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Somethin’ to Talk About (reader x Bucky) [Accidents Happen pt 8]

Hey, look! It’s daylight and I’m posting a fic! Wow. I don’t know what got into me. Maybe a day off of work had something to do with it. :D So, here’s part 8! I’m trying to plan the next parts but I think there might only be a few more. I have a lot more fics planned and don’t want to drag this one out too much. I still love this reader, though, so it’ll be hard! 

Any who, thank you so much for all of you who keep reading my stuff! I appreciate your likes and comments more than I can say. Ya’ll are the BEST. Muah!! 


Somethin’ to Talk About (reader x Bucky) [Accidents Happen pt 8]

Characters: reader x Bucky, Steve, Natasha, other Avengers mentioned.

Summary: Reader and Bucky finally tell the team about their relationship in the least subtle way possible because that’s how she rolls. : ) Steve surprises the couple with news and things get a little angst-y. 

Warnings: Fluff, a little angst. 

Tags at the end.

Song link : Let’s Give ‘Em Somethin’ to Talk About by Bonnie Raitt

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(I love his Space Nerd visiting NASA look, I had to use this gif.)


Morning came and with it brought the moment of truth.

“Are you ready for this?” you asked.

Bucky looked down at you, squeezed your hand intertwined with his, and gave a confident smile.

“I’m ready.”

Taking a deep breath, you turned the door knob and walked into the hallway with Bucky beside you.

You walked at a leisurely pace toward the kitchen where you assumed most of the team would be for breakfast. After considering how best to “break the news”, deciding from calling a weirdly formal meeting or telling people individually or, your personal favorite, walking into the room and yelling “HEY GUESS WHAT WE’RE DOING IT.” But in the end, you and Bucky decided on none of them. Or any plan of any sort.

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Hii can I get a HC for Tobirama Senju falling for the reader? Thank you so much! I love your writing!

Hopefully I did this request justice. I’m not very familiar with Tobirama to be honest so I had to read some stuff on wiki about him. I hope I’m not too far off with this request. Thank you for requesting and I’m happy you like my writing. 

Headcannons of Tobirama falling for the Reader

  • Tobirama falling for someone takes time. He would have had to encounter you and talk with you numerous of times before he became interested. Once he is interested, it’s kind of hard to tell if he likes you because he doesn’t want to admit to the way he feels.
  • Tobirama has a lot of pride at stake and wouldn’t ask you to be his girlfriend unless he was sure you were going to say yes. Even then, he might not want to start dating you because he feels like he has other matters to attend to with the Village that are more important than him being romantically involved with someone.
  • When he asks you to be his girlfriend, it will be so direct and forward that it doesn’t sound like a question at all. “Y/N, I would like to date you.”  He would assume you had romantic interest in him as much as he has for you. His gesture, timing, and place might not be very romantic either.
  • Tobirama will plan all dates with you. He’ll tell you when he has time and will never show up for a date late. He will always remember you and never forget about a date. He’s very open and honest with you and he expects you to do the same.
  • Tobirama will fall in love with you if you are open-minded and see the Village as a family. He will respect your views on peace and would be reminded of his brother if you can bring optimism to the future. He doesn’t want someone that can drag him down, so he would be proud if you were resourceful and knew how to handle yourself.
Freed is Canon Gay

firstly I’ll give my general opinion on Freed as a character 

I Like him by all mean, he has a nice personality, nice development and a nice role in the over all series I enjoy his appearance and I could honestly say he’ll make it to my top 10 FT characters.

now that this was out  of the way I have read a lot of posts here saying “ he is not Canon gay “ which I’m here to prove wrong.

Point 1 

He shows no affection towards women, and that was proven so many times I’m surprised people are still arguing over this

Point 2 

He enjoys staring at other naked men

Point 3

He is in love with a man

how does this mean he is not gay ? or do straight men do these stuff too ?  

this fandom needs to understand that the writer does NOT need to spell everything out to confirm it, there is in the end a golden rule “show don’t tell” when it comes to visual media. 

does this mean you can’t ship him with a female? No, shipping does not have a rule, you can ship him with whoever you want, but that won’t change the fact that he is 100% homo .

-Mod Turtle

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You have good taste in entertainment, mun. If you don't mind my asking, are there any fandoms you've been meaning to join? And also, have you seen Lord Of The Rings or Game Of Thrones?

