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Wrapped around your finger-Part 1

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Hey, guyssss!!!!! So I decided to write a little something about my current obession- Loki. After seeing Thor:Ragnarok I finally got the inspiration and let me tell you this: TOM HIDDLESTON IS THE SEXIEST CREATURE WHICH HAS EVER LIVED ON THIS PLANET and please don’t fight me on this. Now about the story: I’m thinking about it becoming a 10-chapter-ish thing but I can’t tell for sure yet. It’s going to get smutty in the later chapters, so keep that in mind. I’ll be so happy if you enjoy reading it and then tell me what you think about it. The plot takes place just after the end of Thor:Ragnarok when Loki us staying on the Earth. So far I have only written a 2-part fan fiction about Podrick from Game of Thrones (you can check it out if you like) so I’m rather new to this writing thing. English is not my first language, so there may be some mistakes here and there. Enjoy! :-)


Loki senced it. Everyone he passed while walking down the 5-th Avenue was holding a heart-deep hatred towards him. They were either showing it openly by glaring at him and calling him names or just avoiding eye-contact for fear he might harm them. Of course, he couldn’t care less. He found this common despise towards him rather convenient as everyone made way for him and he didn’t have to deal with the crowds. It’s not like he had anything to be in a hurry, though. After he, Thor and the people of Asgard had became refugees on the Earth, he had no particular occupation. He spent most of his days doing nothing while his brother was out there trying to get in touch with the Avengers. He knew they didn’t want to have anything to do with him and, to be honest, he found them rather boring so he didn’t even try to help his brother.

Instead, he put his efforts into wandering aimlessly along every street in New York. So far, he had seen all there is to see twice and once again reached the conclusion that Midgard was as uninteresting as it was the first time he visited it. The people had no special powers, there were no gods or monsters to fight and he was exhausted of his constant competition with Thor. As much as he wanted to remain diligent for as long as possible, his mind always seemed to go back to the same old ideas of taking over the whole world.

It was unlike him to be so occupied in his thoughts that he nearly jumped in surprise when he felt something bump into his chest. Next thing he knew, he was laying on the curb and hot liquid was dripping from his leather jacket. The smell of strong coffee hit his nose just as the girl now lying on top of him had crashed into him. She looked up from his chest and when she saw his green eyes staring questiongly into her dark brown ones she quickly jumped into a sitting position.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I should have seen you walking towards meeting!” she exclaimed, gesturing furiously. “I wasn’t at all paying attention to where I was going. I’m in a huge rush because I’m like” she paused for a second to take a breath. Loki just now realized that she was panting, probably from running. “I’m like really late, you know. I’m so sorry again. Maybe I could buy you a new shirt? I could use one too. "She sighed and looked down at her now ruined coat.

The cup of coffee still remained in her hand, although it was perfectly empty now, it’s contents having formed massive stains onto the two people’s clothing.

"Take a breath and then talk, for God’s sake. ”

Loki wasn’t really furious or anything. His voice just naturally sounded raspy and angry. Had this happened two or three months ago while he was still in his home, he would have killed the stupid girl even before she had tripped and spilled her drink on him. But now he was so bored with his new lifestyle that even this unlucky encounter seemed somewhat appealing to him. Or maybe it was the girl he found appealing, one could never know with this kind if a man. She was, indeed, pretty attractive. She was somehow petite, not too curvy but far from flat at the same time. Her ebony hair fell over her shoulders beautifully, forming the littlest of waves on it’s way down to her waist. Her olive complexion was shouting “South European!” and her full arched eyebrows werre looking at him with such concern and embarrassment that he found this picture adoring. There was no way he was going to let her know that, though.

“Ah… Umm… I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry. "She finally said and looked down at her lap.

"I recall you already did that. Twice. "He was merciless to the poor girl.

She didn’t seem to be more than 20-something and yet her shyness was getting the best of her. Finally, she realized that they were both sitting on the pavement and people had gathered to watch them. She stood up quickly and Loki followed.

"So don’t you have a super important arrangement to attend to, Miss…?” She almost sighted in relief when he decided to spare her his tortures.

“You can just call me Cleo. It seems like I already missed my appointment so I might as well just skip it. ”

“I see. ”

“So what is your name? I have to know if I’m going to have "Please forgive me” printed on a T-shirt and sent out to your house. “

She stepped awkwardly from one foot on the other biting her lip and looking to the ground.

"I’m the God of Mischief, young lady, and I can tell easily when someone is lying. Don’t pretend you don’t know who I am.” Don’t pretend you don’t hate me, he wanted to add.

“Okay then, don’t attack me! I’m just trying to be friendly and to my belief, no one really knows someone else until they had presented themselves to them. ”

He let out a sly little laugh. This girl was something else.

“Loki of Asgard, then.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Loki of Asgard. ” Cleo finally looked up at him and for a moment he was trapped in that capturing gaze of hers. Then he returned his posture.

“Now, miss, I believe it’s high time we got these nasty-looking stains out so they don’t bother us while we have some more coffee.”

Cleo blinked not understanding but when she opened her eyes the coffee spills were gone. She blinked once more.

“But.. How?” Was all she could utter.

“That’s called magic, love. Sadly, you don’t have any of it on Midgard. ” he said this in a way which showed that he wasn’t at all sorry, but instead was boasting proudly about his abilities.

She looked confused and yet so fascinated by the numerous possibilities she could project taking place with the help of some magic. Her mind was in a whirl.

“Shall we go now?”

Cleo just nodded absent-mindedly and followed close behind him as he made his way through the crowds. Loki knew, for fact, that he had her wrapped around his finger. Now he was going to show her a world she had never even dreamt of. Little did he know, things were going to take an unexpected turn very soon.


Part 2

The one with all the sass

Summary: You want to learn how to drive a manual vehicle, and Bucky offers to teach. Things don’t go smoothly.

Characters: Bucky x Reader
Word count: 1,620
Warnings: Language (reader is a potty-mouth)

A/N:  Much of this is done conversation style, hopefully it’s easy to follow along.


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Number 3: Learn how to drive a manual vehicle.

It was on your resolutions list, one of those goals that stubbornly remained in the top three, year after year after year. Every January, you dutifully copied it onto the fresh handwritten note you posted on the mirror in your bedroom, underlining it three times because dammit, this was it, this was the year you would finally succeed.

Six years later, you were once again within sight of the year’s end, having made no progress, except for drawing angry little stick-figures on the offending post-it note (you swore it was mocking you). After overhearing you complain about your inability to tackle this particular task, Bucky had surprisingly volunteered to teach you the basics. Admittedly, you questioned whether this was a good idea. The two of you were well known among…well, everyone…for a disturbing lack of patience with each other. However, if he was willing to lend a hand, who were you to say no.

So here you were, on a bright, cold November morning, sitting in a faded blue ‘68 Ford pick-up Bucky had nostalgically purchased from an estate sale. A massive (and blessedly empty) parking lot stretched in front of you, leaving plenty of open room for mistakes.

Bucky had driven you out, and after swapping places, he now he sat in the passenger seat, you in the drivers. Bouncing a little on the dusty cloth seats, the rusted springs squeaking indignantly, you got yourself comfortable and turned expectantly toward him.

“Alright, what do you do first?” he asked, sounding irritatingly similar to the older brother you never actually had, but always felt certain you would throat punch if he existed.

“First, I push in the clutch to start – ” your confident recitation was immediately cut off.

“Wrong. First you put your seatbelt on.” Bucky said flatly, eyebrows raised.

You rolled your eyes at him. “Alright yes, first I put my seat belt on.” You pulled the shoulder belt down, the lap belt across, and snapped both into place with a sharp click. “Okay, now I push in the clutch –“

“Wrong. Next you check all your mirrors.”

You stared at him. Well this was going to be interesting.

“Seriously? Is this how this lesson is going to work?”

“Yes, because the basics are still important. If you don’t follow the rules, you could die.”

“And we don’t think that’s just the teeniest bit dramatic?”

“No. We don’t.”

You sighed. Bucky Barnes was stubborn as hell, so if this was his approach to teaching, clearly it would be simpler to humour him. But really, when did you ever make things simple?

“Alright fine, safety first. I brought my safety glasses along, so hang on and let me grab those, and should I get out my kneepads and helmet too, or…?”

“Your sass is not appreciated. Fix the mirrors.”

With a dramatic flourish, you checked each side mirror four times, and wiggled the rear-view mirror back and forth for a full 30 seconds, until you were happy. Bucky watched patiently from the passenger seat, hands folded in his lap, a smirk twisting his lips.

Finally you were settled. “Okay. My seatbelt is on, and I can see for miles in every direction. No possibility for sneak attacks from a rogue Prius. Now – I push the clutch in all the way, and start the truck.” You turned the key, the truck spluttering to life, as you turned to him with a grin. “By the way, you never told me I’d be learning on a truck born before the invention of electricity.”

Bucky narrowed his eyes at you. “If you’re gonna mock her, we can stop this lesson right now.”

“Kidding, kidding, she’s remarkable. A beauty. A testament to the ingenuity of the historic American manufacturing machine.”

“I’m sorry, remind me what I said about sass?”

“That you love it and I’m adorable? No? Sorry. Anyway, so now I put it into first.” You grasped the stick and maneuverer from neutral into first gear, Bucky visibly flinching at the grinding squeal the gears make as they catch.

“When you’re done stripping the gears, slowly let out the clutch and gently press the gas at the same time.”

