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anonymous asked:

Ok, so, if you had to pick animals that represented each dai companion, which ones do you think would be best? I saw that mod Sarah had a zoology interest and was a bit intrigued.


Cassandra: Perhaps a cat (any member of the family Felidae, though specifically for Cassandra, Felis catus, AKA the domestic house cat). Cats come in many personalities, just like humans and many other living creatures (not limited to vertebrates, consider cephalopoda). People, however, often associate them with being graceful and powerful hunters, but with also being somewhat standoffish– which is not a trait that is granted to all cats, as any cat owner would know. Most cats are loving and intelligent, too, which makes me think cats (mostly domestic cats, but if any of you are thinking of a black panther, which is just a melanistic member of any of the Panthera species) then go for it.

Iron Bull: A tough one. The bull (defined as any uncastrated males of the species Bos taurus), is the obvious choice– but with now much Bull likes dragons (while unfortunately not a real creature, because they can’t have a spare set of limbs to make wings-reptiles are part of the supergroup tetrapoda, have only four limbs; to have wings, the front limbs must be wings or or they don’t have any at all. In that regard, Skyrim dragons are the more anatomically correct dragons if they were to exist but WHATEVER this is a fantasy universe) a drake is also a very possible choice for Bull.

Blackwall: A bear would be the obvious choice, perhaps Ursus americanus, the American black bear, which is the most wide-spread of bear species and often the ones that wander into human settlements looking for food.

Sera: While many of you think of the a honey bee, any bee that is a species under the genus Apis, I don’t believe this suits Sera. Perhaps a raven, or another member of the genus Corvus. The reason for this is that members of the genus Corvus (which contains such species as ravens, crows, rooks, and jackdaws) are highly intelligent– and known to be ballsy as fuck. They can be taught human speech, and are known to even play tricks on each other for shits and giggles. They are the pranksters of the bird world, and I feel this would fit Sera excellently. 

Cole: A mimic octopus, Thaumoctopus mimicus. Bear with me on this; while all members of the order Octopoda, which are cephalopods, a subgroup of molluscs, are highly intelligent and capable of fantastic camouflage through the use of iridophores and chromatophores (to put it simply, they’re specialized dermal cells that contain pigment to rapidly change color), a mimic octopus is perhaps the best of all at camouflage. A mimic octopus is capable of changing its skin texture and shape to copy other species to blend in– sometimes called ninjas of the sea. Watch this TED Talk for further information: 

ANYWAYS, GETTING OVER HOW RAD I THINK CEPHALOPODS ARE, Cole was a spirit who took the form of the mage Cole, in the White Spire. We have no idea what he looked like before then– as Dorian describes most spirits, they look “bizarre (and) monstrous” in their true forms. If a spirit is capable of such mimicry and such intelligence, I can think of no better animal to represent Cole than a mimic octopus.

Varric: A parrot. Parrots are highly intelligent and known for their speech capabilities, along with being v. pretty. There are MANY different members of the order Psittaciformes, which encompass all parrots. It is a very large clade composed of 393 species to date, but I I think Varric could best be represented by an African Gray Parrot, specifically the Congo African grey parrot, an Old World parrot of the species Psittacus erithacus. These birds are SUPER COOL because they’re among the best at mimicking human speech; one in particular in Japan was returned to his family after repeating the address of his home. They’re also known for hearing things in their surroundings and then repeatedly saying it, much to the ire of the humans they live with.

Dorian: This one is easy; a peacock, which comes in three species, though all are members of the family  Phasianidae, which is shared by pheasants, partridges, junglefowl, chickens, Old World quail, and peafowl. These are popular gamebirds, often poor at flying but PRETTY AS FUCK. For Dorian, I think I’ll go with the Indian peafowl, Pavo cristatus– notice the familiar ‘Pav’ in the name, anyone?

Solas: An ostrich A gray wolf, Canis lupus. No further explanation needed.

Vivienne: An orca, Orcinus orca. Orcas are among the most intelligent animals on Earth, known for being beautiful as well as the apex predators of the sea (being cosmopolitan species, like humans, they are found in a variety of environments, across multiple habitats. 

Josephine: A dove, any member of the family Columbidae, which encompasses 310 species. (Fun fact! Members of Columbidae are the only birds that don’t have to lift their necks up to swallow water. All birds except for them have to pull it into the mouths and pull their necks up to swallow). Doves are seen as an international symbol for peace and love, suitable for an ambassador. For her, I think I’ll go with the diamond dove, Geopelia cuneata.

Leliana: Like Sera, I think she would also fit as a raven, but for the sake of being a nerd and introducing another sort of animal, the next runner-up is the ferret, Mustela putorius furo. Ferrets were domesticated for their ability to ferret– that is, to hunt and catch prey, specifically rodents, which often reside in narrow holes and tunnels that humans can’t reach. Being an excellent spy, well, I feel this should explain itself.

Cullen: An African lion, Panthera leo. If anyone has seen his helmet, it should be sufficient explanation, but they are also famed by their beautiful, voluminous manes– just like Cullen!

The moral of this story is: don’t ask me about animals unless you are prepared for the info-dump, because I love the kingdom Animalia so much (I got OVER 100% in a college-level Zoology course, I could regale you for HOURS on Animalia, ranging from Porifera (sea sponges), the basal clade and taxa of Animalia, all the way to Mammalia. I meant to do chores an hour ago but got carried away. Thank you, and enjoy my fangirling.

–Mod Sarah

Okay this is also for @drawingnumberoneandtwo who I just told I didn’t have time to do this…

She should just keep on walking, the puddles splashing beneath her feet as she drags herself back from another bust of an interview. When’s your boss comin’ darling’? and I wanted a reporter, not his secretary. Still, Cat had interviewed the Senator’s secretary instead and got herself scoops enough to be in print every day for a week. Her landlord would appreciate it, if nothing else. 

It’s a grand apartment all the same, even if three floors down there’s a slightly seedy bar. Usually by the time Cat drags herself home from the Planet’s offices, the last call brawls are spilling out into the alley. She has one foot on the fire escape up to her place when she hears something new, something softer and sweeter than the blaring brass that usually comes out of the bar’s doors. 

It’s curiosity that leads her in, no matter what it did to her namesake. She slips between swaying men in their less-than-sharp suits, and the working girls looking to make their own rent before morning that are keeping them company with whiskey and sodas. 

