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He was flustered and tried to not get into this whole closet idea, but as soon as he heard you agree to do it he froze and looked at you in confusion.
“Are you saying you will get into this closet with me?”
Y/N: “Yeah”
“And m… make out…”
Y/N: “Yeah.”

He reluctantly went into the small closet with you and as soon as the doors closed he took a deep breath and grabbed your shoulders delicately. He then walked closer to you and slowly leaned in to give you a very short peck on the lips before he moved back dramatically.


Right away, he had no problem with this situation. He confidently disappeared behind the closing closet door and stared at you longingly. He smirked.
“Whenever you’re ready, Y/N.”
He smoothly caressed your arm as he made the distance between you shorter to the point of your bodies nearly touching. You nodded reassuring him that he is allowed to begin.

Xiumin kissed you passionately, running his hands up and down your arm before he finally set them on your hips, pulling you even closer to him. Your body was hot from anticipation and he could hardly stop himself from going beyond the restriction he was giving himself. You wrapped your arms around him and you two were touching. There was a moan emerging from the closet every now and then when you gasped for air, but Xiumin boldly continued, pinning you ever so slightly to the wall of the closet and biting your earlobe as the final tease before the time was up.


At first Luhan wasn’t sure if this was okay. But seeing everyone’s encouragement and that you seemed to not have a problem with it, he gave in.
The closet didn’t give you too much space, so Luhan was just close enough for you to feel his hot breath on you. You put your hands on his chest as his face closed in.

He linked his lips with yours and sensually kissed you. It didn’t take a long time before you two were mindlessely high on each other. It became hot and your scent mixed with his. It became so dizzily hot that you had to take off your jacket to which Luhan responded by putting his hands on your hips, a little under your shirt.
“Will you be my girlfriend?”
These words left Luhan’s mouth as he was caught up in the moment.
Y/N: “I will”


“Why would us adults play a game like this…”
He tried to get the idea out of their heads, but to no avail. His friends were already way drunk.
Y/N: “It’s gonna be fun, come on~”
You walked over to him and pulled him after you. He wanted to refuse, but he couldn’t knowing that you were up for that. He stared blankly at you as you were both in the closet and the doors closed.

You kissed him for a short time, then again, and again. Yifan was too shocked to respond at first, but he quickly began enjoying in the game. He started kissing you back, not too hard, being a gentleman. You were drunk, but not drunk enough not to genuinely enjoy it. You put your arms around his neck, pulling him close to you and kissing him harder. You took the lead, but it didn’t last that long before Yifan got so into it he could no longer be so gentle.


He was giggly at first, not realizing how serious the guys were, he then became very shy, refusing to play this game.
“We can’t do this. Y/N should accept kisses from her special someone, it’s not up to a game to decide.”
There was (unfortunately) no way to change his mind, as he was serious about you keeping yourself to someone you love, even if it was not him in the end, as long as you felt comfortable with that person. He would have felt like he did the wrong thing if he let the game happen.


“Well this outing just became interesting”
He laughed as he was closed in with you. He put his hands on your hips and cleared his throat.
“I may or may not be a little nervous, please bear with me.”
Y/N: “I am too”

Baekhyun took a short breath in and kissed you, moving his hands from your hips to your arms and down, intertwining his hands with yours. You held tightly onto him as you tilted your head left and right, sucking on each other’s lips in the speed of your fast breaths. You felt Baekhyun push his tongue into our mouth, but you didn’t stop him, but rather moaned lightly.
Y/N: “This is weirdly arousing.”
“I was gonna say the same but waited for you to say something like that so I don’t sound like a creep.”
You laughed.
Y/N: “Good point.”


“Do you want your Jongdae dominant or submissive?”
He asked right in front of the closet, using humour to lighten the mood.
Y/N: “What if I choose submissive?”
“Then should I take my clothes off?”
You hit his arm and pulled him into the closet, closing it behind the two of you. You quickly held onto the sleeves of his jumper, pulling on them slightly.

“Let’s just work together.” He said as he walked closer and put his lips on yours. His lips were soft like cotton. You kissed him back. Your hands slowly wandered towards the zipper of the jacket. Chen was unsure what to do so he gently held onto your cheeks and caressed them sending a chill down your body.
You opened his jacket and tried sliding it off his shoulders, however the time was up. Not surprisingly, the other members founds you two in a very awkward moment.


He was flustered when the idea was proposed, but neither him or you refused.
As soon as you were closed in the closet Chanyeol could not help but laugh at the situation. After all, he was about to make out with his crush, which is somehing he could only experience in his mind.
Y/N: “Chanyeol…”
You put your hand on his shoulder and went on your tiptoes to reach the tall guy’s lips. You pecked him ever so lightly and he responded by wrapping his arms around you unconsciously. He became so close you felt the heat off of him on you, you started undoing the buttons of his shirt as he kissed you, this time vigorously, teasing your ear and even neck as he caressed you with the tips of his fingers, making you squirm under his touch. You fully unbuttoned his shirt and he invited his hands under yours. He rubbed his hands up and down your sides before the door opened. Chanyeol bashfully looked at them with his chest uncovered.
Baekhyun: “OH MY GOD”

“It would be a lie to state that nothing special happened…”


Kyungsoo was a bit terrified by this proposition. He was not really into it, but at the same time it could have been his only chance to do something so unspeakable with you. Even though he didn’t like the idea of having such intense physical contact without a steady relationship first, he gave in, however he was way awkward and flustered.

You made the first move by pressing your lips to his, which startled him, but he didn’t refuse, but rather accepted your kiss. He was delicate, you could feel his awkwardness in the air, which was normal, you felt it too to some degree. You hugged him, not parting your lips. The air was incredibly hot at this point and you swore you heard Kyungsoo moan once (or more, you prob couldn’t hear through your light moaning).

That was as far as you two went, and as soon at the closet opened, Kyungsoo stormed out, not looking back. Who knew where he went, but he was probably both regretting and blessing this moment.


He agreed after you and confidently stood in front of you in the closet. He smiled and asked you if you’re sure it’s okay. Hearing you accept him made his confidence overflow. He rubbed your neck and to your surprise, he gave it a kiss. The kiss was long and soon turned into sucking which only resulted in a raspberry-red hickey. You held your breath as his lips moved higher, his lower lip had minimal touch with your skin, which was thrilling. You then kissed him lightly on the lips.
“Just be rough with me.”
He said, fully unaware of how it sounds. However, it managed to work, as you worked on his lips more roughly.

You became sweaty and needy. There was no stopping you no matter what. Zitao managed to undo your bra underneath your shirt, but the fun stopped as soon as the closet opened.
“It was getting interesting, I hate you all.”


As sweet as he is, he couldn’t resist the offer knowing you were okay with it, after all, it’s all your choice. He felt nice knowing you didn’t mind being intimate with him, and he used this knowledge to his advantage so he could get very close to you.

In the closet, he put on his sex appeal and plunged in to the kiss. Your lips became one and you were lost in the pleasing feeling. His plump lips caressed yours sensually and his nose delicatelly ticked your skin, making the mix of feelings a blissful sensation. You couldn’t help moving your arms all around his torso, keeping him especially close to you. Jongin knew his way with you, and his kisses were powerful and more perfect than you could have ever imagined. However, the fun was cut short by the damned closet door opening.


Everyone knew about his crush on you, mostly because it was obvious. They knew they had t opair you up with Sehun, and you didn’t seem to find it problematic.

He accepted the challenge reluctantly. Having the opportunity to be so close with you made him feel excited and it could have been a great opportunity to get even closer with you.
Everyone began teasing him as soon as he agreed to do it, and his only response was “I just said ‘yes’ for fun” and obviously no one believed it.

In the end you two were finally closed in the closet and Sehun lost all his ability to act human. He started sweating and mumbling under his nose.
Y/N: “I thought you were confident about this, relax, it’s just a dumb game, it’s not like it’s your first kiss”
You put your hand on his shoulder to make him feel more at ease. He nodded and moved in to kiss you, but you dodged and kissed his cheek instead to tease him, which only made him feel more terrified than ever.
Y/N: “Sehun, I’m just messing with you~ You always tease me so it’s payback time”
But Sehun had none of it and kissed you roughly, pushing you to the back of the closet. You were shocked by his sudden change of attitude, but it was a nice change. You gave in completely and by the time you had to go, you were already a new baked couple.


