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Imagine Viktor becoming like an over protective father if he found out Yurio had a crush on Otabek or something like that. Just putting guards around the poor boy 24/7.

Hehehehe, he’s definitely kinda a parental figure to Yurio X3
But, he knows Otabek is a good guy, so, he doesn’t mind it too much :D
And I imagine him getting even more clingy when Yurio starts hanging out with Otabek more XD

Story time - I was at an Indian Restaurant today with my squad (aka like two friends I barely ever get to see) and at some point in walked two guys, as it turned out a married gay couple. Somehow, at some point, we started to talk to them (one of my friends is good at making random friends, I have no clue, I think it’s some sort of magical power I will never understand) and at some point one of them noticed my lock screen (fan art of Yuri) and voila for the next two hours the married couple an I were gushing over Victuuri and Otayuri, and YOI in general, barely taking a breath while my friends just looked at us like we lost our minds. 

Side note - the married couple had a similar story to Otayuri in the sense that the two years older one admired and remembered the younger one for YEARS (they were both pianists) before he finally saw a chance and went for it to become at least friends (they’d met before when they were young but, just like Yuri, the younger one didn’t remember). About ten years later they got married.

Jinyoung Imagine - Princess (Smut)

A/N - Prince!Jinyoung aka the end of me bc oh wow what a beautiful image. Couldn’t really think of a way to incorporate the angst part of the request but hope you enjoy regardless~

i would like to request a prince!jinyoung scenario + smut + angsty please!! but y/n is also a princess. thankyou

Night had fallen over the castle and it was time for you to sneak into the prince Jinyoung’s room. He had whispered in your ear and told you to be at his room so he could finish what he had started. All through the dinner, his hand had been gradually making its way up your leg, tracing the slit in your floor length dress. Your family was visiting his for the first time in years and you hadn’t realised how handsome Jinyoung had grown up to be. Knowing him since childhood would normally have made you see him more like a brother but for some reason, Jinyoung felt different. There were magnets between you pulling the two of you together. Those same magnets were now guiding you to Jinyoung’s room where you knew he’d be waiting for you. 

 Adrenaline pumped through your veins as you got closer and closer to the large wooden door to his sleeping quarters. Luckily for you, Jinyoung didn’t have any guards standing there watching over his bedroom else this would have been extremely awkward and embarrassing for you. Even though you were sure of your feelings towards him, you still didn’t want the guards, or anyone really, knowing that you had snuck off into his bedroom and not left until the following morning. Knocking on the door, you fidgeted a little, a rush of nerves flowing through you. The door opened but you couldn’t see Jinyoung standing there. Cautiously, you stepped into the bedroom and looked around. The door slammed behind you and you spun around to see Jinyoung had been hiding behind it and now had his back pressed against the wood as he looked at you seductively. No words came out of your mouth and instead the two of you just acted on impulse. 

The two of you met in a deep and passionate kiss, arms and hands roaming all over each other. Jinyoung’s lips were soft and plump; they felt heavenly to touch and you wanted nothing more than for time to freeze in that moment so you could continue kissing Jinyoung forever. The prince clearly knew what he was doing as well. He broke the kiss to mumble against your lips, “You look beautiful tonight, princess.”
“You don’t look too bad yourself, prince.” You then kissed him again, deeper and harder. Both of you stumbled to the bed in a fit of passion and desperation to not break the kiss. Jinyoung’s body on top of yours felt like you were finally getting something you had been waiting for, as if you’re body knew just how much you had needed him up until this point. His fingers deftly untied the laces on your corset, the material falling from your body. He quickly worked your clothes onto the floor all while maintaining eye contact with you. His gaze was intense and full of lust, especially after seeing the beautiful curves of your body. Needing to fill his skin against yours, your hands also moved up his body, quickly removing the barrier to his skin. His chest against yours was driving you crazy; his muscular chest was heaven to touch and his strong arms filled you with delight. Jinyoung left kisses down your neck, gradually travelling down your body, his hands delicately moving across your skin to keep you fidgeting and on edge. His tongue glided across your skin as he moved further down your stomach. 

Once he had reached your thighs, he spread your legs open and began to pepper kisses on the inside of your thighs, getting dangerously close to your now dripping core. 
“I’ve barely even started and you’re already dripping for me, princess.”
“Just shut up and fuck me, Jinyoung. We haven’t got all night.”
“Oh, a little impatient are we, princess? Well maybe we can make this last longer then.”
“No please, Jinyoung.”
“Hm, alright, princess,” he said as he slipped two fingers into you, pumping them in and out, curling them to hit your sweet spot. Your moans filled the room and you were glad there were no other rooms at this end of the castle save for Jinyoung’s. As much as your families might have approved of you both being in a relationship, they definitely wouldn’t appreciate what he was doing to you right now. Jinyoung’s fingers were just so damn long and giving you a pleasure that no other man had every been able to give you. And that was just with his fingers. Who knew what else he was capable of. Soon you felt yourself edging closer and closer and Jinyoung noticed it from the way you tensed around his fingers. 
“Come on, princess. Let it all out, baby.” The sound of his deep voice, sent you over the edge and you released all over his fingers, chest rising and falling from breathlessness. You watched amazed as Jinyoung out his fingers in his mouth, wanting to taste you. The sight could have easily sent you over the edge again. Before you could recover from the intense pleasure, Jinyoung positioned himself at your entrance and leaned down to whisper in your ear, “You ready, princess? To scream my name so loud the whole castle will hear you?”

FP Jones/Andrews Family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 1

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AN: It’s so awkward when nearly the whole fandom is in love with the teenage boys on the show and I’m over here obsessing over the DILFs and the girls of the show. So I wrote this to see who else adores the daddies of Riverdale. This will be a series so stick around for more if you love this serpent as much as I. 

Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent 

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 1,967

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic, none really

It all started when you were younger. Jughead’s Dad came over one night to talk to Jughead. Jughead was round for a sleepover with your younger brother Archie and FP came round because he had some news, about what, you didn’t know. But what you did know was in that moment you realised you were utterly attracted to your younger brother’s best friend’s Dad. That was the moment you knew you were screwed.

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: Bucky X Steve X Reader

Summary: The reader is an Avenger and has a hard time dealing with the aftermath of a mission. Bucky is there to save her and bring her back from the darkness of her mind.

Warnings: sadness, angst, smut, cursing

A/N: Hey y’all I’m finally back after a hella long break. This is my first time writing smut so please tell me if it’s awful! Also I tagged some of my favorite blogs at the bottom. I hope this is okay but if you want to be removed just let me know :) Feedback is always welcome! 

I don’t remember walking of the jet or walking through the Avengers Tower in the direction of my room, everything was a blur. We had just gotten back from a mission that went terribly wrong, lives on both sides had been lost or jeopardized and it was all my fault. The weight of everything that had occurred over the last twenty four hours started to sink in and I could feel my heart breaking. My best friend, Sam, was gravely injured and no one, not even the doctors, believe that he will pull out of it. Coldness seeped through my body. I walked into the bathroom that was attached to my bedroom and turned the shower on as hot as it would go. My clothes where striped from my body and I crawled into the bathtub. Any energy I had left was gone, so I couldn’t bring myself to stand up, instead I tucked my knees under my chin and sat down in the cold bathtub. The drastic change in temperatures sent chills down my spine.

Time passed, I’m not sure how much time but the fog that once covered the mirror and clung to the air was now gone and the water was freezing cold. A banging from somewhere in the distance brought me out of the daze that covered my brain. The banging became louder and more constant before voice were added to the mix. It was like my brain couldn’t focus on everything happening at once so my body instinctively curled into a tight ball in the bottom of the tub.


“Y/N open the door!”


“Y/N open it or I’m breaking it down!”

It took a few moments for my brain to realize that there were two voices coming from outside of the bathroom door not just one. Somehow the tone of the two voices yelling through the bathroom door signaled something in my brain and brought me out of the fog long enough to realize it was Steve and Bucky. My mind could not comprehend what was happening. Why were they outside of my door? Why were they going to break it down? My mind told me to yell out that I was fine instead I sat still like a statue under the cold water that was streaming down my body.


“Okay, Y/N we’re coming in!” Bucky yelled

Not even the crash from the door being broken off of its hinges and thrown across the room cleared the fog that was encasing my mind.

“Shit!” a voice called out, I think it was Bucky.

The cold stream of water stopped falling on me and another voice broke through.

“I’ll grab towels,”Steve said before footsteps walked out of the room. A face dropped into my vision, blue eyes searching my face.

‘Y/N, what’s wrong baby?”

My eyes met his and my body began to shake. How can you tell someone that you killed their best friend? What kind of monster have I become? I didn’t have the energy to speak or move so I just laid there. Warmth spread across my body and in an instant I was floating, no I was being carried.

“I got ya doll. I’m right here.” Bucky whispered into my hair as he carried me from the bathroom.

“Is she okay?” Steve whispered as I was placed on something soft.

“I don’t know. She won’t say anything.” Bucky replied.

“Should I get Nat or Bruce? You know she’s close to Nat.” Steve asked

I wanted to talk to them I wanted to yell out “No!”, no I don’t want Bruce. I don’t want Nat. I don’t know what I want, what I need. My brain was running a million miles a minute and it wasn’t long before I was pulled back into my own demons.

I was recruited by the Avengers about a year ago, I wasn’t like most of them I didn’t have any superpowers all I had was my fighting and sharp shooting skills. After being recruited I formed a tight bond with the rest of the crew. It was rough at first because I didn’t want to get close to anyone, but I couldn’t resist Nats wittiness or Steve and Bucky’s gentleness. It only took the team a few weeks to break through the hard exterior I had placed around me, once they did they all became my family.

The mission we just returned from was supposed to be a simple one; get in, destroy and get out. Nothing was supposed to go wrong but it did. Sam, Clint and I were tasked with covering all the entrances and exits of the building, nothing was supposed to go in and nothing was supposed to come out. The rest of the team had cleared the inside of the building and we all were just waiting on the signal that we could return to the plane and get out of that hell hole. Sam and I had been joking and not paying much attention, thinking that everything was cleared when we were ambushed. A team of five others jumped us, bullets were flying and kicks were being thrown. Sam and I quickly got rid of four of them before Sam engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the last one. At first it looked like Sam was going to dispose of him easily then the masked man placed a gun to Sam’s head while putting him in a choke hold. Everything seemed to stop all around me and all I was I either take the masked man out or he was going to kill Sam.

My eyes met Sam’s before I took a deep breath, steadied my gun at the masked man and pulled the trigger. In an instant the man moved Sam in front of him and I watched as the bullet pierced Sam’s chest. A scream left my mouth and before I could control my emotions I lunged at the masked man and tackled him, sending us both crashing to the ground. His hands gripped at my arms and he tried to flip me under him but I had better leverage. My knee connected with his groin and his grip slipped, giving me the chance to throw all my weight into a punch directly at his nose. A sickening crunch filled the air before blood started pooling out of the masked mans face. I wasn’t done, it was like a haze filled my mind and all I wanted was blood. I unholstered my gun and pointed it right between the masked man’s eyes before thoughtlessly pulling the trigger. His last breath escaped his lips before the life left his eyes.

