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Sunlight lights the freckles on Dean Winchester’s nose. They always get more obvious in spring, and Castiel loves it. He likes the little brown sprinkles covering Dean’s nose and cheeks, going perfect with the bright green of his eyes. Dean doesn’t see him staring, he’s focusing on his homework.

Castiel, who is normally the one to be concentrated, keeps looking at Dean next to him. It was a perfect day to sit outside, so they decided to get their boring work out and lay on the grass in Castiel’s garden.

It smells like spring; flowers and warm sunlight, just warm enough so they don’t have to wear jackets. Dean’s barefoot, his toes playing with the soft grass. Cas smiles when he sees it, then quickly returns to his work.

“They think we can like… stop time or something,” Dean complains and nods at the pile of books with him. “How are we going to finish this in one weekend?”

“We don’t,” Cas huffs. “And then we fail all our classes, get kicked out of school and go live out on the street.”
Dean’s laugh is as bright as the sun that’s currently creating speckles of light peaking through the leaves of the trees.

“Oh man, y’know what?” Dean softly pokes Cas’ bare arm. “As long as we’re homeless together, I’m cool.”

Cas smiles and quickly turns to his work so Dean doesn’t see him blush.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

They work for a while, exchanging questions and answers as time passed.

“Ugh,” Dean groans and rolls on his back, leaving his work next to him. “I’m dead.”

“Condolences.” Cas says and smiles as well when he hears Dean’s happy laughter. He puts his pen down again, too. He lays on his stomach and starts picking daisies, carefully, and begins to thread them together.

“Whatcha doin’, Chuckles?” Dean asks. He’s closed his eyes and lets the sun warm his skin.

“Surprise.” Cas smiles.

“If you’re trying to feed a bee again, I’m gonna kill you.”

“Bees are very important creatures, Dean, and I wasn’t feeding it.” Castiel continues his thread of flowers, making it longer until he can create a crown.

“You were guiding it to the biggest flowers. I call that feeding.”

Cas finished of the crown and shifted over to Dean.

“Don’t move.” He gently places the crown on Dean’s hair. “There.”
Dean opens his eyes, smiles when he sees Cas above him.
Cas moves away so Dean can sit up, gently feeling his hair.

“You made me a flower crown?” He asks with surprise. “Dork.”

“It looks great on you, Dean. Very natural.” Castiel says half-joking, half serious.

Dean looks like a fairy, or one of those aesthetic models.

“Yeah, y’know what’s very natural too? Walking around naked with a leaf hiding your dick.”

“Would go great with that crown.” Cas laughs, rolling on his back. Dean chuckles and flops down next to him.

“Oh, you know you wanna see that.” He turns his head and gives Cas a lopsided grin. He grins back.
“Totally. I’ll make sure to take pictures, for later blackmailing.”

Dean playfully pushes against his arm and smiles, turning his face back to the sun.

They lay together in the grass, happily ignoring the books and essays unfinished at their side.
“Cas- have you ever stolen something?”

They always play this game. One of them asks a ‘have you ever’ question, the other answers, then asks a question. The only rule: be honest. It sounds like a lame thing, but it has been helpful to both of them during difficult times, cheering them up.

“No,” Cas says after thinking. “Well… maybe a pen, at school- but never intentional.” He thinks. “Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?”

He could see Dean smile from the corner of his eyes.
“Well- Miss Talbot was pretty hot, but I didn’t have a crush.”

Castiel remembers the teacher they had last year, that got all the guys in awe- except for Cas, who had always been more interested in the handsome science teacher’s biceps.

“Did you ever think about kissing a teacher?”

“Nope,” Cas says proudly, “Did you ever think about… kissing a guy?”

He makes it sound so light, but his throat is closed and itchy.
Dean’s answer takes a while.

“Yeah,” He says softly. “Did you?”

“Yes, plenty.“

Castiel doesn’t know what to ask, but Dean goes first.

“Did you ever think about kissing me?”

When Cas looks to his side, Dean is looking at him. He can’t help but smile because of the flower crown in Dean’s hair and the expecting, nervous look on his sun kissed face.

“Yes.” Cas admits.

“Okay.” Dean seems happy, proud even. “I- uh, kinda thought about that too. Few times.”
He doesn’t look away from Cas, who feels frozen in place. Dean sits up and leans in, a little unsure as he places his hand besides Castiel’s head. “Should we, uh-”

“Yes.” Castiel repeats, but he feels out of breath as Dean’s freckled nose moves closer and Dean lightly bumps it against his.

His lips taste as sweet as the air of spring, filling Cas with colorful butterflies, saturating him with warm happiness. He expectantly leans in and pulls himself closer to Dean, to savor more of those plump lips. Dean’s hand is still next to his head in the grass, his other tracing an invisible line over Cas’ arm.

Castiel’s own hands find a place on his lower back, and Dean smiles against his lips. They pull away. breaths full of each other.

“This okay?” Cas asks, though Dean’s smile says everything.

“Very okay.” Dean hums, already leaning back in.

Castiel now pulls himself up and turns them around, carefully rolling Dean onto his back in the grass and flowers. Dean’s crown is still somehow on his head.

Cas kisses him again and realizes Dean even tastes like nature. Fresh and new and delicate, yet anciently rough and strong. The perfect balance, having Castiel amazed with every new second he kisses and tastes.

He gently takes Dean’s bottom lip before Dean makes a soft sound and takes Cas’ lip in his own, glad to pull him closer, deeper into that feeling they’re so new to.

Maybe spring fever got them both hypnotized, but they forgot about their schoolwork, everything they had to do.
Dean is running his fingers through Castiel’s hair, pulls him close until they’re both completely out of breath. One moment Castiel is on top, testing and trying Dean out, the other moment Dean is hovering over Castiel, careful and hesitant though knowing how to make him surrender.

The spots of sunlight through those leafs create a magical feeling, as if they did stop time and are all alone, with no one else in the world.

Maybe both of them have waited too long for this to end already, maybe they only now realize how much they wanted, they needed this.

It could’ve been hours before Dean softly pulls way one last time, rolling on the grass next to him.

For a moment, he’s quiet, then his fingers reach for Castiel’s.

“I meant it.” He says.

“What?” Cas frowns.

“As long as you’re with me, I wouldn’t mind being homeless.”

Castiel smiles and squeezes Dean’s fingers.
“Even though I agree, I think doing some more homework is a better idea.”
It takes them a little more time to get back to work, but after a while, the books are reopened and they try to focus.
But with their new experiences of each other, the rest of the afternoon isn’t that bad after all.

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Family, Friends, Feelings (part 1)

request by winter-soldiers-doll Hey could I request a got7 imagine when the reader is Jackson’s sister and she comes to visit him but she ends up meeting all the other members as well and her and JB start to like each other.

Jaebum x reader 

Summary: You were just planning to visit your brother for a bit before your teaching job began. You didn’t plan to become close to GOT7 and maybe closer to one member in particular

Genre: fluff/romance

a/n hope you like it thanks for the fabulous request. Also I kind of love this idea so much I am turning it into a series so stay tuned. ~JJ

You landed in Seoul around 7 pm. Your heart was racing and you couldn’t wait to run out of the airport to see your brother Jackson. You were studying abroad in weren’t able to see him all the times he visited home with GOT7. It had been almost 2 years since you last spoke in person. The reason you were visiting was because you were starting an English teacher job in Seoul in a month but came early to spend time with Jackson who had a break in between comebacks. Since your apartment in Seoul wasn’t ready you were staying at the GOT7 dorm which made you nervous but excited to meet the members. 

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“Capturing Her Damaged Heart”

Summary: A deadly disease plagues the world. People are dying, the dead are rising. The infection spreads too fast to stop. Everyone tries their best to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, but things get messy for Natsu when he finds a blonde woman on one of his missions. Natsu takes it upon himself to help her, protect her, and accidentally fall in love with her? Zombie Apocalypse AU. Hurt/comfort, angst, romance.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Read on or AO3.