Caved In [ZYX/KMS] (M)

↠ minseok/yixing/f!reader; 5.4k; your boyfriend’s best friend may have a crush on you, or your boyfriend, or both of you
smut warning (it’s a little more gay than my other threesomes but hey); college au; minseok is kinda strange but also horny lmao

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with you,” Minseok says. His voice is gruff and makes your spine shiver. You can’t even look over to Yixing because you’re afraid you’ll be caught. “My dirtiest thought is what you’d feel like when I used my tongue to make you scream like Yixing does. Do you think you can be that loud for me?”

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[luhan] info♡

after releasing news about being involved in a romantic relationship, luhan suddenly has many more haters than before. this is just a brief post in hopes of clearing up some common misunderstandings and malicious rumours, and to express some personal perspectives.

(1) luhan works hard.

there are people talking about how luhan doesn’t value his work because ‘he took 'sweet combat’ to be with guan xiaotong, not because he saw artistic value in the project’, and because 'he’s always gaming these days instead of focusing on 'shanghai fortress’, he’s not taking this project seriously enough’.

'sweet combat’ is an idol drama, which is admittedly one of the cheapest and easiest genres to film, and the audience doesn’t usually expect much. but luhan still put a lot of effort into this project, with working out with a professional trainer, and practicing boxing and parkour. i remember he always had some kind of injury during that time, but he never brought it up.

like luhan mentioned himself many times earlier in the year during interviews and rmc episodes, he was single prior to taking 'sweet combat’, and like wang cholam confirmed, luhan and guan xiaotong developed a romantic relationship while filming. that 'luhan took 'sweet combat’ for guan xiaotong’ is a baseless rumour.

according to the 'chinese citizens occupational code of ethics’, not a single clause states that a worker who spends his time after work playing games is irresponsible or unethical. all those who have worked with luhan on film projects, including the director of 'fighter of the destiny’, have praised luhan for his focus and dedication to his work, and there’s nothing wrong with luhan choosing to spend his off time playing games.

(2) luhan cares about lufans.

i understand that some fans were hurt by the seemingly nonchalant way luhan released the news and the couple photo he and guan xiaotong posted to their wechat friend circles that night, because it was interpreted as 'luhan caring only about making his girlfriend happy, and not about how lufans would feel’.

here’s a translated excerpt from an interview from 2014 between luhan and sina entertainment:

sina: in the entertainment industry, rumours are likely inevitable, how do you deal with rumours?
lu: i think it is if it is, and it isn’t if it isn’t. i’ll be honest and announce it myself, because rather than hiding things, it’s better to show my real self.
sina: if you really announce your romantic relationship, but fans don’t accept it and leave you, what will you do?
lu: i think it should be natural, everyone must learn to grow up. i will wish her well, and thank her for supporting me for so long.

luhan did say long ago that he will be honest with us if he was involved in a romantic relationship, and he has kept his word. at least, isn’t it better to find out from him than from some media following him around?

also, put yourself in his shoes for a moment, and think about what you would do if you recently became involved with someone. you would probably want to post a photo of you together, right? isn’t it quite normal, especially as young people, to want to show yourself with your boyfriend or girlfriend? i don’t think it’s very nice to expect people to keep their relationship a secret, as if it was something that shouldn’t see the light. the fact that they chose to post their photo on wechat, a much more private social media platform instead of weibo, is already a consideration of fans’ feelings ;;;

(+the rumour that luhan and guan xiaotong were playing soccer together right before releasing the news was proven false, and their gaming history that was screenshotted and released at 3 in the morning was actually from a while ago.)

to those who say luhan isn’t good to lufans and was cheating lufans’ money all along, if all he wanted was money, he would have just taken more endorsements or projects, or price his music higher.

he wouldn’t have driven out to beijing’s dongzhimen in the middle of the night in the cold, but he did, because he knew lufans missed him. he wouldn’t have insisted with so many parties to intervene with scalpers’ tickets before his first concert tour, but he did, because he didn’t want lufans to pay ridiculously high prices to see him.

he has never encouraged lufans to buy his albums in bulk to rocket sales, and never said anything like 'you’re a good fan and i’ll thank you only if you buy many of my albums’.

what i have an even harder time understanding is how people can say his endorsements and other business collaborations are just to earn money off lufans. it’s so normal for brands to have a face representing them, and he hasn’t asked anything of us.

lufans buy his albums and endorsements and magazines and merchandise because we like him and we want to support him, not because he’s pressuring us into doing that or because we want something from him in return.

(3) luhan has done nothing that can’t see the light.

'luhan paid or was paid for to join the 'shanghai fortress’ cast’: 1, the coming movie 'shanghai fortress’ is funded by huashi entertainment (beijing) ltd and produced by shanghai huayun filmography productions ltd. 2, huashi entertainment is a shareholder at huayun productions. 3, huashi entertainment and luhan’s party (referring to laogao) both invested in the qinghan foundation. how does this mean luhan’s leading role in 'shanghai fortress’ was paid for?

'luhan is involved in an affair with wang mengqiu’: ms. wang mengqiu is luhan’s fan, and because she is older than him, is financially successful, and has been involved with some of the same projects as luhan, people have stooped low enough to claim that they are involved in an affair. the truth is, she is 'a mother-like fan’, and she and her husband of 15 years love each other very much (his name is xu yirong). because of their respective successes with baidu and meilishuo, they are widely known as a model couple for business investments and entrepreneurship. please give luhan and ms. wang mengqiu both some respect.

this has blown out of proportion, but if lufans make the decision to leave him, i only hope it’s with full understanding of the situation and that they won’t turn around to step all over him. don’t be led by malicious rumours or antis attempting to bring him down ;;;

Guilty - Alternate Ending III

Originally posted by snapbaeks

Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Alternate Ending I | Alternate Ending II | Alternate Ending III | Alternate Ending IV

Genre: Angst, smut

Word Count: 3,391 words

Pairing: Reader x Baekhyun / Reader x Kai

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find yourself getting more and more frustrated with Kai as he keeps hanging out with his ex-girlfriend, Krystal, against your wishes. Your solution? Hang out with Baekhyun instead.


You rose from your seat to hug your friend. “It’s been a while,” you said.

“I know,” said Luhan. “I haven’t been to Seoul in almost a year.”

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The Lunar Mark (Xiumin Werewolf!au fic) Chapter 13

Warnings: none

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11 Ch. 12 Ch.13 Ch. 14 Ch. 15(M) Ch. 16

“Y/N….Y/N can you hear me?” someone questioned. It was a woman…that you were sure of. You were also sure you had heard her voice somewhere before, but in that moment couldn’t place it. You tried opening your eyes and were met with bright green orbs staring back at you. “Yixing! Her eyes are open.”

“Thank you, Sora….” a tall man with kind eyes leaned over and looked at you, “Welcome back, Y/N. My name is Yixing…no, don’t go back to sleep now, you just woke up.” He placed a rolled up towel under your head to keep your head propped up. “I’m the healer of Minseok’s pack….if you’re wondering where you are you’re at the pack house, specifically in the bathroom. Don’t worry, the ladies did most of your initial washing.”

You looked and finally realized that you were laying in a large claw foot stub with hand towels covering both your chest and privates. “Where’s…where’s Minseok?” you choked out.

“He’s in the hallway waiting to see you, but first you have to let me do my work, okay?” he questioned.

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  • When they’re getting told off by you. [Part ½]

All these are meant to be for fun and are plainly from my imaginations so if you don’t like them, then please don’t read :)

[NONE of the gifs are mine and belong rightfully to their owners!]

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EXO reacting to their crush crying 8 times b/c of a book.

Yay! Another EXO reaction~ Whoooooo. These are harder for me to make in my opinion because of Kris Tao and Luhan T-T But I will stay strong!



Honestly seeing as though his ideal type is a girl who loves to read he would be completely used to this by now and would go about his meal not phased in the slightest.

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You would have stirred him from his sleep by the 8th time you cried because you had been reading all night because you didn’t want to put the book down. So when he saw you crying again he would just go back to sleep.

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Chen would try his best to hide his laughter but he would also be giving you one of those looks that shouts “Really? Again?”

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*Is judging* “Wait. Are you seriously crying again?”

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Baekhyun would find it so cute and funny that you got so lost in the book that it made you cry that much.

