and i had a massive heart attack from how adorable he was when he said that

The one with all the sass

Summary: You want to learn how to drive a manual vehicle, and Bucky offers to teach. Things don’t go smoothly.

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 1,620

Warnings: Language (reader is a potty-mouth)

A/N:  Much of this is done conversation style, hopefully it’s easy to follow along.

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Number 3: Learn how to drive a manual vehicle.

It was on your resolutions list, one of those goals that stubbornly remained in the top three, year after year after year. Every January, you dutifully copied it onto the fresh handwritten note you posted on the mirror in your bedroom, underlining it three times because dammit, this was it, this was the year you would finally succeed.

Six years later, you were once again within sight of the year’s end, having made no progress, except for drawing angry little stick-figures on the offending post-it note (you swore it was mocking you). After overhearing you complain about your inability to tackle this particular task, Bucky had surprisingly volunteered to teach you the basics. Admittedly, you questioned whether this was a good idea. The two of you were well known among…well, everyone…for a disturbing lack of patience with each other. However, if he was willing to lend a hand, who were you to say no.

So here you were, on a bright, cold November morning, sitting in a faded blue ‘68 Ford pick-up Bucky had nostalgically purchased from an estate sale. A massive (and blessedly empty) parking lot stretched in front of you, leaving plenty of open room for mistakes.

Bucky had driven you out, and after swapping places, he now he sat in the passenger seat, you in the drivers. Bouncing a little on the dusty cloth seats, the rusted springs squeaking indignantly, you got yourself comfortable and turned expectantly toward him.

“Alright, what do you do first?” he asked, sounding irritatingly similar to the older brother you never actually had, but always felt certain you would throat punch if he existed.

“First, I push in the clutch to start – ” your confident recitation was immediately cut off.

“Wrong. First you put your seatbelt on.” Bucky said flatly, eyebrows raised.

You rolled your eyes at him. “Alright yes, first I put my seat belt on.” You pulled the shoulder belt down, the lap belt across, and snapped both into place with a sharp click. “Okay, now I push in the clutch –“

“Wrong. Next you check all your mirrors.”

You stared at him. Well this was going to be interesting.

“Seriously? Is this how this lesson is going to work?”

“Yes, because the basics are still important. If you don’t follow the rules, you could die.”

“And we don’t think that’s just the teeniest bit dramatic?”

“No. We don’t.”

You sighed. Bucky Barnes was stubborn as hell, so if this was his approach to teaching, clearly it would be simpler to humour him. But really, when did you ever make things simple?

“Alright fine, safety first. I brought my safety glasses along, so hang on and let me grab those, and should I get out my kneepads and helmet too, or…?”

“Your sass is not appreciated. Fix the mirrors.”

With a dramatic flourish, you checked each side mirror four times, and wiggled the rear-view mirror back and forth for a full 30 seconds, until you were happy. Bucky watched patiently from the passenger seat, hands folded in his lap, a smirk twisting his lips.

Finally you were settled. “Okay. My seatbelt is on, and I can see for miles in every direction. No possibility for sneak attacks from a rogue Prius. Now – I push the clutch in all the way, and start the truck.” You turned the key, the truck spluttering to life, as you turned to him with a grin. “By the way, you never told me I’d be learning on a truck born before the invention of electricity.”

Bucky narrowed his eyes at you. “If you’re gonna mock her, we can stop this lesson right now.”

“Kidding, kidding, she’s remarkable. A beauty. A testament to the ingenuity of the historic American manufacturing machine.”

“I’m sorry, remind me what I said about sass?”

“That you love it and I’m adorable? No? Sorry. Anyway, so now I put it into first.” You grasped the stick and maneuverer from neutral into first gear, Bucky visibly flinching at the grinding squeal the gears make as they catch.

“When you’re done stripping the gears, slowly let out the clutch and gently press the gas at the same time.”

Tossing an annoyed glance in his direction, you gripped the wheel tightly and slowly swapped the pressure, left leg to right, lightly toeing the gas pedal. With an almighty lurch, the truck leapt forward and died.

Christ. You could feel your earlier confidence rapidly leaving the building. Bucky just grinned, shaking his head. “It’s okay, common mistake. Try again.”

Dropping back into neutral, it took another three attempts to get the truck into first gear and actually moving forward.

Whooping excitedly, you gave a little wiggle in the seat as you rolled forward, picking up speed. “Fuck yeah, I’ve totally got this.”

“Alright speed racer, simmer down.” Bucky noted dryly. “You’ve gone 15 feet. Give it a little more gas, so you can switch into second.”

The excitement of momentary success briefly overshadowed perspective, and your foot stomped down on the gas pedal, throwing the truck forward and forcing your seatbelt to bite into your shoulder. Mercifully, you managed to keep it from stalling again, but suddenly you’re going faster. Your heart jumped, hammering in your ears and you felt sweat prickle on your forehead.

“Alright, I can smell the clutch burning, stop riding it.”

“You stop riding it!”

“What? That doesn’t even make sense.”

“You don’t make sense!


“Shit, I don’t fucking know, I’m panicking! How do I not ride the clutch?” You took your hands off the wheel briefly, putting air-quotes around the phrase “ride the clutch” and Bucky’s voice rose several octaves as he shot a hand out to take the wheel.

“What the hell are you doing, always keep your hands on the wheel! Ten and two at all times!”

Huffing loudly you slapped his hand away and took back control, his panic causing your nerves to snap, and your voice sharpened in response. “Bucky, it’s an empty parking lot, what the hell do you think will happen?”

Bucky looked nervously around – true, it was huge and empty, although there was a row of parking curbs and a couple shopping carts strewn about, all which suddenly became rather ominous targets. “I don’t know, a fiery crash and a slow burning death maybe?”

You roll your eyes, the sarcasm flooding your voice as the conversation between you both escalated. “Oh look, you’re hilarious. Could you maybe try to be a bigger drama queen?”

“I’m not being dramatic, I’m being realistic. Statistically the odds of dying in a car crash are higher – ”

“For fuck’s sake, please stop speaking, unless you can pull – out of your ass please – the statistics for total number of people who died of boredom waiting for the world’s oldest truck to go faster than a speeding snail.”

Neither of you are paying attention to the landscape at this point, although the truck continued to move along at a decent pace, choosing instead to sling colourful insults at each other, growing more and more childish with each turn of phrase. With an exasperated groan (following your standard ‘that’s what she said’ response), Bucky glanced out the window and in the next moment, threw out a metal hand to your left leg, gripping your knee and yanking it toward him, effectively sweeping both feet away from the pedals. The truck jerked to an immediate stop, shuddering before falling silent.

In the silence you freeze, panting slightly, before whipping around angrily. “What the actual fuck Bucky Barnes?! I had it under control, it was a god damn parking curb, what did you think would –” your rant is just starting to build up steam, but doesn’t get any further.

With a thoroughly frustrated growl, Bucky lunged forward, smashing his lips into yours. A smart way to shut you up, you had to admit. Your response was immediate and enthusiastic, heart racing for a new reason entirely, shivering slightly as Bucky’s beard scrapes along your cheek when he turns toward you. With a tangle of hands and tongues, you fought each other for control, before he pulled back to take a breath, resting his forehead against yours, and leaving you both slightly shocked at the turn of events.

“About fucking time,” you whisper. “I swear to god, you’ve been pushing my buttons for far too long without delivering. If I had known I needed to crash your truck to get a response, I would have tried that sooner,” your fingers twisted in his hair, holding him a breath away. “Did you see your life flash before your eyes?”

Bucky snorts, his shoulders shaking with laughter. “I swear to god woman, your fucking mouth,” he mutters with a grin, his hand still holding tight to your knee. “I can think of fifty better uses for it, beyond the ridiculous amount of sass and swearing you seem to have on autopilot. Maybe we head back and agree a few alternatives.”

You’re inclined to agree, it seems like the only logical solution considering you nearly died today, but there’s one minor issue. “I still can’t drive a manual. What the hell happens if I go somewhere and this is the only thing available? What am I supposed to do then?”

Bucky reaches to release your seat-belt and wraps an arm around you, easily dragging you across his lap (pausing a moment to give you a suggestive look), before depositing you in the passenger seat and sliding himself behind the wheel. Effortlessly, he starts the truck, flicks the stick into first, and smoothly takes off, before throwing you a cheeky grin. “I’ll teach you how to ride a bicycle.”

You glare at him.

“By the way baby – put your seat-belt on.”

July 14

Pairing: poly!hamilsquad

Premise: modern au - Lafayette is feeling homesick on Bastille Day, and it’s up to John, Alexander, and Hercules to cheer him up.

Word Count: 1496

a/n: fluffy fluff… enjoy <3 (p.s. i’m sorry it’s up later than i hoped… but you can expect marliza pt. 1 tomorrow night!)

“Guys can you please shut up?” John moaned as Hercules and Alexander animatedly discussed the latter’s newest legal case. “The movie’s starting!”

Indeed, the artsy opening credits had stopped and given way to the first scene of Amélie. Alexander shut up, pouting, and Hercules quickly kissed him and promised that they would finish talking later.

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How Felicity felt

My muse would not let this go.  It is short and not beta checked but here is how my muse thought Felicity felt during 5.20.

When Curtis said the words, Felicity knew it was a bad idea.  “The way he looks at you.” Does she look at him the same way? Probably.  She loves this man with all of her heart, soul and ….nope, not her mind.  Her mind is the clog in the wheel right now.  Her mind keeps saying how much it hurt when he did not trust her.  Yes, being a genius is not in her favor now.   Oliver walks in with the Chinese food.

“Curtis next time you pick up your own Chinese food.” Oliver tells him as he walks in with a big container.

Felicity is still lost in thought when she hears Curtis say there is wine and before she knows it she is telling Oliver she will go get it.  Wine.  It would be nice if she could honestly state that the wine was to blame for what happened but she can’t lie to herself.  Soon, Oliver is helping her with the Salmon Ladder.  

“Come here,” he tells her in that adorable but so sexy tone of voice.  She feels his hands on her as he lifts her up.  A kaleidoscope of memories invades her.  Oliver making breakfast, Oliver carrying her up and down the stairs when she was paralyzed, Oliver smiling at her across the room, kissing her before and after a mission, holding her as they watched TV, his confused face as she tried to explain Dr. Who to him for the hundredth time, Oliver, Oliver, Oliver.

When he put his hands on her waist to pull her down, her body rubbed deliciously against his all the way.  

“I got you, honey.” Looking into his eyes, she just wants to believe he really does have her.  And it has been so long since he called her anything but Felicity.  What did she do to make him not trust her? What can she do to show him he can trust her?  This is the only issue between them.  She does not care that he has a son.  William is a child and Oliver’s son so she loves him already.  Samantha and she got along fine and she is positive she could be a good stepmother to William but Oliver does not trust her.

She misses him so much. Not just the sex, although she misses that, but the daily touches and kisses She misses his place on the couch, in the kitchen making dinner and at night she still sleeps lightly expecting him to cry out from a nightmare.  She learned how to wake him when that happened.  After he would have a panic attack which Felicity would sooth by putting his hand over her heart so he could breathe with her.  She misses waking up to him snuggled into her as his hand would wander down her body until he turned her and they would make love.  

“In fairness, you’ve had a little bit to drink,” Oliver tells her after he steps away from her.

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Sh 2x08 Recap

Weekly recap here: *taps chin* Where do I even begin?

So, the show is definitely getting better. I really enjoyed this episode, despite some upsets..

1) *Singing* Fuck you, and fuck her too. Alec hand delivered a ‘fuck you’ to maryse and I loved every minute of it. He was like ‘this is my man, and we done fucked, and he aint going anywhere cuz we done fucked, and you better get your shit together bihh.’ 

But on a serious note, I’m proud of him. Alec has internalized his feelings for so long, thinking that he was somehow wrong for being gay; all b/c that’s the way he was brought up thinking. He’s starting to accept himself, and accept his sexuality, and he’s proud of who he is. In order for Malec to work, Alec had to learn how to love himself first. So him standing up for his sexuality, and his boyfriend, to his mother, was so important. Glad the show showed this. 

2) We did miss the sex scene. All the upset malec fans can go ahead and be upset now; even though I suggest you don’t. At least we got to see ‘where the magic happened’ even though we saw the bedroom b/c of a fucking cat. Still, can you imagine? Alec writhing, and arching his back, on those silk sheets? His neck barred while Magnus goes to town on that ass, and his runes? Ugh…fuck. Okay, I need to get it together. 

