and i had to leave a bunch of stuff out which was disappointing too

2tired2care  asked:

Pst hi I LOVE YOUR FICS you have no idea how much they give me life <3 <3 I came across this really cute (and frankly heartbreaking) AU: "[burgler gently wakes me] you live like this?" (stolen from a post I saw on fb) and I kinda just need Stiles to do everything he can to make Derek's life better? THANK YOU SO MUCH :D

It IS frankly heartbreaking… which means I’m totally into it.

(now also on AO3!)


Derek definitely went to sleep alone. He always does, these days. It doesn’t explain why he drifts awake in the middle of the night to the feeling of someone lightly poking his shoulder.

It’s probably not a good sign that when he opens his eyes and sees a gangly teenage boy in a red hoodie and grubby-looking black fingerless gloves standing over him, he doesn’t startle. His claws don’t come out; his eyes don’t flash. He just feels… resigned.

“You live like this?” the guy says, soft. Almost pitying. “I mean. You actually live here?”

That seems too obvious, not to mention too insulting, to merit a response. “What are you doing here?” Derek asks instead. His voice comes out low and rough. This is the first time in days he’s had any reason to say anything. “This is private property.”

The guy shifts on his feet and sticks his hands under his armpits uncomfortably. “Okay, straight to the awkward questions. I like that.”

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I Got You On My Mind [Part 4]

Jungkook Soulmate AU (Angst)

[Part One] | Previous Part | Part Four | Next Part

Summary: After your memory loss, adjusting back to normal life has been difficult. Luckily, Jungkook is always there for you. Still, something seems off about him, and you just can’t understand why.

Word count: 2k words

Originally posted by jungxook

“Oh yeah, I’m being discharged tomorrow,” you told Jungkook, who was pushing your wheelchair through the hospital. He insisted that you needed a change of scenery. “My parents are going to pick me up and drive me back to my apartment.”

“I-I guess it’s too early for the ‘meet the parents’ thing, right?” Jungkook stammered, uncharacteristically nervous. “Unless you want me to. Like, I don’t mind if–”

“Chill, Jungkook,” you laughed, cutting his off his rambling. “I think they’re more worried about my brain damage than any soulmate business.”

“The doctors said you’ll recover your memories though, right?” Jungkook asked, worry lining his words. “Your memory loss won’t be permanent or recurring?”

“They said my memories will come back slowly,” you replied, shrugging your shoulders nonchalantly. “But most of the time, the memories will have to be triggered by something. They also told me I might have short-term memory issues for the next little while.”

“That seriously sucks,” Jungkook said. “If you need any help with anything, just let me know. I don’t really know how I’d be useful, but don’t hesitate.”

“We’re not in the same department,” you snorted, turning to peer up at your soulmate who was both familiar and foreign in this instant. “This is gonna make school so difficult. I’ve forgotten nearly three months worth of content!”

“Maybe take the semester off?” Jungkook suggested. “Amnesia is a pretty valid reason. Have you talked at all to the university?”

“No,” you groaned, sinking into the wheelchair. “I don’t want to think about responsibilities right now. Just marvelling in the fact I’m still alive and kicking.”

A silence fell between you and Jungkook as he pushed you through a more crowded area of the hospital. You noticed a few younger visitors visibly gape at Jungkook, then glare at you jealously as you rolled by.

You agreed with them–how was Jungkook so damn good-looking? You hit the soulmate jackpot, for sure. Still, even if he looked different, you didn’t doubt that you would like him just the same.

“You know, it’s pretty crazy,” you blurted out unthinkingly. “I’ve been talking to you my entire life, and I always thought meeting you would feel like meeting an old friend. But honestly, you’re a total mystery to me right now. Maybe it’s because of the memory loss, or maybe other people feel this way, too.”

“No, I know what you mean,” Jungkook responded quietly, trying to figure out how to express his thoughts properly. “It’s just…we have an idea of who our soulmate is in our heads. When they’re not exactly that person, it’s kind of confusing.”

“And I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff we still don’t know about each other,” you agreed. “Honestly, I tried to make myself seem a lot better than I am.”

“Yeah, me too,” Jungkook laughed, though it sounded a bit off. You brushed it off as embarrassment. “Didn’t want to disappoint you.”

You turned your head and looked up into Jungkook’s eyes. “You couldn’t have disappointed me Jungkook, really. I’m just happy to finally meet you,” you replied, giving him a small smile. “And it’s kinda paradoxical, isn’t it? Disliking your own soulmate. Weren’t we, like, made to like each other?”

“I guess,” Jungkook said, staring ahead unwaveringly. He pushed you down another hallway, which led to the cafeteria. You only knew because of the wafting smell of hearty food was growing stronger by the second. “But nothing’s ever that simple.”

“Don’t I know it,” you sighed, laughing a little in spite of yourself. You turned the corner into the bustling cafeteria, the noise of the crowds deafening compared to the near-silent, depressing halls of the hospital.

“Want to grab something to eat?” Jungkook asked, the heaviness of your conversation vanishing before you could even blink. “I was going to grab something for myself, too.”

“Sure, I’ll have whatever you’re having,” you agreed. Out of habit, you reached down to pat your pockets for your wallet. “Oh shit, I don’t have any money on me. Don’t worry about it, then.”

“It’s cool, it’ll be my treat,” Jungkook said. When you turned to look at him, he was giving you a lopsided smile.

“Then, is this our first date?” you asked cheekily, delighting in the way Jungkook’s cheek burned. You never expected that a guy like Jungkook, with this terrible fuckboy persona, would be so easily flustered.

“If you want it to be, sure,” Jungkook answered, coughing into his hand awkwardly. You just laughed, and Jungkook pushed you forward wordlessly.

Life at home after getting discharged made staying in the hospital seem like an amusement park. After being sentenced to bedrest by your parents–and having Jieun enforce it with an iron fist–you spent your days bored out of your mind.

In only one week, you had binge-watched three shows, reread all of your course notes (and they didn’t help you remember anything), and read more manga that you had ever read before in your entire life.

You were positively itching to get outside and do something, but what bothered you the most was that you hadn’t talked to Jungkook since your “first date.” When you had gotten home, you jumped to charge your dead phone, which miraculously hadn’t been destroyed in the accident. But when the device finally charged, you soon realized that you had no way of contacting Jungkook.

For some reason, his phone number wasn’t saved in your contacts. Even though Jungkook had said you had met before, apparently you hadn’t exchanged numbers. That seemed very strange to you.

When you asked Jieun about it, she just shrugged the question off. She said your situation was a bit complicated, but that she’d have to leave it up to you and Jungkook. But Jieun did say that she would mention it to him when she saw him at school next.

Sighing, you reached for your phone beside you. It was still early in the morning. Time had lost all meaning to you, since you spent every moment of the day trapped in your apartment. A bit bitterly, you watched your friends’ Snapchat stories and longed to return to normal daily life.

Suddenly, your phone began buzzing. You dropped it in surprise, and it landed on your nose. The impact stung, and you cursed, reaching clumsily for the phone. You saw an unflattering picture of Jieun illuminate the screen. Eventually, you were able to answer.

“Hey, what’s up?” you asked, rubbing your hand against your sore nose.

“Y/N, I’m so fucking stupid!” Jieun practically screamed. Wincing, you held your phone away from your ear. “I know you shouldn’t be moving around, but I need you to come to the university right now. I’m working on a group project that’s due in two hours and a bunch of our files got corrupted. I have some stuff backed up on my laptop, which I left at home like an idiot!”

“Don’t worry, I can bring it to you,” you reassured quickly. “I won’t fall into traffic on the way there. It’s like a ten minute walk, so don’t worry.”

“Just don’t strain yourself, okay?” Jieun ordered, the panic still evident in her voice. “Don’t go to quickly and look both ways!”

“Hey, only I can make fun of myself,” you quipped, pulling yourself out from underneath the covers. “I’ll be over soon, I just need to get dressed.”

“Okay, see you soon. Thank you so much, Y/N,” Jieun said, and the both of you said your goodbyes before you disconnected the call.

You glanced down at your pyjama bottoms and at the thick cast over your right leg. Changing pants would be a battle for another day. Unsteadily, you stood up and balanced your weight on your unbroken leg. You reached for the crutches leaning against the wall beside you and tucked them underneath your arms.

As quickly as you could (which was not very quick), you had thrown on a clean shirt and a jacket. Your hair was a mess, so you shoved on a beanie to disguise the tangled frizz. With Jieun’s securely laptop in your backpack, you began the trek to school. Suddenly, the journey seemed incredibly long.

When you finally arrived on campus, you were panting lightly and sweating. You made your way into the music building, relatively unfamiliar with its layout. You detached yourself from one of your crutches and reached into your pocket for your phone. Quickly you sent Jieun a text letting you know you were here.

There were a few benches in the foyer, so once you hobbled over to them, you set your bag down lightly and placed your crutches against the benches. Flopping down, you discreetly tried to massage your sore armpits.

But you were glad to finally be out of the apartment. The fresh air made you feel infinitely better.

“Y/N?” a familiar voice called. Your head whipped around in the direction of the voice. Jungkook a few meters away from you, looking as dark and intimidating as ever. His wide-eyed expression kind of ruined the image though. “What are you doing here?”

“Jieun forgot her laptop at home,” you replied, pointing to the backpack at your feet, as Jungkook made his way toward you.

“Shouldn’t you be at home?” he questioned, stopping when he was standing in front of you. You craned your neck to at him properly. “Is it okay for you to be walking around so soon?”

