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When The Boys Are Away, Girls Get To Play

Request:  If it doesn’t bother you too much, I would love to have a smut with Sarah Urie! She’s my beautiful queen and I’m so gay for her. I’m not really sure what I want, maybe like a cute date or something and it’s your first time together? Or a threesome with Brendon? Idk man I just need Sarah smut and you’re amazing at gay smut

A/n: First of all, thank you for the compliment! Secondly, I love Sarah and I had no problem writing this

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A promise once broken

There is a bit of dark Doctor here. Sorry. Really bad in every sense but forgive me. This is simply something i made up as i went along.

You had been travelling with the Doctor for a long time now, and cared very deeply for him. He seemed to be an amazing man. Even through all of the pain and horror of the war and even things before that and after. Losing all of his friends, one by one. You had promised him and yourself you would never leave him. He had gone through so much and sometimes all someone like him needed was a friend. You were of course devastated by Donna’s leaving, but you were more than willing to put your own problems aside for the Doctor, something you were sure few had ever done.

Recently though you couldn’t help but notice him seem to change. You had seen what Martha’s leaving did to him, but this was different. It didn’t feel like simply grieving to you. He just didn’t seem himself. And that was meant in the worst way possible. You had known he had a dark side, of course he did, he fought a war, but you had never expected it to ever see the light of day. Then, of course, there didn’t seem to be any light since Donna had left. Not for the two of you at least.

You watched him with wide eyes as he turned to make his way back to the base.

“Doctor?” You called uncertainly. He didn’t respond. You moved quickly to catch up to him and keep up all the way back. You should have known the two of you should’ve left earlier. This didn’t look good. Your fears were being confirmed as he seemed to ignore you back to the base and started barking out orders to everyone inside. You watched from the side, noticing with a frown that he gave everyone a job to do but left you out. You resigned yourself to watching him as he worked, trying desperately to collect your thoughts on what was going on with him and, not the least of which, how to help him. How to save your mad man from himself.

When Adelaide brought up the future and what had to happen, you had thought it might get through to him. One glance at his expression told you otherwise.

“Yes, because there are laws, the laws of time. Once upon a time there were people in charge of those laws, but they died. They all died. Do you know who that leaves? Me!”

You flinched as his voice became louder, finding yourself backing further into the corner where you stood, suddenly for the first time afraid of the man who had vowed to protect you.

“It’s taken me all these years to realize the laws of time are mine and they will obey me!”


The base shuddered and it took you a moment to realize it was you who had spoken.

“No, Doctor it doesn’t work that way. Why do you think those laws existed in the first place if they weren’t important. Laws do not obey, Doctor, no matter how hard you try, people do! That is how it’s supposed to work!”

“How would you know?!” He screamed suddenly. You knew you would’ve flinched and most certainly have fallen silent at that had you not been already too far gone. Like him. “You have no idea, (Y/N)! You’re just a human! Simple as that! You’re understanding doesn’t even reach far enough to know what you’re talking about right now! You’re simply someone i made the mistake to think could tag along!”

You felt anger boil under your skin at his words but decided with what little good judgement you were using to forget the personal stabs he was taking.

“I may not know the laws Doctor, but i know the universe has been just fine with someone around to follow them! I know you’ve been there to save the universe from countless others who said the same thing you’re saying right now! The laws are in your hands Doctor, but not for you to throw them away! How can you not see what you’re doing right now? How can you not understand you have to stop!”

“I don’t have to” His voice suddenly seemed calm, his anger reigned in below the surface. This, you knew, was when he was his most dangerous. You had never dreaming it would be directed at you. “I don’t have to do anything you say (Y/N). I never did. Because in this universe, I am everything”

The Doctor seemed to have had enough and stepped forward suddenly, standing inches from you so you had to look up to see him properly. His old and usually soft and loving eyes burned with something much different. Anger, no, rage, stared back at you in it’s purest form through his eyes. You suddenly found he was terrifying but you weren’t going to go that far just to back down now. You simply stared up at him defiantly, preparing yourself for whatever you could imagine him saying next. 

But you could never have expected what was to come.

“And you are nothing”

His words were barely a whisper but the impact of them spoken so close made them louder than anything you’d ever heard in your life. Everything seemed to stop, even as he turned his back on you and left to return to what he was doing. The exact thing you were warning him about. You felt tears sting your eyes as you stumbled back into the wall behind you. You ignored the brief worried glances of the few others in the base as they hurried about, following the Doctor’s orders.

You are nothing

The second you stepped foot in the TARDIS you had stumbled your way to your room, even as you were being flown out of an explosion. You knew what you had to do. If that’s what the Doctor really thought of you, he shouldn’t really care if you left. If anything, it should provide the kind of wake up call you had always depended on Donna to give him before. You quickly threw some of the things you had brought with you into a bag and looked around your room sadly.