Tossing an annoyed glance in his direction, you gripped the wheel tightly and slowly swapped the pressure, left leg to right, lightly toeing the gas pedal. With an almighty lurch, the truck leapt forward and died.

Christ. You could feel your earlier confidence rapidly leaving the building. Bucky just grinned, shaking his head. “It’s okay, common mistake. Try again.”

Dropping back into neutral, it took another three attempts to get the truck into first gear and actually moving forward.

Whooping excitedly, you gave a little wiggle in the seat as you rolled forward, picking up speed. “Fuck yeah, I’ve totally got this.”

“Alright speed racer, simmer down.” Bucky noted dryly. “You’ve gone 15 feet. Give it a little more gas, so you can switch into second.”

The excitement of momentary success briefly overshadowed perspective, and your foot stomped down on the gas pedal, throwing the truck forward and forcing your seatbelt to bite into your shoulder. Mercifully, you managed to keep it from stalling again, but suddenly you’re going faster. Your heart jumped, hammering in your ears and you felt sweat prickle on your forehead.

“Alright, I can smell the clutch burning, stop riding it.”

“You stop riding it!”

“What? That doesn’t even make sense.”

“You don’t make sense!


“Shit, I don’t fucking know, I’m panicking! How do I not ride the clutch?” You took your hands off the wheel briefly, putting air-quotes around the phrase “ride the clutch” and Bucky’s voice rose several octaves as he shot a hand out to take the wheel.

“What the hell are you doing, always keep your hands on the wheel! Ten and two at all times!”

Huffing loudly you slapped his hand away and took back control, his panic causing your nerves to snap, and your voice sharpened in response. “Bucky, it’s an empty parking lot, what the hell do you think will happen?”

Bucky looked nervously around – true, it was huge and empty, although there was a row of parking curbs and a couple shopping carts strewn about, all which suddenly became rather ominous targets. “I don’t know, a fiery crash and a slow burning death maybe?”

You roll your eyes, the sarcasm flooding your voice as the conversation between you both escalated. “Oh look, you’re hilarious. Could you maybe try to be a bigger drama queen?”

“I’m not being dramatic, I’m being realistic. Statistically the odds of dying in a car crash are higher – ”

“For fuck’s sake, please stop speaking, unless you can pull – out of your ass please – the statistics for total number of people who died of boredom waiting for the world’s oldest truck to go faster than a speeding snail.”

Neither of you are paying attention to the landscape at this point, although the truck continued to move along at a decent pace, choosing instead to sling colourful insults at each other, growing more and more childish with each turn of phrase. With an exasperated groan (following your standard ‘that’s what she said’ response), Bucky glanced out the window and in the next moment, threw out a metal hand to your left leg, gripping your knee and yanking it toward him, effectively sweeping both feet away from the pedals. The truck jerked to an immediate stop, shuddering before falling silent.

In the silence you freeze, panting slightly, before whipping around angrily. “What the actual fuck Bucky Barnes?! I had it under control, it was a god damn parking curb, what did you think would –” your rant is just starting to build up steam, but doesn’t get any further.

With a thoroughly frustrated growl, Bucky lunged forward, smashing his lips into yours. A smart way to shut you up, you had to admit. Your response was immediate and enthusiastic, heart racing for a new reason entirely, shivering slightly as Bucky’s beard scrapes along your cheek when he turns toward you. With a tangle of hands and tongues, you fought each other for control, before he pulled back to take a breath, resting his forehead against yours, and leaving you both slightly shocked at the turn of events.

“About fucking time,” you whisper. “I swear to god, you’ve been pushing my buttons for far too long without delivering. If I had known I needed to crash your truck to get a response, I would have tried that sooner,” your fingers twisted in his hair, holding him a breath away. “Did you see your life flash before your eyes?”

Bucky snorts, his shoulders shaking with laughter. “I swear to god woman, your fucking mouth,” he mutters with a grin, his hand still holding tight to your knee. “I can think of fifty better uses for it, beyond the ridiculous amount of sass and swearing you seem to have on autopilot. Maybe we head back and agree a few alternatives.”

You’re inclined to agree, it seems like the only logical solution considering you nearly died today, but there’s one minor issue. “I still can’t drive a manual. What the hell happens if I go somewhere and this is the only thing available? What am I supposed to do then?”

Bucky reaches to release your seat-belt and wraps an arm around you, easily dragging you across his lap (pausing a moment to give you a suggestive look), before depositing you in the passenger seat and sliding himself behind the wheel. Effortlessly, he starts the truck, flicks the stick into first, and smoothly takes off, before throwing you a cheeky grin. “I’ll teach you how to ride a bicycle.”

You glare at him.

“By the way baby – put your seat-belt on.”

Reddie First Kiss

The color of the sky outside of Richie’s bedroom window was a hazy orange, the color of watered down soda at a cheap diner. Staring out at it calmed Eddie’s nerves as he sat on the edge of the bed waiting for the other boy to come back from the kitchen with the snacks he had promised. Eddie couldn’t quite understand why he was so nervous, he was 16 for Pete’s sake and had been in Richie’s room too many times to count.

And yet here he was staring into the sheets of Richie’s unmade bed halfway between wanting to take a puff from his inhaler to get over what a mess it was and wanting to bury his head in the covers just to get a hint of the soapy smell of Richie’s hair. Dizzy with indecision and the plaid of the pillow cover Eddie heard Richie’s voice shout from the hall and felt his heart rise up in his throat, he pushed it down quick almost wishing he didn’t have to.

“Okay I will!…No they’ll be over later!…No!…NO. MOM NO WE’RE PARTNERS…It’s a project!…They’ll ring the bell!…Thanks mom!”

The door slammed open and Eddie mentally slapped himself to get back into character, the mild-mannered best friend working on a history project; stressed out, distant, and occasionally conversational. Also very secretly in what Bill called ‘love’ but Eddie wouldn’t believe that for a second. In love with the Trashmouth? Give me a break—

“What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” Richie said walking into the room carrying a box of cookies under one arm and two glasses of milk in his hands. He pushed his glasses up on his nose with his wrist and smiled that goofy crooked smile that made Eddie’s heart sing.

Holy fuck.

Eddie cleared his throat and pulled his eyes back to his notebook where he noticed a old doodle on the bottom corner of the page of his and Richie’s initials inside an arrow-impaled heart. The book was closed and thrown in his bag to be burned at a later date.

“Well you were the one in the kitchen,” Eddie said ignoring how close Richie decided to collapse next to him. It took everything he had to keep from moving the strand of hair that was stuck to the side of his glasses. “I thought you were bringing saltines.”

“Yea I thought about it and then I remembered that saltines are for losers, Eds. This stuff is the real deal.” He said handing him a glass of milk, Eddie rested it on the side table next to him. “Besides, I love you.”

The world spun out of control as Eddie fell off the bed onto the hardwood floor. Gripping his inhaler he took a swing panting only half aware that Richie was trying to hoist him back on the bed.

“Jesus Eddie, are you okay?” Richie exclaimed sitting the smaller boy down next to him. His eyes were non-comical, edging with concern, Eddie felt a bead of sweat run down his forehead. This was possibly the worst feeling in the world.

“Sorry, I just—I fell.”

“No shit Sherlock,” Richie chuckled giving his shoulder a tight squeeze, he turned a got a cookie from the box and handed it over. “Here, chocolate is great for this kind of light headedness stuff.”

“Thanks,” Eddie said, his nerves jumped when he touched the tip of his fingers. “What did you say before?”

“That the brand is new?” Richie answered confused, Eddie sighed almost happy and sad at the same time turning back to his textbook. Eddie had been acting real strange lately, Richie hoped it wasn’t because of him.

Jeez was it slipping out that he liked him? He hoped to god not, he’d been trying so desperately to keep it under wraps but then he’d say shit like ‘what’s cookin’ good lookin’’ and want to shoot himself. Way to keep it on the DL Trashmouth, way to go.

Richie decided to keep things as undramatic as possible taking the other textbook in his lap and highlighting short paragraphs. Being absolutely silent was preferable to confessing his annoyingly prevalent crush, his motormouth was not to be trusted.

After a while Eddie couldn’t take it anymore, he looked up from his own book and risked a glance over to Richie who was leaning against the pale blue wall behind the bed, eyes on his book stuffing cookies into his face on occasion. He looked so peaceful, his chest rose slightly with each breath and he twiddled his highlighter around his fingers like a drumstick, Eddie wanted to scream. He slammed his book shut and stood from the bed.

Richie jumped slightly and tried not to focus on how adorable Eddie looked with his arms crossed against his chest, eyebrows furrowed in intense concentration and more on why he was so goddamn upset all of a sudden.

“Hit your head, Eds?” Richie chuckled nervously, going back to his highlighting. Perhaps if he pretended nothing was wrong, then nothing would be wrong. Of course that approach was massively unsuccessful when he tried to block out his feelings in the first place but hey, second time’s the charm. Eddie reached out and grabbed the book from his hands throwing it onto the nightstand.

“Don’t call me Eds,” Eddie said cheeks burning at the nickname that he secretly adored. “You’re being weird, Richie.”

“Weird? Eds, you had a fucking asthma attack when I brought up cookies!”

“Stop calling me that!”

“I’m sorry it’s a habit!”



“STOP SHOUTING UP THERE!” Richie’s mom called from downstairs, they remained dead quiet until the mutterings of the afternoon soap opera continued on the television.

“Eddie you’re giving me a heart attack what’s wrong with you?” Richie whispered violently.