3) Can we talk about Jace and Magnus right quick? I almost died when Jace scared Magnus, b/c Magnus thought Jace could feel Magnus and Alec having sex. Lmfao, like can you imagine? “Alec? You want to know why I keep cockblocking? Because I’m tired of being in the middle of training and feeling your fourth orgasm!!” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Okay, I’m done. 

But lowkey, Jace being attacked by kittens was too fucking hilarious. I need more Jace and kittens. Jace needs nice and fluffy things. 

I also want to know if Magnus will feel a bit guilty for allowing all this to happen? I mean, it’s because Magnus is so welcoming and trusting, the warlock knew she could disguise herself as a cat in order to do what she needed to do. It must hurt to have your weakness exploited against you like this. 

4) Magnus and Max met!! BUT it did NOT go like planned. Honestly, fuck Maryse for putting those thoughts into Max’s head. He’s a child and they are prone to copying what they see, hear, and experience. Magnus and Max should have had such a cute meeting, but instead it was ruined by Maryse’s ignorance, even though she’s now starting to realize the error of her ways. I do love how the show portrayed this because this is how generational hatred is created. You aren’t born to hate.

I know Maryse has been dealing with her husband cheating and instead of confronting the cheating she turns her anger and annoyance onto Magnus. Not right, but all we can do is learn and grow from our mistakes. 

5) BAMF Magnus??? Can I get a ‘hell yeah?’ The way he worked his magic this episode seriously fucked me up. He was so freaking hot, and talented, and bamf as fuck. R.I.P. me. I bet Alec’s dick was hard as fuck. 

6) *Pulls out every knife in my house, even the plastic knives and butter knives.* I’m seriously coming for Valentine. Like, how dare he? How fucking dare he do those hallucinations that almost made Jace kill Maryse, and Alec kill himself?? Boy, oh boy, let me at him. *Takes off earrings.* I will fuck him up. Not only that, but he done kidnapped Alec’s future daughter, Madzie. Fuck him!!! *Alec save your child!!!* But real talk, now that oh girl is with the Clave, Madzie is going to be all alone so Alec needs to adopt her. 

7) When Alec said ‘stay with us?’ Can I please fangirl interpret that as meaning he stays with Magnus because Jace stays with Magnus, so what is this us? Unless he meant Izzy, but fuck it. I’ll do my own head canon. 

8) Izzy and Raphael. *Sighs* I loved this, and hated it all at the same time. Izzy was so vulnerable, and that’s why she’s doing this b/c she can’t keep pretending that she’s A Okay all the time. However, she exploited Raphael’s weakness and she never apologized for it. Raphael almost broke, and even had to apologize to Magnus because he knew what he was doing was wrong. Raphael is such a good person he was willing to risk his own recovery to help ease Izzy out of danger. Please give this guy all the love. I really did hate the way Izzy treated Raphael like her personal property, just bending him to do what she wanted without remorse. Addict or not, that’s fucked up and not okay and what’s so sad is that Raphael is so prone to people using him. Fuck, my heart hurts for this guy. Also, I think Raphael and Izzy could be cute together if done right. 

9) All the climon fans are happy, I know. I never liked book Climon, for multiple reasons, but I am willing to give show climon a chance. I can’t really talk on them just yet because I’m still getting over my book hatred. On a side note, the actor’s are so adorable and having climon together is cute. It’s just going to suck when jace realizes he and Clary aren’t related. *Can you say drama?* 

So in a nutshell, Valentine is still being a dick and trying to use Clary to destroy all downworlders b/c Valentine is a massive asshole with a god complex and a lot on the sociopath side. 

Maryse and her children, minus Izzy, seem to be on the track to working things out. Malec is so together it hurts. Climon is going to bring drama, but they cute though. And Izzy is in need of some serious intervention. Also, *Spoiler for next episode*, it looks like Alec may find out Magnus knew about Izzy seeking out a vamp dealer and is going to try and blame Magnus for it, which means drama!!!! I’m here for it all! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HANUKAH/HAPPY HOLIDAYS @edendaphne! i’m your backup filler for the @mlsecretsanta this holiday season ♥

i was flailing a bit for an idea of what you might like, and then i remembered this fantastic piece of ladrien you drew (and the awesome idea that came with it :D) so i thought i’d write something based off of that. i hope you enjoy! ♥♥♥

(@mirthaculous went above and beyond to make this readable, and at 1am, no less ;A; one day i will pay her back, this i swear (9′-’)9)

EDIT: SHIT I FORGOT TO CREDIT @sixsaltysweets / @howdoyousix she helped out a ton with early stage flow betaing god bless ♥♥♥ THANK YOU RUX ;O; 

It figured that the one day Chat had begged out of the signings was the one day an akuma crashed the con.

“All this,” Plagg complained in his ear as Adrien helped direct the panicking crowd. “All this just for a piece of paper someone scribbled on.”

Adrien’s own ‘piece of paper’ burned in his pocket, warm with the memory of Ladybug’s fingers brushing his as she handed it to him, so he didn’t comment. Instead he nudged his grumpy kwami back into his shirt and continued to usher the out-of-town con-goers from towards the exit, wincing at the cacophony.

It was amazing how much three years of constant attacks could desensitize a person to surprise supervillains — and how much panic they could instill in someone who wasn’t desensitized.

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But What If He Lived (Chapter 2)

@smallsapphling and I did more writings

Connor never really thought much about his sexuality. Mainly because of the whole “Gender Crisis of 2012”, at least that’s how he referred to it. Basically, before that year he was totally fine, well… not horrified, with being called his dead-name and by she/her pronouns, but as he got older and learned more he realized that 1) he was definitely genderfluid and 2) he/him and Connor were what he was now responding to now, nothing else, except for they/them sometimes. The point being he had to tell his family, which was grand! Not. His sister kinda shut down and didn’t talk to him for a month, Larry (his dad) said; “I’ve always wanted a son, but you’ll still always be my daughter.” That one sentence felt like a stab to the heart. His mother took it okay, just smiled blankly and switched over, but she definitely struggled at first. Zoe did eventually warm back up to him, but she was much more distant now. His dad wouldn’t even speak directly to him unless goaded by his wife, but Connor just liked to think about the positive fact that he didn’t have to come out to any friends… because he didn’t have any.

But sexuality hadn’t really been a topic of his thoughts. That was, until the cute boy in his language class ran into him in the hallway, and layed on his chest for like a lifetime (and a half). That was when Connor had the realization that he was very much bisexual and that Evan Hansen needed to be very, very close to him again, because damn. So then, the last little shreds of his mental stability jumped overboard. He knew that coming out again was not happening because it barely went well last time. So Connor did what he always did when his mental stability got fucked to hell, get higher than the empire state. What he tried to do after that was… one of the worst things he’d ever done. He never thought Zoe would be so distraught by him almost dying, but she was. Which is how Connor Murphy ended up in a therapy group and tried to stop doing drugs.

Connor was, at first, just going to make his sister happy, but when in strolled the heart attack on legs that was Evan hansen, he decided that staying was a much of an interesting decision than blowing this whole thing off and getting high in the alley outside. He almost regretted everything when the overly peppy counselor started talking, but when Evan got up and started talking about how he tried to kill himself, Connor made the final decision that staying was obligatory now. Why was he so interested in this practical stranger? Well, he couldn’t really say (he was cute), but what he could say was the amount of pure unadulterated shock on his face from when Connor spoke his piece was actually quite entertaining. So of course he couldn’t help himself when he looked directly at Evan and said hello, and so what if the blush that rose on Evan’s freckled cheeks made him happy knowing he caused it? Evan was probably straight, so it didn’t matter, right?

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. Was really the only thing Evan’s brain could really think, because cute boy staring at him! That was definitely a first, and now said cute boy was walking towards him? This was not an ordinary event in his life.

“So Hansen?” Connor was probably a little close, but then again, they were in a smallish room with other people so maybe not? “What’s with the blank cast?” Connor looked genuinely curious, one eyebrow arched up over his hazel eyes. The question wasn’t actually a heavy one, but boy oh boy did Evan’s anxiety launch into outer space.

“I, umm… fell, out of a tree.” Evan stuttered and coughed his way through that sentence. Maybe Connor didn’t notice.

“Mmmm,” Connor just made an uncommitted noise as his frown deepened. “You fell, sure.” Well looks like it is time to go. Evan was not doing this no, no. Definitely not.

“I gotta-” Evan turned to go but Connor’s hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Hey man, I won’t ask if you don’t either, okay?” Connor looked serious, so Evan nodded, not really trusting his voice to be steady. They walked out of the building together, Connor talking mostly and Evan nodding along and occasionally adding an opinion or two. Then suddenly Connor asked him a question only Connor would ask. “Wanna go get high in a field?”

“WhAt?” Evan’s voice cracked like a fissure in the ground. He was… startled to say the very least. But also very curious. “I, I mean. No I mean what?!”

“Well you seem anxious and I’ve found weed helps. A lot,” Connor was smirking again, and to be honest if it meant Connor would smirk like that Evan just might consider doing just about anything. “Why don’t you come with. You can chill with me, make sure I don’t do something stupid again. And if you decide you want a hit cool, if not, well that’s cool too.” Connor was walking away as he said this, not really waiting for an answer. Evan had to run to catch up. He wasn’t going to do any drugs, but he wasn’t passing up a chance for possibly the only cute person to look at him more than once.

Connor didn’t actually think Evan would take him up on his offer, of either the drugs or hanging out. But surprises come in all shapes and sizes, even Evan Hansen shaped ones. So there they were, sitting in Connor’s favorite field, Connor high as a kite and Evan looking cuter than what should be legal. Too bad he’s probably straight… oh well a boy can dream can’t he?

“Okay,” Evan spoke evenly (for probably the first time since he was a kid). “I want a hit.”

“Oooo, Mr. Bad Boy over here,” Connor giggled as he pulled a dandelion out of his hair. He turned to face Evan better, letting the puff of smoke he’d been holding in his lungs go and watching is float to the sky. “Are you sure, I don’t wanna pressure you or something,” raising a finger to the air half heartedly, he yelled, “No nonconsensual corruption on my watch!”

“I’m sure.” Evan seemed pretty curious, so explanations about effects and what not were needed, and Connor was more than prepared to provide.

“Okayyyy, but you should know two things first,” Connor’s voice was slow and decently smooth. “Weed is heavy, you’re gonna cough, so like please tell me you don’t have asthma or something. And your voice is gonna get really fucking deep if you smoke a lot, cause like it’s heavy on your lungs ‘n shit.”
“Okay, no breathing issues… pass it over,” Connor laughed and handed Evan back his dandelion. “Coooonnnnnoooorrrrr.” Wow, was he really that high, or was Evan whining his name kinda cute (probably both). He carefully handed the blunt to Evan after a quick demonstration on how to take a hit properly. Evan squinted his eyes nervously as he made eye contact with Connor’s heavy lidded and bloodshot ones, and quickly put it in his mouth before he could back out. Evan coughed and sputtered before almost throwing it back, looking about three times as shocked as he was when they were in group.

“WHAT THE HELL CONNOR?!” Evan yelled, gesturing wildly. Connor just giggled (again), collapsed backwards onto the ground and took another hit.

“What? I told you it was heavy?” Connor spoke while letting out his puff of smoke, still giggling like a small child. Wow was this good shit.

“Not like THAT! How the HELL do you smoke this shit regularly?” Connor just smirked instead of giving any sort of coherent answer. “Seriously Connor how the fuck?”

“I’ll tell you a secret, some people say it’s easier to shotgun.” That thought sent Connor into another massive fit of hysteric giggles. Evan couldn’t help but notice how his nose wrinkled as he laughed, and the way he covered his mouth with his hand to stifle it. Evan’s breath hitched in his throat, but he wasn’t sure if it was from adoration or the coughing fit from earlier. Evan has no idea what Connor was talking about, but was just gonna write it off as the drugs.

“So why’d no one sign your cast?” Connor smushed the remains of what he was smoking into the dirt. “That’s what I was asking earlier.”

“I- I dunno?” Evan rubbed at his cast self consciously, the rough fabric mixed with plaster scratching roughly against his hand.

“Got a pen?” Connor gestured limply towards Evan, kind of like he was reaching for his pocket then decided that it required too much effort.

“A pen?” Evan was beyond confused. Was he high?