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After the 8th time Kai would be so curious that he would take the book from you and start reading it himself.

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A few hours later: “Nope. Not gonna cry.”

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*Was watching anime and barely even noticed you crying in the first place*

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He had a bet going with you the last time you cried that if you cried again you would give him 5 bucks so of course the 8th time would come around and he would immediately cheer but then try to play it cool when you glare at him.

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The first thought that would go through his head is “Wow. She is crying again.” But he would get up and find anyway to make you happy again so you can continue reading with out having to fight to see the words through your tears.

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You: “I am so tired of this book making me cry! *is completely lost in feels and sorrow*”

Luhan: “Read happier books then!”

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Honestly though he would judge you so hard for crying after reading the book himself.

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He would acknowledge the fact that you are crying but at this point he just don’t care and is willing to let you do you.

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Puppy Love - Part 7

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Puppy Love

“Tell me, Sandra. Do you think she’ll pull through?”
“I don’t know. I wish I could say yes.” The intern nurse, Sandra, replied. “You have to realize though, that even if she does come out of her coma…I mean…You saw the scans. The long term memory damage would be so severe and we don’t know what else could be wrong if she wakes up-”
“Don’t say if. There can’t be ifs.” Luhan looked at her. “Whatever ends up happening, we can fix it. I know we can.”
“Then what will we do?”
“When she wakes up, she’ll be in danger.” Luhan thought of Jinwoo. He couldn’t ever let Jinwoo find her. “She’ll have to live out in the world like everyone else. It’s what’s best for her.”
“How will you do that?”
“By cutting off any trace that leads back to Jinwoo, or our pack, her wolf side, even me. If it’s erased from her memory then it must stay erased from her memory. Her mom in America gave her an English name. She can start going by that instead.”
“If it helps, you can transfer her to my university so I can help too.”
“You’d be willing to do that? You’ve done more than enough already.”
“I’m in too deep to just walk away now, aren’t I?” Sandra giggled awkwardly. Luhan placed his hand briefly on her shoulder.
“Thank you for everything you’ve done. I don’t think she’d be here right now if it weren’t for you.” Luhan looked back at Miyoung. “Our pack will have to keep their distance from now on.”
“Where does that leave you?”
“Me? I will do my best keeping an eye on her just in case all of this isn’t enough. She could remember everything one day, she also might not. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Even if she never remembers, I’ll still be there to befriend her all over again. Never again will I leave her side. Ever…”

Marianne had already went back to her apartment to change into clothes more appropriate for work. Deciding on her dark blue blouse that she tucked into her black jeans with matching dark blue heels, she made her way down the street with Chanyeol of course right by her side.
“So where’s that Luhan?” Chanyeol’s deep voice broke the silence between them as they walked together.
“I’m not sure. Last I saw, he was with your family. He’s talking with them somewhere now I guess.”
Chanyeol nodded, “Okay. He better not keep them too long though. I don’t want to get bored sitting in your coffee place all day.”
“Hey, you’re the one who wouldn’t stop whining about being left alone at the apartment.”
“I’m sorry I can’t help it. Every time you leave I get sad. I would always think you would be gone forever.”
“That’s just your two dimensional dog way of thinking.” Marianne nudged his side to wipe the frown off his face. “I’ll never be gone forever.”
“You promise?” He looked at her with hope and joy in his lit up eyes.
“Of course.” She smiled up at his tall figure.
He smiled his thousand watt smile in content at her words. Passing by them, he noticed a boy and girl walking together like he and Marianne were. They were smiling like he and Marianne were, too. The only difference was that the boy and girl who passed them had their hands together with their fingers entwined. Chanyeol turned his head to follow his gaze at the two in his curiosity at what they were doing and why. His gaze shifted from the couple down to Marianne’s hand that was ever so close to his own. He cocked his head to the side as the idea came to his mind, thinking about whether or not he should do it.
“What are you doing?” Marianne looked down at the feeling of Chanyeol taking her hand in his, entwining their fingers like the couple he saw. Looking up at him, she saw him make a small half smile at her, his eyes holding so much affection behind them.
“Seemed like the thing to do.” He shrugged, his simple words making her heart flutter.
Luhan wasn’t there when Marianne and Chanyeol arrived at the coffee shop. She hoped he wouldn’t be too late coming in because she knew how big a fit Kyungsoo would have if he did.
“Hey, Kyungsoo?” Marianne called out to her boss who was just finishing handing coffee to a customer. “I have a friend here who is going to be here while I’m on my shift. He’ll just be sitting in the corner over there, is that okay?”
“This is a coffee shop, what the hell do I care?” Kyungsoo grumpily replied, as he usually would, before retreating back into the kitchen.
“Okay then,” Marianne took Chanyeol to the table in the corner by the window and sat him down, “You’re going to sit here for today. The bathroom is right over there just in case, and snacks are on me. And just to make sure you don’t get bored, you can have this.”
Marianne handed Chanyeol a tablet with headphones already plugged in.
“What’s this?” He looked at the device in confusion.
“It’s my iPad. You can watch whatever you want on it. Youtube videos, movies, dramas, anything. And you wear these so only you can hear it.” Marianne grabbed the headphones and put them on his ears.
“I don’t think this will keep me occupied all day, Marianne.” Chanyeol said in disbelief while looking at the list of drama shows in disinterest.
“How you doing there, Yeolie?” Marianne asked, a few hours into her shift.
“Shh.” Chanyeol shushed her, not taking his bloodshot eyes off the drama playing on the tablet.
“And kdramas have claimed yet another soul.” Marianne giggled to herself while going back to work. “Maybe they’ll teach him to behave like an actual human.”
“I’m here!” Luhan burst through the cafe door.
“Damn it, Luhan! What kept you all this time?” Kyungsoo made sure to raise his voice at his friend.
“I’m sorry. I got held up.” Luhan gave Kyungsoo a certain look, letting him know it wasn’t something he could just say aloud. It was about talking to Suho and Yixing more about Jinwoo after all.
“Don’t let it happen again.” Kyungsoo grumbled. His expression suddenly changed when he looked out the window and saw a few familiar faces, “Look out. Visitors.”
“What visitors?” Luhan scoffed before turning around to see just who the visitors were.
“Hey, Luhan!” Kai waved happily.
“What’s up?” Sehun waved with him.
Luhan’s jaw dropped in shock at seeing them. Why were they here? They knew they had to keep their distance from Marianne. Why would they come when Marianne was clearly here?
“What-What are you guys doing here?” Luhan asked, attempting to keep his tone nonchalant.
“We’re here for coffee, of course.” Minseok grinned mischievously, letting Luhan know they definitely came with different intentions. They came to see Marianne.
“Oh no, you have to leave.” Luhan attempted to usher them to the door, “You know you can’t be here.”
“What’s the problem, Lu?” Marianne approached with a happy expression, “It’s okay, you guys. You don’t have to leave.”
“See? The lady said we can stay.” Sehun smirked at Luhan, making Luhan want to growl at him.
“You guys can sit right here!” Marianne gestured to the booth table and they gladly sat. “What would you like?”
Minseok raised his hand, “I would like a large hot coffee, light and sweet please.”
“Just a small hot coffee for me.” Kai raised his hand next, “You can surprise me with how you make it.”
“Okay, and for you?” Marianne looked at Sehun who was sitting at the end of the booth.
“A medium iced french vanilla swirl latte with whole milk and exactly four packets of sugar with whipped cream on top.”
“Wow, you’re just as fancy and picky as my friend Sandra.” Marianne laughed as she tried to keep up with writing it all down. “Now if you could just give me all your names I can go ahead and get started.”
All three of their expressions fell at her words. What else were they planning to expect anyway? She was speaking formally to them. She treated them like strangers since they walked through the door. Why should one of their closest friends not knowing their names hurt? But before she could notice something was wrong, the three gave her their names and she smiled sweetly, going off to make what they asked for. Once she was gone, Luhan took the opportunity to sit with them.
“She seems to be doing well.” Kai attempted to sound optimistic, but still couldn’t help but feel sad.
“She is. She’s doing very well.” Luhan replied, folding his hands on the table.
“Has her memory improved at all?” Minseok asked. Luhan shook his head.
“Not that I know of. And don’t feel bad, guys. She doesn’t recognize Kyungsoo either.”
“Yeah, that makes it better.” Sehun rolled his eyes sarcastically. “We thought-No. We hoped after all this time there would’ve been some improvement. That’s why we’re here.”
“I was hoping for the same thing but-” Luhan immediately cut himself off when he spotted Marianne coming back over with three cups of coffee.
“Here you are, boys.” She set the tray down and handed the three their desired coffees. “Is it okay?”
“Great!” Kai made sure to give her a thumbs up.
Sehun smirked to himself as he sipped his latte, thinking of a clever idea. He looked up at Marianne then across at Luhan, putting that idea into action and speaking Chinese. “Hey, Luhan. This is really good. I should come here more often.”
“Really? Thank you! I tried my best to try making sure I got everything right since you were so picky, and…” Marianne replied instead. Pausing her rambling, she noticed she was replying in flawless Chinese. She had no idea she knew Chinese.

