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Guilty - Alternate Ending III

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Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Alternate Ending I | Alternate Ending II | Alternate Ending III | Alternate Ending IV

Genre: Angst, smut

Word Count: 3,391 words

Pairing: Reader x Baekhyun / Reader x Kai

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find yourself getting more and more frustrated with Kai as he keeps hanging out with his ex-girlfriend, Krystal, against your wishes. Your solution? Hang out with Baekhyun instead.


You rose from your seat to hug your friend. “It’s been a while,” you said.

“I know,” said Luhan. “I haven’t been to Seoul in almost a year.”

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When will y’all stop doubting yixing? do you know how much he loves and worries for exo? do you think he’s happy with the situation he is in? and if you think he is then you don’t anything about him. 

Yixing works his ass off for exo everyday and this how y’all pay him? if i were yixing i had left the group a long time ago but he didn’t because he’s loyal to exo, because he loves exo, HE LOVES EXO.

Is it too difficult to believe he loves exo and he’ll stay with us? oh no wait, is this because he’s chinese? how can you based someone’s opinion just by their ethnic or nationality? isn’t it racist? luhan, kris and tao are not yixing and yixing is not them.  

And before you put your full of oppas world first, try to inform yourself about China’s and South Korea’s political problems right now. Yixing isn’t the only one affected by this but many other chinese idols so please take out your head from your bias’ ass and see the bigger problems that are happening now. 

Thank you for your time.

Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-7

Pairing:Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

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“Ok Y/N what do you need?” Luhan asked sitting on my bed as I started to pack up my bags. “I just need to grab my sketchbook and computer, all my clothes are packed” I answer back grabbing for one of my smaller bags to put those things in. I put my computer in the bag along with the charger, turning I notice Luhan standing there with my sketchbook in his hands “ready to go on a mini vacation?” he asks smirking I nod my head in response. I put my sketchbook in the bag putting it by my door with my other items “Do you have all your stuff now?” he asks walking up behind me. “Yes, I’m ready” I respond, we pick up my bags and start making our way downstairs to join the rest of the guys by the underground garage.

“Finally! Thought you would never be done” Tao says throwing his hands up in exaggeration. I giggle in response “I have a lot of stuff ok” I say throwing down my bag down next to theirs. “Hopefully not too much” Kris says picking up his bags to move to the cars.

“Alright Y/N you are traveling with Luhan, Yixing, Tao and me” Kris says staring to load my stuff in the trunk with theirs. “Ok, where will the rest of you guys be traveling?” I ask looking at Suho “I will be traveling with Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen. Kai, Kyungsoo, Xiumin and Sehun will be traveling together” he says. I grimace “did you lose a bet?” I ask “Hey!” Chen, Baekhyun and Chanyeol yell together. Suho nods standing behind them “hyung why would you say that!” Chen says looking at him. “I technically didn’t say anything” he says throwing his own stuff into his car, the others grumbling behind him.

Luhan slung his arm across my shoulders “ready to go kid?” he asks me moving me slowly towards the van. I smiled at him “yep” I moved forward to sit in the car “here Y/N come sit in the back with me” Tao says reaching for my hands. I climb between the seats and move back to sit next to him, so we were sitting on the three seats in the back “why do you wanna sit back here?” I asked him “so Yixing can sit with you too, besides it’s a long drive so you might wanna take a nap” he says pulling me close to him. Yixing had just gotten in the car approaching my other side, pulling my feet into his lap “how long is the drive?” I ask no one in particular. The sound of a door slamming pulls my attention to the front “it’s going to take 10 hours to get there” Kris says turning around to look at me from the front seat. I sighed and laid my head down looking at the time on my phone 7:00 am. I look back up watching as our car followed Kyungsoo’s.

As we began to drive my eyes started to grow heavy and I yawned resting my head down on Tao’s shoulder. Lay pulled my feet into his lap, removing my shoes. He began to rub my ankle with his thumb leaning forward to look at me “just go to sleep Y/N, we will wake you when we get there ok?” he said. Tao began to run his fingers through my hair lulling me to sleep “alright” I yawned again letting my eyes close “see you when you wake up” I heard Luhan say from the passenger seat.

I was pulled awake by a slow rocking motion. Opening my eyes I’m greeted by a strong chest in front of my face. I glance up to see that I’m being carried in Tao’s arms, he looks down at me. Probably feeling me shifting, he smiles “sorry for waking you” he whispers. “It’s alright, I thought you were gonna wake me when we got here?” I question looking at my new surroundings. It looks like we are in a hotel “we we’re but you looked so peaceful that we just decided to let you sleep” he said still carrying me. “You can put me down now if you want” I say shifting so I could land on my feet, he pulled me tighter to himself so I couldn’t get down “nope” he said popping the p. I glanced down the hallway looking at the rooms we were passing, we were on the 5th level “who am I staying with?” I asked looking over Tao’s shoulder to look at the rest of the guys trailing behind us. “You are staying with me, because the rest are too irresponsible to watch you” Luhan speaks up from behind us. “Hey!” Tao says turning and walking backwards, while doing this he trips over his own feet and falls onto his back dropping me in the process. “Point proven” Kris says lifting me to my feet letting Tao stay on his back.

“Come on your room is just up ahead” Kris said leading me to the left in front of room 509. I look back at the rest of the guys only to see half the guys there, I furrow my brows in confusion “where’s the rest of the guys?” I asking looking at Kris standing next to me. “Suho is making Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen get everyone’s stuff because they annoyed him, and the rest are staying on the floor below” he answered opening the door for me. I nod entering the room.

It has two beds, a tv, bathroom and a small kitchen area. Luhan walked into the room after me closing and locking the door “we will be going for dinner in a little while so we can just hang out for awhile” he said throwing himself down on the bed closest to the window. I take my shoes off that they must have put on for me and lay down in the other bed next to the wall. I look over at Luhan who has closed his eyes with his arms pulled behind his head. I roll onto my side looking over at him “what will be doing anyway?” I ask him, he turns his head to look at me. “Mostly just hanging out, then we will go to a meeting. If we have time we might be able to go walk around and explore” he says a slight smile on his lips. I smile contently closing my eyes about to fall asleep again until I’m interrupted by a loud banging outside the rooms.

