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Good Girl Ch 22: First Time (M)

He lays me on his bed, my dress already discarded the minute we entered the room, leaving me in my white bra and underwear. A handsome grin spreads across his face, “Tao had the right idea putting that on you.” Next thing to go is his shirt, followed by his sweatpants before he begins crawling up his bed to get to me. “You look so beautiful like this.” I find myself blushing under his intense gaze as he is leaning over me. His arms are on either side of my head, his hips are in between my legs. “I’m going to go slow so you tell me if you want me to stop, okay?”

I nod. He leans in close, placing a soft kiss on my lips before making his way along my jaw, down my neck, and all over my chest. My heart is beating so fast I’m surprised he can’t hear. With one more kiss right in between my breasts he glances up at me as he uses the front clasp to remove the cloth in his way. With that gone he continues his sweet kisses that send electricity threw my body, making my lower half tingle. His mouth finds my right nipple, a small whimper leaves my mouth, something that makes the older man smile.

“That was beautiful, do it again,” He continues his sucking and nibbling on my breast before switching to the other one that has been neglected. More moans slip from my lips as I arch my back for more contact.

“Daddy that feels so good.” He goes lower and lower until his kisses reach my clothed womanhood. I squeak at the tingling sensation making him chuckle. My underwear is quickly removed giving him the access he wants.

“I love the way you taste,” He kitten licks my sensitive little bud and my hips buck up the wonderful sensation. His hands grip my hips tighter as he continues with his teasing. I whine, the older smirks, “What baby? I told you we were going slow.”

“But not this slow!”

“What do you want me to do baby? Fuck you up against the wall? You are too tight for that, I need to get you ready.”

“I am ready!”

He chuckles again, “Are you really baby?” He surprises me buy slipping a single finger into me making me clench. “Oh, you’re so wet, but still so tight, you gotta relax.” His finger moves in and out of me slowly at first before picking up the pace, a moan leaves my lips again. My walls clench tighter as he adds another finger, stretching me slightly. More pumping is followed by his tongue returning to my little button of nerves, no more kitten licks. I can’t help myself but to lace my fingers threw his hair, holding him to me.

“Daddy right there!” I groan, his fingers curl to reach my sweet spot making my toes curl at the tingling sensation. I let out small breathy moans, the knot in my stomach gets tighter and tighter as he continues to torture me with his pace. He adds another finger, filling me so good, the slight pain is bearable with him sucking on my bundle of nerves. Soon the stretch and the pleasure are gone, leaving me whimpering for more.

“Are you sure you’re ready baby?” He kisses his way back up my body, his lips find my quickly. I can taste myself on his lips as he kisses me deeply, trying not to leave any part of my mouth untouched. When he pulls away I nod, taking deep breaths to try and relax myself at least a little. “Use your words.”

“Yes daddy. I’m ready.”

With one more peck he quickly pulls a condom out of his bedside table and slipping it on before returning to his position in between my legs. He rests most of his weight on his elbows, my hands find his biceps and hold on for dear life as I feel his manhood at my entrance. Oh so slowly he pushes it in, my nails dig into his skin as my walls clench around him making him stop for a minute.

Threw grit teeth he growls out, “Baby, I need you to relax, you are so tight. I’m trying to go slow but if you keep this up I’m going to fuck you in the mattress until you can’t walk for a week.” His words soak me to the bone but I force myself to take a few deep breaths to ease the tension surrounding his member. He continues his intrusion, stretching me more and more until tears are pricking in my eyes at the burning pain. My bottom lip is in between my teeth, keeping me from letting out the small cries that are trying to slip out of my mouth. “I will make you feel so good baby, don’t cry, the pain will go away, I promise.” He kisses the tears that had slipped down my cheek.

His face is in the crook of my neck when he is fully in me, he is fisting the sheets on either side of my head, doing his best to control himself. After a minute or two, when the burning feeling subsides I take another deep breath before saying, “Move.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes daddy, move.”

