and i had to rewatch the scene to get the quote right

The Future/(is now)

I can’t believe this is something I saw with my own two eyeballs, because apparently all that’s happened so far wasn’t coincidence, or carelessness - apparently Dabb watched Season 8 and made a deliberate bet with someone - he’d make it gayer, or else. And so here it is, (almost) out of the subtext (Sorry, Dean and You can’t just go dark like that. We didn’t know what happened to you. We were worried. That’s not okay and I needed to come back here with a win for you and We’re just better together and I’d like that and THE TAAAAAAAPE). Honest to God, I think I read twenty versions of that fight yesterday as people scrambled to write pre-codas out of nerves and excitement, and they were all magnificent and yet, somehow, less shippy and less obvious and less romantic than what actually happened on the show, wtf? And Dean sulking in his room, Cas knocking at his door, hesitating, coming in? 

I swear to God - when Dean called him back, when he started telling Cas all those things - for a second, I actually believed he would yank on Cas’ tie and kiss him, because that’s always, always what happens in that scenario. Or, you know, Dean gets overwhelmed by his own feelings, by how much he’s just showed his hand here, and walks away. That’s also textbook fanfiction, and yeah, so it’s fluff instead of angst, but, come on - this is Supernatural - did anyone doubt it’d be angsty? Let’s just hope in a happy ending, because that Kelly voiceover (I love you. But we won’t ever be together. There is no happy ending for either of us.) gave me the creeps.

And what about the mind control, someone might argue. Mind control, schmind control. That’s like, the number one Prove that you love me forever and ever trope, and even if we’ve seen it before (if simply because Destiel has been built with every single love trope in the book, and, in this case, they used it over and over and over again), we’ve never seen its final form. During the crypt scene, Cas deflected instead of admitting the obvious (let’s be generous: maybe he didn’t know himself), and in the Bunker, Dean just barely managed not to kill Cas, and had to walk away before the Mark overpowered him, so no, that was not a good time either. So this thing we’ve been promised for a while - this My love for you is stronger than time or tide or evil curse - is yet to come, and with the way things are going, I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

Also: however Dean will read this when he wakes up, Cas is choosing love, and he’s choosing free will. He went to Heaven hoping they’d have a way out of this mess so that Sam and Dean would be safe, he stole the Colt so they couldn’t face Dagon and be hurt (which is text, by the way, not subtext), he went against orders because he felt that was the right thing to do (a human feeling, because angels are created for a mission), he stayed away from Sam and Dean to protect them - all of that is unangelic behaviour, and man, Dean and Cas are going to get into so many fights, aren’t they, because Cas learned how to love from Dean, and that means he’s got that same kind of stubborn, maternal, overbearing way to love Dean has, which means lots of I didn’t tell you because I love you and I walked away because I love you and I booped you to sleep because I love you and I really hope Sam’s going to stay out of the way, because there will be a lot of storming through corridors and huffing and outrage and Can you believe that bastard and it will be absolutely glorious.

As for the rest of it - though, to be perfectly honest, I barely noticed a ‘rest of it’ because my eyeballs were glued to the unbelievable Gay Feelfest unfolding in front of me - I’m really happy with it. I’m happy we’re finally talking Big Things again - Could either of you kill an innocent, do our parents determine our destiny, is there such a thing as innate character, and so on - and I’m happy with the insight we were given both in Kelly’s and in Dagon’s minds, and why they do what they do. I loved every scene Cas and Kelly had together, that kind of, We’re not heroes, and we may be worthless, but we’re what’s left vibe, and Cas’ smile when the baby was kicking, and I like where they’re going, how they’ll try to get this pregnancy to term. Sure, this baby’s got a lot against him - he’s Lucifer’s kid (although, we still don’t know who and what Lucifer was before he was forced to carry the Mark), and one of his temper tantrums could possibly destroy the Earth, but, then again, so could a lot of other things - he’s not special (to quote a famous tumblr post). And if we’re going with free will and self-determination of our own destiny, then we should have the courage not to nitpick: everyone should be able to decide for themselves, and this baby is no exception. 

(I mean, think about it. He’s clearly able to give anyone extraordinary powers - he gave Cas enough ammo to take down a bloody Prince of Hell - so he could have chosen anyone as his protector. He could have picked Dagon, he could have stuck with Kelly, he could have chosen any lesser demon or angel or random doctor they’ve been in contact with over the last few weeks - and yet he chose Cas, and Cas - as we’ve known for a while - is the curiosity, the abomination, the miracle: the angel who can love. No, I want to believe we’re headed towards good things here - narratively or otherwise.)

Final point: again, I know it’s not ideal to carry around a nuclear warhead in your belly, but the beginning of this episode gave me heavy The Handmaiden’s flashbacks (superb show, by the way, go watch it), so the fact they’re giving Kelly some kind of choice - that’s uplifting. Because yeah, maybe she’s slightly brainwashed, but this isn’t like any kind of brainwash I’ve ever seen on the show, because both Kelly and Cas are also lucid, completely themselves. They resemble most closely what Dean was like when he lost his memories, and I think now I’m going to go and cry forever at the implications. But hey, at least Cas’ got his own room at the Bunker and Yes, dumbass - we

Clues that Ezra is A.D.

On this post, I’m going to explain to you how I got to the conclusion that Ezra is in fact A.D. and how I think the final reveal will get unraveled. Before reading this, you should go check my theory on Ezra being A.D. and the story behind it.

I began to think that Ezra is A.D. after watching this scene from episode 7x12:

If you look closely behind Alison on the blackboard, you will see that there are two books mentioned with one quote below each of them and as a headline there is “Compare/Contrast”. The books are “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare and “Winter’s Tale” by Mark Helprin.

The quote below “Twelfth Night” says “One face, one voice, one habit and two personalities”, while the other one below “Winter’s Tale” says “Though I am not naturally honest, I am sometimes so by chance”.

The story behind the “Twelfth Night” focuses on a woman who lost her twin brother and decided to disguise herself into a man and enters the service of Duke Orsino. In the end, she finds out that her twin brother is alive and the reveal happens during a wedding along with the reveal that she was pretending to be a man.

“Winter’s Tale” is about a man who has a guardian horse and one day he meets a woman and falls in love with her. But he learns that the woman is fatally ill and he loses her.

My first thought when I read the plot of the “Twelfth Night” was that CeCe has a twin brother. In my previous post about Ezra, I said that Ezra and CeCe became friends while he was searching the truth about what happened to Bethany. I will take a huge step here and claim that they are actually siblings.

I believe that Ezra met Bethany through CeCe. Not CeCe through Bethany. Minor change on my last post but I had to mention it.

My theory on Ezra got more heated when I came to the realization that the Liars keep bringing stuff to A.D. at school (read explanation for this in my previous post) and also when I saw this note ending up on Lucas hands along with the comic book that Aria stole:

And then I thought “I was right from the beginning”.

Let me explain. I believe that the man in the book “Winter’s Tale” represents Ezra being in love with Bethany who died. This might also give some light to the theories revolving around Bethany having a deformed face. Cause the girl in the book had a “disease”. The “disease” might also refer to Bethany being mentally ill.

