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Fucks sake, science. I am following you for cool sciencey shit, not a bunch of people marching on Washington for what is admittedly a somewhat just cause. Now I've had a real shitty day so you'll have to forgive me for this.

And Seattle and Michigan and wherever the fuck else people are marching

Unfollow if you don’t like what I’m posting. I don’t see how an event about Science does not fit my blog.

The Science March is important. The USA is the 2nd highest producer of Greenhouse gases, and the President doesn’t believe in climate change. His decisions will effect every person on Earth.

Trump’s government is also planning massive cuts to Science; Medicine, Environmental Monitoring, Climate Change, etc.

As a Canadian who grew up when our Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) muzzled, censored and defunded Science for a decade, I want to do all I can to prevent the same from happening to my neighbours.

I’m not sorry. I’m going to continue posting about the Science March.

Deal with it.

“He was my brother.”

Those were the first words to tumble out of her mouth when Rhaegar told her Brandon had been killed. He held her hands as if that were any sort of consolation, as if his touch would remind her that there were fairer things to live for. 

“I’m sorry, sweetling,” he cooed as if she were a confused child and not a woman who had just had her whole world pulled out from under her.

“I have to– I have to go to my family. This was a mistake. I must go home.” She rose to her feet quickly, her body moving at a faster pace than her mind, but two hands firmly returned her to her seat.

“I’m afraid that’s not possible, Lyanna,” Rhaegar informed her coldly, but with a kind smile. “It’s far too dangerous now– and you’re with child.”

“Please.” The word is tremulous and weak on her lips when she wanted to be bold and strong– but how, how could she be, when she was so far south and her pack so far away and reduced to only three?

Rhaegar pressed a kiss to her forehead in response. It burned worse than any other words he could have offered.




“He is my brother.”

She’s enraged. She’s tired, and aching, and in sorrow too, but most of all, she’s enraged.

“This is a war, Lyanna. I have no choice.” Rhaegar does not treat her like a child anymore, no, not after he learned that she had teeth and claws to match those the wolf on her sigil sported. Not after her belly swelled with true object of his desire.

“You have a choice! You have a choice not to raise your sword against him. You have the choice to spare him and let me see him again.” The words alone brought unbidden tears to her eyes. Oh, to see Ned again would be so sweet. Kind, gentle Ned with his honest face and boundless patience. She missed him. She missed him so much.

“I have a kingdom and a family to protect,” Rhaegar returned.

“So does he!”

“It is not the same.”

She would have scoffed had it not been her brother’s life on the line. “Then I pray the gods strike you down.”

Rhaegar smiled, however sad that smile was. Once upon a time she had swooned at that smile. Now, however, she prays he dies with it upon his lips.




“He is my brother.”

She gripped Arthur’s hand with as much strength as she could offer. Her fever was burning, burning, burning everything away. She should have died days earlier, but Lyanna knew she must live.

“I’m sorry, my lady,” Arthur said grimly, offering a half-hearted squeeze in return.

“I want to see him again. Please, I want to see Ned.” 

“He comes now.”

“Please, Ser Arthur.”

The knight retreated as the babe at her breast began to cry anew.





Had it not been for his touch, for the coldness of his skin against her hot, she would have thought him a dream, born of fever and her deepest desire.

“Lyanna,” his voice called to her from the haze, sharp and clear and beautiful. “Lyanna, it’s Ned.”

“Thank the gods,” she breathed. He grasped her hand, pressed it to his lips. His face swam in her vision, but it was Ned, it was really Ned. “I feared I’d never see you again.”

“I’m here, Lya.”

“Then listen.” She licked her chapped lips. “Please, listen.”

Her brother nodded, and listened.

Hi there!

