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¡Buenos días!/¡Buenas noshes! (No sé cómo está el tiempo en México) Yo tengo problema con la diferencia entre el Pretérito Indefinido, el Pretérito Imperfecto y el Pretérito Perfecto. ¿Puede explicar me? ¡Muchas gracias para la atención!✨

¡Hola, lovely-lo!

Sure, let’s see one by one and the differences:

Used for:

  • finished actions (focus on the action)
  • period of time, exact time
  • consecutive actions in the past
  • interrupting actions


  • Anoche dormí muy bien. (Last night I slept really good).
    **This action is completely finished.
  • Terminé mi tarea a las 7:00. (I finished my homework at 7:00)
    **Completely finished + exact time.
  • Viví en la ciudad por 10 años. (I lived in the city for 10 years)
    **Finished action + period of time.
  • Mi amiga estudió en España. (My friend studied in Spain)
    **She finished studying.
  • Él trabajó en esa empresa desde 1990 hasta el 2015. (He worked in that company from 1990 until 2015.
    **Finished action + exact period of time
  • Ayer me bañé, me vestí y salí con mis amigos. (Yesterday I took a shower, I got dressed and I went out with my friends).
    **Consecutive actions in the past.
  • La semana pasada fui a la playa con mi familia, nadamos, comimos mariscos y nos divertimos mucho. (Last week I went to the beach with my family, we swam, we ate seafood and we had fun).
    **Consecutive actions in the past. (For “nosotros”, the present and the past conjugations are the same).
  • Ayer me desperté a las 8:00, pero me levanté hasta las 9:00. (Yesterday I woke up at 8:00, but I got up until 9:00).
    **Consecutive actions in the past + exact time.

interrupting actions with pretérito imperfecto. ⇊

Used for:

  • past habits, skills
  • finished actions (focus on time)
  • describing people, animals or places in the past
  • time with past habits
  • unfinished actions


  • Cuando era niña me gustaba pintar. (When I was a kid I liked to paint).
    **Describing the person + past habit.
  • Antes podía correr muy rápido, pero ahora ya no. (I used to run very fast, but not anymore).
    **Past skill.
  • Mi abuela era una mujer muy guapa. (My grandmother was a very beautiful woman).
    **Describing a person.
  • El parque estaba muy limpio, hacía buen tiempo y habían muchos animales pequeños que comían frutas de los árboles. (The park was very clean, the weather was good and there were many small animals that were eating fruits from the trees).
    **Describing a place, weather, animals.

We can also use [imperfecto] + [period of time] if we are talking about past habits.

  • Iba a la escuela de lunes a viernes. (I used to go to school from Monday to Friday)
    **Past habit + period of time
  • Antes practicaba 3 horas al día. (I used to practice 3 hours a day)
    **Past habit + exact time
  • Visitaba a mis abuelos todos los veranos. (I used to visit my grandparents every Summer).
    **Past habit + time/season


  • Vivía en la ciudad por 10 años. (X)
  • Él trabajaba en esa empresa desde 1990 hasta el 2015. (X)

Unfinished actions: [pretérito imperfecto] + [pretérito indefinido]

We use the pretérito imperfecto to talk about the unfinished action.
We use the pretérito indefinido to talk about the action that interrupted the first one.

  • Estaba caminando por la calle cuando comenzó a llover. (I was walking down the street when it started to rain)
    estaba: imperfecto
    comenzó: indefinido

  • Estaba viendo una película pero me quedé dormido. (I was watching a movie but I fell asleep)
    estaba: imperfecto
    me quedé: indefinido **quedarse dormido: to fall asleep

  • Antes trabajaba en esa tienda pero encontré un trabajo mejor. (I used to work in that store but I found a better job).
    trabajaba: imperfecto
    encontré: indefinido

  • Antes sabía muchas palabras en español pero ya olvidé muchas. (I used to know many words in Spanish but I forgot many of them).
    sabía: imperfecto
    olvidé: indefinido

[pretérito indefinido] + [pretérito imperfecto]

Past action + describing in the past

  • Fui a tu casa pero no estabas. (I went to your house but you were not there)
  • Fui al banco pero estaba cerrado. (I went to the bank but it was closed).
  • Compré esta bolsa cuando estaba en oferta. (I bought this bag when it was on sale).
  • Llegué temprano pero no había nadie. (I arrived early but there was nobody there).

pretérito indefinido =  (focus on the action)
pretérito imperfecto = (focus on time)

  • ¿Qué hiciste? - What did you do? (focus on the action)
  • ¿Qué hacías? - What did you do? (focus on time)

Another way to translate these questions:

  • ¿Qué hiciste? - What have you done?
  • ¿Qué hacías? - What were you doing?
    *The first question focus on what you did, and the second one focus on how you spent your time.

  • Vi una película. - I watched a movie. (focus on the action)
  • Veía una película. - I watched a movie (focus on time)
    *The second sentence can be translate as “I was watching a movie”

estuve vs. estaba (estar)

Estuve and estaba can be interchangeable many times, for example:

Él estuvo trabajando. - He was working (focus on the action)
Él estaba trabajando. -  He was working (focus on time)
These two sentences have almost the same meaning. “Estuve trabajando” emphasizes
what he was doing, and “estaba trabajando” emphasizes how he was spending his time.

Estuve muy ocupada. - I was very busy. (focus on the adjective “ocupada”)
Estaba muy ocupada. - I was very busy (focus on time)
These two sentences are also very similar. But “estuve muy ocupada” emphasizes the fact of being busy and “estaba muy ocupada” emphasizes the time when she was busy.

Most of the times people don’t see these subtle differences, so both sentences can be synonyms.

Just as one of our previous rules, we don’t use the imperfecto with exact time.

fue vs. era (ser)

This follows the same logic:

fue, pretérito indefinido =  (focus on the person)
era, pretérito imperfecto = (focus on time)

Whenever we read a biography of someone, we always see “fue” because the important thing is their profession. For example:

  • Octavio Paz fue un escritor. - Octavio Paz was a writer.
  • Marie Curie fue una científica. - Marie Curie was a scientist.
  • Galileo Galilei fue un astrónomo. - Galileo Galilei was an astronomer.