You were going to miss this place, and you were going to miss him. But that was the problem. You weren’t leaving him, not really. He was already gone.

You left the rest behind, taking your small bag with you as you headed right for the console room. You sat on the jump seat, waiting for the Doctor to return to tell him to take you home. He walked in eventually and by that time you were sitting with your hands in your lap, your bag beside you and your eyes focused on your shoes. You saw him from the corner of your eye move to the console silently. He stopped and you waited another moment before speaking, taking notice of the fact that he obviously hadn’t looked at you.

“Take me home”

You saw his head move quickly as he fixed his eyes on you, but you kept yours firmly down.

“What…” It was barely a whisper.

“I said, take me home” You looked up then. “I mean, you don’t mind do you? After all, I’m nothing” He looked so different from before, the sadness and almost horror in his gaze threatened to make you stay. It looked like him again.

“(Y/N)…” His tone was soft, pleading even.

“No” You stopped him. “Take me home Doctor, i can’t do this” You returned to staring at your shoes and he said nothing for a moment.

“You said you’d never leave me”

His voice was barely a whisper but it echoes around the all but empty TARDIS, soon to be emptier.

“So did you” You retorted, somehow finding the strength to look him in the eyes. “But you have, Doctor. This isn’t you. You’ve changed. The Doctor i knew is gone. The Doctor I made my promise to, wanted to travel with for the rest of my life, is not here. And I’ve made a different decision for this one” You weren’t sure how you managed to get that much out without breaking down, but you weren’t about to crack now. “So, please, take me home”

The Doctor gave a solemn nod, moving slowly around the console as he piloted the TARDIS back to your time. He said nothing when you landed, tucking his hands in his pockets and staring at the base of the console. You sat there a moment before standing, still finding the whole situation too surreal. You looked up at him one last time.

“I thought i finally had you figured out” You said quietly. He didn’t react. “I never wanted to do this. But the Doctor who saved my life that quiet night in Cardiff isn’t the same man i saw today” You took a deep breath before continuing, the words you’d wanted to say for so long coming out so wrong in this situation. “The Doctor i love is gone” He looked up at you then, mouth open slightly and his eyes full of hundreds of years of sadness and tears.

You knew if you waited any longer you could cave and decide to stay, which was just about the worst thing to ever happen in this circumstance. Or so you reasoned.

Without another word you turned to the TARDIS doors and left them for the last time. You closed your eyes as you heard the door creak shut behind you. Composing yourself best you could, you walked away and into your dark and empty apartment, a single bag in hand. You heard the TARDIS dematerialize minutes later as you sat under the window in your still dark living room. Silent tears were running down your face as you sat there. But you didn’t care about what he had said to you, or even much so about leaving.

You cared that you had promised to save him. And you had failed.

P.S There will be a part two, if significantly smaller, at least, i think. I can never stop writing once i start, short stories never worked out well for me. Anyway, i am so sorry for this. Still no idea what it really is.

P.P.S The second part is very much fluffier and has a happy sort of ending

P.P.P.S still sorry

Say it with Flowers

Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel Novak, Suzy Lee (mentioned), Mary Winchester (mentioned), Sam Winchester (mentioned), Jess Winchester (mentioned), Leah Winchester (OFC - Sam’s kid - mentioned), Gabriel Novak (mentioned), Gabriel’s daughter (OFC - mentioned)

Pairing: Destiel

Wordcount: 2900ish

Warnings: Insecurities, cheating (not Cas or Dean), fluff mostly and falling in love.

A/N: This is an Au based on this prompt: Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says, “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” - it was originally posted by @demisexualmerrill and was requested by @1dstudyblr

This is the first time I wrote Destiel in AU so bare with me. Actually I think it is the first time I have ever written a one shot in AU. I hope you guys will like it cause it was fun to write.

Thanks to amazing, crazy, sassy, loveable @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this for me - Rach shame on you for living on the other side of the world!

Castiel Novak’s “Say it with Flowers” shop was across from the street to “Winchester Automotives.” For the past year ever since Castiel opened his flower shop he had, suffered a crush on the mechanic across the street, Dean Winchester.

Granted Castiel had never spoken more than two words to the man, mainly good morning or good night as they opened or closed up shop, but there was something about  him that drew Castiel towards him. He wished he had the courage to ask him out. He nearly had once, that was right up until a beautiful blond had walked up behind Dean and wrapped her arms around him. When he had turned around she had kissed him as she was trying to drown the poor guy, but unfortunately he hadn’t seemed to mind and Castiel had tugged tail and ran.