A whimper escaped my lips and I was pulled from the fog that encased my mind by a hand stroking my hair and a pair of lips resting against my forehead.

“Doll. Doll, please come back to us.”  Bucky’s lips whispered as they showered my face with kisses. Another hand was rubbing my back while another was placed gently on my thigh.

“We’re here for you Y/N and we’re not leaving.” Steve’s voice said from behind me. Another whimper escaped my lips as I thought of the blood gushing from Sam’s chest. My eyes searched for Bucky and once they met his eyes the floodgate of emotions couldn’t be stopped.

“It’s my fault. Sam was shot because of me. I did it.” my voice cracked out. It didn’t even sound like me and it felt like someone else was speaking. Bucky’s grip on my head tightened as he lifted my face up so he could look me in the eyes.

“None of it was your fault. It was an accident no one blames you Y/N.”  Bucky said.

“I shot the gun. I watched the bullet rip apart his chest. It is my fault. If he dies I won’t be able to live with myself.” I croaked out as the flood gate broke sending tear streaming down my face.  

“Y/N, no one thinks any different of you. We have the best doctors working on him, he will be fine. It was touch and go in the beginning but he’s gonna be okay.” Steve said as he rubbed my back in a comforting manner.

“Y/N, the team loves you just the same. Steve loves you just the same. I love you just the same. It’s going to take a lot more than this to make us stop loving you.” Bucky chimed in.

I sat up in the bed with my back to Steve, what if Bucky and him are right? If Sam is actually going to make it a miracle must have happened. Before I could stop myself my arms wrapped around Bucky’s neck and I straddled his legs, trying to get as close as I could. Tears fell from my eyes and soaked into the material of Bucky’s shirt. Sobs wracked my body and I felt Steve shift closer before his hand continued to rub my back. Coos and sweat word fell from the two boys lips as their hands burned paths across my skin.

Minutes or hours later the sobs echoing from my chest began to calm down and my tears began to dry. My heart was still heavy but I had cried all that my body would allow. I lifted my head off of Bucky’s shoulder and looked into his blue eyes. My body urged me to bend down those few inches separating us and to connect our lips but my mind cautioned me, if I took this step I would never be able to take it back, if this went wrong there would be nothing but destruction left in its path. My mind also craved silence, it craved something other than the hatred i have subjected it to the last countless hours. Mybody was achingly cold, it begged for me to soak up Bucky’s warmth. My resolve snapped and I quickly ducked my head down crashing my lips into Bucky’s.

His lips were everything I ever thought they would be. They were soft and smooth which was nothing like his hands, those were rough and calloused against my skin. I eventually broke away and looked into his searching eyes.

“Please.” I begged.

“We can’t, doll. You are emotionally unstable, this isn’t going to help.” Bucky pleaded.

“Please, I need this. I need comfort. I need a distraction. Please, Bucky”

Steve cleared his throat next to us which drew my attention to the blonde haired man.

“I’m just going to leave you to it, Buck” Steve said as he started to get up from the bed. Before I could comprehend what I was doing my hand shot out and grabbed Steve’s wrist.

“Please stay.” I begged.

His eyes met mine as a look of shock danced across his face. I couldn’t see the look on Bucky’s face but he must have been okay with it because in the next moment  Steve was crawling across the bed to where I was sitting on Bucky’s lap. Bucky’s hand gripped my face and turned it to look at him before his lips crashed into mine. His lips were sweet like honey sprinkled with salt from the tears I shed.  I was so lost in the kiss between Bucky and I that I was startled when warm hands gripped my sides. Steve’s hands started out stroking my sides before they slipped under my shirt. The feel of his warm hands against my ice cold skin brought a whimper from my lips which urged Steve even closer to me.

I could feel the warmth from his chest against my back before his hands traveled even higher and his lips settled on the back of my neck. I broke apart from the kiss with Bucky as my back arched and a moan fell from my lips. Steve’s lips traveled across my shoulder blade before venturing into the side of my neck right below my ear. A gasp escaped my lips, I never knew kissing could be this good, this was enough of a distraction because I didn’t notice the towel covering me was gone until I felt Bucky’s metal hand pinch my nipple before it was quickly replaced with his warm mouth. The contrast from ice cold to warm and wet was startling and a sigh fell from my lips.

All the pleasure was building up and becoming too much. My pussy was throbbing with need and the boys were taking too much time getting there. Between Steve’s lips and teeth leaving love marks across my shoulders and neck and Bucky pulling my nipples with his fingers before soothing it with his talented mouth I needed to find a release. My hands settled on Bucky’s shoulders as I pulled myself free from his kiss and moved my leg to the other side of his making me  straddle his leg before I lowered myself onto it. Bucky’s hand moved from torturing my nipple to grasping the back of my head, urging my lips back to his. This time the kis was much deeper as Steve’s hands stroked broader paths across my skin. Before I could stop him Steve’s fingers found my most sensitive nub and began a slow rotation around it. I broke the kiss between Bucky and I as my breath came out in short puffs. My hips instinctively began to move back and forth against his jean clad leg, all the sensations becoming  overwhelming. Before I could protest Steve’s fingers were gone and he moved away from me.

