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you know whats better than one baby? SEVEN BABIES!

Cute Subway Boy

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Language I think
REMINDER: I do not have a tags list. Please stop asking me lmao


It started when Spider-Man crash landed on your rooftop.

You were up there often, usually cause it was quiet and perfect for being alone when you needed to be. Plus, the city lights looked gorgeous at night and you loved drawing the skyline whenever you could. It had become a normalcy for you.

What was not normal, however, was Spider-Man landing face first a few feet from you, letting out a groan of pain.

“What the hell?” You blurted, half scared and half worried as he rolled over, getting up slightly on his elbows and glancing at you.

“Oh, hey,” was all he muttered, not moving another inch but holding a hand to his side. “What’s up?”

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The Like Letter

So. I’m in Bakushima/Kiribaku/WHATEVER-YOU-WANT-TO-CALL-IT (Bakugo x Kirishima from Boku no Hero Academia) hell. And the moment I saw this beautiful picture @siij made (who was also sweet enough to provide the version of it in the fic below), I knew how to break into writing this ship. It is a good ship. I love them.

Cut is for length, not for content.

“What the fuck is this shit?”

Kirishima jumped as he woke up from where he had been dozing on his bed. Bakugo stood over him, waving pieces of paper in his general direction, his cheeks pink around glaring red eyes. At first, Kirishima’s still-sleepy brain thought he was shaking a poor grade at him - no, that wouldn’t make sense, Bakugo didn’t get marks like that. Maybe it was one of Kirishima’s tests?

Then, when he rubbed his eyes, it all started to come into focus. Terrifying, horrible, stomach-twisting clarity.

His handwriting.

A crude little doodle of Bakugo, complete with a huge, angry scowl, spiky hair and a heart.

No way. No way could it be the same… Kirishima’s hands darted in every direction around him, hoping that maybe his heart rate would slow back down once he got a hold of the letters he had been writing before he nodded off. Nothing. Gone. All gone.

No, not gone. They had somehow gotten from the mattress to Bakugo’s room and…ugh, Kaminari. Of course. Not that he would immediately accuse him, but it was hard not to when he tiptoed out of the room behind Bakugo’s back, giving Kirishima a huge smile and two thumbs up. ‘You got this, bro,’ he mouthed, closing the door. Got this?! Kirishima didn’t even have a shirt on! This was the furthest from ‘got this’ you could get!

“Don’t fucking ignore me!”

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hold it against me (Pidge/Lance)

notes: just a silly little thing based on this post“my dad is a cop and i just called him and he was like “hey i have a 17 year old boy in the back of my cop car right now that i’m running him to the station” and i asked if he was cute and my dad said “Hey, my daughter wants to know if you’re cute” and the guy said “i want to say yes, sir” and my dad started laughing so hard”

I’m in a plance + mini-fic mood, so send me a prompt from my AU tag (or one of your own!) and I’ll see what I can whip up over the weekend! :)

Okay, so, like.  This was not a part of The Plan.  “The Plan” being to not be sitting in the back of a cop car at 10 PM on a Friday night, on account of trespassing.  Lance has had better ideas, probably.  Definitely.  Hindsight is 20/20, and all that.

Officer Holt seems nice enough, at least.  Granted, this is a judgment made mostly based on music taste, as Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is playing on the radio, and Lance figures that anyone who subconsciously bobs his head to “Turn around, bright eyes,” has to have a heart.

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I hate my grandmother sometimes. We were gonna have lunch at my parents house and she brought Mill Billers. Turns out she didn’t get a tub of coleslaw she was supposed to get so she called them to not only get it but also complain and make everyone feel like the lowest scum on earth just for forgetting a tub of coleslaw. I had to go to another room because I couldn’t stand to hear the things she was telling the manager over the phone otherwise I would’ve started a while bunch of family drama if I hadn’t. But before I left I heard her say things like “I understand that you’re human and we all make mistakes but this is SO UNACCEPTABLE…” Which it’s funny that she started out saying something like that when she later told the girl that she “had no right to be in a manager position if she’s that stupid to make a mistake like that and you ARE NOT INDISPENSABLE!” I’m so sorry for anyone who crosses her path and anyone else like my grandmother. If you live anywhere in TX and near any Mill Biller locations then you’ve probably met her. She has said that she’s made a new receptionist cry at her doctors office for some small mistake with her paper work and when I told her that it was wrong to treat ANYONE that way she just scoffed and said the receptionist needs to grow thicker skin.