(( Since you said you’re rather shy, I had actually planned to write you back privately, but you raised some really good points about the latest chapter, so I changed my mind and decided to share it publicly! I did hide your username though, hope it’s okay! :D ))

Thank you very much for taking the time to send me this lovely message! It really made me happy and motivated me to keep working on my blog! And also, now that you created your own blog on tumblr, I hope you’ll have even more fun in the future than before!<3

I totally agree with what you said about Kuro and the new chapter! I wasn’t really a fan of the first two anime seasons either, simply because they were too different from the manga, but like you, I really like the “Book of ~” series! They are quite faithful to the original work and thus much more manga-fans-friendly imo xD

And about the new chapter, yeah I’m still shocked because I really thought Yana would never kill a regular character, especially not someone like Agni we already know for a decade, but I’m slowly starting to accept his death since Yana said that it was something she has planned since his first appearance (i.e. it’s not something she came up with suddenly). Protecting Soma at all costs was Agni’s utmost wish and mission, and he fulfilled it. Imo it was the most beautiful and touching death scene of this whole series, and I really liked his monologue about Soma. The chapter was rather short but I’m actually grateful that Yana dedicated a whole chapter for him and didn’t immediately continue with the “who’s the murderer” drama, that would have ruined the whole emotional, tragic atmosphere, at least for me :/ 

There might be some people who blame Yana for her decision, but as you said, it’s her story, so it’s not our place to tell her whom to kill or not to kill. Agni’s death came off rather abrupt imho, nevertheless I believe Yana made this decision for a good reason and that his death will have a significant impact on the story :) So yeah, I still love Yana and Kuroshitsuji, and have great respect for her, just like you <3

Again, thanks a lot for your feedback!

Have a wonderful weekend, too and lots of greetings & love back to you from rainy Europe~♡

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Why does your blog name is Titanic?

I….oh my god that name is so outdated and I need to change it. At this point I’ve had it that way for so long that it’s basically invisible to me?? I forgot about it until you mentioned it, lmao.

One of my old friends lovingly nicknamed me Titanic because I am pretty tall, like, I can lead people through crowds and stuff because my head is a good reference point. :’D This blog used to be called @theunsinkable before i renamed to reallycorking like….3 years ago, so it made a lot more sense in that context. Now it’s just weird!!!!! SORRY

If you have tagged me in something in the last 24 hours and i haven’t responded i need to apologise, but my notifications and inbox have kinda gone nuts. 

My Beefy Seb vs Athletic Seb post got picked up by a ‘big’ blog and it kinda went viral…

1331 notes? Fucking hell. I wasn’t even expecting 10.

Anyway, i’ve had to turn off ALL email notifications until that post calms down as i cleared my email this morning, and 10 hours later it looks like this:

So yeah if you’ve tagged me and i’ve not responded can you just send me a link?

pointcd’s 100+ Followers Bias List

It felt like I just had my last milestone not long ago. Thanks to all of you for this milestone that has gotten me into triple digits! Shout-out to my discord server for talking me into making this blog, I don’t think I would have chosen WM otherwise. It has been quite the journey already with her and I cannot wait to see where this muse takes me. Thanks again to all of you and I’ll for sure see you next time!

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This list if just a small section of the people that follow me. If you are tagged on this list, you’re someone I interact with or hope to interact with in the future! If you were not tagged, don’t worry– it’s just so many people to page through! I RP with anyone as long as it is okay with my rules. If you are interested, check out my other OW RP blogs @playnxce and @bloodiedpastel. Thank you so much everyone for making this milestone possible!

