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Fan Fic Writer Appreciation Day!

Time to participate!! I’m going to recommend some of my favorite fics and tag their authors (because I love the authors). These are all stories I’ve read multiple times and definitely think are worth the read:

*cracks knuckles* Here we go.

Eye of the Storm by @seabirdsong (rating: E, Cullen/Hawke, complete)

The first story that pushed me down the Cullen/Hawke rabbit hole, and such a well written story that I think I read it like four times. It amazing and the smut is A+. The sequel is already written and completed, and it’s wonderful too! 

The Lion of Skyhold by @cometeclipsewriting (rating: E, Cullen/Lavellan, complete)

Uhh… actually I recommend everything by her. The stories are always so unique and well written and she’s a very sweet person!

Andraste’s Witch by @mysdrym (rating: n/a, Cullen/OC, currently updating)

This is a really fun story where the Inquisitor isn’t a mage from Ostwick or a Lavellan Keeper. She’s (allegedly) a witch of the wilds and her story just gets more interesting as it unfolds!

Marigolds in the Hanged Man by @redinkofshame (rating: M, Varric/OC, complete)

I almost never read stories where Varric is the love interest because I feel like he’s my dad? But this one is SO good and unique and clever.

Neither Angels, Nor Demons, Nor Powers by @long-liv-prairies (rating: E, Cullen/OC & Solas/OC, complete)

An epic slowburn that’s just delicious. I recommend this story and the sequel, and generally just giving Liv a follow because she’s the best person.

Part of Your World by threehundredthirtythree (rating: E, Alistair/Amell, currently updating) - I’m not sure if they have a tumblr, but if you know it, let me know so I can tag them! And also follow.

This story is so good and I always get so excited when it updates–which is probably once a week? The writer as a way of getting into characters’ heads and making me feel sympathy for them that I never do during the game. She’s a really good writer.

As the World Falls Down by @khirsahle (rating: E, Cullen/Trevelyan, complete)

This is one of the first stories I read when I got into the DA fandom, and it’s really stuck with me. It’s worth multiple reads and its sequel is complte too. Khirsah also has a story called Fire, Walk With Me that inspired Part of Your World about soulmates.

A Whole New World by @roguelioness (rating: E, Solas/OC, currently updating)

Another story by a good friend! This was the first incomplete story that I started reading, and one of the first MGITs I read, and now RoLo and I are buddies. It’s a little bit of a darker fic, so mind the tags! It’s such a smart look on the MGIT thing, and it’s unique, and I’m always impressed by the little details that RoLo notices and includes!

How to Win Wars and Influence Nobles by @kaoruyogi (rating: E, Cullen/OC, currently updating)

Again, I really recommend everything by Kaoruyogi. She’s so smart and clever and her stories are just amazing. The smut is also top-notch too!

In Love, Serenity by @ladydracarysao3 (rating: E, Cullen/OC & Hawke/OC & Barris/OC, currently updating)

I always get really excited about this one too! Aurora is my child. It’s such a complex story that really delicately balances three distinct OCs with their unique backstories… I just eat it up. LadyD also has a story she writes with Liv that combines their two OCs (Abner and James) and they just do it all over the place. It’s some very nice smut.

Single Fereldan Man Seeks Female Companion by @reaping-cain (rating: M, Cullen/Lavellan, currently updating)

This story hits two of my biggest trope loves: “pretend relationship” and “oh my god they were roommates.” It’s very cute and I can’t wait to find out more about Kaeran! I think it’s on hold for a bit while the author finishes up her thesis, but I think she’s picking it back up soon (I hope… hint hint)

The Art of Love by @sloth-race (rating: E, Cullen/Lavellan, complete)

One more work by a friend, and again I recommend all of her stuff. I think this is one of the first stories I read when I got into DA, and I still really like it. It holds up to multiple reads and it’s just cute.

Dance Like No One is Watching by @kagetsukai (rating: E, Cullen/Lavellan, complete)

A story by a new friend, this one is really sweet! It’s a fun little modern AU that apparently has some Big Things happening in the background. Shan also has a MGIT that’s a cute, fun read!

Reparation by @slothquisitor (rating: M, Cullen/Lavellan, complete)

Okay… honestly, for a long time, I was afraid to read this one because I misunderstood the summary and thought it was about Cullen being dumped. When I finally read the summary again and gave it a shot, I really loved it. It’s ALL about Cullen opening his templar sanctuary and falling in love with the (mage) healer he hires to help him. She has another story called A Class Act that’s a modern au starring the same characters, and it’s also amazing!

I… don’t think that’s everyone. But it’s everyone I can think of right now!

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