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If you can ever read only one book as a sci-fi/fantasy nerd, read ‘Monstrous Regiment’ by Prattchett. If you ever feel that no author can ever present a truthful, real female, read ‘Monstrous Regiment’ by Prattchett. He wrote women as women, for women and most importantly- he wrote them for girls.

I grew up with Prattchett’s women. They taught me to know myself, to know how strong I am, to do things 'as a girl’. They showed me women of every age- eleven year olds and old witches., funny little fat witches and scary, werewolf sergeants who happen to be female. His dwarven ladies in the Discworld show us what feminism really is– in a male-normative society they dare crush thousands of years’ worth of dogma with theit steel stilletto and change society, one skirt at a time. He showed me AdoraBelle Dearheart- a chain-smoking, sarcastic young woman that falls in love with the protagonist yet never loses her objective from her eyesight. He showed me Agnes Nitt- the extremely large young witch who is thoughful and is not a waiflike, adorable heroine: she is strong and large, has a gorgeous voice, is pragmatic and gets to the bottom of things.

I wish I could tell you something about Granny Weatherwax, but I cant. The woman is an experience.

Read Prattchett, everyone. Especially young women and girls- read Pratchett. I dont know why there are not a million posts here about him and his women. He wrote women so well. Old, fat, wise and silly, queens and maids and witches and just… women. Asexual and aromantic and lesbian and transwomen (arguably..). Tiffany Aching is also one of the best things to present your daughter with.
All that aside, the man had an amazing dry, sarcastic wit and sometimes a certain grand verbosity.

I couldnt NOT write this. I just finished reading 'Monstrous Regiment’ for-what? The fifth time?- and Im teary and laughing and argh. I wish I could tell him what an influence he’s been on my life. 'Problems start when you begin treating people as objects’ , 'Sometimes you can only choose between two evils’.

If you ever learn something from me, read Pratchett. He wrote people as people. I love his works.

Get Off My Lawn

Hey! I know it’s been a long time since I wrote and posted USUK, and I’m sorry to come up out of the blue like this, but I heard it was @emeraldscetch  ‘s birthday today so I figured I’d write a little something to give as a present! 

I wrote this yesterday based on a cliché thought that came to me, and had scribbled this out without the intention of posting. When I came to know it was Em’s birthday, I was determined to flesh this out with the help of @empressvegah (thank you thank you thank you so much) and post this to appreciate the friendship she’s given me! Happy birthday Em! You’re a great artist (both makeup and fanart) and an amazing person! I hope you get everything you wanted and then some. (And I hope you like this little gift)

“Old man, huh?”

“Yeah, he just moved in.” The kid nodded, wiping the sweat from his brow. Ethan was his name, a tiny alpha that took after his father. No doubt he’d grow up to be only the supremest of alphas and suppress every emotion that wasn’t rough aggressive lust, but as of now, Ethan looked scared, and the innocence put a small smile on Alfred’s lips. “Nobody goes there. Once the ball’s on that lawn, we ain’t gettin’ it back.”

Alfred let his hand ruffle the little alpha’s sweat-damp hair as he glanced over at the place in question, a house pale in comparison to the ones around it. Bland walls, primly-cut grass, and not one flag adorning the porch- It was an astonishment, really. Especially in a neighborhood like theirs where patriotism upon lawns was something of an unspoken competition.

The pruned, almost plastic-perfect rose bushes framing the front yard were the only signs of a human inhabitant.

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The sun from behind Tony catches around him like a halo of fire.

This time Tony cocks only a single eyebrow and Steve expects him to say something to the effect of ‘is that so’, or ‘what have you been smoking old man’ or a number of other things. But something odd and wonderful happens, Tony’s face goes soft and tender, a fleeting look of adoration in his eyes appears and then fades.

-The God Machine by Winterstar

for winterstar95 happy belated bday!!!! you write so many good stevetony fics i honestly had a hard time choosing… but then i remembered this fic (and this scene in particular) and it really stuck with me so yeah!! (i wish i couldve done like 2 more pages for this but unfortunately no time ;_; ) ps. everyone go read that fic bc apart from the amazing stevetony it also has a rarepairing of logan/steve (as in wolverine logan) and i did not expect to ship it as hard as i did hahahaha

pechypoo  asked:

got a small story Idea for oihina and pls excuse any mistakes as I am v tired;;; but I ju st LOVE these dorks. Oikawa loves to travel the world. He visits many countries and has a passion for learning languages. He goes to visit France and he meets this man, Hina, who only knows his little small town and family- always wanted to see something new, but never had the motivation (or the muns) to go through with it. smol starter and a lil cliche, but there's just so much to do with this~

ohmygosh that sounds like such an amazing story idea!!! thats so adorable omg i can definitely imagine it oh man i would absolutely LOVE to read it if you ever write it or make it into something!!!