“Please, don’t get started on that,” you groaned, squeezing your eyes shut. “My parents and Jieun are unbearable. I’ve been lying in bed doing nothing all week.”

“You know, that honestly sounds like heaven,” Jungkook joked. “I’m so swamped right now. I haven’t slept in days.”

You inspected Jungkook more closely. His eyes were ringed by purplish dark circles, but they were hardly noticeable. How unfair–he always looked good.

“Hey, why haven’t you talked to me all week?” you asked suddenly, narrowing your eyes at Jungkook suspiciously.

“I was meaning to call or text or something, but I don’t have your number,” Jungkook answered sheepishly, scratching the nape of his neck awkwardly. “Didn’t know how to ask for it, since you haven’t been around campus lately.”

“Why’s that, though?” you continued, glancing down at your feet. “I mean–you said we met before. Why didn’t we keep in contact?”

“W-well, we did meet, but it wasn’t a proper conversation,” Jungkook explained stutteringly. “It wasn’t under the most normal circumstances, but–”

“Y/N!” Jieun’s loud voice suddenly interrupted. She burst into the foyer, looking absolutely frazzled. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were bloodshot, and you were pretty sure there were coffee stains on her shirt. “Thank god!”

Your friend ran over to you and practically dove for your backpack. She grabbed her laptop and hugged it tightly against her chest.

“Thank you so much. I’m so sorry I made you come all the way here,” Jieun cried, sounding frantic still. “Are you okay? Sore anywhere? Go home right away, okay? You need to rest. And please don’t tell your parents!”

“Oh my god, I’m fine Jieun,” you whined. “I think I can handle walking for, like, two minutes.”

“I just don’t want anything to happen!” Jieun insisted, stomping her foot childishly. “We’re speeding up the recovery process by being extra careful!”

You rolled your eyes. “Whatever. Go work on your project and try not to fail.”

“I will,” Jieun replied. “I’ll bring dinner on my way home.” She turned, only spotting Jungkook for the first time. Her eyes narrowed and she frowned slightly. “Jungkook.”

“Jieun,” he replied, just as shortly.

You looked between the two of them, wondering why there was so much tension. It looked like they were having a silent conversation, and you hated not knowing what was going on. You had the suspicion they were hiding something from you–but for the life of you, you couldn’t figure out what, exactly.

Eventually, Jieun just nodded and strode away, leaving Jungkook with a tight expression. Visibly, you could see Jungkook try to shake away the tension, his jaw unclenching. When he turned back to you, his features were schooled.

“Give me your phone,” Jungkook said, reaching out his hand and smiling softly. “I’ll add my number.”

- Girl in Luv

Okay, so this one was a bit filler-y. Originally I had planned to make this one angsty too, but I figured you guys could use the respite. Also, it would have been like 4k words and it’s like 2:30AM and this girl needs to sleep. Anyway, stay tuned!! Thanks as always for reading, and I hope you all enjoyed. Your replies and reblogs/tags are so cute I read them all 💛💛💛💛

Ok so…THAT WAS THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE. Let me tell you I’ve never done anything so spontaneous, been more excited or felt so special in all my 25 years on this earth 

first of all let’s go back to last Wednesday when I got a message from taylor nation while sitting at my desk at work and literally SHIT my pants?? not sure how anyone is supposed to process that kind of correspondence alone in a padded room LET ALONE in an office full of professionals ANYWAY I very calmly sent them all the information they asked for including my bank balance, blood type and organ donor status and NOT SO CALMLY AWAITED THEIR CALL like no offence but did they realise i was from australia…?? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS ABOUT i was torn between thinking they messaged me by mistake and they only wanted my details so they could send me merch

fast forward to thursday after i had managed to keep this news to myself for an entire 24 hours (…) there i am at my desk.. in the middle of working 9-5 like dolly herself.. when I receive a call from a US PHONE NUMBER i quickly make my way to a quiet room while my internal organs are literally escaping out of my ass in an orderly fashion and i legit answer like “h h h h hello” SPIT IT OUT BITCH anyway i spend the entire conversation like giggling and squealing trying to pretend like i don’t know EXACTLY why they’re calling..THE.. first of all she tells me this is all top secret blah blah blah then SHE ASKS ME TO CONFIRM MY SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES which is when the toesmut fiasco happened.. seriously the fact i made poor innocent taylor nation say “your twitter is …. toesmut … ? t-o-e-s-m-u-t …?” is going to haunt me for THE REST OF MY LIFE

anyway SHE (the lady from taylor nation who’s name I did not catch any of the 3 times she called me because i was hysterical) informed me I was invited to a secret event in LA which was taking place on Sunday and asked if me if i would be able to come … UMMM HONEY I DON’T KNOW BECAUSE IT’S THURSDAY AND YOU’RE ASKING ME TO FUCKING MAKE IT TO LA BY SUNDAY any way i was like “hehehe i don’t know it’s short notice ummm I’d really like to come but i need to like figure out the logistics” and she was like “ok i can call you back in an hour and a half and you can let me know what you decide” SJNDFJKSDHF  ok sweetie SURE anywhere else you’d like me to be by sunday?? antarctica? i spent my entire lunch break SWEATING i called my mum and my sister (PS I REALISE YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO TELL ANYONE BUT I WAS ABOUT TO MAKE A SPUR OF THE MOMENT TRIP TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD) and i was like “I HAVE TO GO THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY” and they were like “CAN YOU TAKE SOMEONE” and i was like “I DON’T KNOW” anyway i make my way back to work a MESS and wait for TN to call me back..WHEN THEY DO she’s like “so have you made a decision?” and I’m like “asoi;fjsdjlfghjdlfhjgsliduhfg can I bring my sister I’m coming such a long way and it’s really short notice and she’s such a huge fan it would mean the world to me if she could come sdjfkjdhfs” and she was like “hmmmm I don’t know the answer to that I’ll have to call you back tomorrow” and in my head I’m like “TOMORROW???? ASJHDFSJKDHF TOMORROW IS FRIDAY THE EVENT IS ON SUNDAY AND I’M IN FUCKING AUSTRALIA BITHC???” so i said “ok that’s fine”

asjknsdfksnk let me tell you I had the worst sleep of MY LIFE like whether I was going alone or with my sister i now had less than 24 hours to plan a trip to the u.s. TO MEET TAYLOR SWIFT AND LISTEN TO HER NEW ALBUM IN HER FUCKING HOUSE

LONG STORY FUCKING SHORT she calls me back at like 10.30 on FRIDAY (THE EVENT IS SUNDAY AND I’M GONNA BE CATCHING A FLIGHT ON SATURDAY) and tells me that YES my sister can come (!!!!!!!!) sO i shit my pants for the SECOND TIME in 48 hours because i realise not only am i absolutely meeting taylor fucking swift in 72 hours with my sister at her house in LOS ANGELES i need to book flights, accommodation, apply for a visa waiver, purchase us currency and buy a bunch of other essentials BEFORE THE DAY IS OVER anyway I DID IT AND MANAGED TO GET MY ASS OUT OF BED AT 4.15 SATURDAY MORNING TO CATCH A 14 HOUR FLIGHT TO LA

so we spend the entirety of our first day in LA looking for outfits because like??? we are about to have the most important conversation and take the most important photo of OUR ENTIRE LIVES anyway we ended up finding something cute then we decided to go to in n out for dinner because we wanted to look our absolute best for the big day 

THE FUNNIEST THING about the beginning of this trip was we were doing so much touristy stuff that WE COULDN’T EVEN POST ABOUT ANYWHERE because nobody could know we were in LA like i was at santa monica pier sending snap chats to my mum and nobody else it was KILLING ME like we were having the BEST TIME and NOBODY KNEW we were just doing so many DAMN ACTIVITIES like on the sunday we literally got back to our hotel an hour before we needed to be at the meeting point because my sister insisted we had to eat at the cheesecake factory for the second time in 24 hours?? let me tell you it was worth it 

so we get ready and catch an uber to the meeting point and my sister and i finally start to realise like HOLY SHIT WE ARE GOING TO TAYLOR SWIFT’S HOUSE i’m suddenly filled with like so much nervous energy i can’t stop moving i’m like running on the spot and ringing my hands SHIT i was so excited OH by the WAY everyone was SO NICE and pURE like spending an afternoon with 50 plus people who love taylor swift as much as you do know that you’re ALL going to be meeting her soon is honestly the most magical shit EVER 

ok let’s talk about THE EVENT first of all the property was GORGEOUS i felt like a VIP like ME hanging out in beverly hills like it was nbd??? there was food, water, soft drinks, everything was custom like THIS BITCH (taylor) is so extra I ADORE HER everything was so well planned like i didn’t feel stressed at all BUT BOY WAS IT HOT IN THAT ROOM i mean lucky i was having so much fun and was too distracted by the fact i was about to be listening to reputation to worry about the fact i was about to meet taylor swift and i was sweating like a pig 

