’t make any sense.

For the record, they’re self-declared as “Schizoid-Pop” and I have no idea what that’s even supposed to mean. Discuss.

Being a part of the skeleton clique should make you feel proud. We are the foot soldiers in places the band can’t reach alone. By spreading this message, you help the band help others, and that’s all they want. That, and to see the clique grow.

If somebody flat-out disrespects the mission and message of Twenty One Pilots, by all means fight back. Don’t be rude, just be real. Defend the truth with more truth.

In that same vein, spreading this message is crucial. Let it through. Do not keep it for yourself. This band is not yours, it’s ours. Not everyone in the clique is guilty of this selfish mentality. In fact, I’d say the vast majority is still on track. However, I say again, we are slipping. Let’s find our footing.

Stay alive, friends. |-/

Oh for the love of god can people let go of Killing Stalking already. 

Yes, it depicts an abusive relationship. It’s abusive. It’s bad. Stalking, hurting and murdering people is bad. Nobody is disagreeing with this. Literally nobody. It’s supposed to be bad. Even if the characters have some sort of twisted romantic feelings going on, it is not a romance and it has never pretended to be. 

Yes, it’s labeled BL. No, even though BL is short for Boys Love, it doesn’t stand for “happy gay romantic relationships”. It literally just means gay content. If a comic has two dudes kissing or having sex, it’s BL, regardless of if they love each other or if they’re victim and abuser. Yaoi is Japanese term, coined by fans. It has the same meaning. I know it’s confusing.

Yes, fiction affects reality.
No, fiction won’t force you to commit any crimes you weren’t already okay with doing. The vast majority of human population know the difference between fiction and reality - if they didn’t, fiction wouldn’t be a thing. At all.

Comparing KS to Twilight or whatever is completely pointless because one is a niched, R rated webcomic that, while popular, has a couple of thousand readers at most– and the other is a mainstream Hollywood production (ie seen by millions upon millions of people allover the world) that features a very questionable relationship but is marketed as the Ultimate Love Story, and aimed at young girls in their teens (so, not 18+).
It’s not the same, not even slightly. (Same goes for comparisons with 50SOG, Jaws, Fight Club, Matrix– seriously, do you really not see the difference between these huge blockbuster movies and a Korean webcomic?) 

Yes, there are straight girls who fetishize gay men. Yes, it’s gross.
No, they should not project their ships onto real life people. But no, they’re not a majority. They exist in literally every fucking fandom and they’re usually aged between 13 and 15. It’s awful, but it’s a phase they grow out of. We should help them out of that phase rather than bullying them and telling them to kill themselves– I can’t believe this has to be said. (And honestly, some of you are just attacking young women because you see them as easy targets, because you get a reaction, because they might step back out of fear– unlike big corporations or movie studios who are actually normalizing problematic behavior.)

Also, jesus christ stop assuming that everyone who doesn’t share your worldview is a “gross cishet girl”. Not just because it reeks of misogyny, but because fandom clearly has a shitton of LGBTQ+ people, and a lot of them do enjoy content you deem unacceptable.
Stop erasing their identities and their very real presence just because it’s easier to hate “the straights” than accept that there are people within the community that don’t see your pov. Stop treating them like traitors and just realize that people are different.

Yes, some people ship to cope. Some people create to cope. No, they don’t need to “do it in private”, they should be allowed to do it however they please as long as it’s tagged appropriately. A lot of people read to cope, a lot of people can’t create for themselves, a lot of people feel alone and isolated and broken- don’t try to take that away from them while simultaneously saying you’re fighting for the victims. 

And yes, even if it’s not to cope, people can ship whatever fucking fictional pairing they want. It’s fandom. It’s fiction. You’re not their therapist, you are not their parent, you are most likely not even their friend. Nobody owes you an essay on why they ship it, nobody has to tell their life story in order to be allowed to draw cartoon characters kissing or getting it on. Using fictional characters for sexual gratification is NOT automatically fetishizing an entire group of people; the purpose of fictional characters is to be consumed by its fans, in whatever way they see fit. Because they’re not real. 

If people try to make their shipping about you, specifically, that’s horrible and you’re entitled to your anger. But any gay character in a comic isn’t you.

It has nothing to do with you.