“Okay, one more time.” She broke the Chinese phrase down, “This-is-really-good.”
“This is, really good.” Sehun repeated after her. “How was that?”
“Perfect! You even said all your tones correctly.” She grinned happily at the pup.

Marianne noticed all the boys looking up at her while she was drifted off in deep thought. Was that a memory? What exactly just happened?
“Marianne?” She heard Luhan’s voice, “Are you okay?”
“I’m…” Marianne struggled to come back to reality. She couldn’t stop thinking about the memory she just had. She looked down at Sehun and the rest, suddenly feeling herself become extremely uncomfortable. Did she actually know them? Was she supposed to know them? Why should she know them? Uncomfortable and confused, she retreated to the kitchen. “Excuse me.”
“Oh good going, genius.” Kyungsoo scolded Sehun, coming over from the coffee machine where he was eavesdropping from, “What did you have to go and pull a stunt like that for, huh?”
“What?” Sehun shrugged innocently, “I was just trying to help.”
“You know very well her regaining her memory is something we can’t let happen.” Luhan pointed his finger at him.
“I know, I know. I’m sorry.” Sehun frowned, “We just can’t take staying away anymore. We miss Miyoung. We miss you two being with us as a pack like the good old days.”
Kyungsoo nodded shamefully, “You think keeping up this act isn’t hard for me or Luhan, too? It’s not easy, but it’s something we all have to do for Miyoung’s sake.”
“You’re right.” Minseok nodded back.
“You mean you being a grumpy bossy dill hole is an act?” Kai smirked at Kyungsoo, managing to make the others laugh, Kyungsoo giggling back in the most sarcastic way possible.

“I hope you’re not stupid.”
“Because falling in love with me is a very stupid thing to do.”
“Well, then I will. Because I’m just that stupid.”

Chanyeol watched the drama with anticipation. He noticed he could relate a lot to the male lead’s feelings. He watched as the male lead expressed his feelings for the girl in various ways, making Chanyeol watch in curiosity. The man bought the female lead flowers. He took her out to eat food. He helped her out with little things like tying her shoe, fixing her hair, and getting things off the top shelf for her since she wasn’t tall enough to reach. Were these all things he should do as well to properly express his affection like a normal human?
Eagerly watching what could possibly happen next, he was left dumbfounded when the male and female lead put their lips together. What in the world was this action? He tilted his head to the side and pouted his lip in curiosity and confusion. In that moment, Marianne came out from the kitchen, looking like she was feeling better than she was before. Chanyeol looked away from the scene and up at Marianne who currently wasn’t paying any mind to him as she was focused on working. He gazed after her, feeling that familiar something in his heart. He looked back at the drama couple finishing their kiss then back at Marianne, realizing he really did want to do the same thing.
Marianne finished making a caramel latte for a customer and assured Kyungsoo she was feeling just fine now. While in the kitchen, she had assured herself that she was simply overthinking the incident that occurred with Sehun. She knew she had forgotten many things from that accident which already felt like so long ago. Maybe Chinese was one of those things. Was that truly a big deal? She assured herself it wasn’t.
Seeing the sugar packet container empty, she went to the shelves where they kept their supplies and reached to grab a new box of sugar packets. The only problem at the moment was the shelf the box was on, was the top shelf. On her tippy toes, she reached her arm up as far as it could go, which only had her fingertips just barely being able to touch the edge of the shelf.
Feeling someone approaching her, she turned her head and saw Chanyeol appear next to her. He easily and swiftly reached up and grabbed the box, not taking his eyes off of Marianne as he did so. Smiling sweetly and confidently, he handed her the box, not saying a word.
Marianne didn’t know if she was blushing from embarrassment or the fact that Chanyeol seemed to have a habit of staring through her. Not able to keep eye contact with him, and also to hide her pink cheeks, she took the box from his hands, “Thank you.”
She peeked up at him when he still didn’t say anything. He really did have a habit of staring through her, didn’t he? She blushed more and giggled nervously.
“Why do you keep doing that?” She asked. He didn’t answer. Instead, his fingers gently took a loose strand of her hair and tucked it behind her ear, just like the male lead in the drama had done.
“Marianne?” Chanyeol’s deep voice finally spoke. He was so nervous all of a sudden and he couldn’t understand why. All he was trying to do was ask her to go out with him like he was supposed to. He didn’t think it would be this difficult. The guy in the drama made it look so easy. Taking a deep breath, he decided to just go for it. “Would-Would you, I mean, do you want to go-”
“Afternoon coffee crew!” Sandra burst through the door in her nurse scrubs, “Where’s my usual?”
“Got it. Just on time.” Luhan looked at the stop watch on his phone. “How do you do it, Sandra?”
“I’d tell you, Lu Lu, but then I’d have to kill you.” Sandra smirked at him. “Now get me my usual.”
“Yeah, get going,” Sehun snickered with Kai, “Lu Lu.”
Luhan couldn’t hold back a growl this time, being sure to keep it hushed enough so only the three stooges at the table could hear it.
“Half regular and half decaffeinated?” Sandra asked as Luhan stood from his seat and got Sandra her already prepared coffee.
“Three packets of sugar?”
“Soy milk?”
“Inch of foam?”
“Melted mocha on the bottom and caramel on top?”
“Wait,” Luhan pretended to panic, quickly inspecting the coffee to purposely tick off Sandra. “Yes.”
“Okay, perfect.” Sandra took the coffee cup from him and sipped it. “It’s a little cold.”
“Hey, at least I didn’t neglect to put in that third pack of sugar. Now either throw it out or drop an ice cube in it and be on your way.”
“Now, Lu Lu. Is that any way to talk to a lady?” Sandra batted her eyelashes teasingly at him.
“No, it’s not. Why else do you think I said it?”
“Oh snap!” Sehun and Kai gasped in unison.
Luhan’s comeback had Sandra fuming, making him want to laugh. She sharply turned to the two who were snickering in their seat, being sure to look directly at Sehun.
“Shut up you wimpy little puppy.” Sandra scoffed before stomping out with her coffee.
“Yeah. I like her.” Minseok grinned, patting Sehun’s shoulder since he was sitting in between him and Kai.
“I’ll have her know that I am full grown, thank you very much.” Sehun grumbled, adjusting his leg crossed over the other.
“I’ll never understand why they’re always like that to each other.” Marianne couldn’t help but laugh, shaking her head. “Anyways, Chanyeol, what were you trying to say before?”
“Oh, I uh-” Chanyeol quickly tried thinking of the words again. What was he saying before Sandra interrupted him? Why was this so difficult to ask of her? “-I was going to ask you if you would, I don’t know, maybe want to go out somewhere. You know, with me. Sometime.”
“Okay.” Marianne happily replied, making Chanyeol’s thousand watt smile make it up to his eyes as he nearly jumped up and down on the spot in excitement.
“Yeah. Why not?” She couldn’t believe it. Did she really beyond seriously just accept going on a date with Chanyeol? Was it a date? Did he want it to be a date? Did she? Those dramas had to be getting too much into his head.
“What’s going on with Miyoung over there?” Kai whispered, trying to discreetly point over to Marianne with Chanyeol.
“What do you mean?” Sehun sipped his latte.
“That giant dog thing with the big ears just asked Miyoung on a date, dude! Are you deaf?”
“Oh.” Sehun raised his eyebrows at the realization, “Oh! Oh…That means…”
The three looked over at Luhan who had also obviously overhead the conversation. They never saw Luhan look so heartbroken. Of course they all knew how Luhan had always felt about her. They were beginning to believe Luhan really did see her as his mate and he had made them swear not to say a word about it. Now what was he to do?
“Poor Luhan.” Minseok and the rest frowned in sympathy for their friend.
Outside the cafe, Jinwoo stood across the street, observing the scene in front of him. There was no doubt in his mind now. The entire pack being there and hearing what they said was enough to confirm it.
“Yeah, I’m sure of it now.” Jinwoo grinned slyly, brushing his free hand over the scars on his face, his other hand holding his phone to his ear. “Miyoung’s alive. And I think I know exactly how to trap her.”
Jinwoo shifted his gaze from Luhan over to Chanyeol who was helping Marianne take something else down from the top shelf. He chuckled to himself at how easy it was going to be.
“I’m going to use her mate.”