A few warnings before we get started: This is rated M for explicit language, violence, torture, physical and emotional abuse, character death, sexual abuse, eventual sexual content, possible triggers, controversial topics, drug use, and adult situations.

As you can see, the zombie apocalypse can get quite messy. This is not a story for the lighthearted. The triggering content won’t go into extreme detail, but I did want to put a warning.

In the beginning of chapters where there’s either smut or a possible trigger, I will post a warning so you can choose if you want to read it, skim it, or skip it. (Keep in mind, it will be a while until either happen.)

If at any time you decide you don’t want to continue reading this story then please don’t feel any pressure from me to keep reading. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, so don’t compromise your well-being for the sake of a story. That being said, I also want to say I will not change how I write this story. The main plot has already been decided. It’s not meant to be a fluffy piece, but there will be good times shared here and there for our survivors and there will be a relatively happy ending.

I would also like to warn this is a ‘slow burn’ story! So keep that in mind while reading. This is a NALU story, but be warned, this will be a bumpy ride.

I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does! I only own this specific plot, and my OC’s if I choose to create some. There is no updating schedule.

I sincerely hope you read all the warnings and didn’t skip straight to the story, but if you did, good luck. Either way, enjoy!

Chapter One: Section Six

(October 4th, 2017, Wednesday Morning)

Flipping the page of his manga, Natsu read out loud, “'We just said that’s the wrong name!’” He took a breath, changing the tone of his voice a bit. “'No, it’s not! When I made him that shrine, Yato was so happy! He’d wanted it for so long! It can’t be wrong!’”

Eyes flitting to the next page, Natsu continued. “'Or he wouldn’t have cried like that…’”

He sighed, closing his manga and setting it beside him. He didn’t need to turn the page to know what came next. Muttering, he recited the words from the next few pages because he had them memorized. “'Yaboku! Wheeeeew… Welcome back, Yato.’”

Green eyes shut as he leaned back on his mattress, staring up at the fluorescent lights that didn’t work anymore. “This is so boring,” he moaned to himself. He had read his tenth volume of ‘Noragami’ twenty, no… twenty-one times before today.

'If only I had the other volumes. Maybe then I wouldn’t be so bored.’

Shifting against his bed and covers, he tried to get comfortable for a nap. However, the sound of a female’s voice captured his attention. “If it’s so boring, why do you keep reading it?”

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“Sweets” (Leo Smut)

Originally posted by xxinkeyxx

Title: Sweets

Featuring: Leo (VIXX) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17. A little Dom!Leo

Summary: You’re supposed to be making Christmas cookies, but Leo is easily distracted.

Requested by  @jirachoi93 ! If you’d like a winter/Christmas scenario, go here!

Taekwoon stirred the dough with intent, a kitchen towel thrown over his shoulder. He was serious when it came to food; cooking it, eating it, serving it, it didn’t matter. He was always totally consumed in his task.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

(Reader x Steve Rogers)

Word Count: 1171

Summary: The reader, a dodgers fan, is dating Steve, a Yankees fan. I’m surprised they’re still together.

Warnings: none

A/N: This was so much fun to write and I hope you guys enjoy this! Cute bois and baseball dates ftw

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here for another minute (chuck bass drabble)

holy hell writing this drabble was so fun!!!! mostly bc ed westwick looks like a damn angel in that gif. i’m wet. bye. 

(pls remember none of the gifs are mine! love y’all!!)

“I wouldn’t want you dead” ft Chuck Bass

You and Blair were childhood friends and there wasn’t a thing you wouldn’t do for her. There were some things that you would protest very loudly, though. One of those things was play the stupid middle school game ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ at her stupid Valentine’s Day Party. Your protests fell on deaf ears and Blair somehow convinced you to spin first.

“I really don’t want to do this…” You glare at Blair and she gives you a warm smile.

“Come on, it’ll be fun! I promise,” she giggles and walks you over to the circle that the rest of the party-goers had formed.

“Why is everyone so eager to play this stupid game? We’re not in middle school, hell we’re not even in high school anymore!” You scrunch up your face at all your potential picks.

“Because not everyone is a prude like  you,” you hear the venomous voice behind you and you grit your teeth, fists clenched at your sides as you stop walking.

“Now is not the time, Bass,” Blair glares at Chuck as he walks in front of you, looking you up and down.

“You look hot. I’m shocked,” he smirks, winking at you as you walk away. He was always mean to you in a playful sort of way, but after finding out that you came to B’s Valentine’s Bash with Carter, he’s been insufferable.

“God I fucking hate that prick,” you look over at Blair who’s giving you an apologetic smile.

“I never understood why you hate him so much,” she shrugs, sitting next to you in the circle.

“We’re polar fucking opposites, Blair. He’s literally the devil,” you mutter, glaring at Chuck as he sits a few people away from you.

“You’re not a complete angel, either love,” Blair whispers and rubs your thigh as she gathers everyone’s attention. “Alright everyone, let’s get this game started! My beautiful friend Y/N is gonna spin first!”

She hands you the bottle and you lean forward, spinning the bottle with just a hint of anger in mind. The bottle spins and spins and spins… and lands on Chuck.

“Fuck,” you clench your jaw as Chuck gives you a smug look, scoffing as though he thinks you wouldn’t do it. You stand and flip your hair over your shoulder. “Get off your ass, Charles.”

You walk over to the Waldorf’s massive closet as Chuck practically trips over his own two feet to make his way after you. He locks the closet and leans against the door.

“I gotta say, I didn’t think you’d do it.” Once again, his eyes rake up and down your body as you roll your eyes at him.

“Chuck shut up. We just have to spend seven minutes in here. You don’t have to talk to me,” you glare at him and turn away, walking to the end of the closet.

“Make me,” he shrugs, leaning against and empty coat rack, eyes not leaving your face. You roll your eyes and shake your head.

“What the hell has gotten into you, Charles?” You put one foot in front of the other, walking to him as though stalking your prey. “Why are you being a grade A prick?”

“I’m not Carter, Y/N. I won’t play the nice guy to get into your pants and then go back to being a prick. I am always a prick. It’s who I am,” he shrugs, a smug look on his face as you walk closer.

“Is that what this is about? Carter?” You stop a foot away from him, giving him an incredulous look.

“This is about the fact that you would bring him here as though you forgot what the fuck he’s done to us all,” he curses under his breath and pulls out a cigarette.

Originally posted by xxmmxv

He lights it, taking a hit and breathing out a cloud of grey smoke. It looked as though the cigarette was the only thing that would keep him sane, as though he couldn’t fathom what was happening around him. Every breath he took and let out was faced away from you, as though embarrassed. It physically pained him to put out the square as he forced himself to look back up at you.

“You brought him here despite the fact that he was willing to beat Nathaniel half to death because the kid couldn’t pay off his gambling debt. Your precious Carter was willing to stab me in the gut to keep me from testifying against him in court. But of course, that would probably be a point in his favor, huh? Because you fucking despise me. You despise me enough to want me–”

Your hand colliding with the side of his face brought his words to an abrupt halt. A light gasp left your lips as I realized what you’d just done, Chuck’s face slowly lifting back up to level with mine. A heartbeat passed in silence before Chuck cupped your face, crashing his lips against yours in a desperate frenzy. Before you know what’s going on, your fingers are tangled in his hair and his hands are cupping your ass. Your mouths are molding into each other after every breath, proving that there was a very VERY thin line between lust and hate.

You both pull back for a breath of air, a calming silence falling between you two as you study each other’s faces.

“I wouldn’t want you dead,” you whisper, placing gentle yet demanding kisses all along his jaw.

“Good,” he whispers breathlessly, lifting you up and wrapping your legs around his waist as he pushes you up against the door, your back thudding against it as you both chuckle.

Your lips move to his neck and he lets out a light moan, his grip tightening around your waist as you feel him grow against your panty-covered slit. One of his hands moves up and grabs your hair in a fist, pulling your head back and exposing the skin of your neck. You let out a loud gasp as he nips your jaw then your neck then the base of your throat. His lips move lower and before you can react, the door is opened causing you to fall flat on your back and Chuck to stay right on top of you. His hands formed a sort of cage around your shoulders to keep your head from getting hurt while his head is buried in your chest.

