and i had to draw them out

It’s Tier Harribel’s birthday! AND I DOUBT get anything special done today, so a quick sketch for the queen! Even though still doubting she likes the title :v Still sad she had no action anymore and thus no time to train unlike Nelliel and Grimmjow, plus with Aizen gone, what do? That ever a new Arrancar pops up seems unlikely, ‘cept they get a new Hogyoku … god the Shinigami would have it so easy now to slaughter them, COUGHS anyway happy birthday, harri ♥

When I think about an action scene to do:It’s practically like it’s from a movie, it’s scary! Intense! Fills you with fear! You can feel the emotion! 

Once when I try drawing it:Chopped up mess that looks half assed and stupid 

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Hello Aya! I was wondering if you had any advice on drawing clothes and buildings, houses and such, I always use references but I'm never happy with the outcome ;-;

For clothes, how I managed with them is to sort of tone it down with the creases. I used to add loaads of creases because I thought it made it more realistic, until I found out that less is sort of more in that regard haha. Then again it depends on what style you have!

Other than that, I’m not sure what I can tell you other than to use references, look up tutorials and watch speedpaints of others drawing clothes. And in terms of buildings I’m reaaally not the person to ask for that. Every building i’ve ever drawn is heavily referenced, and i’m still learning how to draw them myself! ;_; Anyway, good luck!!

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B) What inspired you to create them?

This one’s sort of a mixy feeling. I created them because I saw other people had their own OC’s and so I wanted to try them out myself. Believe it or not, the Al & Mel team weren’t exactly the first OC’s I’ve ever created. I’ve done different persona’s of me, I’ve drawn characters based on True Tail, I’ve drawn random Sonic Characters and pony characters, and I’ve drawn a lot of animal characters. It wasn’t before I decided to try Septic Quest before I actually started drawing characters like Allister.

I guess what inspired me the most was the fact that I believed I can make something big out of my ideas. With the inspiration behind different youtubers, animators, stories, ect., I wanted to create something that would last long and hopefully make the world smile. Thus Al & Mel were born ^^

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ehfirjfkofjrjdkdox IM :''''') SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT!!!! AHH your au is breaking my heart I'm gonna need to see more antics between them before I can write them out better tho (omg i was so scared that i might have written them ooc,, im so relieved you thought they were alright)

FJDBDJFJFJD THIS IS MOTIVATING ME TO DRAW MORE AND CONTINUE ON WITH THE AU, honestly I think you did an amazing job at portaying Jk and Yoongi like how I had them in mind, I love your writing so much im djsbfjf I was honestly so surprised to see it in my inbox, it made a pretty shitty day a better day! iloveitsomuch thank you 💕

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does bella have a family?any siblings?????

I would draw this out but sadly I never got to designing them all yet…! But yes, she has family. She has her mother and step father, father and step mother, two younger brothers (one is 3 and the other is 10), a younger step-sister (14), and an older sister (22).

Bella is closer to her father, who she got her magic side from, simply because he was nicer and kinder. Her father had never married Bella’s mother, but he did have a son with Bella’s mother who wasn’t born with magic like Bella. Her father is now married to a woman who Bella considers her “mother” more so than her actual birth mom. Her relationship with her step sister is a little rocky, but it’s mainly because she never liked having siblings in the first place, but she doesn’t dislike her.

Meanwhile on Bella’s mothers side, she mostly takes a huge disliking to her mother. For some odd reason her mom had always been against her using magic, and degraded her for wanting to pursue in it like her father. Bella had to deal with her words for years up until high school, being the best and smartest little girl for her mother so that she’d leave her alone. But as soon as she came of age, she left behind her mother and other siblings to go to college for magic.


I don’t need to show, I think we all know it

But just to be certain I’ll say it again:

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is in love with her friend…

…and his name is Adrien Agreste.

I have this silly crossover idea in which Jagged makes a song for Marinette the same way Ruberiot did for Star. And like, he is too very observant and thinks he is doing her a favor lol.


“Ah, sorry, I’m not much of a dancer.” Prompto mumbled to his feet after he once again stepped on the prince of Lucis’ toes. 
“Could have fooled me,” Noctis smiled warmly, pulling Prompto closer, “Do they not have balls in Niflheim?” 
Prompto paused, his face falling slightly as he lowered his gaze to the floor “Well…ah, no. Not really.” 

Insomnia welcomes Niflheim into their kingdom will a ball, and although Noctis usually hates any kind of social event, surprisingly this one has become a little more interesting. Another scene I had in mind for my Niflheim prince Prompto AU. I’m planning on drawing a few more things because I’ve received so much encouragement, I hope y’all like angst, cause thats where this AU is headed. 


scanned and colored sketches/studies bc i’m still getting used to drawing the kiddos

I don’t know all the reasons why I like dark things, and I don’t think I need to know them all, but… I was just looking at the blog of that person who said I “dehumanize and fetishize” gay men, and I saw that he was quite young (15) and his blog was all full of pastel colors and references to his mental illness and something dawned on me that I hadn’t thought about in a Tumblr context at all.

Part of my PTSD is about experiences I had in hospitals, and because of that one of my triggers is… not pastels, all by themselves, but like… have you ever stayed in a hospital as a kid? And everything is covered in soothing soft colors and all the nurses wear scrubs with like… cute animal drawings on them and everyone talks in a sing-song voice and reassures you things won’t hurt when they OBVIOUSLY will and you’d rather they tell the truth, accept that you have good reasons to be scared, and get it the hell overwith?

Yeah, I think I just figured out why those kids’ blogs give me a weird tingly feeling of creeping dread.

And I think I figured out, also, where my intense leeriness of “safe spaces” and trigger warnings comes from too–even though as a person with PTSD I’m supposed to want them.

It’s because in my experience, people who were trying to make me feel safe were LYING. They were lying because it was in their interest–in mine, too, but in theirs–for me to feel calm and soothed. For me not to feel despair, or anger, or blind screaming rage.

…Is it any wonder I like the stories where the people with the knives and the cruel smiles and the mind games are blatant about it? Or that I might want a few knives of my own, even though I have no desire to hurt anyone who isn’t going to get off on it?

I don’t want those kids to not need safety.

I want them to stop pretending safety looks the same for everyone.