“Who’s the dame with the pipes?” She asks, flagging down Susan at the bar. Cat’s usual is poured without her having to ask, the bourbon welcome after a long day. She takes off the fedora she swiped from Clark at lunch, shaking out her pin curls. “She’s better than you usually have.”

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family expectations / sirius black

requested. i have finally posted something and it’s probably crap. i apologize if it is x 

request here

Your elbows were propped on the table, fingers pressed against your temple as your right leg bounced up and down, brows furrowed in concentration. You kept mumbling to yourself ingredients to a potion, your concentration drifting away every time laughter erupted from a group of what seemed to be second years sitting in a corner.

You were at the library trying to revise for your upcoming N.E.W.T. exam in Potions and it was going well till those disruptive kids appeared.

“Powdered root of Asphodel, Wormwood, Valerian Spri-”

“Thats bloody hilarious!”

Your hands clenched into tight fists, knuckles turning white as you slammed them down on the table and abruptly stood up to make your way over to the group. If Madam Pince wasn’t going to resolve this issue then you were.

All you wanted was peace and quiet but it appeared that no matter where you went to revise, distractions always followed you.

“Whoa! Who are you going to kill?” 

Speaking of distractions.

“I’m not going to kill anyone.” You huffed.

“Really? Because your eyes scream murder.” He commented.

You stared at the luxuriant ebony-haired boy, another huff escaping your lips as you ignored his comment. “What are you doing here?” You questioned.

“What? Am I not the type to be found at a library, finding a solid good book to read?”

“You and reading don’t really go hand in hand.” The tone of your voice hinted irritation.  

“Ouch.” He feigned, placing a hand over his chest. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. I’m fine.” You lied, your eyes flickering over to the group that erupted into another fit of laughter, your hands clenching against your sides.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at you, silence consuming him for a moment as he didn’t want to press any buttons that would cause you to become more irritated than what you already are, so he studied the look on your face in hopes to find evidence about what’s bugging you. The dark bags under your eyes gave away how restless you’ve been, the pale color that covered your usually rosy lips hinted insufficient fluid consumption, and the sight of your unkempt hair showed that you’ve been far too distracted with something that you were neglecting your appearance. And he knew the reason why had to be that you’ve been relentlessly revising for the exams that were quickly approaching.

“Y/N, baby. I think you should take a break.” He said softly, reaching for one of your hands.

You shook your head, biting at your bottom lip. “No. I can’t rest until I take the exam, Sirius.”

“C'mon you’ve been revising all week. A little break won’t hurt, love. We can sneak out and go out to eat or do whatever you want. It’ll be fun.” He tried to persuade but you shook your head again. “Listen Sirius, I’m fine and just need to study, alright? Please just leave me alone. That’s what I want. Peace and quiet with no distractions.” You explained.


“No buts, Sirius. You don’t understand. I need to study and you’re not helping. You’ll only be distracting me so please go.” You requested as the edges of your lips twitched into a frown, your eyes closing when he leaned forward to place a lingering kiss on your forehead.

“If that’s what you really want.” He mumbled against your skin. “I’m here for you, you know that right?” His hands squeezed yours, his soften eyes fixed on you.

You nodded but stayed silent, a sigh escaping your lips once you watched him eventually walk away from you. You were angry at yourself for responding to him that way, but you knew that revising was far more important at the moment, especially since having received that Howler not too long ago.

“Y/F/N, your father and I have heard a rumor that you blew up your cauldron in class recently. That indicates that you have made a mistake and such things are not tolerated in this household. You should be ashamed! You’re the Head Girl and a top student! You come from a lineage of Ravenclaws and to make such an empty-headed mistake brings dishonor to this family. It will be in your best interest to maintain top marks in your N.E.W.T.s. or else.”

Your mothers words constantly replayed itself in your head and you knew that if anyone would’ve overheard the Howler, they would have laughed at how your mother was plainly overreacting and you would’ve agreed with them. She was overreacting but she never played around when it came to your academics. That’s why you’ve been pushing yourself past your limit these days, you had to achieve top marks. You feared that wouldn’t be the case with your Potions class though. You had always struggled a bit with the class, not being a natural potion maker like one of your friends from Gryffindor. You tend to mix up the ingredients and never actually had the patience to brew the thing.

You had came to a decision the next day that you were going to skip your classes the entire day, spending your time and attention on revising and memorizing the potions you needed to know instead. It was your absence that caused Sirius to worry even more. That following morning after having found you in the library, he didn’t see you in the Great Hall where you usually sat with your friends and throughout the day you never showed up at your usual meet up spots nor in the classes the two of you shared together. He was worried for you and began to ask around if anyone knew your whereabouts but no one could give him an accurate answer because they were just as clueless.

“B-Bowtruckle.” You managed to spit out, the Fat Lady eyeing you for a moment before opening up the entrance to the Gryffindor’s Common Room. You managed to walk through the entrance without falling, the grasp you had on the bottle of Firewhisky tightening. “Sirius?” You slurred, eyebrows knitting together as you tried to get a good look of the boy who was slumped in one of the couches.

Sirius head swiftly turned to look at you, his eyes widening as he practically flew off the couch and was by your side in seconds. “Have you been drinking?” He questioned, his voice trailing off when he caught site of the bottle held tightly in one of your hands.

“No.” You lied.

“I can see the bottle, Y/N/N.”

“What bottle?” You grinned cheekily at him, moving your hand behind your back.

“Give it to me.”


“Give it.”


He tried to reach behind your back but you quickly moved, stumbling a bit in the process. “Don’t be stubborn and give me the bottle. I can practically smell the alcohol on you.” He pointed out, grabbing a tight hold of you as his free hand reached for the bottle once more, managing to be successful this time.

“Boo! You’re no fun.” You stuck your tongue at him, crossing your arms against your chest in defiance as you refused to let him drag you to the couch.

“Why are you drinking, love? Especially at this time of night?” He asked.

“Well, why are you up so late?” You questioned.

“Because I was hoping you’d show up with an explanation to why you’ve disappeared all day without telling me or anyone in fact.” He answered.