If we use “era” the sentence is correct, but it feels like it is minimizing the importance of their job.

But we can use “era” when the important thing is how people spent their time. For example:

  • Cuando Octavio Paz era niño vivía en los Estados Unidos. - When Octavio Paz was a child he lived in the United States.
  • Marie Curie trabajaba con su esposo. - Marie Curie worked with her husband.
  • Galileo Galilei tenía muchos enemigos. - Galileo Galilei had many enemies.

Used for:

  • Recent past (finished actions) connected to the present.
  • Experiences.


  • He comprado un carro nuevo. - I’ve bought a new car. (I bought a car recently and is still there).
  • He estudiado todas mis notas. - I’ve studied all my notes. (I studied all my notes that I have until now).
  • Él ha tenido tiempo suficiente para pensar. - He has had enough time to think. (until now)
  • Mi amiga me ha dado un regalo. - My friend has given me a present. (and I still have it here).
  • Hemos tenido un buen fin de semana. - We have had a nice weekend. (until now, until the last second).
  • He viajado a Perú muchas veces. - I’ve traveled to Perú many times.
  • He estado en Bolivia sólo una vez. - I’ve been to Bolivia just once.
  • Ella ha nadado con delfines. - She has swum with dolphins.
  • Él nunca ha bebido alcohol en su vida. - He has never drunk alcohol in his life.
  • ¿Has visto esta película? - Have you seen this movie?
  • ¿Has tocado a un elefante? - Have you touched an elephant?
  • ¿Alguna vez has pensado en casarte? - Have you ever thought about getting married?

[pretérito perfecto] + [time]

  • He estado trabajando todo el día. - I’ve been working all day.
  • He estado estudiando 2 horas al día. - I’ve been studying 2 hours a day.
  • He estado leyendo libros en español desde hace tres meses. - I’ve been reading books in Spanish since 3 months ago. 

I think that’s all. I tried to cover everything I could, but if you still have questions feel free to ask me again. :) 
I hope this was useful!

A Blue Hope

Sooooo I read a poem and was inspired to write a short (1,456 word) langsty fic. No ships, no deaths/injuries, just Lance and Blue doing some bonding. Hope you like it!!

The mission was simple enough, most intelligence missions went off without a hitch. It was almost routine at this point, Shiro, Hunk and Keith would catch a ride in the Green Lion, masked by its stealth capabilities. Allura and Coran would call shots from a secluded vantage point and Lance would use Blue to scan the base, giving a clear picture of what they were up against. It was kind of boring to Lance, really, he would sit and wait nearby looking for any fighters or any signs of oncoming trouble. Unless one of them was spotted, usually there wouldn’t be any.

Inside Blue he leaned back and closed his eyes, a soft robotic humm filled the cabin and he smiled. Blue was the best lion in Lance’s opinion, though he realized he might be a bit biased. She never failed to keep him cool in hot situations. If he was honest, Blue (and Yellow by extension) were the most vital part of Voltron. They literally lift the team up. But why him of all people? “Hey Blue,” Lance started “Why did you pick me over Keith?”

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Running Late

@number9isawanker: Okay, but imagine Lena and Maggie are running late to movie night. They arrive to find that Kara and Alex have started without them and are currently acting out an (obviously) previously choreographed dance number to some Disney movie. Can you do something with that?

This was too cute and the inspiration just hit me!

Lean practically runs from her town car to the door of Kara’s apartment building.

One stock meeting had turned into two and then there was paperwork to sign and before she knew it she was running over an hour late for double date movie night. She just hopes there’s still food by the time she gets up to Kara’s, because she is STARVING!

“Hold the elevator please!” She calls out desperately, sighing with relief as a hand shoots out to stop the doors from closing.

“Thank you! The elevator times in this place are so unpredic- Oh! hello, Maggie!” She offers the detective a warm smile.

“Lena,” Maggie tilts her head, taking in Lena’s business suit. “Running late too I see.”

“Meetings.” She groans, cracking her neck. “You?”

“Caught a break in that alien theft case.”


“Thanks, I just hope there’s pizza left.”

“Let’s make a deal, if it’s all gone, we’re going to oder a giant pepperoni pizza just for us and not let Kara eat any of it.”

“Deal. Are you sure you’ll be able to say no to those puppy dog eyes?”

“She can have the leftovers. Maybe.”

Maggie snorts.

They both know she’s bluffing.

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Real Smiles

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Lydia, Scott, Kira, Malia, Liam, Stiles, Jennifer(mentioned)

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female Reader)

Word count:475

Warning: Fluff. That’s it  

Summary: The pack make a discovery about their sour wolf

A/N: This is based on a request i got from an anon-Can you do a Derek imagine where you are Derek’s girlfriend and the pack finds your instagram and it has pictures of you two on it doing cute things and Derek is smiling and they confront him and they find them sleeping together? (Actually sleeping) Thanks!

Also read my other series The Beginning Of The End- Part 1 link. other parts found in the masterlist below.


It was lunch. The pack sat around the table, talking about normal human things for once now that the threat of Kate was over with. Scott was staring at Kira while Liam was talking to Malia and Stiles, Lydia joining in on the conversation from time to time, distracted by her phone.

“Oh my god, guys” she said, not looking up from her phone, too fascinated by what she was seeing.

“What, what is it?” Scott asked, thinking maybe there had been some sort of new attack.

“You know Miss Y/l/n?”

“The new teacher? Yea. What about her?” Stiles replied, curious as to why she was bringing the woman up.

“Well, look at this” she showed her phone to the entire pack, all the members trying to get a look at the picture.

“Wait, is that, is that Derek?” Liam questioned, not believing his eyes.

“Yea, I found her on Instagram a few days ago, but I never really looked. Until now. I mean, what the hell, do you think they’re dating?”

The pack nodded. It seemed pretty obvious they probably were. Derek was in so many pictures with y/n, some being posted over 2 months ago. Pictures of them on picnics, shopping for groceries, at the movies and some of them in bed together or making breakfast.

They were slightly shocked that Derek was dating y/n. They had never seen the two together at all. In fact no one thought they knew each other. But the strangest thing was the fact that Derek was actually smiling in all of these pictures. Not fake smiles either. The teenagers could see the way his eyes shone, especially when he was looking at her.

