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Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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Patterns, refs, and more+

So this con season I made myself Pidge and a Shiro paladin costumes to wear, with pretty good results. The worst part of it though was the amount of time I spent drafting patterns, so I figured this might be a good resource for anyone else looking to make armor in the future.

This is all based on my measurements (a 5′1″ average-ish build with… bigger thighs), so you’ll likely need to make adjustments to have this fit yourself, but hopefully this makes building your own cosplay a little easier. Materials, patterns and everything under the cut. Hope it helps!

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Ride or Die [M] (JBxReader)

Originally posted by magiccastles

Genre: Smut/Angst

Pairing: Gangster!Jaebum(but actually very soft!jb) x You

Warnings: Nothing much, just some makeup sex and a little drugs

Summary: Jaebum’s mad. Mad that you left without a word, and now he’s giving you back what you started.

Word count: 2k

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The wind tangled its fingers in his hair, blowing back every strand of hair on his head. 145 km/h was far off the speed limit, but he slammed down hard on the acceleration pedal anyway. He started to sit up, and then sank back weakly into the leather chair, a grimace washing over his face.

“Pass me another smoke,” he said impassively, red eyes still focusing intensely on the road. You hastily rummaged through the glove box for his packet of Marlboro ice blast, just the way he liked it. You would joke that that was his favourite flavour because it went along well with his unamiable personality. Ice cold indeed. Except that today wasn’t a good day for laughing matters. You smacked the box a few times with the palm of your hand and passed a stick to him. He picked it up with his mouth and nodded his head towards the lighter nesting in the cup holder. Getting the signal he was trying to bring across, you helped him light up his cigarette while he took in a deep breath of the sharp mint. Clouds of white escaped his lips with each puff, fading out through the window into the inky night.

“You think it was fun going to the club without telling me your whereabouts? You like guys seeing you in those skimpy clothes?” Jaebum said condescendingly.  You kept silent, not wanting to aggravate his temper by saying the wrong words, but that only added fuel to his anger. He passed you a quick glance, mouth set and eyes bleak.

“Not gonna say anything? Cat’s got your tongue missy?” He made an abrupt turn onto the side of the road, making you fling forward from the sudden jolt.

Thank goodness the seatbelt was holding you back.

Jaebum turned to face you, exhaling smoke in your direction. You coughed at the strong scent of nicotine.

“Jaebum, it isn’t a big deal. Why are you making a mountain out of an ant hole?” You folded your arms across your chest.

“Not a big deal? My girlfriend- MY girlfriend was at a club with devious men simpering at her and just look at what you’re wearing. That dress barely covers your ass. How dare you, y/n.” He berated, taking another hit. The red, angry glow of the cigarette seemed to grow brighter. You could feel the tension between the both of you heightening.

“Baby, I just wanted to have some fun with the girls tonight. I’m sorry for not telling you earlier, okay?” You said coolly. “Please don’t be mad.” You reached for his arm and gave it a tight squeeze.

“Don’t call me that.” Jaebum yanked his arm away and flicked the cigarette out of the window, letting it burn into ashes. A faint snigger found its way into the gloomy air. He rolled his neck and ran a hand through his hair. Your vision was blurry from the misty silhouette of the remaining smoke wafting around your heads. In that moment of discomfort, you found yourself choked up with shame. Jaebum rarely fought with you, and even if he did, he always gave in at the end. This time was different though. That action of yanking his arm away made you feel lousy; your efforts to mitigate the problem didn’t work. The alcohol had kicked in as well, feeding your deranged state. You prayed silently that you would pass out before things escalated. Jaebum was never one to break down easily, but when it came to you, he was putty in your hands.

“How would I know if you won’t do the same thing again?” A whimper made its way through his trembling words. He had completely lost to the high. You could barely see properly, but you knew from the hitching in his voice that he was about to dissolve in tears. “I can’t have other men looking at my girl like that. You’re mine, mine. All mine.”

Hearing his soft sniffles, it made you bite the inside of your cheeks. You never wanted to hurt him. However tough he appeared, he was just a delicate piece of glass.

Suddenly, drizzle started falling from the sky, rolling down the windshield in a steady stream. Jaebum sighed, then reluctantly rolled up the windows and turned on the heater. He removed his spiked leather jacket and threw it on the backseat. All he had on was a white tank top and fitting ripped black jeans. He gripped firmly on the steering wheel, averting his emotions somewhere else. You shivered as his well toned arms contracted at the same time as your heart did. His arm was a canvas for a long, ridged scar that ran from his shoulder to his elbow. But he wore it proudly- a reminder of fiery escapades that once fascinated him. The windows condensed under the contrast of temperatures as heat built up in the car, lending privacy before the other cars that drove past.

“You’re fucking beautiful, y/n.” Jaebum blurted, brushing his fingers over your cheek. He leaned towards you and planted sloppy kisses on your lips, his breath still lingering of menthol. In your daze, you threaded your fingers into his hair, pulling him closer to you.

“Aren’t you mad at me?”

He answered you with another kiss, this time exploring the insides of your mouth. His insistent mouth parting your shaking lips, tongue fighting for dominance over yours. You pulled away from the kiss, only to be greeted by look of immense desire etched on his face. It was so clear that you wondered where he’d hid it for so long. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, sucking lightly on the sensitive skin below his ear. He responded with a soft groan, low in his throat, and then lowered his chair as you climbed on top on him. Your dress rode up your hips as you unsteadily straddled his lap. Putting your weight on him, your chests collided, melting into each other. Other than the scent of cigarettes, you inhaled his citrusy cologne, his shampoo, the scent that was just… him. The tiny car offered little to none space to manoeuvre; nothing could contain the excitement growing in your core. The persistent pounding in your head added to the numbness you felt as his fingers brushed roughly against your laced panties. Just one stroke of his skilful finger sent wild tremors along your nerves, evoking sensations you never known you were capable of feeling.

“I’m mad. Still mad, and this is your punishment.” With an impatient hand, he drew your underwear down your thighs – and did even quicker work of removing his pants. You fumbled lifting your dress off your head until Jaebum ripped it away and threw it onto the backseat. He grabbed your ass harshly, not caring if his nails dug into your skin, and gave it a firm smack. Your body responded by jerking towards him, your long hair hovering over his face. He pulled back your hair with one hand and with the other, firmly cupped your chin.

“I’ll show you what it means by being mine.” He dipped his hand into your glistening pussy, rubbing harshly at the bundle of nerves. Your legs shook at the sensitivity and your fists grabbed fiercely at his white tank. You wanted more, you wanted to taste every inch of his body. Similarly, he wanted to eat at your intoxicated lips, down to your sweet cunt. His fingers pierced through your body like a bullet, plunging them in like there was no tomorrow. As your essence covered his fingers, you couldn’t help but to mew in pleasure. Two fingers working in you, a little uncomfortable but nothing you couldn’t handle. Your eyes rolled back into your head as he crooked his finger, hitting you in the spots that made your moans turn into a high-pitched orgasm.