“Well well well,” Blair’s standing by your right shoulder with a key in her hand and a proud smirk on her precious face as she watches you two. “Bass you can move your head from down there.”

“Now why would I do that?” His voice comes out muffled as you chuckle, shaking your head.

Everyone was watching you, and you knew you had to move, but you would be okay with staying here for another minute.

A Familiar Pattern

My entry for the ML Ultimate Guess Who Challenge! I can finally reveal it! Thank you for everyone who read and participated in the challenge. I am so happy I got in the top 10 most kudos! Thank you so much!

Ao3 link here! And read the rest of the fics in the Challenge too!

“Damn it!”

Marinette jumped at the unexpected outburst. She had thought she was alone in the locker room.  This morning had been hectic and she hadn’t had any time to do her makeup or even properly fix her hair before she had to run to class. That wasn’t an unusual occurrence for her so she often took this time during lunch to at least make herself presentable for afternoon classes.

The previous night had been particularly interesting. An akuma had attacked late in the evening and taken multiple transformations before Chat Noir and her were able to defeat it. When they finally managed to defeat it they found that they each had a fresh transformation.

They spent the next few hours in a way that had become a habit over the past few weeks: wrapped in each other’s arms, passionately making out.

Her feelings for Chat had started slowly, morphing from platonic to romantic so gradually that she didn’t even notice it until she was suddenly overcome with the desire to kiss him. And kiss they did. It was like they were making up for lost time. All the time over the past three years that they could have been kissing they were trying to fit in the past few weeks. Her lips almost felt bruised from the sheer amount of kisses.

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Comparing Lunar Scythe and Yandere Simulator 1/? : Character Design

This is Luna, her backstory as written by Dev is:

The main character is a girl in her late teens named Luna. Luna is obsessed with an idea; the idea that this world is full of people who don’t deserve to live. Murderers, thieves, kidnappers, human traffickers, drug dealers, arms dealers, arsonists, scam artists, identity thieves - Luna desperately wishes she could do something to rid the planet of such people, but she feels like there is nothing she could do that would ever make a difference.
At the beginning of the game, Luna dies. As Luna’s spirit looks down at her own body, she feels nothing but apathy. She didn’t want to live in a world filled with human filth, anyway.
That’s when Death shows up.
Death looks into her soul to determine which afterlife she belongs in, and he is surprised at what he finds within her. He learns that she is free of sin, yet her strongest desire is to take millions of lives. While examining this pale girl clad entirely in black who yearns to kill, Death feels as though he’s looking at his own reflection for a moment.
Death decides that Luna may be able to serve him a purpose.
Instead of sending her soul to the afterlife, Death makes Luna an offer. “I’ll bring you back to life, if you agree to bring me human souls.”
Luna is shocked by his offer. “But I don’t want to kill innocent people!”
“Then do not kill the innocent,” Death replies. “Kill the guilty.”
“But who are the guilty?” She asks.
“That’s for you to decide,” Death replies.
Death is offering her the authority and the power to kill anyone she thinks deserves to die - and she thinks that a LOT of people deserve to die. She doesn’t want to come back to life and return to a miserable world filled with criminals, sadists, and psychopaths…but if she had the power to purify this sinful world, she could create a world that she actually wants to live in.
And so, Luna accepts the offer, not to become Death, but to become Justice.
Death resurrects Luna, gives her a giant scythe, and grants her superhuman powers that become active at midnight. By day, Luna is an ordinary girl who works part-time jobs to scrape by…and by night, she is the judge, jury, and executioner of her city, an agent of death.
If Luna does not bring him enough souls, Death will take her life. Luna asks Death how many souls he wants, and what her deadline is. Because Death does not perceive time the same way that mortals do - in terms of seconds, minutes, or hours - he cannot give her a specific date. As he looks upward in contemplation, he notices that the moon is full. And so, he decides that Luna must use the scythe to deliver a specific number of souls to him by the end of the lunar cycle. Hence the name of the game, “Lunar Scythe.”
(What do you think? Corny?)
The game takes place over the course of a year. After each full moon, Death demands more souls by the next full moon. So, Luna has to kill more and more people to meet her quota each month.
What Luna doesn’t know is that she’s not the only dead girl that Death has brought back to life! He has also resurrected other recently deceased girls who each have the capacity to take millions of lives. Every time there is a full moon, Luna will fight another resurrected dead chick wielding a giant energy weapon. The game takes place in 2015, and there are 13 full moons in 2015, meaning Luna will have to face 13 of these enemies in total.

What is Death plotting? Why does he want mortals to gather souls for him? What will happen once Luna has defeated all of the other dead girls?

You’ll have to play the game to find out. ^.~

Alex has given her a fairly simple backstory that could easily be expanded on. In the forum he presented this in, he gets some good feedback on her character wise. The people pose questions such as “what is her goal?” and “well this bit doesn’t make sense because …..” 

We already know Dev made Ayano a blank slate, because when he presented Lunar Scythe, he was met with what he saw as “harsh criticism.” However in the forum no one is really that harsh. Most tend to clue in that Alex doesn’t take critique well, and pose their thoughts in ways such as “well think about why she does this, who made her like this…” One of the major problems fans have with Yandere Simulator, is the lack of personality/story for Ayano. One could say Ayano is meant to be a self insert for the player, but the problem is she is legit nothing. A self insert in other games typically has a base story, and the interpretations of a character are formed based on the choices that the player makes. In otome games, Persona 5, Fallout, you can choose dialogue options. It’s up to the player to pick the snarky comment, the kind comment ect… The only way a player could form an interpretation of Ayano is through elimination methods. Do they stab a person? Blackmail? Pair them up with someone else? Either way the only focus on these options is Ayano’s perspective on removing someone from Taro’s life. The player can’t decide why Ayano loves Taro. What kind of person Ayano is. 

I tried my best to make sure that Luna wasn’t a Mary Sue. There are a lot of details about Luna that I left out…

Luna’s younger sister, Stella, was a child genius and a celebrity. Chess grandmaster, master of four instruments, wrote and published a best-selling novel, graduated college, performed surgery - all before the age of 12. Luna was never able to measure up to her little sister in any way, which left her with a horrible inferiority complex. As soon as Stella started pulling in tons of money and making the family famous, her parents practically forgot that Luna existed. Luna tried everything to get her parents’ attention - causing trouble at school, wearing bizarre fashion, dying her hair crazy colors - but this only pushed her parents further away. She moved out at age 18, and she hasn’t spoken to them since. She doesn’t bother reading any news related to her younger sister, preferring to pretend that she doesn’t even exist. The goth fashion and dyed hair became a part of her identity after so many years, so she still keeps a little bit of dye in her hair and wears gothic accessories from time to time.

Luna started struggling immediately after moving out. She barely graduated high school, she can’t make friends easily, she can’t hold down a job, and can’t afford to pay her rent. She’s depressed, miserable, and desperate when she finally dies. Even after her resurrection, she still lacks the qualifications or experience for any full-time job, and has to keep doing lousy part-time jobs to scrape by. She literally has nothing going for her, other than the fact that she gets superpowers for a brief period of time at midnight…then it’s back to being a failure at life.

Again, this is very underdeveloped. Why can’t she hold down a job? Doesn’t she learn? Is being depressed just part of her character? Alex refused to give Ayano a backstory, because he decided that if people didn’t like what he wrote for Luna, they wouldn’t like what he wrote for Ayano. Ayano has been given a few backstory prompts, sort of. The biggest being “Ayano can’t feel anything”, however people criticise Ayano’s character because it contradicts the very basis of her, she’s a yandere. It feels like Alex has just recycled the murderous intent from Luna, removed her backstory and stuck it into Ayano. There is no “deredere” to contrast the “yan” side of her, making her boring and dull.

