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If anybody knows me on my main blog or irl i’m sure you are aware I am an avid theropod enthusiast, I predominantly draw birds. When I first saw posters for Rio I was exited because I did like the first ice age, and I actually did like how Blu looked design wise. I did not see it in theatres, for whatever reason a school friend dragged me to see the 3D yogi bear movie instead (it was horseshit). Eventually I rented Rio on DVD to see with my mom and it was…….meh? and then mostly forgot about it. 

But that was younger me before I critiqued movies and had fermented in bitterness. So being a bird lover with a lot of things to say I decided to crack this into two separate posts because covering the designs alone will make this posts long and image heavy.

Why am I cracking down so hard on ‘realism’ in this movie’s designs? Well mostly because the “theme” of this movie is bird conservation. In a realism-based setting. Unlike, say, Seuss’s original Lorax. it has an environmentalist message but has a well developed Seussiverse where nonsensical creatures fit the nonsensical habitat. With rio however, it is based in our world in our present time. I expect the creatures shown to be based on reality. Otherwise you break reality, making your conservation message weaker by showing animals in this context that don’t even exist. These bird designs come off as lazy recolourings where the story and setting is just under researched.

Most clearly this can be seen with the “blue macaws”. 

Blu and Jewel are in fact supposed to be a real species of parrot, they are Spix’s macaws (which look adorable). They are critically endangered, and only one wild individual is known that was spotted earlier this year. Too bad they look nothing like the design, they couldn’t even at least make Blue a more turquoise tint.

Rio seems to model all of their macaws as Aras, the genus of larger macaws including the stereotypical scarlet and bluegolds. Spixs arent Aras, they are the only Cyanopsitta species, a smaller macaw which would be about under half of Blu’s size and roughly half a pound in weight.
If you took a colourless image of Blu i would assume he is an Ara macaw, or even the giant Hyacinth’s macaw. (In fact, most images that come up when i look for ‘Rio bird species’ places him as a hyacinths.) They also use Ara calls for his noises… 

Call me old fashioned but I think when you’re trying to make a movie about a real critically endangered species, I think you should at least try to competently represent it. Had he been a large species i would have loved his design.

However personally that doesn’t bother me as much as the background birds do. All of the macaws are odd recolours by which i mean hardly discernible species. In the top photo I see what may be a blue and gold, a scarlet or green-wing, and maybe even a red-shouldered macaw… which makes no sense because they are the smallest macaw, at 0.3lbs. BUT THEY ARE ALL OFF COLOUR AND NONE OF THEM INCLUDING BLU HAVE BARE SKIN ON THEIR FACES. i guess for whatever reason they thought it would look ‘too ugly’ :/

I literally had no idea what these bottom ones are, the only bird I’ve ever seen like that first one is a leucestic blue and gold, the green one may be a military macaw???? its just so frustrating to look at. So I went on the wiki and there they called them golden conures and peach fronted conures… that are large macaw sized..

(a golden conure with a large macaw trio, rio’s are the same size and shape..)


Then there’s the stock passerines… these guys are supposedly finches and there’s again a variety of recolours in the movies. but they are all just ‘ball with eyes’, a bird design stereotype that i really hate. I thought the blue one may be fairy wren but those are only endemic to australia soo

Other background birds included in Rio 1 are waders and other passerines or near passerines. I’m alright with the jamie foxx and will i am birds. I actually enjoy the cockatoo design as well as the toco toucan, but there’s more birds I dislike than ones I like. 

 I’m also bummed they had no raptors because south america some really cool ones like the harpy eagle, an abundance of diverse owls, and falcons. Other neat birds include hummingbirds, woodpeckers, herons, guans, hoatzin, cock-of-the-rock, curassows, and the potoo, just off the top of my head. Basically it just feels under researched on blue sky’s part when they set out to have a movie about birds and endangered species, but i’ll talk about my resentment for the plot later…

design nitpick round:

  • the parrots’ feet are missing a toe. parrots are zygodactylous, they should have two toes in front and two in back. so do woodpeckers.
  • the baby parrots are already immediately fledged with all their feathers, just looking like mini adults with a large head. just for once i would like to see nakey altricial birds in cartoons..
  • how did a toco toucan and keel billed toucan mate and have offspring.


Tanaka-sensei’s Official Twitter account just announced that Tanaka-sensei would be on hiatus for an indefinite period of time due to chronic illness. According to the series of tweets, she (they?) has been suffering from chronic neck and spinal disc problems due to working non-stop in a sitting position. She has been having the pain for awhile but refused to rest just so she could make us, her fans, happy with her manga.

I honestly don’t know what to say….. I’ve admired Tanaka-sensei for working non-stop, and me and other fans had previously wondered if Tanaka-sensei was okay from working so hard on not only the manga, but the drama cd scripts, illustrations for the anime bd/dvd, and even doujinshis and goods that she faithfully presented to us at past Comikets and other big events.