Every morning MUST start with some power poses with Hugo :>

Adrien and Marinette’s middle child, Hugo Dupain-Cheng-Agreste is the kind of child that must climb on, under, over, and touch everything he comes across. Every puddle and mud pile has his name on it. No matter how many baths he takes, he’s always in need of another one in record time. Always up for a good joke or pun, he makes it his mission to put smiles on people’s faces.

Dupain-Cheng-Agreste Family Doodles tag

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can i have cuddle fluff of s/o babying todoroki? anything will do I just love him thx

HNNNN babying Todoroki is !!! It’s what he deserves !!!

Friday was date night, it had been since you two started dating. With your busy schedules you had to purposefully plan a night to yourselves. So as planned, you were over at Todoroki’s house for a movie night. Except this time, instead of watching the movie, your attention was wholly taken by the school book in your hands. This was completely against the point of the night but you had no other choice. It was finals week and you had to use every free minute to study.

You’re attention was only swayed when you felt the eyes of someone watching you intently. You looked up at Todoroki who was reclined beside you and quickly blurted out “what?” as if you had missed something.

He smiled, giving away nothing more and shook his head. “Nothing.”

But you knew better. You almost ignored his odd behaviour when looking back down at your book but it sat naging you in the back of your mind. He had finals too, you thought, yet here he was giving his precious free time to your date. You had not canceled, knowing how much he looked forward to these things, but what was the point of coming if you were just going to study? With your concentration lost, you gave up and closed your book.

Setting it down on the table, you bring your feet up on the couch, lean over to him.

Clearly not expecting it but welcoming hr sudden gesture, he allowed you to climb on to him and sit in his lap facing him. “What is it?”

“You hate watching movies, especially this kind. You did this for me, didn’t you?”

He smiled shyly and shrugged. “So you finally noticed?”

Holding his face, you bring your lips to his. From there you shower kisses from his lips to his cheeks as he sits stiffly, only holding on to your waist. He has no intention of pushing you away but instead allows you the freedom of loving on him, wondering what exactly your intentions are. At a closer look, you notice how his eyes look heavy, a bit tired even. Thats right, you remember, he has been studying hard.

“Have you been getting enough sleep, Shouto? You’re not overworking yourself again are you?” Before he has a chance to answer you question, you silence him once more with a kiss. “I know you. You are, aren’t you?”

“Well I-”

“Geez, what am I going to do with you?” You turn off the tv and toss the remote aside. Then you wrap your arms around him and fall back on the couch so that you both are laying flat, him on top of you.

“H-hey, wait-,” he said, attempting to lift himself off of you in vain.

“You’re tired, I can see it in your face. Close your eyes and lay down.” Seeing as how you were going to get your way no matter what, he complied and rested his head on you chest. With one hand, you grabbed his, and with the other you gently caressed his head. “Good boy. The rest of my night belongs to you, so just rest.”

Sometimes I think of the development behind Bellarke’s friendship and I’m just kind of blown away by it all. It’s just so unique. Like, it didn’t start out as two people bonding over a common interest or similar mindset or personality trait (as friendships develop most of the time), it was them barely tolerating each other and sharing the mutual understanding that they had to work together in order to survive. And that tolerance and understanding eventually led to trust and faith in the other person. Their shared leadership was what gave way to their friendship- having someone there to share their burdens with was what generated fondness. Personal moments between the two (*cough*Day Trip*cough*)came after all that.

I just think it’s all very interesting and unique. Oh, and well done. All of it is so, SO well done.