Another reason I believe that this story is about some guy loving Bethany is the character of the horse. We all know Bethany loved horses. Plus, the quote below the book said “Though I am not naturally honest, I am sometimes so BY chance”. Notice the BY there? And if you go back to season 6B and rewatch the moment the girls confronted Ezra about the night CeCe died, he repeated the word “honest” a lot of times.

In order to connect “Twelfth Night” and Winter’s Tale, I had to take as a fact that Ezra is CeCe’s brother. I’m still not sure about that but if you check their ages, they are the same. And the biggest clue I got from the “Twelfth Night” was the fact that the reveal about the twins and the betrayal from the woman who was pretending to be a man, happened during a wedding. The only wedding we know is going to happen on 7x20 is Ezria’s wedding.

Which means that Ezra will be revealed as A.D. and CeCe’s brother and CeCe will confess of not being a transgender and the real Charles might be Ezra. 

I had also discovered that there is a picture of Ezra covered in blood from the 7x20, plus, Aria wears her wedding ring on another photo from the 7x20. So, the wedding did happen. My guess is, the reveal will come after the quote “Until DeAth Do Us PArt”. Thus the title of 7x20. After that someone is going to shoot Ezra.

So, that’s all the clues I have so far. I might be wrong in the end but we won’t know it until we finally see it.

Okay, KH fandom, I’m here to talk about a thing.

A thing that’s bothered me for ten years, but that I mostly kept quiet about, but for some reason now feel the need to discuss:

People who say that Sora doesn’t care about Kairi in KHII, or that he cares about her less than Riku in that game, drive me insane.

I often wonder if we even played the same game.

The main argument is that Sora asks about Riku more, and I agree that that’s true.

But guys… it’s true because for the first half of the game, Sora knew that Kairi was safe on the islands and it was only Riku he needed to find. So of course he wasn’t looking for her in II exactly like how he was in the first game.

And even his looking for Riku is tied to Kairi. “Well, I’m gonna go look for Riku. Then he and I can go back to the islands together. Kairi’s there waiting for us.”

And there are so times that Sora thinks about Kairi even during the first half of the game, like when he’s blushing and thinking about hugging her when he sees Will and Elizabeth together.

Also, does no one remember his reaction to Kairi apparently being in Twilight Town?

“Oh! Sora! Do you know a girl named Kairi?”

“K… Kairi!? I sure do!”

This moment right here is the turning point. Once Sora learns that Kairi’s in danger, he doesn’t shut up about her or stop worrying/looking.

And sometimes he even puts her name before Riku’s when asking about her, or sometimes will talk about here without even mentioning Riku at all. 

Here are just a few examples of that:

Sora trying to comfort Hayner, Pence, and Olette’s guilt about the whole thing: “Hey, it’s not your fault. C’mon, cheer up! Like I can even say that… I gotta help Kairi!”

He even blames himself for her abduction:

Sora - “The King, Riku–and now I’ve lost Kairi again, too.”

Donald - “Don’t be sad!”

Goofy - “Donald’s right, you know! Why, you’re the key that connects everything!”

Sora - “So it’s all MY fault.”

He also does the Japanese dogezu position towards Saïx as he literally begs him to let her see her–and puts himself on a silver platter that way–which is such a big deal, that I can’t even-

But back to what I was saying above, about him talking about Kairi a lot after what Axel did to here, here are just some of those examples:

After Maleficent pushes the crew into the Realm of Darkness… Sora - “Kairi! Riku!” (And yes, he actually puts her name first there.) As Sora opens the gate in that place, knowing that he’ll be forced to leave it soon - “Not yet! I gotta look for Kairi!”

Upon entering The Castle That Never Was for the first time - “Kairi… We’re almost there.” And a bit after that: “Kairi! Where are you?”

Also, backtracking a little bit, but there are moments where Sora thinks about Kairi during this part of his journey that don’t even have to deal with her current situation–like when he imagines himself dancing with her in Halloween Town.

But back to The World That Never Was stuff:

Sora barges in on Saïx and demands, “Where’s Kairi?”

Kairi then appears on that one balcony and shouts out to him, and it’s the cutest thing ever. Sora’s completely distracted and forgets what he should be doing, and just smiles widely at her and excitably says her name: “Kairi!”… before being dog piled by Heartless, for not having kept his head in the game.

After that, Sora sees Kairi fighting alongside “Ansem” and is clearly concerned by it as he watches them. “What’s going on!?”

Sora fights Xigbar, who goes out purposefully confusing Sora, and Donald reminds Sora about Kai. Donald - “Sora! It’s Kairi!” Sora - “Kairi, we’re on our way!”

Next up is their reunion. Kairi tells him, “You and Riku never came home, so I came looking for you.”

And Sora is so completely undone by this–because he feels guilty that he promised he’d return to her with Riku, and hasn’t even after a year; guilty, that she had to come looking for him; guilty, that she got freakin’ kidnapped because of him–that he can’t even look at her. He just turns away and mutters a broken, “I’m sorry.”

But Kairi doesn’t care. And she never blamed him even once, so she just shoots across the room and embraces him–eager to see him–and Sora hesitantly hugs her back, because he honestly doesn’t think he deserves her easy forgiveness. And he thinks she deserves more and better than this crummy reunion, in an enemy’s lair: an enemy’s lair that she’d been held hostage at.

Oh, and Sora freakin’ thanks “Ansem”–who he hates, and makes a point of saying that thinking about all the things he did makes him “really mad”–for saving Kairi. “I’ve got to be grateful for that. Thanks.”

We then get the Sora, Riku, and Kairi reunion. And in a lot of ways, this is a moment between all three of them. Because it takes Kairi to show Sora that it’s even Riku. 

And after Sora’s collected himself from all the emotions he’s just been forced to feel, after having the weight of the world on his shoulders, it’s all three of them talking to each other:

Kairi - “Does that mean… you can’t change back?”

Riku - “This battle isn’t over. And until it is, I still need the power of darkness.”

Sora - “Then… let’s finish it. You’re still Riku, no matter what!” (Everyone, including Kairi, then nods at this.) “So how ‘bout it? Think we can handle one last rumble together? The King’s waiting!”

Donald - “Yeah! Let’s get going!”

Anyway, after that scene Sora seems to have finally gotten over his regret about the whole Kairi thing, and we get some really cute moments between them, such as:

(After the Luxord fight.) Kairi - “You okay?”

Sora - “Yeah! No worries. Let’s keep moving.”

Sora catching Kairi when Ansem’s Kingdom Hearts encoder is blowing up…

…Kairi aiding Sora as he’s trying to convince Riku “you got friends,,, like us!”

Kairi’s voice being what pulls Sora out of the illusion Xemnas puts him in of Memory’s Skyscraper, etc.

Sora promises Kairi that they’ll “be together every day” Sora - “Uhh… yeah!” (And the only reason he reacts that way is because he’s still freaking out about the whole Roxas thing, but he honestly means this and is joyful about the idea.)

Next, Kairi, Sora, and Riku are all ready to go home together… which makes the fact that they get separated here even sadder.

Kairi - “Hey, let’s go home!”

Sora - “Riku… C’mon.”

Riku - “Yeah.”

(The portal closes before Sora and Riku can get through it.) Kairi - “Sora! Riku!”

(The two of them then gasp at this, and if it wasn’t fish face at the time I imagine both Sora and Riku would be looking really sad.)

