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It is only ep 2 and I am not emotionally ready?! I had to pause the sneak at 43sec in because it was too many feels. This season is gonna kill me. It's all too much. Fairy Dabb, tattoo gate, the nougat discourse, team free will, the EW shoot - it feels like SPN primetime?! Have we reached the golden age?!

OMG your list here made me laugh out loud… you’re so right tho.

I mean what’s next? Gas n Sip flailing & Jody-mum-hug antics amongst others.

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Sorta non-spn related but do you know who Jack reminds me of? Naruto

Naruto had the nine tales inside of him and he’s seen as evil like…as a monster. He grew up without both of his parents and wasn’t quite sure why everyone hated him. But down the road he’s accepted and his power is used for good and he’s seem as a hero

And that… literally Jack IMO. Jack is new to this word with Kelly and Cas both dead and he doesn’t quite understand who he is and why Dean doesn’t like him (at least right now)  

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Last Anon: Only Junkenseed

[No worries x]

Hayseed x Junkenstien SFW

I’m too scared, stay with me?

His master plan had failed and everything was crashing down around him. The Witch of the Wilds have left him to his pitiful doom as all his zomnics had been turned into nothing more then scrap metal but not only that.. but his greatest creation had also been slain.

Junkenstien huddled in the corner with his hands over his ears, the shouting outside of so many angry and disgruntled villagers all out for blood, his blood. His body trembled and he could feel fresh tears running down his cheeks, hurting one of the cuts that laid there.

He was walled up under his lab, somewhere he had made that was safe from the world, safe from people. He sniffed, rubbing his oozing noose on the back of his arm, his teeth chattering together, scared, cold, lonely.

There was a shuffling sound in the corner, something dragging along the floor a shhhhcht shhhhhcht and he uncovered his ears thinking he was going crazy. Sure as he was in trouble there was a sound.

Doctor Jamison Junkenstien sat up right and tried to push himself against the wall, his heart thundering so hard, the air stalled in his throat as he forgot how to breath for a moment. Glowing orange lights bounced on evenly to the side before the large lanky creature came into the moon light.

“M-master?” Hayseed dropped his mask, kneeling on the floor and crawling over to the man. Junkenstien yelped before he realised it was his first living creation.

“Oh Hayseed..” he chuckled but there was no mirth in the giggle but a wave of relefe did wash over him as he opened his arms wide.

Hayseed crawled over more, soon laying between his legs and wrapping long arms around his masters middle and making a happy clicking sound with his tounge against his teeth, Junkenstien sighed, stroking the monsters hair softly seeing the mismatched eyes move and watch him in his actions.

“I am sorry I forgot abou’ ya mate…. woz bad of me” Jamison cooed, his hand cupping the cheek of Hayseed, thumb rubbing one of the stiches that marked along his grin.

“An’ I know it’s selfish…but I ain’t a….a. selfless I?” he laughed, bitter, strained as he pulled Hayseed against him.

There was a loud banging upstairs, the door of his lab was being pounded over and over, the sickening cracking of wood as it started to splinter, the stale air rang out with cries out demand and outrage.

”But…..But… I’m too scared, stay with me?” he felt his eyes getting teary once more as he pleaded with his long suffering and neglected creature.

“A..a..always here..f.for ma…aster” Hayseed grinned up at him, his disjointed speech was what Junkenstien needed to hear.

Bang, bang, bang the march of footsteps above…

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Dear Kal, I am just one of your many anon followers and I am sure I speak for many of us, we will absolutely understand and respect your decision about continuing to write or not. I know that I am very grateful for the writing you have shared with us, and I return to your stories many times over with each time feeling such a strong sense of being in the story. You are a truly amazing woman, with intelligence, compassion and talents that put most of us to shame. I am awed by you!

You really are too kind, sweets - not sure I deserve such wonderful accolades. Like some Scot, I feel my heart is gonna burst. <3

I’ve had a fantastic journey so far writing, but as I’ve said, I feel my time has come and passed. Maybe it will come again, I don’t know - let’s enjoy what’s to come, either way. X

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YOONSEOK FIC RECS??? PLS??? (i love your blog a lot and i love you a lot too, in a very gay way)

dsfgsdfg this took me a bit bc i have so many bookmarks and i had to look for the best ones.. these are in no particular order

  1. all them eye lines (so predictable) - actor!hoseok, make up artist!yoongi, 4k words
  2. make a plan to love me - hs!au kind of? amusement park, 3k words
  3. mint yoongi - hairstylist!hoseok, model!yoongi, 5k words
  4. meet me on the other line - phone sex, 3k words
  5. quit the fandom (enter the mine-dom) - undergroundrapper!yoongi, fansite(?)!hoseok, 4k words (AMAZING I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH)
  6. this feeling (this everglow) - hoseok works at a bakery, yoongi’s in a band, 17k words
  7. sew your heart to my sleeve - college au, 8k words
  8. bitter & sweet - barista!hoseok, 10k words
  9. a procession of seasons - high shool au, 21k words
  10. maquillaje - college au (really cute), 6k words
  11. a question of luck - asmr youtuber!yoongi (love this one), 4k words
  12. set the price how i want to - underground rappers…. super fucking hot, 4k words

also thank u??????? sdfhgsdfgsfg please in WHICH way could u love someone other than gay? love is gay


 I know my brother like I know my own mind
You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind (x)

I am broken. I’ve been abandoned and ignored too many times to still be whole. I don’t trust people anymore, not with something as important as my heart.