((and if you ever need critique or a beta, im always up for betaing people’s oihina fics!))

AN: Y'all really seem to like sad Bucky, don’t you? What a poor baby ;-;. Also, this will be in third person, just FYI. Thank you anon for requesting! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: when you have the time, can you do something based on the song ‘little lion man’ by Mumford & sons with Bucky? your writing is amazing, by the way. :D

Warnings: Mentions of blood, death, murder.


“Little Lion Man”

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The Babysitter - Part 3

Part 1
Part 2

Y/N: Smut is at the end of this chapter. :).

You shot upright in bed. You were cold and wet! You were stuck, though - Anakin was making it impossible to move by standing right on top of you.

“What?” he said.

You watched in complete horror as he dumped out an entire box of cheerios on the bed.

Stay calm. Yelling at him wouldn’t do anything.

“Anakin, what are you doing?”

He frowned, “Daddy told me to make breakfast in bed for you.”

Of course, Anakin took it literally. You couldn’t help but let out a hearty laugh. You had forgotten what it was like to be five years old. You had to be pretty careful what you told kids.

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Son, We Need To Talk (short SU fanfic)

Steven’s a teenager here

“Dad, what was it like to be in love with mom?”

The young prebubecent teen asked his old father, who was starting to have grey streaks in his mane. “Why, you beginning to feel things you shouldn’t be feeling?” Gregory said to his son, who had a bad acne scene going on on his face. Steven laughed. “No, I’m just curious.” Greg smiled and picked up his old-fashioned acoustic guitar, a sight that tells a million stories. He gave it a few light-hearted strums. “Boy, let me tell you. The moment I laid eyes on her… Oh man, it was… Torture.”

Greg chuckles at his small reference, with a glisten in his eyes. Steven smirks. “Was she really that amazing? What the hecks’ that mean, anyway? Isn’t torture bad?” Steven spits, a sly yet comforting smile resting on his chubby face. “Well, son, this kind of torture made me write more songs, and it kept me going in life. After what Marty had done to me, I started to feel like my music wasn’t worth anything. But your mother liked to play with me. And that made me feel like I was worth something.” Greg smiled a snug one, strumming some more romantic tunes, reminiscing in his memories of Rose Quartz. “And, well, Steven, every second I wasn’t with her, I felt tonedeath. Whenever I WAS with her, thhough, I was learning a lot of things. I was also teaching things. Our relationship was so binded that I… Just thinking about her made me want to walk on water, son. You just… Know when you’re in love. It made me want to conceive a beautiful young boy sitting next to me, playing guitar with his ol’ dadio.”

Steven smiled wide, looking up at the sky and strumming his own guitar, tuning it to make it sound good.


“Yes, son?”

“I think it’s the best feeling in the world, to be in love. I think it changes you, somehow, like a cold shower. I want to fall in love every minute I’m walking.”

“Okay son, I’m not dumb; is it Connie?”


Greg smiled, and punched his son in the arm playfully.

“If you’re in love with ms Maheswaran, I better have grandkids before I die!” Greg said, his faith in Steven’s love life the equivalent to the warmth of a crimson red rose. Steven chuckled. “Da-ad!” He gushed, embarrased at the assumption. Together, the Universes’ laugh, playing a soft melody into the night. “I have faith that you will, son. Your heart’s too big.”

Days (Autistic!Ruby)

Was having a panic attack today because my flat had invited a ton of people around, but now it’s gone quite quiet so I think I can go to bed now. Anyway, I wrote this as a gift for xekstrin, because her writing is amazing and I wish I could discover the secret to how she writes her dialogue so realistically??? MAN I’m jelly.

So, this is a pretty personal ficlet. Pretty much everything here is something that happens to me on a regular basis and it sucks real hard sometimes, but writing Ruby as having the same difficulties (and advantages!) makes me feel gr9, actually. So yeah. makerubyautie2k15.

EDIT: it’s no longer 1am and is now 1pm. Made a few edits.

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"You shouldn't worry, I'll never leave you" with Derek Hale as his girlfriend please? I love your blog and the way you write! You're amazing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, oh my god!

When you feel scared, you need to talk about it. Make it go away. That was a thing that was always on your mind, but talking with Derek was something difficult for you. Not because you hated him, but simply because you were too afraid he was gonna get mad and leave you. But lately it had been a little too much. The thinking was too much and you had to stop it.