THEN she walks in..and let me tell u..that shit is breathtaking bro..i have never in my life seen someone so beautiful?? flaws?? ms swift has never experienced that emotion..and if her gorgeous face and body weren’t enough SHE. HER. SHE. decides it’s a great idea to bring danielle and alana haim, ruby rose, jack antonoff and OTHERS in with her to listen to the album  

obviously i can’t talk much / at all about what took place in that room but let me just say i’ve spent every second since i left that house thinking about how much i need to listen to that album different and so much more than what i was expecting and taylor is SO PROUD OF IT i could tell it meant the world to her that we loved it because this music is obviously really important to her..y’all are going to love it i mean it 

after we listened to the album taylor left the room to ..idk..make herself look even more gorgeous than she already looked?? we got to look at the reputation magazines and they are PERFECT i know not everyone has the means to buy a copy for themselves but if you can GET ONE you won’t regret it..and those poems 

so we all lined up to meet her and let me tell you watching people have their moment with taylor is so special man like everyone is SO excited before they walk in there and NOBODY leaves disappointed because not only is taylor the warmest most personable human being on planet earth she puts so much effort into knowing who each and every person she’s invited into her home actually is .. i can’t stop thinking about it she’s an incredible human being 

anyway on to ME i honestly didn’t know what to make of the fact she came directly to my blog on both days i was in the US before the was it possible..she knew me?? turns out it WAS which was great because i literally didn’t plan what to say AT ALL i’m such a dumb bitch..anyway i walk in there and give her the biggest hug and she’s like “aww how are you doing?” and i was LITERALLY this gif

but i said “umm i’m doing pretty good” THEN..ladies THEN she said “i’m so glad you could come danielle” and she turns to my sister and she’s like “and you’re annalie right” and let me tell you..annalie dropped dead..NOBODY GETS HER NAME RIGHT. THERE IS A WOMAN AT HER WORK WHO HAS CALLED HER AINSLEY FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS. then…we had a conversation..taylor swift..and i..had a conversation? she told me i was THE funniest person and that she would check my blog everyday..she said..when she was having a bad day..she would search “screamedsooloud” because she knew she would see something that would make her laugh..let me tell you at that point i KNEW i was fucking dead 

she told me i was funny and we told her she was the funniest person we’d ever met and she laughed like it WASN’T TRUE?? she said she knew who i was as soon as i walked in and i was like “you are so amazing” that’s not a fake quote by the way or some internal dialogue i actually said that..she referenced all the posts i made asking “WHERE IS SHE” at the start of this year..and i was like “i just really needed to know” she was like “i wanted to say JUST WAIT I’M COMIING” AND I WAS LIKE “I KEPT TELLING PEOPLE I KNEW YOU WERE UP TO SOMETHING and i was right” AND i was like “i can’t believe you saw that” and she was like “oh i’ve seen everything”.. she knew i had deleted my blog and she said she had tried to refollow me but she had reached follow limit..after she told me i was funny another 15 times we took a couple of photos (WHERE ARE THEY BY THE WAY) then we talked a little more and she asked if they’d let me know with plenty of time that i was invited and i was like “NO I ONLY FOUND OUT ON THRURSDAY” and she was like “oh my god you’ve been on a list for a year” i CHOKED and she was like “i told them to tell you early because you were coming all the way from australia” and i was like “WELL THEY DIDN’T” and she was like “see i don’t have that much pull guys” and i was like  “jkhsdfskdfghsg” then she told us how much she appreciated us coming and we were like thank you so mcuh we love you so much and she said she loved us and then we took our merch and our dignity and got the HELL OUT

i..still can’t believe any of this happened and i don’t know if i ever was the greatest day and week of my life and it’s all because taylor is the most generous, thoughtul, hard working person in the world..i love her so much and i hope all of you get the chance to tell a story like this some day 

High school reunion AU for @zimmbitty who planted the idea in my head. I hope my loss sleep makes you happy.


An AU where Jack and Bitty happened to go to the same high school for maybe a year or two. (Here their age difference is around 3 years.)

How you ask? Coach is filling in temporarily maybe not as a Football coach but in some other position. It doesn’t matter *waves hands to misdirect from possible plot holes* just go with it…

Bitty is still into figure skating and in this high school, they have an actual ice skating ring in the premises!!!

And his skating lessons are usually before the hockey team plays. At first, he avoids the team but slowly realises they didn’t really care what he did so long as he left the ice on time.

Then Bitty started watching the practices and hockey looked kind of fun, (if you ignored the checking…) and maybe if he got into hockey he and Coach would have more stuff in common to talk about.

So one day after hockey practice is over, Bitty sneaks back into the ice with a broken hockey stick he found in the dumpster and put back together with duct tape and a flatted out can, and starts trying to get a hang of how the sport works.

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annawrites  asked:

i've enjoyed your prompt fills so much, thank you for sharing them!! if you feel like it: chef!andrew trying (and failing) to woo picky eater neil with fancy food? :)

The thing about growing up on the run is that you never really develop a palate.

You eat what’s there to be eaten, whatever you manage to stuff in your pockets while your mother distracts the cashier trying to haggle for cigarettes, as if it’s anywhere near possible to haggle in a 7/11.

You eat school lunches, bland chicken nuggets and congealed mac and cheese and unseasoned carrots with those little close to expired fruit cups with the peaches and cherries and simple syrup.

You drink gas station coffee—maybe it stunts your growth, but you drink it anyway—and fill old plastic water bottles from drinking fountains or public restroom sinks.

At least, that’s what Neil tries to explain to Matt one day, when Matt invites Neil to his favorite restaurant in his hometown. It just so happens that Matt’s hometown is New York City, and the chef at this place has a Michelin star, but Neil isn’t on the run anymore and his paycheck is hefty enough that he can afford it.

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The Old College Try (Lin/Reader roommate AU)

Summary: You spent the summer before your freshman year of college thinking your roommate was going to be a girl named Lin. When you get to campus, that’s not what you find.

Part One: In which there are rooming assignment mishaps, salsa dancing, and Lunchables.  

You can find Part Two here!

You can find Part Three here!

Note: Write-a-thon Day 1! This can probably stand alone, but I’m tentatively calling it Part 1 out of 3. College!Lin is hard to walk away from, and I have plans for him.

Rating: T

Words: 2803

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anonymous asked:

so...a Victuuri version of that Adam Scott, Mark Hamill clip needs to happen y/y?

“38.7 million views in 24 hours. Do you know what that means? You beat Adele. You beat the Avengers. You beat that Psy video where he wears harem pants and pushes people off treadmills. You are in a very exclusive club, my friend.”

The audience laughs, and Yuuri should laugh too, but Kerry Washington’s skin is perfect and he can’t stop staring. And her teeth are so white that they don’t even look like teeth. It’s like when he was writing his thesis and spent so much time staring at the opening sentence of the discussion section that he had to check four times to make sure he spelled “the” right. There’s a name for that sort of brain malfunction, but hell if he knows what it is. 

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may these memories break our fall. – Nashville secret sessions story

“Is that Kara?” she asked loudly over the music as she grabbed my hands and twirled me around. I was stumbling on the pillows below my feet but grasped her hands so tight. All I could do was aggressively nod and hope she couldn’t see the tears forming in my eyes in the dark, candle-lit room.

I have read dozens, if not hundreds of Taylor meet and greet stories. I have cried out of love for her and happiness for my friends and sadness that it wasn’t me. I have felt so close to meeting her and insanely disappointed when it didn’t happen. But the feeling I had on October 25? The feeling like my dreams were coming true but that I was also maybe going to pass out? That feeling was worth it. It was worth everything to me. So, here’s my story. It’s been a long time in the making. (I’m leaving out the stuff from before because it was just getting so long, but I got my message on tumblr from TN on Saturday and my call on Sunday. i bought flights Monday and my mom insisted on flying from DC and meeting me there to make sure it was all legit, even though she couldn’t come with).

OKAY SO once we got to the secret spot, I saw people I recognized and made lots of friends waiting (hi everyone!!!) We got checked in, did security all that jazz. We finally got to her house and mingled outside and ate. There were chick-fil-a nuggets (which is so funny because a few months ago I messaged Taylor to come to my Fourth of July party and all I said was “Come to my party. We will have chick fil a nuggets” LOL. on brand) and sushi and the REP cookies and M&Ms. Not a lot of people were eating much but you BET YOUR ASS i was chowing down. 

They let us into the room where we would listen to the album and I got a spot slightly to the left of where Taylor would be sitting. The floor was just covered in blankets and pillows and it looked like a huge slumber party was about to go down. 

Before we knew it, Taylor walked in with Abigail and of course we all lost it. I think you have all seen what they were wearing by now, but god they looked like angels. Taylor looked exactly like I imagined and yet so different too. It is such a strange feeling seeing someone you have always seen in pictures in real life. Someone you see virtually every single day. I teared up because I just was so so excited and felt like it wasn’t real life. 

So obviously y’all know what is next and that is she played us all of reputation. The album blew me away. It’s not like I was surprised, because I knew it would be good, but like it was just SO good?! And so cool to watch Taylor and Abi, Tree, Andrea and Scott singing along and doing these little dances. All of us were just JAMMING on the floor listening along.

I thought it was really incredible how Taylor made eye contact with every single person in that room. Every single one. Multiple times. It didn’t matter where you were sitting. She looked at you and sang to you and smiled so big. I love her. 

It was when we got to Look What You Made Me Do that she decided we could have a little dance party to shake out our legs and take a break. Someone dimmed the lights and since we all knew this song, we were able to just sing (scream?) the lyrics together with our idol dancing along our side, which was a dream. She was towards the middle of the room, so I made my way over there to dance near her. 

Before I knew it, she reached out to grab my hands and looked me dead in the eye. “Is that Kara?” she asked me, trying to get closer to see my face. It was like a million butterflies were released in my stomach at once. I was in shock. I was so happy. But I was speechless. I nodded and we danced to the bridge. It was literally at the “I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams” part, which was my tumblr bio. SO ON BRAND. SO PERFECT.