Honestly, this is really shitty. I’m contemplating leaving Ao3 or just continuing on out of spite. Had three emails about this story for review notifications, I was really excited about it, and this is what I find. I was starting to work on editing the next chapter again and then this happens. And my motivation just. Fizzles out. I wonder if they have any idea what they do to people wth these? Also being pissy over a 2 month update delay??? Have they ever been on FFnet? Are they new wave fic readers? In MY day we waited MONTHS, with no promise, for that cherished update. Spoiled. SPOILED I SAY.

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can you make like the members cooking a special dish for Mc? p.s i love your work <3

aaaaah, thank you! and sorry for my absence this week, I sprained my ankle earlier this week and ended up having to do all my work from home :/
but otherwise, I’m fine and ready to write! I’m thinking I might stay up all night to get requests done or started
Also there’s alcohol mention in this and I forgot that I have some young, impressionable followers so I should probs say something along the lines of don’t drink underage >:(

-he had been learning to cook since he went to live on his own
-and he was so excited to finally have someone to cook for
-like you didn’t even have to ask him to cook you something, he was r e a d y
-he invited you over, had candles lit, flowers everywhere
-wanted you to feel like you were at a high-end restaurant
-he even took your coat at the door, he’s just so cute
-and he was so proud of what he made, he spent all day on it
-and over an hour on presentation
-he just wanted the meal to be perfect for you because he didn’t see you as anything less than that
-and when you complimented it, his heart almost stopped
-he was just so glad you liked it and wanted to cook for you more after that
-even made dessert and arranged it to look like a heart on the plate

-when you asked him to cook for you, he saw this as an opportunity to wow you even further with how perfect he can be
-and when we was cooking, he did it shirtless with only an apron over
-like no zen that’s not safe
-he wanted to make you something fancy because you only deserve the best
-but he also wanted something to pair with beer
-so he made you a bunch of junk food for you two to feast together
-and promised to make you something more gourmet next time
-but you assured him that you loved being able to pig out with him and a few brews
-and when you said that, he fell more in love with you

-she went all out for you
-bought expensive wine and made several desserts
-the course itself was extravagant and just so extra
-and throughout dinner, kept asking you what you thought of it cause she was just so nervous
-but every time, you would assure her that it was great and that she should consider transitioning from cafe to restaurant, or at least expanding the menu
-and tbh she made the desserts to see what you’d think of them and adding those to the menu
-but also because she was so nervous of what you’d think, so she made way too many desserts
-luckily the wine was calming her nerves and you two had a great night of stuffing your face with sweets

-he worked so often that he didn’t have time to cook for you most days
-but he came home earlier than you one night and wanted to surprise you
-he knew that you always enjoyed when he made breakfast, so why not try making dinner?
-the only thing is is that he only knew how to make was breakfast foods
-he contemplated getting the help of his chef, but he really wanted it to be made by him
-so if breakfast food was what he knew to make, then breakfast food it is
-then he realized he only knew how to make pancakes
-but dammit if he wasn’t committed to following through
-he made you all sorts of pancakes
-strawberry, banana, blueberry, chocolate chip and regular
-when you got home and saw the absurd amount of pancakes, you couldn’t help but laugh at how extra he was when it came to you
-you two had a nice night of pancakes and wine though
-and you promised to teach him how to make anything but pancakes soon
-even offered private couples cooking class, but you assured him that you could just teach him yourself

-most days when you ask him to cook, he’ll take some honey buddha chips, phd pepper and just stick it in a blender
-but there are those rare days that he actually cooks some quality food
-one of those days happened to be after you got home from work, having an incredibly long day already and only wanting to shut your eyes
-but as soon as you walked through the door, you smelled something delicious
-you also heard some arguing from the kitchen as you quietly approached
-you walked in to see the twins arguing after having made a mess in the kitchen
-flour everywhere, oil on the floor, and sauce on the ceiling and on each other
-they both went quiet when they noticed you at the entrance, wide-eyed at the mess you were probably going to have to clean
-“MC,” Saeyoung piped up, “could you go to your room and come back in about 5 minutes”
-you backed away from the kitchen without a word
-when you came back after those 5 minutes, you saw Saeyoung in a tux and sat at the candle-lit dining table
-you looked into the kitchen only to find Saeran completely cleaned up and no sign of the previous mess
-when you sat across from Saeyoung, he grabbed your hand in his
-his twin came over and served you two a plate of food that looks like it came from a five-star restaurant
-“I spent all day making this so I hope you enjoy it,” he said, giving a quick kiss to your hand


I don’t know anybody in my real life who cares so I have to share this with the Internet.