The banging is followed by cursing in a deep voice that I know is Chanyeol’s. Then there is knock at the door. “We got your stuff, open the door!” the voice I know is Chen’s yells. I stand walking to the door and reach for the knob, yanking it open reveals them both standing there holding our stuff. “Wheres Baek?” I ask looking behind them “are we not good enough for you?” Chen asks faking a pout, I shake my head at them smiling “we left him with all the heavy bags” Chanyeol says smiling cheekily. I laugh reaching for my stuff and moving so they can bring in the rest. They put it on the floor before leaving me and Luhan alone again.

Dinner had gone really well, having the meeting while eating. Though I wasn’t paying that much attention to them and more on my food. Luhan told me it won’t be a mission that him and a few others need to go on because that would be to many members at once. So for the time the guys went for the mission we got to go sightseeing, I went with him, Kris, Sehun, Lay and Kyungsoo. Seeing a bunch of cool landmarks and different things that makes this place unique. I’m not even sure where we are only that we were 10 hours from home and that there was some important business going on here.

Nearing midnight we went back to our hotel rooms, the others still out on mission. They would probably be out till early morning.

Next to me Luhan was snoring loudly, happily sleeping. I can’t sleep though, I partially blame it on the fact I slept all day but also due to the fact that every time I closed my eyes I’m plagued by my nightmares. The nightmares have been happening for the last few weeks, coming and going in uneven patterns. I chose not to tell the guys about them, not wanting to worry them.

After a few minutes of laying there staring at the ceiling I hear shifting. I look to my right to see Luhan had turned my way and was staring at me. “Did I wake you?” I question him turning onto my side to face him. “No I just kinda woke up. Question is, why are you still awake?” he asks lifting himself so he is leaning on his arm. “Um… Just can’t sleep. Too much exciting stuff today” I say trying to lie to him. He stares for a minute “you are a terrible liar” he says nonchalantly “come here” he says opening the blanket so I can crawl in with him. “Is it nightmares again?” he asks me brushing my hair from my face “again?” I look up at him, he has a knowing look in his eyes “we know Y/N, we just decided that you would come to us when you want to” he says gently “You don’t have to do this on your own. You know that right?” he asks eyes widening slightly. “Yeah” I say even though I know I will probably continue to keep things to myself. “Good let’s go to bed” he says pulling me closer so my head is on his chest.

“You are squishing me” I mumble into his shirt. I hear him laugh above me “good, that’s means you are closer to my heart.”

I finished this one a little early so I’m giving it too you early.

EXO reaction to their sick girlfriend


Suho knew it wasn’t something super serious going through many sicknesses himself and taking care of the members.  He ordered you your favourite food and put on your favourite movie. He kept you in bed making sure you had enough rest and enjoying the time you could spend cuddling together.


When Luhan found you crouching and shivering next to him due to your heavy body aches, feeling as hot as a oven he jumped up and got medicine and a cold wet towel for your face. He held you close waiting for the medicine to kick in telling you, you should relax your muscles and just listen to him talking.

(You’re Sehun btw… and this gif is soooooooo cute I am dying)


Lay took this opportunity to stay in bed all day. He kept an eye on your temperature and that you took your medication accordingly. Otherwise you two kept cuddling and talking about all the things that crossed your minds. And of course a lot of napping.


D.o was worried but he did his best not to show you. He kept watching you closely and googled for the best medication and how to make you feel as best as possible. He cooked you a special soup which he had read about on the Internet and made sure you drank enough hoping you would soon be over your illness.


Chanyeol had a different tactic to handle your illness. After being carefully tugged in by him and you took your medication Chanyeol pulled out his guitar and started strumming away. You two came up with new ridiculous songs and when you started to feel tired he started to tell weird made up stories.


Chen was his joking self as always. 

‘Well do you think it was worth it having fun on the balcony?’ He said wiggling his eyebrow and you threw a pillow after him. 

'You’re a perv… but yes’ he made sure you were feeling comfortable and covered with medication. He cheered you up with jokes and silly faces to make sure you kept your spirt up.


Kai was sad because you were sick and he kept pouting and  sighing that you felt bad and he couldn’t really do much to help you. He didn’t leave your side asking if you needed anything and just endured your illness.


Sehun had to work which he wanted to cancel so he could stay with you and make sure you were ok but you insisted on him going to work. He picked up Vivi and started to talk to him in a very serious tone. 

'Vivi, mommy is ill and daddy needs to work so I want you to stay with her and keep her company till daddy is home.. OK? And you if you need anything just give me a call’ you nodded and took Vivi in your embrace. Sehun kissed your forehead gave you one of his jumpers so you didn’t miss him that much and left for work.


Tao wasn’t home but as soon as he got the news that you were ill he sent you a video from his hotel room.                        

'Hi baobei I heard you’re  ill. Drink lots of water and tea and try to rest as much as you can. I make sure to send you some medicine.’ Sehun jumped on the bed in the background whaling around his arms. 

'Get well soon, watch funny shows so you don’t feel alone’ Tao had to end the call but he sent you millions of messages and snapchats. As promised a  few hours later someone knocked on the door and handed you medicine and a giant stuffed toy with a little note. 

>> hope you are getting better soon and don’t be too lonely. Love you loads Tao ♡♡♡<<


Xiumin knew best that you just needed to get cheered up while resting so he went and grabbed a bumblebee headband and started to do aegyo in front of you. You couldn’t stop laughing which made you forget that you weren’t feeling your best.


Kris was a little bid over dramatic so he watched every step you took. Offering you everything you could imagine when he wanted to carry you to the sofa you had a little bit enough. 

'Kris it’s just a flue or a cold’ he looked worried. 

'Babe thousands of people die of the flue each year. I can’t lose you’ you laughed at his silly concern. 

'You giant idiot. Old an weak people die of flue I am a strong person don’t worry’


Baekhyun’s way of dealing with your illness was chocolate, loads and loads of chocolate. He probably bought the store empty to fit all your wishes. Loading all the chocolates on the sofa table Baekhyun watched dramas and cuddled with you till you felt better.