So we heard the rest of the songs and they continued to blow us away. Before long, we had finished the album. She was so honest with us about each song and I absolutely love her for that. She trusts us so much it is unreal. And y’all are not prepared for how good this album is. i CANNOT WAIT


At first they called a few people by name to go first, but then they let everyone else just go whenever they wanted. A bunch of people seemed to want to wait until the end, but I knew my nerves would only get worse. I watched her meet some people from the corner, which was so incredible. It is honestly almost as exciting as meeting her yourself. You get to watch how she interacts with each person and takes her time. She also looks them dead in the eye and listens so intently. She never rushed anyone. It was beautiful.


“Kara!!! Oh my god I’m so happy you’re here!” she said as she quickly walked toward me with her arms outstretched. I hugged her so tight trying to keep the tears back.

“Thank you SO much for coming!”

“Are you kidding, thank you so much for having me!”

We pulled away from the hug and I was looking right in her eyes, slightly looking up because she’s so tall. She said something along the lines of “I’m so glad we are finally meeting. You’re so lovely!” and I just sort of laughed and said “Oh my god Taylor, my mom isn’t going to believe you said that” (referring to her knowing my name and such).

“But you are Kara! You’re so lovely and sweet. Like you’re amazing, tell her I said that!”


I tried to keep myself together and tell her how much I loved reputation and just said “Taylor, the album is amazing” and she smiled, but she looked a bit distracted as she was looking at me and sort of interrupted and just said “Kara you’re even more beautiful in person. Like you are so naturally beautiful! Like you aren’t even wearing makeup and you’re so pretty?!”

excuse me WHAT. In my head I’m laughing as I know I’m definitely wearing makeup but that a lot of it came off when I cried earlier and that I don’t wear all that much in general but like WHAT I WAS SO SHOOK LIKE SHE CALLED ME BEAUTIFUL ??? THE FUCK 

All that I could muster up was a “Oh my God” and “thank you so much” as I wrapped my arms around her neck again and she pulled me in for a hug (and yes she smells so good like a vanilla goddess).

So after she SHOWERED me with compliments that my poor heart couldn’t handle, I knew I had a few things I could talk about with her. I told her about studying abroad in London last semester and she asked what school. I explained my program through my home university and told her about how I interned in SoHo. I joked because I told her I knew she was there at the same time, supposedly undercover, and said that we probably ran into each other on Oxford Street. She said how amazing it was that I had that opportunity. We talked about other places I traveled and I mentioned going to the Canary Islands for spring break and said “how casual” and she laughed and nodded. I just said how much I loved London and that city life. She said something along the lines of “That is soooo amazing. You’re getting to see the world and have these opportunities! I’m so excited to see all you do, Kara. I’m so proud of you!” she said, giggling.

….this woman….is proud of ME….im proud of YOU you queen WHAT 

I think I said “thank you so much for saying that” and hugged her again. I needed a second to think of the next thing to talk about so I asked her if we could take our picture. She said of course and pointed to the mantle behind us that had Grammys and Moonmen and a bunch of her awards on it. “Do we want to hold a Grammy or something?”, but I hesitated and said “well..” and she asked “or did you have a pose in mind?” and I just said “Can we just act we’re best friends having the night of our lives because that’s basically how I feel right now” and she smiled and said “of course!”

So we turned towards the camera, which was probably the only time I looked away from her during our entire time together, and we hugged super tight and I smiled bigger than I probably ever have before. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT BUT IM NERVOUS 

She turned back to me and I still had a few more things to say and ask. Something I thought about during the session was just a silly question for her. “So I’m in college and like I just need to know what’s your favorite drinking game?” and she laughs and says “Oh God, my favorite drinking game?!” as she turned away to think about it. “Well I will play any of them and I love playing them…and I sorta think that’s the problem…” and she smirked at me. I NEED TO GET DRUNK WITH TAYLOR SWIFT ONE DAY OKAY LIKE WHAT 

I was feeling like my time was running out so I hugged her again and she said “It’s so cool meeting you. Like I sort of feel like I’m just your older sister…just like stalking you on the internet” and my jaw kind of dropped. “I love seeing your life online and I’m sure we will talk there!” and I just said “That means so much to me. Thank you so so much” and we hugged again.

“I’ll see you on tour and of course online,” I said. She smiled and said goodbye and that it was nice to meet me. I turned to leave and looked behind my shoulder and just said, “love you!”

It was the most surreal experience ever. I think i blacked out like i can barely remember it anymore, but wow it was so amazing and the fact that she KNEW ME AND RECOGNIZED ME made it even more incredible ? i never expected that in a hundred million years. 


From the bottom of my heart, thank you Taylor and thank you Taylor Nation. I didn’t think things like this could just happen to people like me ? I’ve never felt that special or deserving of things like this, but you’ve proved that we all deserve this opportunity. I love you so so SO much. I’m still not sure how it happened, but oh my god am I glad it did. I will never forget this as long as I live. 

See you on tour and online, big sister. 

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Yo, what if artist! Stiles couldn't stop drawing a hot stranger in his college class who looks really hot with glasses (aka Derek). And then he gets dared to actually sit next to him in class and then the Hot Stranger, and accidentally leaves his drawings of Hot Stranger behind as he leaves and hot stranger just wants to give them back and ask Stiles out because Stiles is his Hot Stranger.

Hello I am back with another prompt fill!!! This is semi-nerd!Derek, I hope y'all aren’t too disappointed with me…

Thanks to @sterek for looking over this for me!!!

Also on AO3

Title: Picture Us Together

Stiles remembers the start of this year clear as day. He’d been sitting next to Scott, both of them equal parts terrified and exhilarated, and Stiles had just been complaining about how he was going to focus on his studies instead of finding a significant other — stop laughing, Scott — and that’s when he walked in.

He being Derek Hale: two hundred pounds of muscle wrapped in a package of adorableness, bunny teeth and thick-rimmed glasses. Stiles isn’t ashamed he fell in love at first sight. Well, it was more like lust at first sight. The love came when Stiles discovered he and Derek were in the same History class and Derek always, without fault, knew all of the answers to everything and handed his assignments in three weeks before the deadline.

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The further on the edge, the hotter the intensity

Summary: Derek’s date doesn’t go well, but luckily Stiles is there to make up for it.

Notes: Inspired by this post by @captain-snark, though I kind of cut to the chase. Thanks to @troubleiwant for telling me I should write this! (On AO3)

Stiles slips into the loft with a book in his hand, and he’s already halfway to the shelf before he realizes Derek is here, sitting on the couch. “Hey,” he says, sliding the book into the spot it belongs. “Didn’t you have a date tonight? I thought you’d still be out.”

“Yeah,” Derek sighs, and Stiles sees that he actually looks kind of…sad. Bummed, even. “I thought I would be, too.”

“What happened?” Stiles asks, sitting down on the other end of the couch. “Seemed like things were going well.”

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I remember once reading a post about how destiel pov is usually only on one character while the other looks disinterested and this is kind of the feeling I'm getting from s13 too Dean is all about Cas and mourning Cas and TFW and Cas is all "k. Bye". :/ im getting kinda uncomfortable since 12x19 with Dean crawling after Cas begging him to to choose them and Cas continuing to not do that (part of why I hoped Cas was brainwashed and not intentionally leaving Dean)

I hope that wasn’t my post because it was a little more complex than “one feels one way and the other looks disinterested”

I wrote this about how there’s a narrative POV about whose emotional arc is carrying Destiel. That doesn’t have to mean whoever has it is basically just shown to be unrequitedly pining. For example in season 4 you can comment a lot on how Cas seems to be falling for Dean before, you know, literally falling for him, but the POV of the season is entirely on Dean and the only Cas POV we get is stuff where he’s hanging out talking to other angels doing angel business and his personal arc stuff. There might be some incredible Destiel scenes like when he rebels in 4x22 but Dean’s the POV in the scenes even if Cas is the one reacting and doing stuff which is powering things along. Or 6x20 is entirely from Cas’s POV but we see Dean contribute plenty of angst to the drama and we still know how he feels, it’s not hard to guess when it’s written all over his face and how he struggles with what he’s discovering when we’ve been with him all season already, but every scene is given to us from Cas’s perspective because he’s narrating it.

I mean obviously there are times when one of them is emotionally unavailable such as the rest of season 6 being from Dean’s POV, or season 9 - 10 where Dean has the Mark and so the emotional arc is all on Cas’s shoulders… Again not because the other is completely void of feelings on the other side during these times, but because there’s a narrative device keeping them from expressing them or acting on them or whatever.

I’m pretty confused by the apparent reading a bunch of people have that Cas isn’t giving back feelings to Dean at the moment, which seems to have sprung out of lingering uncertainty about Cas’s state of being (which I just can’t see at the moment with any indications from the show that Cas is not himself in a fundamental way) or perhaps disappointment since the sneak peek for 13x06 that the reunion was understated. 

I feel like I just watched one of the most ridiculous stretches of non-stop Destiel nonsense the show has ever delivered, starting 12x19 and relying on both characters to tell it. 