Dance Moms is a train wreck that I’ve not been able to look away from for seven years.  I got invested in the drama and started connecting with the kids as little performers trying to make it, but Nia has been dragged, torn down, and disrespected since the show started.  She’s so smart, so warm, so engaging – but she never had the best technique.  What she does have is performance ability and a spark that Abby tried her best to snuff out at every turn.

Whenever she puts out a new music video – that actually sounds like music as opposed to the Disney Radio knockoffs the other girls throw out there – I start cheering for her all over again.  Y'all don’t know how many times I watched Abby tear that lil’ girl down over the years, so the fact that she is actually out here trying to carve a place as a 15-year-old independent artist gives me so much joy.  You don’t even know!  I’m just so proud of her!

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Ok I'm telling you think in anon cuz its kinda embarrassing (idk why tho I'm just shy) ok anyway I was binge watching all of your youtube videos one night so the last thing I saw before I went to sleep was you guys so I had I dream about you guys long story short you invite me over to your house and I accidentally break a glass table and Chinchi gets like really really mad at me and starts to acttack me so now I feel if I ever meet you irl that Chinchi will not like me like at all Idk it's werid

Chinchi knows… Chinchi knows everything… Past, Present, and Future.

Nah, that’s hilarious! If you ever broke our table we’d probably be like “Why did we even have a glass table? How haven’t WE broken it yet.”

Bonding Time with Dad

Could I ask an imagine in which the reader’s bobby’s daughter and she’s watching a soccer (or whatever other sport you’re more familiar with) with her dad and they’re baking a pie or cookies? Just some bonding time? I need more bobby in my life, he’s too sweet

You were humming along to your favorite Elvis songs expecting your dad to pull up any moment. You had cookies in the oven, waiting for them to be done so you can put another batch in. You smiled and you remembered the time you cooked cookies for the club and they thought you had drugged them. 

You started laughing to yourself over the memory when Bobby walked in the door.

“Hey sweetie. Cookies smell great.” He said, walking up to you and kissing the top of your head. 

“Thank you.” You smiled at your father. He had realized the music plying in the background and started singing along to ‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love’. You sang along and you stood up from your kitchen chair and took your dad’s hands and started to lead him into a dance. 

‘That’s how I know you’re my daughter.” He started to laugh. 

“What, why?” You have him  a confused look. 

“You love The King.” He said, looking at you with a smile on his face. you nodded and laid your head on his chest. 

The timer on the oven beeped mid song and you took them out of the oven and set them on the counter and leaned against the sink. 

“I don’t know what I would do without you, Daddy.” You said watching him take a seat and grab a cookie from the plate on the middle of the table. 

“You would live, and don’t fuck up like me Y/N, you’re too smart for that. The sons will keep you safe. Come here sweetheart.” He waved you over and you went to go hug your father. 

“I love you Daddy.” You said muffled by his shoulder. 

“I love you too, Y/N” He said, smiling at how well he had raised his daughter. 

(Sorry this one was short, but i kinda wanted it to be short and sweet)

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How long have you had this blog? Did it take you a while to build your success or it jus happened? I´m curious, thank you if you see this an answer <3

In two days, it will be a year since I’ve started this blog. Success? I wouldn’t call it that. Someone’s amount of followers doesn’t really matter. My blog grew over time since I was very active and I posted a lot. The more anxious I got in real life, the more time I spent writing, so there’s that :)


Okay, I’ve kept quiet for some time now about this but it’s really starting to make me upset now. 