The first ever reaction I made. I actually wanted to do a different one but it didn’t work out and as Admin R and I are both ill i decided on this.

hope you enjoy it ♥

the requests are taken care of however they might take some time until they are finished as we both need some more thoughts on those but please send more requests or ideas for stories or reactions.

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Exo reaction - His usually shy girlfriend gets sassy


“Yesterday you did not even dare to order food by yourself and now you are out here putting guys in their places. Do i have bad eyes or did you learn a few things from Sehun?”

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“What happend to my shy girlfriend? That dude got so burned” 

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“Got him babe! HAHA! no one should mess with my girl” He would just laugh as he saw the dudes face turning red.

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“Oh my god! the face he made! Well done Y/n, now we can be the king and queen of sassy!”

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“Yeah, that’s how we roll here! Sassy squad for the win. You can finally join us babe!”

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“Oh god.. you have been spending way to much time with Sehun, but this time i’m not gonna say anything bad about it, cause you really put that dude in his place”

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“HAHA, oh lord look at the dudes face, that’s my girl!” 

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“That’s right, maybe come over here so i can give you a hug to make the pain go away, cause you just lost” 

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“Oh mother of.. Did my Y/N really say that? Yesterday she was shy about going to the store by herself..”

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“Y/N you should not speak like that to people.. But i guess that he had it coming.. good job” *Wants to keep his polite side, but is really proud of you anyway*

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“That’s right dude, now move along so you can really feel the last of your dignity being thrown away”

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“Guys don’t stare. That guy had it coming and he deserved it, and be proud of Y/N for not taking that shit anymore”

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EXO Reaction to You Trying to Dance “Monster”

Xiumin: Xiumin wouldn’t be able to stop giggling as you attempted for the fourth time at one of his moves in Monster. You weren’t actually doing that bad of a job but you had no sense in how to swing your hips in a seductive manner. It looked like one of those inflatable figures that are used at cheap car sales to attract customers. “I swear to god, Minseok! Stop laughing, we can’t all have your saucy hips.”

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Luhan: Luhan was ecstatic when you asked if he wanted to learn the “Monster” dance with you. One of your favorite pastimes were to put on music and just dance the day away, but with EXO’s recent single coming out you knew the two of you had to learn it. Fast forward to you sweating like a pig and barely hitting your mark while this LuBitch had already mastered the whole dance. You were a decent dancer and could follow a routine pretty fast but this choreo was freaking insane and it didn’t help to hear Lu’s “OoooH!” every time he nailed a move. 

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Kris: Kris was literally impressed in you at trying to cover Monster for your YouTube channel. Although the dance was a little different from what they usually did when Kris was in the group, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy. He would offer to monitor your moves in accordance to theirs to see what you needed to work on the most. Anytime you start to lose hope in mastering the new move, Kris would have you sit next to him as he told you about all the times he thought he couldn’t do it but that Yixing or Sehun would always help him through it. “They were there for me, just like how I’ll be here for you. Now come on, try out the move again.”

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Lay: Yixing would find it adorable that you were teaching yourself the Monster choreo when he knew it was a rather difficult dance to learn. Yixing quietly watched you from his position at the door to the studio; not wanting to break your concentration. Although, when you fumbled your way through the quick step of shuffling across to your next position, Yixing didn’t hesitate to rush in and help you. “Its okay, Jagi. All the boys had a hard time with this move; let me help you.” 

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Suho: Suho was always flattered when he found you practicing the latest song that him and his members had put out, he even would do his little surprised gasp as he walked in to see you vigorously memorizing the moves. You found it amusing with how many times Suho made it seem like this was the first time even though it was pretty much a routine by now. The minute the dance performance video came out you would have your hands all over it, but you knew it was how Suho showed his appreciation towards you loving his work.

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Chen: Honestly, you had just wanted to learn the Monster choreo with your friends because it looked fun but the reaction you got out from Chen made you kind of regret it. The second he had heard the intro of the song, he had run into the studio to check out who was listening to Monster. Seeing it was you and your friends warming up to practice it, Chen started laughing in his loud ass voice and saying he had to stay and watch. “Yahh, this will be so much fun to watch!” However, whenever one of your friends or you made a mistake the teasing would begin. It was you’re going too fast or that move was too sloppy until finally you had to kick Chen out of the studio. You loved him to death but he could be a bit much sometimes.

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Chanyeol: “Woah, you’re learning our dance?” Chanyeol asked in bewilderment as he walked in to see you running through the choreo from Monster. You sighed in frustration at the sight of Chanyeol, you had wanted to surprise him by learning the dance (to show your admiration towards him and the members) but the dance required a lot more technique that you didn’t have. On top of the fact that Chanyeol also ruined the surprised made your mood plummet, but once Chanyeol knew about the plan he waved his hands in the air and spoke. “Okay, I’ll walk out and pretend I wasn’t here, no problem, but it looks good by the way.”    

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun was like an excited puppy when he heard you were going to try to learn the Monster choreography. He had heard that a lot of people were going to cover it but seeing you, probably one of his favorite people in the world, he couldn’t wait for it. When he checked up on you later to see you struggling with the turning yourself on the floor move, he came in to give you support. “It’s okay, it took a lot of us to learn this move. Everyone needs their own time to prefect it.” Giving you one of his puppy smiles, Baekhyun would run over to your phone to restart the song.  

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D.O: You had noticed the owlish eyes staring at you a few verses ago, but you were trying to keep focus with the difficult move that was coming up. Trying and again fucking up the move completely, you fell to the floor in despair. “Kyungsoo-ah? Can you help me?” You would ask turning your head towards the door of the studio. He’d be a little surprised you had notice him but Kyungsoo would hesitantly agree, “Well, I think Kai would be a better teacher but okay” he spoke slowly while helping you up, “You’re actually very good at the chorus, I think you are just trying too hard; loosen up.” 

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Tao: Tao wasn’t surprised when he found you watching over a recording of you practicing the Monster choreo, even while he was still in EXO, you were obsessed on learning all the dances. You would always send Tao videos of your versions of the dance, asking for feedback because you knew he would be honest with his replies. “You need to have more swagger at Sehun’s part, otherwise it will make the audience bored.” Tao said as he went to pull up the dance video on his phone for you to have an example. 