Treat You Better// Mark Tuan Smut

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Mark was furious, he couldn’t help it seeing you with him was just making his stomach churn. He wants to see you happy really but he didn’t think that your current boyfriend Luhan was doing a great job of making you happy, it seems like almost every week you were running to him crying about something your boyfriend did or said to you and Mark always told you that he wasn’t good for you, but you always brushed it aside saying that he’ll stop, but does he? Nope. Mark seen you walking away to go to the bathroom so he continued to drink his drink and talk to the guys. They knew how he felt about your relationship with him but never said anything. You came out the bathroom to see your boyfriend gone.

Confused about LuhanI started walking towards Mark and the guys I sat down  next to Mark I asked did he see Luhan walk out the club he shook his head I softly laughed shaking my head

“When a person says they’ll change you believe it after hundreds of times of being let down, but every time you go back because you love that person then after a while you just give up because now you know that person just care about you and your feelings”

Mark knew that I was close to crying so he pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead looking at everyone the had this look of murder on their face a few minutes had passed and I was having fun again until Luhan walked over looking like he just got finished having sex with lipstick stains on his shirt and a few hickeys on his neck

“Hey babe, ready to get going?”

He smirked and Jackson stood up along with Jaebum, Mark looked at him and if looks can kill he’d be six feet under.

“She’s not going anywhere with you Luhan. You caused enough pain I don’t know why you put her through all this when if you didn’t want to be with her anymore you could’ve just broke up with her instead of stringing her along and who does she always run to me! She deserves someone who loves her not someone who’d just put her down and make her smile that beautiful smile of hers all the time not make her cry all the time so I think it’s best for you to leave before we beat you to a pulp”

I looked at Mark and Luhan laughed

“You really think she’s gonna stay here with you Mark? She loves me! I have her wrapped around my finger I say jump she says how high. Do you think she’ll leave me? She don’t want you my brother get that through your head, C’mon Y/n we’re leaving.”

“She is sitting right here and yes I want to stay with Mark when I get home I want you gone I’m tired of trying in this- whatever this is! Luhan I gave you more than one chance to change but I’m done because it always come back to bite me in the ass! Ask the little girl can you live with her cause this ‘relationship’ is done”

Everyone looked at me but the only person I was looking at was Luhan and his reaction was satisfying because he didn’t expect for anything to come out of my mouth and to just get up and follow him, but not this time. This time is the last time I’d ever let him walk over me like so puppet and break my heart over and over again. He rolled his eyes and walked out the building not before glaring at me. Everyone looked at me and smiled at what I said they gave me a pat on the shoulder and told me I did the right thing. 

“Hey Mark, can you take me home please I wanna leave”

He nodded and helped me out my seat grabbing my hand and walking out the club and to the car since he didn’t drink along with Youngjae and Yugyeom I gave him the key and slid into the passenger seat he took me home when we got there luhan things were gone Mark stayed  made sure I was okay we just sat there talking and laughing just like old times we decided to watch a movie he let me picked and I picked Suicide Squad he laid his head on my lap and my hand running through his hair by the middle of the movie I started to talk

“I wish I had a relationship like Harley and Joker. No matter what they always come back together and somehow always find someway back to each other”

“Hey, don’t worry about him. That’s all in the past now just look at what’s in front of you Y/n I can treat you better than Luhan can ever treat you because in the end you deserve everything. Y/n I know this might not be the right time, but I love you and I know that you just got out a relationship and I-”

I kissed him putting his hand on my cheek I slowly pulled away

“W-what was that”

“I’ve waited for you to say that since the third year I’ve known you Mark”

He sat up and started to kiss me again straddling his lap as the kiss started to get more intense he slid his hands up and down my thighs settling on my waist pulling away again

“Are you sure you wanna do this?”

I nodded and kissed him again biting his lip he moaned I don’t remember anything that happened after that I just know that I ended up being naked and under Mark and becoming a moaning mess being that his tongue is just amazing things to my body.

“M-Mark! Please do something!”

He laid in between my legs and went straight to my clit sucking and licking like his life depended on it then started fingering me moaning and grabbing at his hair and lightly pulling it making him moan on my clit and the vibrations doing unexplainable things to me. He’s driving me crazy and I absolutely love it. I’m so close I don’t know what to do the pleasure is just getting too much for me to handle 

“I-I’m close! Mark please! Make me cum”

I guess those were the words he was looking for because as soon as I said those words he let me cum and boy it was the most amazing thing ever. He sat up and looked at me making sure I was okay and still sure about wanting to do this I nodded and he kissed me and slowly slid into me making me gasp he was still making sure I was comfortable I nodded

“Mark please move please”

He started moving and he was so deep he was hitting spots that I didn’t know existed and sounds he was making was turning me on even more

“Faster please Mark!”

His hips went faster and his big cock hit deeper if that’s even possible I moaned dragging my nails down his back making him groan I kissed him again trying to contain my moans

“Don’t hold them back baby, let me hear how good I’m making you feel”

“Fuck Mark! Feel so good”

He was getting close I he started to speed up which in return made me scream his name biting at his neck leaving marks all over him feeling that I was close he started rubbing my clit

“Let’s cum together babygirl”

“Mark I’m cumming!”

He nodded and whispered sweet nothings in my ear and then came right after me he pulled out and laid next to me. He pulled me closer and kissed me softly

“I know this is backwards but would you please give me  chance Y/N?

I smiled and nodded laying my head on his chest

“Yes I’ll give you a chance”

“Oh and by the way I love you too”

Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-7

Pairing:Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

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“Ok Y/N what do you need?” Luhan asked sitting on my bed as I started to pack up my bags. “I just need to grab my sketchbook and computer, all my clothes are packed” I answer back grabbing for one of my smaller bags to put those things in. I put my computer in the bag along with the charger, turning I notice Luhan standing there with my sketchbook in his hands “ready to go on a mini vacation?” he asks smirking I nod my head in response. I put my sketchbook in the bag putting it by my door with my other items “Do you have all your stuff now?” he asks walking up behind me. “Yes, I’m ready” I respond, we pick up my bags and start making our way downstairs to join the rest of the guys by the underground garage.

“Finally! Thought you would never be done” Tao says throwing his hands up in exaggeration. I giggle in response “I have a lot of stuff ok” I say throwing down my bag down next to theirs. “Hopefully not too much” Kris says picking up his bags to move to the cars.

“Alright Y/N you are traveling with Luhan, Yixing, Tao and me” Kris says staring to load my stuff in the trunk with theirs. “Ok, where will the rest of you guys be traveling?” I ask looking at Suho “I will be traveling with Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen. Kai, Kyungsoo, Xiumin and Sehun will be traveling together” he says. I grimace “did you lose a bet?” I ask “Hey!” Chen, Baekhyun and Chanyeol yell together. Suho nods standing behind them “hyung why would you say that!” Chen says looking at him. “I technically didn’t say anything” he says throwing his own stuff into his car, the others grumbling behind him.

Luhan slung his arm across my shoulders “ready to go kid?” he asks me moving me slowly towards the van. I smiled at him “yep” I moved forward to sit in the car “here Y/N come sit in the back with me” Tao says reaching for my hands. I climb between the seats and move back to sit next to him, so we were sitting on the three seats in the back “why do you wanna sit back here?” I asked him “so Yixing can sit with you too, besides it’s a long drive so you might wanna take a nap” he says pulling me close to him. Yixing had just gotten in the car approaching my other side, pulling my feet into his lap “how long is the drive?” I ask no one in particular. The sound of a door slamming pulls my attention to the front “it’s going to take 10 hours to get there” Kris says turning around to look at me from the front seat. I sighed and laid my head down looking at the time on my phone 7:00 am. I look back up watching as our car followed Kyungsoo’s.