Anywho, Sora and Riku defeat Xemnas for the final time (LOL to that, says DDD) and are stranded at the Dark Margin. Since it doesn’t look like they have any way out of there, they begin thinking that maybe their best option would be to just “fade into darkness”, and that maybe it wouldn’t even be so bad. But it’s only knowing that Kairi’s safe that Sora even considers this.

Sora - “Yeah. The other side… The realm of light is safe now. Kairi, the King, and the others are there.”

Kairi’s letter to Sora washes up on the shore–and he loves reading it so much, that the sweetest and most meaningful smile appears on his face; and it leads him to being able to open the Door to Light, and getting Riku and himself the heck out of there.

Next, Sora and Riku are finally back at Destiny Islands. And the moment that he sees Kairi and hears her calling his name, Sora is running to her as fast as his feet can carry him. Tripping, and not even caring. (And tbh, I honestly think he probably would’ve kissed her here, if Donald and Goofy hadn’t ended up tackling him.) 

But even after he’s fallen, this is just a really adorable moment–as the two of them smile at each other, and Kairi gives Sora her hand and he finally gives her her lucky charm back (whilst she corrects him that he’s not “back”, he’s “home”).

In the credits, we then see Sora stumble upon Kairi having drawn herself giving him a paopu fruit on the cave drawing. And he just puts his hand over it, smiles like no other, and looks up to the sky.

This game ends with Kairi giving Sora the letter from the King, and him looking it over in a confused manner. And as Blank Points from BbS continues this instance (after Sora, Riku, and Kairi) have had time to think it all over,) we see Sora being heartbroken and guilty again that he’ll have to leave Kairi again (he once again can’t even look at her, after having promised her they’d spend every day together and all). 

But Kairi is a selfless human being, who sees Sora off with her best grin and lets him go–thus easing Sora’s burden about the whole thing.

But clearly Sora doesn’t care about Kairi in Kingdom Hearts II at all, guys. <_<

…Tbh, this isn’t a SoKai post that I’m making here. 

And it’s definitely not a “Sora cares about Kairi more, whatever that means” thing.

If anything, I think he values the both of them equally.

The only reason I made this lengthy post is because SO MANY PEOPLE WHO PLAY KHII somehow get an “LOL, do Sora and Riku even care about Kairi at all? It doesn’t feel like it to me” feeling from it.

And I, personally, will never understand that. And above is all of the reasons as to why that is.

But to each their own, I guess:)

On a side note, I rewatched ALL of these scenes just now, to make sure that I remembered them correctly and was wording the quotes right… and now I’m exhausted from it.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a nap.

So I think it’s fair to say that Exodus has definitely been one of the better episodes of season 2. I wanted to get that out right away because overall, I really liked that episode and it felt very reminiscent of season 1.

Which leads us to the ending scene in Kara’s apartment with Kara and m*n el. There was a lot that I take issue with. Because every ending scene with those two, for the last several episodes, always erases what we’ve learned. The messages of those scenes completely go against what the audience learned that episode and they’re also the reasons I never play the last five minutes when I rewatch. Not that season 2 has many episodes I’d ever want to watch again.

2x11 Martian Chronicles: In the episode, Kara has valid points for not wanting to be with him and she lists them. They’re not compatible, she doesn’t want to date someone like him, etc. And everything she says is true. And at the end of the episode, we have a great Danvers sisters scene where Kara reveals her very real fears about Alex slipping away from her (something we see consistently throughout the episode) and that being the reason she wanted to go all out for Earth birthday (to remind Alex how much fun they have together). Kara’s fear of losing Alex is Kara’s plot the entire episode! And the fucking writers, two seconds after her confession, have Alex try to turn it around and say that the real reason Kara was so focused on her birthday was because she was trying to not focus for her feelings on mon ew? Does that actually make any sense? Because Kara’s sudden confusion about how she really feels does not. In canon, Kara knows what she feels. She knew she liked James and Adam. She knew she did not like Winn in a romantic sense. So having Kara say she’s confused, she doesn’t want to face her feelings for man pain and then being upset when he’s going on a date with someone else? It falls flat and I don’t buy it for a second.

2x12 Luthors: I love this episode. There is no denying at this point that I’m probably in love with Lena Luthor. For many reasons. And yet again, I’m never going to watch those last five minutes because it is just so wildly out of place. Just as every scene with Kara talking to/about m*nel in this episode. The entire episode is Kara defending Lena. Kara trusting Lena. Kara literally fighting for Lena. They are great scenes and it brought back a little bit of that self-assured Kara we love. So having all those scenes of Kara viciously protecting Lena the whole episode and the writers then choosing that same episode to end with Kara saying she does like m*nel and wants to be with him? It’s not only extreme emotional whiplash, it’s completely laughable and honestly this was the worst episode for the writers to have put that scene because after seeing the intensity Kara defended Lena with, Kara saying she wants to be with someone who isn’t the person she spent all episode fighting for is just ridiculous. Frankly, I’m still convinced the writers just had little snippets of karamew dialogue they wanted to use at some point, opened up any episode script, and just cut and paste scenes into random locations because that’s how forced and out of place it was.

2x13 and 2x14: I can group these nauseating episodes because it’s the same thing over and over again isn’t it? Kara asks Mr. Misogyny to do something, he completely disrespects her wishes and does what he wants instead, and the ending scene? Aw, all is forgiven and everything is okay and look at how cute they are?????? *vomits*. They don’t talk about the very real problems in their relationship, the fact that he has no respect for her and what she wants but who cares because his horrifying behavior is still rewarded by getting the girl every time! #relationshipgoals am I right? No.

2x09 and 2x10 could probably have their own discussion too but this is already too long and the more I think about him, the bigger my headache seems to get… I’m sure it’s a coincidence, though.

Which, finally, brings us to 2x15 Exodus.

Again, loved this episode. We’re finally getting back to an actual plot with Cadmus and even got to see more about the Alien Registration. We got a fantastic Danvers sisters scene, amazing Alex and J’onn scenes, some real cute Sanvers, reporter Kara was back, they remembered James existed, m*new was in the background where he fucking belongs (even though he should be off the show completely), Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher were in the same episode though sadly didn’t interact (as were Teri Hatcher and Brenda Strong), and Lena Luthor(!!!<3) was back and holy shit, am I still flailing over those supercorp scenes! So yeah this episode was awesome.

And then came the end scene in Kara’s apartment with Kara and m*nel. Are you sensing a pattern here?

First of all, I wanted it to be Alex at the door. It should have been Alex because those two almost lost each other again in a way that is incredibly similar to Kara almost dying in space after pushing Fort Rozz away from Earth and Alex going into space to bring her back. So yes, it should have been Alex. But I knew it wouldn’t be, not while m*nel is on the show.

The first line I have issue with is “Supergirl is what I can do. Kara Danvers is who I am.” And before you say anything, yes I know it’s an easter egg. I know it’s a famous quote from The New Adventures of Superman and when you have both Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher in an episode, how can you not have a quote from that show? And for Superman, it’s a great quote. It absolutely works for him because he has two sides that are so different.