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Kai: You had only been practicing the moves for maybe twenty minutes before Kai had walked in to see you trying (and failing) to dance to their newest single. He had come to investigate who had been playing the song when he knew none of the boys had been planning to practice. However, when Kai found out it was you who was trying to learn the dance he stayed by your side the whole time. Either watching your moves and giving feedback on what would look better or going through each motion with you as your personal dance instructor. To say the least, you were entirely thankful you had Kai at your side. 

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Sehun: Sehun would love the chance at getting to tease you while watching you trying to keep up with the Monster choreography. He would have to admit you were doing pretty well with the moves until you got your legs all tangled up at the beginning of the chorus part. Sehun wouldn’t be able to stop his laugh as you stumbled out of the move, keeping a light tone but still taking the chance to make fun of you he would help teach you the correct way of performing it. “Wow, you looked really lame. But hey, you got Oh Sehun to teach you. You’re welcome.”

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- Admin Jade

Steal Your Heart (Part I of II)

Pairing: You x Luhan

Summary: When he spends more and more time with another girl

Warnings: Angst (compensated by fluff because I love happy endings ^__^)

“This is Likun,” Luhan said brightly, smiling back and forth between me and the petite girl as I stood up and quickly shook her hand, a little flustered.

“Hi,” I said as politely as I could, watching as Likun smiled prettily back at me. “Luhan’s told me a lot about you!”

Likun was Luhan’s childhood best friend, or so he had told me. They had been inseparable until they were fourteen, when Likun had left China to study overseas in America and now, ten years later, she was back permanently for her job. 

When Luhan found out, he had been beyond excited to reconnect with her again, and I told him I looked forward to meeting her soon. But not this soon. To my surprise, Luhan had brought her unannounced with him today to the cafe, where we had arranged to meet on my lunch break. I had been looking forward to the hour in the middle of the day where I would have my boyfriend all to myself; I thought it was just going to be Luhan and I on our little date, and my smile faltered slightly when Luhan pulled a chair out for Likun and prompted her to sit down.

Apparently not.

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Luhan ft. Suho : Thank You [Scenario; Slight Angst]

“Hello?” You answered the call from an unknown number. Your breath hitched when a familiar voice came from the other end, “Hey!”

Your eyes widened, heart palpating as you gulped with your fingers enclosed around your phone tightly.

It can’t be…

“J-Joon Myun?” Your voice was so fragile and soft that it made him reply with, “Yeah! You remember me?” You didn’t answer as you kept silent, not knowing how or what you should reply.

“Can we meet up? I… I need to talk to you about something.”

“Sorry, wrong number.” Was all you replied before you hung up, putting your phone down on the table where you stared at it weirdly. You swallowed hard, eyes focused on the screen where your phone came to life again because of another incoming call – it was Luhan this time. You sighed in relief, a hand reaching for the phone where you wanted to answer but a knock came from the door. Before you could answer the call, it had came to an end. With that, you paced towards the door where you opened it, only to be stunned when Luhan was on the other end with a sheepish smile. “Hey you.” He breathed out cheekily, entering where you closed the door as he took off his shades just to look at you happily.

He noticed how you weren’t happy, he noticed that little frown you had when you saw him.

Was it because of him? Did he come at the wrong time?

“H-Hey, what’s wrong?” He questioned carefully, walking towards you where he patted your shoulder.

You licked your lips nervously, closing your eyes where it made Luhan sigh. “C’mon now. We promised no secrets. I may be a guy but I will understand…” He reasoned out, causing you to sigh when you mumbled, “Joon Myun called…”

Luhan’s eyes darkened, “That Suho guy from EXO-K?”

With your eyes closed, you nodded once. “Is he bothering you again? I thought we settled this the last time? Do I need him to fucking punch him in the face to remind him not to hurt you again?”

You shook your head with a small whimper, arms spreading out where you silently asked for a hug. Luhan gave in as he resulted to pulling you into his embrace where he hugged you tight, stroking your head with a small frown – he never liked it whenever you were like this. “I… I just think he might want to see me, again…” You mumbled in his chest, making Luhan hug you tighter to assure you quietly, “I’ll be here. You know that.”

“It’s not that…” You croaked out, gently pushing him away by his chest where you looked up to Luhan. “He was my first love, Luhan. You know that…”

Before Luhan could say anything to tell you otherwise, you cut him off.

“And I know that I have you now. You have no idea how happy it makes me feel when you came into my life but…”

“Shh…” Luhan hushed you, bringing you back to his loving and warm embrace, “I understand completely. Don’t beat yourself up just to answer me.”

“It’s not that, Luhan. What if I-“

You couldn’t speak when he pulled away to look down on you with determination, “Fall in love with him again?”

There it was. Indeed, you were once in love with your best friend who is better known as Suho, the leader and oldest in EXO-K: one of Korea’s biggest and most famous Korean boy band in the world consisting of six very good looking boys. It’s not until one day, you saw on the news that your best friend was now a big time superstar and that he was dating one famous celebrity. She was gorgeous, and beautiful and not to mention, everything that you knew you couldn’t be even if you tried. You cried all night when he avoided you, not wanting to meet up with you secretly like how he usually would. He ignored your messages and your calls – it broke you to pieces.

Not until one day, Luhan, came into your life. He was this ray of sunshine that gave you hope that love, was still possible for a broken girl like you that was in love with her best friend for six years. For six years of tormenting yourself, feeling alone and lost when Suho went ignoring you, Luhan came in out of nowhere like magic to be your Prince Charming.

Not to mention, he was also the guy that stood up for you and protected you when fangirls thought that you were coming in between Suho’s relationship with his girlfriend. They were downright mean and hateful but because of Luhan, you were able to get through it all. However, Suho still doesn’t know what happened in your friendship with him. He is still so oblivious to what happened that he didn’t know you have been hurting, that you have been crying.

He didn’t know he broke his own best friend.

Because of that, you avoided him with all you’ve got with him doing the same to you. And with Luhan by your side, it was a bit easier.