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Where have you been?! I feel like you dont blog as much these past few days:(

ahhh sorry i had my bday yesterday and then dan and phil have been doing everything at weird times so i’m not around to blog about it

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you have such great art and i love it soOoooOoo much! do you have any advice for aspiring artists who look up to you and really want to make it out in art? thank you so much! ;;

though this is just what i did, and i wouldn’t really consider my self having “made it” at all;; just don’t give up; i’m 17 right now and i’ve had this blog since middle school so; 

So I just got an autograph from Iain and I had gotten one earlier in the day from Liz and she had signed it in silver so the guy was like “oh here have him sign it in black so it’ll symbolize their separation and Fitz’s evil turn”

And I was like “oh god why this”

So the guy told Iain this and so my signature ended up being:
“Why do you like me as evil? It’s weird! - "Fitz”“

And then he proceeded to write "mhahahahaha” as well

I can’t believe this


My several aesthetic pictures… I can never stop. I was tagged by @greenappleeyes @casbabydontgoineedyou and @webcricket. Thank you for tagging me! The first three are my ‘official’ entries, the rest are just… hey, why the hell not.

Anyway. Now you know how much i like collage-ing LOL. Fun fact: In every collage EXCEPT the all-Cas ones, there are photos that I have personally took. I like photography hehe.

Fun fact #2: In the second collage, there is a cover for a fic I once wrote. I had that cover as my phone home screen for a long time.

In doing this, I have discovered that I CLEARLY need MORE pictures of Cas. And wings in general, because I am a huge wing freak. (And yes, Bill Cipher eating a chip through his eye is CLEARLY my aesthetic)

Tagging @seafoodmomma, @ferid-trash-bathory, @bloodstained-porcelain-doll @narisjournal-blog @mate-im-captain-jack-sparrow @devilscharismatic @beccaamm and @raspberrymama, as well as anyone who wants to do it!

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Nvm I noticed you blocked me XD. Expected tbh. Anyways thank you for the good time that I had on your blog and sorry once again! Hope you have a good time!

I was going to ignore this but…this is like the third message in a row you’ve sent and I know who you are. YOU know who you are and you’re sending messages to another friend of mine on here too, amongst other things… I only blocked you because I don’t feel comfortable with you seeing my fics after you copied one word for word. I think it would be best if we just leave it at that, regardless of if you realised it or not. Please don’t message my blog again, thank you.

((Happy Birthday to Sammy and Lily!!! 

Kinda anyways; these guys celebrate the day they were adopted since Willow’s not actually sure when the kids were born. At any rate though, Sammy and Lily are now 7 and 3 years old, respectively!

Since I didn’t have the time for a comic/event like I had hoped, I drew a little party scene with some muses who’ve become friends with Willow and the kids. I’m sure I’m missing a few, and I’m so sorry to any of my awesome mutuals who I neglected to include! Those who are here will be tagged down below, and they’re all wonderful blogs that you should check out if you can!!!!))

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Hi Wiggles! It's been so wonderful watching you grow healthy & happier in your new home! Last night I took in a local rescue gecko with all the same problems you used to have, I was wondering if you had any advice about caring for her special needs? We'll be going to the vet today to get her all the medical help she needs, & she'll be getting a UVB too, I would love to know which strength bulb you have if thats okay! I wrote a few posts about what I've done for her so far on my reptile blog

The care my vet recommended may be different from what yours recommends, because we’re all individuals with individual needs, so please keep that in mind.’

My keeper’s vet recommended the following for me, until I was back to a healthy weight:

- Free feeding every day until I got to a healthy weight. I’m back on an every other day feeding schedule now, as I’m at a healthy weight.

- All meals dusted with a calcium/D3 vitamin powder.  My keeper uses Repashy Calcium Plus. Since I’m healthy again, I get mine dusted 3x per week instead of daily now.

- A dish of plain calcium/D3 (even healthy leopard geckos should have this).
- UVB lighting.  My keeper is using the Exo Terra Repti-Glo 5.0 Compact Fluorescent Tropical Terrarium Lamp.

- A high fat, high calorie diet until I was a healthy weight again. Waxworms, butterworms, black soldier fly larvae (they’re not high in fat or calories, but ARE high in calcium), and dubia roaches were my diet for awhile. Since I’m at a healthy weight again, the waxworms and butterworms are just treats now, and I get mealworms instead of those now.