The only thing your mind was able to grasp though was the Howler your mother had sent, your lips beginning to tremble as your eyes started watering.“I’m so dumb!” You cried, falling to the floor. Sirius couldn’t help but let out a quiet laugh, the small smile etched on his lips soon disappearing when he noticed the tears that started to stream down your cheeks. “Ssh baby, don’t cry. You’re not dumb.” He assured, dropping the bottle before sitting down beside you and trying to wipe the tears but you gently swatted his hand away.

Your body was sprawled across the floor, eyes lazily staring up at the common room ceiling, “Yes I am!” You declared. “I’m terrible at potions! I blew up t-that cauldron last week, remember?” Your words were slurred but still understandable.

“Yes, but that doesn’t make you dumb.” He tried to reason.

“Yes it does!” You hiccuped, your arms flailing around as you tried to use proper hand gestures. “It’s a mistake! I made a mistake and in my family that i-isn’t acceptable! I’m in Ravenclaw we’re s-supposed to be the smart ones and I’m terrible at Potions so I’m going to fail my exam and my family will d-disown me and i’ll be homeless and eat sewer rats for the rest of my life because I won’t find a job! That’s why i’ve been studying for that final all day. And oh merlin! I was so rude to you yesterday at the library. I’m such a terrible person! All you wanted to do was help and I’m so sorry! I needed to be alone and to study in peace. I don’t want to be a disappointment.”

Sirius stared at you with wide eyes, not being able to stop himself from smiling at the way you overdramatized part of your reasons. It was clear to him now on why you didn’t show up to class today. You were overly stressed about the exams that were quickly approaching.

“Stop it! You’re laughing at me.” You accused, covering your face with your hands. “I came here to find and talk to you and apologize for being such a mean girlfriend, but you’re laughing at me.”

“I’m not laughing at you, love. I swear. And you’re not some terrible girlfriend. You’re just stressed and I think you’re overreacting a tad bit.”

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are and do you know why?” He questioned.

“Why?” You whispered, peeping through your fingers so you could look at him.

“Because you’re the smartest girl I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And don’t say you’re not because you are.” He went on. “So what if you blew up some cauldrons? Peter has blown up twice as many I bet. And if your family is going to disown you because of that then screw them. And that’s coming from the original family disappointment here.” He laughed. “You’re not perfect, Y/N, no one is. So it’s okay if you struggle with a class, trust me. That doesn’t make you any less intelligent. I also don’t think that just because you’re not able to brew up a potion properly it will land you on the streets and cause you to eat sewer rats. Besides, I wouldn’t let that happen.”

You sat up swiftly, elbows propping up on the floor as you felt the blood rushing to your head, causing your vision to blur a bit. “Do you mean that?” You whispered, tears stinging the corners of your eyes.

“Every word.” He smiled. “You’re going to do just fine. And besides, if you do end up living in the streets and eating rats then I know the perfect spell that’ll make it taste better.”

You let out out a laugh, your lips curving up into a smile. “Oh Sirius Black! I love you so much!” You exclaimed, throwing yourself on top of him, your arms wrapping around him as the two of you fell back.

“I love you too, princess. Just remember to take it easy and find some time to give yourself a break.” He murmured, his voice softly spoken as he massaged deep circles onto your back. “And don’t try to live up to some ridiculously high expectations. Like i’ve mentioned, It’s not worth it and it doesn’t make you any less intelligent.”

“What would I do without you?” You mused into his chest, the both of you nonverbally deciding to stay on the common room floor for the rest of the night.

“Dunno, love. Maybe eat sewer rats?”

Overwatch AU: Partner in Crime

Well, once again a one shot AU received a lot of attention and demand for more so here we are! Part 2 of “To Catch a Thief” @reypadawanjedi‘s Thief AU!

Part 1

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Commissioned by @moonwatcher13


Lena bought a police radio, which wasn’t as hard to get a hold of as she originally thought.

“What do you think?” she casually asked over her shoulder as she tweaked the knobs, searching for a channel to listen into while holding the old headphones that were probably used on a much larger head as she needed to keep a good grip on it to keep it from falling right off her ear.

Amelie had just silently slipped in through the window, gently closing it shut behind her. She was just about to admire the brand new window as it closed without a single squeak or struggle, (Not that this had stopped her before but that gesture was nice) but upon entering the dark apartment save for the small light by the kitchen counter, there was Lena, sitting with complete concentration on the bar stool with a radio on the table.

She couldn’t believe it.

It had only been a few days since they made official arrangements to be partners and Lena was all in.

She continued to work as a deadbeat waitress despite now receiving a cut of Amelie’s “profits” which was more than what she made in a month. She put it in her savings account in bits at a time to not raise any suspicion and made purchases in cash.

She stocked her fridge with drinks and snacks of Amelie’s choosing, leaving them out on the new table, in front of the new couch with new blankets and pillows. All of it would be at the ready when she returned from a successful haul, she could kick off her shoes and relax while the police scrambled to search the city for her. The situation couldn’t have landed in a more perfect place for her.

“Why does it feel like you’ve done this before cherie?” she laughed, playfully plucking the unfinished bottle of hard cider that sat beside the radio, taking a quick swig.

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Patterns, refs, and more+

So this con season I made myself Pidge and a Shiro paladin costumes to wear, with pretty good results. The worst part of it though was the amount of time I spent drafting patterns, so I figured this might be a good resource for anyone else looking to make armor in the future.

This is all based on my measurements (a 5′1″ average-ish build with… bigger thighs), so you’ll likely need to make adjustments to have this fit yourself, but hopefully this makes building your own cosplay a little easier. Materials, patterns and everything under the cut. Hope it helps!