“A pen, ya know to sign your cast?” Connor sat up and scooted closer to Evan. Wow, was he cute. Not the point Evan. Focus, give Connor the pen. Evan’s hand seemed to be moving at half speed, and it probably was but Connor was probably too high to notice or care. Hopefully. As he handed him the pen their fingers brushed, Evan’s hands were shaking and probably grossly sweaty. He wanted to drop the pen and wipe his hands on his jeans, but obviously he couldn’t because, well, Connor was staring at him and was very close. Their hands were still touching slightly, Connor’s nail polish (where it wasn’t chipped) was slick under Evan’s fingers, and Evan didn’t really want to stop touching Connor’s hand. Slowly Connor pulled his hand away, grinning playfully. Evan felt his face heat up and he looked away.

“Evan, are you getting sunburnt? Should we find some shade?” Connor leaned in even closer to Evan inspect his face. His breath was ghosting across Evan’s freckled nose.

“I-I-I-I’m f-fine, r-really,” Evan couldn’t have stuttered more if he was being forced to speak in front of a thousand people

“If you say so,” Connor didn’t look fully convinced, but was easily distracted by the task of signing Evan’s cast. Big swooping letters followed by a little squiggly line, probably because he forgot what he was doing half way though, but it was cute.

“So,” Evan scooted back a bit just so they weren’t that close and so he could see the other boy a bit better. “How are you gonna get back home? You probably can’t even walk right now.”

“Well I’m gonna lay here until I can walk Hansen,” Connor laughed while he talked, not really looking directly at Evan. “Then I’m going to walk home, obviously.”
So smoking pot with Evan was not a bad idea, and Connor kind of wanted to do it again. Now that he was clear headed enough to think clearly, all that was running through his head was the blush that covered Evan’s face when their fingers brushed. Maybe Evan wasn’t as straight as Connor assumed he was. This could be fun. In a sort of experiment, Connor walked very close to Evan, brushing their shoulders together.

“I’m glad I decided to walk you home,” Evan put his hand around Connor’s back, pulling him closer, mistaking his shoulder brush for a stumble. Now it was Connor’s turn to blush. “You can’t even walk straight.”

Connor laughed nervously and stepped away a bit. The pair had come to his house. Far too soon if Connor was honest. But that’s how his life worked. Never able to get “too much” of a good thing.

“Is this your house?” Evan gestured widely and looked down slightly, almost as if he was upset.

“Yeah, looks like I’m in time for dinner,” Connor looked at his phone briefly, the light illuminating his face.

“Number,” Evan blurted the word out like it was on fire in his mouth. “We should keep in touch I mean…”

“Sounds good to me,” Connor smiled and handed him his phone. Evan blushed slightly as he put in his details. His name was saved as ‘Hansen 🍂’ Connor smiled slightly at seeing that. Evan handed his phone to Connor who saved his name as ‘Connor 🚬’ because… of course he did. Their hands brushed again as they traded phones back, and Evan seemed to be moving slower than usual. Connor glanced up and caught Evan’s soft blue eyes, and suddenly everything seemed to fade for a second- but when Evan looked away, the air lost its charge and they stepped back.
“Well-l see you later Connor,” Evan spoke as he turned away walking back the way they had came, the low sun leaving his as barely a shadow.

“Stay safe Hansen!” Connor had called as he walked towards his house, his voice was still slow.

“So our kid has decided to come back?” Larry called towards Connor but was speaking to his mother, who looked mildly relieved to see him but she was really the only one. Zoe hadn’t even really looked up, guess her brief moment of caring was over and she was back to treating him like a stranger, nothing changed all that much.

“Yes he has, and will be eating in his room tonight,”  Connor grabbed a bag of chips from the kitchen and a soda then walked up stairs. Same old shit, different day. His mom was walking up the stairs behind him, a plate covered in saran wrap in her hands.

“Connor,” Cynthia called softly, holding the plate towards him. “I tried to keep your dinner warm for you. I know you’re not fond of my cooking, but I want you to eat healthily.”

Connor took the plate smiling softly, she tried so hard for him. “Thanks mom,” he turned without saying anything else and went to his room. His mom seemed to be the only person in that house that looked out for him constantly. Zoe did sometimes, but that felt like more out of guilt than anything.

Once in his room Connor picked at his food but most of his meal was the chips he grabbed and his pop. He fiddled with his phone for a bit, debating on whether or not he wanted to text Evan or not. Eventually he decided that he wanted to be decently high before making any decision. Double checking that his door was closed, he rummaged through his side drawer looking for the half a blunt he left there the night before. He took a few hits before pulling his phone out again, trying to think of a topic of conversation. All his muddled brain could come up with was that Evan liked trees, and had feelings. Do trees have feelings? Shit better ask him.

Hey Hansen, do you think trees have feelings

Ummm… i suppose. Are you high?

Possibly 😂😂
But like do they feel, like feel or do they just feel????

I think they can like. Feel pain and physical stuff but not, um, emotions
Also I’m at dinner I shouldn’t really be texting

Whoa, that’s wild man. Okay dude, I’ll letcha get back to the food stuffs
Evan didn’t know what he was expecting when he got a text message during dinner but it was definitely not Connor asking about trees and feelings. In Connor’s defense, it was a good question. Also he was clearly high (again).  In all seriousness the look Heidi gave him when his phone went off was comical, because his phone hardly goes off, and if it does he doesn’t smile and answer it. To say that she pestered him was an understatement, but she did eventually let the subject drop.

“Well Mom, it was great eating dinner with you, thank you,” Evan loved when his mom was around but with her working so much it didn’t happen often. The one time they saw each other with a constant frequency was every third Monday of the month, for dinner. Then it’s back to their chaotic lives of school, work, and for Evan now this therapy group. Well, for now, going back wasn’t a top priority but seeing Connor was. He never had any real friends other than Jared, so it was nice to have Connor. Connor is really nice to him, fun to be around and cu- cool. Not cute, girls were cute and Evan wasn’t gay… probably… the point being he liked being around Connor. Hopefully Connor liked being around him.

“No problem kiddo! How’s your arm?” Heidi was clearing the table so she didn’t see the look of guilt pass across Evan’s face when she asked that.

“It’s been… better,” Evan didn’t really want to talk about his arm, because that might mean his mom might notice Connor’s name scrawled across it. He really wasn’t sure how she didn’t notice it yet.

He shuffled his feet waiting a second before leaving the kitchen to go to his room. The odd thought of texting Connor again crossed his mind but he decided against it and did his homework instead

Troubles and Worry

Rating : T

Pairing : Mahiru x Kuro

Note : Hello everyone ! This is my first fanfiction about Mahiru and Kuro from Servamp ! They are so cute together I couldn’t help but write something about the two of them. I hope there isn’t too much mistakes ! Enjoy !

Dislcaimer : I don’t own Servamp or any of the characters (sadly …)

While the sun was finishing his race in the sky, with flamboyant and warm colors, and everybody was going home after a difficult day of work, the Sloth pair was out to do some shopping for the week and their evening meal, walking happily or lazily on the sidewalk. Like always, the light brown haired boy had a smile on his delicate face, his big chocolate eyes shining with joy when he spotted something interesting, and was humming a song that he heard in the morning, just before going to school. Unlike him, the black cat on his shoulder was yawning hard enough to break his jaw and couldn’t keep his eyelids open more than three seconds, falling asleep here and there like it was a normal thing to do. That wasn’t unusual. After all, Kuro’s real name wasn’t Sleepy Ash for nothing. Even if it could have seemed troublesome at first, because he couldn’t do a single thing by himself and that he could be annoying sometimes, slumped on the sofa, leaving all the chores to his Eve, the young man didn’t thought it was a bad thing to have him in the apartment. He had company and a friend to talk to when needed. He didn’t regret that day when he picked the dirty feline. He felt whole again with the bluenette by his side. However, Mahiru was a bit concerned by his behavior since their last fight against Tsubaki’s subclasses, and he hoped that everything was fine with his Servamp or that he would talk about whatever was on his mind to him. It was hard to make him talk, even if it was for a simple word like ‘Thank you’ or 'Goodmorning’, and the boy feared that his nerves would let go at some point and that he would hurt himself pretty badly.

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Waltzing with a Dinosaur (Delimoo)

This is my first attempt at a romantic pairing, so please have mercy on me if it ends up being terrible. I tried my best ;-;  

(This story is inspired by the recent Gang Beasts video created by Daithi de Nogla, BasicallyIDoWrk, H2ODelirious, and Moo Snuckel.)

Words: 3,199


It was fairly common knowledge to everyone that Delirious couldn’t dance. Despite being a year shy of thirty, Jonathan had never taken dance lessons even in his youth and had two left feet, capable of butchering any piece of choreography one dared to throw at him within moments. He tried, there was no doubt about that, but finding the beat was something he had always struggled with. It was even the reason why he gave up playing the drums in band during middle school and switched to piano, where hardly any footwork was required.

Yet Delirious never let that stop him, and took great pride in his expertise in random arm motions and hip swaying whenever his favorite tune came on. It was only when he was forced to learn an organized dance number that Jonathan let his insecurities rise, choosing to back out and save himself the embarrassment when he would inevitably trip and fall while everyone else completed their perfect spins, tapping their shoes in melodious harmony. He envied Luke’s natural talent for dancing and only felt comfortable learning when he had his childhood friend as his tutor. That way if he failed, only his best friend would be the one laughing at him and not a crowd of people that he didn’t even know.

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C'mon, Baby, Calm Me Down. You're The Only One Who Knows How.

Reader request: Bruce x reader remember in aou where Natasha calmed hulk with that lullaby could you do that scene but during a vacation on the beach Tony pushed him too far and he turned into the hulk and the reader is the only one to calm him cute & fluffy :-)

*Title from The Front Bottoms’ “Skeleton”*

It was a gorgeous summer afternoon out in California where you and the rest of the Avengers were spending a little r & r at the beach. After a particularly grueling month of missions, you and the rest of your friends had come to the consensus that you all desperately needed a break from chasing after bad guys, trading in your gear for swimsuits and sunscreen. You were especially thrilled to get back to your California roots.

“That’s it, guys!” You yelled out excitedly as Natasha flew around the curved road, bringing the exquisite shoreline into sight. You were literally bouncing in your seat, your face lighting up like a kid on Christmas. You couldn’t help it; while you liked the energy in New York, nothing could ever replace the way you felt hearing the roar of the Pacific, immersing yourself in its swirling waters and watching the sunlight sparkle.

Bruce laughed and you turned to face him, still smiling. “What?!” You asked your boyfriend, hitting him with your elbow. “I’m just happy to be back.” “I know,” Bruce replied with a smile, rubbing his thumb on your upper thigh. “You’re adorable when you’re excited.” You closed your eyes as he brought his lips to yours gently. You’d been dating for months now, and you still felt your heart speed up whenever you kissed. You were head over heels for the shy scientist, and he felt the same about you. “Aw, look at you two cuties,” Clint called from the passenger seat. You made a face at Clint, interlacing your fingers with Bruce’s as you pulled into the beach lot.

“HONEY, I’M HOME!” you yelled out as soon your bare feet touched the sand, laughing with delight and twirling around in the sand before falling lightly onto your back, letting out a contented sigh as you stared up at the cloudless, exhilaratingly blue sky. Bruce laid down on his back next to you for a minute before you rolled over onto your side to face him.

“Helloooo handsome,” you said flirtatiously, wiggling your fingers at him. He shook his head and smiled at you, gently smoothing out your sand-covered locks. “Hey, beautiful,” he murmured.“ You placed a hand on his chest. “You need sunscreen now otherwise that nice body of yours is gonna get torched,” you said, digging through your bag. You squeezed out a generous portion onto your hands, slopping it onto him as messily as possible. “Jesus, Y/N,” he cried out laughing as you giggled and drew white stripes across his cheeks. “That’s it,” he said, turning to attack you in return as you shrieked when the cold cream hit your skin. “I AM JUST TRYING TO PROTECT YOU DOCTOR, HAVEN’T YOU HEARD OF SKIN CANCER?” You yelled out through your laughter as you both stood up, attempting to smear the most sunscreen on each other before collapsing back down in a fit of giggles. Bruce put his arm around you, kissing your now SPF 30-ed cheek and smiling. “God, I love you, Y/N.” “And I love you, Bruce.” Bringing your lips to his, you maneuvered yourself into his lap as his one arm wrapped around your lower back, returning the kiss with his other hand grasping at your hair. All of a sudden, you felt a gust of wind that only meant one thing. You smiled slightly, pulling away to look up at the shirtless silvery blond now standing next to you two.

