and i hate david's face



The dawn of a new era will bring about all manner of dissembling villains hidden within the light and shadows.

As heartbreaking and sad as the episode William is, I love it for the simple fact that David directed it. Imagine him guiding Gillian through the scene emotionally, physically. Showing the crew how he wanted it to look and feel. I’m sure things were tense/strained with him having been gone for nearly a year, which had to be a challenge in itself. Not seeing each other or speaking for so long. Then bam! He’s back, but not as his usual self. Instead he’s directing HER.. Trying to imagine this is intriguing. I think David did an excellent job in showing Scully’s humanity, her vulnerability. The predicament she was in with William with the absence of his father and her other half. There’s an element of Gillian shown in Scully that isn’t normally present. So many layers of emotion are played out. It just really says to me that David took a lot of care and attention to detail for this.