Dinah’s answer… An indirect? An apology?

“We’re three interviews away from hearing Camila admit that she wrote IHQ about 5H” The thing with the song storyline is that they don’t even need Camila saying that on camera. They could if they’re looking for a huge dose of drama– which it wouldn’t be surprising coming from men in suits tbh– but if they’re goal right now is to keep the whole thing lowkey, the fans do all the job by speculating. Cause ultimately that’s what their team is striving for & sadly they succeed every single time.

To make it brief, they’ve been playing with the IHQ storyline quite a lot (& yes, they’re enjoying it). It started as a relationship then a friendship. About one person, then it “could” be about more than one person. My opinion on who I think IHQ is about, hasn’t changed in the slightest.

Now, addressing Dinah’s little speech…

It’s simple, if they didn’t want us to hear that, it wouldn’t have been on the interview on the first place. It would have been edited & cut out. So let’s consider three options here:

  1. D said it from the bottom of her heart & #they decided to use it last minute.
  2. D had to play along & it was meant to reach the fandom eventually..
  3. D offered to. Maybe they were told to pull a similar move but with a harsher approach or one of the other girls had to do it & DJ volunteered. There are several possible scenarios, we never know.

Personally, I think Dinah was given some orders, hence she had no option. However I do believe there must be some truth in what she said, related to the 2015 days… Anyway, put into perspective & how interesting is that they had Dinah saying this few days after that interview with Camila?

Either Dinah has been keeping up track of baby C & that was her response to her in a very long time– which if you ask me, I would have rather call/text her instead of making it public, esp knowing how dramatic the fandom is– or we insert option “b” here. LIKE SERIOUSLY, THE INTERVIEWS WERE RELEASED TWO DAYS APART !!!!

One point is that Dinah’s answer had nothing to do with the base question but she still brought the subject regardless. This latter is what makes me believe even more that it was bound to be.

To be fair neither of Camila’s & Dinah’s answers mention names. Both are vague allusions & what a “coincidence” is that both connect perfectly, at least enough to have the fans fulfilling the rest of the work by assuming (as always).

“We wouldn’t have seen & heard it if they didn’t want it out. They would’ve buried it if it’s not along with what they want. And given how out of place it is with the question, and how it fits with other narrative stuff, it makes me think that this had a purpose" One friend told me this & I couldn’t agree more.

It penetrated into the fandom successfully. Several interpretations arouse. Let’s take a look at the different perspectives:

  • The C Stan POV- “Dinah just accepted she did something wrong, now she’s asking for forgiveness. She can keep her apology too late. She fake af”
  • The 5H stan POV- “If anything this proves how much of an amazing person is DJ & she doesn’t deserve any of the hate she’s getting. She’s speaking about the group & their dynamic now”
  • The OT5 stan POV- “Why does this feels like D is saying sorry to C. Everything makes sense now. My heart is broken :(”
  • “Dinah was in no way offering an apology. She’s just implying that IF someone out of all them ever mess up, it’s their duty to talk about it & clear the air”.

Overall the OT5 POV tends to be neutral. Generally it falls for whatever they’re trying to sell us but in the end a real ot5 sticks by “we don’t know anything, we can’t judge shit”.

This is why the narrative is mainly BIPARTISAN. Works by feeding OT4s & Camilizers simultaneously & none of the sides will ever clear up anything at all, cause that’s the whole point about it. Keeping fans formulating conclusions about every little thing. This way they turn the smallest aspects into the biggest deal

Maneuvering the narrative’s strings through the interviews is totally so common for the following reasons (esp coming from #them):

These are not done spontaneously. Whether if it’s written or recorded, a script must be approve first. Or the artists practice the same question multiple times with their team. Either way when it comes to be in front of the reporter they know perfectly what to expect & they just compensate the farce with their charisma.

Media training plays its role here. Let’s not forget for the umpteenth time that if the girls are given orders, whether if it’s a last minute arrangement or planned with anticipation, THEY MUST OBEY. They pretty much don’t have an option unless they negotiate with their team.

More importantly it allows them to orchestrate the whole by releasing the interviews whenever they want to. Whether if they’re controlling pivotal points or simple plot twists, an interview can be scheduled & done months before they let it out. They test reactions first via SM & according to where they’re want to lead the fans, they’ll release periodically or drop it like a bomb if they need to. Or if in the end, they decide it’s better not to reveal certain statements they simply won’t put the interview out.