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now that I’ve driven home and had a few minutes to cool off and collect my thoughts, I feel I should explain myself to the people who have been following me and know who i am so I don’t damage my relationship or reputation more than I probably already have.

there was a post that an autistic person I follow made, where he vented about bigotry against autistic people, and ended with a passive aggressive “…janice”. there was another post that a nonbinary person I follow made where they vented about bigotry against gender nonconforming people, and ended with a passive aggressive “…denise”. I’m not 100% sure which was which but I DEFINITELY remember the posts, as well as the profile pictures of the people who posted them. I don’t remember the urls though, and even if I did remember them I wouldn’t list them in case the people who are now harassing and spamming me in my inbox and activity feeds decided to also hop on their [proverbial] dicks as well as mine because they apparently culturally appropriated those post templates, of ending extended rants about various bigots and ending them with names befitting of middle aged suburban soccermoms, karen.

now, when listing people of this demographic, I used to include white among those adjectives. however, there are black middle aged suburban soccermoms, hispanic middle aged suburban soccermoms, and asian middle aged suburban soccermoms, and pretty much people of every race who have the potential to be this type of person the practice strawmans. obviously not every single middle aged suburban parent of children who participate heavily in after school activities is going to be the type of person to scream at retail workers or starbucks baristas or people who cut off their minivans when they’re driving 15 under the speed limit in the left lane. not every single middle aged suburban person is an undeducated bible thumping bigot with their head shoved up their ass. not every one of them is a problematic piece of shit that stands by the #alllivesmatter crew or trump or whatever the republicans are rallying around this week. not even all of the white ones, and there are some people who fit the trope who are not white. I’ve dealt with many of them during my days at target, but I always stood by including white. until recently.

when I learned it made black people uncomfortable when white people made white jokes, I was of course initially hesitant. “that’s fucking stupid!” I though. “I’m not assuaging white guilt by doing this, I’m just finding it in me to laugh at myself”. and then I read a bit more about the subject and figured it isn’t worth the potential heartache if I fought it because in all honesty it kind of makes sense. my mom’s boyfriend’s son is black (and hispanic), and I had once made a white girl joke to my sister in front of him and mom told me later that both he and her boyfriend were uncomfortable with me saying that. after seeing the post that talked about it, and my… slight breakdown where I may have dramatically overreacted… I decided to try and stop with the white people jokes because I want to unlearn all of the racist shit that my dad, stepmom, aunts, uncles, grandparents, former friends, former acquaintances, and society in general that I possibly could, because racism as a concept digs into my skin and fucks me up.

it used to make me absolutely seethe with rage, and I still get a little steamed by it. in fact I once got in a LOT of trouble with my high school sociology student teacher because I got really shitty with her when she- an anthropology student no less- kept calling one kid in our class by his initial because apparently kudsai is just Too Hard™ to pronounce. one day, an off day where I forgot to take my medicine, she called him that and I yelled at her “he has a name, so use it”. granted I didn’t like the kid. I thought he was annoying; loud, obnoxious, constantly making sex jokes while we were studying freud (and even the fucking holocaust), in the choir and the football team… basically like any other cishet teenage boy. but being annoying is no excuse for a teacher to not take five fucking seconds of her day to learn how to say his name right just because it wasn’t franklin or gregory, two of the other black kids who I went to school with. anyone following me as far back as when annie got remade with quvenzhane wallis as the titular role might have read my thoughts on the matter of pronouncing people’s names right. i’m not saying this to pat myself on the back for not being racist, because WOW was I a rough mess of things back then, but I was never like my dad’s side of the family about race. back when michael brown’s death and ferguson were still talked about, I found myself agreeing with rush limbaugh about some of the things he said, so clearly I haven’t been a perfect angel my whole life.

anyway, back to white people jokes making black people feel uncomfortable. I’ve been trying to make myself agree with that, which as anyone who has the syndrome formerly known as aspergers can probably attest to, is hard as shit to do. possible but hard. like, I’m even now still unlearning some acephobia, transphobia, queerphobia, islamophobia, and even though I know the occasional fleeting thoughts that I think are wrong and bad, they still happen very frequently. same goes with various forms of racism and xenophobia. my dad (and former stepdad’s) influences are probably so deep because of various issues with abandonment and abuse that I’m not gonna discuss here, and they’re both absolutely reeking with white supremacist microaggressions. so I’m definitely trying my hardest.

part of that is why I reacted so negatively when people misinterpreted what I said, put words in my mouth, and straight up told me to kill myself in all of these messages that are still flooding in. another part is because I truly do stand by the things that I meant to say, rather than the things that it appears I’ve said. I really do think that it’s unreasonable to say that it’s racist for people who aren’t black to make posts where we vent about various injustices we face from people who are misinformed and ignorant and straight up smarmy condescending assholes and then end it with a passive aggressive name of some baby boomer fuckwit, peggy. because these baby boomer fuckwits come in many colors (black people are still capable of being racist [against hispanic/asian/etc people, not whites, I need to make that abundantly clear], classist, misogynist, queerphobic, ableist, otherwise bigoted prejudiced assholes), and these names that are heralded as “typically white”, like henry or franklin or gregory or harold or penelope or alice or etc, are not exclusively white names. I’ve seen or met black people with names like this and while it’s definitely not the majority (not even close), and it’s definitely partially due to cultural erasure perpetuated by gentrification, it still exists. so it doesn’t make sense to me why the person who wrote the post that started me on this whole sequence of posts about this topic insisted that it was a ‘white people names’ thing. especially when white people names are more like khaeylieghhe or miakkaylia or annedeeye or some other ridiculous bastardisation of english language in order to make your child feel special and unique and end up growing to be a cookie cutter member of the conservative party that tries to take down affirmative action because they feel like it’s reverse discriminatory or some shit. if it was something like that, making fun of those names that are actually like making jokes at the expense of white people [I think I should apologize in advance because technically this counts as a white people joke even if it’s just an example] would make perfect sense. however I have not only seen posts in this template of ending with baby boomer names being used as tools to express their distaste in queerphobia, ableism, classism, xenophobia, and intolerance of other sorts, but I’ve made them before, and it has had not a god damn bit of racial connotation to it at all unless it’s been specifically a black millennial on tumblr venting specifically about a white people-ism, and to make a post that shits on everybody who uses this template to cope if they’re not black, and causes those kids who use it to cope to ask why not, and then get immediately shit on by assholes who treat them just like people are treating me, who tell them that it doesn’t matter if they’re neurodivergent or gay or trans or whatever because they’re being Big Bad Evil Racists™ by ending their rant posts with names like becky, allison.

