and i hate coloring this scene

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i love the amazing spider-man 2 too!! its honestly one of my favourite movies ever and when i found out people hated it i was like what

I love it! The Raimi movies don’t click with me, but I love both Amazings. Beautiful webslinging, beautiful colors, terrible jokes. Terrific May and Peter – the big “you’re my boy” scene in TASM2 gets me every time. And there’s like, a lot to dissect in them – I think those movies do a terrific job with a portrayal of Peter as someone who suffered a traumatic event and shift in circumstances very early in life and as a product of that is always just a little bit separate. 

Also TASM2′s Harry, damn.

Though I do think TASM2 would be a much better movie if they cut every scene with an airplane in it. Anyway bottom line I miss canon-by-word-of-actor bi Jewish Spider-Man.


favorite THROAM scenes in no particular order
→ wolves vs hearts (book i, chapter 6)

His beer bottle is still between us, and I reach out to take it. He loosens his hold, and I look him in the eyes. He’s starting to look a bit flushed.
I knock down the rest of his beer and place the bottle next to mine. He shifts, like this limbo is killing him, and he brushes against me, legs and crotch, and I place a hand on his hip. He stills. Doesn’t say anything. Ducks his head, like he’s just going to focus on breathing.
I lean close, right into his space, until my nose touches his cheek. His breaths wash against my lips, so close I can almost taste him, and I try to hold back what could be a whine. My eyes close, and I must be bruising his hip with my too firm hold but he doesn’t say anything. The tip of my nose slides across his cheek, to his hair, and my body feels like it’s been wound up so tight, so fucking tight, and I breathe him in, my cock hardening from his scent alone.
I swallow hard. Try to think. Can’t. My hands are shaking, my heart feels like it’s on a suicide mission to die from overheating, and warmth spreads to every cell in my body. He tilts his head towards me, his wet lips briefly making contact with my cheek.
I swallow hard before I whisper, “I’m not going to kiss you.”
He jerks, a gush of air hitting my cheek. There’s a lull, a momentary silence of neither one of us moving, and then he says, “Don’t you – Because of her, you don’t?” He sounds confused. Breathless.
“That’s not what I said.” I push my hips closer until they’re pressed to his. He lets out a surprised groan. The pressure against my crotch lets me properly feel how fucking hard I am, and he must feel it too. Blood pounds in my ears and I try to remain still. “I said that
I’m not going to kiss you.”
I turn my head, look at him. He’s staring at me, pupils blown, mouth shiny, cheeks rosy. His eyes focus on my mouth. “I can’t,” he whispers, breathing hard, and then he kicks into motion.
He fists my hair and pulls me in, our mouths crashing, and it erupts in my chest, all of it, his taste, his hands, his touch.


Next princess post up next week - comic-style entries take a long time for one person to do! In the meanwhile, enjoy another behind-the-scenes peek at the book revamps… this time with commentary! Originals on right, revamp on left. Commentary after the cut. :)

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Please consider this very important scene in this “huge public wedding that they hate” au I’ve sucked myself into

Ratchet is looking very malcontent as this wedding planner (or I dunno bonding ceremony planner??) is talking with a paint job consultant, working on a data pad to map out a new color scheme for the ceremony, etc., and occasionally turning it to face Ratchet to ask what he thinks. He doesn’t like any of them, but each time they don’t ask why or even what he wants, just draw up something new

Finally Ratchet is done playing this game and asks why they can’t just update the paint job he has.

Wedding planner looks at him with an expression that says “are you joking? Oh no you’re not joking” and tells him he looks like a medic

Ratchet stares for a moment before saying “I am a medic”

And the wedding planner puts on this patronizing voice, “well yes, but don’t you want to look like a prime’s conjunx?”

And Ratchet loses his fucking mind

Basically this whole au is optimus being treated like Prime™ with all pageantry of it and hating it, and Ratchet being treated like the Prime’s Conjunx™ and h a t i n g it

I love it

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Could job possibly explain what the controversy with Jared Leto is? I know that a lot of people don't like him but I don't know what the reason is. Did I miss something? I know recently he said some shitty things like if he passed away they would show all his joker scenes and that was really insensitive but people have hated him for a while

well first him claiming method acting is an insult to heath ledger and heath ledger’s real problems

second his violent/stupid/gross shit that he did on set of suicide squad was insensitive to the actors of color (like viola davis) because somes stuff could be triggering, it’s unprofessional, and it’s like flaunting in their face that an actor of color can never do this bullshit or do anything less than STELLAR but he can be an asswipe and call it art