It does not work for Supergirl. Because while Supergirl is what she can do, she’s not Kara Danvers. Not really. She is Kara Zor-El, a Kryptonian through and through. Kara Danvers is the persona she took on at 13 years old to make sure no one found out who/what she really was. Both Supergirl and Kara Danvers’ secret identity is Kara Zor-El. So her saying “Kara Danvers is who I am”? It’s false and out of character and the writers should have chosen a better quote but their laziness is not really a surprise anymore.

And now the line that got a lot of people heated: “Maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough” is just ludicrous. And good God, the writers truly outdid themselves here because not only does this sentence completely erase what they just established 10 seconds ago (I agree with Supergirl being what she can do but not who she is) but it goes against everything we’ve learned about Kara since the pilot. The whole first season, she’s trying to balance being Kara Danvers and Supergirl. She doesn’t just want to be Kara Danvers anymore and she doesn’t only want to be Supergirl. She wants both. And it’s difficult and we see her struggle throughout the season with those sides of her life but she keeps on going because to her, it’s so worth it. She gets to help people no matter which identity she’s under and that’s all she’s wanted. So no, her settling for being Supergirl just when she was really starting to make a difference as a reporter is not enough. It’ll never be enough.

And of course, the “having you” part. The only, ONLY person the writers could have ever justified Kara saying this line to (even though it goes against everything we know about Kara) is Alex. Because Alex is her rock, the only reason she ever started to feel like Earth could also be home. The reason she flew into space and nearly blew out her powers trying to stop that spaceship because she would not lose her sister. And before you say anything, even if she had said this line to Lena, I would have obviously been giddy for a few seconds before wincing because it doesn’t matter who Kara says it to when it’s not true. And to do it in this episode? An episode where it was proven once again that Kara and Alex are the heart of the show only for them to have the audacity to downplay Alex’s importance to Kara and have her say that she’ll be okay so long as she has man hell? How dumb do the writers think their audience is?

But the writers are making a habit of belittling all of Kara’s actions in an episode in order to make it all about man hell again. 2x11, 2x12, and 2x15 are some of their stronger episodes this season. But they’re also the ones where the writers are trying to make man hell seem way more important than he actually is in those last scenes. And the writers are so spectacularly failing at that since there is no way such a badly written character can ever be considered important in those great episodes because he’s just not. And they’re choosing to showcase it in episodes where it would be the most obvious. The only thing the writers are doing is weakening a good episode by turning around and making it about monew again.

I truly don’t understand what has happened this season. I don’t understand how the writers are sending one message throughout an episode only to have Kara act like a completely different person around man hell in every ending scene just so they can cancel out that message. I don’t understand why they’re still bothering to call the show Supergirl when they’ve destroyed her character.

TL;DR Do you think Amazon will give me a partial refund on my season pass if I just return the end scenes of every episode or should I just cancel my season pass because every scene worth watching is on youtube?

Probably sound like a madman, but hear me out

Each character’s song represents them, through and through. (I’m just doing the 6 from the GPF because know most about them (except maybe Otabek but like … we don’t know much about him #littlescreentime)


This got hella long.  TL;DR: the YOI creators knew where they were going with their characterizations and managed to convey this through each of the program’s music

Details under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

i was on youtube rewatching evangelion scenes and i came across a kawoshin scene. i read comments and i wanted to ask you what you think of some of them. one comment talked about how one episode (ep 24) was just about right to have kaworu, cause it shows how shinji seeks for attentions/someone who will love him = he will let his guard down. so it shows how easily he does that if he's 'loved'. and showing kaworu 'betrayal' in the same episode, makes it understand how (-)

(-) kaworu just used shinji and nothing more. another thing i read, connected to this whole thing is, people think kaworu “loved” shinji just to use him and shinji “loved” kaworu just cause he needed someone, not cause its kaworu. he wanted someone to love him and it was enough, which means it could have been anyone else (according to these people). now, i personally don’t think this is how their relationship should be seen. (-) (-) i do not believe kaworu ‘loved’ shinji just to have informations and such. since he preferred to die instead of killing shinji + him wanting shinji happiness in the rebuild. now, i do think shinji loves kaworu cause it’s kaworu and cause he shows him how to be loved. since shinji himself said he found strange that he confessed to him about his problems with his father etc. (i mean it happens to have those connections) (-) so, i wrote this huge comment, to ask you, what do you think and how do you personally see it? i’m sorry if i wrote too much! feel free not to answer if you don’t feel like to!

I feel Kaworu’s importance in episode 24 + 3.33 was more than just that to Shinji.

More under the cut.

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Downton Rewatch: Season 1 (part i)

i mean this is really just going to be all about Thomas and maybe a little OB so yeah. also apparently going to be broken into two parts because somehow I have that much to say about collectively maybe 35 minutes of Thomas screen time in just one season!!!! i love this!!! i love when my brain is kidnapped and taken hostage by fictional people!!!! what a ride

- ooooooohhhhhhhhhfffffff the kissing scene. the Kissing Scene! I rewatched that scene more times than i care to share but i promise you it was in the name of science. the way he drags his lips along Crowblah’s hand, i mean, i mean okay! okay! i’m paying attention. you have my attention. they wanted us to know that Thomas 1) likes kissing, 2) would like to be kissed more often, 3) is very good with his mouth and enjoys putting his mouth to use, and 4) swallows and I AM HEARING YOU LOUD AND CLEAR.

- augh oh god the scene with Pamuk when Thomas tries to kiss him - he is feeling so confident, which is hilarious because not two episodes ago he got pegged down a couple of notches by another wealthy aristocrat who basically told him that just because he swallows doesn’t mean he’s wife material (ya don’t even try to tell me “one swallow doesn’t make a summer” is not a frank and explicit reference to blow jobs cause i’m not listening) – but okay Thomas you do what you need to do carry on sure - but then when – shocker – Pamuk rejects him. the look of blank horror and shame on Thomas’ face. aughh. it is the hand that twists the knife into my soul.

- okay so Thomas’ “fancy man” comment about Mrs. Hughes was NOT mean he was obviously teasing and smiling and having a good jest and trying to be a part of the circle like BACK OFF BATES

- Thomas hiding in the stairwell after he’s stolen the wine. we are soul siblings. i often seek out a good stairwell when i need to do some classic fearful dramatic pining. good job bby

- !!!! acting surprised! wait, acting is not the right word here – somehow GENUINELY surprised that maybe he shouldn’t have spread rumours about mary to his london valet friend – and yes, please, don’t even ask we know they’ve done it at one point okay and when Thomas goes to london they get together for friendly hand jobs and some dramatic plotting, i’m sure - thomas why are you the way that you are. he is already regretful in this scene because he once again has acted without considering even the consequences that could occur in the next 10 minutes, never mind long term. i mean you can watch it on his face. why am i the way that i am. the boy needs a good wrangling. eh eh wink wink nudge nudge

- alkdsfjklsdjfughhhghhgghghghghudfakj. the wall scene. you know. you know what i mean. when bates slams him against the wall. WHY DO YOU GO LIMP, THOMAS.

- also it is just so INTERESTING, so interesting that the night after bates slams Thomas against the wall (and he goes limp, did I mention he goes limp?), Thomas has the Blank Face of Shame on the next morning and he bullies William so cruelly that even i gasped in shock and horror (normally i chuckle when he bullies cause he’s usually the equivalent of 14-year old Malfoy making Potter Stinks badges) – but ooff. that was a hard scene. truly.