Just as slowly as he pushed in, he pulls out, then back in, out, in, out, in. Just as I begin to think he was lying about the pain, he grinds himself into me, hitting the same spot from before. I moan, “Oh fuck.”

“Found it,” He chuckles before doing it again, only harder. His pace continues to be agonizingly slow; the tightening knot in my belly needs a little more. I let my hands travel down to my breasts, but I only squeeze them once before my hands are pinned above my head and he thrusts into me hard, hitting that spot just right.

“Daddy!” I basically scream in pleasure.

“I told you baby, no touching yourself. The only thing that will be making you cum is me,” Another thrust, “Understand?”

“Yes!” I groan.

“Good girl,” He smirks. “Now tell me baby, how does it feel?”

“It’s feels so good.”

“Should I go faster?”

I nod, too focused on his hips grinding against mine.

He stop moving, balls deep, he growls, “Answer me.”

“Please daddy.”

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me faster.”

He chuckles, “You have such a dirty mouth. I’m not fucking you baby, remember that. This is making love. I’m not touching you completely out of lust, I’m doing this to prove how much I love you. To remind you that you belong to us, that you will never be leaving, understand?”

A blush spreads across my face at his words and his hip movements, “Daddy…” I groan as he picks up his pace. Our fingers are interlocked above my head, I hold on tighter as he begins to ram into me, making me scream in pleasure. “Daddy!”

“I want you to scream my name as you cum baby, yell it for everyone to here so they all know that I’m the first to make you completely mine,” He groans in my ear as his thrusts become faster and sloppier. My breathless moans fill the room along with his almost animalistic groans until the knot in both of us finally bursts.



“I’m gonna kill him!” I hear Kris whisper. I don’t open my eyes just yet as I try to remember where exactly I am. Xiumin’s room. Oh yeah, I lost my virginity to Xiumin last night after I busted in crying about how no one likes me, god I’m stupid. But oh my god that was so good. Never in my life did I imagine loosing my virginity would feel that good.

“At least it wasn’t Jiyong,” Suho pipes in. Why are they all in here? It’s Wednesday, don’t they have work or something, shit, I have school. But that isn’t enough to convince me to get out of bed. It actually makes me dive deeper into Xiumin’s embrace.

“I’m jealous,” Luhan whines, I can hear the pout in his voice.

“You should just shut up and get out before you wake her up,” Xiumin growls, turning his head to glare at his younger brothers.

“Were you gentle with her?” Lay worries, making me laugh. Oh daddy Lay, always so cute.

“He was very nice, don’t worry,” I chime in peeking out from the covers.

“Do you hurt anywhere?” He comes around to the edge of the bed to look at me.

“I haven’t really moved at all, and given the option I would prefer not to for awhile.”

Xiumin tightens his grip around me, “I can agree with that.”

“How was your night out?” Chen asks with a kind smile, of course he is the one to ask a question not related to my lost virginity, thank you Chenchen.

“It was really fun, I forgot what it was like to go out with friends, it feels like it was another life.”

“I’m happy you had fun,” Suho sighs, “It’s going to become a regular thing now.”

“What?” The whole room, including me, yells.

“Jiyong has made the request, but it was definitely a demand, to get you every Tuesday night until further notice.” The room busts out in complaints and cuss words and lots of things I’m sure I was not supposed to catch. “Everyone calm down,” Suho yells firmly. “This isn’t up for discussion, that is unless our baby doesn’t want to do it.” They all look at me.

I shrug, “I have no issue with it. I like talking to him.”

“So you like him better than us?” Sehun huffs.

“No I do not like him better than you. It’s just nice to have a friend I can talk about this kind of stuff with. I can’t ask Jihyo about any of this, Jiyong is a really good listener and he gives good advice. I want to keep hanging out with him.”

They let out a loud whiny sigh, “Fine,” Kai decides, “I guess we can’t fight it as long as she is happy.”

“Now that that is settled,” I smile before snuggling back into Xiumin’s chest.