“Derek.” the man looked up from his work and nodded his head. “I, uhm, can we talk?” you stuttered. He put away his work and nodded. You sat down better and took a deap breath. “Listen, I’m worrying too much. I’m already aware of that. But I.. I don’t wanna lose you and I feel like maybe I’m gonna lose you..” you said slowly. “You really think that?” he asked. You nodded and sighed. “Come sit with me please, (Y/N).” he said and you sat down next to him. He put his arms around you and hold you close. “You shouldn’t worry, I’ll never leave you.” he then said. You looked up. “You’re my world, (Y/N). You’re make me so happy, every single day. And whatever happens, I know I can’t stop loving you.” you smiled softly. “You believe me?” he said, with a smile. “I do.” you whispered. He stroked your hair. “As you said yourself, you’re worrying too much. Please relax, babe. You’re good enough.” he said. You rested your head on his chest and sighed. “Repeat it.” he said serious. “I’m good enough.” you said. “Good.” he laughed. “I love you so much, (Y/N). Always remember that.”

Things I have been reading...

I’ve not been reading as much lately but there are still quite a few fics I feel you guys might enjoy, mostly fluff to make you smile.  

Originally posted by kyub


Dream Girl – Sam x Reader @impala-dreamer Super sweet and a beautifully written Sam.  Just what I needed to read first thing in the morning.

Castiel dressing up as your favourite CMO –                                            Cas x Reader @castielohcastiel This imagine is something I never even knew I needed until I read it.  It is perfect.

Choosing You – Dean x Reader @writingbeautifulmen This series has me hooked.  Fantastically written and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I Take that as a Challenge – Gabriel x Reader  @sdavid09 This girl gives me a Gabe crisis every time! A fabulous writer who you should go follow.

Somewhere in My Car – Dean @bovaria AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH! This is amazing. I can picture every single second of this it is so well written.

Dean’s Clothes – Dean @supernatural-jackles As someone who steals their significant others clothing wherever possible I adore this fic.  Really nice looking at things from Deans POV.

Laundry Day – Sam x Reader @waywardlullabies Sam in panties, what more could you ask for.

Two Lies and a Truth – Sam x Reader @sp-oops  I was late back from my break because I had to finish reading this.  The build-up is fantastic and the ending is perfect.  

All of Me @castielohcastiel  GO FOLLOW HER NOW! There is a never ending stream of amazing writing pouring from her and every time you think she can’t get better she slams something new your way and it is just mindblowing.

Happy Trails to You – Sam x Reader  @ilostmyshoe-79 Sam smut.  Thank you so much for writing this, as a Sam girl I truly do appreciate it.

Mother of Misunderstandings – Gabe x Reader @sdavid09 Oh man this made me excited and sad and happy, such a rollercoaster!  As always amazingly written and the characters are so spot on.

Originally posted by wildarcy


Home – Tony  @mellifluous-melodramas  Stunning. I will never get bored of reading Tony and this one hit all the right notes.

By Royal Decree - @bovaria GO. AND. READ. THIS. SERIES.  It’s astounding and incredible and all the good adjective.  Bucky or Steve? I just don’t know anymore.

For Your Convenience – I’m rooting for Steve x Reader. @brighterlights This series is so sweet and relatable.  I can’t wait to see what Bucky has planned.

Spellbound – I’m hoping eventual Steve x Reader. @brighterlights I literally squeal everytime I see a new part of this series. It’s super cute.

I Don’t Love You – Bucky x Reader @therealjamesbarnes Bucky is a dick.  There is a huge part of me that wants the Reader to get with Steve but that might just be me.  This is such a good read people.

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Star Trek:

I Can See It In Your Eyes. – Bones x Reader @paigeinastory Slightly nervous Bones is so adorable and I know this was a request by me but it is fabulous and you should check it out right now.  Join us in the McCoy trash.

We are, aren’t we? – Kirk x Reader @castielohcastiel This made me melt.  All the characters in this were written so perfectly, definitely one of my favourites.

Being Oblivious to Bones’ Advances – Bones x Reader @youre-on-a-starship Another of my recent favourite imagines.  There needs to be more Bones and this one is brilliant.  

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Other Fandoms:

Amends@mywritingsblog  Seb x reader AND Tom Hiddleston x reader. I know this made the last list too but I can’t tell you all how amazingly awesome this series is. Beautifully written and I still am unsure about which side I am rooting for.

Sunscreen – Richard Speight Jr x Reader - @wayward-mirage This lovely little bit of fluffiness is well worth a read.

If yall don't understand drakes charged up diss I'm about to explain it to yall right now .

People who think Drakes response is weak must not listen to lyrics. I blame it on our generation. Loud ass niggas and big sounding beats got ya’ll ears dumb. Let’s break this down:

.Drake dissed Meek, Nicki, funk Flex, and Jay Z

Funk Flex Diss
“Might have DJ clue drop a bomb on this.”
Clue is on power 105.1. He’s pretty much saying Flex is replaceable.