“F-fuck… It feels so good.” You slurred. His bulge throbbed in his pants and you could feel it thumping against your sex. You were seeing two of him, daze washing over you.

“Tell me how much you want it,” he growled into your ear. You squirm beneath his touch, body aching for more of him. You squeeze his thigh hard, leaving red imprints.

“So fucking-” another moan escaped your lips as you ground your convulsing pussy on his thick thighs.

“So fucking badly.”

Jaebum mewed at the sensation of your wetness on him. His cock was rock hard and pulsing repeatedly against your abdomen.

“This badly?” He wantoned, sliding the tip of his member over your slit. He pushed his head in ever so slightly, only to remove it again and again.

“Please,” you begged. “Please Jaebum, give it to me.”

He continued to tease you, slapping his cock against your clit. You let out a loud gasp as you clenched your toes, every muscle drawn taut. You whined as you pleaded for his thick cock to fill you up. You wanted to relish in the feeling of his warmth in you, reaching deep into your womb. His cock was now red, hot and angry; the head of his penis tingled unbearably, a drop of precum forming at the slit. Sensing how much he wanted you as well, you lift yourself above his hips, and then sunk yourself down. Rotating your hips around him, you found a good tempo with the buckling of his hips. He bit down on his lips hard, a vein on his neck becoming visible. Your eyes flutter and you are lost in bliss.

“You are mine,” he grunts out, pumping into you, the length and level of his arousal brutal.

“Mine,” he swears. He doesn’t slow the movement, giving you full, hard thrusts, your breasts bouncing off your chest. In that moment, nothing seemed to matter except for him sliding in and out of you. You slide your hands down his biceps, tracing the scar, clamping your legs around his waist, driving him further into you until your sweat-slick bodies stain the car seat. His face winces as your velvet insides envelops him into paradise.

A familiar heat buzzes in your belly, but he is still ruthless, wanting to engrave himself into you. Jaebum continues at it, this time with even harder thrusts. The sound of skin slapping became even louder.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck. y/n, you feel so good on my dick.” He ran his hand over your chest, rolling your bud between his fingers, pinching and pulling at it.

Your back arches as you feel his dick pulsing in your sex. You guide his hand to your clit and used it to rub it hard.

“I’m, I’m cumming babe.” You cry as Jaebum pounds even harder than before. The car shook underneath his primitive act.

“Wait for me, y/n.” He says, and with one last pinch to your clit, you can feel yourself losing control of your body.

Both of you crumble into sand as your orgasms pierces through your bodies. He empties his viscous fluid in you and pulls out, some spilling on your stomach. You squirm at the feeling of his hot cum in you, amazed at how he fills you up so well every time. He uses a finger to swipe the cum off your slit and puts it into your mouth. You obediently lick it all off.

He reaches to the back of the car for your clothes and helps you put it back on.

“Are we okay now?”

Jaebum nods and pulls you into another heated kiss.

“Don’t do it again.” He pants, chest heaving heavily.

But if he’ll punish you with such means each time, you’re not sure if you won’t do it again.

anonymous asked:

Ok, so, if you had to pick animals that represented each dai companion, which ones do you think would be best? I saw that mod Sarah had a zoology interest and was a bit intrigued.


Cassandra: Perhaps a cat (any member of the family Felidae, though specifically for Cassandra, Felis catus, AKA the domestic house cat). Cats come in many personalities, just like humans and many other living creatures (not limited to vertebrates, consider cephalopoda). People, however, often associate them with being graceful and powerful hunters, but with also being somewhat standoffish– which is not a trait that is granted to all cats, as any cat owner would know. Most cats are loving and intelligent, too, which makes me think cats (mostly domestic cats, but if any of you are thinking of a black panther, which is just a melanistic member of any of the Panthera species) then go for it.

Iron Bull: A tough one. The bull (defined as any uncastrated males of the species Bos taurus), is the obvious choice– but with now much Bull likes dragons (while unfortunately not a real creature, because they can’t have a spare set of limbs to make wings-reptiles are part of the supergroup tetrapoda, have only four limbs; to have wings, the front limbs must be wings or or they don’t have any at all. In that regard, Skyrim dragons are the more anatomically correct dragons if they were to exist but WHATEVER this is a fantasy universe) a drake is also a very possible choice for Bull.

Blackwall: A bear would be the obvious choice, perhaps Ursus americanus, the American black bear, which is the most wide-spread of bear species and often the ones that wander into human settlements looking for food.

Sera: While many of you think of the a honey bee, any bee that is a species under the genus Apis, I don’t believe this suits Sera. Perhaps a raven, or another member of the genus Corvus. The reason for this is that members of the genus Corvus (which contains such species as ravens, crows, rooks, and jackdaws) are highly intelligent– and known to be ballsy as fuck. They can be taught human speech, and are known to even play tricks on each other for shits and giggles. They are the pranksters of the bird world, and I feel this would fit Sera excellently. 

Cole: A mimic octopus, Thaumoctopus mimicus. Bear with me on this; while all members of the order Octopoda, which are cephalopods, a subgroup of molluscs, are highly intelligent and capable of fantastic camouflage through the use of iridophores and chromatophores (to put it simply, they’re specialized dermal cells that contain pigment to rapidly change color), a mimic octopus is perhaps the best of all at camouflage. A mimic octopus is capable of changing its skin texture and shape to copy other species to blend in– sometimes called ninjas of the sea. Watch this TED Talk for further information: 

ANYWAYS, GETTING OVER HOW RAD I THINK CEPHALOPODS ARE, Cole was a spirit who took the form of the mage Cole, in the White Spire. We have no idea what he looked like before then– as Dorian describes most spirits, they look “bizarre (and) monstrous” in their true forms. If a spirit is capable of such mimicry and such intelligence, I can think of no better animal to represent Cole than a mimic octopus.

Varric: A parrot. Parrots are highly intelligent and known for their speech capabilities, along with being v. pretty. There are MANY different members of the order Psittaciformes, which encompass all parrots. It is a very large clade composed of 393 species to date, but I I think Varric could best be represented by an African Gray Parrot, specifically the Congo African grey parrot, an Old World parrot of the species Psittacus erithacus. These birds are SUPER COOL because they’re among the best at mimicking human speech; one in particular in Japan was returned to his family after repeating the address of his home. They’re also known for hearing things in their surroundings and then repeatedly saying it, much to the ire of the humans they live with.