“What’s wrong with me?” Eddie threw his head back laughing. “Rich you just said the word ‘considerate’ with absolutely no joke attached who are you?”


“No! You’re so nice all the time these days’s I don’t understand you’ve just changed.”

“Well you keep tripping over your words whenever we hang out Eddie—”

“I know,” Eddie hissed. “I can’t help it, I’m a social disaster.”

“We’re both different if anything and I have no idea why I’m so nice to you but I can’t stop it’s awful I hate it.”

Eddie looked to the ceiling and sighed before he heard Richie laugh from the bed. He was trying to contain himself and failing horribly causing Eddie to start laughing despite their situation.

“What is it?” Eddie managed through his smile, Richie only laughed harder. “Rich what the fuck man this is a very serious thing.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he said calming down slightly. “When you put the book down on the nightstand some of the milk splashed up and it landed on your pants and it looks like you peed yourself a little.”

Looking down Eddie saw that that it could be a common misconception that his bladder had given way a little and besides everything, started to laugh again. Richie leaned over to the nightstand and handed him a tissue. Wiping it only caused it to spread to an even more sizable spot.

“It’s gigantic now,” Eddie complained unconsciously before he noticed what he’d said.

“Hey that’s exactly what your mom said last night,” Richie said, Eddie looked up from the stain and smiled back at him.

“There you are,” he said happy to see his Richie finally sitting on the bed, a faint blush spreading over his cheeks.

“Just sit down with me it’ll dry itself off, you look like an idiot standing up there,” Richie assured him. Eddie sat crosslegged facing the other boy, the box of cookies between them.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so nice to you,” Richie said turning a cookie over in his hands. “I’d like to be an asshole again but, I don’t know it’s stupid.”

“What’s stupid?” Eddie asked taking a bite, the cookies were incredible.

“I’ll be myself around everyone else and then I’ll get to you and I’ll just feel the need to take care of you Eds-Eddie. I know you’re not a weakling but you’re my best friend and this is going to sound weird but I almost feel like I want you to be more than that sometimes. It scares the hell out of me. Do you see what I’m saying? Please tell me you see what I’m saying—“

Eddie leaned over the cookies and wrapped Richie in a hug which was immediately returned. They stayed like that in the quiet holding onto each other as if the world depended on it for the next few minutes and that almost felt like everything that needed to be said.

“I was talking to Bill yesterday and he told me I’m in love,” Eddie said over Richie’s shoulder, Richie blinked.

“Heavy stuff,” Richie croaked, Eddie stifled a giggle.

“Yea I know.” They broke away and sat down again. “But he was in love with Beverly so I guess he knows a thing or two. All I’m saying is that every time I see you I just get so overwhelmed, my heart does this weird fluttery thing and at first I thought I was dying.”

“Oh shit me too, fuck Eds are we dying?” Richie asked concerned. Eddie shook his head smiling. How did he live before meeting this boy?

“No, no, apparently that’s what you feel when you love someone. And if you’re with that person then the fluttering stops eventually and you’re just calm for once and happy.”

Richie felt hope swell in his chest for the first time in months as he watched Eddie’s hand float over his own on top of the box of cookies. Could this be it, was he in love with Eddie and the stress weighing down on his shoulders could finally disappear? Richie bent his fingers and rested Eddie’s hand in his own giving it a squeeze.

“Now I think Bill is mostly crazy, and I don’t think I love you. But I do like you kind of a lot, more than anyone I’ve met in the world, that must mean something.”

“Ugh goddamnit,” Eddie sighed looking at Richie’s face disappointed. Richie blinked.

“What ‘ugh goddamnit’? We’re having a fucking moment here Eds.” Eddie laughed.

“No it’s just you have cookie crumbs all over your face,” Eddie said picking out a tissue from the table.

“Shit, where?”

“Just close your eyes it’s all over your face I’ll get it.”

Richie obeyed without argument, he wouldn’t have the first real moment he was having with Eddie Kaspbrak be ruined by some sort of mess on his face. Then suddenly he felt a gentle pressure on his lips that didn’t feel at all like a tissue. Opening his eyes he saw Eddie’s face closer than he had ever imagined a person’s face could be.

Holy shit we’re kissing, this is a kiss what the shit?

He moved the cookie box aside and shifted himself closer closing his eyes again as he found that it was actually easier to kiss that way. Eddie pulled himself away to see if he’d gone too far with this whole kiss thing only to see Richie smiling wider than he had ever seen before.

Richie held the sides of Eddie’s face gently and went in again, this time in a way where their noses weren’t squashed together. After a few minutes of trying different things they pulled and leaned against each other and the pale blue wall, breathing a bit heavier than before.

“That was fantastic,” Richie laughed lightly. He didn’t think he’d ever been so happy in his life.

“Oh my gosh you wouldn’t believe it, that’s exactly what your mom said last night,” Eddie said. Richie looked over amazed at the unbelievably smug boy sitting next to him and rested his head on his shoulder.

“Yea I take it back I love you,” Richie said, Eddie kissed the top of his head.

“I love you too.”



Warnings: Swearing, Blood?

I’m sorry guys, but I had to make the reader female. I try and make my imagines gender neutral. I know, I’m such a disappointment.

They did it. They finally did it. Humanity won the war against the man-eating beasts they called titans. To celebrate you know what they decided to do. Host a stupid ball. 

“I don’t understand. Why a ball? Out of everything they could’ve chosen they choose a ball.” You grumbled to Levi, just hearing the announcement that Erwin made.

“Why are you so upset? You’ll be going with me.” Levi said before turning to talk to Erwin. Why were you so upset? The truth is, you were secretly excited. Your inner 8 year old girl has always longed to attend a ball, see the lights and the decorations, wearing a beautiful ball gown while being swept off your feet by Prince Charming. Dancing the night away and looking into his eyes. Honestly, you were just nervous. This would be the first time Levi would ever see you in a dress. Usually you were wearing your uniform or one of Levi’s shirts. You didn’t want Levi to think that you were unattractive and break up with you. That was your worst nightmare. 

“Hanji for the last time. I don’t want to go dress shopping.” The mentioned woman was tugging your wrist out of your socket, pulling you to the shops. “Well, would you look at that, my wrist is broken. I’m going to have to get it treated and- yeah, bye.” You made a desperate attempt to pull your wrist from Hanji’s firm grip. 

She turned and gave you a chilling look. “You will go. Or I’ll experiment on you.”

“Um. I don’t think you can do that.” You said, sweat forming on your forehead.

Watch me.” 

And with that, Hanji pulled your hand from your body and you bled out on the floor.

…Is what you wished would happen, but alas, you allowed Hanji to drag you over to the dress shop because you were not going to be experimented on. Nuh-uh, not today, Satan. 

You and Hanji walked into the shop and it looked like a nightmare. There were colors and ruffles everywhere. Sure, you were mildly excited for the ball, but some of these dresses were just plain nasty. Hanji squealed. “This is going to be perfect!”

You allowed Hanji to drag you all over the shop, sometimes dropping a dress into your arms. Some of which you stealthily tried to put back on the hanger when she wasn’t looking. However, she always caught you, and let me tell you, being on the receiving end of one of her death glares is not pleasant. By the time you were finished, the dresses in your arms were stacked so high that you couldn’t see over it. The stack had many different varieties of dresses, some were pink, some were orange, ruffles, glitter, sequins, you name it.

Hanji pushed you into the dressing room with an atrocious bright yellow dress with way to many sequins. You didn’t even want to try it on, but then you remembered Hanji’s threats and you promptly undressed and threw on the dress. It looked hideous. You walked outside and Hanji just stared at you for a minute then pushed you back into the dressing room with a dark purple dress. This dress was much better than the yellow one, but it wasn’t you. So you walked back outside and got pushed into the dressing room with another dress. This happened for a while, after trying on what felt like seventy-five dresses, you were ready to give up. But then Hanji handed you one last dress, it was (F/C) and fit your body just right. It was beautiful.

You walked outside the dressing room and Hanji had tears in her eyes, ”MY BABY IS GROWING UP!” Then she squeezed the life out of you. Your eyes widened, and you desperately tried to push her off and regain the ability to breathe. “H-Hanji please stop.” This only caused said woman to wail even louder. Soon, you got her to let go so you can get dressed, but she came back when you got out. You went to the register with a crying ex-squad leader clutching you. 

It was time. You spent hours getting ready with Hanji, and it was finally time to go and see Levi, the love of your life. To say you were nervous would be an understatement. What if he broke up with you? What if he thought you looked revolting in this dress? Pretty soon you started hyperventilating. Hanji glanced over and immediately came to your aid. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Tears were welling up in your eyes. “W-What if Levi realizes that he doesn’t like me anymore? What if he thinks I look hideous? What if he breaks up with me?”

Hanji’s arms wrapped around you, “If Levi breaks up with you because he doesn’t like the way that you look, then he doesn’t deserve you. If Levi breaks up with you tonight -which he won’t- then you’re going to keep going strong. You don’t need him. Not if he breaks up with you that easily. Besides, you have me.”

“You’re right, Hanji. I don’t need him if he’s going to think I look ugly.” Hanji was always there for you. Even if she happens to be one of the most annoying people in the world, she was your best friend. And nothing can ever change that.

“You bet I am, now let’s go down there and celebrate!”

You walked down the stairs, your head held high. Nothing was going to stop you from having a good time. You’re eyes landed on Levi, as if sensing your presence, he turned and your eyes locked. His eyes, dear God, his eyes. They were expressing hundreds of emotions. Happiness, adoration, love. In that second, all your worries melted away. You were with him now. No titans blocking your path. No fear of losing each other. It was just you. And him.