- when they’re walking to the flower show (jesus christ the flower show is the most boring subplot line of my entire existence please get me out of here) and thank god OB gets me ‘cause she’s like “i don’t know why we’re even bothering” and Thomas, THOMAS, of all people with this adorable smile on tells HER not to be a grouch. oh Thomas, pot, kettle, black. and also, OB, my other soul sister, says, “i’ll grouch if i want.” this is a direct quote from my life.

- speaking of OB and Thomas – okay, so timeline wise we’ve got to assume that Thomas is in his early twenties here, maybe younger though that’s a bit difficult to suspend your belief for. but in any case he’s still young and in his formative years, and I think we can gather from a fair bit of evidence that he’s not had the most loving upbringing. OB has obviously taken him under her wing, and in return she expects Thomas to provide her with certain information about what’s going on in the house. this is a relationship that Thomas gets - it’s a transactional one. i do something for you, you do something for me – this MAKES SENSE to a person who has been taught that people are things you use/manipulate/etc – people are not for loving and being loved by and if they are (i.e. Crowblah) then don’t forget that they are also for using and for being used by (i.e. Crowblah). Thomas’ actions always make a lot more sense when viewed through this lens - up to and including his relationship with Baxter, in which he’s both enacting the same transactional relationships that he was raised under (both in his neglectful/abusive upbringing and with OB as surrogate parent) and also trying to return to and secure the “safety” of another OB-like relationship. People are, generally, not safe for Thomas (not in his childhood and certainly not now as an outed gay man in a mostly hostile house), but for a time he and OB had - not a safe relationship but an understood relationship, built on mutual need fulfillment. Because a relationship built on safety and love is not attainable for Thomas – he tries to recreate what he knows best…transactional relationships.

- (what! what?? what do you mean why would the fact that thomas’ character has been boiled down to “evil gay butler” when actually he is one of the most nuanced and complex and psychologically well-articulated characters in tv history???  why would that bother me??????? i am not easily ruffled folks okay it’s fine i don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it in the shower or at night laying in bed staring at my ceiling)

Why I Like Zootopia, In Case You Were Wondering

So I’m sure no one gives a shit but I wanted to flesh out the reason I really like Zootopia and put it as my number one pick for BEST DISNEY MOVIE in that video I made.

I see a lot of people disagreeing there, which is totally fine, you can like whatever movies you want, but what’s bothering me is the large number of comments saying that Zootopia isn’t a good exploration of race issues, which I think is just untrue. Of course, the MAIN reason I like the film is for the main characters and their fantastic dynamic. I’ll briefly address that before the race stuff because it’s more fun.

POINT 1 - The Main Reason I Actually Like Zootopia Has Nothing to Do With Racism.

Despite being populated with animals, the two leads in Zootopia are the most human characters Disney has ever produced. Trust me, I just watched every film they ever made. Why is that? Well, it’s because of the little things. Little moments that really shows how two adults might interact with each other. My favorite of these is in the Judy’s Apology scene. After Nick accepts her apology, about a dozen little things happen in quick succession. 

The moment where Nick jokingly holds up the pen and says “A-Are you just tryin’ to steal the pen? Is that what this is?” Then Judy half-heartedly makes a grab for it, as she really had no intention to steal it.

THAT right there. THAT is perfect.

Why is that perfect? Well I’ll tell you. Only one thing needed to happen in this moment, and that was a single cue to the audience that the two characters had made up and are going to catch the bad guy. Instead they threw in about a dozen little things that just add so much personality to the two characters. Judy’s little hiccup-laugh in the middle of her crying. Nick teasing her even as she goes in to hug him, with a jab overgeneralizing bunnies of all things (clearly a joke as Judy JUST apologized for overgeneralizing foxes). Instead of hugging him she lets her head comically fall on him, which shows a lot more than a simple hug would, and then they play that little game at the end.

Look at that! Look at that paragraph of personality they just injected into a single action! Character interaction shows so much and these two are just amazing at it. Every scene is like this.

Remember that one exchange in Hercules where Meg is talking to Hades about how Hercules might not be all that bad?

That’s a great moment, isn’t it? Really shows a lot of character, just in the way they banter. Now imagine that for an entire movie instead of just one line.

That. THAT right there is why I love Zootopia.

Anyways, let’s talk about racism!

POINT 2 - “But Animal Species Aren’t the SAME as Human Races!”

I’m seeing a lot of people quoting other reviews of the film that revisit a few major problems, the biggest one being that ”the allegory for racism doesn’t work because while humans are the same physiologically despite their racial differences, animals are not the same when they are different species.” I think this criticism is… a little silly. Of course it’s true that race is different from species, but no allegory is perfect and I think it’s well within our capabilities to use our suspension of disbelief and focus on what the message of the story is. The animals are all the same level of sentient, and they’re all functionally represented as basically human. I didn’t watch Disney’s Robin Hood and think “Hey wait a minute! If Little John is a bear, why isn’t he attacking Robin Hood!? This doesn’t make a lick of sense!” You might think that’s different, but no it isn’t.

The point of this movie isn’t just to say “Don’t be mean to people who are different than you!!!” It’s not a GI Joe PSA. The message is not to give into fear or popular misconceptions just because of what you’ve heard about a group of people, whether that’s from the media or a friend and family member. To not let fear control your prejudice.

Take a moment to think about the Night Howler Savagery as, say, terrorism in America and the stigma against Islamic people that has resulted because of it. Because a few members of a select group (Predators in the movie, Muslims in real life) have been linked to a frightening event, many citizens have become scared of all of them, even though really there isn’t any proven link between them. Can only predators go savage? No. Correlation is not causation. And in this point, I think the movie succeeds very well. While Bellwether is not an especially compelling villain on her own merit (though she is a believable one), she represents the greater theme of giving in to senseless fear and hearsay, and that’s really what the movie wants you to think about.

I’ve also seen people say “Of course Judy should be scared of a fox! He’s a fox!” That… that’s not how the rules work in this universe, though. They’re all presented at the same level. And if you think “but the Predators can get really dangerous if they go savage!” Well so do the Prey. Remember? That’s the whole point.

POINT 3 - “Preachiness and Subtly”

People also frequently point out how “overt” and “preachy” the movie’s themes are. This reminds me of when people said they hated Wall-E for being “preachy” about the environment. Yeah, it’s not a secret that that’s what the movie is about, but I don’t think that’s a problem. In fact, the main reason I think Zootopia is successful is because of the subtle things it does. Stay with me here.

I enjoyed the movie the first time I saw it, but I fell in love with it on a second viewing. This is because the first time I saw the film I went in thinking Judy would take on the role of the oppressed minority against a cruel society that looks down on her because of her race, which is mostly true, for the first act! In the second act it becomes clear that Judy is actually also pretty racist! Wow, imagine that two-way dichotomy! Now imagine a 400-way dichotomy! Oh hey, it’s just like real life! Judy just shows her prejudices in different ways, like the fox repellant she carries. This, of course, is not subtle. Nick points this out in the movie.