To think that she suffers greatly for our sake….. I can’t help but shed tears. She’s one of the most hard-working mangakas I know and she doesn’t *deserve* to suffer for being so kind to her fans. I can only pray that she will recover soon and has the strength to carry on with the series as soon as she feels good enough to work on it again. I’m sure me and other SERVAMP fans will be waiting faithfully for her…..

P.S. Thanks to @xpeppermin for the info.

So my dad has noticed my obsession with Sherlock, and him being the coolest dad ever, asked if he could borrow the DVDs since I speak so highly of the series. After he watched the first episode, he calls me and says “So, does Sherlock and Molly get together? Because they should.” Like…after just the first episode my father noticed something. He has had me watch the other episodes with him since the first one. And let me tell you what, my dad ships sherlolly just as much if not more than we do, my fellow sherlollians. Due to our schedules not always matching up, my dad just watched S3E1 tonight. When Sherlock crashed through the window and kissed Molly, my dad literally jumped out of his chair and yelled “I KNEW IT”. Boy was he pissed when it turned out to be Anderson’s theory lol. Then he turned into a giddy child when Sherlock and Molly solved crimes together. Then pissed again when he found out Molly was engaged. He made it as far as S3E2 tonight….
I CANNOT WAIT for him to see S4E3.

The amount of hate men are giving to Ghostbusters will never not make me mad - because it’s literally just because it’s a female cast.

It has 73% on Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s not because it’s a “bad film” - Avengers: Age of Ultron has 75%.

It made $229.1 million at the box office - not including merchandising and DVD purchases.

It had the sixth highest box office opening of “Horror Comedy” movies.

It just shows how much babyish these “geek boys” are, and how sexism is so firmly rooted in geek culture. It’s disgusting, and makes me even prouder to be a feminist.

@servampzineteam omg I was supposed to post this earlier but I realized I forgot a spot LIKE TWICE. x___x and this file was so big tumblr wanted me to resize it but then it change it’s mind when I changed the file format?? I don’t know. But hey it’s all done!!! I HAVE TASTED DEATH. 

I choose Alice in Wonderland~ or “Alicein” Wonderland (I was never sure if it was Arisuin or Alicein) but the wordplay was too good for me to pass up. Also after seeing “Red Queen” Tsubaki and Heart Sakuya designs in that official art, (charm thingies? I think) for the dvd I was like “WELP I CAN’T CHANGE MY MIND NOW” I gotta do it. I still tweaked the outfits though. I also wanted to have more characters but I couldn’t because: 

1.) I only had so much time in my messy schedule to finish. TRAGIC

2.) Since the file was big IT WOULD LAG. The sai program lagged and stressed me out, cause I have NEVER had this problem before.ahh  so I had to go a bit more simpler and stuff than I wanted… Cause the more I added the slower things got. 

Also roles here:

  • Red Queen Tsubaki(he would get a kick outta beheading people let’s admit it)
  • Mad Hatter Mikuni. (Do I need to say more? He already had tea parties with Abel, drawing a super tacky outfit was fun) 
  • Rabbit Mahiru (mostly cause I just wanted Mahiru with bunny ears, but I thought this would give this universe it’s own little twist instead of having a cowardly rabbit he’s more brave?? I dunno I could explain more)
  • Snow Lily is the Caterpillar but now a Butterfly! 
  • Heart Sakuya Servant(paint the camellias red Sakuya! Hahahah~ it’s all red paint on him. I SWEAR. I wanted to have the other Melancholy members as Diamond, Spade, etc. But I had to save time and space booooo.) 
  • Also tiny Cheshire Cat Kuro. (if you can see him, haha meant to draw him in a human form but I had to settle for normal cat form ah well) 
  • and of course “Alice” Misono~ (he outfit was fun to make up. Probably my fave part!) 
My straight-A, bookworm, Boy Scout friend was accused of being a terrorist

I have a friend, we’ll call Jacob, who in fifth grade, was obsessed with this graphic novel called “Malice” and he had a note book that he used kind of like a diary. He copied some of the pictures from the book, which was a horror book, so it was by nature that they were creepy pictures. He also was a science nerd, and as his family’s DVD player had broke, he had penciled in a diagram of it so that he could take it apart and see what was wrong while they got a new one. The final piece of the story is that he also was a procrastinator, and had just cut out and glued together his English project on the bus the morning of the incident. Because of this, he had his mother’s crafting scissors in his bag.

On the day of the incident, he loses his notebook. He looks everywhere in the school for it, but he can’t find it. Two hours later, he is called down to the principal’s office. The dare officer is in there, hand on his taser, and his book bag is on the corner of his desk. Front and center is the notebook.