Pietro grinned apologetically. “Sorry, you guys. I did not mean to interrupt. But Y/N, you will still teach me to surf like you promised?” He asked, his eyes lighting up with excitement. You pulled yourself up off Bruce, dusting some sand of your turquoise bikini top and black board shorts. “It would be my pleasure, Speedy.” “Great! Let’s go now!” Pietro took your hand – you barely had time to grab your board before you were at the edge of the shore with him.
Bruce sat up cross legged, smiling to himself with the feeling of your mouth on his still lingering. He looked around as the rest of the team trailed in: Wanda carrying a stack of beach reads, Natasha and Clint chatting animatedly as they passed a frisbee back and forth, Thor tying his hair up into a messy bun, Steve carrying 3 massive coolers of drinks on his own and Tony strutting down the beach with his towel tied like a cape around him. He sat down next to Bruce with a loud “ahhhh.” “So,” Tony started, “Passing up hanging ten out there with your girlfriend, Doc?” “I’d end up drowning if I tried that,” Bruce said laughing. “I’ll let her focus on Speedy, he was practically crying when she said she’d teach him.”

Bruce and Tony stared off at you and Pietro. The Sokovian watched you intently as you showed him how to get up onto the board correctly. His eyes darted around while you weren’t looking, following the curves of your body and lingering on your chest and ass. Bruce’s hands clenched involuntarily.

“Looks like you got a little competition!” Tony jeered. “Just kidding, he’s harmless; homewrecking isn’t his style. But,” Tony continued in a tone that Bruce knew meant trouble, “What are you gonna do when a real threat comes along?”

Bruce’s face set in a hard line. “I’m not worried about that, Tony.” “Really?” Tony quipped. “Because if I had a girlfriend that looked like – well that –,” he said waving his hands in your general direction, “On a beach full of dreamy surf gods and rugged shirtless hippies, I’d be a little more concerned with claiming your territory. You know?” Bruce said nothing, trying to keep his anxiety from spiraling into something well, a little more green.

“Tony,” Bruce suddenly started through gritted teeth. “Lay off.” “Whaaat? I’m just looking out for you buddy. Last thing I would want is to have Y/N having some Channing Tatum fuckboy drooling on her trying to get a piece of that -” “TONY, ENOUGH,” Bruce yelled out. That was it. Bruce fell onto his hands as he felt himself getting swept over with panic and rage, unbridled and untamed. He pulled at his hair, desperately trying to regain control. For once in his life, Tony didn’t have a smart remark. “Oh shit, Bruce,” his eyes widening. Bruce let out a roar of frustration and Tony took three steps back. “I didn’t mean -” “Get - people - off - the - beach,” Bruce choked out in reply, falling onto his back.
You heard Bruce’s yell from the edge of the water, your neck immediately snapping around. “Bruce?” You looked and saw him writhing on the ground, Tony backing away. “Son of a bitch,” you muttered, your throat tightening with panic. Pietro grabbed your hand again as you two whisked to Bruce’s side. The rest of the team had got there already, starting to clear people off the beach. You slid to your knees in front of Bruce, tilting his face toward you. “Bruce? I’m right here, babe. It’s Y/N, you’re gonna be ok. You can fight this.” Bruce looked up at you and with a sinking feeling in your chest, you saw his warm
chocolate-colored eyes changing colors. “I can’t,” he whispered. “I’m so sorry.” You had seen the other guy in battle when he was relatively in control, but Bruce had yet to “Hulk out” since the two of you started dating. You swallowed the lump in your throat. “OK. It’s gonna be ok. You aren’t going to hurt anyone. We won’t let it happen.”

You turned angrily to Tony. “What the fuck did you say to him?!” You snarled out. “You’re the only one here stupid enough to push him to this!” “I was just kidding with him!” Tony yelled back. “Do you think I wanted this to happen?” “Y/N, you can maim Stark later, we’ve got to move, now!” Clint called out. “I’m not leaving Bruce here!” “Oh yes you are,” Nat called back, grabbing your arm. “Let Thor and Cap and Tony try to bring him down first. Banner will kill us if we let anything happen to you.” With the combined effort of Natasha, Wanda and Pietro, you let yourself get dragged off further behind a sand dune.
You had been watching the chaos for a few minutes now as the other guy took massive swings at your friends who were trying fruitlessly to subdue him. “This isn’t working,” you yelled in frustration. “He’s going to hurt them, they aren’t going about this the right way. He’s just scared and upset.” “Not to be a dick, Y/N, but do you have a better idea?” Pietro asked. You looked out at Hulk, but to you, he was just Bruce. A Bruce that was in a lot of pain, and you couldn’t stand it. “Maybe,” you said, darting out of Clint’s grip and sprinting off toward the direction of Hulk’s roars. The boys all saw you coming and temporarily stopped attacking. “Back off,” you yelled out. “Are you crazy?!” Steve yelled. “JUST DO IT!” You roared back. Your intensity did the trick and all three of them moved away.

You took a deep breath and walked forward. “Hey, big guy” you called up. The massive figure turned his head toward you, letting out an ear-splitting roar. You winced but held your ground, holding out one hand. “Hey now, cut the shit, Hulk!” He blinked slowly at you, huffing out and moving forward. You moved forward as well. “We don’t want to hurt you. I know you’re upset and scared, but I’m here to help.” You motioned for Thor, Steve and Tony to sit down. “You’re kidding right?” Tony cried out. “Sit down Stark or so help me God,” you screeched through clenched teeth, keeping your eyes on the green figure in front of you. He did. Hulk stopped moving upon seeing the boys sit down. “Hey,” you called softly. “Eyes here. I need my boyfriend to come back to me, ok? It’s me, Y/N.” You sat yourself gently on the ground, painfully aware that one of his feet was about the size of your body. You exhaled slowly, holding out your hand. “You know me. I’m not going to hurt you. You can trust me.” You couldn’t see it, but every member of the team had their mouths agape at this point, eyes widening as Hulk lowered himself down, his eyes fixed on your face. You extended you hand further, drawing a line down your palm. “Right here, bud.” You called softly. You were as surprised as anyone when a huge, green palm connected softly with yours. You looked up, startled as you met warm brown eyes. “Yes, Bruce. You’re safe.” You watched as the figure in front of you shrank, the green skin fading back to its normal tone. You caught Bruce as he staggered forward, his human self once more.
He blinked up, slightly dazed as you ran your hand across his cheek, laughing with relief as your eyes sparkled with grateful tears. “Hey, love,” you whispered. “I’m right here. You didn’t hurt me or anyone. You’re safe.” Bruce’s hand reached out for yours. “But you, how did you, I could hear you talking to me,” he muttered. “You brought me back.” “Of course I did,” you said with a shaky smile. “I’m absolutely brilliant, remember?” Bruce laughed and you pulled him into a hug. “You’re amazing, thank you” he breathed in your ear. “I love you so much, Y/N. I don’t know how you still love me like this.” You kissed him fiercely, breaking apart to gaze at his distraught face. “I love you because you’re you, Bruce. With the good the bad and the enormous green guy,” you smiled softly. “And that’s not going to change, OK?” He smiled that famous shy smile, “Not leaving me for any surfer boys?” he said jokingly, but you knew him well enough to sense the unease in his voice. Your face drew into lines of confusion. “Leave you for surfers? What are you -” The lightbulb went off in your head. Drawing in a very deep inhale, you turned slowly to face Tony. He waved nervously. “Hey, there, lovebirds.”

You stood up and Tony hastened backwards, nearly tripping down into the sand. “OK, I was just messing with him, saying he had to protect his territory –meaning you – because otherwise one of these beach bums would sweep you away. Which is obviously not going to happen. Cmon doc, just see how she looks at you all lovey dovey all the time. It’s sickening.” Neither of you laughed. Tony sighed, taking a serious tone. “Look, Banner, I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to freak you out and you have nothing to worry about. You clearly adore her just like she adores you.” He paused. “Ugh. I can hear the weepy Full House music playing in my head. But yeah, I really am sorry.” Bruce looked up. “Thanks, Tony.”

He turned his gaze toward you, bringing his arms around your waist. “Well, at least there’s a bright side to all of this,” Bruce said with a half smile. “What?” You inquired. He kissed you gently, breaking apart to gaze peacefully into your bright eyes. “I finally found my lullaby.”

Water Gun (N.M)

|based on the request: Hey, can I have and imagine with Nate where we’re at their house or in NYC for the Digitour and the boys are having water-gun fight, I’m talking to Nate’s fans and Nate will sneak behind me and spray the water on me and it will be all cute? Oh, and could you do it with the name Maggie, please? thanks!|

|•I only do Y/N, sorry!, 1.5k words, it’s boring af tbh lol it’s 2am and I need to upload something for yall so, it’s cheesy as and I’m sorry it’s so bad hahahahaha pls don’t hurt me, it’s not edited lol, masterlist is in my description homies•|

“Hey, Y/N!” A girl calls from behind me, making me whip around instantly and probably attack Emily or Andrea with my hair. “Can I get a picture with you?”

The guys are in New York for Digi NYC, so being the good and supportive girlfriend I am, I came along with them to cheer Nate on the loudest from side stage.

“Just attack my eye then, Y/N, yep, that’s cool with me, I’m fine being blind in one eye.” Andrea mutters, wiping her eye in pain yet still managing to roll her eyes with her intolerable level of sass.

“I’m sorry!” I can’t help but laugh at her misfortune, it wasn’t meant to happen, but what can I do, I have long hair. “I apologise on behalf of my hair.”

“You better watch your damn back-” She gets cut off by the shouting fans repeatedly calling my name. “Go ahead, Princess.” I flash her an innocent smile before carefully, avoiding hitting anyone, flipping my hair back over my shoulder.

“Hi! Of course!” I excuse myself from my conversation and skip over to the small group of fans. “How are you guys today?”

“We’re all really excited!” One girl answers, clutching her phone to her chest with a big grin.

“Who are you anticipating the most?” I ask, resting my arms on the metal barrier and looking at each of the girls.

I think Skates fans like me, but I’m not entirely sure. It’s always going to be mixed opinions because not everyone is going to like you and I accept that, but for the most part, I think I’m well liked.

I’m a huge fangirl myself (Nate hates it but he’s learning to love it) so I can relate to all of the fans on a more personal level.

“I’m excited for Sammy and Skate and the Jacks, but I’m more excited to see Demi!” Another girl answers, flashing me her Demi Lovato shirt and bracelet.

“You don’t have to say you like Nate in front of me because I’m his girlfriend, you know that.” I grin, raising one eyebrow with a laugh. “I mean, I don’t like him all too much, he’s really annoying,” I sarcastically drag, rolling my eyes in a jokey way. “But yeah, I’m always the one who cries backstage so.”

“I saw Emily’s Snapchat of you crying during sound check.” The girl who called me over comments and I instantly flush red.

Nate put his heart and soul into sound check just a few hours ago and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears. I’m very dedicated to him and his music and he has so much talent and he’s so under appreciated!

The others really liked taking the piss out of me and publicly humiliating me by taking photos and videos and posting them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine.

“Yeah, he honestly put so much effort into making those songs and he deserves so much more attention! I’m so proud of him, I just couldn’t help it.”

“I thought it was really adorable!”

“Yeah, Nate is really lucky to have such a supportive girlfriend who is there for him and his dreams and not his fame and fortune!”

“That honestly makes my heart swell, you guys are so sweet!” They’re the first of any of the boys’ fans to say anything like that to me! I don’t really know how I’m supposed to respond to it, but it makes me feel so good, honestly.

The group of girls introduce themselves as Sarah, Kelly, Morgan, Alisha and Sapphire and I take selfies with each of them individually and a group selfie. I get to talking with them about different things about the boys and what it’s like to travel around with a mass number of boys and only having one girl constantly by my side.

It’s a struggle, definitely.

“Where’s Nate now?” Morgan asks after we take another photo, locking her phone and holding it in her hand.

“Uh, I’m not actually sure.” I scratch the back of my head awkwardly. “He’s off with the boys somewhere around here, they’re probably messing about, annoying some staff and causing trouble.” Yep, sounds about right.