Obviously we have Dean missing Cas in the build up to it, and Cas leaves as he does in the end of 12x19, and Dean continues angsting about it on the phone to Mary before shit hits the fan… Cas has the emotional POV in 12x19 but it relies on the theme of clarifying who you’re talking about and different levels of personal investment, which is only clarified in a bad way for Dean asking not to be included in Sam’s cheerful greeting of Cas, but then through the episode shows Cas and Dean still have a bigger personal investment in each other even when Cas only ever speaks about “sam and dean” as a unit. I don’t think that’s narrative POV on the Destiel arc because Dean’s still doing the heavy lifting, making it a weird episode where Cas has the POV but Dean has the Destiel POV, perhaps because of their epic misunderstandings about feelings which are a major major theme between them. But for all the generic concern thrown around, this episode had the mixtape exchange among all the other stuff between Cas and Dean when they were in the same room which made it clear they specifically focussed on each other. 

And obviously while 12x23 was from Sam and Dean’s POV (even stuff like Cas going into the AU world was cut off so that we could react with Sam and Dean to AU Bobby, not with Cas), and there was very little interaction, Cas still did that bizarre thing where all the living Winchesters piled into his house and he said “Dean,” followed by, again singling Dean out in his attention and healing him, which had also happened in the end of 12x19. Even if Cas is not the POV there’s things thrown in to show that in amongst everything else and Cas losing control of the narrative after he was Jacked, he still blatantly cares about Dean and that he and Dean single each other out.

I suppose the Dean POV on how he feels about Cas has been utterly utterly in your face this season so far which might be another reason why it seems like Cas is giving less back. I do think, though, that it has not ALL been on Dean. In 13x03 Jack wakes up Cas after Dean manages to clarify some feelings about Cas at least in relation to how Sam is feeling. It darkly mirrors 12x19 where Dean clarified that he was mad at Cas when he came in the door, but this time positively for his FEELINGS about Cas, even if he’s now screaming in Sam’s face about it. The clarification that he cares that much about Cas is something that has been hovering unsaid for a long time despite their entire history of being singled out for each other, it’s become more blatant as the family has become more integrated, and pretty much since season 9 when Dean had to ask Cas to leave the Bunker, the weight has been on his say on whether Cas is part of the family or not. Thematically, obviously. In the wider narrative. Sam does a lot to make Cas feel at home, in 8x22 and the start of season 11 just off the top of my head as moments when Sam and Cas & the Bunker as home were a thing, but it’s Dean who has the big dramatic say. The main emotional arc impact. It pretty much goes without saying that Sam will welcome Cas and make home comfy in the Bunker. There’s no issue there at all :P 

Anyway, Jack is overhearing Sam getting yelled at for not appreciating just how painful it is to look at him and only see Cas dying, and this creates the void of Cas in their lives in Jack’s heart powerful enough to nudge Cas in the Empty. I see it as Dean putting out this fact into the world for the first time, and that demanding an ANSWER. Cas waking up is a response to Dean making it clear how hurt he has been by Cas’s death. The theme of clarification, using your words, etc, has meant Dean has finally let words out that would have been awfully useful for Cas to know in life, and lo and behold he is awake. It’s a narrative question and answer to me. Dean feels this way about Cas - Cas is in the least possible state to ever find out, but now the story has changed, is this enough for Cas? And the answer is, yes, he wakes up now.

In the Empty Cas is challenged by the sleepy void about why he is awake, and it attempts to beat him and then his feelings into submission so that he will give up and go back to sleep. Dean off on the other side of the story is literally linked to Cas when he asks what linked all the victims - the answer is, their grief, and cut to Cas. Or when he says what is burned stays dead - and the answer is, no, look how Cas is doing over here, up and awake and wandering around and fighting to come back. Dean says he has no hope, and the obvious answer is, well you might not now but look who just woke up back on earth. I think it’s important to remember that narrative structure of Dean “interacting” with Cas in the Empty when talking about it because Dean is intrinsically linked to Cas over and over in 13x03 and 13x04 by his statements and the subsequent dramatic irony or narrative, like… eyebrow wiggling… they’re doing. (I’ll be honest, I have a headache so I can’t remember all my literature degree stuff :P) Because I think Jack just brought Cas back because of his OWN issues missing Cas and obviously what Kelly said about him being an angel to watch over him which he felt he was sorely lacking. But the way in which it all happens is tuned directly to Dean’s feelings.

And then we get, in the Empty, Cas’s little feelings. The Empty telling him he doesn’t want to go back, not in a dismissive way but in a I know how you feel and I know you don’t want to way. These scenes HAVE to be Cas’s emotional POV and if he won’t say it, the Empty will for him. It doesn’t matter if he’s not EXPRESSING these things for himself, the important thing is the scene is ABOUT Cas and it’s giving us an explanation of his emotions. That “Sam and Dean need me” is being put out there as Cas’s reason to go back despite the fact he doesn’t want to, that he’d shackle himself back to the same burden that got him killed, that in 12x19 we could see was destroying their relationship even BEFORE it got him killed. We’re getting a direct exploration of the things which last season kept Cas at an awful range of miscommunication to Dean. The stuff he never said to him or explained to Dean so badly Dean didn’t even get why he was saying it when it seemed too obvious to him that they all need to be together as a family and obviously Cas is family and obviously they should do everything side by side.

And so the Empty crouches down by Cas and says, “I know what you hate. I know who you love. I know what you fear,” with intonation that shows these concepts flow from the stuff they’ve already covered - Sam and Dean need me, nope that’s not it, I know this situation as it is inside your head and I am not scared to tell you what you’re thinking. That you hate being treated like this. You hate treating YOURSELF like this. I know who you love (and, incidentally, I’d know that you said already that you love all the Winchesters, because hi I’ve been inside your head so there’s nothing I don’t know). I know that there’s some secret that makes me drop my voice to a conspiratorial whisper to tell you that I know who you love, even though it’s just you and me awake in this whole wide Empty void of Nothing. Because to you it’s something deeper, something quieter, something less-spoken than anything you’ve voiced so far…

(Sidenote though - obviously it’s been voiced IN the narrative already and gets us no further than 4 years ago and “he’s in love…. with humanity!” etc because that entire build up was ENORMOUS and built up to the pay off… of what we got in 10x01-3, which obviously did not make Destiel canon or Cas’s feelings any clearer than a wistful comment about finding love on earth and wanting to stay, and then Cas left anyway and people were upset that Cas had left right when Dean seemed to be remotely operating his own feelings again and briefly had a moment of clarity to ask Cas to stay apparently in his room on his bed so look at how that has all carried on since season 10 and remember that I’m just analysing, not predicting, but also I have fandom deja vu about Cas’s feelings re: being so obvious they can be seen from space while he pines naked in bed for Dean, and then a big old kick back where everyone was furious he left with Hannah and Destiel is dead and Cas doesn’t love Dean any more >.>) 

- and then the Empty says that he knows what Cas FEARS, why Cas keeps leaving, backing off, running away, taking on missions, doing things to protect Sam and Dean from afar because he can’t be with them, has to return Dean’s mixtape and go nobly fall on a sword. Because he’s SCARED about his feelings. Because he can’t be sure Dean WANTS him, only that Sam and Dean need him. He’s been literally given the Winchester Family Invitation on embossed paper with gold leaf, been through a couple of rounds of sacrificing for them - plural, Mary included - and them standing up for him and willing to die to protect him. He should not fear rejection from the family. He shouldn’t fear that his own feelings for them are not returned in full if it is about being a part of the family. At the end of season 11 Dean offered him being the 3rd Winchester brother (sorry Adam) on a plate as well, and Cas still looked unhappy and uncertain. 

This all ties into ALL of Cas’s arc for years and years, ever since 7x17, when he re-started his continuous time on the show with a brief Destiel recap and his struggles have all been continuous and with good continuity. His guilt about killing all the angels and damaging Heaven (made worse/freshly relevant with the angel fall spell but was caused by his angst about Godstiel, that he brings up in 8x08), his sense of belonging or not which really starts getting hammered home after he becomes human and loses his wings, so he’s more dependant on a home, and also after he’s been more and more often exiled or treated like shit by Heaven to make it clearer that if he is ever going to have a good sense of home again, the one on Earth is the kinder option, even for all the trouble he goes through for Sam and Dean. 

And his feelings for Dean, which are NOT a random subtext thing but seriously power much of his drama. 8x17 starting with him having to kill a thousand Deans. Or how he and Dean are linked by going through Purgatory together and the emotional revelations that came out there - that Dean wouldn’t leave without Cas but Cas didn’t think he deserved it, which ties up all his “general” arcs into the romantic one. That he deserves to be in Purgatory for what he did to Heaven, but that it will hurt Dean to do it. That he’s been self-punishing for Dean’s sake to keep him safe so that he can escape. Cas sacrifices for Dean again and again and in the end walks him to the portal and shoves him through it without attempting to follow because of how he feels; the romantic arc is intrinsic to his actions. 

Season 9 builds up Cas trying to restore Heaven and take down Metatron, but Metatron sows discord among Cas’s followers for Cas’s loyalty to Dean. They test it. He loses his followers. Metatron mocks and delights in Cas’s choices and his weakness for Dean. He tells Cas that his weakness WAS Dean in 9x23, without the “love” comment. And that Dean is dead. Cas fights back anyway, even against hope of losing Dean. 