The minute Levi’s eyes locked with yours, it felt like he was in love all over again. You looked beautiful. The way your hair perfectly framed your face, your eyes shining, the dress you wore. Everything was perfect. You were perfect. He couldn’t help but remember the very first time you met. The first time he really saw you.

He was horribly injured, bleeding out on the floor. His 3DMG was broken, he ankle was twisted. It was an expedition gone wrong. He didn’t know where he was, he didn’t know where the others were. For the first time in what felt like forever, he was afraid. Afraid of death. 

He didn’t want to die.

Faintly, he heard the thundering steps of a titan. Out from the trees, ran the biggest titan he had ever seen. He closed his eyes. There was no way he was getting out of this alive. A singular tear fell down his face. At least now, he could be reunited with those he held close to his heart. His family. Isabelle, Farlan, his mother. He accepted it now. He was going to die. Everybody dies at one point. Today it was just his turn.

He heard the sound of wires being shot out, the slicing of blades against the nape of the beast’s neck, and finally, the bump when the massive titan hit the ground. He opened his eyes. Standing on the head of the titan was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He recognized her from a few days ago, when Erwin called him into his office to introduce him to the squad leader who had been on a very long expedition, with only her squad to keep her company.  “Levi, this is Captain (Y/N). You will treat her as an equal.”

Blood was everywhere. Matted into her hair, splattered onto her face, dripping from her swords. But somehow, she still looked beautiful. He remembered comparing her to an angel that day, coming to Hell to avenge her home.

“Levi. Come on, we have asses to kick.”

You walked down the stairs, eventually standing right in front of Levi. He wrapped you in his arms, whispering in your ear. 

“You look stunning (Y/N).”

Together, you walked into the ball, where Erwin was giving a speech. “Today, we celebrate winning the war against the monsters who terrorized us for many years. Today, we mourn the deaths of the lost, but they did not die in vain! For now…”

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Sorry it was short, and not my best. BUt hey! At least I posted! 

A Fire To Keep You Warm

Summary: Werewolves don’t get sick, or at least, say they don’t, if they’re stubborn. Hanzo won’t humor him.
Tags/warnings: Monster AU, Werewolf!McCree, demon!Hanzo, sickfic, mild body horror, lots of fluff

McCree was usually pretty easy going. He prided himself on his ability to roll with the punches, to adapt to any situation, to think fast on the fly. It kept him alive.

But there was one thing that really, really got on his every last nerve.


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July 14

Pairing: poly!hamilsquad

Premise: modern au - Lafayette is feeling homesick on Bastille Day, and it’s up to John, Alexander, and Hercules to cheer him up.

Word Count: 1496

a/n: fluffy fluff… enjoy <3 (p.s. i’m sorry it’s up later than i hoped… but you can expect marliza pt. 1 tomorrow night!)

“Guys can you please shut up?” John moaned as Hercules and Alexander animatedly discussed the latter’s newest legal case. “The movie’s starting!”

Indeed, the artsy opening credits had stopped and given way to the first scene of Amélie. Alexander shut up, pouting, and Hercules quickly kissed him and promised that they would finish talking later.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HANUKAH/HAPPY HOLIDAYS @edendaphne! i’m your backup filler for the @mlsecretsanta this holiday season ♥

i was flailing a bit for an idea of what you might like, and then i remembered this fantastic piece of ladrien you drew (and the awesome idea that came with it :D) so i thought i’d write something based off of that. i hope you enjoy! ♥♥♥

(@mirthaculous went above and beyond to make this readable, and at 1am, no less ;A; one day i will pay her back, this i swear (9′-’)9)

EDIT: SHIT I FORGOT TO CREDIT @sixsaltysweets / @howdoyousix she helped out a ton with early stage flow betaing god bless ♥♥♥ THANK YOU RUX ;O; 

It figured that the one day Chat had begged out of the signings was the one day an akuma crashed the con.

“All this,” Plagg complained in his ear as Adrien helped direct the panicking crowd. “All this just for a piece of paper someone scribbled on.”

Adrien’s own ‘piece of paper’ burned in his pocket, warm with the memory of Ladybug’s fingers brushing his as she handed it to him, so he didn’t comment. Instead he nudged his grumpy kwami back into his shirt and continued to usher the out-of-town con-goers from towards the exit, wincing at the cacophony.

It was amazing how much three years of constant attacks could desensitize a person to surprise supervillains — and how much panic they could instill in someone who wasn’t desensitized.

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One Day; Mark

genre : floofy fluff

request : Hii can I request a Mark ❤️ where you are in your cousin’s wedding and you were asked to sing during the reception and only to find out that Mark’s family was invites too and you spot him staring at you while singing



“Done,” you opened your eyes right after you heard that. Your eyeliner was now perfectly winged, complementing the sweet beige coloured dress and rose flower crown you adorned for your cousins wedding. Anyone who saw you inside the bride’s room would have thought that you were the lead bridesmaid but your duty at the wedding was completely off from that. Instead, you were singing a wedding song that you had modified specially for your cousin and her husband-to-be. After thanking the make-up stylist, you stared at yourself in the mirror. It was finally showtime.

“________-ah!” you turned your head to the direction of the sound of your name being called right before you stepped onto the platform. “________-ah, thank you sosososo much i swear i never thought that you would have agreed to singing at this wedding of mine!” your cousin beamed proudly at you as she thanked you with a massive hug. You giggled back a response. “Awww, no problem Steph,” you said as you played with her hands; a habit the both of you had when around each other, “but shouldn’t you be with your husband at the tables?” this time she giggled back at you. Apparently, she lied to them that she wanted to go to the washroom but instead, she went to see you to cheer you on. After saying a quick goodbye and “see you later”, you finally stepped on the platform.

You had to admit, as much as you were a nervous singing in front of the crowds, you did have fun singing the song you edited into an acoustic version. You even found yourself grooving along to the accompanying instruments and background music. As you turned your head and looked at the newly weds’ table, you found your cousin and her husband beaming at you with pride and nodding along your perfectly hit notes. Your cousin even managed to mouth a “Fighting!!” at you. At that, you smiled sweetly at them as music bridge came on.

The crowd was definitely pleasantly surprised by how well such a classic wedding song was edited and modernised and how well your voice goes along with the instruments. As you were singing the second chorus, you started eyeing the crowd, looking for your family. You relaxed a little after spotting your mom at one of the tables and started looking at the people at the table. Your eyes were roaming around looking at your family members sitting at the table until they saw a familiar hand scratching a neck. You brought your eyes up to the face of the body which the hand belonged to. Your eyes widened as you saw your boyfriend, Mark Lee, with his family. Mark met your gaze and gave you a that heart-warming smile that always made your cheeks blush. Even you averted your gaze from him after smiling back, you still felt him staring at you. You swore you almost forgot when to come in for the last chorus after he stared at you. Oh well, it was Mark Lee, that confused little puppy who held the title “________’s boyfriend” after all.

As you walked off to the styling room of the bride’s side to touch up a little on your makeup, you heard footsteps coming at your direction.
You turned around only to be attacked by a massive hug and massive heaps of compliments from Mark. You could tell how excited and surprised he was by the way he was continuously blinking and stuttering through his words and from how he was holding his neck and saying “wow” every now and then. “Didn’t you say you have schedule today? Did you skip it just for this? Steph and I already told you that its fine if you cant attend right?” you quizzed Mark to save himself before he ran out of breath from his excitement. “Hmm? Oh-uh, i-uh well,” he stuttered, “you see these are the times puppy eyes and constant begging is needed.” He said clinging onto you arm as he attempted answering the questions by lowkey stating that he used aegyo on his manager-hyung. You laughed out heartily at his response and shook your head at how adorable he is even when his objective was not to be seen as ‘cute’.

The rest of the wedding ceremony went very well : more singing, more food, more dessert and of course, more catching up with Mark. The both of you even laughed so hard at the hilarious things his members did up to the point Mark almost snorted and choked on his lime cordial and you had a tummy ache and cried from laughing too hard. Just from that, three hours had passed and finally, it was the time for all the guests to slow-dance and waltz together with the newly weds. Mark and you decided to sit at the sides considering that your stilettos were killing your legs and Mark wanted to look after you. As you lay your head on Mark’s broad shoulders and watched the crowd waltzing in the dimmed lights, you couldnt help but to look at your lover’s face every now and then. “Gosh i would have loved to dance there with you but my logic decided to not remind me to bring a pair of comfy wedges to dance in,” you complained as you now listened to his heart beating through his chest. “Well yeah, but at least we have some time to ourselves here to rest from the whole day’s events so far don’t we?” Mark replied as he kissed you forehead. You looked up and pecked his cheek and returned to your previous position. You felt his arms snake around your waist and arm to pull you closer to him. “One day ________-ah, that would be us, there, in the centre where the spotlight is,” you looked up to see your cousin and her husband under the spotlights. You blushed at the thought of the both of you, a few years down the road, under the spotlights and being the centre of attention of the same event. “One day, i promise you,” he said, as he kissed your forehead again.

tea leaves » jeno


prompt: can I request a hogwarts au where the reader is a pureblood slytherin and jeno is a halfblood hufflepuff who has a huge crush on her? using this au: we’re partners in divination, and i’m reading your tea leaves, and i don’t know what i’m doing, so i just am guessing on images, but somehow every image i guess ends up having a romantic connotation, i swear i’m not doing this on purpose (can be found here)
words: 979
category: hogwarts!au, fluff
a/n: i don’t know why this is so short but i kind of like it this way. sorry ^^

Originally posted by nctaezen


Jeno held the teacup in his hands, using it as some sort of shield to avoid you. It wasn’t that he didn’t like you. Quite the contrary, actually. The reason he wished to be swallowed into the ground at that very moment was the fact that just last night his friends had gotten him to confess his massive crush on you. He had done it to stop their obsessive questions, but his confession only sent him down a hole of teasing that he was sure he’d never come out of.