All 5 of the girls laugh to themselves and make small jokes about what I had said. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they were hidden in the food tent, stuffing their faces before the event has even started.

Sapphire clears her throat and quiets down her group of friends, “What’s your favourite Nate song, Y/N?”

“That’s a hard question…” I rest a finger on my chin in a ponder, even though I already know the answer. “Ride Wit Me feat Jack J, also known as Outro.”

“Why that song?”

“Because him and Johnson rap so well together and I know that he put a lot of effort into it.”

Also because Johnson is featured on the track.

The girls then tell me their favourite Nate song and why it’s their favourite, and they do delve into such great detail! One of them even told me their favourite line in the entire song.

“Have you met any of the guys before?” I ask the girls, resting my chin in my hand. None of them bother to answer, they just look at me awkwardly. “Is there something wrong?”


They don’t answer my question, just watch me. Did I say something wrong? I don’t think I did, I’ve been really nice to them and even offered to get them Nate follows, but I’m being swerved…


That’s when I feel a huge spray of water all over my back, a big pressure hitting the centre of my spine causing me to arch my back in shock and whack my hips against the metal barriers.

“What the fuck?!”

It wasn’t even that much water but I can feel my shirt sticking against my back and going transparent against my skin, and little drops of water trickling down the back of my jeans and into my pants.

I don’t even have to turn around to know who it was, it’s pretty damn obvious that it’s my extremely mature boyfriend with a cheesy, guilty grin plastered on his lips.

“Nathan Montgomery Maloley, I am going to kill you!”

I whip around, without attacking anyone with my hair, and face my boyfriend with a pissed off look. I rest my hands on my hip and raise an eyebrow at him. He does nothing but shrug his shoulders and smile.

What a cheesy ass bastard.

Ugh, he’s so adorable.

“You don’t really want to kill me, your amazing, loving boyfriend, do you?” He asks, ‘hiding’ the massive water gun behind his back and taking a step towards me.

I scoff a laugh, “Oh, believe me, I will.”

“No baby, you won’t.”

I completely deadpan into a resting bitch face and blankly stare at my cheesy boyfriend. Of course I wouldn’t literally kill him, not in public anyway.

I look down at his body and notice that he’s completely wet through, his black jeans are a shade darker, they’re going to be a bitch to get off, and I can see his entire torso through his shirt. These girls behind me must be having a field day right now.

“Can I have a hug?” He asks, taking another step forward and raising his arms out. “I want a hug.”

“Not when you’re that wet you can’t.” I take a step away but he follows me, only taking one step at a time.

Nate grins at me with a playful glint in his eye, he slowly pulls the water gun out from behind his back and aims it at my stomach, silently threatening to pull the trigger and completely soak my front like he did to my back.

“Nathan, don’t.”

“Don’t what?” He asks, stepping closer and pushing his finger down on the trigger harder than before. “Am I not allowed to show my baby affection?”

I roll my eyes and mentally start to freak out as my back hits the metal railing. “Soaking me with a water gun isn’t affectionate, Nate.”

“But babe, it’s so fun!” He grins, pushing the trigger down again and lightly squirting some water at me. “See! It’s just a bitta fun!”

“I haven’t got any spare clothes with me and this is already spreading to the front.” I whine.

“You can wear my flannel.” He says quickly and wraps his arms around my body, pulling me tight into his chest to make sure that I’m completely soaked, just like he is.

“Oh for Gods sake, Nate!” He rocks me side to side and quietly laughs in my ear. “Why do you do this shit to me?”

“Because I love you,” He cheeses, kissing the side of my head and pulling me against him tighter, I’m near to suffocation, I swear. “And because it’s fun to annoy you.”

“You’re an ass, babe.”

He pulls back a little bit and wipes his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand. “An ass that you love.”

“Unlucky for me.”

I look down at my top and cringe, it’s completely transparent and anyone can see my bright pink bra. Why didn’t I colour coordinate my outfit completely?

Oh, yes, right, I didn’t know that I would get attacked by a damn water gun so I didn’t dress for the occasion.

“Just shut up and enjoy my hug, love bug.”

I tilt my head and raise my eyebrows again, “'Love bug’, really, Nate? You’re starting up on the cheesy nicknames again?”

“Of course I am, pumpkin.”

I can’t help myself.

“…Spice latte.”

“This is why I love you and why I wanted to attack you with my water.”

Miraculous Ladybug Drabbles: Purrfect Match

“..and that is why I will never again put my music player on shuffle when I am DJing.” the bespectacled teen explained

“That is great and all Nino, but that still doesn’t explain why you suck so badly at video games.” The blond pointed out as he trounced his friend in the racing game they had been playing for the last half hour. 

Nino put down his controller and sighed.

“Not all of us can be as perfect as you Adrien.” Nino joked as he playfully punched his friend in the arm.

“So what do you want to do now?” Adrien asked as he turned off his game station.

Adrien and Nino had been hanging out in Adrien’s room. After weeks of convincing, Adrien managed to convince his father to allow Nino to come over to hang out. The only exception is that he stays in the same room as Adrien, (he was not a fan of people running around his mansion alone.

Nino looked around the blond’s room, he couldn’t help but still be impressed by how massive the place was. It had a rock climbing wall in it for heaven’s sake. As he looked around he noticed a rather large poster of Paris lucky heroine.

“Nice Ladybug poster.” Nino comments as he points out the human sized poster of Ladybug on his wall. She was shown swinging on her yo-yo, it was a very nice poster.

“It is pretty nice.” Adrien said, unaware that he was looking at the poster with loving admiration.

“So I guess you are into spots.” Nino teased, watching his blond friend turn red with embarrassment.

“Well..I mean she is …”

“Dude its fine. I remember how you were drooling over her during that time the evil hypnotist attacked.” Nino reminded his pal as he moved up to the poster.

“I can’t help it. She is just so… amazing.” Adrien gushed, his heart beating faster as he thinks of his lady.

“Most of Paris is crushing on that girl dude, I am pretty sure Alya has a bit of a thing for her. But you do realize you do have a rather massive obstacle in winning over Ladybug.” 

Adrien felt a sudden pang in his heart, who could possibly be his rival for Ladybug’s affections.

“And who would that be?” Adrien asked, hiding his jealousy.

Nino looked at the boy with an eyebrow raised.

“Chat noir dude. You have seen how he is around ladybug. It is hard to beat a guy like that.” Nino answered

Adrien felt relief sweep over him. He couldn’t believe he was jealous of himself. But quickly realized he had to act bummed, since Nino didn’t know he was Chat noir.

“Right…” Adrien said with mock gloom, his head looking at the floor. He knew he modeled it perfectly.

Nino placed a sympathetic hand on his shoulder.

“Cheer up buddy, there are plenty of lovely ladies in paris besides Ladybug. I am sure you can find one even better for you then Ladybug.”

Adrien clearly didnt believe that statement, there was no one more perfect for him then Ladybug. But he decided to just nod.

“How about I try to set you up on a date. I already have my perfect lady, It would be great if you have yours.” Nino exclaimed. “Now tell me what you are looking for in a woman.”

Adrien sighed, he knew his friend was looking out for him. So He could play along.

“Well, She has to be passionate about what she loves. When she have a goal they won’t stop until they do it.” Adrien started. ‘like ladybug 

“Someone passionate and determined. Keep it going buddy what else?”

“She has to be clever, and creative. Also she has to be kind.” just like ladybug

“Good with kids?”

“Definitely. Also, if she can cook, that would be amazing.” Adrien went on. He could bet Ladybug could cook. Oh what he wouldn’t give to try one of her dishes.

“Well we definitely eliminated chloe.” Nino chuckled. “But enough about personality, what are you looking for in physical features?”

“Looks aren’t everything Nino.”

“Says the guy who models because of his good looks.” Nino pointed out. “I am not saying they are everything, everyone has their preferences. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what not. And while physical looks aren’t everything, it does make falling for someone easier if you find them physically attractive.”

“Okay I see your point.” Adrien conceded.

“Do you prefer light hair or dark hair?”

“It doesn’t really matter to me. Neither does hair length. Though I do like blue eyes over every other color. And if I had to choose, darker hair is more my thing.”

“What about body type? Are you for whats in the front, or are you all about the back?” Nino asked with an eyebrow raised.

Adrien rolled his eyes at Nino’s question, why did he have to bring that up? Though if he was being honest, he has found himself looking over his partner more times then he would ever admit, and she has quite a nice backside. So he most likely was for the back.

“I would say the back. But that stays between us.” Adrien stated sternly

“No problem bro, your interest in the backside on the down low.” Nino chuckled. “Anything else?”

“Her smile. It has to feel like the sun is hitting you with a warm light.” Adrien said with a romantic sigh, thinking about Ladybug’s smile.

“Anything else buddy?”

“Well, not a requirement, but if she likes video games that would be great. Oh and she should have a good fashion sense, it would probably be the only way my father wouldn’t hate her.” Adrien added.

“Let me just get this all down.” Nino said as typed on his phone everything Adrien told him. “Okay, I got it all down.”

“So Matchmaker Nino, do you happen to know a girl that fits the description of what I told you?” Adrien questioned curiously.

Nino looked over everything Adrien had told him and felt himself stop.

“You are not going to believe it, but I think I already know a girl that fits your description, To the letter.” Nino emphasized the last three words.

“Oh really? And who would she be?”


The air got silent as Adrien heard Nino say the blunette’s name. He felt himself think about it.

Marinette was passionate about her designs, and when she says she will do something she always does it, no matter what. She made the Banner for Alix, she ran and won the class election, she even won that fashion design contest that his father judged. She was able to show her creative designs and her clever way to prevent copies of her work, showing her creativity and cleverness. Marinette was also really sweet, he remembered hearing about how she babysat that one little girl that modeled with him at the park, back when stormy weather attacked. She was definitely one of the kindest people he met.

As for looks, Adrien had to admit that Marinette was definitely pretty. Both Nathanael and even Nino at one point had a crush on her, which was understandable. And while he would never admit this, he has seen that little happy butt jiggle that Marinette does when she is happy, it is adorable. Not to mention her parents are awesome. And while he never got to try anything she made, Alya claims she is an amazing cook, and as a bonus she is amazing at video games. Marinette was literally everything he wanted in a girl.

“Nino, I think you might be right.” Adrien stated in slight surprise. He always knew Marinette was a sweet girl, but he has always been so infatuated with Ladybug, he never saw Marinette in that light. She was his first friend, aside from Nino.

“So you think your in love with Marinette?”

“I didnt say that. I am just saying that Marinette does fit the qualities that I like. I mean if we went on a date, I don’t think I would be against it. But I am not sure.” Adrien explained. “Besides, I doubt she has any interest in me like that.”

Adrien did not understand how much Nino wanted to smack him at that very moment.

Request: Hello darling, love the blog. Crowley here. I came to request a fluffy Dean/Reader, where Sam gets turned into a baby and the reader wasn't with Dean but they bond over raising baby Sam and get together. Fluffy fluff fluff!

Pairings: DeanXreader
Word count: 4430 (not even sorry)
A/N: A request from the King of Hell himself! I feel honoured… I have literally wanted to write one of these baby ones for ages so thank you so much for requesting it haha! I hope you liked it!

Your name: submit What is this?

The bunker was silent as you, Sam and Dean prepared for the hunt.

You were sitting on the table, reading up on the witch that you were hunting and Dean was cleaning his gun.

Sammy was behind you,  also reading up.

It was nice,  the peace and quiet…

Suddenly you jumped out of your skin as Sammy sneezed loudly behind you, groaning a little afterwards.

Dean looked up from his gun and you turned around to look at the younger Winchester brother.

He blew his nose and you saw Dean screw his nose up in disgust.

“Gross dude,” he commented and you rolled your eyes, looking back at sammy.

His eyes were red and his cheeks were rosy, so you reached out a hand and put it on his forehead,  feeling for a temperature.

Hissing, you pulled your hand back.

“Dude, you’re burning up!”

He coughed and swatted your hand away, doubling over to cough.

“I’m… fine!” He growled,  completely unlike Sammy, so you and Dean shared a look.

You glared at Dean and nodded at Sam, meaning for Dean to say something,  but as soon as he opened his mouth, Sammy held his hand up.

“Don’t. Don’t even try it, Dean! I am going on this hunt,” he said with a tone of finality.

Dean held his hands up in surrender and you gaped at him.

Jumping off the table you walked past Dean and flicked his ear.