Jay Z diss
“Trying to take the higher road and still respect my idols, I have a deal with Apple but I still feel entitled. Rumor has it there’s something that only I know.”
I still feel En(TIDAL). Media Take out said a few days ago that Jay Z was behind the entire thing. He had meek do that to drake for pulling out of the apple deal. Drake is confirming Jay had something to do with it.

Nicki Minaj Diss
“Rumor has it I either fucker her or I never could”. He’s addressing Meek Mills insecurities as to weather Nicki fucked him or not.

Meek Mill Disses
“I’m honored that you think this is staged, I’m honored man in fact I’m amazed”
Addressing meek saying he doesn’t write his rhymes.

“I’m done doing favors for people, cause it’s not like I need the money I make off a feature”.
Basically Drake is saying Meek Mill needs him on his albums for them to sell. Also that Meek still needs money by doing features.

“I see you niggas having trouble going gold. turning into some so and so’s that no one knows.”
Meek album is performing poorly. And know one knew him outside of hip hop before his Twitter rant.

“Come live all your dreams out at OVO”
Meek Mills label is Dream Chasers.

“No woman ever had me star struck, or was able to tell me to get my bars up”.
He’s clowning Meek for how obsessed he is with Nicki. He’s also saying Nicki could never tell him to get his bars up because he’s a better rapper then her.

So there you have it. It’s a jab at Meek saying stay in you’re place, or else I’ll really chew you up. Drake is very smart and has everything set the way he wants.


I know it isn’t his bday in Japan anymore, but I had to write something for him. 

So.. It’s your birthday. 

More than anyone, I want you to be happy, because you deserve it. Since I knew you and your band, I felt something I’ve never felt before. And when I knew your history, I saw you was much more than you showed to us in stage. 

Your voice, the emotion you put in the songs… They always made a big difference. 

But there’s something that nobody will ever take away from you: your strenght. 

Bad things happened to you, but you didn’t give up on your dream and on the things you believed. 

One of the things that I learnt with Ruki is to be strong, no matter what. I learnt I can achieve my dreams, if I do my best. I can spread my wings and fly. 

Thank you, for everything. 

And.. Happy birthday, Ruki! 

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Can you do 49? Thanks!

49. Boss/Intern AU

Thanks to mellarksloaves for the inspiration for this drabble. It’s probably not exactly what you were looking for, but I hope it’s enjoyed nonetheless.


Peeta dashed into the empty elevator, slamming the fist he had griped around a greasy paper bag against the button for the tenth floor. He let out a breathless huff, collapsing back against the elevator wall as the door slid shut. He’d never been late with breakfast before and was hoping it wouldn’t be too much of a problem. Of course when Katniss Everdeen was hungry, there was no telling which way a situation could go.

As the elevator continued its slow rise, Peeta caught a glimpse of himself in its shiny doors. He frowned, squatting down to drop the bag and brush at the wayward curls falling across his forehead. He really needed to get a haircut. He couldn’t be working in Snow Industries, one of the most iconic business towers in the entire city, looking like some college dropout. He made a few extra swipes at his hair before he was at least sort of satisfied with the look. 

The elevator slowed to a halt just as he was rising to his feet, the bag once more grasped in his fingers. He pulled in a deep, steadying breath as the doors pulled open. The familiar bustle greeted him as he stepped out onto the floor that belonged solely to Tribute Magazine. It was lively and comfortable and Peeta felt the tension ease from his body as he started moving farther from the elevator. 

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Why do you like W so much? I mean I like it too but I don't think it's something so amazing like a lot of you.

Oh boy. Oh man. Oh dude.

Grab your seats children and listen.