When I first started this account it was an account for Dark and Anti, both of them had different stories and personalities that I had modified to my liking. It’s been a while since then and I’ve changed many things over the course of my time on here, including Anti himself as a character. Anti is not the “canon version” that Jack has displayed in his videos. He is based off of that, but my version of Anti was given a backstory and everything from my thoughts, my imagination. He was inspired by the canon version in small bits and pieces like his appearance and using Jack as a host, but otherwise he has nothing to do with the whole “Jacksepticeye universe” and is my character.

That being said, it took a lot of time to build Anti up to be the character he is now and I really do like how I’ve made him because I think he’s different from a lot of other Anti blogs (not that the others are bad at all, I’m simply pointing out that the idea is different). However, I’ve noticed by scrolling through other random blogs that people have begun to steal my idea that I’ve used with Anti and his backstory – my ideas and without my permission. 

What I find disheartening is that it took me a lot of time and effort to build up a unique, well thought-out character that took months to create fully and become mine and people just take that and claim it as theirs – their OC. No, it’s not your OC if you stole the idea from someone else. And what disappoints me even more is that they simply assume it’s okay. My hard work and thoughts and time devoted to Anti, to this account is being stolen by someone with the tap of a finger and I really don’t appreciate it. I wouldn’t mind if you inspired your muse by mine – in fact that’s extremely flattering (especially if you ask first). But for the love of everything that is good in this world…


Starting Over

Chapter Count: 23

Word Count: 40869 (yes, that’s not a typo)

Rating: Explicit (sorry)

Warnings: Sexual content, much corny, too drama.

Summary:  First person multi-chapter about the reader starting to work as the new Social Media Manager for Mythical Entertainment. You meet a depressed Link Neal who’s on the verge of divorce and you take on the task of trying to cheer him up.

Notes: I left notes on the fic itself over at AO3, but basically this started as a gift for a fandom friend last year and turned into a bigger (can you tell?) thing. I had other fandom and personal friends read it and I thought that would be it but there you all are, why the hell not? I tried to make it as realistic as possible but it’s still corny af. I’m so terribly sorry.

And also thanks to @afangirlsplaylist for reading it and commenting such sweets things which encouraged me to post the whole thing <3

Ah, yes, the fic! Here it is: *runs away*

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Why did whizzer knock down Nancy Reagan? I'm still confused by that

Oh boy I’m not sure that I’m the best person to be answering this question, but I’ll share my limited knowledge

She was just…not a great person my dude

She had a lot of control over her husband (especially after someone attempted to assassinate him), and even tried to influence his decisions at times (I say at times, but honestly she was a very prominent and strong force behind him, even in the election). 

Simiarly, she was just as horrible as her husband when it came to addressing the AIDS crisis. Even though it was clearly a huge problem, the LGBT community was left to suffer for 5 years without a word from the Reagans. Guess people finally started caring when they realized straight people could get it. There was also some story I found about how Nancy Reagan turned her back on a friend who was dying of AIDS and needed help?? Apparently his name was Rock Hudson and he needed to be transferred to a medical hospital for AIDS treatment while he was in France. The commanding officer of the medical hospital he wanted to go to refused to admit him because he wasn’t a French citizen, and Nancy Reagan declined to help out in the situation. He eventually got into the hospital, but died soon after.

If anyone else wants to share any knowledge about Nancy Reagan being a bad person, feel free to.

She really was the meanest and thinnest of the first Ladies


“Where did you get this thing, anyways?” Levi asked.

Weston shrugged, “Eh, I don’t know. Found it in a dumpster… wrapped in a white sheet, tied up with rope, with pentagrams all over the sheet and-”

Wes stopped, and looked up, to see Thalia’s eyes almost popping out of her head and Levi grimacing. He started laughing.

“Got you losers. Nah, they had ‘em at the toy store believe it or not…”

Violet raised an eyebrow at him, “Thought you say it wasn’t a game?”

“It’s not! I mean, technically it was in the game section, but I promise you!!! This shit works!!!” 

“Yeah, okay Weston.”