Dorian: This one is easy; a peacock, which comes in three species, though all are members of the family  Phasianidae, which is shared by pheasants, partridges, junglefowl, chickens, Old World quail, and peafowl. These are popular gamebirds, often poor at flying but PRETTY AS FUCK. For Dorian, I think I’ll go with the Indian peafowl, Pavo cristatus– notice the familiar ‘Pav’ in the name, anyone?

Solas: An ostrich A gray wolf, Canis lupus. No further explanation needed.

Vivienne: An orca, Orcinus orca. Orcas are among the most intelligent animals on Earth, known for being beautiful as well as the apex predators of the sea (being cosmopolitan species, like humans, they are found in a variety of environments, across multiple habitats. 

Josephine: A dove, any member of the family Columbidae, which encompasses 310 species. (Fun fact! Members of Columbidae are the only birds that don’t have to lift their necks up to swallow water. All birds except for them have to pull it into the mouths and pull their necks up to swallow). Doves are seen as an international symbol for peace and love, suitable for an ambassador. For her, I think I’ll go with the diamond dove, Geopelia cuneata.

Leliana: Like Sera, I think she would also fit as a raven, but for the sake of being a nerd and introducing another sort of animal, the next runner-up is the ferret, Mustela putorius furo. Ferrets were domesticated for their ability to ferret– that is, to hunt and catch prey, specifically rodents, which often reside in narrow holes and tunnels that humans can’t reach. Being an excellent spy, well, I feel this should explain itself.

Cullen: An African lion, Panthera leo. If anyone has seen his helmet, it should be sufficient explanation, but they are also famed by their beautiful, voluminous manes– just like Cullen!

The moral of this story is: don’t ask me about animals unless you are prepared for the info-dump, because I love the kingdom Animalia so much (I got OVER 100% in a college-level Zoology course, I could regale you for HOURS on Animalia, ranging from Porifera (sea sponges), the basal clade and taxa of Animalia, all the way to Mammalia. I meant to do chores an hour ago but got carried away. Thank you, and enjoy my fangirling.

–Mod Sarah

Okay this is also for @drawingnumberoneandtwo who I just told I didn’t have time to do this…

She should just keep on walking, the puddles splashing beneath her feet as she drags herself back from another bust of an interview. When’s your boss comin’ darling’? and I wanted a reporter, not his secretary. Still, Cat had interviewed the Senator’s secretary instead and got herself scoops enough to be in print every day for a week. Her landlord would appreciate it, if nothing else. 

It’s a grand apartment all the same, even if three floors down there’s a slightly seedy bar. Usually by the time Cat drags herself home from the Planet’s offices, the last call brawls are spilling out into the alley. She has one foot on the fire escape up to her place when she hears something new, something softer and sweeter than the blaring brass that usually comes out of the bar’s doors. 

It’s curiosity that leads her in, no matter what it did to her namesake. She slips between swaying men in their less-than-sharp suits, and the working girls looking to make their own rent before morning that are keeping them company with whiskey and sodas. 

“Who’s the dame with the pipes?” She asks, flagging down Susan at the bar. Cat’s usual is poured without her having to ask, the bourbon welcome after a long day. She takes off the fedora she swiped from Clark at lunch, shaking out her pin curls. “She’s better than you usually have.”

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anonymous asked:

This is a question about the book characters. Who do you prefer as a character and why? Jon Snow or Jaime Lannister?

Bless this question for giving me a reason to talk about all my Jaime Lannister feelings. Yes, the answer is definitely Jaime. I don’t have anything against Jon Snow as a character, but he’s never particularly stood out to me as a favorite the way he seems to for some people. Jon’s, you know…fine? And he gets better as the series progresses. But he’s not really my jam.

Now, Jaime was one of the characters in the series I was most curious about even before I got to his POV. I mean, he’s a pardoned Kingslayer who was allowed back into the Kingsguard on account of his family connections and spent the last decade plus secretly sleeping with his evil sister under the King’s very nose: this is objectively interesting. And I am shallow enough that the part where he did it all while looking fabulous and making witty jokes at other people’s expense also appealed to me. And then, of course, I actually got to his POV sections, and he wound up becoming one of my favorite characters of all time. (Seriously, he’s up there with Miles Vorkosigan, Vlad Taltos, Emma Woodhouse, Isabel Archer, Corwin of Amber, and Shakespeare’s version of Cleopatra. This is not a list I take lightly.)

And the great thing about finally reaching Jaime’s POV and reading about the man behind the legend is that you get to his chapters, and you’re like, wait: this guy is an actual piece of shit. There’s all this dramatic build up about his infamy and his reputation and his place in history as the Kingslayer and you’re all ready for a roadtrip through the psyche of this epic and tragically twisted anti-hero - and then he spends his introduction slinging childish insults at a nice lady’s face and whining about how he only tried to kill Bran because he was tired and horny and it wasn’t really his fault, okay? lay off him already, jeez, Cersei. The bait and switch is fantastic and I love it. Which is not to say that Jaime isn’t still an epic and tragically twisted anti-hero, just that there’s more to it than that. Which is pretty much his character in a nutshell.

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family expectations / sirius black

requested. i have finally posted something and it’s probably crap. i apologize if it is x 

request here

Your elbows were propped on the table, fingers pressed against your temple as your right leg bounced up and down, brows furrowed in concentration. You kept mumbling to yourself ingredients to a potion, your concentration drifting away every time laughter erupted from a group of what seemed to be second years sitting in a corner.

You were at the library trying to revise for your upcoming N.E.W.T. exam in Potions and it was going well till those disruptive kids appeared.

“Powdered root of Asphodel, Wormwood, Valerian Spri-”

“Thats bloody hilarious!”

Your hands clenched into tight fists, knuckles turning white as you slammed them down on the table and abruptly stood up to make your way over to the group. If Madam Pince wasn’t going to resolve this issue then you were.

All you wanted was peace and quiet but it appeared that no matter where you went to revise, distractions always followed you.

“Whoa! Who are you going to kill?” 

Speaking of distractions.

“I’m not going to kill anyone.” You huffed.

“Really? Because your eyes scream murder.” He commented.

You stared at the luxuriant ebony-haired boy, another huff escaping your lips as you ignored his comment. “What are you doing here?” You questioned.

“What? Am I not the type to be found at a library, finding a solid good book to read?”

“You and reading don’t really go hand in hand.” The tone of your voice hinted irritation.  

“Ouch.” He feigned, placing a hand over his chest. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. I’m fine.” You lied, your eyes flickering over to the group that erupted into another fit of laughter, your hands clenching against your sides.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at you, silence consuming him for a moment as he didn’t want to press any buttons that would cause you to become more irritated than what you already are, so he studied the look on your face in hopes to find evidence about what’s bugging you. The dark bags under your eyes gave away how restless you’ve been, the pale color that covered your usually rosy lips hinted insufficient fluid consumption, and the sight of your unkempt hair showed that you’ve been far too distracted with something that you were neglecting your appearance. And he knew the reason why had to be that you’ve been relentlessly revising for the exams that were quickly approaching.

