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Something that I love about Touka & Kaneki’s relationship is the contrast between how unloved he felt by his mother and how loved he is by Touka. One of Kaneki’s biggest issues was the fact that his mother never put him first, he wasn’t her first priority, he wasn’t her first choice thanks to her inability to choose; but Touka did the opposite. She put him first when she was willing to drop school only to leave with him and help him after he decided to leave Anteiku. She put him first by waiting for him for years as she built a home for him. She put him first by accepting his role as a king and all the things that came with it — the danger, the new ghouls, her daily routine being shaked because “as long as he comes back home things will be alright” — She put him and their child first over Yoriko, she chose the family that they have created together and he was deeply shocked by that, by her fervent determination.

Touka has put so much faith in who he is despite all his mistakes, I think it’s beautiful that Kaneki has a person who loves him like that, for the first time being someone else’s first choice without hesitation.. 😭💦


I was looking for some inspiration to draw adult Harry Potter and I read this headcanon of @snapslikethis, so I had to illustrate it!

Alfred is a ministry’s employee who doesn’t want to be the asshole who brings  Harry Potter the fact he needs an apparition licence in order to apparate, after almost 19 years x)

 [more Potter sketches]

I can’t believe Lotor is Magic Brian.

Clips from Voltron Season 3 trailer

Audio from Episode 4 of The Adventure Zone