and i had to draw them out


I finished it, yay.

The process of painting @boo-ni‘s OC.

I messed up quite a few times on the painting (if it ain’t obvious lmao). I ran out of certain colours and had to mix some, which caused me to have to go over the drawing a few times with water and in the end some of the colours still didn’t turn out as I wanted them to. All in all I like the inked one best(-3-)

Art belongs to me , the character however does not.

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Hello, Dorian and Ryn for the ship ask thingy please & thank you.

Ooh this one will be a challenge since I don’t write them as often.

  • Who said “I love you” first - I’m sure it comes to no surprise to anyone that Dorian is a little gunshy about those three little words. Ryn didn’t say them, under the unspoken understanding that they would freak Dorian out - so they were both surprised when Dorian blurted it, accidentally, as his ship took off for Tevinter. They had to wait months before they could actually sit down and talk about it.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background - I mean I’m 95% sure Dorian would use his own picture as his phone background, so maybe Ryn?
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror - Ryn started it, with a ‘good morning’ and a little drawing of a heart. Dorian turned the heart into a shaply buttocks. Things progressed. Skyhold’s servants were less amused than you’d think.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts - Dorian. Gifts are so much easier than actually talking about your feelings.
  • Who initiated the first kiss - Dorian did the kissing, but it was Ryn’s fault. “If you’re capable,” he told the mage, and Dorian swooped right in for the smooch.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning - Neither. Sadly, Ryn is usually up and working long before Dorian has cracked an eyelid. If Dorian is lucky, Ryn will still be in the room, seated at his desk and amiable to being coaxed back into bed - but it’s rare for them to wake together.
  • Who starts tickle fights - Ryn. Dorian is somewhat less than amused, and spends weeks trying to find ways to get revenge.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower - Dorian. Got to get time with his Inquisitor where and how he can.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch - This would be a Ryn thing, if he ever had the time.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date - Dorian, without a doubt.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders - Ryn, without a doubt.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk - Definitely Dorian

I don’t need to show, I think we all know it

But just to be certain I’ll say it again:

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is in love with her friend…

…and his name is Adrien Agreste.

I have this silly crossover idea in which Jagged makes a song for Marinette the same way Ruberiot did for Star. And like, he is too very observant and thinks he is doing her a favor lol.



I’m sure there’s a bunch of Yuri on Ice x ballroom AUs out there but here’s another hahaha. I’ve been wondering about it since the two of them danced together at that afterparty, so it was a lot of fun to sketch them out ;D

A bit afraid to continue it any further though because while I EXTREMELY love any form of dance, I don’t know a whole lot about dancesport (just researching it for an evening got me dizzy lol). I just don’t want to draw it wrong, considering how important posture/line/expression/etc is. 

But anyways! Bottom two pics are some sketch/character info. I like to think Yuuri focused mostly on standard, but is secretly quite good at latin (revealed in a drunken moment perhaps heh). And Victor has had his vain streak bumped up a notch, but is no less skilled. I was on the fence about him being injured but I felt it might humanize him a bit more to have him be in the middle of some sort of personal hardship. Ahhh still in yoi withdrawal oh well…

*EDIT* I forgot to mention I totally drew this while thinking about Inoue Satou’s 10 Dance manga! If you haven’t read that (it IS bl though), please go read it. It is amazing!


Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it

Hey @war-blade I was your Secret Santa for the @voltron-ss !! When I saw Shklance as one of your requests I just…had to do it. I have always wanted to draw these three and I’m so glad I got to draw them for you <333 I hope you like it and Happy Holidays!!<3
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Balding Victor VictuuriWeek Comic #7

Day 7: Memories(Yuuri)

Solely dedicated to @hasuyawwn because she’s completely responsible for enabling this. :^) 

And that’s all of it! Thanks for following along with me this past week and indulging in my crack headcanons. I hope you had as much fun reading these as I did drawing them. Look out for something special coming (hopefully!) tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day! ;) 

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Idk why but I had this idea of Lance leaving the others because of a misunderstanding that he was going to be kicked out of the group (esp after Shiro comes back and Matt joins the group) because he doesn’t contribute as much and then somehow he runs away and ends up finding an extra lion www.

So then they start looking for Lance, but it takes them a while then shit happens so Matt has to take over as the Blue Paladin cuz they needed to join up. So like after weeks of Lance being gone, they encounter this dude with.. guess what A WHITE LION, stealing stuff and terrorizing civilians. And then they fight, and then they discover it’s Lance!!! BUT Lance is being manipulated/controlled by the White Lion, but no one wants to fight him. But Lance is being difficult so Keith attacks first and then battle ensues and Lance escapes and they’re all really surprised cuz he’s hard to beat.

So everyone’s all confused and sad and angry and mostly confused. Then they encounter Lance again but this time Lance is like more angry at them because the evil lion has been telling him how much they never respected him or took him seriously, so that got him to start hating them.

Meanwhile Allura and Coran are trying to look for info in the archives of any evil lion or something, and they found an archive not of an evil lion but a missing lion. Turns out this White Lion was missing for years and it was lost in battle with its pilot. What they didn’t know was that its pilot got corrupt and in turn the White Lion somehow became corrupted as well. So they realise it’s affecting Lance too and they try to help him.

Then more stuff happens and they managed to get Lance and the White Lion back to normal and… Yeah, I don’t know what happens LOL.

This is just a silly doodle/idea thing, so pls don’t take it too seriously. ;7;’
(I also had the idea that maybe for the White Lion the colours are inverted idk.)




@ishida can u give him a break???? its his birthday ffs

“You left me some dinner in the fridge? awwh sweet

 (Kuroo in a suit? kuroo in a suit)


OiHina Monthly: September - Road Trip Prompt

Inspired by @mooksmookin‘s wonderful road trip au. ♥