“Y/N, baby. I think you should take a break.” He said softly, reaching for one of your hands.

You shook your head, biting at your bottom lip. “No. I can’t rest until I take the exam, Sirius.”

“C'mon you’ve been revising all week. A little break won’t hurt, love. We can sneak out and go out to eat or do whatever you want. It’ll be fun.” He tried to persuade but you shook your head again. “Listen Sirius, I’m fine and just need to study, alright? Please just leave me alone. That’s what I want. Peace and quiet with no distractions.” You explained.


“No buts, Sirius. You don’t understand. I need to study and you’re not helping. You’ll only be distracting me so please go.” You requested as the edges of your lips twitched into a frown, your eyes closing when he leaned forward to place a lingering kiss on your forehead.

“If that’s what you really want.” He mumbled against your skin. “I’m here for you, you know that right?” His hands squeezed yours, his soften eyes fixed on you.

You nodded but stayed silent, a sigh escaping your lips once you watched him eventually walk away from you. You were angry at yourself for responding to him that way, but you knew that revising was far more important at the moment, especially since having received that Howler not too long ago.

“Y/F/N, your father and I have heard a rumor that you blew up your cauldron in class recently. That indicates that you have made a mistake and such things are not tolerated in this household. You should be ashamed! You’re the Head Girl and a top student! You come from a lineage of Ravenclaws and to make such an empty-headed mistake brings dishonor to this family. It will be in your best interest to maintain top marks in your N.E.W.T.s. or else.”

Your mothers words constantly replayed itself in your head and you knew that if anyone would’ve overheard the Howler, they would have laughed at how your mother was plainly overreacting and you would’ve agreed with them. She was overreacting but she never played around when it came to your academics. That’s why you’ve been pushing yourself past your limit these days, you had to achieve top marks. You feared that wouldn’t be the case with your Potions class though. You had always struggled a bit with the class, not being a natural potion maker like one of your friends from Gryffindor. You tend to mix up the ingredients and never actually had the patience to brew the thing.

You had came to a decision the next day that you were going to skip your classes the entire day, spending your time and attention on revising and memorizing the potions you needed to know instead. It was your absence that caused Sirius to worry even more. That following morning after having found you in the library, he didn’t see you in the Great Hall where you usually sat with your friends and throughout the day you never showed up at your usual meet up spots nor in the classes the two of you shared together. He was worried for you and began to ask around if anyone knew your whereabouts but no one could give him an accurate answer because they were just as clueless.

“B-Bowtruckle.” You managed to spit out, the Fat Lady eyeing you for a moment before opening up the entrance to the Gryffindor’s Common Room. You managed to walk through the entrance without falling, the grasp you had on the bottle of Firewhisky tightening. “Sirius?” You slurred, eyebrows knitting together as you tried to get a good look of the boy who was slumped in one of the couches.

Sirius head swiftly turned to look at you, his eyes widening as he practically flew off the couch and was by your side in seconds. “Have you been drinking?” He questioned, his voice trailing off when he caught site of the bottle held tightly in one of your hands.

“No.” You lied.

“I can see the bottle, Y/N/N.”

“What bottle?” You grinned cheekily at him, moving your hand behind your back.

“Give it to me.”


“Give it.”


He tried to reach behind your back but you quickly moved, stumbling a bit in the process. “Don’t be stubborn and give me the bottle. I can practically smell the alcohol on you.” He pointed out, grabbing a tight hold of you as his free hand reached for the bottle once more, managing to be successful this time.

“Boo! You’re no fun.” You stuck your tongue at him, crossing your arms against your chest in defiance as you refused to let him drag you to the couch.

“Why are you drinking, love? Especially at this time of night?” He asked.

“Well, why are you up so late?” You questioned.

“Because I was hoping you’d show up with an explanation to why you’ve disappeared all day without telling me or anyone in fact.” He answered.

The only thing your mind was able to grasp though was the Howler your mother had sent, your lips beginning to tremble as your eyes started watering.“I’m so dumb!” You cried, falling to the floor. Sirius couldn’t help but let out a quiet laugh, the small smile etched on his lips soon disappearing when he noticed the tears that started to stream down your cheeks. “Ssh baby, don’t cry. You’re not dumb.” He assured, dropping the bottle before sitting down beside you and trying to wipe the tears but you gently swatted his hand away.

Your body was sprawled across the floor, eyes lazily staring up at the common room ceiling, “Yes I am!” You declared. “I’m terrible at potions! I blew up t-that cauldron last week, remember?” Your words were slurred but still understandable.

“Yes, but that doesn’t make you dumb.” He tried to reason.

“Yes it does!” You hiccuped, your arms flailing around as you tried to use proper hand gestures. “It’s a mistake! I made a mistake and in my family that i-isn’t acceptable! I’m in Ravenclaw we’re s-supposed to be the smart ones and I’m terrible at Potions so I’m going to fail my exam and my family will d-disown me and i’ll be homeless and eat sewer rats for the rest of my life because I won’t find a job! That’s why i’ve been studying for that final all day. And oh merlin! I was so rude to you yesterday at the library. I’m such a terrible person! All you wanted to do was help and I’m so sorry! I needed to be alone and to study in peace. I don’t want to be a disappointment.”

Sirius stared at you with wide eyes, not being able to stop himself from smiling at the way you overdramatized part of your reasons. It was clear to him now on why you didn’t show up to class today. You were overly stressed about the exams that were quickly approaching.

“Stop it! You’re laughing at me.” You accused, covering your face with your hands. “I came here to find and talk to you and apologize for being such a mean girlfriend, but you’re laughing at me.”

“I’m not laughing at you, love. I swear. And you’re not some terrible girlfriend. You’re just stressed and I think you’re overreacting a tad bit.”

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are and do you know why?” He questioned.

“Why?” You whispered, peeping through your fingers so you could look at him.

“Because you’re the smartest girl I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And don’t say you’re not because you are.” He went on. “So what if you blew up some cauldrons? Peter has blown up twice as many I bet. And if your family is going to disown you because of that then screw them. And that’s coming from the original family disappointment here.” He laughed. “You’re not perfect, Y/N, no one is. So it’s okay if you struggle with a class, trust me. That doesn’t make you any less intelligent. I also don’t think that just because you’re not able to brew up a potion properly it will land you on the streets and cause you to eat sewer rats. Besides, I wouldn’t let that happen.”

You sat up swiftly, elbows propping up on the floor as you felt the blood rushing to your head, causing your vision to blur a bit. “Do you mean that?” You whispered, tears stinging the corners of your eyes.

“Every word.” He smiled. “You’re going to do just fine. And besides, if you do end up living in the streets and eating rats then I know the perfect spell that’ll make it taste better.”