I’ve been meaning to watch Scream Queens and finish Mr. Norrell & Johnathan Strange. The latter is very good! And the former I’ve had recommended to me for reasons lol. I also want to read Anne Rice’s complete Vampire Chronicles. 

Yes, I’ve seen LoTR. Not too big on it other than the music and scenery tbh. And as for GoT I find it hard to connect with the characters because they’re all so unlikable for me. But I can see the appeal of both immersive worlds and I also love fantasy so I don’t knock it. 

I’m a casual fan of a lot of stuff too like Harry Potter and Batman. I wouldn’t call myself a diehard fan of those fandoms, for example, but I’m enough of a fan to hold a conversation with about it.

i know ive needed to hear this so i want to say this in case any other radical feminists need to hear it too. engaging in patriarchal influenced behavior does not make you any less of a radical feminist. we as women were socialized to be this way, to want to wear make up and shave our legs and tons of other stuff. we all can’t live our ideologies all the time as awesome as that would be, and fighting internalized misogyny can be very very hard. there are a lot more serious things too then leg shaving and wearing make up that we’ve been socialized into, like not removing abusive men from our lives or being submissive sexually. while these activities are way more dangerous and serious then leg shaving (as you know, since if you’re reading this you’re a radical feminist i assume) they still don’t make you less of a radical feminist. they make you a human who has had to suffer through female socialization.

putting radical feminist beliefs into daily life can be extremely difficult and you aren’t a bad radical feminist because of socialization

The results of being lost in thoughts all alone

Fire emblem will be my example for this since I’ve heard and seen horror stories.

Okay, so, I think this is really dumb:

Veteran gamers [gamers who have been with a series since the beginning] being all bitchy to new comers to the series.

Now let me clarify. I think it’s fine to whine or poke fun at how much easier things have gotten in the game series. Like the easy battle system or the easier game mechanics in general, because yeah new gamers get the fruits of the game. The game developers have had time to perfect or introduce new things to the game and new coming gamers have that benefit; they don’t have to deal with the awkward clunky stuff or they get the brand spanking new mechanics or the easy mode on games that used to have very punishing game difficulties. 

However, I don’t believe it’s fine to ridicule or bully the new fans for not being “real fans” of whatever series they happened to jump into. Yes, they were not with the series from the very beginning like you were, yes, they are spoiled compared to you, who toiled with the weird ass mechanics of the earlier games, and yes, they get an easy mode. 

That does not give you the right to bully them or heckle them for not playing the earlier games in the series. Lets face it guys: the older games are challenging to get a hold of by legal means, the games are on older consoles that are outdated and no longer widely available, not everyone likes to set up emulators or hack their systems into backwards compatibility, and the games are tough. Let’s be real here: most of the new comers are in their teens and not every teen has money to bust on a copy of radiant dawn or fire emblem for the GBA. Not everyone has time to toil over the maps you remember so fondly, not everyone can spend hours on that one map playing on hard classic like you. 

No one has to play on hard classic mode to be a true “Fire Emblemer”. You can be a true Emblemer by playing on Normal Casual or even Normal Phoenix if that’s what floats your boat.

The difficulty of your game play and the number of games in the series that you’ve played does not dictate the caliber of  fan you are of something. I seriously can’t seem to make this clear enough.

So you’ve played every single English release of the Fire Emblem series. Great you’re a fan.

So you’ve played just Awakening and enjoyed it. Great you’re a fan.

So you’ve played Fates and Awakening or maybe you just picked up Fates, and you enjoyed it. Great you’re a fan.

So you’ve played every single fire emblem game under the sun that illuminates the sky so brilliantly. Great. You’re a fan [and have a lot of time and money holy shit bro].

So you like to play on Lunatic Classic. Or maybe just Normal Casual. Great you’re both fans but one of you is playing for story and the other might be playing for a challenge. Great, you like a challenge that’s nice and cool dude power to you.

You all like the series. Get along. Just because someone hasn’t played the same number of games as you or plays at a lower difficulty than you doesn’t make them any less of a gamer or fan that you are. Yes, they might not know as much as you do, but they’re new. It is their decision whether they’d like to find out more on the series or not. The fact that they’re new and don’t play like you or hasn’t played as many games as you does not give you some special privilege to look down on them.