Now coming in knowing that Judy is also prejudiced makes the rewatch a bit more interesting. It makes adds a lot to certain scenes and exchanges. For example, after Judy meets Nick for the first time in the ice cream parlor and helps him get a jumbo pop for his son, she’s impressed with how nice he is for a fox! Foxes in her experience have been dicks, so the following exchange happens:

JUDY: Well, I just wanna say, you’re a great dad and just a… a real articulate fellow.

NICK: (With apparent sincerity) Ah, well, that is high praise. It’s rare that I find someone so non-patronizing.

I absolutely love this exchange and I’ll let Reddit user TehSneakySnake explain why.

By calling Nick “articulate”, Judy is suggesting, (or at least partially implying), that not all foxes are as well spoken, or well behaved, as Nick appears to be. (“…You’re not like them.”) Nick thanks Judy for the complement and claims that its rare for him to come across someone non-patronizing, which is basically a back-handed comment, masked with false sincerity, towards Judy. We later learn that Nick noticed the fox repellant she was carrying, (symbolizing her prejudice against foxes), and the fact that Judy defended and later complimented him on being a good dad leads Nick to conclude that Judy was simply taking pity on him for being a “good” fox, despite the fact that she immediately found him to be suspicious upon first sight. By calling her “non-patronizing” when she clearly WAS being patronizing, Nick is subtly calling Judy out on her prejudice towards foxes, which goes right over her head.

It’s a pretty hard joke to get, but its pretty hilarious once you understand.

Look at that! It’s a microaggression! Something not a lot of movies bring up in regards to race relation! And there’s a bunch of little moments like that. That kind of leads me to my next point:

POINT 4 - “This Won’t Make Racist People Un-Racist!”

Another thing I’ve heard is that “the movie is preaching to the choir because anyone who is racist already isn’t going to stop being racist because they saw this movie.” To that I say: well duh. Of course people aren’t going to be skipping out of the theater suddenly unbigoted. That’s… that’s not how THINGS work. That’s not the point. The point is to bring things to the conversation. To introduce children of a younger generation to little things like the above microaggression and show them moments like Gideon growing up, growing as a person, and apologizing for his behavior.

You don’t change a cultural zeitgeist in a day. You pepper it here and there, patiently, consistently, until slowly people begin to see the things you’re trying to show them everywhere around them. That’s how the world changes for the better.

AND briefly just to counteract myself, here are some things I don’t like about this movie:

  • In general, the supporting cast is pretty bland. Looking at you “fat cop that likes donuts” character.
  • I don’t think the villain is AMAZING, but I think she is fine for the message the movie is trying to get across.
  • Chief Bogo is ridiculously antagonistic just so the movie can have an antagonist in act one. I can buy him being racist, but attempting to fire Judy for insubordination one day after she was inducted by the mayor is literally so stupid it’s unbelievable.
  • Also he asks her for her badge before their 48 hours deal is even finished and that bothers me more than it should.
  • The buddy cop plot is a lot of fun, but it’s not breaking any new ground in Plot Convention Town.
Aria and Bethany are twins?

Aria is an artist. Bethany is an artist, too. There was also a portrait of a blond in Aria’s room. Big Rhonda mentioned that a lady with a big beige purse took Bethany on outings, Ella was seen with the ‘big beige purse’ Marlene tweeted that there was a new member in the Montgomery family (A.M & B.Y) A lot of you claim that this tweet was fake but I swear to you, it’s not. I retweeted it when it was still up on Twitter. When Aria volunteered at the asylum, Eddie Lamb recognized her. He felt like they ‘MET’ before. However, Aria disagrees. The reason he felt this towards her was because she’s an identical twin to Bethany Young, who once was a patient at Radley. When they were talking, there was a pig portrait behind them. Pigtunia is very symbolic in PLL, Alison mentions that the game has a new ‘puppet master’ When they tried to distract the cops, they used a pig mask on fake A. The Montgomery family left after Alison’s disappearance, we also come to know that Bethany Young was murdered that night. It’s possible that Ella persuaded Byron to take a trip to Iceland to clear their minds and get a fresh start. Byron thought it was a good idea because he saw Alison the night she was 'murdered’ but what about Ella? Byron got pissed at Ella when she went to visit 'Charlotte’ She might have visited her to ask about Bethany Young. In Aria’s basement, there was a red coat doll with brunette hair and at that time, Red Coat was identified as a blond. There were also portraits of Aria in A’s lair. Marlene posted a picture of the liars in Jail S2 and captioned it, “A remembers this #clue” Charlotte only took over in S3. Unless, Marlene was talking about Uber A. When Aria was at Radley, the patients were painting flowers and there were sunflowers behind the teacher. There’s always a sunflower reference when it comes to Aria. I found the symbolic meaning of it online: “The sunflower is the Greek symbol of Clytie (a water nymph) who turns into a sunflower after grieving over the loss of her love (Apollo). The mythological symbolism here is that Clytie is always facing the sun, looking for Apollo’s chariot to return and she might be joined again with her love.

Bethany was furious at Jessica for having an affair with her father, Byron. Byron was seen dressed like the father of the creepy twins, Aria was also seen wearing white socks and black Lolita shoes, just like the twins. Their kitchen stove is also a match! This theory could go both ways, either Aria is Bethany’s twin or she has twin sisters, who one of them happens to be Bethany Young. In Charles’ prom, Aria was seen dressed as an evil-version of Cinderella. Cinderella has evil step-sisters who can be seen as twins. Cinderella also has an evil step-mother, if the twin story is true, Ella is considered to be evil for admitting her children into Radley at such a young age. She’s no different from Kenneth. Aria was also seen dressed as Snow White at Rosewood High’s prom, who also has an evil step-mom. Coincidence? Yeah, right! Snow White was persuaded to eat the poison apple by the Evil Queen, PLL throws in symbolic apples into the show. At the Campbell’s farm, which was A’s old lair, there was a logo with twin peacocks and a bunch of red apples around it. TWIN PEACOCKS WITH A BUNCH OF RED APPLES AROUND IT. Bethany was buried at the unbuilt gazebo, Aria was seen making a hexagon shape out of matchsticks. She was also seen 'walking after midnight’ trying to keep up with Leah at the graveyard. Leah (Luke’s cousin from 4x13) was pushed into an open-grave where Aria happened to pull her out. This could be a clue that Aria did indeed save Bethany that night but can’t remember because they were all drugged by Alison. Leah and Aria resembles the 'Aria twin’ doll. Look close. There’s also a knife stabbed in her eye, which is a connection to the twin story. In 4x01, A got younger versions of the girls to play out a scene. Mona and Aria were the ones that were pushing the girls on the roundabout. We know that Mona was controlling the girls but what’s Little Aria’s purpose? Is she controlling the girls, too? Her twin, Bethany? There are a lot of creepy Aria and Mona scenes, 'Miss Aria, You’re A Killer. Not Ezra’s Wife’ Following the twin story, was Aria ABOUT to stab her twin, Bethany? But as soon as their parents walked in, she framed Bethany with the knife. Aria is obsessed with dolls, it’s no surprise if she decides to hurt someone over it.