You let out out a laugh, your lips curving up into a smile. “Oh Sirius Black! I love you so much!” You exclaimed, throwing yourself on top of him, your arms wrapping around him as the two of you fell back.

“I love you too, princess. Just remember to take it easy and find some time to give yourself a break.” He murmured, his voice softly spoken as he massaged deep circles onto your back. “And don’t try to live up to some ridiculously high expectations. Like i’ve mentioned, It’s not worth it and it doesn’t make you any less intelligent.”

“What would I do without you?” You mused into his chest, the both of you nonverbally deciding to stay on the common room floor for the rest of the night.

“Dunno, love. Maybe eat sewer rats?”

Everything I Hate About You [01]

Masterlist [Namjoon x Reader]

01 |

A/N: My friend mentioned the movie ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ I also touched on some things I feel arn’t in many fanfictions such as bi/pan sexuality

Stories and movies set young girls to believe that we will meet a boy in the mystery section of a bookstore or have a handsome stranger buy us coffee at the local coffee shop, and perhaps thats a possibility but what about the Tinder dates, the floor full of flirtarious men at the club on that random friday night? The outcome of any of these possibilities could be good or bad, no matter the scenerio. Its the guy, the chemistry, the annoying way he thinks you’re cute when your mad, its the long list of things you hate but secretly love about him that makes it all worth it.


You held your cherry flavored sucker effortlessly between your lips, passing familiar faces with usual whispers of whatever new juicy gossip some pathetic try hard decided to spread.

'Lisa’s pregnant?’ 'Chanyeol and Joy finally got together but I heard that she is cheating on him with Choi Minho!’ 'I heard Y/n and Jisoo had a very.. intimate.. couple of meetings. I think she is lesbian!’

The infamous lesbian rumor filing your ears as your black boots hit the tiled floor in a carless strut through the halls of your low class university, full of twenty something year old stoners, try hard, over achievers, and everything in between. As if the gods wanted you to humor those gossip driven asshats, you spotted a familiar petite black haired girl making her way to the front doors of the school. “Jisooo wait up!” Your booming voice slightly startling her as it was so sudden, ignoring the heavy whispers that followed your shout you walked up to her and draped an arm around her shoulder. This action of course came with a cost, a cost of a snide remark from a dumbass kid.

“The lesbians are back at it again.”

“At least I’m getting some,” Oh how you lived for seeing people’s eyes bug out of thier skulls like cartoon characters, and this boy gave you just that, immediately shutting his mouth and crossing his arms. “Have fun with your hand tonight honey.” Jisoo’s soft giggle filled your ears and that only seemed to make this victory all the more great, wrapping her small arm around your waist as yall left the school without a second glance. “Y/n, why must you feed into the gossip?” Jisoo’s voice was soft as she giggled at you like she already knew the answer.“Oh my dear supposed lover, we must give the people what they want.” Jisoo was an aquintence at most, besides a small summer fling of hot make out sessions and alot of roaming hands; you werent limited to loving one gender because love has no gender now does it? “Y/n, you are unlike any other.” Jisoo smiled stepping on her tip toes to place a chaste kiss on your cheek before skipping on down the sidewalk.

Howls and whistles came from the imbeciles not far behind, as if a platonic kiss in the cheek was enough to make thier jeans uncomfortably tight. Without a second look you tossed your sucker behind you before jogging off down the street to your small apartment not far from the school, you had a car. In fact it was your most prized possession but what was the point in driving to hell that was just a few blocks away? Not to mention where a group of kids have zero limits and would show no mercy in doing whatever thier rich little heart desired. The walk was always peaceful after school, shedding off your leather jacket to soak up the cool breeze and slight sunlight of the late afternoon, wind pressing your light material white shirt against your body. The rusted and slightly ruined apartment complex came into view, chipped blue paint, dirty window frames and young kids running around and playing with sticks in the front 'yard’ of the complex. Granted it was alot nicer inside then it looked on the outside, but it was afforable and just enough space for you to be able to sleep, shower, and cook; living on your own and balancing out paying for school plus being a good person and spending money on the lovely ten year old girl you babysit Friday, Saturday and Sunday didnt leave you with enough to live in a big apartment. You were going to see the world someday and if that meant saving up your babysitting money and living in a cramped space then thats what you were going to do; though of course the family you babysit for are pretty wealthy so they pay you 840 Friday-Sunday, and using half for your classes and half in the mason jar in the corner of your closet for an adventure that hasn’t arrived yet.

Incoming call from: Mr. Kwon

You held the phone to your ear while greeting one of your bosses with a cheerful hello, Kwon Jiyong and his wife Kwon Bea were a pretty young couple, and Mr. Kwon liked to call you an hour before you had to be at thier house to take care of little Mina, to make sure you were well and to see if you’d eaten and if you had a good day at uni so he can be sure to have food prepared or not. While Mrs. Kwon texted you daily to wish you a good day at school, they were truly amazing people and you were beyond thankful to be able to work for them. “Hello, Y/n. Just wondering if you’d eaten? We are going to order take out in about thirty minutes.” Rustling on the other end of the line made you smile as you knew he was probably shuffling through the mail stack to find the takeout number and to find my circled order. “No sir I have not, but I was wondering if if would be okay if I took little Mina out for a while tonight?” It was Friday after all, you didnt see why the two of you had stay in. “Of course, you dont need to ask dear. We trust you.” You thanked Jiyong before hanging up the phone and packing your weekend bag before heading off to the Kwon’s, a typical friday. A routine. Nothing out of the ordinary… right?

“Mina, is it okay if we stop by the bookstore before we get ice cream?” She held your hand tightly just like Mrs. Kwon told her to do so she wouldnt get lost in any crowds, the six o’ clock breeze hit her nose softly causing a faint pink tint to color her nose and cheeks. “Yes.” She giggled, as you smiled and pinched her cheek lightly and thanked her for saying yes, granted you probably would have went either way but the point was she was being the sweet little girl she was. She always loved having you around, asking the Kwon’s when she could see you, if you could come to her birthday parties, her school functions and of course you always went; this family had taken you under thier wing, in fact they had offered numerous times to pay for your classes but you kindly denied such an offer.

Mina stood by your side (now holding the hem of your shirt) as you scanned the tables and shelfs for a paticular book and it wasnt until you felt a soft tug on your shirt and small whisper. “Eonni, that boy keeps looking at you.” that your attention directed towards the small brown haired girl beside you. “What are you talking about munchkin?”