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How Felicity felt

My muse would not let this go.  It is short and not beta checked but here is how my muse thought Felicity felt during 5.20.

When Curtis said the words, Felicity knew it was a bad idea.  “The way he looks at you.” Does she look at him the same way? Probably.  She loves this man with all of her heart, soul and ….nope, not her mind.  Her mind is the clog in the wheel right now.  Her mind keeps saying how much it hurt when he did not trust her.  Yes, being a genius is not in her favor now.   Oliver walks in with the Chinese food.

“Curtis next time you pick up your own Chinese food.” Oliver tells him as he walks in with a big container.

Felicity is still lost in thought when she hears Curtis say there is wine and before she knows it she is telling Oliver she will go get it.  Wine.  It would be nice if she could honestly state that the wine was to blame for what happened but she can’t lie to herself.  Soon, Oliver is helping her with the Salmon Ladder.  

“Come here,” he tells her in that adorable but so sexy tone of voice.  She feels his hands on her as he lifts her up.  A kaleidoscope of memories invades her.  Oliver making breakfast, Oliver carrying her up and down the stairs when she was paralyzed, Oliver smiling at her across the room, kissing her before and after a mission, holding her as they watched TV, his confused face as she tried to explain Dr. Who to him for the hundredth time, Oliver, Oliver, Oliver.

When he put his hands on her waist to pull her down, her body rubbed deliciously against his all the way.  

“I got you, honey.” Looking into his eyes, she just wants to believe he really does have her.  And it has been so long since he called her anything but Felicity.  What did she do to make him not trust her? What can she do to show him he can trust her?  This is the only issue between them.  She does not care that he has a son.  William is a child and Oliver’s son so she loves him already.  Samantha and she got along fine and she is positive she could be a good stepmother to William but Oliver does not trust her.

She misses him so much. Not just the sex, although she misses that, but the daily touches and kisses She misses his place on the couch, in the kitchen making dinner and at night she still sleeps lightly expecting him to cry out from a nightmare.  She learned how to wake him when that happened.  After he would have a panic attack which Felicity would sooth by putting his hand over her heart so he could breathe with her.  She misses waking up to him snuggled into her as his hand would wander down her body until he turned her and they would make love.  

“In fairness, you’ve had a little bit to drink,” Oliver tells her after he steps away from her.

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Sh 2x08 Recap

Weekly recap here: *taps chin* Where do I even begin?

So, the show is definitely getting better. I really enjoyed this episode, despite some upsets..

1) *Singing* Fuck you, and fuck her too. Alec hand delivered a ‘fuck you’ to maryse and I loved every minute of it. He was like ‘this is my man, and we done fucked, and he aint going anywhere cuz we done fucked, and you better get your shit together bihh.’ 

But on a serious note, I’m proud of him. Alec has internalized his feelings for so long, thinking that he was somehow wrong for being gay; all b/c that’s the way he was brought up thinking. He’s starting to accept himself, and accept his sexuality, and he’s proud of who he is. In order for Malec to work, Alec had to learn how to love himself first. So him standing up for his sexuality, and his boyfriend, to his mother, was so important. Glad the show showed this. 

2) We did miss the sex scene. All the upset malec fans can go ahead and be upset now; even though I suggest you don’t. At least we got to see ‘where the magic happened’ even though we saw the bedroom b/c of a fucking cat. Still, can you imagine? Alec writhing, and arching his back, on those silk sheets? His neck barred while Magnus goes to town on that ass, and his runes? Ugh…fuck. Okay, I need to get it together. 

3) Can we talk about Jace and Magnus right quick? I almost died when Jace scared Magnus, b/c Magnus thought Jace could feel Magnus and Alec having sex. Lmfao, like can you imagine? “Alec? You want to know why I keep cockblocking? Because I’m tired of being in the middle of training and feeling your fourth orgasm!!” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Okay, I’m done. 

But lowkey, Jace being attacked by kittens was too fucking hilarious. I need more Jace and kittens. Jace needs nice and fluffy things. 

I also want to know if Magnus will feel a bit guilty for allowing all this to happen? I mean, it’s because Magnus is so welcoming and trusting, the warlock knew she could disguise herself as a cat in order to do what she needed to do. It must hurt to have your weakness exploited against you like this. 

4) Magnus and Max met!! BUT it did NOT go like planned. Honestly, fuck Maryse for putting those thoughts into Max’s head. He’s a child and they are prone to copying what they see, hear, and experience. Magnus and Max should have had such a cute meeting, but instead it was ruined by Maryse’s ignorance, even though she’s now starting to realize the error of her ways. I do love how the show portrayed this because this is how generational hatred is created. You aren’t born to hate.

I know Maryse has been dealing with her husband cheating and instead of confronting the cheating she turns her anger and annoyance onto Magnus. Not right, but all we can do is learn and grow from our mistakes. 

5) BAMF Magnus??? Can I get a ‘hell yeah?’ The way he worked his magic this episode seriously fucked me up. He was so freaking hot, and talented, and bamf as fuck. R.I.P. me. I bet Alec’s dick was hard as fuck. 

6) *Pulls out every knife in my house, even the plastic knives and butter knives.* I’m seriously coming for Valentine. Like, how dare he? How fucking dare he do those hallucinations that almost made Jace kill Maryse, and Alec kill himself?? Boy, oh boy, let me at him. *Takes off earrings.* I will fuck him up. Not only that, but he done kidnapped Alec’s future daughter, Madzie. Fuck him!!! *Alec save your child!!!* But real talk, now that oh girl is with the Clave, Madzie is going to be all alone so Alec needs to adopt her. 

7) When Alec said ‘stay with us?’ Can I please fangirl interpret that as meaning he stays with Magnus because Jace stays with Magnus, so what is this us? Unless he meant Izzy, but fuck it. I’ll do my own head canon. 

8) Izzy and Raphael. *Sighs* I loved this, and hated it all at the same time. Izzy was so vulnerable, and that’s why she’s doing this b/c she can’t keep pretending that she’s A Okay all the time. However, she exploited Raphael’s weakness and she never apologized for it. Raphael almost broke, and even had to apologize to Magnus because he knew what he was doing was wrong. Raphael is such a good person he was willing to risk his own recovery to help ease Izzy out of danger. Please give this guy all the love. I really did hate the way Izzy treated Raphael like her personal property, just bending him to do what she wanted without remorse. Addict or not, that’s fucked up and not okay and what’s so sad is that Raphael is so prone to people using him. Fuck, my heart hurts for this guy. Also, I think Raphael and Izzy could be cute together if done right. 

9) All the climon fans are happy, I know. I never liked book Climon, for multiple reasons, but I am willing to give show climon a chance. I can’t really talk on them just yet because I’m still getting over my book hatred. On a side note, the actor’s are so adorable and having climon together is cute. It’s just going to suck when jace realizes he and Clary aren’t related. *Can you say drama?* 

So in a nutshell, Valentine is still being a dick and trying to use Clary to destroy all downworlders b/c Valentine is a massive asshole with a god complex and a lot on the sociopath side. 

Maryse and her children, minus Izzy, seem to be on the track to working things out. Malec is so together it hurts. Climon is going to bring drama, but they cute though. And Izzy is in need of some serious intervention. Also, *Spoiler for next episode*, it looks like Alec may find out Magnus knew about Izzy seeking out a vamp dealer and is going to try and blame Magnus for it, which means drama!!!! I’m here for it all! 

| Weak | Loki  [Bayonetta]

You weren’t a lumen sage.

You weren’t an umbra witch.

You weren’t a creature from the realms of heaven nor hell.

You were simply…you.


Human. Nothing else.

But as you watched the streak of orange and dirt-green fall from the sky and crash into the buildings below, you oh so wish you were.

It had puzzled him when you were able to see what a normal human couldn’t. You supposed that was the only interesting thing about you, that somehow your eyes looked past the normal layer of the world and into the disastrous and danger that was found beneath. It had always frustrated Loki how you were able to see him when he hid himself, when no one else could. (Well, for a human’s standard. Bayonetta didn’t count.)

He was completely adorable when frustrated, you recalled. He claimed he was a ‘man’ and yet he would pout and his brows would furrow and he would basically throw a tantrum when you confused him. It shouldn’t have been one of your favourite things to see, but it was.

Now, as you watched him slam into the concrete you wondered if you’d ever be able to see it again.

His name flew from your lips, a hoarse scream, tearing through your throat painfully. Out of instinct you stepped forward from your hiding place in the chaos to help him, but as buildings cracked and concrete exploded into the air as he was thrown through them, you were forcefully reminded of your feeble normal self as you fell to the ground, the shock-waves knocking you clean off your feet.

You groaned pitifully, knees and elbows scratchy with torn skin and bloodstained as you lifted your head from the ground. Your vision swam, but you could just about register the boy of your main focus jumping to his feet to dodge another attack from the massive creature of destruction. He leaped and ran like he hadn’t just been crashing through metal and buildings and concrete, impossibly, amazingly.