As we began to drive my eyes started to grow heavy and I yawned resting my head down on Tao’s shoulder. Lay pulled my feet into his lap, removing my shoes. He began to rub my ankle with his thumb leaning forward to look at me “just go to sleep Y/N, we will wake you when we get there ok?” he said. Tao began to run his fingers through my hair lulling me to sleep “alright” I yawned again letting my eyes close “see you when you wake up” I heard Luhan say from the passenger seat.

I was pulled awake by a slow rocking motion. Opening my eyes I’m greeted by a strong chest in front of my face. I glance up to see that I’m being carried in Tao’s arms, he looks down at me. Probably feeling me shifting, he smiles “sorry for waking you” he whispers. “It’s alright, I thought you were gonna wake me when we got here?” I question looking at my new surroundings. It looks like we are in a hotel “we we’re but you looked so peaceful that we just decided to let you sleep” he said still carrying me. “You can put me down now if you want” I say shifting so I could land on my feet, he pulled me tighter to himself so I couldn’t get down “nope” he said popping the p. I glanced down the hallway looking at the rooms we were passing, we were on the 5th level “who am I staying with?” I asked looking over Tao’s shoulder to look at the rest of the guys trailing behind us. “You are staying with me, because the rest are too irresponsible to watch you” Luhan speaks up from behind us. “Hey!” Tao says turning and walking backwards, while doing this he trips over his own feet and falls onto his back dropping me in the process. “Point proven” Kris says lifting me to my feet letting Tao stay on his back.

“Come on your room is just up ahead” Kris said leading me to the left in front of room 509. I look back at the rest of the guys only to see half the guys there, I furrow my brows in confusion “where’s the rest of the guys?” I asking looking at Kris standing next to me. “Suho is making Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen get everyone’s stuff because they annoyed him, and the rest are staying on the floor below” he answered opening the door for me. I nod entering the room.

It has two beds, a tv, bathroom and a small kitchen area. Luhan walked into the room after me closing and locking the door “we will be going for dinner in a little while so we can just hang out for awhile” he said throwing himself down on the bed closest to the window. I take my shoes off that they must have put on for me and lay down in the other bed next to the wall. I look over at Luhan who has closed his eyes with his arms pulled behind his head. I roll onto my side looking over at him “what will be doing anyway?” I ask him, he turns his head to look at me. “Mostly just hanging out, then we will go to a meeting. If we have time we might be able to go walk around and explore” he says a slight smile on his lips. I smile contently closing my eyes about to fall asleep again until I’m interrupted by a loud banging outside the rooms.

The banging is followed by cursing in a deep voice that I know is Chanyeol’s. Then there is knock at the door. “We got your stuff, open the door!” the voice I know is Chen’s yells. I stand walking to the door and reach for the knob, yanking it open reveals them both standing there holding our stuff. “Wheres Baek?” I ask looking behind them “are we not good enough for you?” Chen asks faking a pout, I shake my head at them smiling “we left him with all the heavy bags” Chanyeol says smiling cheekily. I laugh reaching for my stuff and moving so they can bring in the rest. They put it on the floor before leaving me and Luhan alone again.

Dinner had gone really well, having the meeting while eating. Though I wasn’t paying that much attention to them and more on my food. Luhan told me it won’t be a mission that him and a few others need to go on because that would be to many members at once. So for the time the guys went for the mission we got to go sightseeing, I went with him, Kris, Sehun, Lay and Kyungsoo. Seeing a bunch of cool landmarks and different things that makes this place unique. I’m not even sure where we are only that we were 10 hours from home and that there was some important business going on here.

Nearing midnight we went back to our hotel rooms, the others still out on mission. They would probably be out till early morning.

Next to me Luhan was snoring loudly, happily sleeping. I can’t sleep though, I partially blame it on the fact I slept all day but also due to the fact that every time I closed my eyes I’m plagued by my nightmares. The nightmares have been happening for the last few weeks, coming and going in uneven patterns. I chose not to tell the guys about them, not wanting to worry them.

After a few minutes of laying there staring at the ceiling I hear shifting. I look to my right to see Luhan had turned my way and was staring at me. “Did I wake you?” I question him turning onto my side to face him. “No I just kinda woke up. Question is, why are you still awake?” he asks lifting himself so he is leaning on his arm. “Um… Just can’t sleep. Too much exciting stuff today” I say trying to lie to him. He stares for a minute “you are a terrible liar” he says nonchalantly “come here” he says opening the blanket so I can crawl in with him. “Is it nightmares again?” he asks me brushing my hair from my face “again?” I look up at him, he has a knowing look in his eyes “we know Y/N, we just decided that you would come to us when you want to” he says gently “You don’t have to do this on your own. You know that right?” he asks eyes widening slightly. “Yeah” I say even though I know I will probably continue to keep things to myself. “Good let’s go to bed” he says pulling me closer so my head is on his chest.

“You are squishing me” I mumble into his shirt. I hear him laugh above me “good, that’s means you are closer to my heart.”

I finished this one a little early so I’m giving it too you early.

The Lunar Mark (Xiumin Werewolf!au fic) Chapter 5

Warnings: angst

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11 Ch. 12 Ch. 13 Ch. 14 Ch. 15(M) Ch. 16

It was this exact reason why for so long you had hid yourself away for so long and suppressed your wolf. You knew as soon as you ran into your mate you would have a hard time controlling it again. 

Sure enough a couple days later you found yourself doing anything you could to distract yourself from your wolf trying to claw it’s way to the surface. Chores, cleaning the animal pens, weeding, harvesting…you name it you probably tried. But the gnawing feeling in your gut and chest was becoming unbearable. 

‘Thirteen years…thirteen years and now this,’ you thought, finally giving up on trying to distract yourself and just climbed a warm bath, sinking down until the water was just under your nose. The sun was slowly sinking as you sat in the bath, mulling over what that coming night; you could feel the moon’s presence creep closer…like the shadow of an enemy.

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When will y’all stop doubting yixing? do you know how much he loves and worries for exo? do you think he’s happy with the situation he is in? and if you think he is then you don’t anything about him. 

Yixing works his ass off for exo everyday and this how y’all pay him? if i were yixing i had left the group a long time ago but he didn’t because he’s loyal to exo, because he loves exo, HE LOVES EXO.

Is it too difficult to believe he loves exo and he’ll stay with us? oh no wait, is this because he’s chinese? how can you based someone’s opinion just by their ethnic or nationality? isn’t it racist? luhan, kris and tao are not yixing and yixing is not them.  

And before you put your full of oppas world first, try to inform yourself about China’s and South Korea’s political problems right now. Yixing isn’t the only one affected by this but many other chinese idols so please take out your head from your bias’ ass and see the bigger problems that are happening now. 

Thank you for your time.

Coming Clean: I Can’t Stand T**

[Disclaimer: this is an old rant from my previous blog that I found again and I’m reposting it on my current blog/Some of this might be completely wrong I just wanted to repost my old rant that I semi-lost]

I want to say something before I even get into this. I came into the fandom right about the CMB era, and was immediately drawn to T**. He was the easiest for me to pick out and recognize, and was my bias up until after he released his solo song, as soon as I saw that, I dropped him.

It feels kind of weird not liking someone after spending quite a bit of my time loving them, and buying stuff with their face on it. It’s a bit strange looking back on old things and seeing something that once made me laugh and think he was cute, just piss me off now.
I never really wanted to do this post, but a friend of mine did a post about why they didn’t like T** and one of the responses annoyed the hell out of me, so I figured…time to come clean. I know literally no one pays attention to me or cares, but I’m still going to do it.
I, for the most part, avoid blogs that post about T** or post about him or even mention him, because he just irks the hell out of me.
So, feel free to unfollow me if this upsets you, I don’t care, but I don’t like T**.

So, I wanted to elaborate some topics my friend hit, as well as adding my own. And disclaimer, I don’t care it’s been two years. It’s been nearly three years for Kris and he still get’s shit for leaving EXO, when it was completely understandable for him to do so. So shove it.