“There is a boy standing over there, he keeps looking over here eonni. I think he liiiikes youuu.” Her young mindset sending her voice to a small tease and wiggle of the eyebrows. Your eyes lifted from the small girl and scanned your surroundings when your eyes landed upon a tall boy dressed in all black with a small smirk plastered onto his face. He was handsome to say the least, strikingly sexy smirk that only grew more charming by the deep dimples that came along with it, blonde brushed back hair that showed his dark undercut proudly. You took in his scuffed up black boots, black denim pants, and his slightly over sized leather jacket that fell loosely over his loose fitting black t shirt that was sure to show his collarbones if he were to take off his jacket; your eyes slowly made thier way up his neck and to his smug and almost golden like skin. Your not so settle admiring did not go unnoticed by the handsome man, in fact if only made his smug smirk wider and as if the your careless staring boosted his confidence he sent a small wink in your direction.

Little Mina who was witnessing the whole ordeal buried her face in your stomach and giggled like a mad man. Grabbing the first familiar book in your sights you took Mina’s hand and made your way towards the cashier. 'Who does that guy think he is..’ you whispered to yourself… a bit louder than you anticipated.

“Well I think I’m Kim Namjoon.” A soothing voice rang behind you, startling both you and Mina. Mr. Brown eyed bad boy standing mere inches away from you, smiling softly and you could have sworn that death would have been less painful then looking at his dimples and not being able to touch them. His voice was charming and soft, a voice that could easily put you to sleep given enough time, but the flirtatious smart ass charm he was sporting was not something foreign to you.

“Well Kim Namjoon, do you usually sneak up on people in your spare time or did i just get 'lucky’ today.” To make sure he noted the sarcasm you put finger quotations around the word 'lucky’ but little did you know he was just as flirtatiously snarky as you were. “Depends sweetheart, do you usually check out strangers in bookstores or did 'I’ get lucky?” Before you could even reply Mina looked up at the tall man towering over her smiled big and wide, showing her missing tooth and crinkles near her eyes. “I’m Mina! This is my eonni Y/n.”

“Hello Mina, how are you darling?” Namjoon squated down in front of Mina, holding his book loosly in his big hands; the way his eyes flickered from her to you made your heart flutter ans your cheeks grow hot. “We are going to get ice cream!!” She giggled looking up at you with her one tooth missing grin. “Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” He chuckled gesturing to the book you held in your hand, before holding up his book. “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

“Ah, was that some lame attempt in implying fate Kim Namjoon?”

“Sweetheart, I dont joke when it comes to fate, but I was simply pointing out your food taste… even if you did randomly pick up that book.” Your eyes slightly widened for he knew about your desperate attempt to leave the stare down, but before you could reply to the dark Prince he grabbed the book from your hands, walked around the counter and began jotting down something on a piece of paper before handing the book back to you and heading out the door. “Consider the book a thank you for checking me out sweetheart.” And with that he was out the door.

Did a stranger just buy a book for you? Oh how cliché…

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Sorry, Ladies

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 823

Warnings: self-consciousness, fluff.

Author’s Note: This is an Anon request. Hope you like it!

Request: “Plus size reader and dean go to torrid and dean picks out lingerie for her and she gets self conscious about as skinnier girls walk in and begin flirting with dean.” – Anon

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Dean was always happy to help you shop for some new clothes. Occasionally, there were those hunts that totally ruined half of your wardrobe. Sure, he liked helping you choose what would be the best clothing certain hunts, but then there was the other part of the stores, the lingerie department.

There was something about the lingerie in Torrid that Dean loved. They were a bit spicier than the limited selection in the department stores, and a little more playful. His eyes locked on a particular set, a teal and black lace pairing with lots of ribbon and bows.

“Ooo, sweetheart! How about these?” He pulled the pairing off the rack and turned to you, immediately holding it up to you. “Yeah, I like these.”

You smiled as you snatched the hanger and set it back on the rack. “I have an idea, Dean. How about you let me pick a few out.” You leaned in to kiss his cheek. “It will be a surprise. So, go have a seat in one of the chairs up over there, and I’ll get you when I’ve picked some.” Dean nodded, intrigued by the offer. He loved surprises, especially the ones that involved you in your underwear.

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Overwatch AU: Partner in Crime

Well, once again a one shot AU received a lot of attention and demand for more so here we are! Part 2 of “To Catch a Thief” @reypadawanjedi‘s Thief AU!

Part 1

Read on AO3

Commissioned by @moonwatcher13


Lena bought a police radio, which wasn’t as hard to get a hold of as she originally thought.

“What do you think?” she casually asked over her shoulder as she tweaked the knobs, searching for a channel to listen into while holding the old headphones that were probably used on a much larger head as she needed to keep a good grip on it to keep it from falling right off her ear.

Amelie had just silently slipped in through the window, gently closing it shut behind her. She was just about to admire the brand new window as it closed without a single squeak or struggle, (Not that this had stopped her before but that gesture was nice) but upon entering the dark apartment save for the small light by the kitchen counter, there was Lena, sitting with complete concentration on the bar stool with a radio on the table.

She couldn’t believe it.

It had only been a few days since they made official arrangements to be partners and Lena was all in.

She continued to work as a deadbeat waitress despite now receiving a cut of Amelie’s “profits” which was more than what she made in a month. She put it in her savings account in bits at a time to not raise any suspicion and made purchases in cash.

She stocked her fridge with drinks and snacks of Amelie’s choosing, leaving them out on the new table, in front of the new couch with new blankets and pillows. All of it would be at the ready when she returned from a successful haul, she could kick off her shoes and relax while the police scrambled to search the city for her. The situation couldn’t have landed in a more perfect place for her.

“Why does it feel like you’ve done this before cherie?” she laughed, playfully plucking the unfinished bottle of hard cider that sat beside the radio, taking a quick swig.

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Leonard Snart- Profiler

AN/ This is a sort of Criminal Minds- Flash crossover. 


Summary: You worked for the BAU and you were the top profiler, and you met the flash by figuring it out. Now you’re on team flash, and you are now the person to make or break the team.

“Okay. Thank you Spencer. I miss you guys! Bye.” You put the phone down, and look at the rest of the team. The new team. Team Flash.

“What is it Sherlock?” You smile at Cisco’s nickname for you, and shake your head. 

“They won’t be able to make it out here for us, but Spence is always okay with me calling him for advice. We’re on our own for this one.” 

Harry walks over and clasps his hand on my shoulder,

“You’re all the help we need.” I give a respectful, curt nod. I was apart of the team, but at the same time, I was fairly new and I didn’t feel ‘in’ yet. I have helped out alot, but I can’t do too much. I could figure out how to find the people, or know who they are based on the crime scene, but other than that not much. I’m only on this team because I transferred to CCPD, figured out it was Barry, and asked him. 

Cisco ripping open a new bag of twizzlers catches my attention. We make eye contact, and he smiles while throwing me two. I smile back and plop into my spinning chair. I start to spin, and push of the desk, propelling me back, away from the desk, and into someone. I stand when the chair stops, and I come chest to chest with one of the most handsome men I have ever met.