  1. The most important reason why I love this drama so fucking much it has to be the plot. Please tell when was the last time you saw something so clever, something so crazy and unpredictable like W?
    I watched a lot of dramas and this is the first time. Well Queen’s in Hyun’s man had some similar twists (bless this woman who writes these both dramas i love her so much) but it wasn’t so complex?
    For all the 15 episodes that we had I only predicted something ONCE. And it was how they will bring Yeon Joo back to life. But the rest of it? All those time jumps, the dad becoming a killer, Chul killing himself and Yeon Joo bringing him back to life. The fact that he starts to disappear. Or that he can travel between worlds just by the power oh his mind and drag other people with him?
    That was sp fucking unexpected. Some people says that all of those twists is too much. And yeah maybe we should have more paceful scenes with them being happy, but to be honest I was getting bored when they were having dates or something. I love them being angsty and tragic and when they fight for their love. I want to see how far they can go for eachother. I want them to be epic.
    The next week is the finale episode. And I have no fucking idea how it will ends. Like there’s so many options! 
  2. Most of dramas has those plot that love to use: love triangle, evil parents, evil second leads, stupid amnesia. And yeah we had amnesia here too. But delivered in so clever way! They both choose this. It wasn’t something that came from a car accident or some random sickness. He chooses to forget her to save his friends and the world he was living. And she respected his decision and draw it for him.
    And we don’t have any love triangles (and we could have it because there’s the former female main character who was destined to be with Chul. But they didn’t villainize (is that a word? i don’t even know anymore) her. Yeah she was jealous for a short time and did something stupid but that was one time. And and the end she move on. And it was enough for me. I know some of you is salty about it but for me it’s enough.
    And also there’s no evil parents. Chul doesn’t have them at all but Yeon Joo’s parents loves her so much and they are supportive of her. And her father is willing to sacrifice his life for her to have a happy ending. How awesome is that?
  3. The female character! Now I think it should be in the first place because I love Yeon Joo so fucking much. Do you know how rare for me is to like (don’t even start about love) the female lead character in drama? They are always so annoying? Not only that. Most of them don’t even have any real personality. They are good, naive and poor. Always fucking poor. That’s all you know about them. And then you are left wondering why main character loves that girl so much?  I love women in dramas who are smart and a love their work. I like when they are no acting like 15 years old virgins. I love when they fight for things that are important in they lifes. 
    And Yeon Joo is just like that. She is 30 old woman who is a fucking doctor. And maybe and the beginning she wasn’t sure if she is a good doctor but we could see through the episodes that she is amazing in her work. She saved Chul twice when he was close to die. How awesome is that?
    She is so smart, like really really smart. We know that Chul is a genius but do you really think that she is not his equal? They showed as that she is as intelligent as he is. They often realise some crazy things at the same time. She saved his life many times because of that cleverness.
    And oh man how she fights for her happy ending with Chul. She is so fierce with the love for him. And she did not hide it! She was brave enough to say I love you to him first, even when she wasn’t sure that he loves her back.
    At the same time he is not the centre of her universe. Her parents are as much important to her as him. And her job and career is a big part of her life.
    And thank god she is not poor. I can’t stand it in dramas anymore. She has her own money but also her father is quite rich because of the webtoon he created. She lives in a really nice house, she dresses really good and looks like a woman. And I love that.
    She is so realistic? With all her insecurities and her vulnerability and all that strength she has in her. She is a perfect example of a strong female character. And now she is one of my favourites. I can talk about her for hours <3
  4. And of course the main male character. Chul is fanstinating because it’s not easy to know what he really feels. He is closed and reserved. He doesn’t trust someone easly. He is so broken and lonely but also so strong. It’s hard for him to open his heart because he lost everyone he ever loved. That’s why for so long we weren’t even sure if he loves Yeon Joo. But oh he does. Chul show his love not with actual words like I love you. He says “you are my family” and that means everything. Because the only family he ever had was killed and for 10 years he was alone. And then Yeon Joo showed up and changed his life forever. He also shows his love for her by action. All those forehead kisses, all those hugs and the way she looks at her. Also as her he fight for what he loves.
    But Chul has also a dark side, a cold calculative side. Like when he shoot her, or when he shoot her dad. And he hates himself for that part of him. 
    Also all that pain and misery when he finds out the true about who he really is. He lost all his will to live because he wasn’t sure if he is even a human. He is really a good written character.
  5. A FUCKING EPIC LOVE STORY. Well I kinda said everything about it already lol. In most dramas men are the one who loves most. And I don’t like when it’s the other way. And here most of time Yeon Joo was the one who loves most. And yeah it bothered me a little bit first. But now they are the same page. They love each other so much that they are willing to sacrifce their life for each other, or even kill someone like Chul killing the killer. They are truly a power couple. They suffered so much but they still have hope for their happy ending. 
    Even when he didn’t remember her he was still drawn to her. Even when the whole word(s) is telling him that he is destined to be with So Hee, he says fuck you and fights for Yeon Jee.
    He left all his money, all his friends and his world to be with her. When he finds out that she is in danger he fucking jump from the roof to keep her safe.
    And she was willing to spend her life in jail just for him to not find out about being a comic character because she didn’t want him to suffer.
    Another thing is that they are really acting like a real couple in love. They kiss, they hold hands, they hug. Yeah they didn’t bang but they clearly desire each other. Well mostly you can see it because of Chul lol. And he respect her so much, he never does anything that she is not comfortable with.
    And oh god they have so much intense chemistry. Plus how beautiful they are. Beautiful badass power couple ♥
  6. THE ACTING OH GOD THE ACTING. This is really too long already so All I’m gonna say is that first it wasn’t great, really. But now they are all all incredible.  Especially the dad slash the killer. They all are so believable in their characters that it’s easy to start to love them.
  7. And the OST. Beautiful, touching songs that made me cry everytime i hear them.

There’s probably a lot more but this is already the longest post I wrote on this stupid place oh god. And please ignore all the errors. I can’t spell anymore.