What can we do about it? Easy. Don’t jump into the obvious assumptions right away instead try to search what do they want to obtain from that particular interview (headlines come as major key to this). Also just enjoy of the funny moments the girls hand us in most of the interviews. They might not be the greatest at handling their media training but if you ask me, that’s one of the special things about them.  They’re messy, goofy most of the times & usually have me cracking up halfway the video. It’s a lot more enjoyable that having to bear with the monotonous answers or in some cases the interviewer’s lack of enthusiasm. Another reason why I can’t wait for them to take that charisma into talk shows.

P.D. A shout out to the MTV interviewer (Meredith) you could tell she was happy & to be right there with them. Interested in what they had to say. Plus she didn’t interrupt & made concise questions.


“Alright, Y/N can go in and-”

“I’ll do whatever you want me to do, if-” you paused looking at the boys.

They stared you, hanging on that one little word with their brows cocked up.

“If…?” Sam drawled out.

“If you promise to take me to the movies after this case.” You winced, knowing damn well they would rather do anything else than waste money on a movie.

Dean glanced at his brother, than back to you. “You’re seriously negotiating this, right now?”

You shrugged your shoulders and sighed. “Hey, I got to play with what I got. I saw a chance and I took it.”

“Um, w-what movie?” Sam asked, slightly amused.

Your lips stretched wide into a big smile. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!” You squealed.

“What the hell is that?” Dean groaned, looking to his brother.

“It’s another Harry Potter movie just in a different era.” He whispered.

Dean rolled his eyes and scoffed. “I swear, I’m surrounded by nerds.”

“So, is that a yes?” You asked.

“Yea, I-”

“No! I don’t want to waste my money on that bull shit!” Dean gawked.

“Dean, come on. It’s just one movie. It’s not going to kill you.” Sam chuckled. “Besides, I actually kind of want to see it.”

Your eyes lit up, and you were ecstatic. “Please dean!” You began to beg. “It won’t as fun without you.”

He looked at you and suddenly, he caved. As much as he didn’t care to go, he knew just how much it meant to you. And he hated letting you down.

“Alright fine.” He groaned. “But you’re buying the popcorn and candy.”

“Deal!” You smiled. “This is amazing! I have to get my wand and my hufflepuff scarf and-”

“Your what?” Dean raised a brow.

“It’s a house in hogwarts. There’s four of them, and looks like she was sorted into Hufflepuff.” Sam stated. “I got sorted into Ravenclaw.”

“Wow, can you guys get any geekier?” He snorted.

“Just you wait, Winchester. Soon you’ll be a fan girl yourself. Sucked into the fandom.” You winked.

Dean rolled his eyes, “yeah, okay.”

Oh My My My - VIII


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: language… angst… 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: please don’t hate me lol


The texts and phone calls were daily at first. You understood when he didn’t call everyday. He was busy with classes and homework. From what you heard, college was tough. But then the texts became sparse. It wasn’t until you didn’t hear anything that you understood. You understood it all.

Social media didn’t help at all. He posted on Instagram; pictures with his new college friends and girls in skimpy outfits. You heart broke in tiny pieces whenever you saw the pictures on your feed. You decided to unfollow him. It would hurt less.

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I’m gonna answer both these anons at once, because I feel that once again you’re not paying attention to what I’m saying. I don’t know if you only just read parts of my answers or if you read at all but obviously since you’re sending me this it means that I’ve not been explicit enough about what exactly bothers me in all this story.

Alright, first of all, I think I’ve been pretty open minded about all of this, because to me being open minded means accepting that other people don’t have the same opinion as me and agreeing to talk about it and debate about it. Being open minded doesn’t mean you have to change your opinion, and as you may have notice I have a very settle opinion about all of this. I don’t mind people having a different opinion from mine, I agree to disagree, but what I hate and that frustrates me to no end is when you deform what I’m saying or speculate about what I’m thinking and put words in my mouth. 