A hit like that would have killed me easily, you couldn’t help thinking.

But here you were, so far from the battle, blood crusting your skin, ears ringing from the sound of screeching and fighting everywhere, still shaken by the shockwave. And you weren’t even the one hit.

Because you were human.

You wanted to rip your weak flesh apart and yell till you wrecked your voice raw. Why did you have to meet him? Why did you have to fall for him? Why could you do nothing while he was fighting out there?

Why were you so weak?

A loud slam interrupted your dark thoughts and your head snapped up to see an angel flying pass in the sky, blocking out the sun with its gigantic body. You stared for a second, in awe despite your mind screaming at you to run away from the thing.

A crumb of granite fell onto your cheek.

You frowned, confused. (It didn’t start raining stone, did it?) But then as you looked up your eyes widened. That loud sound you had heard had been the tail of the heavenly being knocking into the building you were hidden. The building that was currently crumbling and coming down from the damage. The building you were right under.

Your heart stopped and you froze, everything dull, the world turning silent.

Then adrenaline slapped you in the face, colour bled back into your vision, the noise returned, and you were running.

Large pieces of foundation and rock fell around you as you sprinted, trying to get away from what would be your death. Panic became your heartbeat and the rhythm of your fear pounded in your skull as you just narrowly missed the jagged end of a falling slab of marble.

I don’t want to die.

A shadow covered your form and you turned to see a piece of rock heading towards you, something you couldn’t dodge. Something too huge.

I don’t want to die!

All you could do was let out a sob as you covered your face with your arms.





And then warmth.

When two seconds had passed without the agony that should have consumed your body, you opened your eyes. And he was actually there. His cards had sliced through the rock, leaving it to fall in parts around your bodies, somehow completely symmetrical. Blue flames licked round his hands intensely. A force field of some sort was around you, pulsing warmth.

He spun from his protective position in front of you, grabbing your arms in a sudden movement. Icy blue eyes burned intensely into yours.

“Jump,” He barked. You had no idea what he was talking about, but because of the commanding tone in his voice and just out of instinct, you jumped immediately.

And it was a lucky thing you did. The ground beneath you fell away just a split second after your feet left the floor, a roar splitting the air and vibrating to your very D.N.A. as the creature he had been fighting suddenly appeared below the two of you, bursting through.

You shrieked.

Loki had jumped as well, and now grabbed your body to his swiftly. In a blink he was jumping from stone to stone midair, so fast you didn’t have time to register it till you both were back on safe earth.

“What were you thinking?” He practically bit off your head.

You stammered, wanting to argue, to ask him if he was okay, to defend yourself, but to mostly tell him that the angel that was currently trying to kill you was way more important than any conversation.

Unfortunately, or fortunately if you take it so, the universe seemed to want that conversation to happen as the heavenly being was body slammed by a creature of inferno, successfully drawing attention away from you two. Bayonetta’s summon probably.

“I left you in the city! Why the hell did you follow me on the way to Mt. Fimbulventr, love?!” His tone was unforgiving, harsh, and yet you couldn’t stop the butterflies at the word 'love’. You knew it was just a verbal tic, something he said to literally everybody, you knew, yet it certainly didn’t stop your stomach from warming.

“I-I had to,” You stuttered, but kept eye contact defiantly. “I wasn’t just going to let you go by yourself!”

“I had Bayonetta,” He growled, and you had never seen him angry before. He was all sly grins and childish humour and mischievousness, but this was the first time you could see something hot and volatile bubbling underneath his gaze. His eyes were smoldering, and the symbol on his forehead seemed to glow brighter, the blue horizontal hourglass contrasting with his chocolate skin. His hood was up, but you caught strands of his silver hair brushing his neck. “And besides, what help would you be anyway??”


That hurt. Even though you knew this, the statement coming from his own lips was too much to handle.

He seemed to notice the hurt in your expression and he cursed something foul, putting his hand on his forehead.

“Y/N, love, You know I didn’t really mean that-”

“No you’re right,” You chuckled without humor. You felt like crying, but your eyes had long since run out of tears. “I know. I’m worthless.”


“It was selfish really. You even had to come and save me. What use am I?”


“No use at all.” Your voice was rising and you felt hysteria making your voice wobbling. “I’m completely-”

“Y/N!” He cut off. “Shut the hell up.”

His hand grabbed your shirt and roughly brought you closer, smashing his lips to yours. It was quick and firm and probably not even five seconds, but it felt like an eternity his soft mouth enveloped yours. It wasn’t an elaborate kiss, but it did the job, his lips pressed hard to yours, burning you with scalding emotion, the friction pleasing and painful simultaneously, your body setting aflame. Stars burst behind your eyes and something rumbled in his chest as you pressed your palm to it to steady yourself, eyes fluttering shut.

Then it was over all too soon. He separated, fist clenching into your shirt tighter as he looked into your soul. You were panting, lips bruised, mind swimming with a million questions about what had just happened. His grip loosened and he stepped back.

“Go back,” He said shortly.

You were shivering violently, the screams and howls tearing through the air becoming too much. “Come back. Please.”

You may not be utterly wise, but even you knew that this was goodbye. He just gave you one more look.

“Go back.”

You felt your heart deflate as he purposely didn’t answer what you asked. You knew what he meant by that. He knew that you knew.

Maybe he would be able to. Maybe he wouldn’t. But false hope was useless.

“Well this is all heart-warming,” A voice purred, silky and feminine and strong. You jumped, only to see Bayonetta landing next to you guys, blowing dust from her gun. “But we have to go, little one.”

Loki straightened, and whatever softness that was in his eyes hardened. “Right.” His intense sky eyes caught yours once more, flicking over your face before turning briskly.

He walked away and you wordlessly followed him with your gaze, knowing this could very well be your last memory of him.

A chuckle broke your reverie.

“Ah young love,” Bayonetta mused. You jolted, genuinely forgetting the woman had been there. She titled her head and her lips curled, lighting up her attractive features. She blew a kiss to you and you stiffened when a flash of purple literally exited her lips and fingers, seeping over you.

You breathed in sharply.

You felt….stronger?

“There,” She mumbled. “Now you won’t be an easy kill. A little protection till you’re out of this. Good luck, kid.”

She winked at you before springing in the air, then gone.

You breathed in to gather your wits then began running, eager to get out of there. This wasn’t your fight, it had really taken almost death for you to accept that.

After all, you were human. Weak.

But him. He was strong.

And that was really all that mattered.


Stuck Inside My Head

Chapter Eight | Chapter Ten

Chapter Nine: Not Ideal

After they said goodnight, Negan took Jude and left Simon’s home. Negan didn’t notice how exhausted he was until he was driving and anxious to get home. Jude was half asleep in the backseat, he too exhausted, that is until he noticed his fish picture he had forgotten to give his mommy.

“Daddy,” Jude called; Negan looked back for a moment, responding with a hum, “I forgot ta give mommy dis.”

Again, Negan looked back and saw the picture Jude held up, “Oh sh–shoot,” he corrected himself, “it’s okay, you can give it to her on Friday, alright?”

Jude pouted slightly, “I wan’ her ta have it.”

Negan exhaled softly, “I know, buddy, but it’s late and I gotta work in the morning. Maybe Auntie Michonne can take you to give it to her?”

The toddler smiled happily, “A'kay!”

Negan was happy himself, he didn’t want to have a tantrum right then. The day he had was on his shoulders suddenly. He was tired and all the thoughts he had hidden away were crashing in on him. Stomach in knots, Negan tried to push them all away, wanting to get through the drive home.

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Drabble celebration 2/4

This one is for @rowanofferelden. Sorry it took me so long, but here it is!
The prompt was: divorce lawyers who always meet in court. -insert as many background relationships as you can

I hope you like what I made of it. As usual, this is unbeta’ed. Also note I have absolutely no knowledge about wizarding law. 
Also, some characters might be quite OOC!
With the end of the Second Wizarding War came a slow change in the society. It was a long way to go, especially concerning the rights of werewolves and veelas. But when the dust had finally settled, it became apparent that the post-war euphoria brought yet different changes.


Yes, you read correctly. There were many fast weddings held in 1998, and not all, by far, survived the first decade. For Hermione, however, it was dramatic to see so many relationships dissolve, to be a shoulder to cry on for many of her friends, but… it also provided her with a stable income.

Hermione had become a lawyer, specialized in family law. Essentially, she was a divorce lawyer, and one of the best, at that. But admittedly, today’s cause was a tough one.

“Missus Potter, you say you haven’t seen this man except during official outings?” Hermione addressed Ginny, and pointed at Blaise Zabini, who sat in the second row, looking like sin on legs.

“That’s right. I met him on Ministry galas and such; I am, or rather was, required to visit those events at my husband’s side, after all.”

“Are you absolutely certain?” Hermione pressed. Ginny’s lawyer, Draco Malfoy, stepped closer to his client. So close, in fact, that Hermione felt unwilling emotions welling up in the pit of her stomach. The blond whispered something into her ear, his slender fingers wrapped around the redhead’s forearm. Hermione’s friend nodded at his words and Draco slid into his seat again.

“Well, Mister Malfoy just reminded me that there could have been an opportunity where Mister Zabini and I met under more…private circumstances.”

“Explain.” Hermione knew there was more behind Ginny’s story and that Draco probably gave her the advice to admit a smaller detail to make herself believable.