“Call yourself a Winchester,” you mocked, heading for your room so that you could get ready.

An hour later and you all got into the impala and headed to the witches house.

It was a half hour ride, but Sammy was coughing and sneezing nearly the whole way, making you more and more nervous.

You just wanted to hunt over so that you could get your best friend home and into bed.

You half hoped that Dean would get it so that you could look after him too, but for a completely different reason.

You’d known for a while now that the Winchester boys were the two most important guys in your life.

One of them was your best friend and the other was the one who you were secretly in love with.

You watched Dean from the back seat of the Impala, daydreaming about him, but then his eyes met yours in the mirror and he frowned.

“Have I got something on my face? Or what? Quit staring, Y/N,” he muttered, fidgeting under your gaze.

You blushed and looked away, embarrassed that he’d caught you staring.

The rest of the ride was silent, and when you got to the witch’s house, you all climbed out, already knowing the plan.

You were going in in stealth mode. Sneak it. Stick a bullet in her head. Sneak out. It was simple.

Or at least it shouldve been.

Unfortunately as you all crept into the house, Sammy coughed, unable to suppress it, but giving the witch an early warning.

Cursing, you followed Sam through a door and into the room where the witch probably was.

As Sammy was in front of you, he shielded you from whatever the witch threw and it hit him in the chest instead.

She started chanting as you raised your gun and open fired.

She took three bullets in the chest before she stopped chanting, and another two before she went down.

Dean went to check for a pulse and you turned to Sam.

“Are you okay? Did she hurt you?” You worried, checking him over to make sure that he wasn’t about to die.

You were interrupted by Dean yelling and you turned in time to see the witch slash at his face.

You ran over and tried to pull her off him, but the bitch was strong.

Eventually Dean got his gun in his hand and you ducked aside as he put a bullet between her eyes.

You lay on the ground, panting next to Dean. You both got the giggles and lay there clutching your sides as you laughed.

A noise made you both stop though.

A child crying.

You sat up and looked around the room.

Sammy had gone, but sitting where he’d been only moments before was a young boy, maybe a year old with dark hair that flicked up around his head.

“Where the hell did you come from?” You wondered,  casting a look at Dean, but he was staring at the kid, a confused and almost disbelieving look on his face.

“Sammy?” He asked the child, and you frowned and looked back at the kid.

At the mention of his name, or.maybe his big brothers voice, the kid burst into tears.

Immediately Dean was on his feet and sweeping his little brother up.

Only then did you notice what “Sammy” was wearing.

His clothes hadn’t shrunk too, and so they’d all fallen off him, except for his massive tee that was now drowning him.

You climbed to your feet and moved closer to the boys, staring at the child in Deans arms.

“You sure its him, Dean?” You asked, looking at the kids face.

Dean glared at your question.

“ Of course I know! He’s my baby brother. I remember him this old. The witch must have done this,” he said softly, readjusting his grip on the kid.

You found it adorable how Dean got even more protective of Sammy when he was little again.

Shaking your head in wonder, you looked around.

“We’ve gotta split Dean. Before someone sees us…”

Dean nodded and then seemed to look you up and down before handing his brother over to you.

You were slightly offended that he’d had to weigh you up,  but you had other things on your mind.

For instance the year old best friend.

“Dean, get a sample of that stuff she threw at Sammy. We might be able to figure out what we were dealing with,” you said, looking down into little Sammys face.

His big hazel eyes stared up at you and you gave him a small smile.

His lower lip trembled and then popped out, practically breaking your heart there.

He whimpered and Deans head snapped around.

You bounced Sammy a little, trying to soothe him, but you could tell that he was gonna blow.

Dean quickly finished and the three of you went back to the impala.

Dean drove and you got shot gun, with little Sammy on your lap.

It didn’t take long for him to start screaming and you to start panicking.

Dean kept shooting anxious looks at you, but nothing you could do would soothe either man.

After another ten minutes, you couldn’t handle it any more.

“Dean,  pull over!” You demanded over the babys cries.

Quickly obeying your order, Dean parked up in the parking lot of a supermarket and climbed out.

You met him at the front of the car and handed him his little brother.

Almost immediately,  Sammy settled, snuggling into his brothers chest.

Dean looked almost as shocked as you, but then you shrugged.

“He must know who you are… He didn’t even know me when he was this age… I wasn’t even born when he was this age…”

Dean nodded like it made sense,  and you sighed and leant back against the impala, staring at the supermarket and then back at Dean.

“Dude, we need to go in there and buy him stuff… we have got no supplies for a baby at the bunker.”

Dean nodded and handed you his brother while he shrugged out of his jacket and wrapped that around Sammy before taking him back.
You grabbed your money from the glove compartment and then locked the doors, following Dean across the dark and damp parking lot.

You made a plan of attack as you got closer.

You’d grab the baby milk and everything you’d need while Dean hunted for some clothes to fit his baby brother.

When you split up,  you grabbed a trolley and headed to the baby section.

Once you were there,  you froze staring at the four aisles worth of baby things.

What the hell?

You started off with the basics. Babies need milk.

You headed for the fomula and picked up the one for one year olds as Sammy didn’t look any younger than that.

Next you went for bottles and nappies.

Turns out that baby bottles need sterilisers, and nappies came in different sizes and brands.

You grabbed wet wipes and ass cream, mentally making a note that Dean could put it on his brother.

After that, you just grabbed whatever else you thought you might need and went looking for Dean and the baby.

You found them by the till, the women around Dean all freaking out over how cute Sammy was and how good a daddy Dean was.

Dean noticed you and smiled proudly at you.

You grinned at him and went closer.

“… and this is his mommy,” Dean was telling the women who all gave you jealous looks.

“You have a beautiful family,” said the older woman who sat behind the counter and scanned your things.

You smiled and Dean hooked an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to make a show to the other women by laughing and kissing your temple.

You blushed and looked down, paying the woman for everything, including the clothes that Dean had gotten him.

Back in the Impala, you made Dean give you the keys and he climbed in shotgun with Sammy.

Once he was settled, Sammy fell asleep in his brothers arms and the ride home was silent except for the quiet humming of Hey Jude from Dean.

When you pulled up, you both climbed out the car and you went to unlock the door so that Dean could go inside with Sammy whilst you unpacked the car.

A few moments later and Dean came back out without Sammy and helped you unpack the car.

You decided now was the time to ask the question you’d been wondering.

“Dean. How long do you think this’ll last? I mean, I love Sam and that, but if he gets stuck like this, we can’t raise him!”

Dean put the bag back down and looked at you.

“I don’t know, Y/N. But if he is stuck, we’re gonna have to.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

“Dean! We’re hunters! We can’t raise him! Its too dangerous, and we don’t know the first thing about babies!” You half yelled, panicked that Dean was actually considering it. Raising a baby in the bunker.

Dean slammed the boot shut and glared at you.

“I can’t just hand him off to someone, Y/N! He’s my brother! Baby or not. No one is making you stay. If you want gone, theres the door! It’s not exactly the first time I’ve raised him,  and I did fine myself the first time, so don’t let me keep you!” Dean snapped, watching your eyes water.

He didn’t like arguing with you, but he couldn’t leave his brother. He wasn’t like his dad.

He walked back to the bunker and went to check on the sleeping baby.

Sammy was awake and kicking his legs, staring up at his brother, clearly understanding who he was.

Back outside, you hugged yourself as you got a grip on your emotions. Dean was right. He couldn’t abandon his brother and you couldn’t abandon your best friend. You knew Sammy would protect you if you had been turned.

You walked inside and went to Sammys room where Dean was watching the baby on the bed.

He was still wearing his grown up tee and you leaned on the door jam and watched them.

“What are we gonna do Sammy?” You heard Dean ask the baby, not knowing you were there.

You cleared your throat and stepped into the room, trying to act casual so that Dean knew you were staying.

“Well we need to get him changed and fed,” you said as you walked to the baby and picked him up.

He peered into your face and you smiled and pulled him close.

“Come on Sammy.  Lets get you sorted.”

This time the baby smiled at you, so you continued and sat down on the bed, pulling Sammys tee off, leaving him naked.

“I swear I’m not looking Sam,” you muttered to the baby as you put him down on the bed and got all the stuff you needed.

When you stood up, Dean was in front of you and you looked up at him.

Without a word he pulled you into a hug, planting a kiss on your hair.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you, Y/N,” he whispered.

You just hugged him tighter.

“I’m sorry too. I know that we can’t leave him. No matter what happens, you’ve got me too,” you promised.

When Dean released you, you got back to work and found everything.

When you got Sam ready, you asked Dean to go and make him a bottle.

By the time it was ready, Sammy was yelling again, his little face red and tear stained.

Even Dean couldn’t settle him and you were both unsure about what you were gonna do, but then you remembered what Sammy had been like before the hunt.

You felt his head and realised he was burning up.

“Dean, he’s still ill… Hang on, I got him some baby meds.”

You ran and got them, putting a dose in his bottle with his milk, testing the temperature before giving it to Dean to give to Sammy.

You watched as he drank the bottle, still whining a little, but slowly he drifted off, leaving you and Dean to put him into his bed.

You stacked pillows around him so that he couldn’t fall out of bed and then slowly tiptoed out of the room, leaving the door open in case he woke up.

The library was too far away for you to be confident you’d hear him and Dean sensed your unease.

“Did you get one of those monitor thingys?” He asked, but you shook your head, feeling stupid.

He shrugged.

“Wait here… I’ve got an idea,” he said as he jogged off, returning a moment later with two walkie talkies.

“You got a hair band or something?” He asked and you nodded, handing him one from your wrist. He wrapped it around the button so any noise baby Sam made would be heard.

He took it into Sams room and put it on the bedside table.

You went into the library and started researching.

A few minutes later, Dean fell into the chair next to you and started helping.

After two hours of  this, Dean sighed and threw the book he was reading across the room.

All you’d figured out was that Sam was stuck like this unless you could do the reversal spell, but you had to do it at midnight, under a full moon.

That was two weeks away.

You nudged Dean and sighed.

“Its not so bad, Dean, we’ve just got to look after him for two weeks. Its better than eighteen years?” You tried and Dean laughed.

“Yeah I guess so… Nothing better happen to him while he’s this big… At least grown up Sammy can hold his own, but if demons find out and see this as a chance to take down one of the Winchesters…”

Without thinking,  you stroked his arm.

“Its alright Dean. I’m not gonna let anything happen to him and neither are you. He’s safe with us. Its just two weeks,” you said softly.

Before Dean could answer you heard Sammy start to cry on the walkie talkie, so you both stood up and ran to his room.

Working together, you managed to tame the beast, but he started screaming if either of you left, so in the end, you both lay down next to each other with Sammy between you and went to sleep.

The next two weeks were actually pretty awesome in your opinion, and you and Dean quickly fell into a routine.

You’d wake up. You’d get Sammy dressed and bathed while Dean made breakfast for eveyone.

Then you’d both play with Sam and keep him amused till bathtime, feeding and changing him in between.

You and Sammy got in together, you preying that Sam would have no recollection of this when you got him back to his usual self.

Once you guys were done, Dean would shower while you and Sammy got dressed for bed.

Then once you were all ready, you’d all go to sleep in Sams bed.

You loved it.

Not to mention the fact that everytime you all went out, you got to act like a couple with Dean,  which may have been the highlight of your whole experience.

You’d grown closer over everything that had happened and everything was going well.

At least up until the second week when Bobby called and said that you needed shifter blood for the ritual and you said you’d go and get it.

As soon as you mentioned it to Dean he’d flipped out and a big arguement had started.

“You’re not going alone, Y/N, end of story!” He yelled at you, Sammy watching you both from his high chair.

You yelled back, not caring if it set Sammy off.

“I am going! You can’t go! Sammy wont settle without you. He’ll live without me… I’ll be gone for two days at the most! I have to go!”

Dean tugged at his hair.

“No!” He said stubbornly, no actual argument.

You rolled your eyes but then got on the defensive.

“Why not, Dean?” You demanded and suddenly he had hold of you, by your shoulders as he shook you.

“Because I won’t have your back! If something goes wrong, you’ll die! While I’m babysitting!”

You sighed and calmed down a little,  slightly touched that he was worried about you.

“Look Dean. What do you want more? Me or Sam? Thats what this comes down to. If I don’t go, Sam wont go back to normal. If I do go, he will. Its a no brainer for me. He’d do it for me,” you argued.