“No, school,” Suho reminds me.

“But Dad!” I whine.

“She’s staying,” Xiumin decides holding me tighter.

“We’re calling in sick today?” Chanyeol grins before slipping in bed behind me.

“Ya! Get out,” Xiumin tries to kick Chanyeol off the bed.

“Leave him alone,” I swat at the older, rolling over to lay against the warm giant.

“No, no, no, my baby,” Xiu whines.

Luhan climbs up the bed to get in between Xiumin and I, successfully almost knocking the older out of the bed, “You get her all the time Hyung, we want some time with her.”

“Dog pile!” Baekhyun declares as he charge the bed with Chen, Kai and Sehun tailing him. I can’t help but laugh as chaos breaks out and I’ve never been so thankful for Xiumin helping me get my underwear back on last night as the blanket is ripped away. People are kicking and laughing and Kris is swearing as he joins the fight. My insides tingle at the chaotic scene going on in front of me, never in my life have I felt so warm and happy.

They are such idiots.

I feel like this is the definition of a shitpost and I’m sorry but for whatever reason I really had the urge today to sit down and figure out how many times in That Good Good LuHan says ‘I got that good’, ‘I got that good good’, ‘I got that got that good good’, and ‘I got it’, respectively (and then put them in pie chart for comparison’s sake).  This includes backing vocals, which means I ended up listening to the song so many times in a row to be sure I was counting correctly I’ll probably never listen to it again, but such are the sacrifices we make for Science.

the design for this graph is shit I spent literally no time designing it this is how it came out in Microsoft Word by default

yes I really took time out of my day to do this in 2017



*He honestly wasn’t happy about the situation you were putting yourself in, your body felt like jelly half of the time and he was worried about you working yourself into the ground. As an idol himself he knew how physically draining it could be, and he didn’t want you to push yourself too hard*

K: “Please slow down Y/N, I can’t stand here and watch you try to ruin your health. I won’t.


*You had given him a call to tell him that you were not able to make it home until late tonight. He could hear the tiredness in your voice, and in return you were able to hear the annoyance laced with concern in his*

SH: “Y/N for once I need you to come home early, you are working too hard it’s getting ridiculous. If you won’t do it for me then at least do it for the sake of your health” 


*As a seemingly mother figure he would be concerned for your well being. Whilst you were working he constantly thought about how you were over doing it, and decided to bring it up to you the next time he saw you. He wrapped you up in a hug and sat you down ready to explain the concern he had for you*


*You would sense the anger in his voice before anything else. Before he had mentioned it lightly in conversation that you should take it easy, but as you progressively took more and more on he brought it up and he was deadly serious about it. As he continued to speak the tone in his voice would change and it would be easy to detect the worry laced in his voice. He just wanted you to be healthy*

CY: “I can’t have you working the way you do, you never stop to take a break and it’s affecting your health. I will not allow you to work yourself into the ground because lord know I care far too much to let that happen”


*He would be another one to lightly mention it before realising that it either wasn’t going to stop or it was getting worse. He is a light hearted person but knows how to become serious and fit the situation, so he would step up to the plate here. He would abruptly bring it up in conversation the next time he could visibly see how tired you were. You wouldn’t want to talk about it at that time but he wasn’t willing to let it go*

BH: “We aren’t dropping the topic this time, we need to talk about it properly”


*Would be annoyed as soon as he finds out that you are over working. He is another person who clearly takes care over others and seeing you go work mad made him very irritated to say the least*

D.O: “Do you think it’s okay to treat yourself like this. You need to have respect for your body Y/N it’s a machine and it can only take so much. Call in sick tomorrow, you will be resting all day and I don’t want to here any arguments about it.