People began saying Luna looks too generic, looks like Ryuko from Kill La Kill, Ruby Rose from RWBY, and Cassie Hack from Hack/Slash. People also though she looked too “edgy”, typical busty goth anime girl. When met with this criticism, Alex went around commissioning different artist to come up with a different design for his character. He asked the forum what they liked best. The designs presented were:

And this, is Ayano’s concept art.

Ayano’s first design shares some similarities to Luna. The red/black palette. Short hair. It seems as though Alex abandoned the original “having a distinct silhouette” and opted for having a plain design. Ayano is not easily recognisable, as she looks like any other Japanese middle school student. In the forum, he is constantly asking for harsh criticism. He says he want to improve the character. He often asks what other people would suggest instead. 

As he’s met continuously with criticism about the practicality of this all, he states:

I’m totally aware of how ridiculously impractical it would be to use a scythe as a weapon…in real life. But this is a video game, where the Rule of Cool is the only rule I need. I’m willing to throw realism and practicality out the window for the sake of having the coolest weapon possible, and to me, that’s got to be an energy scythe. An umbrella isn’t a practical weapon to use in a fight, either, but that doesn’t stop Parasoul. You can argue that Parasoul is using a special fantasy umbrella that shoots projectiles - and, likewise, my character is using a special sci-fi scythe with an energy blade rather than a solid blade, which opens up combat options that a grass-cutting tool does not.

I agree that the costume is impractical, but that doesn’t matter to me very much. Once again, I’m willing to completely suspend my disbelief as long as something looks cool enough…or sexy enough. I’d rather have an impractical and cool-looking character than a completely realistic, practical, boring character. With that said, it may be entirely possible for her to be wearing a much more cool-looking outfit than her current corset / skirt combo…but whatever outfit I eventually decide on will definitely not be restrained by practicality. So, what would you suggest for the outfit?

It seems like this is what fuelled Alex to make Ayano so boring. Ayano seems like she’s just a huge “fuck you” to the people that criticised Luna. Ayano is very practical. Very realistic. To the point of boredom. People continually state Luna’s character is boring and too simple, his response:

The reason I wanted to give the protagonist a simple hairstyle is because I haven’t been able to get cloth physics or long hair physics working in my game engine. But, of course, that’s a personal failing, and shouldn’t restrict the character’s appearance. So, what would you suggest for the hairstyle?

Having short hair fits with the first design of Ayano. Perhaps his engine still was that bad that he couldn’t get physics working. Personally, I feel like Alex continuing to ask people for suggestions when met with any criticism becomes very passive aggressive. Every single comment is met with that. It comes off as “well if you think it sucks, tell me how I should do it then.” You cannot saying the hair is generic without giving an alternate suggestion according to Alex.

He also gets upset over someone stating there was no reason for having a young white female protagonist. Keep in mind Ayano too, is a young white female protagonist.

What’s wrong with having a young, white, female protagonist? If this is a “social justice warrior” thing, I’m definitely not going to argue about that subject in this thread. The costume is my primary concern here.

Alex quickly abandons is old “please critique my work!” rhetoric and writes this rant defending his choices.

About the cleavage, midriff, and legs…well, there is a story-related reason why she desires to dress up in a sexy outfit when she fights, but even if there wasn’t a plot-related reason, I’m going to fall back on the Rule of Sexy. I absolutely love sexy-looking femme fatale characters. …aren’t we on…the Skullgirls forum…?…

This goes back to Alex is making a game for himself. A character for himself. He is sexualizing this girl and is lying about having a story related reason for the sexy outfit. He does the same thing with the characters of Yandere Simulator. 

I really hate over-designed characters with too many belts and zippers and random useless accessories hanging off of every limb…but I really don’t think my character suffers from that problem. She’s got a pretty simple outfit. There are some details, sure, but I don’t feel the design approaches the DeviantArt level of ridiculous over-design.

Everything about the character’s design, however implausible it might seem at first glance, does have a justification. The reason she dyes her hair, the reason Death thought a scythe would suit her best, the reason she wears a sexy outfit - it’s all worked into her backstory. Is that what you’re talking about?

I didn’t really purposefully make the game’s storyline dark for the sake of being dark - I just made it a story that appeals to me, and dark things happen to appeal to me, so the story came out really, really dark. I guess you could say that my over-abundant enthusiasm for impractical weapons, sexy outfits, and super dark-and-edgy plot elements is totally steering the design and direction of this game. (However, because the game takes place predominantly in LITERALLY dark environments, it may be a good idea to give her a brighter color scheme…)

Maybe it’s because all of these aspects of her design appeal 100% to my personal tastes, but I just can’t imagine that choosing to go with this character design could actually result in “practically no revenue”. Is that what you’re really suggesting? Or are you just saying that every time I make a decision about a character’s appearance, I should treat that decision, no matter how minor, as being a choice that could ruin the game financially? Because that doesn’t seem realistic to me, either…

Anyway, why even criticize the original design? I’m ready and willing to replace it with one of the new re-designs that I posted. So, please tell me what it is you like / dislike about the NEW designs.

The thread goes into gameplay a little more, and then Alex says this:

I’m starting to think I made this thread a little too soon. I mean, I’m TOTALLY aware that I could never, ever ship a game that plays exactly like that prototype you played. Obviously, the final game won’t just be killing sets of 5 dudes over and over. Obviously, the final game won’t have that lame death animation. Obviously, the final game won’t have a special move that is just spinning in a circle. But since people are getting the wrong idea, I guess it was a mistake to post that prototype and call it a “demo”. Maybe I should have called it a “proof of concept”. Or maybe I should have called it a “programming test”. Or maybe I shouldn’t have posted anything at all just yet…

It’s quite similar to the pity party he threw himself when his game was critiqued by Mike Z. Alex posts more designs for his character at this point

We go back to Luna’s goal and backstory, and Alex just keeps stating that she hates bad people and wants to rid the world of them. He states a few times “you have to play the game to find out” A similar tactic used with core plot points in Yandere Simulator.

What I’ve gathered from looking at Luna and Ayano together, Ayano is Luna. Same sadistic side. Lack of empathy. Similar beta designs and motifs. Ayano just had Luna’s backstory removed because Alex didn’t want to face criticism again. 

Every Question Has a Solution

Being Question sidekick but been forced to move in with the Teen Titans for a bit.

Relationship: Teammates, Budding Relationship.

Fandom: DC Comics. TT V JL

Character: Damian

“You’re joking.” You looked at your faceless mentor after he told you that you would be going to live with the Teen Titans because he had an important mission and didn’t know how long it would last.

“I’m not joking. You will be staying with the Titans.”

“This is unfair Q! I take care of myself. I did it before I met you and I will do it after!” You heard the older man sigh as he looked down at you. You could never read his facial expression since he never took off the mask around you.

“Y/N, please. I know I don’t say it a lot but I want you safe. You are very close to my heart.” Your face softens after he spoke.

“Fine. I will do.” You couldn’t see but under the mask, he smiled. Pulling you into a hug his hand ran over your hair.

“Batman will pick you up.”

“Great.” You said with clear sarcasm.

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Arisha’s 3rd Fan Meeting Experience


As many of you have seen from my updates, I finally had the chance to see Arisha live at her Fan Meeting, which happened on 16 July 2017. Here is a small report of what I could remember and my spaghetti on everything that happened!

More under the cut~

(Warning a lot of spaghetti/random fanboying happened while I was typing out this post…)

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Thirsty Thursday - Part 1

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,671

Summary: The reader wants Dean to go out for Thirsty Thursday, even though he needs to study for an important test. 

“Come on, Deannn.” You whine dramatically.

“Y/N, I can’t!” He says just as dramatic.

“But dude…it’s Thirsty Thursday! What kind of college kid are you?!”

“The kind that’s failing metaphysics class. If I don’t get at least a B on the test tomorrow, I’m screwed.” He groans.

“Meta what?” You say confused.

“Exactly!” Dean throws his hands up in the air. “Some stupid philosophy bullshit.”

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fic: Skinny Love

title: skinny love

genre: romance/getting together

word count: 1500.

description: skinny love - when two people love each other but are too shy to admit it but they still show it.