“I’ve said it before, baobei.” Luhan whispered, hands moving up to frame your cheeks as if you were the most delicate and fragile thing in the world that he would want to protect for the rest of his life. “If you ever come to love another man, if you ever find happiness with someone else that you can’t find with me, I’ll…”

You knew you didn’t love Suho anymore when you felt a deep pang the moment Luhan said, “I’ll let you go.”

You held your breath, eyes blinking at Luhan rapidly as they were glossy – how could you ever let go of Luhan?

“Don’t cry on me.” Luhan chuckled, thumbs caressing the under of your eyes lovingly. “Please don’t cry. Especially when it’s me who should be crying.” Luhan rasped, voice growing weak just thinking about how it’ll be like to let go of his first love. Indeed, Suho was your first love but to Luhan, you were his first and only love. It may look like it was easy for him to mutter the few words that allowed you to be with someone else; another man, but to him, it was the hardest thing he could do.

But… as long as you were happy, as long as you didn’t cry and as long you found true love; that was all that mattered to Luhan.

“I’m… going to go now, baobei. Can I ask for one thing before I go?”

“But you just got here…” You whispered, arms hugging around his waist meekly when you thought he was going to pull away. He sighed and dipped down to whisper on your lips lovingly, “I know but… I’m giving you time to think. Whether you love me or… if you love that Suho guy. Of course, I’d prefer for you to choose me but, if you really choose Suho over me, I’m willing to let you go just for you to be happy, baobei. Just don’t get yourself hurt.”

You swallowed hard, not being able to say anything when he brushed his lips with yours slowly, “Can I kiss you before I go?”

You gave him a nod instantly, bringing a smile to his face when he tilted his head up a little to let your lips meet pleasantly when he let you feel the amount of love burning from his heart that he portrayed in one, loving kiss that made your insides melt as you held onto him for support. His hands moved down to hold onto you by your waist tightly, not sure if this was the last kiss but if this was, he wanted to make it last. He tilted his head to the side, getting a better angle at kissing you. His hands brought you closer, making you gasp when you bumped into his chest and he took that golden opportunity to smirk against your supple lips, tongue entering your precious wet cavern where he reminded you of the reasons why you fell in love with him in the first place.

He was everything he could give to you when Suho couldn’t.

It all came to an end, it was all crashing down when Luhan broke the kiss. You winced and chased for his lips, zealously initiating a kiss again that made Luhan chuckle into the kiss when you abruptly started kissing him again. Luhan complied well, kissing you back with his arms snaking around your waist to hug you tight. He pulled away again, making you frown with Luhan giving a kiss on your forehead. He lowered down to meet your eyes, “Make sure you make the right decision, baobei. I love you so much.”

Before you could tell him to stay, he had reached over for his shades where he held onto it weakly before he heartlessly walked out of the door without saying goodbye.

Not because he didn’t want to – because he couldn’t. He couldn’t bear to see the face that he might never see again and if it was possible, he wanted to erase the image of you in his mind if he wasn’t your first choice.

You let out a soft scream when your phone vibrated out of nowhere in the quiet apartment. Your feet brought yourself towards the phone where it was him calling again. Joon Myun was calling once again.


His voice was stable, “I know I have the right number.”

You boldly replied, “So?”

He sighed, “I need to talk to you – meet me at the park tonight?”

As much as you didn’t want to, you had to settle this once and for all. You had to clarify something that was hidden and buried in your heart since the day Joon Myun walked out of your life. You needed to end things clearly and you wanted to be fully happy to your heart’s content.

Your lips parted to whisper a soft “Fine.” And with that, you wanted to switch off your phone but because you could even do that, a text message popped in from Luhan.

Your heart skipped a beat when you opened the message.

‘No matter who you pick, no matter who you choose to love, I will still love you with my all. It seems ridiculous and stupid, but I guess I’m ridiculously stupid in loving you with the rest of my life. I’m still willing to let you go and I’m shaking as I type this, but I hope you choose honestly.

I love you, baobei. I hope you know that.
||From: Luhan♥

You smiled a little and read the message over and over again just to sigh when you didn’t switch off your phone. You put it in your pocket as you sat down on the sofa; you were clear on what you were going to do tonight.

“Is that you?” Your heart skipped a beat when a voice spoke up in the quiet night. You were leaning against the tree trunk that hid your presence but it seems like he could sense it as he walked towards you.

“It really is you.” He sighed dreamily when you were standing in front of him. He reached out to hold onto you but you took a step back, making him feel a tug at his heart when you looked at him with cold eyes. He lifted his cap a little just so he could look down on your perfectly but you were avoiding his eyes.

“H-Hey…” He breathed out quietly, “How are you?”

You shook your head, looking at him where you asked, “What do you want to talk about?”

He sighed when he could see that you wanted to get straight to the point and that was what he didn’t do when he moved to sit down on the nearby bench. He looked at you expectantly, patting the space beside him. With a small groan, you paced over to sit down beside him where he smiled at you. “How have you been?”

You gulped when you didn’t reply him, instead, he replied you.

“Well I’ve been good, until I realized that I lost my best friend.” Your eyes widened, peeking to look at him when you tilted your head to meet with his gaze. He broke the gaze when he stared up to the stars, “I noticed that being pushed into this open and public relationship was a wrong thing to accept. To feign my fans that I’m in this open relationship with someone that I didn’t love…” His eyes moved to look at you with a small frown, “I didn’t like it at all.”

Your lips parted when he was saying the things you’d never thought you’d hear.

He was in a fake relationship?

“I didn’t like how I had to stay away from the one I truly love. I didn’t like how I had to push away that one person that I wanted to be with just for the publicity. I hated it.”

“J-Joon Myun…” You croaked out uncertainly, a hand lapping over his that was on your shoulder.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for making you cry, for breaking your heart, for avoiding you when all I wanted to do was see your face a little bit more everyday. Those days where you were not in my life, I hated it. I wanted to see you everyday but in the contract, it was stated that I needed to be in this fake relationship for two years and now that it’s ended, I want to be with you.”

His hands moved to frame your cheeks but this time, there was no spark.

Nothing connected.

“I want to be with you, only you. I just need a chance.”

You wanted to say yes. You wanted to say yes to the boy you’ve been in love with for roughly six years of your life now but there was no strong urge for you to agree on. This was the moment you’ve been waiting for in those six years you were in love with him but you couldn’t now.