His attitude/actions

My friend touched on this. And I completely agree.
He is one of the most whiny and inconsiderate people I’ve ever seen. I don’t care that he learned sign language for his friend, that’s one thing, and it wasn’t when he became a snot nosed idol, so no.
All he does, is whine and moan to get what he wants, like a little child.
EXO Showtime, the boys were meant to be out getting a gift for Chanyeol. What does T** do?
Beg Kris to buy him a coat.
Let me just let you know something, EXO gets about 3-5% of the income from their activities and sellings, and that in turn, was split in between 12 members. Some members got more money than others(Suho obviously received the most income). By how SM acts, you know for a fact that Kris, and the other Chinese members made the least income, and yet T** is still begging Kris left and right for money and to buy him things.
It’s Chanyeol’s birthday, they’re all meant to be buying things for Chanyeol. And T** is sitting here asking another member, that is also buying for Chanyeol, to spend roughly $245. It’s CHANYEOL’S birthday and you’re asking KRIS to buy YOU a TWO HUNDRED AND FOURTY-FIVE DOLLAR JACKET.
You know what T** ended up buying for Chanyeol? A hat.
What’s funny, is he wore the hat he bought for Chanyeol the whole day, almost like he was thinking Kris would pay for something and he could slap his name on it, but then had to give Chanyeol the hat.
Side note, the hat says “dumbass” on it, which I think is hilarious because Kris 100% knew what it said and just went with it.
Meanwhile Kris, who we can easily assume has a lower income than other members, bought Chanyeol a nice shirt, and some funny underwear, even after he deemed them too expensive(they were nearly $50…for a pair of boxers…and Kris bought them for Chanyeol). So I think it’s safe to assume Kris spent well over $100 for Chanyeol, with the underwear and who knows how much for the shirt, but it was not cheap.

And again, for Christmas, on Showtime. The boys were meant to get something and they would randomly pick another boy, and that’s who would receive your gift. Each boy did something nice (or in Baekhyun’s case being a little dork). What did T** buy for Christmas? Notes/envelopes. Nothing written on them, no Merry Christmas thing, just blank paper, and of course Chanyeol drew the short straw.

Showtime, again. Kris bought a stuffed toy dog, and of course T** had to be right up his ass and get one too. Only, Kris wouldn’t pay for him. And shocker, T** had no money. So what does he do? Mooch off one of the camera men to get a stuffed dog…Really? Just takes about $45 from one of the men doing his job. Nice.

He’s doesn’t know how to just shut up. When they went bowling, they did a little competition, and the losing team ended up having to buy shoes for the winning team.
Kris, unfortunately messed up at the last minute and caused his team to lose. They made a few jokes about Kris when they were shopping, but turned their focus to finding shoes for the other boys.
T** just couldn’t let it go, consistently whining about Kris losing.
“We have to buy the gifts because of Kris.”
“I’m not going to buy. Kris buy for me.”
“Did you think everything would work right when you threw it powerfully? You should use your head?”

And can we talk about the fact he bought girl shoes for Baekhyun? Like really? And he called Suho, to again complain about Kris, and tell SUHO he was getting him a present because of Kris?
You know, the one that was on T**’S TEAM!?!

Why is he buying for someone that didn’t win??? Whatever.

Then like my friend said, the yaja time. T** can’t even be respectful when it’s normal time, but the second he get’s to be the “hyung” he’s even more of a dick, pushing and demanding that Luhan get up on the table and to hurry up. Boy, don’t forget he IS your hyung, even in this game, slow your fucking roll.

His deal with Kris

T** with Kris really upsets me. You guys always pull the T**Ris card, and I hate it. I personally don’t think Kris cared for T** all that much, nor did other members, but had to put up with him for the sake of “we are one”.
T** walks all over Kris and it’s disgusting.
That is his hyung.
He has absolutely no respect for Kris what so ever.
Constantly whining when Kris messes up, begs him for money like Kris is the bank, hell, even tried to eat Kris’ food after they had been out all day on Showtime and Kris, for once, was actually eating. Instead of, I don’t know, BUYING HIS OWN. He decides to try and swipe Kris’(unsuccessfully).

Now, I don’t care what you say, T** had no right what so even to EVER act the way he did to Kris. Not a single reason will ever excuse that so you might as well save your breath.
T** was not a child when he talked down about Kris. Don’t put the blame on SM workers like T** did, saying they “encouraged him” and “allowed him to” because he was a grown fucking man and should have known better.

Let me explain this to you so this hopefully makes sense. There’s these things called NDA’s, or none disclosure agreements. Meaning, if Kris was wanting to leave EXO, HE COULDN’T FUCKING SAY ANYTHING TO THE LITTLE WHINER. He couldn’t tell anyone, or speak about it, until it was done and over with. And still, it seems Kris is likely not allowed to talk about anything SM more than he very seldom has.
I doubt T** told anyone when he went to “study” that has was going to leave. Even leaving EXO to sit there with their mouths wide open and Suho to assure fans he would indeed be coming back and to love T** while T** is running around at every theme park in America while he’s “resting”.
How dare he try and talk down Kris.
Kris was nearly dying because of SM.
And Kris’ “BEST BUDDY” didn’t see that? Didn’t think that’d be a perfectly reasonable excuse for not continuing with the group? That that might be a good thing to reason that he shouldn’t bad mouth his hyung that was pretty much forced to either be essentially dead or walk away?
And ONLY once T** pulled his shit and got backlash, did T** think “hmm, let me do damage control and shift blame onto SM workers on why I said fuck you when you needed friends”.

Kris has my support and every right to ignore T** for what he did and brush off being asked about his “apology”


Speaking of shifting blame, I just love how it was his daddy that “started” this. His dad wanted him out of EXO and come home to rest? Sorry, but there’s not way you wanting your son home is going to easily get him out of a contract with SM.
Kris nearly died and was insanely mistreated, and he fought for two, nearly three, years to escape SM’s contract.
Same with Luhan.
You “wanting baby T** home” isn’t going to do a thing.
Not to mention, um…have you seen Lay? You can’t tell me that his mother, his grandmother, whatever, has not seen Lay injure his waist, faint countless times, fall ill, get hurt, and not once tried to get him to come home? My ass.
T** wanted out, and he used his daddy as an excuse.

And come home to rest? Is going to every Six Flags in the US count as resting? Because I’m pretty sure walking around theme parks aren’t very good in helping your “injured” foot heal. Same with you “studying” English.


Him with BeiBei disgusted me more than you can imagine. Who thought it would be a good idea for the man that can’t even do his own laundry or fry eggs could take care of a child?
Right off the bat I knew it was going to be bad, considering he could only get her to stop crying by giving her toys. (I could go in to a whole thing about Child psychology and T**’s family issues but nah). It’s not good for a child to be dependent on happiness=when daddy gives me a toy.
How many times did that girl cry on that show? Maybe once an episode.
Hell, he even scolded the poor girl because she brought him and drink and only did it because one of the noonas told her to and she didn’t do it on her own accord? Fucking really? She’s not your real child, she doesn’t love you, and news flash, SHE’S A CHILD. They do what they’re told, the noona said bring daddy water, and she did. If anything, she did a very good thing, listening to her noona. Yet T** scolded her for it.
Gods forbid he actually has kids.

I’m not going to even go into the solo music thing, because that was just atrocious.

Bottom line, T** is not as good as you think he is, and I refuse to support that. So unfollow me now, you’ll never see him around my blog.

Sigil pt. 4

<– Part 3 | Part 5 –>

Short: Luhan gets invited into an excellence program, where he meets a man names Yixing who has odd golden tattoos and an odder story.
Words: 5377
Notes for Update: 25
Warnings: lots of sweat, that ish, bit of angst, vomit. 
Pairings: Luhan x OC

Luhan was sitting at the dinner table, Minseok on his right, and Jongin across from him. He thought back about the smell, the stench, the bones, the blood. He stared at his plate, Minseok had made Eel and it smelled good, but he just couldn’t Eat.
Yixing was sitting at the head of the table, eating silently. While Lux and Baekhyun were boasting about their best kills in the past month. Luhan didn’t understand what it was really about, names being thrown that were unknown to him.
Minseok touched his arm. “Are you okay? You haven’t touched your food. If you don’t like eel you can tell me, I can get you something else?”

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"I will be okay as long as you don't ask me to smile."

Soulmate!AU | Female Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member: Lu Han

Warnings: This is kinda long. Maybe one or two curses but that’s it.