“Put your arms around me baby girl,” Bucky urged

I quickly complied as Bucky’s hands gripped my thighs and lifted me off of his leg. He stood next to the bed as Steve pulled back the blankets and placed a pillow right where my head was going to go. Bucky slowly lowered me down until I was settled into the mattress. Both boys began shedding the clothes that were covering their bodies. Steve’s hands gripped at the back of his shirt, pulling it over his head before he threw it to the floor. Bucky already hard his shirt off so his hands moved to the button of his jeans. I noticed a trail of moisture where I had settled over his thigh and my inner goddess panted. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down his legs before kicking them off to a corner of the room. In the time it took Bucky to remove his jeans Steve had shredded all of his clothes and began to move toward the side of the bed where my head was. I looked down to see Bucky standing between my legs his eyes were grazing over my whole body leaving a blazing trail up my body before they finally landed on my eyes.

“You are so beautiful baby” he groaned out before he got down onto his knees, making himself eye level with my pussy. I knew what was coming but somehow all the air left my lungs as his tongue did one long stroke through my core. His eyes met mine and he smirked before leaning back down and encircling my clit with his lips. My brain went haywire and my hands fisted the sheets as a moan escaped. Steve moved closer to the bed and his legs straddled my face, leaving his dick hanging at the perfect angle for me to grasp onto it. The skin was smooth and creamy, I stroked it and as I reached the tip a drop of precum seeped out leaving me liking my lips and wondering what he tastes like. While I was admiring Steve’s dick it gave him plenty of time to develop a silent plan of attack with Bucky. Steve bent further over, the movement pushed his dick closer to me and leveled him with my tits. Steves mouth covered my left tit while his finger found my right one and pinched it just enough to leave my mouth hanging open. All the while Bucky kept his head buried between my thighs.

Feeling left out I guided Steves dick to my mouth, my lips closing around it and my tongue circling around it. His fingers stumbled and a curse fell from his lips but I didn’t stop. I loosened my jaw, tightened my lips and Steve just stopped moving. His chest was heaving with pants, all he could do was mutter praises.

“Fuck, baby girl” he swore as his eyes closed and his hips thrusted.

Bucky picked that moment to latch his lips onto my clit and I came undone, moans vibrated around Steve’s dick and he moves his hands to either side of my body. A few strokes later Steve whimpered, “Shit” before gently moved my hands from his dick and eased out of my mouth. Bucky stood as well and climbed up the bed so my legs were on either side of him and his dick was lined up with my center.

“You sure, doll?” he asked as his eyes bore into mine. “You can’t take this back, we can stop now.”

“Please don’t stop” I begged. I knew this is what I want. I’ve loved both of these men since I stepped into the Tower. Bucky reached down and held onto his dick as he slowly eased into me. By the time he settled to the hilt inside of me I could barely breathe. I’ve had sex before but nothing compared to this and I still had one more super-solider to play with. Bucky’s thrusts started out slow and by the time we both got comfortable moans filled the room. Bucky eased out of me and stood at the edge of the bed before slipping his hands under my hips and pulling me toward him so my ass was hanging off the bed.

“There ya go Steve, I couldn’t have all the fun” he smirked as he eased back into me and began thrusting as fast as he could.

Steve climbed on the bed and his mouth immediately settled on one of my nipples. Moans filled the air and I felt like I lost all sense of time and space. Steve started playing with my other nipple as his tongue teased the other and it send me over the edge with Bucky following close behind. Bucky thrusted a few more times before moaning and letting his head fall to my chest as he emptied himself inside of me. Once Bucky regained some energy he pushed himself off of me and eased his dick out of my pussy. I rolled over and through heavy eyelids looked at Steve with a sedated smile spreading across my face.

“You okay, love?” Steve asked as he brushed a strand of loose hair away from my face. All I could do was nod while Steve began rubbing my back. Bucky left the room to get cleaned up while Steve continued to pet me.

“But wait, you didn’t get to finish.” I said as our eyes met and his hand stopped moving.

“No I didn’t but there’s always a next time” he said as he winked at me and a blush crept up my face.

Bucky came back to the room wearing a pair of shorts and had a wet rag in his hand.

“Turnover, doll” he instructed.I did what was asked and Bucky moved my legs further apart before brushing the wet rag across my most sensitive areas. I had never had someone be so gentle with me afterwards but the feeling of having such a strong man cleaning up our mess is something all together. Bucky cleaned and dried me before Steve pulled me against his chest and pulled the blankets up around us. Bucky went back to the bathroom to dispose of the wet rag before he came back to the bedroom and crawled in next to me. Being surrounded by the two men has never made me feel safer and that was the first of many nights we shared together. Sam survived the attack and after a three month stint in rehab he was back in the skies fighting alongside us.

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Women are much more important in the industry now. When I started, we were just decorative. Apart from Dusty. But most weren’t that interesting and they could’ve been. Lulu had an amazing bluesy voice but she wasn’t allowed to use it. Women have basically taken over the industry. Amy Winehouse is a great example, I adored her.
—  Marianne Faithfull.
Out Of Nothing At All - Fifteen

“Oh for fucks sake. SPENCER!!”

“What? What did I do now?” He poked his head round the kitchen door.

“What is that?” you pointed at the white powdery substance that was sprinkled over the kitchen counter.


“Do you want us to get infested with ants? I’ve told you time and time again you need to clean up after yourself, it’s not the same as being on the third floor. We’ll get bugs.”

“Sorry.” He grabbed some paper towels and some antibacterial spray and started cleaning up the mess that had no doubt been left there since he got up this morning.

Four weeks you’d been living together now.  And for the most part it was okay.

You hadn’t killed each other…. yet, and you’d actually found yourself enjoying his company more and more. It had been huge comfort to you having him there overnight, although you’d been back to the hospital for your check up and everything was now looking okay.

There had been four nights that you’d had to spend by yourself where he’d been required to be in the field, but Garcia had told you to call her straight away if you needed her. She’d offered to stay with you but you figured you needed to be a big girl and at least try. Your maternity replacement from Andy Swan’s unit, a chirpy woman named Kate, had transferred across early so you were free to stay at head quarters, helping Garcia and profiling via link up.