“We both played Quidditch for our respective houses back at Hogwarts, and after one exceptionally heated game in my seventh year, I ran into Blaise in the showers…”The brunette focused on Ginny, but let her gaze wander over to Draco for a split second. His left eyebrow twitched. Perfect. 

“Did you have a sexual encounter then?”

“Yes.” The audience gasped. Hermione felt Harry tensing - the last thing he wanted was public humiliation. 

“May I remind the present witches and wizards that my client and Missus Potter weren’t a couple back then?”

“I contradict that, Mister Malfoy.” Confidently, Hermione left her seat and advanced Draco, who also stood in front of his table now.

“Do you now?” As if she were a mere fly on the wall, he straightened his perfectly tailored robes. “Have you actual proof? Or are you answering back just for the sake of it?”

Hermione reminded herself to stay cool. He provoked her on purpose. “You both played, you say, Missus Potter? The only Gryffindor-Slytherin game Mister Zabini took part as member of the Slytherin team in Missus Potter’s seventh year was in April 1999. Harry Potter and his girlfriend, namely Ginny Weasley, had their first official outing a a couple in March. The Daily Prophet printed some photos of them. I can call upon numerous witnesses as well.” Here, she pointed at Ron and Pansy who sat in the hearing as well. On opposite sides, of course - the divorce eight months after their shotgun wedding (and six after their son’s birth) had been one of the first occasions where Hermione had met Draco in the courtroom. 

Draco paled, evidently remembering the Quidditch game as well. Though, he didn’t seem fazed otherwise when he spoke, “I’m not sure if I have to put in a request to replace Mister Potter’s lawyer. To me, she seems quite biased. She and Auror Potter have been known to be friends for a long time, and, if I may cite the Prophet as well, supposedly had an affair as well.” 

Hermione fumed. He tried to turn the trial by making her position dubious! “Despite the falseness of this rumours, may I remind that in the case Malfoy against Malfoy the wife, Astoria Malfoy, was allowed to chose her sister, Daphne Nott, as her lawyer?”

“And may I remind you that the present case and the one my dear colleague mentioned are of wholly different nature? The Malfoy divorce was an amicable one to end an arranged pureblood marriage,” Draco countered. 

“I remember,” the judge said, slightly unnerved from yet another round of banter between Draco and Hermione. “Could we go on? I’d like to focus on visitation rights for now. The two of you have three children, is that correct?” he asked Harry.

Harry straightened his back and answered,“Yes, that’s right. James, Albus, and Lily. All three of them not old enough for Hogwarts, yet.”

Draco indicated he wanted to speak, and the judge nodded at him. “Mister Potter, you are working as Head Auror in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Aren’t you called to work in the middle of the night, or on holidays, to save our world once again? And doing a good job with it, so far, I might add.” He smirked at the audience, and the answering sighs of a handful witches annoyed Hermione to no end.

“Yes, I have to be available at all times.”

“Objection!” Hermione spoke up. “Mister Malfoy tries to present Mister Potter as incapable to care for his children due to his working hours.”

“And Miss Granger tries to pretend that these details aren’t important!” Draco drawled, though she noticed his ears going slightly pink.

“Enough!” the judge bellowed, rubbing his temples. “You two are giving me a massive headache again!” He breathed out heavily and then rose from his chair. “I think we should continue this after a reasonable lunch hour of ninety minutes. And maybe a nice glass of firewhiskey,” he mumbled the last words.

After talking to Harry, calming him and saying that all went perfectly well, Hermione looked over her friend’s shoulder and connected her gaze with Draco’s. ‘You. My office,’ she mouthed, and the blond answered with a confident wink.

As soon as her office door was closed, Hermione found herself pinned against it, Draco’s weight pressing deliciously against her.

“I swear, one day, I take you right in the courtroom in front of everyone!” he growled while making her crazy with his open-mouthed kisses against the side of her neck and his fingers opening her white bloused deftly.

“Tell me that in the morning, and I’ll wear some special underwear then.” Hermione’s hands flew to his shoulders, pushing the black robes away that made his platinum hair stand out even more. With that achieved, she palmed the hard bulge in his trousers.

“Fuck, Hermione.” he swore. “Have I told you how much you turn me on in your tight little skirts and your black heels and that fire burning in your eyes when we’re in the courtroom?” 

Hermione laughed, carefully opening his fly. “You might have mentioned it once or twice.” When Draco pulled her in for a passionate kiss and, consequently, a round of passionate love-making, all thoughts of their jobs were forgotten.

Later, when they cuddled on the loveseat she usually used for a comfortable reading experience, their breathing still heavy and their skin damp, Hermione asked in a low voice, “Do you think it will turn out okay for Harry and Ginny? I mean, I’m certain we can negotiate a fair deal for the both of them, but…”

“It hits you hard, doesn’t it? To see them breaking up?” Draco whispered, nuzzling her cheek with his nose.

“Yes. And part of me even feels bad because…” 

The blond laced his fingers through hers, causing their elegant wedding rings to touch, and said, “Because we are so happy together, strange as it seems?” Hermione nodded. “Don’t be, we’ve worked so hard for that.”

Their wands, thrown away carelessl at some point, made a buzzing sound, indicating the end of their lunch break. Draco got back to his feet, helping Hermione up with a tug of his hand. “Come on now, my most appreciated adversary, there’s a trial waiting for us. And you want to be home before Scorp finally succeeds in giving my parents a heart attack, right?

Hermione giggled. Their nanny had a terrible cold, and so Scorpius had to spend the day with his grandparents - who adored him endlessly, but sometimes underestimated the energy and creativity of a toddler (two words: crayons, portraits). Still smiling, Hermione dressed again, thinking that, despite all the divorces, not all changes were bad. 

Troubles and Worry

Rating : T

Pairing : Mahiru x Kuro

Note : Hello everyone ! This is my first fanfiction about Mahiru and Kuro from Servamp ! They are so cute together I couldn’t help but write something about the two of them. I hope there isn’t too much mistakes ! Enjoy !

Dislcaimer : I don’t own Servamp or any of the characters (sadly …)

While the sun was finishing his race in the sky, with flamboyant and warm colors, and everybody was going home after a difficult day of work, the Sloth pair was out to do some shopping for the week and their evening meal, walking happily or lazily on the sidewalk. Like always, the light brown haired boy had a smile on his delicate face, his big chocolate eyes shining with joy when he spotted something interesting, and was humming a song that he heard in the morning, just before going to school. Unlike him, the black cat on his shoulder was yawning hard enough to break his jaw and couldn’t keep his eyelids open more than three seconds, falling asleep here and there like it was a normal thing to do. That wasn’t unusual. After all, Kuro’s real name wasn’t Sleepy Ash for nothing. Even if it could have seemed troublesome at first, because he couldn’t do a single thing by himself and that he could be annoying sometimes, slumped on the sofa, leaving all the chores to his Eve, the young man didn’t thought it was a bad thing to have him in the apartment. He had company and a friend to talk to when needed. He didn’t regret that day when he picked the dirty feline. He felt whole again with the bluenette by his side. However, Mahiru was a bit concerned by his behavior since their last fight against Tsubaki’s subclasses, and he hoped that everything was fine with his Servamp or that he would talk about whatever was on his mind to him. It was hard to make him talk, even if it was for a simple word like ‘Thank you’ or 'Goodmorning’, and the boy feared that his nerves would let go at some point and that he would hurt himself pretty badly.

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Waltzing with a Dinosaur (Delimoo)

This is my first attempt at a romantic pairing, so please have mercy on me if it ends up being terrible. I tried my best ;-;  

(This story is inspired by the recent Gang Beasts video created by Daithi de Nogla, BasicallyIDoWrk, H2ODelirious, and Moo Snuckel.)

Words: 3,199


It was fairly common knowledge to everyone that Delirious couldn’t dance. Despite being a year shy of thirty, Jonathan had never taken dance lessons even in his youth and had two left feet, capable of butchering any piece of choreography one dared to throw at him within moments. He tried, there was no doubt about that, but finding the beat was something he had always struggled with. It was even the reason why he gave up playing the drums in band during middle school and switched to piano, where hardly any footwork was required.

Yet Delirious never let that stop him, and took great pride in his expertise in random arm motions and hip swaying whenever his favorite tune came on. It was only when he was forced to learn an organized dance number that Jonathan let his insecurities rise, choosing to back out and save himself the embarrassment when he would inevitably trip and fall while everyone else completed their perfect spins, tapping their shoes in melodious harmony. He envied Luke’s natural talent for dancing and only felt comfortable learning when he had his childhood friend as his tutor. That way if he failed, only his best friend would be the one laughing at him and not a crowd of people that he didn’t even know.

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C'mon, Baby, Calm Me Down. You're The Only One Who Knows How.

Reader request: Bruce x reader remember in aou where Natasha calmed hulk with that lullaby could you do that scene but during a vacation on the beach Tony pushed him too far and he turned into the hulk and the reader is the only one to calm him cute & fluffy :-)

*Title from The Front Bottoms’ “Skeleton”*

It was a gorgeous summer afternoon out in California where you and the rest of the Avengers were spending a little r & r at the beach. After a particularly grueling month of missions, you and the rest of your friends had come to the consensus that you all desperately needed a break from chasing after bad guys, trading in your gear for swimsuits and sunscreen. You were especially thrilled to get back to your California roots.

“That’s it, guys!” You yelled out excitedly as Natasha flew around the curved road, bringing the exquisite shoreline into sight. You were literally bouncing in your seat, your face lighting up like a kid on Christmas. You couldn’t help it; while you liked the energy in New York, nothing could ever replace the way you felt hearing the roar of the Pacific, immersing yourself in its swirling waters and watching the sunlight sparkle.