“Why have we not known about this? I mean we’re over at the loft most of the time anyway. Shouldn’t we have seen her at least once?” Kira asked, wanting to know more about this relationship.

Scott shrugged, adding, “Maybe they wanted to keep it a secret”.

The pack decided they’d go to visit Derek tonight, wanting to know about his relationship with their teacher and if she was dangerous like Jennifer was.

Making their way to the door of the loft, they slid it open, only to be greeted by darkness.

“What the hell, isn’t he in?” Stiles whispered, wondering if this had just been a wasted journey.

Lydia switched the lights on, standing shocked with the rest of the teenagers at what they saw. There was Derek Hale, sour wolf, moody angry man, laying there with y/n, her head on his chest as his arms were wrapped around her, holding her protectively, both having peaceful smiles on their faces as they slept.

The pack backed out quietly, making sure not to wake the couple, grinning to themselves at the fact that their sour wolf actually had someone who made him truly happy. 

So this was pure fluff. It was short but i liked it. Hope it was good for whoever requested this. 

“Hey, Mags?”

Maggie looked up from where she was laying on Alex’s bed, her nose having been buried in an astronomy book for the last half hour, and focused her blurry gaze on her friend, who had been just moments ago entirely focused on her biology homework but was now staring at Maggie with something like trepidation in her eyes. (Ten points for SAT word, Sawyer, her brain supplied).

“What’s up?” Maggie asked, pushing herself up into a sitting position. Her spine cracked slightly at the change in position and she grunted. “I’m getting old,” she murmured.

Alex snorted. “You’re only sixteen,” she pointed out.

“And a half,” Maggie rebutted. “Seriously though, what’s up?”

Alex looked down at her lap for half a second before turning her gaze back to Maggie’s. “You like girls, right?”

Maggie furrowed her brow. “Yes…” she said. “That’s what the word ‘lesbian’ means, Alex. We’ve been over this, like, multiple times. You said you were cool with it.” Maggie had come out less than a year ago and Alex had never really seemed to mind the fact that she liked girls. In fact, Alex was like 90% of her support system. Her parents were the other 10% but they hadn’t really warmed up to the idea yet. Her father still believed she’d bring home a boy one day and tell them it was just a fluke and that she’d been straight all along.

Like that would happen.

“I am cool with it!” Alex insisted. “I’m totally cool with it. One hundred percent. Totally cool. Like ice cold.”

Maggie snorted. “Yeah, you’re the Ice Cube of allies,” she teased. “So what’s up, cool cat? Why did you wanna confirm my attraction to girls? You’re not trying to set me up again, are you?”

“What? No!” Alex huffed. “Besides, you’re way too picky.”

“The last girl you set me up with asked for a lock of my hair on the first date, Alex. You should probably raise you’re standards if you think I was in the wrong to break it off.”

“Whatever,” Alex huffed, waving it off. “Not the point.”

“Then please get to it, already; I have a test tomorrow.”

“You could’ve just taken biology with me. Less tests.”


“Right. So you’ve, erm, kissed girls before, haven’t you?”

“Uh, yeah,” Maggie replied. “I have. You know I have. You’ve seen it.” Alex had been pretty much the third wheel when Maggie invited her now-ex, Ramona, to their movie night. She’d had to watch the two girls make out halfway through Star Wars. She’d made faces at them until they stopped.

“Right,” Alex said, her cheeks heating up at the memory. “So you, um, know how to do it right?”

“I guess so? I’ve never had any complaints.” Maggie grinned, cockily. She’d kissed six girls, total, since coming out. And it was always great. For them, anyway. There’s been one or two she would not want another experience with. “Why?”

“Well…you’re kind of like a boy then, right?”

Maggie just stared at Alex for a long time, unblinking. Then she narrowed her eyes. “Okay,” she said, “this can go one of two ways. 1. I walk out of here right now and we never speak of this again. Or 2. I punch you in the face for comparing me to a boy just because I like to kiss girls. Your pick.”

“Mags, that’s not what I…” Alex sighed. “I just meant that I, uh, kissed Jordan yesterday.”

“Um, okay? So?”

“So I…I think he’s doing it wrong?”

“Doing it wrong? How do you do that wrong?”

Alex shrugged. “I have no idea. He’s the only boy I’ve ever kiss and I’m pretty sure I’m the only girl he’s ever even been near, so…” She shook her head. “It just feels…wrong. And sloppy. Like he doesn’t really know where to put his lips, you know.”

“Okay, so what does that have to do with me?” Maggie asked.

“Well,” Alex said, looking back down at her lap, “I was kinda hoping you’d, um…showmehowtodoitright!”

“Huh?” Maggie asked, tilting her head.

Alex swallowed thickly. “Show me how to kiss right,” she said far more slowly, not meeting Maggie’s eyes. “This way, I know how it’s supposed to be done. For the next time. Not with Jordan, though.” She made a face and Maggie snorted.

“You sure you wanna kiss me?” she asked. “I mean, you might accidentally fall in love with me if you do.”

Alex scoffed. “So humble.”

Maggie snickered. “But, seriously,” she said. “Are you sure?”

Alex nodded, resolutely. “I need to know that it’s not just me,” she said. “Besides, you’re my best friend. Who better to teach me?”

“I guess…” Maggie said. “As long as you’re sure about this.”

“I am,” Alex insisted, rolling her chair closer. “Now go ahead; lay one on me!” She close her eyes and leaned forward, missing the way Maggie rolled hers and took a small breath before leaning in as well.

She hesitated for only a second before planting her lips on Alex’s, letting out an involuntary sigh as they touched. She pulled back a second later. “Your lips are really soft,” Maggie commented. “What kind of chapstick–”

“Can we talk about that later, please?” Alex sighed.

“Right.” Maggie dove back in, pressing her lips against Alex’s again and reaching out to grasp at her waist as she felt her start to roll away on the chair. Their lips moved hesitantly against one another’s, feeling each other out for a while, before Alex became a little bolder, her tongue poking out to swipe along Maggie’s lower lip. Maggie inhaled sharply.

“Sorry,” Alex said, pulling back. “Was that okay?”