“Careful sweetcheeks. People get hurt when they’re this close.” He softly, slowly blinks, his piercing eyes looking back at me. His smirk not fully reaching his eyes. 

I sit back down into the chair, and slide back to the desk.

“Snart. What are you doing here?” Barry’s body showed defensive actions, but I could tell it was somewhat for show. 

“I need you to take someone in for me.” Cisco, Harry, and Barry looked very confused. He rolls his eyes, “This guy named ‘Double Down’. He showed up at my place last night, and said he had Lisa.”

“Then why didn’t you stop him?”

“Because his body is made of cards, and did magic or something to disappear.”

“Actually, if his name was Double Down, it could be referring to gambling. And you must be Leonard Snart, so it’s someone that knows you. Otherwise he wouldn’t have really known that Lisa is an obvious pressure point of yours. So we’re looking for a gambling un-sub, who is seeking vengeance. Kidnappers only show up to the family in someway if they want a ransom, or some form of payment. And in this case, I think he might want your life. Do you know of anyone who sounds like that, that you know?” 

Everyone was quiet.

“Who the hell is she?” Leonard looked mildly impressed, yet offended. 

“A former BAU agent. She’s the CCPD’s first profiler.” Cisco sounded excited, but I keep eye contact with Snart. He was so beautiful. 

“Charming.” I smile, but he doesn’t return it, “It sounds like Jeremy Tell. So how do we get him?” 

“This is a terrible idea.” Len’s hand is cold against the small of my back. His hand was pressed against my bare back. The dress I was wearing made me slightly uncomfortable, and his touches weren’t helping. Nor was his attitude. 

“Barry’s leg is severely injured, and I have bagged over one-hundred serial killers. I think we’ll be okay. But the lack of confidence in me is kind of messing me up right now, so if you don’t mind,” I stop and look him dead in the,”Shut up.” We keep walking till I spot our target. I stop Len again, “You seem like a cool guy, but you seem like your emotions will get the better of you, so let me do the talking.” 

He shakes his head,

“No. That’s my sister-”

“Exactly. And I will save her. I didn’t mean to, but I may have slightly psychoanalysed you. I know you love her more than your own life, and because of that, you’re prepared to do something stupid. Let me do the talking.” He still has a hard exterior, “Please?”

He sighs and nods, but his eyes are threatening. I nod, understanding that if Lisa get’s hurt, so do I.

We both fall into our persona’s, acting like a gambling couple, but him being the support, and I the gambler. 

We make our way over to the table, sitting across from Jeremy who’s holding Lisa close to his side. She looks to Leonard, them exchanging eye contact before she breaks it off, and looks at me. I nod respectfully, and she doesn’t look confident in me, probably because she think’s he’ll trade me for her. And that was an option Len came up with, but the team shot it down. 

She’s dress in a beautiful gold gown. Jeremy has a ‘Phantom of the Opera’ thing going on, with a nice suit and A white mask. Leonard is dressed in his best. A double breasted, dark blue suit. I had on a black dress that fit snug against my curves, but had an opening down my back and a slit on my right leg through the floor length flow of the skirt. 

Len was to the right of me, and I could feel his clenched hand on my bare thigh. I push his hand with my leg, and he looks at me. His face tries to soften, and it does a little. I try and tell him to calm down just by body language, and it seems like ha got the memo. 

We’ve only met three days ago, but I think we make a pretty good team. I know he’s the enemy, but damn, I love being around him. 

“Are you ready to pay, Leonard?”

“We’re actually at an impasse, Mr.Tell.” Both Lisa and Jeremy look at me with confusion.

“Who the hell are you?!”

“I am the middle man.”

“Snarts a man. He can face me himself.” Time to do what profilers do best. I lean forward a little, and look him dead in the eyes.

“You like to be in control, don’t you, Mr.Tell? That’s why you’ve dragged us into this galla you threw as a cover for Leonard’s and maybe Lisa’s death, am I correct? It’s your venue, your rules, your kidnapping. But you’ve made a mistake. You don’t control Leonard’s thoughts or actions.You wanted the satisfaction of revenge do much that you didn’t think it all the way through.”

Tell tightened his grip on Lisa, and a small gasp came out of her. Leonard was about to stand, but 

i put a gentle hand on his thigh. 

“What are you talking about?!”

“If he says no, you don’t get the satisfaction.”

“Then I’ll kill her!”

“But then you have nothing to hold against him, and he would have the right to kill you.”

“He wronged me first!”

“But not by blood! You’re obviously mad because he won in a card game and took a lot of money or a jewel from you.” He loosens his grip on Lisa.

“So what are you suggesting?”

“A rematch. If he wins, he gets Lisa. If you win- well. Then you get Leonard.”

He smiles, and sits quiet for a minute. He nods, and pulls out a deck of cards, and starts to deal. I pinch Leonards leg, and stare at the cards. 

“I want to play with house cards.” Yes! He got what I was trying to say! Seriously, we need to team up after this.


“Why not?” Leonard’s voice is dripping with venom. I interject.

“Are those your cursed cards?” Jeremy looked surprised, “Word is, is that they merged with your body. I’m assuming they can be taken off. That’s an unfair advantage if you have cards in your favor.” Lisa speaks up,

“How would you know that it’s those cards?”

“Because his mask is white. It’s plastic, but it has fabric to soften his edges. He wants to be in control, but he also wants to impress, or feel needed by ladies. That’s why he took you instead of his well known partner- Not that you’re not well known. I’m not going to lie, I’m actually a fan of the ‘Golden Gilder’. You’re pretty empowering.” She smiles, and nods.

We call over a waiter, and get a house worker. 

I deal the cards. Both sides agree to me dealing, since it’s very hard to cheat as the house. But I went to magic camp for two years, and I need to use those tricks for my job.

I trust Leonard to an extent, but it’s his and his sister’s life on the line, so I cheat. Using some tricks from magic camp, I slip him a king and a queen under the table, passing it off to the others as me just being ‘handsy’. He has a jack and a ten- all cards are the suit of hearts.

Tell smirks, and puts his cards face up on the table. Lisa looks worried.

“Straight flush. Looks like I win.” I look worried as a facade. Try and show the target that you don’t really know what’s going on to limit suspicion. 

Leonard puts his hand down, showing a royal flush- which is the best hand in the game. 

The next few hours were blurry. I remember his cursed cards flying towards Leonard, and me jumping in front of him.

“Seriously screw that guy man. I didn’t even get to keep the cards.” Len chuckles,

“But they’re cursed.”

“So?!” I slowly roll the tank top over my torso, the ten card cuts scattered over my torso making it hard.  Snart looks guilty, seeing me struggle. He walks over and helps pull the shirt the rest of the way down.