Dean sighed, knowing that you were right, but the choise you’d given him wasn’t an easy one.

Two weeks ago and he’d have had an easier time, but he’d fallen for you. Hard.

“Y/N, I’d rather have Sammy stuck as a baby and us have to raise him than lose you. Okay? Please don’t go,” he begged, but you shook your head.

“I’m sorry Dean, but I’m going. I’ll see you in two days,” you promised and then made a snap decision.

You stepped forward and stretched on your tip toes to plant a kiss on Deans lips.

You didn’t give him time to react as your tore yourself away, kissing Sammy on his head before running out the door, leaving a bewildered Dean behind you.

You got in the car and drove, only daring to dream that if you made it back, maybe yours and Deans relationship might actually be going somewhere.

Putting your foot down, you sped on towards the shifter.

Back in the bunker, Dean tried to stay calm, worrying about you every second, terrified of you not making it home.

You’d finally given him the all clear. You liked him too.

But had he just let you slip through his fingers?


The next two days were nerve wracking for Dean, and everytime his phone rang he panicked,  thinking it was Bobby, about to tell him that you’d been killed.

Each time though it wasnt. It was never you either, which was almost as bad.

Dean prayed to Cas to watch over you, hoping the angel wouldn’t let anything happen to you.

When the second day had been and gone with no news, Dean didn’t panic, thinking that maybe you’d come home in the night and he’d wake up with you.

It didn’t happen though.

The third day was torture for him,  and that night, he finally accepted that you weren’t coming home.

He couldn’t help it. He lost it.

Sammy was in bed as Dean stormed around, throwing and smashing things up, yelling a wild savage yell as the pain exploded in his chest.

He’d lost you. He’d never really ever had you, but now he’d lost you.

He knew Sammy couldn’t hear him, but he didn’t even really care if he did. Dean didn’t really care about anything anymore.

He grabbed hold of his whiskey bottle and turned, meaning to throw it at the wall, but he froze.

You were home.

Bloody and beaten, but home,  a vial of shifter blood clutched in your hand.

You stared at each other a moment before Dean let out a groan as his shattered heart smashed back together and he pulled you to him, holding you tightly enough that you wondered if he’d ever let you go again.

After a moment, he let you go just for long enough so that he could take your face and kiss you hard on the mouth.

Your split lip protested but you didn’t care.

You wrapped your arms around him and stretched up onto your tiptoes to stay as close to him as you could.

You made out for a few minutes, but then you remembered that there was important things to be doing. You were home a day late, which meant that the ritual to change Sammy back was that night.

You pulled back from Dean and he whispered to you.

“You never called. I thought you were dead. I swear to god if anything had happened to you…”

You hushed him, reassuring him that you were okay, and everything was gonna be okay.

“We need to do this ritual. We only have eleven minutes. You get Sammy, I’ll make the potion,” you ordered, and Dean jumped into action.

The potion was easy enough, and when it was done, you stripped Sammy off, doubting he’d thank you if he came back to his normal size in a diaper.

At midnight, you tipped the mixture on sammy and said the spell, praying that it’d work.

You covered Sam with a blanket, trying to save some of his pride.

After a few moments, you noticed that he was changing.

In the space of twenty seconds, he’d aged maybe as many years.

When he was finished aging, he opened his eyes and looked at you both.

“Please god tell me that I’m grown again,” he whispered and you grinned at him.

“You’re back, Sammy! All grown up and hairy again,” you teased, ruffling his hair.

He grinned and sat up.

“Oh thank god. If I had to go through another diaper change…”

You were mortified.

“What?! You can remember it all?” You demanded,  remembering how many times you’d bathed with him.

He grinned at you.

“Yeah, cute birthmark,” he commented and you freaked out, smacking him on his arm and then turning and hiding your face in Deans chest.

He chuckled and Sam watched you both before deciding to get his brother back too.

“Y/N, Dean something yesterday. If he doesn’t tell you, I will.”

Dean growled.

“ You’re just being a little bitch today. I can’t believe we helped you!”

Sammy just laughed and stood up, holding his blanket as he hugged you both.

“ Good to be back guys!”

He turned and walked away, giving you a view of his ass for a moment.

“ Hey Sam!”

He turned around at your shout.

“Your ass was way cuter when you were a baby!” You teased, earning a blush from Sam as he hurried away to get dressed.

When he was gone, you turned back to Dean.

“So you’ve got something to tell me?” You asked, feeling Dean freeze and then tilt your head up to him, whispering against your lips.

“It can wait.”

You were too tired to argue.

“Okay. I’m going for a bath and then to bed. I’ll see you in the morning,” you said before you kissed him slowly.

When you pulled apart you smiled and turned on your heel, going to get ready for bed.

Half an hour later you climbed out of the bath and got dressed, your wounds aching but half healed.

You fell into your bed and tried to sleep, but you found that you couldn’t,  even with how tired you were.

You tossed and turned for a while before finally giving up, just staring at the ceiling.

Another few minutes passed,  but then your door creeped open and someone came inside.

You knew it was Dean and you sat up and looked at him in the dark.

“I can’t sleep. You the same?” You asked and you saw him nod before coming closer.

He got into the bed next to you and you moved closer and lay down.

Deans breath tickled your neck as he lay on his front looking at you.

“So, I have something to tell you… I told Sammy when he was a baby. When I thought you weren’t going home… And I guess I should tell you…”

He cleared his throat and trailed a finger down your stomach.

“I’m not good at this touchy feeley bullcrap, but I love you.”

Your heart felt like it stopped in your chest then and there.

Dean waited for you to say something, but instead you just pulled him closer and kissed him.

“ What the hell took you so long?!” You demanded when you pulled apart.

He laughed and you lay back down.

You were just falling asleep when Dean spoke again.

“So, Y/N… We’ve slept together for the past two weeks and raised a child… I guess we did this in the wrong order, but do you want to date?”

You rolled your eyes and grinned.

“Of course.”

Stranger Than Fiction - A SpideyPool Fanfic (Chapters 1-5)

SpideyPool :Stranger Than Fiction 



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{This is intended to be a fix it fic for the ending of MTMTE #52, where Tarn turns on Overlord and spares Kaon. Hope you enjoy.}

            If there was one thing that Overlord was good at, it was using his voice to grate on the absolute last nerve of everyone in his presence. In fact, Tarn was willing to wager that Overlord’s voice had caused just about as many as his own. Now, whether those deaths were by a spark giving up or a spark being ripped out of the fool that had lost patience with Overlord and attacked him, that was an entirely different matter altogether. And quite arguably most irritating was that the Phase Sixer’s presence and verbal jabs even made Nickel’s normally acceptable, if not quite forward, zeal seem like it was simply compounding the issue.

              So when Kaon came rushing in, looking more panicked and upset than anything else, Tarn felt his normally seething temper begin to broil. He was fast regretting having ever let Overlord live, much less on board the warworld and near those he considered allies. The massive mech was threatening to undo what he had fought to keep intact, if by presence and words alone.

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Thomas Sangster Imagine 1

You sat up, groaning. You had a killer headache. Sadly, you knew you couldn’t miss a day of work, the production of the Scorch Trails couldn’t be delayed just because of your stupid headache. No matter how nice Wes was, you knew he’d be angry if you missed today. You threw your hair up in a bun and put on a casual black dress and some beat-up converse. You grabbed a small black shoulder bag with your computer, a few books, and your phone, and headed out your hotel room to the elevator. You slammed your finger against the button angrily, you were already late and didn’t have enough time to eat, which would make your headache worse and you even grumpier. You felt a tap on your shoulder, causing your reflexes to kick in, making you jump and spin around to punch whatever was closest to you. You gasped and put your hand over your mouth once you realized what you’d done. Thomas, not only your best friend but also crush, was hunched over holding his stomach in pain. “Oh my god, Thomas! I am so so so so sorry, are you ok?” He stood up and took a deep breath, “Yeah, y/n, I’m good.” You gave him a hug (punching someone was a great excuse to make physical contact with your crush), “I had no idea it was you! I was just scared.” Thomas laughed, “Well, remind me never to run into you in a dark alley.” You laughed and the two of you continued making fun of each other, shoving each other around, and all around flirting until you got to the lobby. Dylan and Ki Hong were waiting there, you had all agreed to ride to set together. Ki Hong and Dylan looked at each other and smirked, before turning back to the both of you, “Well well well,” Dylan grinned, “Sleeping beauty and her prince charming finally decide to show up.” Ki Hong laughed, “Honestly, how are you two late every day.” You laughed and smiled, “It’s a gift.” Thomas grinned at you and agreed, “It’s a very special talent, only few are blessed with such a gift.” Dylan laughed, “Whatever, lets get going.” You sat in the back, focusing on the road infant of you, seeing as though your head was still killing you. Thomas and Ki Hong joked back and forth along with Dylan, who was sitting next to you. “Hey, y/n, you ok?” Dylan asked. “Oh yeah, i’m fine. My head just hurts a little.” “Awe,” Dylan cooed fakery, “My poor little baby!” He then proceeded to pull you into an intense bear hug. You both laughed along with Ki Hong while you saw Thomas pursing his lips, almost like he was… jealous? No…. Dylan let go of you but let you rested your head in his lap for the rest of the ride. It was about a thirty minute or so drive, so by the time you had all gotten there, you were fully asleep. “Awe, Tommy,” Ki Hong giggled, “Look at your lover, so cute and sound asleep.” Thomas shot back sharply, “Cool it mate, will ya? She might hear?” “What? That you like her? Trust me, she’s dead asleep.” Dylan shook you awake and you groaned, getting up slowly. “Rise and shine, princess. We’re here.” The four of you headed over to met up with Wes. After a few hours of shooting you were all tired and headed back to your trailers for a break. “Hey, y/n, wanna come hang out with me?” Dylan asked. “Yeah, sure.” Dylan was the only person you had told about your massive crush on Thomas, but although he would never tell you, Thomas liked you too. You walked into his trailer and threw yourself onto the nearest chair, burying your head into the armrest. “Dyylllannnn,” you whined, “What do I doooooooo?” “About what?” “Thomaaaaasss.” He laughed and walked over to you. “Maybe… we could make him jealous?” “But would he get jealous?” “I think so, but lets find out for sure,” he said grinning. You and Dylan made sure to leave his trailer laughing and whispering as he put his arm around you. You looked over at Thomas to see him glaring at Dylan, who made sure to only look at you. Once Dylan saw your gazing at Thomas, he took your chin and turned your face towards him. You made a big show of smiling and biting your lip as you looked into Dylan’s eyes. You saw Thomas stomp off as Ki Hong smiled at him and then at you and Dylan. After Thomas left, Ki walked over to the two of you. “What are ya’ll doing?,” Ki laughed. “Oh, I just thought we’d mess with Tommy, maybe get him to admit he loves y/n,” Dylan whispered so only Ki could hear. He smiled and nodded at you, “Good luck.” You staggered suddenly and groaned, you had been trying to ignore it, but your headache had gotten worse, your hands and lips were numb and you were seeing spots now. You had a migraine. The only way to get rid of it was to sleep it off, but at the moment you felt as though you were going to collapse. “Woah, y/n,” Dylan grabbed onto your arms concerned, “Are you ok?” “Mhm.” You closed your eyes, not being able to handle the light, and rested your head on Dylan’s chest. He walked you over to Wes. “Hey, I don’t really know what’s wrong with her, I think it’s a migraine, but y/n’s really not feeling well, I’m gonna take her back to the hotel.” Wes looked at you, “Ok, but can Thomas take her, your character has some important scenes today.” Dylan smiled, “Alright I’ll get him.” Dylan let go of you and just as you were about to say something, you passed out. You woke up in your hotel room. You pulled the stuffed animal you slept with close to your chest and hear someone laugh quietly. You opened your eyes and looked around the room, Thomas was sitting on a chair holding a book, looking over at you. You realized that you were wearing the same dress as before, but no longer had any shoes on. “Thomas? What happened?” He walked over and sat on the bed, “Well you almost gave m-everyone a bloody heart attack when you collapsed. But you just fainted from the heat - did you eat anything today?” You groaned, “No, I didn’t have time.” “Well next time, promise me you’ll eat something?” “Ok,” you said laying back down. “What’s going on with you and Dylan.” You almost laughed. Was he jealous? “Oh.. um,” you said blushing, “It’s nothing.” He looked at you questioningly, “We were just trying to make you jealous…” you mumbled. Thomas smiled, “Well that’s good, cause I bloody love you, y/n.” You couldn’t believe it, mostly because your head was pounding and you were only half awake. “I love you too.” Thomas laughed and picked up the stuffed animal you had attempted to hide under your pillow, “Who is this?” You blushed, “Oh, just an old toy, nothing important really.” “I don’t know, y/n….” “Fine,” you said, snatching the stuffed toy back and burying your face in it, “I’ve had it since I was born.” “That’s adorable,” you heard Thomas say to himself. You laid back down on your bed and looked over at Thomas. “How are you feeling, y/n.” You pretended to be deep in thought, squinching up your nose, “Hmmmm, well overall pretty okay, but I’ve heard cuddles are the only way to guarantee recovery.” Thomas smiled, “You know what, I’ve heard that too.” “Really?” You answered sarcastically, “I’ll go call Dylan.” “Oh, shut up,” Thomas laughed, climbing into ned with you. He pulled you into a tight hug and kissed your forehead. Being sick wasn’t so bad. It had it’s silver lining. 