In season 10, Cas’s arc is loosely that he’s adrift but will help those who need him - Hannah, Claire and of course Dean. Or Sam finding Dean. He pines and hangs on and gets compared to post-break up Crowley and in the main story his role is simply to be devoted to Dean, to want to save him, to be part of the family that would sacrifice and die for Dean. And an important link in the loose prophecy Cain gives Dean about his nearest and dearest of Crowley, Cas and Sam - each one a magnitude worse than the previous to hurt. 10x22 has Cas make that speech about how he’d be there with Dean at his side in horror as Dean murdered the world but he couldn’t kill him, he can only ask him to stop. Dean attacks and rejects him and for his troubles Cas gets turned into a mindless attack dog, a symbol of how he had been feeling all along, just doing these things for the Winchesters without being certain of his place in the family or his feelings being returned. In season 11 these last 2 points are the first of the PTSD flashbacks he gets about his recent treatment as he falls into deep depression and worthlessness, and the fact of his place in the family is a part of it - not that it can be cured by Dean finally telling him what he wants to hear, and for him to be all better as soon as he knows he’s loved. But it’s one of the factors causing it, and one of the reasons Cas got sucked along with the season 10 bad decisions and one of the reasons Cas has been isolating himself, and now begins the pattern of sacrificing himself too, in 11x10 where he says yes to Lucifer after being assured by everyone he meets that day that he’s just a useless tool. Except Dean, of course, but misunderstandings abound so there’s our read of Dean’s intention and our read of how Cas might have taken their parting. In any case, Cas manages to sacrifice twice in a row for the same possession in 11x14 too, now specifically for Dean. From there, the possession arc becomes laughably about Destiel in 11x18 and 11x21, and Dean’s focus on it in the in between episodes. 

And in season 12, of course, now we get the repeated theme of Cas leaving because he doesn’t feel he belongs, and his sense of not belonging and duty power together his search for Lucifer, which turns into the search for Kelly which turns into what happens with Jack in 12x19, but all that of course is because he’s been the one feeling responsible for the Lucifer arc, and whichever point you pick to start that from it goes back to 11x10 and his decision there, made for the same reasons he does everything in season 12, but with more loops of talking about family and where he belongs and Dean trying to reach across the gap but not finding the right words. The fact that after 12x12 Cas still feels he has to be the Winchesters’ guardian shows that they have not been able to reach the part of him which will be able to comfortably call them home no matter how much they feel he belongs there. 

For years and years and years this has been what Cas fears. When the Empty tells him he’s surrounded by all the thousands of dead angels, Cas looks around in utter horror, knowing that he’s responsible for them. Check one on his fears, openly expressed. The Empty mocks his attempt to say that Sam and Dean need him, as a bad reason to return, a hollow reason, and Cas’s fear is that they ONLY need him for what he can do, that they’d find a way to wake him up and get him back JUST because they NEEDED him for something. That he would claw his way back to life just to be used for some reason or another that is troubling them and that they can’t solve without calling in Cas to fix it and protect them. And then. His hates, loves and fears. Cas’s love for Dean in the most terrifying thing he has. He’s destroyed so much because of it. Rebelled because of it. Lost his faith because of it. Been dragged through things far worse than Hell and back because of it. And Dean won’t clarify his feelings for Cas, won’t speak in plain English and explain what he means, what Cas means. 

And in 13x03 he clarifies to Sam that Cas in particular is why he is in so much turmoil, and Cas wakes up. And faces the Empty mocking his feelings and pointing out his fears. That there is “nothing for you back there” despite all the gestures of home and family that have ever been offered to him. (And this sounds so much like the line in The Two Towers where Elrond is telling Arwen there’s nothing for her here, trying to convince her to LEAVE Middle Earth rather than be with Aragorn and die as a mortal.)

But Cas takes this and all the reminders of his failures and the horrific things that have happened to him, and he stands up and confronts the Empty, which is essentially the bad voice in his head, the depression, and all his fears and doubts, and tells it to stuff it and send him back. He realises whatever happened to him, the reason he’s awake has already given him the chance to reject the Empty trying to make him give up and go to sleep, and that he has been given another chance to fight. Not to reject everything the Empty says and have hope, but to fight and fight and fight. And be given another chance.

And that the confrontation involved a reminder that Cas has this secret love, that it covered all the reasons Cas has been brought down to this lowest point, is mirrored in the much *less* Destiel scene in 13x05 where Billie and Dean talk and Dean only mentions in passing that he couldn’t save Cas as part of the reason he’s given up, although of course the weight of everything else around it that built it all up and explained why (and his clarification that woke Cas up in 13x03) obviously makes it mean more than it might sound on the surface. But Cas’s confrontation with the Empty contains *all* of that that I just rambled about because it’s a Castiel, this is your life, moment, and the power of it is picking all the right words to express *everything* Cas has been through and why, and that includes his entire romance with Dean, and, sadly, what it has done to him to pine and feel unrequited all this time. In 10x01 when he’s lying in bed missing Dean, we have an emotionally similar scene but to much less dramatic effect, much less clarity, and distilling down the reasons. It’s mired in a lot of random context, and it is only really symbolically what this scene was pretty much directly. 

In the end of 13x05 Cas calls Dean and it’s silent but we know what it means to Dean. We have silence on Cas’s side of things - obviously the ball is in Dean’s court there on the emotional POV - but when we get Cas back, in 13x06, he is in *no way* “k, bye” 

I think the scenes have been fairly balanced in POV, with Cas explaining what happened to him from his perspective when he gets back when talking about the Empty and his line about annoying the Empty is nonsense to out of context ears but means a lot to us and Cas. The hugs being used to contrast Sam and Dean’s reactions, with Sam not knowing what to do but Dean saying “i do” and swooping in on Cas.

Remember, we have been inside Cas’s head, we’ve seen all his little feelings. We know what has brought him back, and why, and to what dramatic narrative purpose this serves - Dean’s grief about Cas being a 5 episode arc which ended up going right into a lowest point of Dean’s much longer personal arcs about loving Cas and how he feels about the job and family, and Cas’s much much longer ongoing personal arc, currently now starting a new chapter after reaching the lowest point in a story about once again passing through an afterlife to rebirth. But he accepted he would still have these issues, that he was only coming back to fight, that he wasn’t coming back because “Sam and Dean need me”… 

And for most of this reintroduction scene he doesn’t know that they didn’t do something to bring him back. Sam and Dean are stunned and Cas talks matter of fact about how they got back. Cas doesn’t know they’re reacting in complete and utter mystification. He doesn’t know how long he was gone, just that Dean thinks it’s too long. He has this conversation about where he was and what the Empty is like while clearly baffled about their intent and why Sam is asking these questions, until he says “I thought you had done something” and looks at Dean with realisation that they had genuinely thought he was dead and gone and not coming back and they had no clue - this is the first time he can look at them without wondering what they did, if there’s a price on their heads for doing it to him, etc. He no longer has to be concerned about them.

But it’s not just that. It’s that now he knows “Sam and Dean need me” is NOT the reason he was brought back. He called them up probably expecting to be thrown into their next big drama, something they’re overwhelmed with that only Cas can help them with, that he wasn’t just calling them because he’s getting back in touch with his family but that he’s going back into the battle. For them. To protect them or do something for them that they can’t do.

And instead he learns that Jack did it to him, and Sam and Dean aren’t responsible, and all they did was come to collect him and take him *home*. And the big drama he gets thrown into? Jack has found them a case in Dodge City and Dean is *delighted* to go play cowboys with Cas. Cas, freshly back from the dead, suddenly has Jack - a whole new set of issues, maybe, but at least the two of them on a personal level have a positive emotional connection that they both care about each other, though the levels of Jack needing a new guardian angel strike me as bad in the bigger picture, it’s good for Cas to have more people who care about him, and for Dean to proudly label their new family and for this sense of belonging to be automatically placed on them. 

I mean Cas’s head is probably spinning, given the issues he confronted, and then going back AGAINST ALL HOPE. That there was nothing for him back on Earth, just this struggle where he was going to go back to the Winchesters for whatever they needed him for, because he loves them, because he loves Dean, but deep down he has fears and secrets that have been messing with how he interacts with them. Have been screwing up everything for him, over and over. 

And then he gets dragged on a case where Dean’s a great fluffy ball of sunshine even when he’s an angry sleeper, somehow, and all he asks of Cas is to make some coffee, and wait for him to be alert enough to hang out with him, at which point he continues being utterly gleeful and playful, and Cas is beginning to relax, to wear the cowboy hat, to quote the movie at Dean, to feel comfortable at his side, playing along being a cowboy, saying all the ridiculous lines like howdy partner etc as they walk onto the crime scene. Cas has FUN with Dean. FUN. CASTIEL, ANGEL OF THE LORD, HAD FUN. He was acting PLAYFUL. 

And even when he’s being asked what his fake agent name is, he panics because this is all seeming a bit dangerous to keep playing around, he looks to Dean, Dean nods like it will all be fine and Cas says he’s Val Kilmer, and it works. Being playful never hurt anyone. Dean is DELIGHTED. Cas passes the test. This is all GREAT. Look at how few enormous burdens are on them! Sure things suck out in the wider scheme of the world, but nothing is currently actively trying to destroy it… 

This episode didn’t really have a directed POV on all the Destiel stuff because it was just the two of them existing in the same space. Most of the specific pointless (I say, to the main plot anyway) character beats were stuff between Cas and Dean. The hats. The coffee. The music. Even Jack asking Cas about how much Dean likes cowboys. Things that don’t really advance the story but we get silly things like Dean throwing Cas the gnawed hipbone or whatever. No one else is interacting like Dean and Cas interact. Sam and Jack have some interesting stuff going on, but they aren’t commanding a room when they’re in it. 