A/N: Is really important to the story you guys know that this is from the point of view of a children who is growing up! That’s why she talks so much about her mom, and the she started to describe things better etc. English is not my first language so please let me know if there is any spelling mistakes.

*NOT MY GIF* This gif is adorable btw!!!

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I always saw stories about people saying “I was the last of my friends to found out my soulmate.” or “I always wondered how having a soulmate was like.” But it was never like this to me. I found my soulmate even before i had conscious about what a soulmate was.

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EXO finding out you’re dating Luhan

Your mind was swirling, he always made it happen when his lips touched yours in that addictive way of his. No matter the kind of kiss, a sweet little peck or full blown tongues battling for dominance, he always made your heart pound in your chest, your pulse echo in your ears. So, it wasn’t entirely a surprise to you that you weren’t the first to realise you had been walked in on.

“Ohmygod!” You slowly turned to look at the nine boys stood just inside of the room.

“Luhan!” Xiumin exclaimed beaming, looking straight past you and to his former band mate. He walked over as Luhan got to his feet and the pair shared a long-awaited hug.

One by one, all current EXO members shared warm greetings with the former member. They hadn’t seen him in so long, except for Yixing who had spent some time back in China and wound up on a show with Luhan and had really missed him.

“Ah, Hyung, what’re you doing here? Are you performing?” Kai enquired.

“No, I was nearby and wanted to surprise Y/N,” Luhan replied looking at you fondly. You smiled back at him and stood up to join his side, somehow fitting between him and Xiumin.

“You came for Y/N?” Sehun questioned making a face. “Why?”

“We literally just walked in on them making out, Sehun, why do you think?” Chen responded rolling his eyes and Sehun started to flail dramatically, looking at you as if he just found out you have an extra nipple.

“You’re dating Hyung?!” He all but yelled.

“You haven’t told them?” Luhan chuckled looking down at you.

“We’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had time.” You confessed with a pout. “I wanted to.”

“This is great, now you have a great excuse to visit us!” Xiumin announced grinning.

“He should visit us anyway.” Sehun scoffed folding his arms over his chest childishly.

“Ah, Sehun! I’m sorry!” Luhan cooed putting his arms around the Maknae.

To be honest, they pretty much almost entirely forgot about you. The rest of the time was spent with the ten catching up and badgering Luhan with questions about his life without them. Anyone would think that he was their long-lost lover, the way they all fawned over him and stared in awe as he told his stories. But, you didn’t mind too much, Luhan would bring you back to their attention, reminding them that you had been around since their debut and held a special place in all their hearts but his feelings were a little more special. Even without him reminding the guys that you were there, you were quite content watching them interact. You had missed seeing them all together and even though the band wasn’t back together, it kind of felt like it, you only wished Kris and Tao were there too to complete the perfect picture.

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i made myself emo there at the end and i wasn’t even around for ot12

Thank you for the request anon!

~ Admin Chee


I LITERALLY CRIED!! This person deserves some sort of trophy. 🎉🎈

Also, in this Instagram comment section, tis very funny watching XiuHan and H*nhan shippers argue. It’s amusing to watch h*nhan shipper lose. Ah, such a good sight to see. 😉

But, honestly, and I have the need to rant… Why the hell are h*nhan shippers saying that “Luhan doesn’t know Xiumin exists”… Urm okay. Clearly he doesn’t anyone called Xiumin. He’s never seen this person in real life before. Can you note the sarcasm?

And who the (mind my French) fuck do they think they are? Why the hell are they bashing Xiumin for it? He’s done nothing wrong. I’m not saying Luhan did anything wrong or Sehun. But don’t bash Minseok. Luhan is the one who put it up. Luhan is the one who kept it. Don’t fucking start because if you say anything about Minseok, then I’m gonna start and so will a lot more.

I’m saying this now and I know everyone has their own reason why they ship their ships but Luhan was literally glued to Xiumin wherever they were and went. On broadcasts, interviews, award shows etc…

Almost all of EXO showtime, Luhan and Xiumin were together. They also went on a double date with XingDae. ✊🏼

Anyway, back to how Luhan was always by Xiumin’s side, he had no time to be with Sehun. And… If you noticed, Tao and Sehun were together a lot of times. Like, a lot.

AND… Luhan put up a picture of himself and XIUMIN! Did you see him put up a picture of Sehun? No. As I said before yes, there is a picture of him with Suho but that was for Bunny King’s birthday.

So, to all h*nhan shippers 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

Thanks. My rant 2k17.

EXO reaction to their sick girlfriend


Suho knew it wasn’t something super serious going through many sicknesses himself and taking care of the members.  He ordered you your favourite food and put on your favourite movie. He kept you in bed making sure you had enough rest and enjoying the time you could spend cuddling together.


When Luhan found you crouching and shivering next to him due to your heavy body aches, feeling as hot as a oven he jumped up and got medicine and a cold wet towel for your face. He held you close waiting for the medicine to kick in telling you, you should relax your muscles and just listen to him talking.

(You’re Sehun btw… and this gif is soooooooo cute I am dying)


Lay took this opportunity to stay in bed all day. He kept an eye on your temperature and that you took your medication accordingly. Otherwise you two kept cuddling and talking about all the things that crossed your minds. And of course a lot of napping.


D.o was worried but he did his best not to show you. He kept watching you closely and googled for the best medication and how to make you feel as best as possible. He cooked you a special soup which he had read about on the Internet and made sure you drank enough hoping you would soon be over your illness.


Chanyeol had a different tactic to handle your illness. After being carefully tugged in by him and you took your medication Chanyeol pulled out his guitar and started strumming away. You two came up with new ridiculous songs and when you started to feel tired he started to tell weird made up stories.


Chen was his joking self as always. 

‘Well do you think it was worth it having fun on the balcony?’ He said wiggling his eyebrow and you threw a pillow after him. 

'You’re a perv… but yes’ he made sure you were feeling comfortable and covered with medication. He cheered you up with jokes and silly faces to make sure you kept your spirt up.


Kai was sad because you were sick and he kept pouting and  sighing that you felt bad and he couldn’t really do much to help you. He didn’t leave your side asking if you needed anything and just endured your illness.


Sehun had to work which he wanted to cancel so he could stay with you and make sure you were ok but you insisted on him going to work. He picked up Vivi and started to talk to him in a very serious tone. 

'Vivi, mommy is ill and daddy needs to work so I want you to stay with her and keep her company till daddy is home.. OK? And you if you need anything just give me a call’ you nodded and took Vivi in your embrace. Sehun kissed your forehead gave you one of his jumpers so you didn’t miss him that much and left for work.


Tao wasn’t home but as soon as he got the news that you were ill he sent you a video from his hotel room.                        

'Hi baobei I heard you’re  ill. Drink lots of water and tea and try to rest as much as you can. I make sure to send you some medicine.’ Sehun jumped on the bed in the background whaling around his arms. 

'Get well soon, watch funny shows so you don’t feel alone’ Tao had to end the call but he sent you millions of messages and snapchats. As promised a  few hours later someone knocked on the door and handed you medicine and a giant stuffed toy with a little note. 

>> hope you are getting better soon and don’t be too lonely. Love you loads Tao ♡♡♡<<


Xiumin knew best that you just needed to get cheered up while resting so he went and grabbed a bumblebee headband and started to do aegyo in front of you. You couldn’t stop laughing which made you forget that you weren’t feeling your best.


Kris was a little bid over dramatic so he watched every step you took. Offering you everything you could imagine when he wanted to carry you to the sofa you had a little bit enough. 

'Kris it’s just a flue or a cold’ he looked worried. 

'Babe thousands of people die of the flue each year. I can’t lose you’ you laughed at his silly concern. 

'You giant idiot. Old an weak people die of flue I am a strong person don’t worry’


Baekhyun’s way of dealing with your illness was chocolate, loads and loads of chocolate. He probably bought the store empty to fit all your wishes. Loading all the chocolates on the sofa table Baekhyun watched dramas and cuddled with you till you felt better.

The first ever reaction I made. I actually wanted to do a different one but it didn’t work out and as Admin R and I are both ill i decided on this.

hope you enjoy it ♥

the requests are taken care of however they might take some time until they are finished as we both need some more thoughts on those but please send more requests or ideas for stories or reactions.

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