I don’t care if you’re black. if you treat queer or disabled kids like shit and call them racist when they’re not being racist, no matter what color your skin is, you’re an asshole. and to act like fucking salem massachusetts when confronted with legitimate criticism of your ill-informed unbridled assault of an angry mama bear to queer and disabled kids, is just DISGUSTING. WEAK. and PATHETIC. and only serves to strengthen my points.

so you know what, go ahead. keep sending me your hate anons. keep sending me the smarmy condescension. I can take it. just stop being fucking assholes to my family. your race isn’t something I have any authority over but I won’t let you use it as a weapon to beat people over the head with just because you get high off of the power you get from the veil of anonymity. false accusations of being a tier 6 skinhead is more palatable than telling us to kill ourselves.

anonymous asked:

Alien!Klaus invades earth + he sees Caroline thnx!

This ended up being more horror than I’d anticipated. I hope you like it.

Caroline remembered their first contact.

She’d holed up in a bunker with her sick mom, watching the news as these strange, human-like beings were greeted by a special team. Her dad was part of that team, and her mouth was dry as dust, watching him shake hands with the stiff looking man. Caroline had been a little disappointed, that they seemed so normal. Tall, thin, dark hair and eyes. Mostly human features.
They spoke with clipped, slightly strange accents, but overall, they seemed like friendly aliens.

Six years later, and she was regretting those years of relief. Shifting to a slightly better position, she kept her grip on her gun firm and not white knuckled in panic only through years of practice. Sweat dripped down her spine, a mixture of the fever she’d been fighting for the last three days and the adrenaline that was coursing through her veins.

Caroline knew Klaus somewhere nearby, hunting her. What was left of the base was a hollow silence, and she cursed that the ringing in her ears was so loud. Careful, bare toes nearly silent on the concrete, she kept her pace slow as she moved with the wall at her back.

When her mom had died, she’d joined her dad and followed him from base to base, staying as far away from the aliens as she could while he studied and played intermediate for them. Caroline was too big of a target for anti-alien groups to be allowed the normal college experience, so she juggled her language and communication program online. Bill was proud, thinking that she wanted to follow in his footsteps, but that wasn’t the future Caroline wanted.

She’d never been able to put a finger on what it was about these pale, dark eyed men who roamed the hallways that left her uneasy. The few times she’d been forced to interact with them they’d been polite, and strangely intent while they spoke to her.

Then the alien’s leadership had shown up. Caroline had gleaned the the aliens didn’t think of leaders the way humanity did, and she was pretty sure the concepts of democracy had amused them. Like watching children play with toy soldiers.

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Hey guys! This whole discussing has taken up a lot of blog space so I’m going to delete the asks and store them under a read more here so that people in the future can read them if they have at issue + I’ll address some final thoughts! I’d like this to be the last public post I make about this particular topic so if you’ve got any further issues you think need to be addressed, please either ask off of anon or send me a personal message so we can talk about it directly.

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Lady Lazarus

Adrinette Month Day 9: Akumatized

Soooo this got a lot longer than intended and it’s three days late and I’ve missed every other day including the past two days and probably today if I’m being realistic, but here’s my contribution anyways? 



Holding her breath, Marinette watches the shimmering mass of ladybugs cascade over Chat Noir’s body. With a swish, the last trace of the swarm disappears, and with it, the last trace of her hope. Chat is still motionless before her. Her fingers still come away sticky with blood when she presses them futilely against his wound.

Apparently every classic book, movie, and fairy tale was right. No amount of magic can bring back the dead.

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Fight Me

for my dear Voltron Secret Valentine, @aquastarart
I hope you enjoy some fluffy klance made by me for you! Based on this tumblr post. beta’d by the super-mega-awesome @booksncoffee


Lance sighs, raising his arms to flop back down on his bed. When he’d been admitted to the hospital last night for a serious case of bronchitis, he didn’t think it’d be this…boring. Watching tv was fine, but after his fifth episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, he’s itching with restless energy. Nothing much had happened since being wheeled into his hospital room last night, except for his nurse, Keith, coming in once an hour to check his vitals and administer more medicine.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Lance sighs again, sliding down from his sitting position until he’s lying flat on his back, staring up at the weirdly mottled beige ceiling. “Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” He groans, rolling over so he’s face-down into his pillow. The boredom’s killing him more than the lung infection. After a moment, Lance wrenches his head out of his pillow, gasping for air. But he’s grinning. He has an idea.


The door opens, and someone steps inside. From his limited peephole in his pillow fort, Lance can see pale blue hospital scrubs and an unruly black haircut.

“Uh…, is everything alright in there?” A quiet, if a bit critical, voice floats down through the many pillows. Lance’s eyebrows skyrocket up into his hairline.

Pushing his head up to peek through his pillow mountain, he gives his nurse a skeptical look.

“Is that judgement I hear, Mr. Mullet-head?” Keith frowns a bit, reaching up to pat his hair.

“No. Just coming to check your vitals. Arm, please.”

Grudgingly, Lance’s arm joins his head outside the pillow mound. He watches while Keith records his vitals, checks his lungs with his stethoscope, and attaches a new bag of antibiotics to Lance’s IV drip.

“So,” Keith casts an eye over the heaping of pillows covering Lance’s bed, “What’s all this?”

Lance brightens, chest inflating with pride. “It’s Fort Lance, party central!” Carefully, he extracts his other arm from his fort to strike a pose, throwing both hands into the air. “Ta-Da!”

Keith looks decidedly unimpressed. “Where’d you even get all those pillows?” Lance shrinks back into his pillow mountain, pouting.

“Not all the nurses are as mean as you.” Lance sinks even deeper, until only his eyes and a shock of brown hair are visible.

Keith sighs again. “I might have to take them back. Other people need pillows too, you know.” He knows he definitely needs to take them back to the supply closet, but he’s not sure he can find it in him to take down Lance’s fort.

Lance’s look of horror cements his decision. “No! I’ll never let you dismantle Fort Lance!” The brown eyes squint dramatically up at Keith. “You’ll have to fight me.” They squint even more. Two fists rise from the pillows. “To the death.”

With a wry smile, Keith clears the pillows just enough to make a clear path to Lance’s face, and checks Lance’s pupils with a penlight.

“Maybe later.” Recording his observations on his clipboard, Keith leaves the room, Lance wide-eyed staring after him.


“Hey! I’m still going to fight you!”

Keith looks up in mild surprise to see that Lance is awake, and angry. In his sleep, Fort Lance had been redistributed to the other patients. Keith lets out a huff of air, but with decidedly less frustration than normal.