Reid wasn’t exactly a bad housemate, it was just….. weird living with him. And he had annoying little habits. Like coating the kitchen counter with sugar when he made his morning coffee or forgetting to get groceries when it was his turn. He wasn’t used to buying for two people either so when he did remember to pick stuff up, it was generally only enough for a few days as he’d only buy enough for one.

He also talked in his sleep and slept with his bedroom door open, so you could sometimes hear him rambling off random facts in the night. You’d walked past one night hearing “The word badger is said to derive from the French ‘bêcheur’ meaning ‘digger’.” When you’d asked him the next day if he’d been dreaming about animals last night, he just looked at you funny.

He left his books everywhere too. Like literally, everywhere. You’d woken up one morning to find one open, half way up the stairs, another one on the floor in front of the washing machine. When you’d been to his apartment, it had been so clean and tidy, but when you’d questioned him, he’d just shrugged. “I was bored when I waiting for my laundry.”

“And the stairs?”

“You have really comfy stairs. The carpet’s really soft and fluffy.”

You’d looked at him trying to work out what the hell went on in that brain of his, deciding to just not bother even asking. “Just clean up….. I can’t be bending down all the time to pick up after you.”

He’d nodded and apologised, and then seemed to make a conscious effort to put them away. You wondered for how long?

He also struggled with privacy and would just walk into your bedroom to talk to you whilst you were changing. His excuse, “I’ve seen you naked before” might have flown before but in the last few weeks your tummy seemed to have exploded and you were starting to feel really self conscious about the stretch marks that were appearing. When you’d told him this, he’d shrugged and gotten into his car, disappearing for half an hour.

When he returned it was with a CVS bag, containing cocoa butter and bio oil which he handed to you. You’d been mildly offended thinking he was suggesting that your stretch marks were bad, until you realised it was just him trying to actually be sweet and do something nice for you.

You were exhausted after work and left Reid cleaning the kitchen whilst you went for a bath. You’d grabbed food on the way home, eating it in the car.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day, you finally agreeing with Spencer to go and see your parents. He’d agreed to make the four hour drive with you. You could have flown at this stage still, but you felt some what uneasy and you could tell he did too.

Your mother had sounded surprised when you called her, announcing that you were coming for a visit and to get the guest rooms ready as you and your friend would be staying over.

You relaxed in the tub for a good hour before climbing out and pulling your pajama on. Needing a drink, you headed back downstairs hearing that Spencer was still up.

Peeking into the living room on your way back through, you saw he was watching yet another documentary about childbirth.

“I thought you had every aspect of this memorised by now?”

“I have.”

“So why are you watching another?”

He shrugged and you made the mistake of glancing at the screen just in time to see a very graphic image of a babies head crowning.

“Oh, I do not need to see this.”

“You probably should you know. Seeing as you’ve not been to any ante natal classes. Did you know that during birth your vagina will stretch to up to…… ”

“Shut up shut up shut up!!! Stop talking about my vagina.”

“Why…. It’s going to happen. You know it’s got to stretch to get her out.”

“Yes but I don’t need to know how much….. Oh god…..what if it never goes back to its normal size?” You’d avoided thinking about this up until now, but the image on the screen of those pink fleshy lips expanding and a head being forced out was making you recoil in disgust. And the noises the woman was making. Fuuuck, she sounded like someone was shoving a hot poker up her ass.

“Have you been doing your kegal exercises?

You weren’t listening. “What if it stays stretched? Ugh… Sex will never be the same again. Oh my god! What if it ends up…… baggy?” you whispered the last part in horror as Spencer started laughing.

“It won’t. It only stretches during birth. Although…. Some woman do tear or need an episiotomy.”

“A what now?”

“Sometimes the doctor has to make a small cut in order to help the baby get out easier.”


“Relax Y/N…. It’s a standard procedure, it’s done all the time. You’d be back to normal within a few weeks. Women have a large amount of elasticity down there. You’ll be fine.”

“You don’t know that! What if something goes wrong….. What if no one wants to have sex with me because it’s huge…. Oh my god Spencer!  You need to check it for me after…….I need to know if it feels the same afterwards or if she’s ruined it. If YOUR child has ruined my fuck hole.”

He was laughing hysterically now.

“It’s not funny Reid…. I’ve got stretch marks, my tits are probably gonna end up saggy and droopy and no one’s gonna want to fuck me because my vagina will be sooo baggy you can probably fit a watermelon in it…. It’ll be like Dirty Dancing… ‘I carried a watermelon’.. Yeah, in my fucking vagina!”

He was actually wiping away tears now so you walked over to him and whacked him with one of the couch cushions.

“Stop laughing….. This is a genuine concern. What if no one wants to bang me because my body is wrecked?”

He finally stopped laughing realising that as funny as what you were saying was, it was genuinely upsetting you.

“Y/N…..There will always be someone who thinks you’re attractive regardless of the stretch marks or the shape of your breasts or the state of your vagina. Trust me.”

“You can’t say that. You don’t know that.”

He looked like he was going to say something else, his mouth opening and then closing quickly. Giving you a small smile he continued. “Go to bed Y/N. We’ve got a long day tomorrow.”

He was right. You did.

One you were not looking forward to at all.

I had this weird dream… The LEGO Ninjago Movie starts with Lloyd introducing himself and stuff, and he’s getting ready for school, as he goes out he walks in a busy city and enters a restaurant or something, he greets the worker there and turns out to be Cole, apparently he has a part time job as a server or something. Lloyd waits for Cole to get ready so that both of them go to school together but before they do they passed over a mechanic shop, and apparently Jay was there and they were also waiting for him… the end


I’m late for Rainbow BJD Day!  I had the stomach flue and it could not be helped.  Still, two of my very favorites come up for Gender Queer day so, better late than not at all!