It’s an uncharacteristically shy glance in Phil’s direction that he can’t explain and the butterflies that come with it.

It’s the crooked smile Phil sends back and the way the butterflies swarm.

It’s being in love with your best friend, your best friend being in love with you, and you both knowing, but the inability to say it out loud.

a/n: this is a lil short thing based off of Dan’s tweet from the other day when he and Phil went for a beach walk because there was something so lovely about the whole thing that I couldn’t get over. I wrote this in about an hour I hope it’s okay, I’m actually really happy with it!

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GoT modern/high school au headcaons!!! (loosely based off this post; aka i had a conversation about dany in a bar and this just sorta happened)

-transgender/genderqueer arya; she fights with the boys from her neighborhood until they agree to teach her how to land a few actual good punches, she wears dirty sneakers, wolf tshirts and a snapback, hair cut into an overgrown pixie cut

-sansa runs a pretty flowery hipster tumblr blog on which she occasionally fangirls over the hot-but-douchey pop/r'n'b star joffrey, this goes on for several months until she gets just a tad too much into the social justice corner and realizes what a fucking piece of shit he actually is, she moves on and becoms more aware of social problems (which she frequently discusses with the gorgeous fascinating girl called margaery she met on tumblr who she definitely NOT has a crush on, jeez no she probably lives half a world away, no no no)

-jamie lannister used to be at the top of the social food chain, what with being the quarterback of King’s Landing High and a rich kid, perfect hair perfect teeth perfect body perfect clothes, until he said a few words too much about neddie stark’s plain clothes and old-fashioned chivalrous attitude, and somehow he got mugged in an alleyway once and beaten up… at least that’s what he says, but when the word is out that underdog cat tully, the graceful, quiet, but headstrong senior, was the reason his perfect hair doesn’t flick as nice anymore, both his face and reputation are completely ruined

-loras is like a gay rights advocate all the way, even equipped with a tumblr since his sister marg bullied him into getting one (she seems to be super into it tho, “like what is she even doing, who is she even /talking to/ in her room all the time renly i don’t get it she just always giggles and smiles at her screen like a damn moron”) and he is super out, but his bf renly isn’t out because it could ruin his future like financially and loras is a good boyfriend and supportive but also sad because he wants to hold hands in public (//oh look i made myself sad)

-jon snow is the hister emo kid who listens to the arctic monkeys and the 1975 and bastille, he wears white shirts with snowy patterns or wolf prints and black skinny jeans all day every day, can be frequently caught in the library with his best friend sam, nerdy fantasy enthusiast and avid gamer, one of them reading and the other staring about and thinking about life, the both of them sometimes joined by sam’s best friend-slash-maybe-girlfriend gilly, social outcast and teenage mum

-cersei is top cheerleader obvs, and even though now head cheerleader and quarterback of Kings Landing High are siblings, some still joke that there is a dating tradition to keep (wink wonk)

-varys and petyr baelish are the ambigulously gay duo who run student council and threaten everyone’s asses into doing their homework for them

-tyrion is a dropout who doesn’t give a shit and works at pizza hut, but still reads vonnegut and is starstruck when he, by chance, befriends one of the infamous school sluts, shae, and finds out that is kinda everything he ever wanted in life wow

-brienne is the first female football player on the team, the boys used to give her shit for it until one day she tackled loras to the ground effortlessly and sat on his face, which made renly laugh at his bf’s stupid face, which lead to him being so amused that he forgot to make the team run laps for warming up, which kinda gained her the team’s respect forever

-tywin has a big company of some sort in town and he pretty much runs the school cause ~money~ and ~my kids are more important than ur kids~

-danny is the weird kid whose parents and family died and her brother fucked off to god knows where, and now she dresses punk rock and hangs out with the older kids. she got herself three aggressive chihuahuas who bite her enemies ankles, and they’re annoying as hell but she loves them to death. she loves picking bar fights whilst her best friend jorah, who is actually kind of a nerd who just sorta accidentally ended up with her (lab partners), is like fuuuck lemme finish my beer first. also her fave band is imagine dragons, shut up.

-asexual greyworm because of reasons

that is all goodbye

I was wondering when I would end up writing fanfiction for Pokemon and apparently it wasn’t until Team Skull showed up.

I was thinking about how there are three pillows on Guzma’s bed. Maybe he just likes pillows but I also immediately thought about how he could go to sleep on the bed with Golisopod and Ariados, if they want to, and each would get a pillow.

So this is around 1500 words of silliness (and one, more serious spot) where Golisopod is taking up most of the bed and Guzma is trying to get it to move over.  There is some swearing and implied violence, because I do believe Team Skull would be swearing if it weren’t for the fact the game was rated E.

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Day Five: Game.

So I know this is almost two months late but my laptop (temporarily) died on me the day I was working on this and I lost everything I had written and I had to wait two weeks to get my laptop back and then life happened and I moved and forgot about this until now so…. Enjoy!(?)

D1: Canvas. D2: Leather. D3: Latte. D4: Smile.

(Based on this AU sent to Modeoheim.)

The sound of a door opening and excited chattering stirred Genesis from his sleep and he sleepily opened his eyes and looked up from where he had been dozing, lazily draped across the couch. The sight of the youngest two of his four lovers entering his apartment greeted him.

The raven-haired one didn’t seem to notice him as he shut the door and slipped off his shoes, but the blonde one did. Sapphire eyes met sleepy aquamarine ones and Cloud looked a bit sheepish as he realized that the redhead had been napping, and that they had woken him up. A corner of Genesis’ lips turned upwards as he pushed himself up into a more ‘proper’ sitting position, the movement catching Zack’s attention.

Amethyst hues blinked and the young man rubbed the back of his neck as he noticed SOLDIER’s Crimson Commander’s in ruffled clothes and his sleep-mused hair. “Whoops, did we wake you, Gen?” Zack asked, a sheepish grin spreading across his face.

“It is fine,” the redhead gave a lazy wave of his hand before motioning for Cloud and Zack to come over. “What has got you two excited?” he asked, running a hand through his messy hair in an attempt to tame it.

Cloud sat his boots neatly aside before he made his way over and (after Genesis patted the spot beside him) sat down on the couch next to their oldest lover. Zack pouted playfully as the blonde leaned against Genesis’ side. “The new Shin-Ra video game came out,” Cloud began to explain before Zack cut in.

“We were hoping to play it here, since ‘Geal’s away on a mission and Seph’s got a crap ton of paperwork to do that he’s brought home. That, aanndd you still have my gaming consol, seeing as how you didn’t return it after your and Seph’s last game night.” Zack placed a hand on one hip and faked a scolding look as he waggled his finger teasingly at Genesis, who looked unabashed.

“It’s a good stress reliever and way to fight without either of us ending up in the Infirmary,” Genesis stated with a shrug. He snaked an arm around Cloud’s middle while Zack shook his head fondly before setting up the consol. The Second Class handed Cloud a controller, turned on the tv and proceeded to plop in front of the couch. He leaned back, one shoulder against one of Genesis’ legs, the other against one of Cloud’s.

The three of them watched with mixed emotions as the game’s opening sequence started up – Genesis in curiosity, Zack in excitement and Cloud in awe. “The graphics have really improved since the last one!” Cloud stated brightly, as Zack pressed the start button.

“Indeed,” the redhead agreed. “I wonder if they’ll have any new places, or people, this time.”

“They might, but they might not.” Cloud shrugged before pointing out, “in the last game they didn’t have anyone new. They had a few new places though, and an interesting storyline.”

“True.” Genesis inclined in head in acknowledgement and watched in silence as Zack chose the multiplayer PVP. He listened as Cloud and Zack quietly argued over who was going to be who first, before they settled for Cloud being ‘Genesis’ first, and Zack being ‘Angeal’. Genesis leaned forward slightly in curiosity as the game loaded up the arena (Cloud and Zack had chosen a forest clearing), curious as to what his and Angeal’s characters would say and do this time.