If those are not peacocks and are swans instead, it just makes this theory a whole lot better! Aria was seen dressed as the Black Swan in S2! Melissa was forced to dress as BS, whereas Aria CHOSE to. Her dress wasn’t pitch black, it was actually a replica of the swan on the cover page. If you turn the picture upside down, a bull is to be seen (personality disorder/twin clue) Aria was also seen wearing a lot of necklaces & shirts with the bull logo. The bull also symbolizes Satan (devil emoji) Credit to @anacristinaviegas)

Everything’s revolving around Aria and her family. Ella and Byron are getting married, if the wedding takes place in 6x19, the episode where the twin possibly makes an appearance 'Did you miss me’, it would make a lot of sense. Aria’s twin crashes the wedding. Here are some clues I found, Aria gets arrested in 6x18, although she hasn’t done anything. They bring in other suspects who resemble her. That’s a twin clue right there. Aria gets burned at a dinner party (Montgomery’s?), quite interesting because Bethany has somewhat scarring to her face. I had a theory that Bethany and Aria could possibly be twins! Aria and Byron were also the last ones to wrap up the finale 6x20! Marlene posted a picture of Aria in the finale with the caption 'MIND-BLOWING ENDING, TWISTED, EPIC’

Why the heck hasn’t Bellarke gotten together yet, a Meta.

So here’s a meta I never thought I would write, cause everyone is always so caught up on the “behind the scenes” (aka jason, eliza, etc interviews)that they miss what the show is saying (screaming)

And to prove I’m not crazy, here is the reason why i’m writing this in the first place:

So there you go, @ivthegreatest​, as promised this meta is for you (i LOVE YOU for questioning this).

So without further ado, let’s discuss Bellarke’s development and their obstacles.

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How to be a happy fanfic writer

I’ve been writing fanfic for 6 years now, 2 ½ of those CS fanfic, and I still consider myself a mostly happy writer. Maybe it’s just my impression, but lately I’ve been seeing more and more complaints from fellow writers that they are frustrated, stressed, fight with their muse… and that’s not how it should be! A wodnerful thing like writing should make us happy, not exhaust us. Now we’re all different types of writers, and the way we write and perceive reactions (or non-reactions) of the readers depends very much from our respective personalities.

But I thought I’d share a few thoughts why I think I’m a (mostly) happy writer, and maybe some of you might find some of these thoughts helpful. Because I think we do well only what we love doing, not what we’re pressured - or pressure ourselves - to. (I’m putting it under the cut, so those of you interested can take a look, and the others don’t have so much to scroll past)

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Ron Anderson TWD - The Meta

okay, let’s do this. i want to get this out of my system. i rewatched 6x09 just to reopen the wound so this should be good. :)

The wasted character - Ron Anderson

the majority of the fandom hated Ron (scratch that - the whole Anderson family). which was deliberately supposed to happen i think (oops). like i’ve mentioned in my 6x09 meta post they created the kid for one purpose only and that was shooting Carl’s eye out but of course he couldn’t just do that randomly right…? they had to give Ron reasons thus giving the character depth. they had to make him three-dimensional. they had to create a path which led to him pointing the gun at the Grimes’. and i gotta admit they did a pretty fucking awesome job because Ron was as three-dimensional as a character can get under this short period of time. that’s the reason why i love him so much. the eyerony of this shit is - pun intended - they created this amazing build up just to have Ron shoot Carl ACCIDENTALLY. WHAT? IF YOU’RE GOING THERE WHY NOT MAKE HIM DO IT ON PURPOSE? BECAUSE IT WOULD’VE ACTUALLY MADE SENSE THAT WAY? BECAUSE THAT WAY YOU WOULD’VE ACTUALLY GIVE THIS CHARACTER SOME RESPECT? WHAT’S LOGIC? WHAT’S LIFE? and that is what i think makes Ron such a wasted potential. they created such a raw and honest and flawed character JUST to do the “dirty” work. the growth this kid could’ve had and wasting a redemption arc like this are both fucking unbelieveable.

what is also fucking unbelieveable is the amount of hatred this character’s got from the fandom. of course the show is operating with characters who have been on TWD since s1. it’s not surprising that fans tend to not be open at first when new characters are introduced. which is fine. it’s a normal reaction. i didn’t really like Ron at first either. but i do find that ridiculous when someone loves and understands a character like Daryl Dixon - and we all know what he’s been through - but they just CAN’T understand and/or sympathize with Ron’s situation…are you aware that Daryl and Ron are basically two sides of the same coin? you call a grown ass man with a past like his ‘precious misunderstood baby’ for example but a teenager is ‘a trash asshole’. congratulations hypocrite. (note: i love Daryl please leave my head on.)

and now let’s have a closer look on Ron’s life shall we because apparently there are people in the fandom who think he didn’t have any reason to hate Rick. or to be troubled. [coughs] [pulls out long ass list out of thin air jESUS GIRL CALM DOWN] where do i start: domestic abuse (both done to you and your family) + people turning their heads in the other way in your community and basically ignoring the domestic violence because they need the abuser for medical reasons + father killed by the new guy who thinks he’s God (abusive asshole or not it’s still traumatic) + mom is romantically interested in the same guy who killed dad + girfriend is romantically interested in mini-God (Carl) + probably having no one to talk to + having to adapt to the end of the world under little to no time + mom and brother eaten alive in front of you (bonus: *chop chop*) = damaged goods…[Rebel Wilson voice] whoop there it is. call THIS an easy life.

and for the people who say he was an asshole to begin with please stop talking and watch the very first interaction between Ron and Carl. he’s just the most gentle and kindest baby.

The wasted talent: Austin Abrams

Austin killed it. his portrayal of Ron’s inner turmoil was insanely good. what i particularly like about Austin is that he’s acting and talking with hands, eyes, face, voice, body at the same time and it’s in “harmony”. that’s a hard fucking thing to do. and he nailed this “harmony” in every fucking scene he had. I could smyphatize with Ron because the portrayal felt real and that’s why I wanted more and more and more of this character. and I did. I still do but 6x09’s happened…

The wasted relationship: Ron x Carl

The love triangle: so I don’t know what’s the reason but it seems like writers are obsessed with the 'OMG LET’S MAKE A LOVE TRIANGLE’ idea. to quote @gr8writingtips “writing tip #1374: instead of a love triangle try doing literally anything else”. it’s boring, it’s superficial and it’s the most cliche of all the cliches. this show is on its 6th season. it can’t just disrespect its audience with a love triangle. i mean come on. character development, interaction between the characters, backstories of the characters, bonding between the characters. these are what most of the fans are interested in at this point.

Ron x Carl - The friendship: let me ask you a question TWD writers? why the fuck do you hate one of your main characters so much? when was the last time Carl had a friend around his age? or had a decent interaction or bonding experience with the people on the show (except Judith)? do you realize what kind of friendship could have been between these two? with Carl teaching Ron how to live and survive in this world? supporting each other and protecting each other on runs? i wanted to see Ron learn how this life works. i wanted to see them interact. would have watched the shit out of these two becoming best friends.