*After seriously talking to you about what you were doing you agreed that you were putting yourself under too much strain and thought it best to take a break for a while. After a short while the atmosphere changed and he cuddled you into his arms whilst laying on the bed allowing you to fall asleep in them*


*You being exhausted all the time was making him both concerned and frustrated. He knew you were being overworked by the boss but you were just too nice to ever say no to him. After coming in late again visibly tired, he made sure to get the message through to you that you had the right to say no to all of this extra work. Especially if it was putting you under too much strain*

T: “You and your health are so much more important that your boss and what he wants. I need you to keep yourself healthy, I don’t want to have to find you one day collapsed from exhaustion. I don’t want you to feel like I’m being to harsh but I love you and I won’t allow that to happen”


*He knows full well what it is like to be tired all  the time. Even though he believes that hard work is key and is stubborn himself ,when it comes to you there would be a difference in his attitude. Watching someone he cares so much for be both physically and mentally exhausted is not something he likes to see. He would talk to you about it but it would lead to you calling him out as he over works himself too, but you knew he was right.

Y/N: “You are right Lay..I will do something about it. But I need you to do something about how much you work too. I’m not the only one who is tired here”


*You were an idol and you had a mad packed schedule. He knew full well what that was like and the implications that came along with it. One of them being how tired you were a lot of the time. When he wasn’t with you he would think about how hard it must be on you. The next time he saw you he started off a long discussion with you to see if you were able to get more rest days to let your body relax* (Bc we gonna say that you ain’t with SM, I’ll say you are with a company that may actually let you take a breath for a minute)


*He had witnessed you almost collapse and this was honestly the final straw. He went ballistic about the entire thing. For weeks on end he had been telling you about how you needed to take it easier but you didn’t listen, and all his frustration just came out because he was worried for your health*

L: “Why didn’t you listen to me before Y/N?, I knew this would happen”

Y/N: “I didn’t think it would be a big deal that is all”

L: “Bullshit. You aren’t going into work for the next few days I don’t care what you say. When are you going to realise that your health comes first above anything else”


*To say he was unimpressed was an understatement. He had been concerned for weeks now and the situation had not improved. You had started getting some dizzy spells often now, so he made his point very clear to put a stop to it*

XM: “I won’t have you work yourself to death. I won’t have you constantly having dizzy spells. What I will have for the next week is you at home having a rest. Don’t argue against me because anything you say goes against your health so it’s just invalid”

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The Exo Household~
  • You: why are you naked in the kitchen...?
  • Suho: Um... I was paid. Jongdae paid me.
  • Chen: don't lie.
  • Suho: You just came in and I had no time to put on clothes...
  • You: oh my god... This family O.O... WHAT IF YOU HAD ANOTHER CHILD!? 10 kids is over the limit, Joonmyeon
  • Suho: 10...? OH YEAH 10!! Yup that's all I have... There aren't 10 more in my room... Nope....
  • Suho: *whispers to side* hide the others...
  • You: How many r there? O.O
  • Tao: It hurtsssss *falls on floor and pretends to seize*
  • You: X.x
  • Baekhyun: Tao, you can't just run in and out of an orphanage and stuff them up your shirt and say that you're giving birth...
  • Kyungsoo: You're stealing babies
  • Kyungsoo: ….only i can do that....
  • Kyungsoo: They're for my sacrifices….
  • Kyungsoo: It's them or you eyeliner…. It's THEM or you
  • Baekhyun: *backs away*
  • You: *pushes Baek into fire* no more baby sacrificessss
  • Suho: pours water on Baekhyun
  • Kyungsoo: *glares*
  • Suho: Except for Kyungsoo
  • Suho: *squeezes cheeks* who's mama's little devil's spawn
  • Suho: You are! Yesh you areeee~
  • Kyungsoo: I…will…kill——
  • Jongin: Kyungsoooo<3

streaming this concert was so damn worth it, after crying i feel like typing this down so ignore me, its long so yeah OTL

if u follow me u prob i’ve been inactive for a while except for queue and answer inbox. i got a job,and has more responsibility . i kinda want to look for someone too.