“More than okay,” Maggie chuckled. “You’re a quick learner.”

Alex snorted. “I have a pretty good teacher,” she said as she leaned in again. This time, her lips were slightly parted when they touched Maggie’s and her hands reached tentatively for Maggie’s dimpled cheeks, stroking them with her thumbs as her other fingers tangled in the tendrils of Maggie’s hair.

It felt…nice.

When there was a knock at the door, Alex practically shoved Maggie off the bed as she flew back to her desk. The door opened a second later and Alex’s younger sister, Kara, popped her head in.

“Dinner’s ready,” she said, barely registering the flustered looks on the girls’ faces. “Eliza wants to know if you’re staying for dinner, Maggie.”

“Um, not tonight,” Maggie replied, praying that her face wasn’t as beet red as it felt. “Maybe another time. I should get home actually.” She tucked her Astronomy book back into her book bag and slipped her feet into her sneakers, before walking to the bed and giving Alex a goodbye hug as the other girl stood as well. “See you, tomorrow, Alex,” she said, as casually as possible.

“Yeah,” Alex replied. “See ya, Mags. Thanks for your help.”

Maggie gave her a dimpled grin. “Anytime, Danvers.” She patted Kara on the head as she made her way out. “Little Danvers.”

“I’m taller than both of you!” Kara sniffed, crossing her arms over her chest as she glared after Maggie. Alex laughed as she stood and wrapped her arms around Kara.

“Aww, my big little sister!” she cooed, teasingly.

“Alex!” Kara groaned. “I could throw you out a window, you know.”

“But you won’t,” Alex replied, confidently. “Because you loooooove me.”

“Rao knows why,” Kara huffed, but didn’t resist as her sister led her out of the room and downstairs.

A couple days later, Alex and Maggie were once again doing homework together.

Then Alex sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Maggie asked.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Alex replied, not looking up from her history book. Maggie glanced up at her from her copy of Lord of the Flies, narrowing her eyes on the back of Alex’s head. She stared for a long moment until Alex finally turned around in her chair. “Fine,” she huffed and Maggie smirked, tossing the book to the side and sitting up on the bed. “I kissed Max.”

“Maxwell Lord?” Maggie wrinkled her nose. “Ew, why?”

“He’s supposed to be a good kisser!” Alex exclaimed. “That’s what Farrah said, anyway. And Colbie. And Jessica. And–”

“I get it,” Maggie said. “He’s kissed a lot of girls. Let’s move on. Did you like it? Was he better than Jordan?”

“Objectively…yes,” Alex admitted. “But it still felt like there was something missing.”

“Like what?” Maggie asked.

“Im not sure,” Alex sighed. “It just didn’t feel…right. Like with Jordan. There’s just something here I’m missing and I have no idea what it is.” She sighed, slumping in her chair. “It’s annoying as hell, though.”

They were silent for a long moment.

“Hey, Alex?”


“How does it feel…when I kiss you?”

Alex stared at her for a long time as a flush crept up her neck and colored her cheeks. “Um,” she said, swallowing thickly. “It…it felt…good?”

“Gee, I’m flattered,” Maggie teased, gently. “Did it feel better than kissing Jordan or Max?” She waited patiently for Alex to respond.

Eventually, the other girl nodded. “Yeah,” she said. “M-much better, actually.”

“Aww, now I’m really flattered,” Maggie teased again, laughing as Alex rolled her eyes. “But, really, what do you suppose that means?”

“That I…don’t like kissing Jordan and Max?”

“And?” Maggie’s voice was soft and her eyes were comforting as they held Alex’s gaze.

“I kinda like kissing you?” Alex said after a long wait.

“Kinda?” Maggie snorted.

“Hey!” Alex argued. “You like kissing me, too.”

Maggie shrugged. “You got me there,” she said, smiling wide so that her dimples appeared deep in her cheeks. “I do like kissing you. But I’m gay, so…”

“Are you saying…that I’m gay?” Alex asked. She swallowed thickly, her breathing becoming shallow.

“I’m not saying anything,” Maggie replied, still ever so gentle. “That’s all up to you. Maybe you just like kissing me and I happen to be a girl. Maybe, if you kissed another girl, you’d like it, too. But I don’t have the right to label you anything. Or make your decisions for you. Only you have that kind of power.”

“So can I decide not to like girls?” Alex asked.

Maggie sighed. “If only it were that simple,” she said. “No. You cannot decide whether or not you like girls. You can, however, decide whether to act on those feelings. But take it from somebody who knows; suppressing those feelings takes a lot out of you.”

Alex nodded slowly, looking down at her lap, deep in thought. She stayed like that for a long moment as Maggie watched the gears spin in her head. Alex had always been so smart; a problem solver. If given enough time, Maggie was certain she could solve equations even Einstein hadn’t been able to crack. This was just one of those times.

After a while, Alex nodded, then looked back up at Maggie as she stood up and strode across the room, plopping right down next to her on the bed. “What if I said the only girl I wanted to kiss was you?” she asked. “Would you be okay with that?”

Maggie’s eyes widened momentarily, before they crinkled as a wide grin spread over her lips. “Well,” she said, “I think I could learn to live with that. I mean, if you’re sure…” She searched Alex’s eyes as her heart pounded in her chest.

Alex rolled her eyes. “Shut up and kiss me, Sawyer,” she huffed, tugging on the color of Maggie’s shirt and bringing their lips together.

Maggie was only too happy to oblige.


Abigail sat on the floor in front of the couch in their shared living room. Living with her girlfriends was better than she could ever have imagined. Not only was she lucky enough to be dating two of the most beautiful girls she’d ever seen, they had wanted to be with her too. Right now she was having her long red hair braided by Mariana as they watched horror movies, waiting for Isabella to come home and join them. 

Mariana hated horror movies but since the redhead had begged to watch it with her and she couldn’t deny that pout. So here they sat, her hands running through curls as she tried to distract herself enough until their other girl got home and she could convince her to help her out. “Abi, I will never understand why you like this crap. How is that even plausible?”Her hands were moving around as if to chop off someone’s hand. 