“I’m sorry, but the other patients needed the pillows.” Keith returns to his task of checking Lance’s blood pressure.

“I’m going to fight you! I’ll avenge Fort Lance until my dying br—.“  His threat is cut short by a coughing fit, and Keith can see Lance’s form curl up underneath his blankets. His eyes are screwed shut, body shaking with every cough. Carefully, Keith’s hand slides under the back of Lance’s neck, lifting his head up onto his lone pillow. Slowly, the coughing subsides.

“Nah, I couldn’t fight you.” Lance’s eyes screw up in argument again, ready to protest. “I know you’d win.” And Lance seems to think that over while Keith moves on to his next patient, a ghost of a smile on his lips.


Keith knows he’s being inappropriate. He knows to do anything would be breaking at least three hospital rules. But that doesn’t stop him from taking extra moments just for himself, when it’s late and he should be rushing home for a precious two hours of sleep, but finds himself dropping by Lance’s room. Or when he’s on the night shift and he’s finished taking Lance’s vitals but stays an extra minute anyway, just in case he wakes up or has another coughing fit. And if he happens to smile in his sleep, Keith definitely doesn’t savor the moment. That, of course, would be totally not workplace appropriate. (He buys two coffees anyways).


Lance knows he’s being silly. He knows that he’s completely misinterpreting the signs, that Keith’s hands don’t actually linger when he adjusts Lance’s IV. He knows he’s just lonely and bored in that drab-beige room, and of course he’s longing for his hourly human interaction. That’s what it is.


It’s Lance’s last morning in the hospital. Dr. Allura, no-nonsense woman with beautiful white hair, (“Like a princess,” Lance had said), finally decided that he could continue the rest of his recovery at home (She claimed she was fed up with all his terrible flirting, but she gave him a hug when she left anyway).

All of this was supposed to be good, Lance knows, but from the moment he wakes up this morning, his last morning, he feels a sort of ache in his chest he knows he can’t blame on the bronchitis. He ignores it anyway, packing up his clothes, saying goodbye at the nurse’s station. His heart definitely doesn’t sink when Head Nurse Coran says Keith’s not there. But Lance lingers anyway, stopping by his room one more time, pretending to check if he left anything behind, which he knows he hasn’t, because he’s already checked—.


That…that coffee cup wasn’t there before. Was it?

No. He’s sure it wasn’t.

Curious, Lance steps into the room. The coffee cup sits innocently on the bedside table, and Lance recognizes it from the tiny shop in the hospital lobby. Cautiously, he picks it up, squinting to decipher the chicken-scratch scrawled on the side.

Fight me?

There’s a series of numbers and a pair of x’s, but Lance’s more focused on the signature at the bottom.


destielonfire  asked:

destiel please, you can pick the tone as long as it's not an unhappy end ^^ 🤑🏃💼👬

ok, I wrote dean!smith/end!cas because it’s my fav and the emojis screamed dean!smith to me. sorry if I interpreted the emojis too loosely, kinda realised that by the end :x

Dean Smith enjoyed many things in life. He loved his job, his black coffee, his house, the fact his desk was always clean and organised, fresh and healthy salads, and most of all: his newest model car. A white, shimmering pearl almost screaming the fact it was brand new. Dean wished he could always keep it that way. Sometimes he’d walk over to the large window in his office and look down to see his car shining at the parking lot, brighter than all the others. It made his heart jump a little. Sometimes he wondered that maybe if he’d grown up under different circumstances, he would’ve fixed cars or even made them. They’d always interested them. But as a CEO, he didn’t have time to dive deep into the mechanics and car industry.

He already had plenty of stuff to do, hurrying from place to place, trying to do more work than possible in 24 hours. All he knew was that he wanted to keep his car in a good shape and make it look absolutely spot on.

Therefore, he wanted that extra little attention from some professionals every once in a while. He treated his car with a visit to the mechanics a little more often than maybe needed; but as long as his car was up to date and ready to face whatever was waiting, Dean Smith was happy. He didn’t mind spending that extra amount of cash for a check up. Plus, he rather enjoyed going to the mechanics. One specific mechanic, to be precise. 

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SEDUCTIVE | Vampire! Au | Jungkook X Reader | SMUT | 6

Smut and angst ahead, sorry for any mistakes, and thank you for reading!