and everything is tiring, wyf, luhan, seeing everyone take pity on exo, bash their singing, SM fought w the ex members, but in the end the remaining members had no say and are hurt a lot too. everything made me think maybe my time to leave came earlier than i thought, maybe i can put down my poster and give away my merch. they dont perform as much and keep getting injured, i love them so much but i’m overwhelmed and wanted or not i have to turn to the side that i need to focus on,work to pay rent,driving around

i still keep up w news and such tho not as detail as before, and they have a concert again. idk why SM rushed but they must practice rlly hard cuz this con look rushed but everything was perfect

the new songs all soudn good, choreos were awesome, remixes and everything are so well done, what even better is they sang live fuck yes in the face haters and they improved a lot

meanwhile all this time Tao got injured, they barely rest, Kai and Sehun had to go buy meds for pain or sth,ppl still put pressure on them, SM keep using their name to go against the ex members, after Growl the expectation  came up even more, and they get criticism at the smallest thing, maybe they ll get bashed if they breath too

its honestly tiring to see the fandom fight w each other,and with the other fandom,and the boy get bash,for being talentless,for being under SM, for getting in all these lawsuit mess, no they didnt ask for it.they worked hard and whatever happened already happened

they worked so hard,barely rest, spent like 2-3 days w their fam for New Year after a whole year going to schedule across the world, they’re taking a lot on their shoulders for a guy in their 20s, but ofc they arent living a normal life rn

i’ve been thru everything since the beginning but at some point im tired too,i know sooner or later i have to leave but idk when, i thought this comeback gon be my las but the concert did everything for me

i love them, the only one gorup that i put so much effort in and thank you for those who follow me for such a long time, we share that love, i swear they’re my last group and i adore them. i watch them from the beginning till now and im honestly so fucking proud. sehun and tao grew so much. some were hard lessons but that’s how life is.

SM let them compose and write lyrics now,finally. the whole concert was gold. the tracks they ’ve been hiding were performed, it must be hella awesome to be there. so much fun and emotions

and the last song Promised is composed by Yixing,lyrics by Chen and rap by Yeol for their fans. their VCR say things like thank you for staying and waiting for us. and they broke down. even the ones who never cried before did. yeol did, chen too,minseok did and no kyungsoo didnt lol but still it must be hard

sehun grew so much, he doesnt cry like the hyung, i never forget how yixing said he tried to cheer them up despite being the youngest after wyf left. yixing could only cry, sehun is a kid but he thinks and cares a lot. he takes care of the others tho he should be taken care of.

tao grew a lot too.he’s more mature and his love for the fans is the greatest thing/he always work hard and want to repay the fans.doesnt let fame get to him

all this time they’ve been going to hospitals and clinics for injuries,back pain,ear pain, stomachache, leg injuries u name it. and still work hard for the con which last 5 days and the comeback. there’s gon be promotions and perf, its gon be so hectic and i wish i can give them a hug or let them rest but they want to work hard,for the fans

jongin even feel sorry when he gets hurt.u dont have to,we’re grateful.we had it hard,u had it harder. to practice new verse and new formation for a bunch of song isnt easy. they did everything with a grateful heart and i’m grateful too.really for everything, they were there and pulled me thru a lot of things,they’re special

they see the result of their hardwork now, but it also comes with more burden. at this point i just want them to be happy. they can date if they want,cuz living a life like that w/o someone to talk to or care for u is hard man. idc but if they are happy and well taken care of i have nothing to say.i trust them to be smart about it. i have no business, after everything they deserve all the love and support they get

im gon get this album for sure man. its fantastic.SM did a rlly good job this time. i hope i can attend one someday.and pls keep loving them if ur feels came alive again like me, u know what they did and how hard they worked. i hope they ll get to show mroe and get more recognition for their talents, this fandom will be more united and mature. if not then idgaf,im here for the boys and the nice peeps lol thanks for everything guys, if it wasnt for u guys and what brought us together, EXO ,i wouldnt even be here or i would prob be gone. but now im here, and will be here ,idk how long but its not time to leave yet.i have so many things i want to witness :)