You couldn’t say yes when you wanted to because this isn’t what you needed; this isn’t who you really loved because the way you looked at Joon Myun in the past, is the way you look at Luhan now. The way you used to feel so happy around Joon Myun, is the way you feel around Luhan.

Joon Myun was too late.

Your heart belonged to someone else.

“I’m sorry, Suho but I can’t be with you.” He frowned when you used his stage name on him.

This was the very first time you called him like this. “We promised you wouldn’t call me that.”

You scoffed and stood up, “And you promised you’d never make me cry.”

His lips parted, hands wanting to reach out to you but he knew better than to stay put and let you say your share.

“I was in love with you for six years. For six years you’ve been acting as if my feelings was nothing and as if they didn’t exist. When you were out there chasing your dreams as a superstar, I didn’t hold you back. When you told me you got accepted, I supported you. When you told me that you won your first award, I congratulated you. When you got into a relationship with her, with someone so perfect, I gave you my all in hoping you’d accept but for what? You didn’t appreciate it and now you’re telling me it’s all fake? What do you want me to believe from you?”

He shook his head almost too immediately, “No no no! Listen to me!”

“No you listen to me,” You deadpanned, making him shut up with his lips parted to say more but he couldn’t.

“I loved you so much, Joon Myun. I really did. But you lost me when you chose to lie to me about the relationship. You lost me when you said that you didn’t want to meet up anymore. You lost me when you chose this path of life ahead of you that you couldn’t even tell me the truth. You lost my love for you in the process and I’m sorry.”

His lips quivered as he stared down on you, lips closing to gulp with his fingers trembling.

“If that is all you have to say, then go. I’m sure you have training tomorrow and you need your sleep. Go, Suho.

You used his stage name on him again, it made his heart crack. As much as he wanted to stay, as much as he wanted to coax up to you, he couldn’t.

Not when you were so determinedly in love with another guy.

With a heavy heart, he gazed at you sadly before he brought himself away from you. Indeed, he wanted to try again but he knew he had no chance. Because the way you were clarifying your love for another guy was the way you used to clarify to the guys who wanted to hit on you that you loved him. Now he could see that another guy held a special spot in your heart.

You felt as if a heavy burden was released from your shoulders; as if everything was carefree that you could love Luhan with all your might now. That you could ensure Luhan that he was your happily ever after…-

“Ouch!” A small grunt came from the other side of the park and you knew that voice very well. He was spying on you again just like how he did the last time you went out secretly meeting Joon Myun. You remembered that Luhan would always come to spy and keep you safe in case any fangirls would come after you and it seems like this time it wasn’t any different.

You stifled a laugh, turning around where you cupped your mouth with your hands, “Come out, Luhan! I know it’s you!”

You hear him gasp as he wanted to run away when you heard the tree branch break.

“Now I definitely know it’s you! Don’t make me run after you!”

Still, he was trying to escape when you heard the leaves crunch.

“I’ll fall in the dark if I have to come after you!” You persuaded him successfully when he groaned loudly, you could vaguely see his head falling back - you definitely hit the jackpot, “Must you always use yourself as an excuse?! You know I can never leave once you put it that way!” He hollered from the other end where he made his way towards you. You laughed when he appeared in front of you with a huff but you hugged him tightly with your arms around his waist. He gasped when he felt how strong your grip was, but he hugged you back nevertheless.


“I choose you, Luhan.” You whispered in the quiet night, making his heart flutter as he exhaled shakily, “What?”

You leaned away to look up at him lovingly, your warm gaze and aura making him warm up in an instant, “I love you, Luhan. It’s you that I love…”

Luhan’s breathing got shallow as he tugged you into his arms again where he buried his nose into your hair, arms appreciatively hugging you. “Thank you, baobei.”

He pulled away to dip down, kissing your lips passionately. “Thank you for choosing me.”

EXO REACTION: You suddenly wanting to cuddle- Zayli & Chei

D.O: *You snuggle up next to him while he’s reading a book, and he blushes at the fact that you actually initiated the cuddling.* D.O: Aish…so cute.

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Chanyeol was sitting on the couch watching TV, and you were craving his embrace. You: U-um,Chanyeol? Can we…um.  Chanyeol: What Y/N, you want to cuddle?

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You were having a long day from your daily activities, and you wanted to ask your boyfriend Baekhyun for a hug. Coming up from behind you, he asked you what was wrong, and you whispered ‘Can we cuddle?’. He accepted graciously. Baekhyun: I love you Y/N.

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*You woke up on an early morning and rolled over, only to face the cutest angel. You snuggled up against him, and kissed him. Slowly opening his eyes, he repeated your actions, but with more enthusiasm.* (If you get what I’m sayin’ ;) )

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*You wandered back into the bedroom you and Xiumin shared, and found him on his laptop on the bed. You gave him a look, signaling that you wanted to cuddle up next to him. Playing along, he threw the same kind of look back, and called you over to him.*

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You: Hey Kris can we cuddle? Kris: Why would a cool guy like me let someone like you do that? | You gave Kris a ‘dead-faced’ look, and he suddenly became scared. Kris: Alright, alright I’m sorry. I love you Y/N, I promise!

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You were sitting down on the couch next to Chen, and you kept looking back and forth at him. You didn’t notice that he noticed you doing so for a while, and you jumped when he spoke. Chen:You want to cuddle with me, don’t you Y/N?

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*Luhan had just got done with dance practice, and he sat against the wall. Coming up beside him, you sat down and scooted over close to him. Luhan smiled, put an arm around you, and kissed your forehead several times as you could hear the ‘ewing’ from the other members in the background.*

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You: Taozi~ Can we cuddle for a little bit later? Tao was so happy that you asked to cuddle that he gave you a big kiss in front of all of the members. Tao: Of course Y/N!

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*Kai was hovering over you on the bed, and he smiled at you. He had come to surprise you (since he had been traveling for a while). He laid himself lightly on you, allowing you to wrap your arms around him, and cuddle into his neck.*

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Suho was cleaning up around the house, when you suddenly wrapped your arms around his waist. Suho: Well Y/N if you wanted me now you could have just told me.