Things You Should Know About Being Lithsexual

1. It’s the sexual or romantic desire for a relationship that fades when it is reciprocated. The sexuality of “Why haven’t you gotten a boyfriend yet?” and “Do you really just enjoy playing with people’s feelings?” and “Is that even real thing?“
2. I have heard these questions a million times, and most of the time they are asked by me
3. These questions come late at night, creeping in my mind and refusing to get out, making everything look darker, making the walls look like they’re caving in on me and the closet seem like it has monsters hiding inside, but I am the monster.
4. When I love, I love deeply. When I was 5 years old I fell in love for the first time. The crush lasted until I was 13. Now maybe I realize that if I had actually told him how I felt I would have gotten over him sooner.
5. I have seen every single romantic comedy, romantic drama, and romantic sic-fi movie on netflix. I watch them friday nights, when all of my friends are out on dates and I am alone.
6. I have always wanted a love like in those movies. But now I see that its only because I know that I’ll never have it. Because once you have it, you can lose it.
7. I broke up with my first girlfriend after 4 weeks. I had simply just lost feelings for her. I used to grin like an idiot when she texted me, but suddenly I just didn’t want to respond. I used to love when she hugged me, but then it felt clingy and unnatural. I used to get butterflies in my lungs when she held me, but then I just flat out could not breathe. She was one of my best friends, and I still loved her. Just not that way, anymore.
8. The second I ended the relationship, I started liking this boy. I had found out from a friend of his that he liked me and this other girl. At first, I cried because I could never compare to her. But then I cried because I hoped he picked her, because she wouldn’t ruin everything like I knew I would.
9.It hits me that I will never get married. I don’t think I can stay in love long enough to convince someone that I am worthy of devoting their life to. I see couples holding hands and laughing and I am tempted to try again, see if maybe it is because I haven’t found the right person, maybe those weren’t supposed to work out. No. I remind myself that I should have been in love with the people who came before. They did everything right. Maybe I can only fall in love with ideas.
10. I still tape “Say Yes to the Dress”
11. Im too afraid to go to pride. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to be proud that I have ruined people and destroyed friendships and broken hearts that used to be so full. I don’t understand how it is classified as a sexuality when it feels like a disorder. Like a person comes in and turns a light in my heart on but then my sexuality comes and flips it off with no warning or reason.
12. How am I supposed to live like this?
Why is it that I am unable to love people like they love me?
13. What am I supposed to tell family members who ask me why I’m not dating, or why I haven’t gotten married yet? How am I supposed to tell my grandparents who have been asking and asking for grandkids? How can I look the people who ask me out in the eye when they get angry at me for leading them on, for flirting but never following through?
14. What am I supposed to do when I am all alone?
15. I think the key to dealing with all this, every bad thought that comes with this sexuality is to remember that its who you are. 16.That its the sexuality of always being there for late nights with friends, for loving yourself and your life, the sexuality of midnight cookie dough and not wearing pants all day, the sexuality of traveling alone and loving the simplest things in life
17. I know I’m never going to be a role model, a poster child for akoisexuals, but maybe this is at least something to raise awareness. We are here. We are valid. We are learning to love ourselves, learning to be proud of who we are.
18. And that’s all anyone can do.

A poem written and submitted by @emilygracecatherine

I feel like I need to post this, because there is not enough of Heath Ledger’s Joker on my blog.

If it wasn’t for this man, I probably wouldn’t be here on tumblr right now. 5 years ago, I saw a superhero movie for the very first time and that movie happened to be The Dark Knight. I’ve always been a very “girly girl” so I never thought that I would ever be into superhero stuff, but boy was I wrong! When I saw the movie, I was thinking: “I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this, it’s awesome!” And thusly began my love for Batman and other supers, but after having watched TDK, there was only one character that really stood out to me: the Joker. Watching Heath’s performance, I fell in love with the character, so I have to thank him for that. I knew in the moment the credits rolled that this was the best performance I had ever seen in a movie and to this day, it still is. What Heath did is something that cannot be compared with anything or anyone else. His performance was one of a kind and truly outstanding! I’ve never really thought about it until now, but if it wasn’t for him, I really wouldn’t be who I am today. Of course, I’d still be me, but I sure wouldn’t be obsessing over murderous, psychopathic clowns. ;)

Title: Snow

Pairing: Markson from GOT7

Warning: None (??)

Genre: Fluff



Person A frolicking happily through the snow—perhaps seeing it for the first time—as Person B watches, more content with relaxing/observing. Person B looks away for one second and Person A jumps into a bed of freshly fallen snow, only to discover that it’s at least four feet deep. Person B glances back up to find A flailing their arms, stuck waist-deep in snow. 

As much as Jackson groaned and buried his face on the pillow deep enough to run out of oxygen in a matter of minutes, he couldn’t make the nuisance stop. A bouncing weight on the mattress and a raspy yet high pitched noise disturbing him and his dreams. It took awfully long for the black haired to put the pieces together, blame it on the lack of sleep and finals. Now, with a frown on his face that made all his wrinkles stand out, and that’s a lot to say for a 21 year old college student, the person standing on the way from him and his dreamland was tapping his bare arms rather forcefully, moving him slightly with every push.

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Trick or Treat

Request: Jackson. Halloween! (Prompt was detailed and I don’t want to give anything away!)

Member:  Got7′s Jackson x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I bit into the snack sized candy bar and sighed as Jackson gave me another weary look. 

“What? What is it Wang? Enlighten me as to why I am getting glared at?” I grumbled, crumpling the wrapper with my free hand. The other hand was wrapped around Jackson’s, being squeezed as if it were a stress ball. 

“That’s like the thirtieth piece of candy you’ve had,” he mumbled. “It’s not good for you babe.”

“All of the kids are done trick or treating,” I groaned, pushing the bowl of Halloween candy away from me. “And the circulation you are currently cutting off from my hand is more of a serious situation right now.”

Jackson looked up wide eyed and then back down to his pale knuckles clutching my fingers. “Sorry…” he whispered. “I’m just…tense.”

“You were the one who said you had never seen Friday the 13th,” I smiled, shaking out my hand until it began to regain feeling.

“It’s Halloween! Isn’t this when we’re supposed to watch scary movies!” he gasped with a shrug of his shoulder. 