He was disappointed, however, to find that his game character merely did his bang-flip and a taunt. ‘Angeal’ did his usual mini-lecture on SOLDIER Honor (“I will not hold back, on my Honor as a SOLDIER!”).

“Hey look, Gen! They’ve got your bang-flip completely right this time!” Zack grinned, remembering how the last few games had the Commander doing the flip with the wrong hand.

Apparently Genesis was remembering it too, if the amused smile was anything to go by. “It’s about time.” He watched as ‘Angeal’ ducked a slash from ‘Rapier’ before reaching out and picking up LOVELESS from the side table.

“They’ve got Angeal attacking with the blunt side of Buster too,” Cloud pointed out after a few moments of the only sound being the quiet clack of game controller buttons being pushed and the sounds from the game.

“Is it me, or am I detecting a Costa Del Sol accent from Gen’s voice actor?” Zack asked, whining a moment later when ‘Angeal’ went down due to ‘Genesis’’ ending move – a Firaga to the face.

“Oh yes, definitely,” Cloud agreed. Both of them cracked up at bit when ‘Genesis’ smirked and quoted Genesis’ favorite LOVELES quote. “That’s new.”

“Yep,” Zack agreed, quickly pressing the button that would take them back to the character select screen. “This voice actor doesn’t have Gen’s dramatics, or elegant air, when quoting it though,” he stated.

Cloud gave a hum of agreement while Genesis gave an obviously faked, haughty sniff. “Of course he doesn’t, he isn’t me, after all.” Tossing his bangs to the side dramatically, the redhead then held LOVELESS higher to hide his smile at hearing Cloud break out into soft, little giggles.

It was quiet for a moment before – “Hey! I’m on here too!” Zack grinned widely, selecting himself while Cloud chose Sephiroth. “Think they’ve got Seph’s hair programmed so there aren’t any glitches like last time?”

“Who knows?” Cloud shrugged, his gaze moving from the raven haired man to the screen. He subconsciously chewed on his bottom lip as the game started up. “They might’ve kept it. Didn’t Kunsel say that they sold more games after the glitch was discovered because everyone found it pretty funny?”

“Yeah, that’s true. It is pretty hilarious that the other characters could be hurt by Seph whipping his hair around.” Zack snickered. They were disappointed to find that this time ‘Sephiroth’s’ hair didn’t whip around and hurt others on accident, however, they did crack up when they figured out that it was a secret move of ‘Sephiroth’s’.

“Hey, there’s a new character here. I’ve counted each one for each Turk and SOLDIER from before, and there’s an extra.” Zack eyed the last dark outline before snatching up the game’s case and pulling out the guidebook. He flipped through the pages quickly. “Oooh! They’re a secret character you can only get if you beat the game with a hundred percent score!” Zack’s eyes glinted brightly as a grin spread across his face. “No way am I backing down!”

Genesis and Cloud shared fond, yet exasperated looks as Zack started up the Story Mode. “My bet is a week until he beats it,” Genesis murmured lowly into Cloud’s ear. Low enough that Zack (who was preoccupied) couldn’t hear him.

“Two,” Cloud hissed quietly back. Knowing Zack’s workload and how much of his free time actually spent between his lovers, he doubted it would take less than two weeks.

“Usual wager?” Genesis asked, a smirk curving his lips upwards.

“You’re on.”


Cloud won the bet, as it was approximately two weeks later when Zack beat the game with a hundred percent competition. The blonde sat next to Zack on Angeal’s couch, legs tucked up to his chest as they watched the credits roll, the ravenette practically bouncing in his seat.

Sapphire eyes watched as the credits finished and then as the pop-up announcing ‘SECRET CHARACTER UNLOCKED!’ popped up. “Who do you think it is?” the blonde asked, shifting slightly to accept the controller Zack was handing him.

“Maybe Lazard or Vice President Shinra?” Zack guessed, quickly saving his game before hitting the button to return to the main menu. “Or maybe some Turk from the past? I mean, there is that ‘Vincent’ guy… still wonder who he was,” the raven mused aloud.

Amethyst shone brightly as Zack resumed his bouncing as the Player Versus Player. A quick movement of the joystick and the two froze in surprise at seeing who the secret character was. It took only a moment before it to compute and Zack grinned widely before shouting, “Gen! Seph! ‘Geal! C’here! You’ll never guess who the secret character was!”

“No need to shout, Zack,” Angeal scolded lightly as he appeared in the living a moment later. A dark brow rose as the Lieutenant looked at the two youngest of the five sitting on his couch, Cloud staring slack-jawed at the screen while Zack bounced like a little kid hyped up on sugar, a hand raised and finger pointing towards the screen.

“What is all the fuss about?” Genesis asked. His coat seemed to fan out behind him as he stepped from the hallway and into the living room, Sephiroth following just a few steps behind.

“Is something the matter?” Sephiroth asked, frowning as he looked at their youngest lover (who had turned his head to look at them, still shocked) with worry.

Zack shook his head and gestured a hand towards the tv again, grinning widely. “The secret character was Cloud! We can play as Cloud!”

Surprised, three sets of eyes looked over at the tv to see that their littlest boyfriend was indeed depicted as a game character on the screen. ‘Cloud’ was dressed in his Infantry blues, gun tucked to his side. Genesis and Sephiroth exchanged a look for a long moment before–

With speed that only a First Class could pull off, not even a full ten seconds later Cloud found himself perched in Genesis’ lap, controller in the ginger’s hands while Zack had been moved to Sephiroth’s lap and had stolen Zack’s game controller as well. The Second Class and Cadet exchanged looks of surprise before breaking out into laughter as the silverette and redhead faced each other in a mirror battle, both playing as ‘Cloud’.

Angeal shook his head fondly as he moved to sit in one of the unoccupied armchairs to watch the battle that would ensue, though a smile graced his lips. Despite their oddities, and obsession with video games, the brunette knew he loved them.

And they loved him.

crayonsurpapier  asked:

So just saw your blog post about Jack's interview any head canons of Bitty as a hockey husband sitting near all the other hockey wives?

I sure do!! (if you haven’t, i would read the interview head canons here first)

  • To start, we have to go back a bit. Because Jack and Bitty chose to remain hidden for four years and, like it or not, that has had an effect on their relationship. BUT don’t worry- it was not a bad effect. It was not easy or simple and there was a strain, yes, but it did lead to one key fact that Bitty is actually very grateful for:
  • He has built up a life independent from Jack. They realized early on that Jack goes completely heart-eyes around Bitty and so while Bitty has obviously met all the Falconers, he is not best friends with them. He does not attend all Jack’s games (he attends a few, but only when he can grab one of the boys from Samwell and make it into a group-thing because he doesn’t really want to sit alone in the stands); he does not keep his weekends free to go out with Jack and the boys; and he does not actually move to Providence the moment he graduates.
  • Instead, Bitty moves to Paris (it was a hard decision and he misses Jack but Jack wants him to follow his dreams and for once not worry about the cost and actually, when Jack visits him in Paris, they are able to be a little daring so…). He apprentices under a baker there and then when he does move to Providence at this 4 year mark, Bitty opens his own bakery and he’s glad he’s not out as “Jack’s boyfriend” because when his business flourishes, he knows it’s because he is good at this, not because people are there to gawk at Jack’s Zimmermann’s boyfriend.
  • The point is: Bitty has created a life apart from Jack. He has his own friends (around the world now) and his employees at the Bakery turn into his little family, each with their own problems that he helps with and he takes some of them to the Falconer games and, gradually, they probably are told about him and Jack (or figure it out) but their favorite part of watching the Falconer’s play isn’t watching Eric Bittle go heart-eyes over his boyfriend; it’s watching their sweet, even-tempered boss scream obscenities at the opposing team and go on rambles about ridiculous calls and they had known their boss was a hockey player but it is still a thrill to see him in his element. 
  • Of course, the plan is always to come out to the world and they both feel ready and it is awesome, it’s better, honestly, than either of them let themselves dream (and look, bitty isn’t going to turn down the boom in business either because that means he can give his whole team raises!!) so they do it and they are happy and–
  • And the Providence Hockey world gets ready. The team (who has met Bitty before and were probably at least a little in the know, same as bitty’s friends) is ready to finally see (and chirp) their captain for being so happy, and the fans are ready to go to battle for the player that brought them the cup, and the wives and girlfriend’s are ready to welcome Bitty so fucking hard. They are going to prove that they are not homophobic and that they are the friendliest people on earth and they are going to go out of their way to treat him no differently that the others. Eric Bittle is given a free pass to the inner circle of Hockey Wives.
  • Jack and Bitty come out midseason (after the Falconer’s secured their playoff run, before the actual playoffs because why not?) and the world is ready and so it’s a bit of a disappointment when the first game after the announcement, Bitty doesn’t come. 