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Alllll of them hihi x

i’m gonna go ahead an assume you mean for the most recent one lmao

1. Any scars? Yes a lot
2. Self harmed? Yes
3. Crush? They know who they are..
4. Kissed anyone? Yes
5. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
6. Someone you hate? Mmm Donald Trump??
7. Best Friends? My sisters and online friend Anna, and my three closest irl friends are Anna Kate and Colline
8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? Both
9. What’s your dream job? I don’t even know.. Eventually I’d like to be a counsellor and help people
10. Ever been in love? Yes
11. Last time you cried? Last night watching that sad scene from the Fox and the Hound with my sister and we bawled lmao
12. Favorite color? Teal
13. Height? 165
14. Birthday? 31st October yessss
15. Eye color? Brown
16. Hair color? Right now it’s brown with greeny tips buuuut by the end of tonight it might be a dark brown/burgundy with blondeish tips idk yet
17. What do you love? Pizza
18. Obsession? Kate McKinnon, Ghostbusters
19. If you had one wish, what would it be? Have a girlfriend lmao
20. Do you love someone? My family and friends and @sparkle-lexa !!!
21. Kiss or hug? Both??
22. Nicknames people call you? Jess, Jessy
23. Favorite song? Right now it’s Let The Flames Begin/Part II
24. Favorite band? atm it’s Paramore
25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you? Mmm hard to say, this year has been pretty difficult
26. Best thing that has ever happened to you? My sister being born, meeting @sparkle-lexa
getting my job
27. Something you would change about yourself? I would be more emotionally stable and have my shit together lmao
28. Ever dated someone? Yes
29. Worst mistake? Choosing my boyfriend over friends and ruining friendships bc of that
30. Watch the movie or read the book? Book
31. Ever had a heartbreak? I guess
32. Favorite show? Lots, Friends, The 100, Broad city, Brooklyn 99, oitnb, snl
33. Best day of your life? Idkkkkk maybe one of the Hawaii days
34. Any talents? NOPeeee okay i can kind of write I guess
35. Do you wish you could ever start over? Fuck yes
36. Any bad habits? Way too many and I won’t list them haha
37. Ever had a near death experience? Nah
38. Someone I can tell anything to? My sisters or @sparkle-lexa 39. Ever lost a loved one? Yes my grandad
40. Do you believe in love? Mmm yeah I guess
41. Someone you hate/Dislike? Donald Trump, homophobes
42. Are you okay? Right now I’m feeling good bc I’m getting my hair done tonight and I’m excited so yeah
43. Relationship status? Single ☹️
44. Selfie? I’ll post one later tonight after I get my hair done!!

thank you friend 😌 ✨

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I have no idea who the anon was hating on but I wanna punch the anon in the face that's so disrespectful and rude like as far as I read your replies and stuff she's also a studyblr meaning she is a helpful person helping people to study but nooo this anon wants to have a scene so ridiculous. I hate when people show hate to others and show their true colors

tbh the studyblr community is actually really accepting and nice!! sure, we might have a few problems here and there and a few bits of drama, but i think that it’s relatively peaceful compared to others. there’s so many lovely people here ahhhhhhh :’)

but yeah, some people just can’t keep their hate to themselves :/

So I’m watching the giver and here are my thoughts:

Man I really dislike the focus on him and Fiona, especially because as a young kid for whatever reason I saw him as having a relationship with Asher more likely.
That being said, I really hate this portrayal of Asher. Originally he was such a goof
I miss the scene about playing war
I also miss the one line “And some sixes are waiting for their comfort object” (It might not’ve been six, close enough)
I do like the addition of dancing, so much
I enjoy the playing with color
Having a more concrete ending isn’t bad, especially in a movie format, but I miss the open end of the book
At this point, the movie has covered more than the book, so I’m a little nervous where it’s going
All in all, I think it’s a pretty good adaptation

You know how I said that Steven was hard to draw? Nevermind, Jasper wins.
Seriously though, love her, hate drawing her. And more hands, because everyone else got them, so why not?

I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. I’ve doodled, but these are my first tries at replicating scenes from the show. Hoping to do Ruby and Saph and some of the fusions and other chars soon (Smoky!!!), but today I just want to get these guys colored (or at least lined) and lookin’ fine.

Thanks for looking - hope your enjoying them so far!

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Behind the scenes : That demon chick with one eye

Rick: I don’t know why women hate me so much..

Mun: Cause you’re a sexist bitch who doesn’t know women have feelings too.

Rick: Oh sorry, but it’s not my fault that I was born like this with this stupid edgy origin!

Mun: Well there is that one gal..

Rick: Demon girl? I guess.. but she has her eyes on that weird colored Rick and that old as fuck Morty.

Mun: Just try to win her heart or something.. you’ve done it before.

Rick: But what if it ends up just like the relationship with Ricky?

Mun: … Then I guess I’m sorry ever making you up.

Rick: Yeah.. stop watching that time travel movie..