“I guess that’s a way to look at it,” I smiled. “But you know, scary movies aren’t for everyone.”

That was an understatement for Jackson. Even before the movie’s plot line became anything even remotely scary, he had become a jumpy, nervous wreck beside me. Normally I didn’t have much problem with nonfiction villains and situations I knew could never happen in reality, but something about Jackson’s unease set me on edge too. I relied on him to be the protector, so when that was compromised, I hated to admit it, but I was opened up to being scared too. 

“Did you hear that?” Jackson hissed, his body becoming still in an instant. 

“Hear what? Jackson if you’re messing with me-” I grumbled, sliding to the edge of the couch. 

He shook his head, slowly moving his finger to his lips as a sign for me to be quiet. I remained wordless as I looked around the room, trying to focus my own hearing as well. 

Sure enough, after a few moments of silence, we heard what sounded like people talking, and feet heavy on the wood of my patio. 

“What-the-hell?” I mouthed to Jackson. 

His jaw was slightly ajar as he watched my front door carefully. “Are you expecting a visitor?” he whispered. 

“What visitor? Besides Got7 who do I even associate with?” I hissed back, furrowing my brows. 

“Do you think they’re playing a prank on us?” Jackson said quietly, pursing his lips. Of course I wouldn’t put it past the other six members, but I knew they all had plans tonight. Plans that didn’t involve them being in the area to spook us. I shook my head slowly, still trying to focus on the rustling on the opposite side of the door. 

Both Jackson and I jumped as a hand pounded heavily on the metal of my front door. Jackson began to whimper as he pulled his feet up from the floor and curled them under his arms. 

“Do you honestly think if it was a murderer or something they would be knocking?” I muttered, shaking my head of the thought. I may have been saying it to calm my antsy boyfriend, but my own self as well. 

“They could be polite,” Jackson spat. 

“Oh, before they disembowel us?” I chuckled bitterly. “Excuse me, sir, madam, would you care to invite me in so I can gruesomely murder you?”

The knock sounded again, causing Jackson to jump even worse than before. 

“Alright then, if you’re so certain, why don’t you go answer it?” Jackson said, nodding to the door. 

I rolled my eyes and stood, taking a few steps forward. I felt Jackson’s presence appear behind me and I looked back at him, trying not to laugh. Although I was nervous, the sight of him wielding an umbrella as a weapon was too good not to smile at. He looked back at me with a serious expression, giving a small shove to my shoulder to continue my forward motion. 

“Alright, alright,” I muttered, taking the door knob in my hand and turning it slowly. I yanked open the door and let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. 

“TRICK OR TREAT!” three children dressed as assorted super heroes shrieked. 

“Aigoo,” Jackson moaned behind me, stomping his foot. He shuffled into the living room to grab the two bowls of Halloween treats. “Don’t you kids think you’re out a little late? All the other children have gone home.”

“Our mom’s waiting on the sidewalk,” the small spiderman chirped. “We started late because Jun didn’t finish his homework.”

“Yes I did!” the tiny batman screeched. “I just couldn’t find it!”

“Umma said we couldn’t go until he finished his math,” supergirl nodded confidently. 

“Ah,” I nodded with a smile, completely relieved that I was staring three children in the face and not an ax murderer. “So do you guys want some candy-”

“OR ASSORTED VITAMINS AND ORGANIC TEAS!” Jackson cooed, grabbing onto his own bowl from the counter. The kids looked back and forth from me to Jackson and slowly began to shuffle toward me and my cauldron of candy. I smiled, digging my hand in deep past the wrappers I had abandoned there to give each child a handful. 

“Thank you!” they all chirped as they began running down the front sidewalk. 

“Happy Halloween! Do your math homework Batman!” I called after them, shutting my door tightly behind me. I smiled at Jackson who was yawning as he made his way back toward the couch. I followed him, plopping on the cushions and setting my legs in his lap. He rubbed my calves happily and smiled. 

“I told you I’d protect you,” he chuckled. 

“Yeah, yeah, wielding your umbrella,” I smiled. “They were cute for tiny murderers though, weren’t they? You protected me so well.”

“Very cute,” he nodded. He tilted his head to the side as he looked at me warmly. “Ours will be cuter though.”

“Ours?” I chuckled, lifting my brows. “Are you making plans already?”

“Not for like, the immediate future!” he gasped, wide eyed. “But eventually. We’ll have two or three, one will dress up as Batman and will be terrible at math.”

“Just like his father!” I smiled, patting him on the arm playfully. 

“Yah!” he gasped, crossing his arms with a pout. “You don’t know how many different translations I have to go through in my head to get the right answer.”

“Numbers are numbers,” I laughed. “Why are you translating it to different languages?”

“You don’t know how my mind works!” he grumbled. 

“Oh, but I do!” I cooed, leaning forward and kissing him carefully on the cheek. “And right now, you would rather watch Hocus Pocus instead of this scary movie.”

“The witches scare me,” he muttered, looking away. 

“Addams family?” 

“The hand thing creeps me out,” he nodded. 

“It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?” I tried. 

“Yeah, yeah, that’s a good one,” he nodded surely. “Just hold my hand for the part where the ghosts come out.”

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Across The Hall: Purple Rain (Olicity, AU, Explicit)

Summary: Oliver and Felicity watch Purple Rain. (AU. Felicity and Oliver live across the hall from each other - previous installments)

(read on AO3)

His fingers trailed over her leg.

They drifted up her shin to her knee, gently circling before he worked his way back down to her foot where he wrapped his large hand around her ankle. He took a second to run his thumb over her ankle bone absently before repeating the entire thing over again. He did it over and over, throughout the course of the entire movie, to the point where she was ridiculously over-aware of him, so much so that his every move left a trail of fire in his path, a heat she felt in her core, leaving her even more sensitive.

Purple Rain wasn’t helping anything, not that it usually did. Every single time she watched this movie, especially the scenes in the club, her stomach pitched, filling with a low, warm feeling that slowly spread through her entire body.

It was only more emphasized by Oliver’s lazy drawings on her skin as he watched with her.