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Use Somebody - Warren Worthington III/Reader (Chapter 2)

a/n; hello! before i leave for vacation, i thought that i would leave you guys with a little bit of the florist au! i’m so overwhelmed by the response for the first chapter, and i want to thank everyone of you guys who are reading & giving me feedback! and shoutout to alex, who read through the rough draft!<3 also a little short, i apologize!

i also think this may be a four part story!

link to story on ao3

chapter one

bonus; at the end of the chapter is my own personal playlist i made for this fic! Xo

tags; @shayara @pagemaximoff @trashimagines @thefandomkitten @vodkaauntwithwings @dadneato5 @rax-writes @warrenwxrthington @muffinz323 @mooney-blake @jensenfrickelfrackel @willsomeoneholdmyhand @insanitia @suburbiangothic @fantasticallycaitlin @on-your-left-marvel @deanwsbaby @jaspers-gembooty @releasethefreaks @mayathepsychicc @imaginessforall @spideysbucky @thefandomswillcry @step-into-my-office @fail-with-integrity @alyceinfandomland @andtheworldwentsnickersnack @prxphette @breathab-le @epipiphoria @netflixismysport @darkwandamaximoff @petermaxxi @its-the-new-broken-scene @romanticvision @thewinter-havok @imaginecabin @the-masqueraiding-artist @shippingshiperton (if i forgot anyone, lmk!)

There’s a shitty bar that’s a street down you take him to, it may be old and a the crowd may be a bit sketchy, but you’re assured by Warren that he doesn’t care; as long as he’s in your company, it doesn’t matter where you are.

You take him a little towards the back where there a couple booths, away from the usuals who are already a little buzzed and arguing about the mundane football game displayed on the tv. Warren shrugs off his leather jacket, before leaving to go grab some drinks; promising to be quick. You take this opportunity to shoot a quick text to Jean, peering over your shoulder just to make sure he’s still over there.

Currently dying, because I’m on a semi-date with Warren!

It doesn’t even take a full minute for Jean to reply, excitement evident.

If you don’t AT LEAST make it to third base, i’ll be VERY disappointed. I didn’t raise you to be a quitter!

You chuckle quietly, face palming yourself at the text.

We aren’t in high school anymore, I’m sure I can control my hormones! (you didn’t even know me until seventh grade, shithead!)

Quit texting, and hop on that!

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I was tagged by my platinum bae, m-mimima ! Girl’s birthday is tomorrow so Imma do this today! :D YAY HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY DEAR! <3 


Cool. As always, I’m going to add gifs…. 

1) NaruHina - Naruto 


2) SasuSaku - Naruto

(Frick, I forgot the tumblr person who animated the SS kiss below but DAMN HE/SHE DID AN AMAZING JOB AND I’VE SAVED IT ON MY COMP SO DOUBLE PROPS!)


3) Maleigh (Mako and Raleigh) - Pacific Rim


4) HiccStrid (Hiccup and Astrid) - How to Train Your Dragon

5) Dante and Kat - Devil May Cry reboot

Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 5? 

YES! After I watched the entire cut-scene sequence from the reboot game, I KNEW Dante and Kat had chemistry. Their understanding of each other evolved throughout and it was so precious the way he cared for her T_T

Have you ever read fanfiction about 2? 

Indeed I have! :) 

Has a picture of 4 ever been your screensaver/profile pic/etc.? 

No but it was on my phone for awhile XD

Why is 1 so important?


Is 4 a serious or funny ship? 

Am I serious about it you mean? Of course! They are happily married and ready to make badass Viking babies on dragons :) :) 

Out of all the ships which one has the most chemistry? 

Aw man this is hard! All of the ships are based on healthy, understanding (and sometimes complex) relationships. I guess I’ll just have to go with Naruhina because they give the most fuzzies :) 

Which ship lasted the longest? 

Naruhina definitely! The dorkiest married couple with their dorky offsprings. Double bless :3

How many times have 5 broken up? 

Never. Their relationship is not canon T_T but it implied it a bit in the end of the game…I think. 

What about 2?

Lolz they didn’t have to. It took 10,000 15 years for a stubborn Uchiha to realize his feelings for a certain pink-haired lady before they got together and made fresh salad *WINK*

If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would come out alive, 1 or 3? 

Holy shit I can’t even decide. You have jutsu-full-powered ninjas for 1, and 3 has gigantic mecha robots that can slice a kaiju with a cargo ship! LOL. What if…what if they all came out alive because both ships worked together? Hm? HM? That’s right…TEAMWORK! 

Did 4 have to hide their relationship for any reason? 

Nope! Everyone pretty much supported Hiccup and Astrid, especially Astrid’s soon-to-be father-in-law XD

Is 5 still together? 

Probably not because Kat never shows up in the sequels. UGH >__< 

Is 1 canon?  


If all five ships were put together in The Hunger Games, who would win?

What if the Hunger games was actually about food and they had to eat ramen instead?? ‘Cause in that case, it’s HINATA.

Has anyone ever tried to sabotage 3’s relationship? 

Mako’s adoptive father….Papa Pentecost ^^ 

If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you you had to pick one of the five ships to break up forever which ship would you sink? 

Lolz well I’d have to say Kat X Dante 'cause they never became a thing T___T (unless the reboot prequel is separate from the sequels and she does survive and bear him babies??) 

Which ship would you like to befriend and invite for dinner?

Definitely Hinata and Naruto because they are friendly and adorable, and will eat EVERYTHING on their plate and I will be a happy bunny. 

Okay! So now I shall tag 5 people: narutowhat unchartedstory12 jolliesjaded iirehtalasse tachipaws

“It’s Your Day, Let’s Nail These Suckers!” *Avengers x Reader*

Originally posted by darthtulip

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Summary: Your a single-mum who is also an Avenger. It’s Mother’s Day and the Avengers help your son plan a day for you but everything goes wrong; baking, reservations got cancelled and you just got back from a gory mission. Instead you end up playing video-games, challenging the Avengers and beating them all when pairing up with your son. You mention maybe quitting the Hero life, living somewhere normal but your son convinces you otherwise
Warnings: Major fluff over-load plus Steve x Reader fluff
Admins Note: It’s MOTHER’S DAY IN THE UK! As something special to ALL the mothers on here; who may or may not read this blog, I appreciate everything you do and so does your children. Most of my young-childhood it WAS just my mum raising myself and siblings; she did a fantastic job, so are you! This goes out to my mum, who for a while had to look after my older brother on her own, and then once myself and sister were born she had to do it on her own AGAIN; despite my dad saying he was in it for the long-run. Know that for seven years you were My super-mum, my hero and you STILL are. Not even Captain America or Natasha Romanoff can compete with you single-mumma’s - Rosalee : FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS THE SON IS NAMED HENRY… OBSESSED WITH ONCE UPON A TIME AGAIN!

No One’s POV

“Okay we have five hours to plan something” Henry walks into the living area of the base; Steve, Natasha and Clint’s head turn to look at the thirteen year old boy with questioning smiles “it’s mothers day, I need help planning stuff for my mum… obviously” he rolled his eyes at them. 

“She’s not our mum” Clint chimed earning an elbow from Natasha “okay, okay what do you have planned?” he asked with a deep sigh.

“Well, my bird friend” Henry started, Steve snickering at him “Tony made reservations at my mum’s favourite place for seven, I wanna bake a cake because she loves cake” he shrugged, everyone nodded slowly “you gonna help or not?” he asked impatiently.