I have NEVER said that Camila was a representative of the LGBTQ+ community, never. Have I wish for it? Damn right I did - but that’s just a wish. I have NEVER said that Camila’s silence was her way to support the Camren fandom, never. I just said that she was smart for staying silent on the subject. You can think whatever you want about that, that she’s a coward, that she’s just ass kisser with the fans or whatever, but at the end of the day she’s not hurting anybody, knowingly or unknowingly, and that to me is what matters.

I have NEVER said that Lauren wasn’t an LGBTQ+ representative, I’ve been saying the exact contrary, I think she IS a representative. I know some of you guys are gonna say “who are you to decide this for her? Maybe she doesn’t want it” And you’re right maybe she doesn’t want it, maybe the label is pushing this on her, maybe, maybe, maybe…. but whether she likes it or not, whether she chose it or not, she is. Because she publicly proclaimed herself a “proud american-cuban bisexual woman” in a powerful letter, because she talked about her experience of having to deal with her sexuality, because she made a freaking wlw song with Halsey… she did all those wonderful things and now a lot of people are looking up to her for it. 

She is a representative, and yesterday she forgot that. Yesterday she made the mistake of once again pointing the finger and generalizing, putting all the hate she’s getting on the Camren fandom, once again pointing to the negativity instead of making it something positive. I get that she’s 21, she’s human, she struggled a lot to accept herself and she’s Lauren, we know she’s a hot head, impulsive, but that doesn’t excuse everything. She made that mistake not once, but twice. I know her relationship with the Camren fandom has always been a very problematic one, understandably, but she needs to put it to rest. She publicly denied Camren, it’s done. Of course a lot of haters are still gonna use it against her, but she needs to let it go, they’re always gonna be there, always, and there’s nothing she can do to about it. I just want her to try to see the positive side of all of this instead of getting so stuck on her anger.

“don’t mistake Lauren’s disregard of a singular ship as indicative of denying her innate representation. “Camren” is NOT the measuring stick of Lauren’s advocacy for LGBTQ“

In a way it is, because Lauren doesn’t try to understand the deeper meaning of Camren, she doesn’t try to understand what shipping is and what it means to people. Once again, I’m not taking away all the awesome things she’s done for the community, I just think she still has A LOT to learn.

I know that maybe I’m being a too hard on Lauren, maybe I’m expecting too much of her. And at the end of the day I’m not mad, just very disappointed. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been part of the fandom world for so long and I’ve witnessed how important it is for people, whether it’s fictional characters or not, because I’ve measured the impact that a ship and the representation and hope it carries has on people’s lives. The first example that comes to my mind is Clexa and the entire “bury your gays” movement - Clexa was fictional and yet it helped and moved so many people - when they killed off the character people were truly deeply hurt and revolted. Just like right now ships like Cophine or Wayhaught are making a difference in people’s lives, because the actresses portraying them embrace completely those ships, they use it to bring out positivity, and acceptance and support. Even if the actresses get shipped together in real life, it’s okay, because they understand how important it is. 

I know I’ve deviated from our main subject, which is Lauren, but all of this was to say that you can’t underestimate the importance of shipping, you can’t set it aside, you can’t pretend it’s a simple sexualization when really it’s SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

I just wish Lauren would be able to see that, to understand it, and use that knowledge to spread support and positivity. An open letter is great, a song is great, but the truth is, most young LGBTQ+ people spend hours on tumblr and on netflix shipping, it’s what we do, it’s the way our generation found to create its own representation in a world that lacks so much of it. I think Lauren would have 100x more impact on her young LGBTQ+ fans if she embraced shipping than with any song or letter. 

Once again, none of what I’m saying comes from a place of hate - I love Lauren, but even the people you love can disappoint you. Now I’m just really hoping that in the future her views on Camren will change, that she’ll stop carrying all this anger towards it, that she’ll try to have some perspective. I know it might take a while, because all of this hurt her for years, but maybe if she saw all the good it did, and still does, then maybe she would find a way to let it go. 

Whether or not Camren is real is not the issue here, it’s what it represents that matters.

Plow Me

Because I’m self indulgent

In my defense, @secretschuylersister started it [And yes, it is based off of The Tag, her Legendary tag, id you could not tell by the title]

Lin x reader (I think? I mean, it kind of turned out more Daveed x readerish. I was thinking that if people actually like this, I might do a second part and put more Lin in it… Unless y’all want it to be a Daveed fic? That works too.)