Denna [Nobility Doll, Raon], was a bit of a surprise.  I thought she was a woman when I was waiting for her.  (Well, I knew she had a male body, but that doesn’t matter.)  When she showed up, though, and I started fleshing out her character, I realized that she is very aware of, and at peace with, her masculine aspects.  She typically presents female, but not always.

Sloan [Little Rebel, Seven] I knew was going to be a basket of WTF from the moment I ordered him.  He inherited one of my personal tenants, “Gender is a Theme park and I have season tickets.”  He presents male, but he’s not terribly fussed over pronouns and refuses to be headed into anything resembling a gender roll.

In the Overdeveloped Backstory™ that I have for The Horde, the two are close friends and roommates.  They even have a boyfriend in common, though there is nothing sexual between them directly. 

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hello! hahaha can i get an imagine where their s/o is trying to remove a facemask (for blackheads) but its so damn painful to remove so they start screaming? (there is a legit video about a girl doing this and its hilarious)

2D: When he hears you screaming, he bolts towards the sound. “Y/N?!” He says as he swings open the door to the bathroom. In front of him, you had a towel wrapped around your body and a pitch black mask halfway off your face. You looked over at him with watery eyes. “It’s so painful!” you grunt as you continue your pursuit of peeling it off. 2D tried to cover up his giggles as he walked over to you. “Why woul’ ya do dat to ya-self?” He shook his head at you. “BEAUTY IS PAIN!” You screamed as you pulled it all the way off.

Murdoc: Murdoc didn’t understand why you used that face mask but when you convinced him to try it, he didn’t oppose. What you didn’t tell him was that it would hurt like hell when it came off. When it was time, you started to peel his off for him. Murdoc jumped back and yelled in pain, “Ow! What the hell?!” You laughed and said, “It’s going to hurt, baby.” His eyes got wide. “You didn’t tell me that!” He started to panic. “You say you’re a tough man, prove it.” You smirked at him and he glared. You both challenged the other to see who could cry less while peeling it off.


Noodle: Noodle giggled as you grunted in pain. “Don’t laugh at my pain!” You yelled as tears formed in your eyes. “Is good skin seriously worth this much suffering?” She asked you. “YES. ALWAYS.” You screamed. Noodle rolled her eyes and decided to help you peel it away. She pulled gently and you flinched. “Sit still or it’ll hurt!’ Noodle laughed. “IT HURTS ANYWAY!” You screamed. She just laughed at you and continued pulling.

Russel: Russel cringes as he watches you peel the mask off. Your eyes squeezed shut trying so hard not to cry. He kind of doesn’t want to watch but he can’t turn away. “Oh my god I can’t do this.” You say panting. Russel walks over to you and examines your face. “Do you want me to try?” He asks. You nod and he tries ripping it off really fast but ends up ripping the mask. You screamed in pain and he apologized. You rubbed your face and looked at yourself in mirror. “I’m doing this dammit!”

How come I start to feel good again for a while, and then when it’s around the time my birthday comes around everything goes shit and I feel like I have no friends? I don’t think I’ve had a happy birthday in years! Also doesn’t help to invite friends over this year and most of them don’t even want to come 🙃 looking forwards to Friday heaps !!1!1!!1!

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Could you do a drarry fic were Draco and Harry get into a tickle fight?💕 ~trash anon

So I was writing this and of course I accidentally deleted half of it, so I had to start over. Not as good as I originally pictured it, but I think it’s still okay :) Thank you for the request, anon! I don’t normally write for HP even though I’m in the fandom lol Also, trash anon sounds like such a degrading name! Lol no disrespect XD where’d you get it????

Implied Drarry and not explicitly gay until the end :) Enjoy!

A flick of a wand, the muttering of a spell, and the flinching reaction of the attackee were all it took to keep Draco Malfoy entertained.

“Potter, only you would stay indoors on a day without classes, you know.”

“And I intend to keep it like that.”

Draco huffed, “How are you completing homework on a day like today? With the extended weekend and everything.”

“I’m working on a Herbology paper if you must know. Hermione’s going home for the break and this is due before she gets back, so… here I am.”

Draco sneered and snickered, “The famous Harry Potter hasn’t completed a single assignment himself,” he flicked his wand and a wisp of magic ruffled through Harry’s already disheveled hair. 

Harry shook his head out but didn’t even look up at Draco to give him the satisfaction of knowing the Malfoy was successfully distracting him from his work. 

“I’ll go out in the snow with you if you stop working,” Draco attempted an endearing smile. 

“Nice try.”

The blonde haired boy tossed his head back with a groan. Then he watched Harry pour over his essay, scribbling away. He tapped the tip of his wand against his own nose in thought before a mischievous grin graced his thin, pale lips. 

With the slightest jerk of his wrist and the mumbling of a spell soft enough so Harry wouldn’t hear, the Chosen One was targeted. It was as if the spell had pulled Harry out of his plush armchair, said young man jumping in the air with a yelp and a brief laugh. Hands flew to his abdomen as parchment and ink spilled from his lap and onto the ornate Gryffindor rug. 

Draco’s grey eyes lit up as he sat up on the sofa excitedly, “Sohomething the matter, Potter?”

“Dr-Drahaco! You git!”

Draco said the spell aloud this time, “Rictusempra!” 

Harry doubled over once more and he laughed even more, falling to his knees on the floor, “St-Stohohohoppit! Drahahahahaco nohoho!” 