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You didn’t want to ask that mother-load of a sass to cuddle, but you really wanted to feel his arms around you. You: Babe is it okay if we, you know…cuddle? Sehun: Oh? What’s this? Pft, took you long enough to ask Y/N. *(Secretly a happy noodle on the inside)

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Exo’s Reaction - Watching A Film Together

Xiumin - *You both sit on the floor like children and watch Aladdin together and you couldn’t help but sing along so he had to gently pinch your lips together while smiling and trying not to laugh at the face you pull while he does it*

Lay - *Falls asleep 15 minutes into the film like usual*

Kai - *He doesn’t shut up through out the whole film and finds it funny when you try to concentrate to hear what is being said but he starts finding the film boring and asks for food all the time*

Suho - *You don’t get effected by someone getting attacked by a snake* *gif* *although, Suho however, freezes straight away(

Kyungsoo - *He enjoys the movie so much, he didn’t pay attention to anybody else*

Tao - *As soon as there was a spider on the screen, Tao got up and ran out of the room while you sit there and laugh your ass off because of Tao’s reaction*

Chen - *He gets cold and he wanted to cuddle while watching the film so you go lay in his arms, he wraps a blanket over you both and rests his head on yours* 

Kris - *He gets distracted when Tao walks in while you both are watching a film and gets confused when he then sees someone lying there dead on screen* What’s happened?!

Chanyeol - *You watch ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and you start tearing up, being the caring one he is, he makes sure that you are okay and cuddles up to you while playing with your hair*

Baekhyun - *You’re trying to watch the film but all you could hear was Baekhyun using his favourite word and each time he did it, it got funnier and he changed the tone to suit the scene of the film* 

Sehun - *He puts on a horror film and you jump out of your skin and as a little shit he is, all he does is laugh at you instead of making sure you are alright*

Luhan - *25 minutes into Netflix and chill, he gives you this look* 

(I’m so sorry but i had to do it xD) 


Notebooks (1/3) - Luhan (Fluff, slight angst) - 

(2/3) // (3/3)

**Summary: **When he tries to ask you out but fails.

Today was going to be the day, he wasn’t going to back out. It took him about 2 years to prepare himself to do it but today he was determined to do it.

Nothing, literally nothing was going to stop him.

He even made a full plan how to ask you out. Nothing was able to go wrong and he ran through it about 20 times, or 50. Who’s counting, right?

“You can do it, Luhan! You are a man!” he grinned to himself.

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When EXO Met Yixing
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Yixing:</b> 你们好。我是张艺兴(Hello, y'all. I'm Zhang Yixing)。<p/><b>Suho:</b> Did y'all understand him?<p/><b>Baekhyun:</b> Hold up! I took Japanese in high school.<p/><b>Kyungsoo:</b> He's speaking Chinese...<p/><b>Chen:</b> You had one job.<p/><b>Suho:</b> Now what?<p/></p><p/><b>Chen:</b> XIUMINWHATAREYOUDOING<p/><b>Xiumin:</b> *feeding Yixing* He likes marshmallows.<p/><b>Suho:</b> But look at him. Isn't that kind of cannibalism?<p/><b>Chen:</b> Tru<p/><b>Yixing:</b> 谢谢,包子(Thank you, Baozi)。<p/><b>EXO:</b> *panics*<p/></p><p/><b>Kris and Luhan:</b> 你好(Hello)!<p/><b>Yixing:</b> :D<p/><b>Kris and Luhan:</b> :D(Happy happy fun time)<p/><b>EXO:</b> *screaming*<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
You get a nose ring (EXO)

Xiumin: -he sat down infront of you and was extremely interested in it- “woah babe I didn’t think you could get even hotter”

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Suho: -you lost a bet and had to get one and you that he would be mad but he found it rather attractive- “wow it looks good on you”

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Lay: -you could finally change the ring in your nose and you decided to get a little ‘Y’ for him- “that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen babe”

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Baekhyun: -he sat beside you while they jabbed the needle through your nostril- *gif*

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Chen: -you’d been saying you wanted on and when you came over to see him, you finally got it done- “aw look at your nose! Does it hurt? Would it be wrong if I kiss it?”

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Chanyeol: -he was with you when you got it done and you said you got a new ring. So when you visited him you had a fancy heart one on- “you’re so cute baby I love it”

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

D.O: -you had a stud the day before and now you had a black hoop in and he instantly noticed- “that looks so cute on your little nose it stands out so much”

Originally posted by dyoru

Kai: -he’d been wanting you to get one for awhile and when you came in with a cute little stud in he was the happiest boy in the world- “yes! Finally jagi!”

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Sehun: -he’d seen so many different rings in your nose and this time you came in with a custom EXO ring and he was amazed- “baby girl that is amazing! I doubt that was cheap though”

Originally posted by sehauns

Kris: -you were sitting next to him waiting for him to notice and by the time he had a smirk- “wait is that what I think it is?”

Originally posted by cheolyans

Luhan: -you had a cute little flower ring put in your nose this week and you went to surprise him- “omo that is amazing looking”

Originally posted by thurstae

Tao: -you were never one for piercings but he had mentioned he thought that nose rings were cute. So you decided to get one and see if he liked it on you- “ooo it looks amazing jagi”

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Luhan - One

A/N: My first Luhan scenario! I am so happy… except I feel like this scenario is all over the place.

masterlist // get to know me

     You were lying down, asleep, on your couch as Luhan arrived in your apartment. His heart melts at the sight of you peacefully sleeping. He moves closer to you, careful to not make any sound, not wanting to disturb you from your sleep.

     As he comes closer to you, he notices pictures scattered on the coffee table in front of you and a single empty frame. Luhan recognizes his and your face in the photos, most of them were from your dates and a few were stolen photos of him.

     Luhan picks up one of the candid photos you took of him. He was in awe by the quality of the photograph. You were a photographer and had a habit of taking unnoticed photos of Luhan. He was just so magical to you, always smiling ad laughing.

     A smile creeps in his face as he flips the photo around. There was note behind it, written in your handwriting.

     He looks like an angel. Why is he always smiling? What makes him so happy all the time? If there even is a reason to it… Lu, I love you so much. Your smile puts away my troubles and fears and all I know is you… truly an angel.