Warnings: probably OOCish characters (Taylor included? Not sure if she swears… Never mind yes she does) Sexual references, hardcore shipping, fangirl Daveed, some swearing (okay, lots of swearing) - that’s it, I think

Confession time: I was the anon who sent in the idea for the plow me fic when the other anon requested it in a prompt

I have no regrets

Summary: The Hamilcast finds out about something that they maybe shouldn’t have

Special thanks to @timeforhamilton who let me send this for her for advice and encouraged me to keep going, @secretschuylersister for answering my questions for “research” and @on-written-wings for her oh-so-helpful Industrial Revolution list! If you haven’t met any of them, check them out! They’re all awesome! :)

Words: 2188, I believe


“You’re joking.”

“Do it.”


“But why not?” Daveed pressed.

“Because it’s creepy!” Anthony defended. “Why would I look up Lin?”

“Trust me, the results are very amusing.”

“How exactly would you know that, Diggs?”

“I’ll give you three guesses… And ten dollars if you do it.”

Anthony sighed, folding under the promise of money for his troubles.

Daveed grinned, letting out a fist pump into the air.

“The things I do for you people…” Anthony breathed, even as he pulled his laptop closer to him, Google already getting up and running.

His fingers began to lazily drift over the keys, but after a few seconds, they stopped, a smirk curling on his face as his eyebrows lifted further.

“Oh, Diggs, you were right.”

“Why? What’d you find?” Daveed asked eagerly, moving so he could see the screen, eager for the scoop on something he might’ve missed.

Sitting there, all too innocently in the search bar, were the unfinished words Lin-Manue.

In the drop down list of frequent searches just below it, from the bottom up, it went lin-manuel miranda net worth, lin-manuel miranda drunk history, lin-manuel miranda moana, lin-manuel miranda, and, at the very top of the list, securing it’s spot as the most searched topic with his name on it, lin-manuel miranda plow me.

The two shared a mischievous look, devious grins slowly growing on their faces.

It took all of two seconds for them to silently agree, and immediately afterwards, Anthony had furiously clicked the first option, repeatedly doing so until the next page had loaded.

Scrolling down, he murmured, “So, Tumblr is the blue void from whence this came, eh? Let’s see if we can find out where this started…”

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It should come as no secret that, i love Sansa Stark and will defend her character till the end of time.And recently I’ve had people claiming at I’m being annoying and immature because i don’t ALLOW people to dislike Sansa.

My Friends let me tell you something, it might come as a surprise but you are allowed to do whatever the fuck you want. Sansa is far from a perfect character, she has flaws, she makes mistakes, and yes her arc is not many peoples’s cup of tea. I may argue with you, but at the end of the day I totally respect your entitlement to an opinion. 

BUT make no mistake i shall NOT respect said opinion if it is rooted from misogyny (And no you being a woman does not erase your misogyny). 

-You hate Sansa because she may be a threat to your ship *looks that the fandom that shall not be named* ?? FUCK TO THE YOU !!

-You hate Sansa because she wouldn’t have sex with your favourite character *side eyes the irrational Tyrion fans so hard*?? YOU MY FRIEND ARE A SHITHEAD !!

-You hate Sansa for her femininity?? You hate her because she is a proper lady?? You hate her for liking “vain” things like dresses and songs and knights?? You hate her for not being “badass” enough and by that you mean she doesn’t kill everybody that has wronged her, she doesn’t just burn people alive, she doesn’t just wake up and decide to be an assassin and to hell with realism and she doesn’t magically acquire three dragons and an huge army?? You hate her for keeping her head down and enduring abuse in order to survive  *glares at irrational arya and dany fans* ?? I CAN SMELL YOUR MISOGYNY FROM 500 MILES AWAY. 

Come on. Just admit you hate Robert.

This isn’t directed at those that outright hate Robert. I’m not bothered by them because well they hate Robert and they are upfront about it. They will never understand him simply because they don’t want to. And that’s okay.

But to those that claim to be Robert AND Aaron fans but for whatever reason cannot ever see Robert’s side. Because, listen, I stan Robert, I love him so much but jesus do I understand Aaron. I LOVE Aaron deeply. And if I don’t understand what he is doing, I try really hard to because I am a fan of this pairing and them as characters. And when Robert is a prick and an ass to Aaron, I call him out. 