Ron x Carl - The relationship: so here’s the thing. these kids had INSANE chemistry. AND THE SHOW HAS DECIDED TO DO NOTHING WITH IT! YOU HAVE DECIDED TO GO WITH SOMETHING AS CLICHE AS A LOVE TRIANGLE! YOU COULD HAVE MADE CARL GRIMES BISEXUAL (and of course Ron too). DO YOU REALIZE HOW AMAZING THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN? HAVING ONE OF YOUR MAIN MALE CHARACTERS BISEXUAL? THERE’S YOUR ORIGINAL IDEA AMC! reasons: representation in this fucking show is very rare. if you would have gone through with this idea the love triangle could have actually create a great base for the relationship (frenemies-friends-lovers and who’s not a sucker for that trope). you don’t ignore the obvious chemistry. insane character development for both Ron and Carl (if you still go through with Ron’s family dying and Carl’s getting shot but with not Ron shooting Carl’s eye out and not making Ron watch how Rick chops his mom’s hand off). cute scenes between these two i mEAN HAVE YOU SEEN THE HANDHOLDING (dat post got me famous what up)?!?!!? Enid just being her own badass self and teasing and supporting the boys and being grossed out by all the love and have them as her best friends without being a love interest…i mean COME ON.

to quote @indie-arrow “bitter little espresso deserved better”.

Bonus: Jessie and Sam

like i said they HAD to make Ron three-dimensional. they didn’t have a choice. in Jessie and Sam’s case though they had and they chose to go with the easier path which was making both of them this weird 2D/3D mix of a characters. and it seems like they made these two more two-dimensional than three-dimensional. i think that’s why they seemed kinda simple. like in Sam’s case his fearfulness was enhanced thus introducing him as a coward which was totally not the case if you look closer and think but you know. it’s whatever. and in Jessie they enhanced this semi-shallowness which sounds weird but that was really the case. like i said we were supposed to hate them (again: oops). but they still had potential.

i mean i don’t know man i just found the Anderson family really interesting and i just wanted to see them develop and grow. fuck my life. *mic drop*

a comprehensive essay (of sorts)

I think the topic of Wonho’s role in Monsta X ought to be addressed, yet the question forever remains on how to start it. Officially, he is registered as a vocal and on stage seemingly charged with the task of eye candy (aka reduced to his body). Problematic because he is so much more. Hence in this essay, largely drawing from no.mercy, I will attempt to illustrate Shin Hoseok’s many talents: dancing, rearranging, singing, and leading.

Please keep in mind that these are all my personal conclusions and are not arranged in episodic order but rather arranged by theme. Neither did I expect this essay to be 5.6k worth of compact feelings regarding Wonho and no.mercy.

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Ok listen I hate that I’m talking about the straight white guy in such a diverse women-centred show just as much as you probably hate seeing people talking about the straight white guy in such a diverse women-centred show but I’m having lots of thoughts about Michael Cordero Jr so whatever I’m just gonna ramble for a bit (well…..a lot)

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Info from the RWBY3 Directors Commentary

*DISCLAIMER: I’ve only listened to this commentary once so far. These quotes may not be 100% accurate but they’re pretty close. Will update this post as I rewatch tomorrow or just make a new one*

Also. Not all of it is ~wow new info~ some is just interesting stuff I wanted to write down. Under a read more because there’s a lot of dot points.

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  • Day 5 (October 16): favorite quote(s):

 ”So i can tell you what a motherfucking piece of shit you are for not telling me, for shutting me out. for thinking that you can handle this all by your own and most of all for thinking that i will leave you why would you think that? because you got a ball removed? cause you’re no longer perfect?  well believe me mister Kinney that is the least of your imperfections and if i wanted to leave you iv’e had better reason, plenty of them!”
“maybe you should have”
“yeah maybe you’re right, but i thought we had a commitment, and i plan to stand by it. Now why don’t you get your ass back in bed, you son of a bitch! And eat some fucking chicken soup”

Hannibal Rewatch: 1x09

Season 1, Episode 9: “Trou Normand”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

Got some pre-liveblogging ~over-arcing thoughts~ for you again this time, thanks to some nice timing with which episode I had coming up right after Mads Mikkelsen spent a week being ADORABLE and ASTUTE all over my dash. Most relevant to “Trou Normand” I think is a bit from an interview where he talked about how Hannibal rarely lies, he just shows different sides of himself to different people, which @theglintoftherail highlighted. What I actually want to quote though is not Mads, but her:

“And the most amazing thing about this is: the show works either way. It works when you think he’s only a scheming, lying monster, and it works when you know he’s also a lovesick idiot. It’s so layered.”

The realest, and “Trou Normand” is such a testament to that, as it turns out!

“Trou Normand” is another one of my favorite episodes — we are really in a stretch of my favorites right now, dang. One of my most dearly beloved MINDFUCKS is in this ep (more on that later), along with some incredible imagery and some equally incredible plot development. Honestly this episode totally messed me up the first time I watched it, and I…. was into it. Hannibal comes across as an aaAAbsolute monster, for me the most dangerous he has been yet this season, but also the most entrancing. Enticing, almost. It’s a delicious devilry, he’s SO manipulative and so elegantly EVIL.

Well, on one level. Unfreakinbelievably, there’s a whole other dimension to this that I didn’t see the first time around, and frankly I don’t think I was even meant to. It’s not hidden, but it’s not on plain view for an initial watch, and I think that’s intentional. So, soooo much of the joy of this show for me is the way things dawn on you, and I’m obsessed with all the different ways that manifests throughout its run. Hannibal’s genuine affection & fondness for Will needs to be something that bleeds back into your memory, because that’s going to match the way it will work on Will in S2. His love needs to well up under your skin like a bruise you don’t remember getting, and hurt just the same.

So here, Hannibal begins working some of his most blatantly cruelties right in front of our eyes, but — he also tells Will that he cares about him for the first time. I watched this episode doing dual screaming: at Hannibal slash @me for ever forgiving this abusive dick for his UTTER TERRIBLENESS, and again at the discovery that for all his abusive dickery, he was much more conflicted & vulnerable in this episode than I eeever saw before.

These Post-S3 lenses we’re wearing really are something.

Alright, Live-Blaahgadgdsjff after the cut — it’s long as hell again but clearly you all don’t seem to mind, so like, ONWARD.

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At the beginning, very much, Sherlock needed to transcend his intelligence because he was trying to woo Watson into being his companion. 
As far as that relationship goes, I think, it was very important at the beginning for Sherlock to really entertain and just sort of, encapture–captivate Watson and really impress him.

Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘A Study in Sherlock’ (the behind the scenes documentary after TAB)

confirmed sherlock was trying to woo john in their first meeting

i rewatched the special and moftiss forced my hand into writing a meta

My god. This turned out rather longer than I planned, but here is my opus. I tried not to repeat things I’ve already seen people mention and also I’m sure in the weeks of hiatus to come many meta writers will present many other points, but consider this a first-glance list of some extra quotes that help build up the bigger picture. None of the gifs are mine and I’ve credited where I could, but if you see yours in the uncredited ones, please let me know! 

So, here we go.

Adding to the stockpile of explicit proof that the special concentrates on Sherlock’s emotional journey into himself and not on finding out how Moriarty survived:

1) MP!Sherlock in the greenhouse saying “Nothing made me. I made me.” and then, under his breath, muttering as if he had just seen him lurking in shadows of the mindpalace; “…Redbeard…?” I missed this the first time I watched it, and when I heard it the second time I freaked out because, of course current Sherlock did not make Sherlock at all. Trauma made Sherlock. And, more importantly, the one thing he’s tried to avoid ever since, the one thing he said is abhorrent to him; CARING made Sherlock. And, after this special, he should finally be able to start showing emotion again, without the fear.

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