     Your face was filled with confusion as you look up at him. Luhan was shocked at first, not expecting you to wake up when he was so silent.

“How’d you know I was here, jagiya?” He asks, setting down the photographs on the coffee table and kneeling down beside the couch.

     You were silent for a moment, just staring at him, taken aback by his intense stare.

“I just did… I felt like something good was here,” you say, smiling at him, not realizing what really was the reason you knew why he was here.

     Luhan nods to your reply, “Maybe there is.” He leans in and kisses you slowly and sweetly. Something you haven’t had and felt in a long time.

     His lips were warm and soft on yours, filling you with an unexplainable feeling of comfort, home, and love. You couldn’t quite choose what was the exact feeling.

     When he pulls away, there was a small smile on his face. Luhan stared at you for a few seconds before ickly turning around and grabbing the pictures and the picture frame you laid out on the coffee table.

“What are these for?” He asks, glancing through the numerous photographs he held in his hand.

“I’m choosing a picture to put in the frame.” You answer simply, taking the frame away from him.

     As you held it, you remembered the task you had to finish until you dozed off and grumbled. You were supposed to choose a photo to place in the frame, but you couldn’t choose the perfect photo.

     You watched Luhan flip through the photographs and see each photo you took of him and of both of you, each beautiful and unique… the reason why you couldn’t choose a single photograph.

“Why don’t I help you, jagi?” He offers, looking at the pictures by detail.

     You sit down beside him on the floor and grab a few photos from the table and glance through them too. Many of which were pictures of the two of you laughing. Happy smiles and dazzling eyes were in each picture, making none stand out, until you landed upon one photo.

     It was a photo of you and him hugging each other and looking into each other. Luhan stood taller than you and looked down at you as you looked up at him. A soft smile was on his lips while a blush was evident on yours. It was clearly a candid photo that was taken through a timer when no one was around to take a photo of you and him… and it was so precious and pure. It was not planned out nor faked. It was just pure love and connection between you too.

“Jagiya, are you alright?” Luhan asks as he wiped away a stray tear from your face. You didn’t notice you teared up while looking at the photo.

“I think I found the perfect photo, Lu.” You say, carefully placing the photograph into the frame and on the coffee table.

You sat back down on the floor with Luhan who was smiling at you, “I just realized that love isn’t just about two people in love with each other. It’s about two people becoming one.


An Kpop/EXO-Phoenix Wright crossover project, starring Amber as our kick ass lawyer (why did I do this you ask? because i’m sad and spent a whole week on it.) SM should stop making mobile games and should instead make this a real thing. I would play it. Pretty sure Amber herself would too.

Thank you as well to my sister as she had to put up with my constant whining the whole time I was doing this. Thank u squid. Please give this a look over as I spent a lot of time on it. Thank you!! ;u;

I hope you like it! Also I suggest opening each image in a new tab to read it properly + for better quality. 

ALSO some mood music for you, while you read 

Thank you, and enjoy~

"I don't have time. I don't have time to worry about how it happened. It is what it is. We're genetically engineered to stop aging at twenty five. The trouble is, we live only one more year, unless we can get more time. Time is now the currency. We earn it and spend it. The rich can live forever and the rest of us? I just wanna wake up with more time on my hand than hours in the day."
Luhan:"How old are you? In real time?"
Luhan:"I'm 105. Does it show? The day comes when you've had enough. Your mind can be spent even if your body's not."
Sehun:"That's your problem? You've been alive too long? Have you ever known anyone who's died?"
Luhan:"For a few to be immortal, many must die."
Sehun:"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
Luhan:"You really don't know, do you? Everyone can't live forever, where would we put them? Why do you think there are time zones? Why do you think taxes and prices go up the same day in the  ghetto? The cost of living keeps rising to make sure people keep dying. How else could there be men with a million years almost from day to day? The truth is, there's more than enough. No one has to die before their time. If you had as much time as I have, what would you do with it?"
Sehun:"If I had all that time, I sure as hell wouldn't waste it"

goneintheasdfghj  asked:

1st Kris with Naomi, now Rihanna, what is with this "after they leave SM" their true selves come out? and they hang out with a lot of Black people lol, I'm sorry, I just notice this, it's like their in a little bubble over there in SM, No offense to SM or SM fans, I love all of EXO, I just notice how much they're themselves personally, and musically when they're doing their own thing, makes me wonder, who else is like this? but you'll never know. ya know?

Soooo true!! Luhan went from cutesy, innocent boy next door . he seemed so shy and quiet, the type of guy who doesn’t like Black music..

to making trap/hip hop/Black music and doing the whip and singing sexual songs. I’m like…omg!! did not expect that…but I like it!! xD

I honestly never thought I would see him near a Black woman in my life, I was shocked again!!

AND he had a Black woman in his music video with A LOT of screen time!!!, not just for one second!!!

and for Kris and Tao they seem the same lol, just more open and hanging/working with more people and Black people and post it on social media, when in the idol world you don’t see much of that or none at all, you could get into trouble…or what ever boundaries they put on these idols!

EXO Reaction to you Being Scared During a Horror Movie

I’ve been waiting for someone to request this!!! I hope everyone is having a good day so far or if its night time i hope you had a good day. Idk that didn’t make any sense at all. 

(none of these gifs are mine)


XIUMIN: *he can’t stand how cute you are when your scared*

TAO: *he already turned off the movie before it started*

SUHO: *you start getting scared when he is shaking himself* oh no


You: Sehun why did you let me put on this movie?!?!?!
Sehun: so its my fault now…


You: *luhan starts to grab you* luhan are you scared?
Luhan: of course not i’m manly

LAY: its ok jagi i’ll protect you

KRIS: this girl is too much

KAI: *you try to hold onto his arm* its ok jagi i’m right here

D.O: *you guys are watching with the boys* i feel embarrassed yet happy 


You: Chen how are you not scared?
Chen: its not even scary (this guy)


You: Chanyeol what if a murder comes and attacks us?Chanyeol: i’ll fight him off with my fist

BAEKHYUN: *Your both holding eachother scared to death* 

Baekhyun: this is your fault women