Since she’d heard the news that morning, it’d been the first thing she wanted to do when she got home: watch Purple Rain. Of course, she didn’t have a DVD player and while normally she’d just queue it up on her laptop, it didn’t feel right watching it on there. She needed a television, and surround-sound… aka, all the things Oliver had. So she’d grabbed the DVD after changing into one of her oldest shirts - one of her mom’s, the album cover for Controversy - and her keys. She’d held both between her teeth as she’d thrown her hair up in a ponytail before locking her door and crossing the hallway to his apartment.

It was the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday, she hadn’t expected him to be home, but he had been.

Oliver had opened the door after hearing her struggling to unlock it and she’d barely given him any room to argue when she’d breezed past him with a, “I need to use your DVD player,” and even less room to argue when she’d grabbed his hand after hearing he hadn’t seen it, saying, “You’re watching with me.”

A few hours later, as the final cords of ‘Purple Rain’ faded out to the roar of the crowd on the screen, Felicity shifted.

It’d been years since she’d seen the movie, but that scene had never once failed to make her cry, not once… until now. She’d thought it’d be even worse, considering, but she was distracted. Really, really distracted. She still felt it, that deep emotional pull in her chest, but instead of tears, she wanted something else.

She needed something else.

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Can I please get a angst/fluffy scenario with Jungkook where you're his best friend, but he starts to go around with another girl and you get really sad and distant, so he starts to miss you and tries to talk to you, but you're still kinda mad and ignores him, and he ends up realizing he likes you, so he confesses and there's a FREAKING FLUFFY END? Pretty pleeeeeeease <333333 Oh, and if you can add something like a soundtrack, that'd be perfect. Hope I'm not being abusive D: Anyway, thanks <3333

Anon this isn’t abusive at all! Don’t you worry~~ Also Admin A will make the soundtrack/Playlist and post it tomorrow, I’ll link it in tomorrow ♥ Also this is totally the plot to a music video tbh <3  I’m putting this in first person, I can re-write it if you don’t like the style this way [Admin O and A have different scenario styles]

OMG This Jungkook one got so long,I’m so sorry
Words: 1,718
-Admin O

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I had actually never seen the Star Wars movies up until now, and I just finished the 6th one yesterday. And I absolutely loved them. I was kind of afraid that there wasn't going to be much of a fandom bc most of the movies are so old, but I was happily mistaken after I stumbled upon your blog 8) I live off your Star Wars art now tbh :'D (especially drawings of my son, anakin huehuehue) Thank you for creating such wonderful art!

TBH, even though there’s a lot of shipping wank lately, I like how the fandom awakens *snorts* XD

I’ve been into SW for 2 years, and it’s been so great and I can only hope that this year will be even better for us fans! :D

Here’s another dump thing of our son and trashlord Anakin, feat. his grandson of a trash can Kylo Ren if Anakin is the greatest Anidala shipper, then Kylo is the no.1 Vaderkin fan :P 

Sakura Haruno still the queen.

Studio Pierrot can do whatever they want, but no matter what, Sakura still the queen here.

In The Last, Sakura is stated to be a jounin, and to be the best medic-nin, and to be just as strong as her teacher. Just check the little cards each character had for the movie promotion, where it says what’s going on with each character. 

Hinata didn’t become the leader of her clan, really didn’t get anything on her own. She got her love interest, but since everyone’s excuse is “this isn’t a shoujo” well, Hinata getting her love interest it’s nothing. 

In the movie she’s supposed to be from the same bloodline as a goddess, which was a dirty trick.  It was cool for Naruto and Sasuke to be the reincarnation of two old-time brothers who fought each other, because it was destiny for them to fight, but they changed their destiny because of their bonds. That’s actually great.

But Hinata suddenly being the same it’s… well, it’s studio pierrot trying to make her the new heroine by giving her something special out of fucking nowhere. Because all she actually did was to make some technique combination with Naruto (nothing new here) and that’s that. And not even with that Hinata did something big. She was like “I have such a great power!!… BUT Naruto-kun!" 

Sakura didn’t need a goddess power, didn’t need to be in the strongest clan of the village. Only by her hard work, and dedication, she reached sanin level. She’s almost in the same level as Naruto and Sasuke with only hard work. And I say almost because those two have like god-power thing going around since what happened in the last part of the war. I mean, Naruto was able to fly and everything. But Sakura, that’s a heroine. Someone who didn’t have nothing special, and still became the best. That’s why I love Sakura, she’s such a queen, and I don’t care if you think she’s annoying. She’s is actually strong, she isn’t some princess in distress. Maybe in part 1, but that’s what is amazing in part II. She was so capable on her own. She even was so close to punch madara in the face if it wasn’t for his shadows, that don’t even Naruto and Sasuke could get through them. Even Hashirama recognised her power, and was amazed by it. So don’t tell me she’s useless.

So, I’m sorry, since this is a shonen, Sakura achieved great things. Don’t try to sell me Hinata as a new heroine in one movie, because in the manga when she achieved to finally become stronger, they gave her a minute, and that’s it. But suddenly a movie, saying she’s oh so strong, and oh the big martyr of love… please.

All this, because I’m pissed off because the last anime episode. Hinata animation is perfect, but the whole episode is horrible. Not even Sasuke had a right animation. And so you bring me this side character, and make it more important than the other actual main characters? Don’t… just, don’t. 

I like Hinata, I do. What I don’t like is what they have done to Sakura, and to the actual rest of Naruto’s characters. I mean, Hinata got her own special episode after the last, because they had to explain her, and Hanabi’s bond as well, because IT WAS NEVER THAT IMPORTANT UNTIL NOW BC OF THE LAST.

If Hinata was ALWAYS meant to be this important in the series, we would have seen so much more of her, but we didn’t, even Kishimoto forgot to give her darn kids the byakugan, her MAIN PHYSICAL TRAIT. 

But Studio Pierrot is making everything to justify their fantasies, that is The Last. And, they also had to sell the movie with Sasuke, and Kakashi promotions, when in the movie they appear not more than a minute, 15 seconds for Sasuke. I don’t even care about pairings. Just don’t try to sell me this new heroine thing when Hinata, in the whole manga, was NEVER that important. 

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Au 59 or 15? With naruhina! :)

15. famous person and fan meeting at the red carpet + 59. locked inside the janitor’s room



I am dreaming.