You were different. You slipped right through the cracks. I told you things I never meant to tell anyone, things I’d hidden so deep that I had to crawl through the darkness to find them. You brought out a version of me I didn’t know existed anymore. But, you didn’t fix me. I am still broken and now you’re leaving and that’s okay. I’ve been broken before, one more crack won’t kill me. Just please stop asking me if I’m okay. Please stop caring so much. Don’t make this harder than it has to be.
—  “Are you okay?”
Main points from Afterbuzz interview

Spoiler warning for season 4!

So Afterbuzz TV sat down with Lauren Montgomery, Joaquim Dos Santos and Jeremy Shada to review episodes 1 and 2 as well as discuss the season as a whole. Here’s a summary :)

*Note: a lot of this is paraphrased since I was taking notes as I was listening, but it’s as true to what was said as physically possible

  • About Keith (and Shiro):
    • Last season was a lot about building Keith’s confidence as a leader and then immediately he steps out of the role. Joaquim says Keith has always been reluctant to be in the leader position
    • Lauren says we have a situation where we have one paladin too many, something’s gotta give. Had Shiro stayed gone Keith would’ve absolutely stayed put, but with Shiro back Keith feels like he can’t fill those shoes, so he’s kinda pulling back to sort of force Shiro to step back in
    • Lauren is responsible for the Shiro & Keith cameo in the background of the Holt final photos before the Kerberos launch
    • Lauren calls Shiro Keith’s “guiding light”
    • Lauren says Shiro is going to have a “lot of development” 
    • Jeremy teases more backstory 
  • About Matt:
    • The fakeout at Matt’s grave was Joaquim’s idea
    • Steve Ahn’s birthday made it into the graveyard scene as Matt’s wrong birthday (or perhaps the coordinates? wasn’t clear)
    • Jeremy says he watched the graveyard scene not knowing anything since he wasn’t in that episode, and even he believed it for a second, despite Matt’s VA being around a lot to record lines
    • Lauren says she still gets affected and she’s known since day one that Matt will be back (”and he’s gonna be a rebel and he’s gonna be an action star!”)
    • Matt is a huge dork. He had to grow and evolve to survive but at the heart of it he’s still Pidge’s dork of a brother 
    • Matt was the only person Pidge could relate to growing up because she was way too smart for everyone else in her class, smarter even than her own teacher, so she had no one except her brother. And then he kinda left her behind, not intentionally or in a mean sense but still
    • Matt got into the Garrison on brainpower and he isn’t as powerful as some other characters. He very much fights like someone who isn’t a big guy (speed not strength)
  • About Lance:
    • Lance is all about being in the spotlight. The Voltron shows are everything he’s been waiting for
    • Jeremy says it was fun playing those more lighthearted episodes after the more serious growing and maturing from last season
    • Lance has a lightheartedness to him; Jeremy says that’s his favourite part of playing him
    • Lauren jokes that it’s all Jeremy’s fault cause he’s so good at playing Lance and if you’re mad that Lance is funny all hatemail goes to Jeremy
    • Joaquim says it’s tough with so many characters, but reiterates that every person will have their time in the spotlight
    • Regarding Lance’s pep talk to Allura at the end of the season, Lance knows when someone needs to step up, he’s a really good team player. He loves being the center of attention but he’s also able to pull back. Jeremy says the team is like a family now, and it’s that respect and care and love for everyone on the team that lets Lance be confident in saying stuff like “I know you can do this, it’s all you” as opposed to something like “I think I can do something!”
    • Lauren points out that Lance started in the blue lion which is a support lion, holds Voltron up, and he’s since graduated to the right hand which is like the ultimate support to the head. It’s a good indication of what’s beneath the surface, he’s really good at knowing everyone’s strengths, good team player
    • Joaquim adds that if you look deeper, Lance comes from a big family, and within the family dynamic he was probably very much that guy. But to people outside the family he wants to be seen as front and center
    • Jeremy says Lance is going to continue to grow, building on the more serious moments from this season and the one before. Lance becomes “a voice of reason” soon
  • About Lotor:
    • Lauren is to blame for Lotor dislocating his shoulder. They wrote themselves into a bit of a corner with that; they knew he had to get away but how? It’s not like he could drive with his mouth or pick the lock, the space cuffs don’t have locks. Joaquim says everyone cringed just looking at Lauren’s storyboards for that scene without even sound or anything
    • Lauren says Lotor is genuinely intelligent and we’ll eventually learn things about him “like maybe he’s not SUPER backstabby?”
    • [both Joaquim and Lauren are very tight lipped on Lotor backstory and relationship with Honerva etc]
  • Voice cast trivia: 
    • Josh Keaton voices Regris
    • Whenever there’s an extra lady voice it’s usually Kimberly Brooks or Cree Summer
    • Lauren recalls one amazing blooper when Rhys Darby (Coran) just got so frustrated with a line he cussed them out. Joaquim and Jeremy add that Rhys has this amazing way that he abandons a line, where he’ll just go dadadadada–awwh (“he deflates”). To be fair Rhys gets a lot of the hardest and most technical lines
    • Andrea Romano (the show’s retired voice director) did the robot voice at Matt’s grave–she has a tradition of doing computer voices (she was the batmobile for a long time)–and she also has done the Castleship’s voice as well as some helmet translations
    • Te-Osh was voiced by Lacey Chabert who does Nyma. She has a naturally high voice so they pitched her down for Te-Osh and found it turned out amazing
    • John DiMaggio voiced lieutenant Ozar as well as the bounty hunter and the illegal arms dealer from Reunion (There’s a cute story with Christine Bian–backgrounds and props supervisor–who is a huge Futurama fan so she came in the day John was recording and he was super nice and signed her things and as he left she yelled “Bender we love you!” and you hear down the hall “shut up baby I know it”)
  • The Blade of Marmora feel the most responsibility out of anyone to do whatever they can against the Galra given it’s their culture and they want to prove to everyone that they’re willing to go as far as it takes to right the wrongs, which unfortunately often leads to BoM operatives being not very long-lived
  • Joaquim says the grey alien from the mall goes to Earth every now and then for a round of abductions and then he resells everything, which is how he got all the game systems and Kaltenecker, etc
  • Pidge was determined to play her game and within a few months she had gathered everything to jury rig it so it’d work, and then of course Lance in typical Lance fashion jacked her game system the same way he jacked her headphones
    • The pixel artist they got to do the game is Michael Azzi, based in Brussels, and he came up with most of it on his own (that boss move at the end where the shot rotates was all his idea)
  • Any time the show goes Full Anime (the Kaltenecker scene, Matt and Allura’s meeting) it’s usually Steve Ahn’s doing
    • Joaquim says go watch Matt and Allura’s meeting in Japanese
  • The Voltron Show episode was very much their Ember Island Players episode. Joaquim says there’s a bit of a disconnect, that it was first and foremost an episode for them internally to come to terms with a lot of stuff, whereas a lot of people are saying “oh they’re speaking directly to us [the fans]” but that’s not the case. They’ve been thinking about this since a long time ago. Lauren says it was written and in production long before the fandom
  • Lauren would’ve loved to get to know the rebels a bit better and give Olia a proper introductions but just no time