Like… I don’t *just* ship Destiel because they have interaction I like. I ship it because when they’re in a room, the writing itself supports that the two of them become the most important thing in it to each other. Dean lurks in the background of the Cas and Jack hug, while Sam disappears. Dean stands by Cas in the confrontation with Jack at the end of the episode - they’re on the same side. They’re together. There’s a *link* between them.

I really feel like people seeing Cas as dismissive and strange this episode instead of immediately picking up on Dean’s Cowboy Thing as a callback to 6x18 (whether he can hear the music or not, but personal interpretation, yes), and the query by Jack, the car conversation about them watching Tombstone together, is more reminders, more links between Cas *specifically* and Dean’s interest in cowboys. Cas’s face and his teasing is the same mood as “is it customary to wear a blanket” or telling Dean he looks like a lumberjack. Cas does not tease people very often. And it’s pretty much been Crowley a couple of times dismissively and Dean 3 times lovingly. And about his clothes. And 2/3rds of the time about cowboys. It’s a Thing.

I am just full of stunned love this episode for the way Dean and Cas act around each other, the comfort, the teasing, the absolute knowledge of each other. The things they share off screen and on screen. Cas always expresses less than Dean does, but this episode Cas willingly impersonated a cowboy for an entire 10 seconds while in Dean’s presence, quoted a movie at him, and sucked it up and used his ridiculous alias Dean told him to, while wearing the hat Dean made him wear. Cas loves Dean like the sun comes up in the morning. Maybe someone will be upset Dean messes with Cas and makes him do all this stuff, but this is Castiel Fucking Winchester who scowled down the Empty. I think he could stand up for himself about a straw hat :P

Anyway… tl;dr if that was my post you were thinking about, PLEASE do not interpret it as saying one of them always has to be pining. Sometimes they are just in love. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a narrative reason for it, and we just kinda enjoy the nonsense while another story - Jack’s story - is building up elsewhere. Dean and Cas’s interaction is a character-based subplot on its own, and it’s delightful right now. They can have issues again later, but between Sam saying “Jack” in the opening and the horrible end to the shoot out, Dean n Cas weren’t really doing anything other than enjoying each other’s company. And all the stuff that might have made it bad got swept away with the reveal Jack resurrected Cas, not Dean. Cas is temporarily (permanently hopefully) off the hook for being the angel that watches over them.

I mean it’s so not over, we’re 6 episodes in and all their pre-existing angst is just waiting to kick off again and never entirely *gone*, but this episode was weirdly peaceful for Dean and Cas. And they needed it. And I just do not understand at ALL people reading Cas as being dismissive and distant when he played cowboys with Dean.

No Regrets (Part 8)

Hey… I’ve kept you waiting - I know! - but I really needed to read this over a couple of times and I’m finally happy with it so here you go!

Word count: 2.4k

A/N: I loved how much feedback I received from you lot! Nothing motivates me more than to hear your thoughts on my writing - keep it coming!

Need to catch up? Here’s PART 7 or NO REGRETS MASTERLIST

You were done feeling sorry for yourself. Your plan to live a life of ‘No Regrets’ has clearly backfired and you found yourself in a bigger mess than you were before. You were still single and more frustrated than ever. And you’ve managed to create an uneasy atmosphere at work. Tick, tick, tick, all checked off a list of How to be a Loser.

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Too Much To Ask (Part 2)

BUCKY BARNES x plus size reader


Reader sees Bucky for the first time since their break up.

Warnings: sad, mild cursing, read at your own risk

a/n: originally this part was going to be a lot longer, but I decided to break it up and add another part. Things aren’t entirely clear, there’s more to the story I promise. Basically what I’m saying is the third part is halfway done, so keep on the look out. Anyway, hope you enjoy. 

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kekerockinrobin  asked:

Can I request a smut based off song Who Do You Love by Mariana's Trench where you & yoongi starts off as enemies for some reason when he's really in love with you & one day you two are left along for the day & you have a fight leading to sexy time

This was quite interesting to write since I’ve never written something with this type of plot line, so I hope you enjoy!~
- Devi ^_-

[WARNING: Explicit Content]

who do you love? {smut/angst}

Word Count: 3741

At some point in our lives, we all come across at least one person whom we cannot stand, and for what reason? That’s what’s unknown. See, our instincts are more capable than our minds seem to let us believe, and sometimes said instincts just KNOW when there’s something about someone that’s offputting even if your mind cannot rationalize it. Some people just make us angry simply for existing, without really transgressing against us. There was one in your life too. His name was Min Yoongi. 

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tangible silence - a nonlinear misadventure series surrounding deaf!eddie kaspbrak

Eddie Kaspbrak is fourteen years old, lives in the tiny town of Derry, has asthma along with a million other ailments, and attends bird watching club meetings every Monday, Wednesday,and Friday afternoon where he never actually watches birds.

Oh yeah, he also can’t fucking hear.

[tumblr link] [AO3 link]

chapter 1.

Remember, your teacher has a landline if something happens. Did you take your allergy medicine? And sunscreen?

Yes mommy. I have to go I don’t want to be late.

Eddie stepped out of the car and breathed out in relief when he felt the gust of his mother driving away without protest; every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the entire summer, he’ll have a blissful two hours away from his mom. 

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inspired by this post 

Matt’s still awake when he gets the text - in fact, it cuts off Dan’s dissection of their latest game mid-mumble. They’re tangled together in Matt’s bed, taking advantage of having an empty dorm room.

Matt gropes for his phone on the floor beside the bed, blinking at the harsh light of the screen. It’s from Neil:

Can you com get me Andrew’s sleepin and I’m too drunk. 

“What’s happening?” Dan murmurs, her heavy-lidded eyes blinking slowly. A year ago, she would have already been halfway to damage-control-mode, but times have changed. It’s really something to see her look so relaxed, miles away from the dedicated drive and determination she has to present to the world day after day.

“Neil’s been drinking,” Matt says, showing her the text. She smiles as she reads it, mouth curving up.

“His spelling,” she points out, because Neil would never deign to use anything other than perfect English even in a text. When he’s sober, anyway. “You better go rescue him.”

No one had been surprised that Andrew turned down an invitation to party with the Vixens. That Neil agreed to go without him - ignoring the teasing about making use of empty dorm rooms - was more surprising. He hadn’t seemed to think anything of it, though Matt had caught the two of them murmuring in the hall when he’d stuck his head out to farewell the party-goers. 

The two of them were so subtle, but they didn’t need to touch for Neil’s expression to give them away. And Matt had never cared to observe Andrew before last year, but Neil wasn’t the only one with tells if you looked carefully.

“Guess so,” Matt says now, untangling them. Halfway through he has to kiss Dan, so comfortable in his bed, drinking in her tiny mmhm. “You going back to your room?”

“Nah,” she replies. “I’m warm.”

“You’re hot,” Matt informs her, and gets a quick pinch in the side for his troubles. “Hey! Don’t damage the merchandise, lady.”

“Get out of here,” Dan tells him, pushing him off the bed with a laugh. Matt takes his clothes off the floor and puts them back on - it might save him from the inevitable glare from Aaron, resident clean freak, later. Potentially from jokes from Nicky, too. 

“See you in a bit,” he says, earning him a sleepy hum as he shoves his feet into his shoes and his wallet and keys into his pockets. He locks the door behind him.

It’s after 1AM on a Friday night, but there are plenty of people in various stages between sober and drunk around the Tower. Matt skips aside to avoid a bunch of field hockey girls teetering in their high heels, arms about shoulders in rows so they block the entire footpath in the parking lot. 

He has to hit the brakes of the truck once on the way to avoid killing half of PSU’s soccer team, but he makes it to the strip of bars and restaurants without any other issues. He drives slowly with his eyes peeled, and slows more when he catches sight of a familiar pair of auburn and blonde heads.

Neil’s waiting on the curb with his feet in the gutter and his phone curled in his lap. Allison is standing over him, arms crossed. They both look up when Matt pulls in next to them, but Neil is the only one to grin broadly at the sight of him.

Matt feels warm at that look. It’s a rare one, and probably related to excess consumption of alcohol, but he values those smiles more than he can really say.

“Matt!” Neil greets when he opens the door, drowning out Allison’s muttered thank God.

“Hi, Neil,” Matt replies. “Hi, Allison.”

Allison points at Neil, and then at Matt. “He’s your problem now.”

She’s tipsy enough that her chilly tone doesn’t quite cover the affection in her expression. Matt says, “Thanks Allison.”

“Thanks Allison,” Neil chirps, turning a big-eyed look on her. Without the grin he looks about fifteen years old. It’s stupidly endearing.

She waves the two of them off and turns back to the bar, where the door guys wave her straight in like the queen she is. Meanwhile, Neil sprawls into the passenger seat of the truck. Drinking seems to have robbed him of his stoicism as well as his usual precise athleticism, because he gives Matt the same doe-eyes he just gave Allison.

“Thanks for picking me up,” he says. “I know you were probably…I mean, you and Dan…”

He goes bright red like he’s just realised what he’s implying. Matt knows that Neil and Andrew have done stuff - Neil’s words - thanks to another drunken conversation concerning Matt’s concern about Neil’s happiness, but sometimes it really doesn’t seem like it.

“That’s okay, Neil,” Matt says. It’s the first time he’s really dealt with Neil drunk while he’s been sober, but he can’t say he minds it, especially when Neil squeaks out, “Sorry,” and then shuts up. 

He’s quiet on the way back, which is almost enough to convince Matt he isn’t that drunk until he nearly falls on his face tripping on the curb. After that, Matt keeps him close enough to catch him before he bruises himself and earns Matt a bruise of his own from Andrew for damaging him. 