I am a hundred percent positive, I am dreaming.

Or maybe I’ve died. Yeah, that’s possible too. I’ve died and gone to heaven, and here I shall spend an eternity of joy. I’m now so glad I never killed anybody, or stolen anything, in my life. My good deeds have taken me here, and truly, I could not be happier.

“Oh my God,” she whispers in the dark. I can’t see her, but I can just picture her: beautiful long dark-blue hair; sparkling gray eyes; flawless ivory skin; fleshy lips pulled into an O of surprise; slender body with delicious curves, pressed against the door. “I can’t believe it. There’s not even phone reception. I’m definitely not going to make it for my interview. This is awful!”

For her, but not for me. This is actually the best thing that has happened to me in a long while. I mean, I am locked inside a tiny janitor’s room with Hinata Hyuga, the internationally acclaimed actress and singer, whom I have loved and admired for years now. I have watched all her movies. I have bought all her albums. Whenever she appears on TV, my heart jumps and I can’t take my eyes off the screen. I am so, so in love with this person… even when I had never seen her in person before, and she didn’t know I existed up until now.

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31 Days of Halloween: Day 1

Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

The Poughkeepsie Tapes is a documentary-style horror film about investigators that find tapes in an abandoned house that document years and years of a serial killer’s murders. I heard a lot about this movie before watching it. It was disturbing and gritty but not as much as I was expecting, unlike when I first watched Cannibal Holocaust after hearing so much about it. Nonetheless I really enjoyed this movie, every tape they watched of the killer felt real which is why this movie was so disturbing to me since everything that happens could really happen and has.

The New York Ripper (1982)

The New York Ripper is an Italian giallo film about a detective that is hunting down a serial killer that is randomly killing women around New York City. The killer speaks in this weird Donald Duck-like voice which is both creepy and a bit cheesy at the same time. I absolutely love Italian horror, especially Lucio Fulci’s films but I had never seen this film until now and I loved it just as much as I thought I would.

So this is my roommate Ben. Ben is a person lacking motivation haha, he hardly leaves the house, he has never asked a girl out in his life, he’s never even seriously been INTERESTED in a girl enough to do anything about it. He doesn’t hook up with anyone, he’s just always alone all of the time. He doesn’t flirt, he doesn’t react, he literally has no motivation….until now :)

I thought he was kidding last Friday when he said he was hanging out with a girl for the first time, he makes weird jokes a lot…..until she knocked on our front door. I knew something was different, because this kid had cleaned our entire kitchen spotless, wiped it all down, cleaned the bathroom, his room, did all the dishes, and put on ambient music and lighting in the living room……and then it turns out he asked out this baker chick, something he’s NEVER done. And they’ve hung out every night now since, she comes over and watches movies with us and plays Catan, and I’ve never seen this kid make or keep plans so many times in a row….ever. He’s the least reliable person haha. And every night they cuddle and hold hands, but they still haven’t kissed yet. He made her dinner even. He said he’s taking it slow, and I find this the cutest thing I have ever seen…Ben finally found a girl that he likes enough to motivate himself to try with, and it is adorable, they are so adorable, and it makes me so happy to see him so happy, to see them cuddling on our couch during Idiocracy. She’s so nice, innocent but not naive, I completely approve, and their pace seems really healthy for both of them.

I love Ben, he’s my roommate and one of my best friends. I couldn’t be happier for him, or more proud of him for finding motivation and someone that seems to fit really well with him. The simple changes are already amazing, he’s excited about something, which is not normally a thing. I’m just so happy for him :)


People with autism can be known to obsess over things. 

#2’s fixations rotate every year (give or take a few months). We went from Mr. Potato Head at 2.5-3.5 years old–we literally had a toy box full of potato head pieces and parts and that was all he would play with for hours at a time for an entire year. Then came the era of toy reviews on youtube. He knew thousands of random facts about toys he would never own, things he’d never even want to play with. We would let him talk to us about the mechanics of toys for hours just because that was all he’d talk to us about. After toy reviews we had the DirecTV info channel, which he would watch for hours and hours and tell us how to check our batteries and adjust the satellite. 

After that, we entered Harry Potter. This one was interesting because #2 has never actually SEEN or READ Harry Potter. He knows his sister enjoys it, so he started looking up facts, fan videos, trivia, parodies, etc. online and now knows more than any HP buff I’ve ever met. He can tell you about the back history, the actors/actresses from the film, details I can’t remember even though I was an avid fan. We entered the school system during the HP phase. He sees the social worker to work on social skills/behavior management….he refused to talk to her until she had HP knowledge. After she watched the movie and could talk to him about it, they became great friends. We were in OT and ST and he only played Harry Potter themed games.

We had a brief foray into Disney facts and history but it was short-lived after we went there for Thanksgiving. It was replaced with Minecraft but that only lasted a few months too.

Now he’s discovered Supernatural. Again, he’s never watched an episode–it’s not in the realm of things I find appropriate for an (almost) seven year old. But three days on youtube and google and he knows more than I do, and I’ve seen every episode at least 5 times. He can tell you anything you want to know about the plot, characters, set, locations, actors, actresses, fan videos, conventions….you name it, the kid can rattle it off. I’m pleased and dismayed–I want him to like something that he can talk to other kids at school about, but it is nice to share enjoyment with him over something I enjoy as well. He actually held *a conversation* with me tonight about Supernatural. 

Fun facts that I learned:

1) His favorite character is Garth, because Garth “has trouble with his friends too”. 

2) His favorite actor is Jared Padalecki because “he looks like he’s really happy and nice” in his pictures.

3) His favorite actress is Kim Rhodes because “she looks like she’d be a good mom”

4) If he had to marry anyone on the show, he’d marry Jody because “she can protect because she’s a police officer but also cares about people”

5) If he had to pick one to be his new parent, he’d pick Dean because “he protects people he loves”.

6) Why does he think the show is cool? “Because it’s about family and brothers and they are fearless.” I asked how they were fearless, if it was because of the monsters, and he said “No, because they’d die for each other and aren’t scared to do it and that’s what family is about”

All of this, coming from my child who can’t even tell me what he did at school today. It’s amazing how his brain works….I’m in awe of him every single day.