“I can’t bake” Steve tells him “I’ll supervise, that’s something I’m good at” he chuckled, Natasha and Clint stand up ready to help Henry for whatever he had planned. 

You had joined SHIELD well before you had Henry, you decided to continue with this job because it’s all you knew plus you never thought you’d join the Avengers either, now that you have; yourself and Henry live at the base along with a few others who reside there. 

It had been difficult raising Henry on your own, his father not wanting anything to do with, you could find him but Henry told you not to bother; since he wasn’t bothered about Henry’s existence, Henry wasn’t bothered about his! Joining the Avengers it had gotten easier, not by too much but it got better, the pay was good. Although the massive downside was the danger, you virtually had no one other than the Avengers, so if something were to happen to you… Henry didn’t really have anywhere else to go. 

“This seems like too much flour” Henry says pouring the flour into a bowl, Natasha nodded in agreement, both other men shrugging as they look at the baking book; saying it was the right amount “I forget that you guys have zero-to no life skills, like at all!” Henry chuckled lightly, earning a playful nudge from Natasha. 

“That smells revolting” Henry says as they pull the Victoria Sponge Cake from the oven, everyone equally scrunching their noses at the smell, he sighed and looked at the book; they had done everything right but for some reason it didn’t turn out right “what went wrong?” he asked mainly himself, he just wanted everything to go right, to show how much he appreciated everything you do for him. He knows the danger you put yourself in, how much hard work you did before being an Avenger, he just wanted to prove he cared as much. 

“At least you have those reservations” Steve sighed and Henry nodded, Steve rubbing the small boys back “she’ll probably laugh, knowing the thought counts, don’t be too hard on yourself” Henry nodded with a small sigh. Nothing else could go wrong, right?

Wrong; Tony timidly walked into the living room where Henry and Steve were watching TV, laughing at some comedy show they had found together; Natasha and Clint had gone out to get you flowers and chocolate- to make up for the worst smelling cake ever. 

“Hey, tiger” Tony grinned and Henry frowned at him “ugh, you are gonna be so mad and you have every right to be, I spent an hour trying to make it right” Tony sighed to him “for some reason during the week a worker cancelled our reservations” Henry groaned “and they are fully booked, I tried name dropping but they assured me they couldn’t do anything, I tried; I am really sorry” Tony tells him. 

“It’s fine” Henry sighed, leaning back into the sofa, it’s quiet as Tony leaves and Steve looks down at Henry; who was having a mental battle over what he would tell you, why he had nothing planned for you “well, I’m going to get the award for world’s worst son, ever!” Henry sighed out.

“No, no you won’t” Steve chuckled at him, his dramatic behaviour being a trait from yourself “you tried; (Y/N) will see that, she’ll appreciate the effort you made” he smiled and Henry nodded. 


You returned home after a very gruesome mission, wanting nothing more than to just relax, to forget everything you saw but that wouldn’t happen; you can’t forget, not really. You managed to make it through a shower and changing, the deep ache already settling in as you walked to the living area, where ALL the Avengers sat with huge smiles; you frowned. 

“HAPPY MOTHERS DAY” they all shouted, including your son, you had forgotten that it was today; you grinned as Henry ran and hugged you tightly, smoothing his brown hair you kissed the top of his head. 

“I forgot it was today” you tell them, taking the flowers and chocolates from Natasha “I hope we aren’t going out, I kinda wanna stay in, it was… it wasn’t a very good mission” you admit sitting down beside Henry who grinned lightly, Steve nudged him knowing everyone was thinking the samething; thank god you didn’t want to do anything BUT relax. 

“What do you wanna do?” Henry asked, you thought for a moment, looking at Henry with a small smirk and he grinned “Cut Throat 2?” you asked and he nodded his head. 

“It’s your day, let’s nail this suckers” he grinned turning the PS4 on and grabbing the controllers, everyone getting into pairs; Tony and Bruce, Natasha and Clint plus Steve and Thor all had a characters picked out. (Think of Mortal Kombat but totally different; four people play and are in pairs, they fight against another team moving up- so it’s not one-on-one #realgamebutactuallyforPS2).

“Oh and you two losers are out” you trash-shouted to Tony and Bruce; Tony threw the controller down in a tantrum, leaving the room and Bruce got up to go sleep, you high-fived your son who was laughing “Oh, Birdman and Spider-Girl are up now” you smirk; Clint and Natasha glare, they were tricky and very good at the game but you spent countless hours with Henry on this game, you new all the moves 

“OH AND THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE” You stand with a shout, Natasha stands and so does Clint, both walking out in silence “awe, come back… we’ll give you another chance” you call to them. “Ah, who needs em’” you shrug and sit down, beginning the next fight against; Steve and Thor, who weren’t very good at it but it was equally fun, since Thor ALMOST broke the controller. 

“With a little practice from my boy you two could be really good” you sing as you defeated them, Steve chuckled and so did Thor; who left to get food but Steve remained for a while watching you play against Henry… the real challenge. 

“Well, I’m calling quits” Steve sighs and stands up “I expect lessons from you on this game, that’s an order” he ruffles Henry’s hair, who shrugs him off and nods, you grin at the two. 
“After he does his homework” you nudge Henry, who rolls his eyes but nods “Night, Steve. Thanks for looking after Henry today, appreciate it” you tell him and he shrugs, smiling.
“I don’t mind” he tells you, silence falls and Henry grins “anyway, see you both tomorrow” he waves before leaving hearing you challenge your own son on “best six out of ten games”. It’s silent except for the buttons getting pressed onto the controller, the odd trash-talk from either you or your son, that’s expected when two winners compete against one another. 

“Hey, Henry” you speak as you play and he makes a sound that he acknowledges you talking despite his eyes glued on the TV, hunched forward slightly, you wanted to chuckle but you wanted this to be serious. 

“I’ve been thinking about maybe stepping off the field, moving away from the missions” you tell him and he nods with a frown; either from the game or you “actually I’ve been thinking about quitting the Avengers, moving somewhere normal, safe for us both” you tell him and he turns and looks at you, you wanted to smile but a serious face was glued onto you. 

“I think that’s a stupid idea” he tells you, elbows on his knees as he goes back to playing, you do too but he continues “you love being part of the team, I love being here and it would be stupid to give up what you love, I know that your job is dangerous; I know that” he shrugs as his character K.O’s your own. 

“I know but it means we’re safe” you tell him and pause the next game, Henry turns to you and smile but furrowed your brow “I get this is all cool and whatever but… it’s difficult for me to decide this; especially for us both” he nods slowly “I’m a single mum trying to do what’s best for her son, I can’t do that if I’m an Avenger trying to do what’s best for the world, I want to put you first and I do but sometimes I can’t do that; you may understand but sometimes you won’t” you sighed gently “maybe if you had some place to go but all we have is each other, plus the Avengers but I’m talking about family, we only have one another; if your father was around this would have been easier” Henry smiled.

“We do have a family, it’s a little weird and unpredictable at times, but we have people who loves us” Henry smiles at you “I don’t look at them as if they are hero’s, I look at them and see family, people who would do anything for myself and one another” he grinned at you “that’s more than anyone else has showed us; my father has showed me” he chuckled and you nodded. 

“Besides if we left than yourself and Steve won’t ever get together” Henry resumes the game, you look at him with wide eyes “having him as my step-dad, that would be pretty cool!” he chuckled at your face, nudging you to play, you do.

“Whatever you think is going on between me and Steve Rogers, it’s not” you tell him in a mumble, Henry chuckles.

“Well it needs to happen myself and Tony have a bet going” you frown “hey, I’m rooting for you guys” he shrugs, you nudge him “hey, cheating, that’s a foul move mum” he calls out and you chuckle.

(Hope you like it. I did my best, I actually had a lot of fun writing this, I would totally do a part 2 if people request it but whatever. Anyway, remember to catch up on the latest Alternate “You”niverse part plus Becky and Peggy. You can still request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)