He doesn’t know to this day how they got his note book, but they saw the creepy drawings, and then interpreted the DVD player drawing, as a picture of the cafeteria with a crude gun in the center. They searched his bag for a gun, but found the scissors and used them as evidence. They pulled him out for two hours.

TL;DR: My goody-two shoes friend was accused of being a terrorist because of a graphic novel and interest in engineering.

Folks getting all heated about them potentially remastering RWBY 1-3 in the new engine cracks me up. 

First of all, the old animation wouldn’t vanish from existence. it’s not like they’d take down the original videos from their youtube channel and replace them. You think RT is going to let all those views go? Hell no. 

Not to mention the millions that own the DVD/Blu Rays already - they’re not to make you trade in your old ones for a new set. 

Then on the other side, I see people talking about how unwatchable the first volume is like - it’s not, calm down. It’s pretty amazing actually when you remember how few people were actually working on it at the time. I’m pretty sure it was a single digit team of animators.

I even saw someone say that the Red Trailer was brutal or something and I had to laugh - that trailer is fucking beautiful. 

So please, I know it goes against the pattern of the RWBY fandom here on tumblr, but just relax, okay? You’re making a whole lot out of nothing. 

What This Was pt. 2

Prompt: You use Bucky to make Steve jealous and while it works, you catch feelings.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,389

Warnings: language, angst

A/N: getting more into the meat and potatoes of the story (: enjoy. also, let me know if i’m missing anyone who wanted to be tagged.

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Part 1


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“Pick a movie.” You swung your feet out from underneath you, hopping off the couch. You walked slowly over to the entertainment center, bending down and looking over the scattered DVDs that Tony had acquired over the past few years. For a guy so hi-tech, you couldn’t help but laugh at the fact he still bought DVDs. “What are you in the mood for?” You placed your lip in between your teeth as you searched for something that caught your eye.

As you looked behind your shoulder, Bucky yawned. “Anything.” He shrugged. “I have a lot of movies to catch up on. I haven’t seen any of the movies Stark has there.” He used his head to gesture to the mess of DVDs.

“At least pick a genre, Barnes.” You teased him, turning back to the DVDs. “Help me.” You pouted, absentmindedly sticking out your ass a little bit. You danced in place, while you debated between two movies. “Okay, zombies or romance?”

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Deleted scene from The Runaway Bride

  • Aoi: the Yoyogi DVD & BluRay, a satisfying outcome _:(;'Θ' ;;」 ∠):_
  • Aoi: but why do band guys who hand out flyers (after concerts) never give them to guys...? 

  • maaaakes meeee saaaad.
Aoi: yeh, I went to see SCREW*. there aren’t many people I can call Kouhai** so it makes me sad (to see them break up). they’ve struggled so much for 10 years so I wonder what they thought about everything they saw and experienced today. the first time we went to get something to eat with them, we told them to go ahead and enter but they had all waited for us outside. and all of them had snow piling up on their faces.
  • Aoi: just because I was in this business a little bit before them, didn’t mean I could give them any good advice, but they’d still turn to me and consult me about things, that was very sweet. when I think about how they will be going down a different path as us starting today, I just couldn’t watch. 

  • I wonder if there really is a Godー.
  • Aoi: btw, we can’t do bon:craz*** anymore! Chiyu isn’t there anymore, Hiroto isn’t there anymore, even Kazuki and Jin-chan....
  • maybe it’s finally time for me to move on as well (_・ω・)_hmmm...****
  • Aoi: well, surely some day, somewhere, I wanna stand on the same stage with them again. 
until then I’ll be with the GazettE in the dazzling, bright lights, waiting for that day.
  • sorry for tweeting in the middle of the night.
  • good night, everyone.
  • Aoi: lately my heart has been really uneasy.
of course there is also fun stuff but there are a lot of painful and difficult things going on. fucking hell. why is thatー?
  • *SCREW had their last concert yesterday.
  • **Kouhai is the opposite of Senpai (in case it’s not already clear), so basically junior and senior. 

  • ***aoi with bon.craz, a session band with the members
  • Aoi (the GazettE, vo. & gt.)
  • Hiroto (Alice Nine, gt.)
  • Kazuki (SCREW, gt.)
  • Chiyu (SuG, ba.)
  • Jin (SCREW, dr.)
  • who performed (exclusively Hide songs) at the PS Company Peace and Smile Carnival 7 days in 2011. 

  • ****I think, he means that they’re not at PS Company anymore and that maybe he should move away from them as well (but I’m not sure if that’s really what he means).

【♪祝♪】 ちぎみゆトップ就任2周年おめでとうございます! 【♪祝♪】 
  ❤ September 1st: Chigimiyu’s 2nd top inauguration anniversary ❤