Ladrien Day 2: Awkwardness

“For Charity”

Part 1 (only calling it part 1 so I can post something and posting something means I have to finish it. Intended for Ladrien June “Awkwardness” ^_^  First fic in this fandom, hopefully not my last)

Adrien couldn’t believe his luck, or well, his lack thereof. Really, let’s be honest, he thought to himself as the bright green light blasted upward signaling the end of his transformation back into his civilian form, his blond hair flopping down into it’s former perfectly coiffed style. Your luck is never good.

“Your fault.” He muttered to the dark, green eyed kwami floating in front of him. Plagg’s response was a dismissive snort before he dove into Adrien’s bag for the awaiting vomitous mass known as camembert. Adrien rolled his own green eyes and swiftly pulled the strap of his bag over his shoulder and jetted around the corner of the idiotic dunk tank.

It’ll be fun, she said. No big deal, she said. Think of the children, she said. Think of how many people I’ll kiss that aren’t you, she said. Okay, Ladybug didn’t say that. She did say it was for charity though, and neither Chat nor Adrien could say no to those big blue eyes. But forget the stupid dunk tank. The concert’s about to start and he needed to get to that booth before it was too late.

The crowds of the makeshift carnival grounds were making their way to the stage set up near the entrance. Marinette had managed to convince Jagged Stone to play at the close of the charity event, ensuring people would hang around from start to finish. But as much as Adrien loved him some Jaggedy Stone goodness, he was on a mission. His last check of the time gave him about five minutes - more likely now down to three thanks to Kim knocking him down into that way too chilly water on all three throws- to get from the massively moronic dunk tank to the kissing booth. To her. To Ladybug.

It’ll be fun, she said. No big deal, she said. Think of the children, she said. Think of Adrien, she said. Okay, Alya didn’t say that. No, that thought belonged to Marinette alone - or rather Ladybug as that was the mask she wore when Alya had pulled her aside after the latest Akuma attack to beg her to take part in the charity carnival her class was putting together. Marinette was on the fence until the kissing booth was mentioned. Only kisses on the cheek, no worries there. It would bring in so many people, boys and girls. Ladybug had blushed at that, and then immediately her cheeks had turned a shade darker at the thought of who else might show up to kiss a superhero. One particular someone. A deal was then struck. Ladybug would man the kissing booth in the late afternoon until the concert. There only came a slight twinge of guilt later when she told Chat that she’d volunteered him for the dunk tank. The dunk tank that sat all the way on the other side of the carnival grounds. But she couldn’t have her flirtatious kitty around when there was an Adrien kiss to be had. Or so she had optimistically thought.

But no. The day had gone by, and although many kisses were given, none were bestowed upon a certain golden haired model. Ladybug had pecked her last patron and gave a cheery wave at the departing crowd before zipping out of sight. Now leaning low behind the booth, Ladybug waited until the noise of the carnival goers faded to a low murmur - the people now heading towards the main stage - before she had finally let loose her transformation with a deep sigh.

“I really thought he’d show up,” Marinette sadly whispered to Tikki when she popped into view after the sparkly red lights faded away. The bright red kwami gave Marinette a bittersweet smile and a quick snuggle before zipping down into her purse and the all important cookies waiting inside. Marinette give her companion a soft, rather pathetic smile in return before fastening the clasp of the purse and rising to her feet. Taking a deep breath, she shrugged her shoulders and straightened to her full height. So no kiss from Adrien. Big deal. Whatever. It wasn’t like she hadn’t had a smooch slip from her grasp before. Her heart wasn’t broken. Her dreams weren’t dead. Her day would come. And on that day Adrien Agreste would see the light that is Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He would reach out to her. He would take her by the hand. He would pull her close. He would take her in his arms. His hand would reach out to cup her cheek.

”And then he would realise I’m not Ladybug,” Marinette muttered to herself as she walked around to the front of the booth, “and drop me like a bad hab-”


She stopped in her tracks. He was here. Oh my goodness. He was here. Adrien was here!  

“Am I too late? Is she already gone?” Marinette felt her mouth come open, silently gaping as Adrien strode towards her, his hands tightly gripping the strap of his bag. Those beautiful green eyes swept passed her to land on the empty booth. The tight grasp immediately loosened and Adrien’s hands fell to his sides. “Ugh, I knew it.”

“Um… you mean Ladybug?” Her own hands had come together in front of her waist, the fingers twirling like mad.

“Yeah, I was,” his gaze lifted towards her, the left corner of his mouth lifting, “hoping to get a kiss.” Marinette felt her eyes widen. Why, oh why was this her life? Curse the universe and it’s way of passing time in such a fashion that it wouldn’t slow down even just a little bit to enable the boy of her dreams to plant one on her. Adrien must have mistook her shock for horror as he quickly lifted his hands in a placating gesture. “Not because I’m a creep or anything-”

“Oh, of course not!” She shot back, her palms mirroring him.

“I just-” He reached back to ruffled the hair at his neck. A familiar action, one that was far too adorable for her heart to take at this moment. “I just wanted to… “ his look turned inward, a - dare she think it - dreamy look overtaking his face.

“Um… you just wanted… ?”

“Oh - I just wanted to. . ah… “ A faint pink tinted his cheeks. “Support the charity! Think of the children, right?” And then he winked. The bastard winked. Well. Forget this.

“You know, I think she might still be here,” Marinette spit out just shy of incoherent. “I think she said something about rooming in the bathstop!” Adrien cocked his head to the side. “I mean, she’s bathing by the puppy!” Damn his cute head tilt. “I mean, she’s,” her heel caught on something and she thankfully caught a hand on the side of the booth before making an even bigger fool of herself.

“Marinette, are you al-”

“She’s in the bathroom!!” She yelped frantically, resisting the urge to pull at her hair. “Just,” she swallowed heavily, “wait here.” And with that, Marinette sped off towards the ladies’ restroom, her purse flopping gently at her hip.

30 fics I read April 2016

warm blood feels good by eleadore

It’s stupid to try and hide anything from a vampire, isn’t it? Louis could track every stutter of his heartbeat from across the city, if he wanted. There’s no way he’s missed Harry’s reaction to him. A bloody blind idiot can’t have missed it.

Louis is a vampire. Harry’s… obsessed. AU

Fate’s A Bitch Really (Yes) by CalamityK

Louis is twenty-three now, and painfully aware that “Yes.” Is quite a common response when first meeting someone.

or that soulmate au where everyone has the first words their soulmate is supposed to say to them tattooed on their body

never known the likes of this by Acavall

Louis trains seals at the zoo for a living. Harry falls into his seal pool and takes it in his stride.

Keep reading

Stiles- This Is Why I Love You

Request- Could you do a Stiles one where it’s snowing outside and he and the reader are being cute and fluffy until they are bombarded with snowballs by the pack and they have a massive snowball fight? Maybe ending with Stiles fluff? I love your writing!

A/N- Thanks! I am seriously missing snow right now. It’s like 75 degrees and it’s the end of December. Next up is a Liam imagine.

Stiles’ boots crunched in the snow as he walked through the parking lot of Derek’s building. He reached out to grab your hand, but then he realized you weren’t by his side at all. His brow furrowed as he looked over his shoulder and saw you staring up at the darkened sky in awe.
You were watching the gently falling snow, your smile growing wider as you watched it dance and shimmer through the glow of the streetlights. A goofy smile worked its way on Stiles’ face as he saw how happy you were and it made his heart swell.
“It’s so beautiful,” you whispered to him as he walked over to you. “It’s just…the silence.”
“It’s just snow, Y/n,” Stiles told you.
Annnd the silence is gone,” you said reluctantly.
Stiles rolled his eyes. “Oh come on. You’ve been dating me for months. You should know that me and silence have never exactly been friends. Actually, we’d be more like enemies, really. Like, archenemies. Like, Obi-Wan and Darth Vadar. Like-”
“I get it,” you said with a laugh, reaching out to grab one of his freezing hands. “You’re not quiet. But I like it. You’d be boring if you were quiet. I’d have nothing to snark back at.”
“Damn right,” Stiles told you with a grin.
You smiled as you gazed out at the snow once more. Beacon Hills never got a lot of snow, but this year the town had been bombarded by unexpected winter weather. The snow had started to fall earlier that morning, and it just kept falling and falling and falling. You loved it, and you figured you had never seen anything so beautiful.
With a sigh, you turned back to Stiles. “Do you wanna go up to the loft now?”
“Mm, I don’t know,” Stiles admitted as he wrapped an arm around you. “I think the meeting could wait a few more minutes. The snow actually is kind of beautiful.”
“I think they’ll be fine without us,” you whispered as you leaned forward to press your lips against his.
Stiles leaned forward, his nose brushing against yours as he kissed you back. The snow continued to fall around you, and you looked like a couple on the front of a Christmas card. But that perfect moment didn’t last forever, because something cold and icy hit Stiles right in the center of his back.
He made a shocked noise against your lips, and you pulled back in confusion. There was a brief moment of silence, and then you heard a voice call out “Get a room!”
Only seconds after that, someone else was yelling “ATTACK!” and you and Stiles were bombarded with snowballs. You shrieked between laughs as all of your friends popped out from behind the parked cars and started hurling snow your way.
Stiles pulled you behind the jeep, and started making snowballs of his own. “Come on, babe we have to defend ourselves!”
“Stiles, it’s two against five!”
“And?” Stiles asked. “We can do it!”
“If you say so,” you told him as you started to form your own snowballs.
Stiles popped out from behind the jeep and nailed Scott in the face, only to have Malia run up beside him and aim one his way.
“Get down!” you cried, shoving him forward and sending a snowball flying into Malia’s hair.
Stiles popped back up and shot a goofy smile your way, adoration filling his eyes. “Y/n, this is why I love you.”
“Aw, that’s sweet,” you told him as you watched the others come closer and shoved a snowball in his hands. “Now throw.”
A shaped skidded down to the ground next to you, and your eyes went wide as you saw Lydia ducking behind the jeep. She shot you a grin and tightened the knit cap over her hair.
“Don’t worry,” she told you when she saw your alarm. “I’m on your side.”
“Please,” you said. “I bet you orchestrated this whole thing.”
“Mm, it may be true that I saw you two from the windows and thought it would be fun to mess with you,” Lydia told you. “But I’m on your side now. Team No Claws Or Fangs is going to win this.”
Lydia popped up from the jeep and shot a snowball towards Kira, who slashed at it with her katana.
“Hey, that’s not fair!” Lydia cried as she ducked back down. “You can’t use a sword!”
“You trying to tell me the rules, deserter?” Kira called back.
Lydia giggled and grinned at you. “As a side note, why does Derek have so many windows? I mean, with the number of people trying to kill him, I’d assume he’d live in an underground cave where no one can see him.”
“Well, he did live in an abandoned subway station once,” you reminded her.
“Ladies, come on!” Stiles cried. “We’re dying out here!”
“Sorry, sorry!” you gushed as you threw another snowball Liam’s way.
You laughed as it him in the chest, and you, Stiles and Lydia were able to push him back towards the others. You didn’t know how long you were out there, tossing snow back and forth and getting it in each other’s eyes, mouth and hair, but there was no doubt everyone was having fun. The only sound echoing through the night was that of snow slamming into coats and cars, and the laughter of the whole pack ringing out through the parking lot. Needless to say, not much pack business was ever discussed that night.