Up on the Foxes’ floor, Neil leads the way to the suite he shares with Andrew and Kevin and then stops short in front of the door to stare at it in consternation. “Oh no.”

“What?” Matt asked, mildly alarmed by deeply disappointed expression that has swept over Neil’s face. He thinks for a second that Neil is going to say something about Andrew telling him not to come back drunk.

“I gave Nicky my keys,” Neil replies. “Whoops.”

He honest-to-God giggles. Matt nearly chokes trying to hold back his own laughter, not least because people might be sleeping, and doesn’t quite succeed.

“You can sleep on my couch,” he suggests, voice strained with it. 

Neil’s giggle stops abruptly, and he frowns, his brow pinching.

“Yeah,” he drags out like he really wants to say no - and then, “Oh!”

The door has swung open. Andrew is standing in the doorframe with his usual bored expression, the TV on but muted over his shoulder. He doesn’t look at all like he’s been sleeping.

Neil says, “Hi.” There’s no trace of laughter or tipsy humour in his voice, but there’s plenty of other things. He slides past Andrew in the doorway, and Matt doesn’t miss Andrew’s hand reaching up to the small of his back.

It’s barely a touch. That means nothing, because the look Neil turns on Andrew makes it seem like he’s hung every single star in the sky. And Matt would never claim that he knows Andrew all that well, but he knows what it means to have someone look like that at you when you’re a Fox. 

Andrew’s expression might be the nearest thing to totally unreadable, but Matt has been watching him for a little while now. Andrew has a tell, and it’s his palm on Neil’s back.

“Go wash up,” Andrew says, his hand falling back to his side when Neil goes.

Once Neil has wandered from sight, Andrew turns and levels Matt with a look. It’s bored and implies nothing like thank you - he seems to be wondering exactly why Matt is still here. And that’s fine.

“I’ll leave you to it,” Matt tells him, and does just that. After all, Dan is waiting for him, and Neil is safe in Andrew’s care.

He’s back in bed when he gets the second text. It’s okay, I’m home now. Perfectly spelled, but an equally perfect indication that Neil is still utterly wasted. 

Chuckling quietly to himself, Matt sends back ik, I’m the one who picked u up. Tell Andrew he’s welcome. Because it’s just too easy, and he can’t wait for Neil’s embarrassed and hungover expression tomorrow.

Criminal Beginnings

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

A/N: Dangerous Y/N

Just because you had technically been blackmailed into this job didn’t mean you couldn’t enjoy it, like how often do you get to nosy around Ironman’s personal workshop unsupervised? He’s a living legend; renowned for awesome tech, engineering brilliance and general murder. It’s not like you actually knew how most of the tech functioned but that didn’t stop it from being fun to play with, besides the job was kinda nerve wracking and you needed something to take your mind off of all the lives held in your shaky hands.

You had a fifteen minute time slot to get in empty and out with the codes that your partner Ivan was stealing in the next room. He practically came in his pants when he finally got into the mainframe of StarkLabs so you didn’t see why you couldn’t find a way to enjoy yourself too in the ten minutes you had to spare. See how much trouble you could cause the billionaire butt hole.

The avengers were all out saving New York from some random monster that just happened to arrive today, a total coincidence. You had the place to yourselves and the large dark rooms were pretty creepy in their sheer silent vastness. You strode into the only light room and picked up a large hammer on a cleared table and proceeded to smash everything in sight. This would actually serve as a good distraction from what you were really stealing but it was mainly just hilariously fun. Every blaster and perfect shiny part pissed you off. Why did he get to have such perfection in his life when he obviously didn’t deserve it. You broke the glass tables and the computer screens, you even made a sizable dent in the walls but those damn pieces of his suit were near indestructible and all the more irritating for it. Your aunt had been out giving aid in Sokovia when it was destroyed. The pain of her death was fueled by the fact that it was needless, the only reason it happened was because Stark had a God complex. You hated him for it, yet you could help but admire his genius.

Funnily enough your heart felt lighter for destroying a bunch of Stark’s shit and with a final swing that sent the mallet flying, you laughed joyously. As you made my way back through the rooms your joy faded.The lights suddenly turned back on and an alarm started blaring. Shit. You sprinted for Ivan, praying he was finished.

“We’ve got a problem” You panted. Was it really necessary for the halls to be that damn long?

“I know. I’m just erasing our footsteps now.”

You could hear the elevator traveling towards you and the jets of Ironman approaching from the left. He must be terrible at covert operations.

“Hurry Ivan.”

“I’m trying.”

“Try faster.”

“Done.” You were both sweating. You really didn’t want a confrontation in Stark’s territory.

You tied the metal briefcase to his back then ran to the balcony and shot a wire at the building opposite. He clipped himself on and looked at you. A moment of silent communication passed between you. You both knew what to do. He attached himself to the line and jumped just as the elevator dinged. The codes were the priority and since you had no clue what to do with them you were the disposable one, the distraction. You heard footsteps as they started filing out, running towards the room you were defending. You snapped into your mercenary persona letting the message of: ‘there’s was no way in hell you are going to win this round’, run through your head.

The first to come into your line of sight was Captain America, looking righteous as always. On his left Falcon and on his right Hawkeye. Banner probably wouldn’t let the monster out in such an enclosed space which meant only the Black Widow was unaccounted for. You threw a knife behind you without taking your eyes from the avengers before you, cutting the cord and simultaneously saving Ivan and trapping you.You took a last deep breath as your eyes hardened and your fear receded. You’d find a way to win. You had to.

All eyes were trained on you and you watched as Stark himself arrived and stepped out of his suit. “As much as I love having gorgeous women in my home, I’m not a fan of theft.” His easy going smile and relaxed posture was betrayed by his shrewd eyes. You smirked, if he wanted to play you’d happily oblige. “I haven’t stolen anything, Anthony dearest. I’m merely taking a look around a beautiful home and enjoying the view.” You walked over to the bar not taking your eyes off of the hostiles standing twenty feet away. They only moved to angle themselves towards you.

You jumped backwards landing perfectly on the bar then jumped again so that you were behind it. The others you’d been told to work with should arrive with stun grenades and a helicopter in approximately seven minutes, they wouldn’t leave you to give away any information. You poured yourself a glass of scotch and sipped it with a smile. “That’s the good stuff. Anybody else want some while I’m here. I heard Anthony isn’t very good at sharing so this may be your only chance.” None of them cracked a smile and you huffed at their annoyance. “What? Can’t a girl do a little breaking and entering without the surly look of disappointment?”

“What did you come for?” It was Hawkeye who spoke. He smiled at you and you saw him relax and stride towards you with an easy grace. Five minutes.He was the most experienced agent so it would stand that he was the most experienced in extracting information.

“I didn’t come for anything sweet cheeks, I’m only the protection.”

“My lab would tell a different story.” Stark said lightly but he had stiffened. It seemed he didn’t like it when people touched his toys. The smile slipped off of your face and you downed the rest of the scotch.Time to get a little more real.

“That wasn’t part of the job, that, my sweet, was personal.” You saw him scan you as he tried to place where he’d met you before. “Oh, don’t worry. I’m not a crazy notch on your bedpost, I’m just related to one of thousands killed in Sokovia.” you saw him flinch almost imperceptibly and you frowned. Men like him didn’t feel guilt. They couldn’t. He didn’t say anything though. No cocky comeback or one liner to say that he didn’t care. It was unsettling. The rest of them were good people but high society’s were so detached from real life that they tended to be psychopathic. You refilled your glass and glanced at the clock. Less than two minutes. You walked around the bar never turning your back on them and moved towards the platform suspended over New York.

They all could see where you were going but were silent. Even Hawkeye’s demeanor had changed at the mention of Sokovia. Too right, it was a shit show. You didn’t really know what those codes did but if they brought Stark down a few pegs you’d do it again of free will.

Less than a minute. You threw the glass down and let it smash loudly. The chopper was close enough to hear now. You smirked again and winked as you spun around only to crash into a hard chest. Your character broke and the fear came back. This wasn’t in the plan. A hand reached behind you to crush you to him then you were thrown to the floor with a metal hand around your neck. You looked up into the most beautiful eyes you’d ever seen and smiled genuinely for the first time since you’d met these people. There was a faint noise in the background like shouting and gunfire but you just reached up to cup his face gently. If this was how you were going to go it wasn’t so bad. You had closed your eyes as you were suffocated willing to let sleep take you, when suddenly you could breathe. You stood getting ready to fight when you caught sight of his face with clear eyes. Everything about him was beyond words.

Your momentary pause was enough to take you out because you saw a look of vague confusion cross his features before something hit the back of your head and were knocked unconscious.

A/N: Another series.

This is just the tester chapter but it will be Bucky x Y/N


— ( lewis x reader )

warnings —
Oral sex/smutty stuff

Word count—

Can I request one where you’re Lewis’ girlfriend and Josh (Zerka’s) older sister and he walks in at an intimate moment between you and Lewis and doesn’t know how to react. The rest of the boys tease Josh because of his reaction. P. S I’m in love with your blog 😊 (@chloella16 )

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too busy dreaming of jumping on your...

Ethan Nestor x fem!reader


is there another word for the “we’re dating kind of sort of but no one knows so our only choice is to have car dates and car sex” trope??

lyric that inspired all of this: boy you’re so sexy/just like a cadillac/just come and get me/cos i can’t hold it back/people on the street watch us in the back seat, oh

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