You both enjoy the same game series but in different ways and that’s okay.

If you think you’re hot shit because you have like thirty statues of Lyn in various poses in your fire emblem decal glass display case next to your fire emblem bed with your fire emblem tiddy mouse pads and your roy amiibo: then I’ve got some news for you. You are hot shit. But you’ll never be hot enough shit to talk down to anyone. So suck it up and accept that not everyone can be as “amazing” as you.

Just respect other people got it? What the hell is so hard about that?

We met through tumblr last January, and quickly became friends. We developed an attraction to each other, and I discovered he would be moving to my city in May. Once he moved here we started dating and were in a relationship for seven months. He was my first love.

Looking back we ended for reasons that were always there but we were too scared to say out loud. He’ll be moving back to his hometown in May.

We met up a few days after we broke up we met up for breakfast to exchange things. He had a lot of my books I had lent him, and as I was looking at my bookshelf the night before I saw The Warded Man, a book I had attempt to read in the summer and never finished. It was also the book I was reading when I first met him in person. He never replied to this message so I put a note in the book saying I didn’t want it anymore and put it with his stuff.

I haven’t spoken to him since that morning, and it hurt so much I didn’t even say goodbye. I miss him everyday.

So this isn’t much but I wanted to make a lil post on the changes I made this semester since I saw a dramatic grade jump this semester. To be fair, I was an emotional&mental mess last semester and my grade plummeted but still, I think some of the stuff I tried out this semester might also be helpful to others!

  • I made it a personal rule to organize all the stuff I learned that week by the end of the week. I had to sacrifice a lot of weekends for this but I made sure to 1.go over&rewrite my notes from the classes from that week 2. take care of all assignments 3. do the readings for next weeks class by the time I went to bed on sunday. This way by midterms/finals week, I’ve gone over all the material at least once and I have a handy notebook with all the relevant information ready
  • while I was organizing&going over in-class notes I realized some of my notes don’t make sense because the professor would often speak too fast for me to write so I sometimes leave out crucial info.. So I started recording all my lectures on my phone. When I go over my inclass notes &rewrite them I also listen to the lecture recording so my notes make sense & I can organize on the stuff I may have missed out on
  • This had been said to death but I’ll say it again…. GO! TO! CLASS!! even if the professor isn’t helpful. My physics prof didn’t really teach us a lot other than the stuff in the textbook so I was tempted not to go but I sucked it up and went anyway.. I emphasize going to class because listening to someone talk about a subject and writing it down in itself is a really helpful activity in memorization & understanding
  • Quiz yourself! If your textbook has practice Q’s, do them after you go over your notes! If it doesn’t, get a buddy to quiz you! This is important because going over the notes isn’t enough for memorization. You have to keep on recalling info in order to make it yours.
  • Set weekly goals! You know that refreshed feeling you get about going into the new year? or a new semester? I try to keep that fresh motivatio alive by starting off monday planning what to do for the week.
  • On a sidenote keeping a semester calendar of all your semester to-dos handy is really important because I failed to do this and ended up having to take a test one day at 12 pm and give a presentation at 1:30pm when the two class rooms were like 20 mins apart… it was hellish because the day before I spent my time practicing my speech instead of studying…. oh and did I mention I had to hand in an essay by 10 am that morning… one that I forgot about until the day before?? fortunately It was a “full-mark-as-long-as-you-hand-it-in” situation but yeah… that day was probably one of the most stressful days I’ve had to go through….

I guess that’s it! nothing special but sth for people like me who needed some guidance in setting a rhythm&structure in studying!

It’s been really long since I’ve finished a book so interesting that I’ve finished it fast enough. Technically I’ve finished this for a day. Words cannot describe how grateful and happy I am to have randomly chose this book to borrow at our school library. It was so damn interesting that I cannot even take a break. I’m not really a fan of Paris or anything Parisian and stuff but this book definitely changed my perspective of Paris and now, I too, like any other fashion girl, is dreaming about Paris. Probably the great thing about this book is that I can relate to it so much. The guy best friend thing, the thing about movies, about friends, and relationships. I had a lot of realizations after reading this book. I wouldn’t want to elaborate on that much because this would be such a lengthy post. Anyway, I was just thinking about doing my first ever book review and like maybe post my favorite quotes and parts of the book? Yeah. Soon.