But guess what? Same goes with Aaron. Because guess what? He has in the past been a prick to Robert. It happens. Sometimes Rob deserved it. Sometimes he didn’t. 

So I just have to crack up at how hard this fandom tries to vilify Robert (because otherwise I’d be breaking shit).

Look at the past two weeks.

Vague as hell spoilers come out and SUDDENLY Robert is having sex with Rebecca because he is a low life scum and omg the couple has been ruined and he didn’t mean one word of his vows and he is a cheater and the worst ever!!!!

Oh…oh…wait…he doesn’t have sex with her? BUT HE KISSES HER RIGHT?! HE DOES!! That must mean he wants to!!!

Oh…oh…wait…he is drunk? BUT THAT DOESN’T EXCUSE ANYTHING–

Oh…oh…wait…he hasn’t been sleeping or really eating for weeks? And he finds out that Aaron is doing drugs? YES BUT AARON IS IN PAIN AND GETS TO DO THAT(which I am hurting for him but this is not the answer) AND ROB SHOULD BE THERE FOR HIM!!!

Oh…oh…wait…he tries to be there for Aaron?! He begs Aaron to stop because it’s hurting them?! Aaron says no?!! Aaron tells Robert he is no use to him?!!


Oh…oh wait…so he calls a friend and rants and in a moment of stupidity TRIES to kiss someone – but actually doesn’t even do it? His friend stops him? Oh, you mean like Laurel and Marlon this past week? 


I just cannot. Seriously i just cannot anymore. Because they have done EVERYTHING in their power right now as writers to LET YOU SEE, FEEL AND UNDERSTAND Robert’s pain. 

And if you can’t – then you never really will? And I personally don’t think you ever will. 

It is ALL up to you of course. It’s your choice to feel as you want to but yeah – I’m probably judging you about it which is terrible but at this point this Robert hate has gotten beyond ridiculous and I don’t care. 

I am going to protect Robert with all I have. I am going to understand him. I am going to feel for him. And I am not going to blame him. 

Because especially this time – he deserves it from me and this fandom. He deserves better from the writers. 

And he deserves better from us. 

Dating T’Challa Would Involve [edited]

[a/n]: I just decided to edit this because I feel like I need more T’Challa and it’s really short. Also, it’s Harry Potter’s birthday and I’m a giant nerd so.. HAPPEE BIRTHDAE HARRY

[request]:  Do you do headcanons? Like dating T'Challa would involve? And then let your imagination run wild 😁

Originally posted by imkylotrash

Dating T’Challa would involve…

  • Him trying not to laugh at your terrible cat puns because he pretends to hate them (he loves them)
  • Watching the Wakandian sunsets and sunrises with him
  • Him calling you his queen
  • He’d spoil you rotten let’s be real
  • You telling him to stop buying you stuff
  • “But you deserve the world my queen”
  • Being the only one he wants to talk to about his father 
  • Sam constantly teasing you two about your relationship
  • You cry, he slits the throat of whoever did it
  • Lots of cuddling
  • Lots
  • Guys I’m serious
  • Lots of cuddling
  • Him having to have his arm around your waist at all times
  • Him only being a cutie when he’s around you
  • The people of Wakanda absolutely adoring you
  • But he’d have to be away a lot because you have to stay and do missions and whatnot while he’s in Wakanda
  • So that means video chatting whenever possible
  • Him smiling adorably to himself when you fall asleep on the video chat
  • Sweet dreams my queen
  • Him sleepily telling you how much he loves you in Wakandain (which is actually Xhoso in Civil War but whatever) while you two are lying down for bed
  • You not understanding a word of it
  • Really cutesy sex because let’s be real, that man would die if he thought he was hurting you in any way
  • He’d be protective asf
  • Especially around Sam because he wasn’t a fan of the way you bonded over cat puns
  • You, Sam, and Bucky playing the Pink Panther theme song whenever he enters a room in the Avengers Compound
  • Sam staring at you for a long time and you finally ask him why and he says “So, you like cats?
  • Overall he’d just be a big protective ball of cute royalty