Originally posted by rapmonsexpensivegirl

Wrapped in darkness, you curled up even smaller beneath the bed. You could hear your heart pounding violently inside your chest, and your blood ran cold in your veins from sheer terror.
No sound was audible - it should have been comforting. But the crash that had rung out seconds before the eerie silence had settled has the opposite effect. It took great effort for you not to call out for Taehyung, desperate to hear confirmation that you were safe.
But then you heard it.
A pair of footsteps growing louder, and louder. Coming dangerously closer to your hiding place which offered no protection.
And your instincts told you that those footsteps did not belong to Taehyung.
From next to the bed, a pair of shoes came into view. Black, polished and formal. The man was wearing fitted black suit pants.
Not what Taehyung had been wearing.
Holding your breath, you listed your options - which were horrifically limited.
There was Plan One. The one you favoured - simply remain still and pray that the man would go away. But then you remembered what Taehyung had said earlier - the scent of your hormones was heightened, so this man - this vampire, as Taehyung has told you - would undoubtedly be able to detect your presence with ease. This made Plan One invalid, which left you only with Plan Two.
‘Come out, sweetheart,’ the man cooed, his voice low and rough. You could see his legs bending - he was getting on his knees, so he could most likely pull you out from under the bed. You were trapped.
So, it was in that moment that you decided to go with Plan Two:
You rolled out from under the bed, leaving you on the opposite side of the bed to the man. Mercifully, you had come out from beneath the bed right next to the door.
As the man’s back straightened quickly, you turned and fled from the room, and made a dash for the living room.
But you stopped dead in your tracks when you saw what awaited you.
Half of the door was hanging off its hinges, and the other half of the door was laid in a splintered mess on the floor.
And not far from the door was Taehyung, his body crumpled. Broken glass was in his hair, and was scattered around his head - he had clearly been knocked unconscious by the intruder. You had known him for such a short time, but it made your heart ache, seeing such the kind and considerate man like this.
It was then, seeing Taehyung out cold, that you came to the daunting realisation that you were on your own.
You decided to make a dash for the door, and you were so, so, so painfully close. Your right foot had just crossed the threshold when you stopped moving forward.
And a hand clasped around your wrist, dragging you back.
You yelled out in pain, your wrist screaming in pain from inside the iron grip of the stranger. To your complete and utter horror, you were pinned to one of the large couches, below the body of the man - vampire.
You struggled below him, frantically trying to throw him off you. He pinned the hand you had free above your head, and he overcame your attempts of escape with terrifying ease.
He looked to be in his early thirties, and his skin was pale and unblemished, just like the three other vampires you had met in your lifetime, which was about to be cut short. Or infinitely extended. His hair was black, and his face wasn’t particularly memorable. He was rather plain in truth, but his eyes were a pale green, an icy, unnatural shade.
Pressing a calloused fingertip to your lips, he made a hushing noise which you supposed was intended to calm you. You whimpered softly, helpless, as he stared at you hungrily.
'I’ll be quick, now - this won’t hurt a bit. I bet you taste amazing. So…’ he growled, a feral grin gracing his features.
He opened his mouth, and he revealed a pair of white, sharp canines which were appeared to be extending almost imperceptibly as he came closer.
His canines were inches away from your throat when you whipped your right hand - which he had neglected to pin - from behind your back. And you grabbed a glass bowl from upon the coffee table next to you. And you promptly smashed it over his head.
Glass showered you, and the man went lip on top of you.
Shards of the glass pressed into your forehead, your collarbone, and you didn’t have to look to know that your hair was covered in glass.
But that was the least of your problems - the now unconscious vampire’s canines were still extended. And his limp neck was slipping, and his teeth were centimetres away from pressing into your shoulder.
From by the door, Taehyung stirred, and you breathlessly called for him. You tried to move the man atop of you, but he was shockingly heavy.
'Tae! Please, he’s slipping! His teeth, they’re going to-’
Hands gripped the man’s body, and his weight was removed from atop of you. You sat upright as quickly as possible, brushing glass off you.
You turned to Taehyung, who was holding the unconscious vampire in his arms. Both you and Taehyung stood for a moment, attempting to catch your breath, before Taehyung nodded to the man in his arms.
'Let me get rid of him, and we’ll talk.’
While Taehyung was gone, you swept up the glass from the floor with a broom you found in a maintenance cupboard. By the time Taehyung returned, you had swept away any remnants of the intruder.
Save for the smashed door.
Taehyung immediately rushed over to you and took the broom from your hands, throwing it down. He forced you down on to the sofa, fussing over your injuries.
'I’m fine, Tae,’ you protested. 'You are the one who got knocked out. How’s your head?’
He shrugged in response, sweeping shards of glass from his dishevelled hair. 'I can’t feel pain. Nor can I be injured by some glass. You’re the injured one.
Stay here. I’m going to get some first aid from the building’s reception, and then we’re leaving. We’re going to a hotel not far from here. I’m sorry that you got hurt, I thought it would be safe.’
Taehyung turned to leave, but you called after him. 'Who was that?’ you questioned.
'Lee Chul. I checked his driver’s license. He works not far from here - he was on his way home from work. He must have smelt you. His car’s parked outside the building, which he is currently slumped against. Don’t worry, people will just think he’s drunk.’
With that, Taehyung left to get first aid, and you were alone again.
You had been alone for perhaps five minutes when you heard Taehyung returning. His footsteps echoed down the hall. But they were quick and urgent, so you braced yourself for more trouble.
But it was not trouble that crossed the threshold and entered the apartment.
It was a furious Jeon Jungkook.

Shore Leave: Blind Sided

Summary: Jim x Reader x Leonard:  It all started when the crew of the Enterprise took some much needed shore leave on Yorktown. On the first night, you decide to go out with Scotty, Jim and Bones to the local bar. It’s when Scotty calls it quits for the night that things took a turn for If “best” meant being in between the most handsome men on the U.S.S Enterprise. Nothing like a good ole romp in the sack with the Captain & Doctor, at least for one night. One night, right? Or will this be the best shore leave you ever had?

Part One - Midnight Whiskey   Part Two-  Suprise

Part Three- Beautiful   Part Four- Screwed

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The Mysterious Miranda (Chapter 4)

pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader, daveed diggs x reader

summary: Your cousin Anthony drags you along to one of his neighbor’s infamous parties with his girlfriend, keeping you from a night in. Mr. Miranda, the host, is a mysterious man, but that isn’t the part that gets to you.

warnings: cheating (but i mean you knew that coming into this fic), implied sex at the end (but no smut, just strongly implied)

words: 2784 (i aM SO SORRY I WAS SO INTO THIS)

a/n: so here’s chapter 4 to The Mysterious Miranda, my Great Gatsby AU. I wrote it all in one sitting, i think it’s really cute because it’s pretty much all fluff. Here’s the long awaited (at least for me) date. if you haven’t read the first three parts, do that first! feel free to leave any feedback, and my requests are open. 

part one part two part three part five part six part seven part eight part nine

Wednesday had finally come after far too much waiting in your opinion, yet the entire day seemed to drag along. You had tried to pass time by tidying up the house but when you realized you’d already stress-cleaned the entire manor, you opted to read a romantic novel from your library.

Now, your husband was getting ready to leave for his office party and though you may have sounded pushy, it didn’t much matter to either of you.

“Yes, Daveed, I will be home before midnight. Go, have fun at your party, dear!” You assured him for the third time then wrapped his coat around his shoulders as Daveed walked out the front door to leave, laughing softly.

“I’ll see you tonight, refrain from having too much fun without me.” He pressed a kiss to the back of your hand before walking out of the house, leaving you to get ready for your date.

You made your way excitedly to the large walk in closet attached to your room and looked through all of your dresses on hangers, settling on a knee length lavender flapper dress with ruffles all around the hem. There was a ribbon tie that sat around your waist once it was on, so you tied it in a floppy bow resting on your hip.

Using a small silver clip to pin one side of your hair back, you slicked it down to make a curve around the right side of your face. After finishing your hair and makeup, you grabbed your lace evening gloves that matched the dress of choice, smiling at the way your fingers wiggled freely.

As if right on cue, your doorbell rang and you rushed down to greet Jasmine at the door. “Oh, darling it’s so great to see you again!” You gushed at your friend, pressing a kiss to both of her cheeks and she returned the gesture.