“Hmm, I agree. Needs a bit more physical action to really work, doesn’t it?” Draco smirked and he galavanted across the room and straddled Harry, the effects of the spell wearing off. 

The Boy Who Lived, however, was quick to react and he grabbed Draco’s wrists before they could do any damage. And in a sweeping motion, Harry pushed Draco to the base of the couch on the floor, sitting in front of the Slytherin.


“You’ve gotten ink all over my essay,” Harry’s green eyes flickered dangerously, “I hope you know what that means.”

Draco gulped nervously but his lips soon twitched into a quivering smile before giggles bubbled up in his throat. Harry was skittering his fingers up and down his ribs.

Draco did try pushing at Harry, being pinned between him and the couch, twisting to and fro. 

“Nohoho! Ack! Dohohohon’t!” 

“Don’t what, Draco?” Harry asked with a smile, tippling his fingers into Draco’s armpits. Draco let out a squeak and his laughter hitched up an octave. Liking the reaction, Harry pinned one of Draco’s arms into the sofa cushion as his fingers wiggled and dug into the now exposed underarm without hindrance. 


“Don’t stop? Fantastic,” Harry smirked, “You know, I should make you rewrite my paper.”

“NOhohOHO EEHEEHEEHEHEHEAHAHA! H-HAHAhaharryyyyy!” Draco tossed his head back as he laughed. 

Malfoy slid onto his back on the floor from all his squirming and Harry followed him down, pausing his torture to let the red-faced blonde catch his breath.

“Whahat happened to resourcefulness and cunning, Mr. Slytherin?” Harry teased with a chuckle.

Draco looked up at Harry and he panted, “Youhu underestimate me, Potter,” and he leaned up and pressed his lips into Harry’s. 

Harry shut his eyes and kissed back, his lips semi-curved in a smile. Draco wrapped his arms around the other, a finger tracing his spine lovingly. That sent a pleasure shiver through Harry’s body and he hummed. 

“I suhuppose I did,” Harry split from the kiss to admit, smiling at Draco. 

“How about a break from the workload? I’ll clean up your parchment and everything. Promise.”

“How wise is it to take promises from the deceitful mouth of a Malfoy?”

And another round of tickles descended upon Harry Potter, unable to catch a break for anything. 

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With the "kallura for the soul" how/when did allure start to like/fall in love with Keith.。・゚ヾ(♥ω♥*) ノ。゚・。

(◕‿◕✿) I’m glad you asked

Allura’s attraction started before she actually registered it (look at her cute little blush when she fell into Keith’s arms, she definitely has a little crush on him whether she knows it or not). She found herself becoming fond of Keith early on, however much he exasperated her.

When Shiro disappeared, both of them had a lot on their shoulders. They became closer over this time, and Allura’s fondness gradually grew, but it was stifled by their responsibilities, their worries, and the fact that they had a slight tendency to butt heads.

So, as Keith was falling in love with Allura, she was convincing herself that she’d never be able to have the close friendship that she wanted.

Eventually this started to fall away, piece by piece, as Keith became more tender around her. She didn’t know what changed, but he was careful, and shy, and quick to blush or stutter. His voice and eyes were soft when they were alone, and in those inexplicable moments when he would flush or stutter in her presence she felt a warm flutter of fondness in her chest.

She found herself becoming vulnerable around him, piece by piece. Slowly, she gave him more and more of herself, began trusting him not just in the way she trusted the other paladins. She trusted them with her life, but Keith- she was trusting Keith with her heart.

And it kept growing. Every bit of warmth when Keith smiled at her or laughed at her joke, every tingle up her spine when he touched her or met her eyes, every tug of desperation when he was in danger or in pain- it didn’t quite make sense to her.

Until it did.

The two were sitting together on the deck, staring out at the stars, Allura’s dress pooled around her, Keith a warm and solid presence at her side. He spoke softly, smooth tones droning on in a seemingly endless story that Allura listened to contentedly as she studied his features. She looked at the easy, happy curve of his lips, the soft line of his brow, his relaxed jaw…

“Keith?” she blurted suddenly. “Do you love me?”

Keith froze and went scarlet, eyes stretching comically wide and mouth dropping open. “A-Allura!” she sputtered. “I- I mean… why would you…? I don’t-”

Allura laughed softly, a warm sound pushing up from her chest without her consent, as she leaned over and brushed her lips softly over Keith’s cheekbone, feeling the heat of his flushed skin and smiling wider.

Did two things today.

I called AAA to renew my membership (because I had let it lapse and my 30 day grace period was over).

I called Kaiser to set up an appointment with my psychiatrist. I’ve decided to try taking meds again. It helped me a lot when I was on them. I used to be on the highest possible dosage of my meds, then I just stopped taking them probably around September or so. I’d like to start again, but safely, and at a lower dosage since my anxiety isn’t as bad as it was when I had the dosage raised last time.

Sometimes small things are actually really big things, and cause me anxiety. For example, AAA called me a week ago and I took a week to work up the courage to call back.

Those two small things made at least a little difference in how I feel. Yay for self care, rigt?

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Are you really that surprised that nobody with a last name starting with x has been in congress?? Doesn't seem like a common thing.

Yes, I really am surprised. That’s why I pointed it out. I understand that last names that begin with “X” aren’t all that common, but we’re talking about over 12,000 Americans who have served in the House of Representatives and Senate over the past 228 years. That seems like a pretty big sample size for something like that. (Then again, I don’t know anything about statistics, so don’t take my word for that.) But, still, we’ve had a Senator Xenophon Pierce Wilfley, so I am a little surprised we haven’t had a Congressman whose last name was Xavier somewhere along the way.