- I also seem to prefer having belly heat AND radiant heat from above for basking (someone forgot to tell me that I’m nocturnal and should sleep in my hides instead of under the heat lamp), so he uses a ceramic heat emitter on my warm side in addition to the undertank heater. Please note that you need at least a 20 gallon long (so not a regular 20 gallon) aquarium to do this or the heat emitter may make the cool side too warm as well.

Once I got to a healthy weight, my keeper’s vet said I could be fed and kept like any normal leopard gecko. I seem to enjoy the UVB light and sometimes even bask under it, so my keeper plans to keep it around.

very short and important addition to the rules:

  • if you don’t have an alias on your blog, in an updates tab, your rules, your description, or a mun page ( any alias of any kind, a name, a nickname, a pseudonym, etc ) i will not follow you back. i have had my fair share of problems on this site - specifically with stalking - and until i know who you are, i would rather not get associated.

Random shoutout post for @ashy-le-mashy This guuurl is a complete and utter doll! I haven’t been talking to her for all that long, but in the time I have known her, she has been one of the most kindest, sweetest, and lovely people I’ve had the honour to chat to on here! Her art is amazing, and can I just say, her icon is just 💞💞💞 THE FEELS, like oh my god!! Her blog is just lit af, and she’s so cute and funny oh my goodness! If you’re not following this girly, then why the hell not? Much love sweetie, keep being facking adorable! 💖

ya’ll i say this as nice as i can - THIS BLOG IS PRIVATE - over the last few days i’ve had multiple people like my starter calls or send me memes or ask to roleplay when we are not mutuals. trust me when i say that this rule is for my own comfort. as a person who does not like and is very uncomfortable with telling people no due to issues in my life i don’t want to constantly have to tell people i’m not interested in rping with them. 

that, and with the amount of followers and rps i have i’m already having to do this multiple times a day. it makes me uncomfortable when people disregard my rules. it makes me think that because they are nice to me or merely are who they are that these people feel they deserve my immediate attention. it’s not cool to be so demanding and never has been, trust me. it makes everybody uncomfortable.

read my rules. respect them. and if you’re not a mutual a week or two after following me then please leave me alone, because i probably can’t see us rping and you attempting to take advantage of that or force yourself and your blog on me is shitty. i’m a person with boundaries that i’ve set up to make my blog a nice place for myself. if you can’t respect that then from now on, i’ll just start blocking immediately.


I  S U R V I V E D !! I finally had my last final today, I will therefore forcefully return to this blog & get things back on tracks starting from Monday (last deadline)! Thank you so much for all the asks, I’m keeping them warm in my inbox and will be answering/queueing them this week-end. Feel free to shoot me some more!

What’s in store for the upcoming days/weeks :
- new “each house as” posts
- some Sortings (I haven’t decided which fandom yet, if you have any idea, please send them)
- and I have a little something on the works with the wonderful @holey-george but that will remain a secret for now, teehee~ ♥

Thanks everyone for keeping around ! Also the 2ks are so close now, I don’t really know what happened but I’m so happy that you’re all here ☼


So I’m in the process of moving all my LiveJournal shit to Dreamwidth because of the Russians. I’ve had an account both places for a while, though LJ far longer. I’m trying to get in the habit of writing my bullshit emotional garbage on Dreamwidth instead of bothering all of you with it with the idea that it will help me with whatever my myriad of issues happens to be, and it will make this blog more appealing to look at or whatever.

I’m also going to keep doing my sketch dump posts on Dreamwidth instead of LJ. I don’t like having to do this. I got my LJ in high school to hide from my abusive step mother so even though the early parts of it are a Bastion of teenage horror I still feel upset at the idea of having to shut it down or whatever. I’m kind of hoping I can just leave it as it is and just stop updating it, or mark everything as private with one post linking to Dreamwidth. Deactivating something that’s been around so long is unhappy for me.

Anyway, if you for some reason want to read emotional bullshit or whatever other garbage I have in my head, I’m, because of course I am.