“You look absolutely ravishing!” She gasped at the sight of you so you spun around in a circle to show off your outfit, giggling loudly.

“Do you reckon Mr. Miranda will like the outfit?” You slipped on your silver shoes with short heels, grabbing a purse before following your best friend out to her car.

“He’ll be speechless, darling.”

“How could you possibly know that?”

“You didn’t see it, did you?”

You gave her a confused look before she continued.

“The way he looked at you, it was different from how he looks at other girls. He looked at you like the moon and the stars shone out of your eyes. When he sees you, you’re the only thing he sees.”

That left you with a few things to think about.

The two of you got into her car and within minutes, Jazzy had you flying down the dirt road.

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Dr. Feelgood

Originally posted by zoe-ayesha

Request: “ ‘I have a very cute neighbour and very thin walls and one day I call you and err your moans are very synchronised with my neighbour’s’ 

AU You’re a drug lord and I think I’ve just walked into your drug den’ AU” 

Summary: Modern AU: After a day that leaves Kylo tense and annoyed with his brother Ben, Kylo decides to spend his evening alone. At least physically, as he calls into a sex hotline he frequents, asking for the same alluring voice that takes him over the edge every time. This call however, goes much differently than the others, leading him to investigate.

A/N: Hopefully the mods don’t mind but I thought this would fit really well with the fantastic Triplet! AU from @thirst-order-confessions . Hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: Some language and implied smut/NSFW

Huffing Kylo tried balancing all of the paper grocery bags his brother Ben had left him to carry up the five flights of stairs up to their apartment. He was more than capable with his arm strength, but he surely didn’t want to do Ben any favors after the day of antics he had barely tolerated with him.


He started making his way up the stairs, attempting to look over the paper bags huddled in his arms at his footing.

“I really need to pee, my ass.”

Carefully he made his way up the wood stairs, creaking under his weight as he tried to focus on where his feet were landing. If Ben wasn’t annoying enough to have as a roommate in college, he surely proved he could do more as their final year came to a close. All piled into one apartment, learning to live with his brothers was surely proving to be a test. 

Matt was fairly easy to get along with, though he was a bit of a push over. Ben however was more of an acquired taste some days. Out of the three of them they seemed to contrast the most. Ben was loud, outspoken, cocky, and generally the most impulsive of the brothers. Kylo was rather quiet, brooding, self concious and not very social. What got under Kylo’s skin the most however was how Ben almost made a sport of pushing every button Kylo could possibly have. Nobody wanted to tease Matt, with how innocent and well intended he always was it felt cruel on some occasions. Thus the only person left for Ben to pester was Kylo. Leaving Kylo to do all the heavy lifting groceries was only one of many, many instances he dealt with daily.

Shuffling the bags a little more in his grip, he tried shifting them more comfortably as he finally reached the bottom of the fifth stair case. Carefully taking his steps up the stairs Kylo heard a door unlock as he came up to the middle step. Peering over the bag, his gut fluttered at the sight at the top of the stairs. Though he wished it was one of his brothers coming to help, it was instead his favorite neighbor. 

Trying to appear unphased by all the bags in his arms Kylo confidently strided up the stairs, making a point to have his large hands visible on the front of the bags. As his neighbor turned, brushing her (Y/H/C) from her face, he tried lowering the bags in hopes that she could see his face. Her (Y/E/C) eyes met his as she looked up from her door knob. Flashing him a sheepish smile, she gave him a short wave as he came up the last step successfully. Returning the gesture with a nod, Kylo made his way over to his door. Turning his gaze over his shoulder as she passed he watched her hips sway down the wood steps and disappear to the lower level. 

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Good Cop

 Title : Good Cop

Characters : Jungkook of BTS & You

Genre : Smut, Hurt and Comfort, Fluff, Slight Angst

Rating : M

Summary : You are a good cop, Jeon Jungkook. Calm down.

Jungkook prayed inside his head that the shaking girl in front of him was dressed properly under the thick wrap of blanket.

Word Count : 4,263 words

A/N : I got a request for a Jungkook police smut and kinda wrecked my brain for something a little different than the usual police!jungkook fic, so here it is! This might stray a little from the usual bad cop x bad girl smut, but I still hope you all enjoy!

Please please please, like or reblog if you read (and enjoy) this! It would mean a lot to me! <3 

My Other Works : Bread Pudding (Jungkook of BTS), Submerged (Dream!Namjoon)Luna (Taehyung of BTS)My Favourite Pair of Eyes (B.I of IKON) , Friend from College (Zico of Block B) , Darling? (Jimin of BTS)

Go drop your requests guys! 

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I noticed a pattern when going through workplace accident reports

by reddit user manen_lyset

Note: Some names and locations have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.

For the first three years after graduating college, I toiled away as a temp worker, bouncing from agency to agency in the hopes of finding somewhere that would hire me for good. The economy being less than favorable, it was hard to find a job in my field. 

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he senses something, call it desperation || kidge week day 2

A/N: this takes place immediately after this fic. title derived from the ballad of mona lisa by p!atd. enjoy!

Prompt: Secret

Summary: Where in which Keith is sure that he wants to throw Lance into an airlock and hit eject if he opens his stupid mouth one more time. Or maybe just thrown himself in. That works too.

It was common knowledge that Keith had always been on the temperamental side. Always diving headfirst into danger, face in a constant state of scowling, yelling just about every damn day…He was the paladin of the Red Lion for crying out loud, the literal embodiment of impatience, so of course it was expected that he had a short fuse too.

Never did Keith expect that his fuse can get even shorter.

Until now, that is.

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Blogmas 7; Mistletoe.

The mistletoe kiss request. H kissing not only her, but her pregnant belly under the mistletoe… and be like daddy couldn’t forget about you or something like that idk

Here is the story that got deleted at 3am on Saturday morning; where I nearly cried and screamed and woke all my family up. 

I absolutely adored writing this story, and re-writing it as well, and I love writing some Daddy!Harry when the missus is pregnant and expecting and Harry just dotes like crazy on the bump between her hips. There will definitely be more along these lines for the rest of Blogmas. 

I promise, I’ll get better at posting and we’ll have a lot more stories posted in the next few days in December. 

Enjoy. xx

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