Hello there,
My name is Ruud Jolie and some of you might know me from my main band Within Temptation or maybe from my acoustic Iron Maiden side project Maiden uniteD. Or maybe from my work with Anneke van Giersbergen. 

I have recorded quite some albums as a session guitarist over the last 15 years and I am proud of each and every one of them. But I have always had the dream of releasing an album containing songs that I wrote and produced from start to finish. So six years ago I released the first For All We Know album. For a self-released album it has done pretty well and I am still extremely proud of it to this day. Of course the urge to write and release more of my own music was too strong. So a while back I decided to do it all again and started working on this second album. Even though it takes A LOT of time and also quite some money I love doing this. I am really lucky to work with some amazing musicians again (the same people who also played on the first album): 

Wudstik - Vocals/Screams
Léo Margarit - Drums 
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Bass 
Marco Kuypers - Piano, Rhodes & Wurlitzer 
Thijs Schrijnemakers - Hammond 
Myself - Guitars and some additional keys/programming 

These days crowdfunding seems to be something that is working. It is a way that supporters of a band can know exactly where their hard earned money is going. I really hope that by doing this campaign I can get as much exposure as possible.

During the making of the first album I did not know whether or not there would be people interested in my own songs. This time around it’s different; I have kept all the people who have supported For All We Know in mind during the making of this album. This doesn’t mean I wanted to make a copy of the first one. This new album is quite different. How do I know? Because the album has already been recorded and is being mixed and mastered right now. I am extremely happy with the end result!

Why do people think that @triggerfingeronthegun is really a legit reylo blog? To me it looks like a typical anti reylo troll. It’s so obvious n ugly and provoking that since I first saw it I had the strong feeling that just some anti made another one of these fake reylo blogs to start up some new drama in the Fandom. 

It wouldn’t be the first time they do that. They are totally euphoric over such things because then they get to talk more shit about “the reylos” and this suspicious blog is just serving them all the things they claim we do (so far mostly without receipts) and all they want to say about us when moaning how awful and evil reylo people are on a silver tablet… 

Also the time is just right, antis are desperate and try everything to start drama and looking for a reason to throw shit at our fandom…and when there are no reasons, they will fake their own reasons.

I don’t buy that this person is a reylo, sorry not sorry.

They created such blogs in the past and they will create such blogs in the future. It is a thing they do quite often.

But whoever that troll is, block and report, don’t engage.


Run streak day: 85

Miles for the year: 361.22

It was sooo beautiful out there!!!

I was just going to hit the treadmill today cause I’m feeling a bit sore, but I saw how pretty it was out there and had to go enjoy it, I’m glad I did too cause it was epic!!!

Also tomorrows will put me over 100 miles in month for the second month in a row, which is amazing and some I didn’t think was possible.

I feel incredible and I’m so glad i started this streak, everyday I prove to myself that anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

Happy running everyone!!!

pairing: luke hemmings x michael clifford

a/n: this is kinda short and kinda shitty, but i just got this cute idea and had to write it! hope you enjoy :)

Luke’s day was already going horribly. He woke up late and almost missed his Psychology midterm, he left his phone at home, he spilled his coffee all over his shirt, and now his fucking car wouldn’t start.

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair, the sleeve of his shirt riding up to reveal his soulmate tattoo. Everyone had a tattoo of the first words their soulmate would say to them, and while some people had ‘Hey’ or some cheesy pick up line, Luke’s said ‘Watch out!’. He was an absolute klutz, so his tattoo wasn’t too surprising, but Luke hated the thought of embarrassing himself in front of his soulmate. He smiled at the tattoo and then sighed again.

Luke decided he would just have to walk back home and stop at Calum’s dorm on the way to call a tow truck, since he’d forgotten his phone. He chuckled to himself, wondering if this day could get any worse. He grabbed his old iPod out of the car and put his headphones in, ready to tune out the world.

The walk back wasn’t as horrible as Luke had assumed it would be, but it was long and he was pretty bored. He cranked up the volume on his music and began dancing around on the sidewalk, not really caring who was watching.

Suddenly someone screamed, “Watch out!” into Luke’s ear and a strong arm wrapped around his waist, pulling him into the doorway of the closest building. Just then a car swerved onto the pavement right where he had been standing.

“Fuck!” Luke yelled, grabbing onto the arm around his waist. Then he could hear chuckles behind him. He turned to see a boy a couple inches shorter than him with blonde, shaggy hair and a wide grin.

“Are you seriously laughing? I almost died! You saved my life!” Luke was absolutely bewildered and slightly pissed at this stranger, even though he was kind of cute.

“Hey can I see your arm?” The boy asked, smiling charmingly up at Luke once he’d finally stopped laughing. Luke frowned and then held out his arm, shivering slightly when the boy touched his wrist.

“Wait-” Luke didn’t even get the chance to finish his sentence before the boy held out his own wrist to reveal the word ‘Fuck’ tattooed on his pale skin.

“Hey there, soulmate,” He said, grinning wildly at Luke. “I’m Michael,”

“I’m Luke,” He replied, staring at Michael in shock.

“Well Luke, I’d like to take you on a date. There’s a little bakery a couple blocks from here, we could get something to eat and chat a bit?” Luke was a bit taken aback by Michael’s forwardness.

“Uh sure,” He replied, gesturing for Michael to lead the way.

They walked in comfortable silence for a couple minutes before Luke just couldn’t stand it.

“I can’t believe you’ve had the word ‘fuck’ tattooed on your arm for your whole life,” Luke said finally, causing Michael burst into laughter and they both knew they’d get along very well