“People who think drakes response is weak must not listen to lyrics”

“I blame it on our generation. Loud ass niggas and big sounding beats got ya’ll ears dumb. Lets break this down:

Drake dissed meek, nicki, funk flex, and jay-z 

  • Funk flex diss:

“might have dj clue drop a bomb on this.” 

clue is on power 105.1. he’s pretty much saying fleex is replaceable.

  • Jay-z Diss 

“Trying to make the higher road and still respect my idols, i have a deal with apple but i still feel entitled. Rumor has it there’s something that only i know”

I still feel En( TIDAL ). Media take out said a few days ago that jay-z was behind the entire thing. He had meek do that to drake for pulling out of the apple deal. Drake is confirming jay had something to do with it.

  • Nicki Minaj diss

“Rumor has it i either fucked her or i never could”

He’s addressing meek mills insecurities as to weather nicki fucked him or not.

  • Meek Mill diss 

“Im honored that you think this is staged, i’m honored man in fact i’m amazed” 

Addressing meek saying he doesn’t write his rhymes. 

“Im done doing favors for people, cause its not like i need the money i make off a feature”

Basically drake is saying meek mill needs him on his albums for them to sell. Also that meek still needs money by doing features. 

“i see you niggas having trouble going gold turning into some so and so’s that no one knows”

Meeks album is performing poorly. And know one knew him outside of hip hop before his twitter rant.

“come live all your dreams out at OVO”

Meek mills label is dream chasers.

“No woman ever had me star struck, or was able to tell me to get my bars up” 

He’s clowning Meek for how obsessed he is with nicki. He’s also saying nicki could never tell him to get his bars up because he’s a better rapper than her.

“so there you have it. its a jab at meek saying stay in you’re place, or else i’ll really chew you up. Drake is very smart and has everything set the way he wants.”

- khalil smith 

People who think Drake’s response is weak must not listen to lyrics. I blame it on our generation. Loud ass niggas and big sounding beats got ya'll ears dumb. Let's break this down: Drake dissed Meek, Nicki, funk Flex, and Jay Z Funk Flex Diss: "Might have DJ clue drop a bomb on this." Clue is on power 105.1. He's pretty much saying Flex is replaceable. Jay Z diss:  "Trying to take the higher road and still respect my idols, I have a deal with Apple but I still feel entitled. Rumor has it there's something that only I know." I still feel En(TIDAL). Media Take out said a few days ago that Jay Z was behind the entire thing. He had Meek do that to Drake for pulling out of the Apple deal. Drake is confirming Jay had something to do with it. Nicki Minaj Diss: "Rumor has it I either fucker her or I never could". He's addressing Meek Mill’s insecurities as to weather Nicki fucked him or not. Meek Mill Disses: "I'm honored that you think this is staged, I'm honored man in fact I'm amazed" Addressing Meek saying he doesn't write his rhymes. "I'm done doing favors for people, cause it's not like I need the money I make off a feature". Basically Drake is saying Meek Mill needs him on his albums for them to sell. Also that Meek still needs money by doing features. "I see you niggas having trouble going gold. turning into some so and so's that no one knows." Meek album is performing poorly. And know one knew him outside of hip hop before his Twitter rant. "Come live all your dreams out at OVO" Meek Mill’s label is Dream Chasers. "No woman ever had me star struck, or was able to tell me to get my bars up". He's clowning Meek for how obsessed he is with Nicki. He's also saying Nicki could never tell him to get his bars up because he's a better rapper then her. So there you have it. It's a jab at Meek saying stay in you're place, or else I'll really chew you up. Drake is very smart and has everything set the way he wants.


This is the first published fanart I’ve ever drawn for Markiplier, which is surprising, and I feel it necessary to make my own little splurge about exactly why this person, who I’ve never met before, means the moon and the stars to me.
I have a pretty bad anxiety disorder, and ever since I’ve been diagnosed with it officially about a year ago, I can only go to sleep with two things present; my medicine, and Markiplier. Over this past year, which I can confidently consider the hardest year of my life, Mark has been my go to escape when I just can’t take the world any more, or I need something to relax me. It is entirely evident how much he cares for each and every one of his 6 million fans. I’m amazed at his compassion, kindness and heroic nature. He’s been there for me through the most painful transition I’ve had to cope with in my life thus far, and I can’t even begin to describe how much this wonderful man has done for me. Mark has honestly saved me, and I’m tearing up even writing this ’^^ Recently, Mark has gone through something hard, and I just want him to know how much he is loved and cherished among his fans. Without him, I can’t imagine the state I’d be in. He’s such an awesome person, and I truly hope his career and life only accelerate in the direction he desires. ♥ </sappyrantout>