ok but also–that’s two seasons now Keith was prepared to take up a suicide mission and nearly died in an explosion. I really do not like where that’s going

 I mean, I’m not saying they’re implying they’d ever kill off Keith that way, but it’s not a pattern that makes me particularly comfortable. He’s someone who would throw away his life if it meant saving the people he cared about or contributed to a cause. He’s someone committed to his duty first and never shows concern over his own self-preservation. Knowledge or death, right? 

Also, Keith was shown setting off explosives in his very first scene. I’d be really fucking heartbroken if they had him “go out with a bang” too, but like–I’m really nervous. Self-sacrifice seems to be a trait many galra carry, and it really hurts to see how Keith feels the same even when he looks absolutely terrified and squeezes his eyes shut before the crash so he doesn’t have to watch. He looks so young and vulnerable and I really hope he knows how much his life matters.


laila attempts to come out as bi(sexual), but her mom hears bai.

but i’m pretty sure laurent used to comfort nicaise whenever he had a nightmare and let him curl up in laurents bed and make a blanket cocoon and laurent would ask him the latest court gossip just because he knew that it would calm nicaise down to talk about random stuff

AfterBuzz Interview Quote:

Interviewer: Last season, in terms of Netflix dropping episodes, was so much about trying to build up Keith’s confidence as a leader, and now we immediately see him basically getting to step out of that role. So what was sort of the decision, I guess, behind that?

Joaquim: I mean, I think he’s always been reluctant to be in that position, so I think it’s part of his makeup, it’s part of his character. … You know, Pidge tried pulling something very similar early on, and Keith was like, “What are you doing?” So I think this is also a nice turn. It shows their growth as a team, it shows their understanding of each other’s personal needs.

Lauren: And it’s also a situation where you’ve got one paladin too many. We only need five to form Voltron. Had Shiro stayed gone, Keith would have absolutely been there and been that leader. But he sees Shiro’s back, and I think he feels like he can’t fill those shoes. And so, it almost makes him want to pull back more, and he’s trying to almost force Shiro to retake that position. Because he never feels like he can adequately take his place.

Lauren and Joaquim talk about Keith stepping aside from Voltron

It Ain’t Me: Part 7

Jungkook x reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Genre: Angst

Words: 2.4 K

Part 6 | Part 8

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heartbroken  gukdoo after bongsoon friendzoned him


He might press her close now till the muscles knotted on his arms […] There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice.”


There is a way to be yourself, I assure you this
There’s a way to catch your dreams without falling asleep
You might as well get it while you can, babe
‘cause you know you ain’t getting any
Younger, younger, younger
Are you?