“In my line of duty, I’ve been shot, kidnapped, fought, and disabled bombs. These ten marks just at to the conglomerate of scars I already have. Plus, I don’t see scars as a bad thing. I’ve gotten these scars from something evil, like a murderer, bomber or rapist. But I get them because I try and stop them from hurting others. I get the scars so somebody else doesn’t have to. So don’t beat yourself up. I saved you so you and Lisa can be together. That’s the whole reason we were there in the first place.”

Leonard nods and smiles, going quiet for a minute,

“Thank you.” I smile,

“I mean, if you’re really feeling bad about it, you can repay me. You. Me. Dinner. Doesn’t have to be fancy or anything, but I’d like to see you again.” Len smirks and starts to walk away. 

He’s about to walk out of the door, when he pulls his parkas hood up. He stops for a split second, not looking back. His voice like velvet in my ears,

“Tomorrow at eight. Wear something just as beautiful as you did tonight.”

And with that, he walks off.

Must Be a Better Word- Ch10

There must be
A better word.
-Adam Gillon

OMG I’m so excited to share this next chapter since there are so many new It/Reddie fans on here after the movie came out!! And as always, sorry for not updating for a bit. I promise I’ll always be continuing this though!

My writing is also on ao3 if you wanna check it out there!

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Hey guys! This whole discussing has taken up a lot of blog space so I’m going to delete the asks and store them under a read more here so that people in the future can read them if they have at issue + I’ll address some final thoughts! I’d like this to be the last public post I make about this particular topic so if you’ve got any further issues you think need to be addressed, please either ask off of anon or send me a personal message so we can talk about it directly.

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|All Cause of the Rush|~ONESHOT


GENRE: Smut, Action


I stood in the middle of a crowded room, barely listening the man in front of me drone on and on about his various stocks and the great success of the company he inherited from his father. He had to be in his late 20s, maybe early 30’s, definitely older than me but more childish by far.  All he could do was go on and on about his accomplishments, boasting in front of the lady on his arm, in hopes of impressing her. What he didn’t notice was that the little gold digger on his arm was eyeing me like a piece of meat from the moment I began speaking to her insufferable partner. I heard a voice crackle through the headset, although I was barely able to pick it up due to most of my attention being on the man in front of me.

“Excuse me Mr. Kim” I interrupted in my most polite voice.

He raised an eyebrow, signalling for me to continue.

“My speech for the banquet is up next and I would hate to miss it. Shall we continue this later?”.

He nodded eagerly, clapping a hand on my shoulder.

“Your name honey, we didn’t catch it?” the woman on his arm said in a very high pitched tone.

I gave a small smirk, accompanied with a small bow even though personally, I detested the high class women I came across.

“Wonho, darling”.

She giggled while I straightened my spine, giving a curt nod to the man before moving towards the grand stairs of the banquet hall.

“Hope to see you around!” She called to my retreating form.

I turned my head, giving her a quick wink before I continued my journey toward the grand staircase. When I was sure everyone was preoccupied with the frivolous endeavours of wealthy life, I made my way to the hallway leading to a back staircase. I pressed the headset into my ear, making sure I could hear clearly while dropping all polite mannerisms.

“What?” I harshly whispered into the receiver.

“Police are coming. Hyungs, we gotta go”.

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Swept Away, Part 2

Title: Swept Away Part 2

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader; Mentions of OCs

Warning: Hurt/Comfort; PG-13

Summary: Reader deals with a lot of hurdles to help Dean after he’s released from the hospital. The possibility of romance ensues. (God, I suck at summaries.)

Swept Away, Part 1

Having Dean, even convalescing and heavily medicated, gave an entire new mood to your grandparents’ house. He was jumpy and downright paranoid which in turn made you jumpy and desperate. You couldn’t really remember how many times you’d caught him spilling salt across his bedroom doorway and the window sill.

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anonymous asked:

Alien!Klaus invades earth + he sees Caroline thnx!

This ended up being more horror than I’d anticipated. I hope you like it.

Caroline remembered their first contact.

She’d holed up in a bunker with her sick mom, watching the news as these strange, human-like beings were greeted by a special team. Her dad was part of that team, and her mouth was dry as dust, watching him shake hands with the stiff looking man. Caroline had been a little disappointed, that they seemed so normal. Tall, thin, dark hair and eyes. Mostly human features.
They spoke with clipped, slightly strange accents, but overall, they seemed like friendly aliens.

Six years later, and she was regretting those years of relief. Shifting to a slightly better position, she kept her grip on her gun firm and not white knuckled in panic only through years of practice. Sweat dripped down her spine, a mixture of the fever she’d been fighting for the last three days and the adrenaline that was coursing through her veins.

Caroline knew Klaus somewhere nearby, hunting her. What was left of the base was a hollow silence, and she cursed that the ringing in her ears was so loud. Careful, bare toes nearly silent on the concrete, she kept her pace slow as she moved with the wall at her back.

When her mom had died, she’d joined her dad and followed him from base to base, staying as far away from the aliens as she could while he studied and played intermediate for them. Caroline was too big of a target for anti-alien groups to be allowed the normal college experience, so she juggled her language and communication program online. Bill was proud, thinking that she wanted to follow in his footsteps, but that wasn’t the future Caroline wanted.

She’d never been able to put a finger on what it was about these pale, dark eyed men who roamed the hallways that left her uneasy. The few times she’d been forced to interact with them they’d been polite, and strangely intent while they spoke to her.

Then the alien’s leadership had shown up. Caroline had gleaned the the aliens didn’t think of leaders the way humanity did, and she was pretty sure the concepts of democracy had amused them. Like watching children play with toy soldiers.

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Coliver 4.03 Coda.

I can think of a better way to spend your tuition money.

Connor stared at the text. He was walking home on wobbly feet, day-drinking into the late evening probably wasn’t the greatest plan, but fuck if he didn’t feel good about it.

Gonna make me buy you an engagement ring?

Connor drunkenly sniggered at his own joke before hitting send, loosely swinging his phone back and forth in his hand as he reached his building. He had just stepped inside the elevator, slouching heavily against the wall, when his phone buzzed again.

Not quite…

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Shore Leave: Blind Sided

Summary: Jim x Reader x Leonard:  It all started when the crew of the Enterprise took some much needed shore leave on Yorktown. On the first night, you decide to go out with Scotty, Jim and Bones to the local bar. It’s when Scotty calls it quits for the night that things took a turn for If “best” meant being in between the most handsome men on the U.S.S Enterprise. Nothing like a good ole romp in the sack with the Captain & Doctor, at least for one night. One night, right? Or will this be the best shore leave you ever had?

Part One - Midnight Whiskey   Part Two-  Suprise

Part Three- Beautiful   Part Four- Screwed

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