Bruce laughed and you turned to face him, still smiling. “What?!” You asked your boyfriend, hitting him with your elbow. “I’m just happy to be back.” “I know,” Bruce replied with a smile, rubbing his thumb on your upper thigh. “You’re adorable when you’re excited.” You closed your eyes as he brought his lips to yours gently. You’d been dating for months now, and you still felt your heart speed up whenever you kissed. You were head over heels for the shy scientist, and he felt the same about you. “Aw, look at you two cuties,” Clint called from the passenger seat. You made a face at Clint, interlacing your fingers with Bruce’s as you pulled into the beach lot.

“HONEY, I’M HOME!” you yelled out as soon your bare feet touched the sand, laughing with delight and twirling around in the sand before falling lightly onto your back, letting out a contented sigh as you stared up at the cloudless, exhilaratingly blue sky. Bruce laid down on his back next to you for a minute before you rolled over onto your side to face him.

“Helloooo handsome,” you said flirtatiously, wiggling your fingers at him. He shook his head and smiled at you, gently smoothing out your sand-covered locks. “Hey, beautiful,” he murmured.“ You placed a hand on his chest. “You need sunscreen now otherwise that nice body of yours is gonna get torched,” you said, digging through your bag. You squeezed out a generous portion onto your hands, slopping it onto him as messily as possible. “Jesus, Y/N,” he cried out laughing as you giggled and drew white stripes across his cheeks. “That’s it,” he said, turning to attack you in return as you shrieked when the cold cream hit your skin. “I AM JUST TRYING TO PROTECT YOU DOCTOR, HAVEN’T YOU HEARD OF SKIN CANCER?” You yelled out through your laughter as you both stood up, attempting to smear the most sunscreen on each other before collapsing back down in a fit of giggles. Bruce put his arm around you, kissing your now SPF 30-ed cheek and smiling. “God, I love you, Y/N.” “And I love you, Bruce.” Bringing your lips to his, you maneuvered yourself into his lap as his one arm wrapped around your lower back, returning the kiss with his other hand grasping at your hair. All of a sudden, you felt a gust of wind that only meant one thing. You smiled slightly, pulling away to look up at the shirtless silvery blond now standing next to you two.

Pietro grinned apologetically. “Sorry, you guys. I did not mean to interrupt. But Y/N, you will still teach me to surf like you promised?” He asked, his eyes lighting up with excitement. You pulled yourself up off Bruce, dusting some sand of your turquoise bikini top and black board shorts. “It would be my pleasure, Speedy.” “Great! Let’s go now!” Pietro took your hand – you barely had time to grab your board before you were at the edge of the shore with him.
Bruce sat up cross legged, smiling to himself with the feeling of your mouth on his still lingering. He looked around as the rest of the team trailed in: Wanda carrying a stack of beach reads, Natasha and Clint chatting animatedly as they passed a frisbee back and forth, Thor tying his hair up into a messy bun, Steve carrying 3 massive coolers of drinks on his own and Tony strutting down the beach with his towel tied like a cape around him. He sat down next to Bruce with a loud “ahhhh.” “So,” Tony started, “Passing up hanging ten out there with your girlfriend, Doc?” “I’d end up drowning if I tried that,” Bruce said laughing. “I’ll let her focus on Speedy, he was practically crying when she said she’d teach him.”

Bruce and Tony stared off at you and Pietro. The Sokovian watched you intently as you showed him how to get up onto the board correctly. His eyes darted around while you weren’t looking, following the curves of your body and lingering on your chest and ass. Bruce’s hands clenched involuntarily.

“Looks like you got a little competition!” Tony jeered. “Just kidding, he’s harmless; homewrecking isn’t his style. But,” Tony continued in a tone that Bruce knew meant trouble, “What are you gonna do when a real threat comes along?”

Bruce’s face set in a hard line. “I’m not worried about that, Tony.” “Really?” Tony quipped. “Because if I had a girlfriend that looked like – well that –,” he said waving his hands in your general direction, “On a beach full of dreamy surf gods and rugged shirtless hippies, I’d be a little more concerned with claiming your territory. You know?” Bruce said nothing, trying to keep his anxiety from spiraling into something well, a little more green.

“Tony,” Bruce suddenly started through gritted teeth. “Lay off.” “Whaaat? I’m just looking out for you buddy. Last thing I would want is to have Y/N having some Channing Tatum fuckboy drooling on her trying to get a piece of that -” “TONY, ENOUGH,” Bruce yelled out. That was it. Bruce fell onto his hands as he felt himself getting swept over with panic and rage, unbridled and untamed. He pulled at his hair, desperately trying to regain control. For once in his life, Tony didn’t have a smart remark. “Oh shit, Bruce,” his eyes widening. Bruce let out a roar of frustration and Tony took three steps back. “I didn’t mean -” “Get - people - off - the - beach,” Bruce choked out in reply, falling onto his back.
You heard Bruce’s yell from the edge of the water, your neck immediately snapping around. “Bruce?” You looked and saw him writhing on the ground, Tony backing away. “Son of a bitch,” you muttered, your throat tightening with panic. Pietro grabbed your hand again as you two whisked to Bruce’s side. The rest of the team had got there already, starting to clear people off the beach. You slid to your knees in front of Bruce, tilting his face toward you. “Bruce? I’m right here, babe. It’s Y/N, you’re gonna be ok. You can fight this.” Bruce looked up at you and with a sinking feeling in your chest, you saw his warm
chocolate-colored eyes changing colors. “I can’t,” he whispered. “I’m so sorry.” You had seen the other guy in battle when he was relatively in control, but Bruce had yet to “Hulk out” since the two of you started dating. You swallowed the lump in your throat. “OK. It’s gonna be ok. You aren’t going to hurt anyone. We won’t let it happen.”

You turned angrily to Tony. “What the fuck did you say to him?!” You snarled out. “You’re the only one here stupid enough to push him to this!” “I was just kidding with him!” Tony yelled back. “Do you think I wanted this to happen?” “Y/N, you can maim Stark later, we’ve got to move, now!” Clint called out. “I’m not leaving Bruce here!” “Oh yes you are,” Nat called back, grabbing your arm. “Let Thor and Cap and Tony try to bring him down first. Banner will kill us if we let anything happen to you.” With the combined effort of Natasha, Wanda and Pietro, you let yourself get dragged off further behind a sand dune.
You had been watching the chaos for a few minutes now as the other guy took massive swings at your friends who were trying fruitlessly to subdue him. “This isn’t working,” you yelled in frustration. “He’s going to hurt them, they aren’t going about this the right way. He’s just scared and upset.” “Not to be a dick, Y/N, but do you have a better idea?” Pietro asked. You looked out at Hulk, but to you, he was just Bruce. A Bruce that was in a lot of pain, and you couldn’t stand it. “Maybe,” you said, darting out of Clint’s grip and sprinting off toward the direction of Hulk’s roars. The boys all saw you coming and temporarily stopped attacking. “Back off,” you yelled out. “Are you crazy?!” Steve yelled. “JUST DO IT!” You roared back. Your intensity did the trick and all three of them moved away.

You took a deep breath and walked forward. “Hey, big guy” you called up. The massive figure turned his head toward you, letting out an ear-splitting roar. You winced but held your ground, holding out one hand. “Hey now, cut the shit, Hulk!” He blinked slowly at you, huffing out and moving forward. You moved forward as well. “We don’t want to hurt you. I know you’re upset and scared, but I’m here to help.” You motioned for Thor, Steve and Tony to sit down. “You’re kidding right?” Tony cried out. “Sit down Stark or so help me God,” you screeched through clenched teeth, keeping your eyes on the green figure in front of you. He did. Hulk stopped moving upon seeing the boys sit down. “Hey,” you called softly. “Eyes here. I need my boyfriend to come back to me, ok? It’s me, Y/N.” You sat yourself gently on the ground, painfully aware that one of his feet was about the size of your body. You exhaled slowly, holding out your hand. “You know me. I’m not going to hurt you. You can trust me.” You couldn’t see it, but every member of the team had their mouths agape at this point, eyes widening as Hulk lowered himself down, his eyes fixed on your face. You extended you hand further, drawing a line down your palm. “Right here, bud.” You called softly. You were as surprised as anyone when a huge, green palm connected softly with yours. You looked up, startled as you met warm brown eyes. “Yes, Bruce. You’re safe.” You watched as the figure in front of you shrank, the green skin fading back to its normal tone. You caught Bruce as he staggered forward, his human self once more.
He blinked up, slightly dazed as you ran your hand across his cheek, laughing with relief as your eyes sparkled with grateful tears. “Hey, love,” you whispered. “I’m right here. You didn’t hurt me or anyone. You’re safe.” Bruce’s hand reached out for yours. “But you, how did you, I could hear you talking to me,” he muttered. “You brought me back.” “Of course I did,” you said with a shaky smile. “I’m absolutely brilliant, remember?” Bruce laughed and you pulled him into a hug. “You’re amazing, thank you” he breathed in your ear. “I love you so much, Y/N. I don’t know how you still love me like this.” You kissed him fiercely, breaking apart to gaze at his distraught face. “I love you because you’re you, Bruce. With the good the bad and the enormous green guy,” you smiled softly. “And that’s not going to change, OK?” He smiled that famous shy smile, “Not leaving me for any surfer boys?” he said jokingly, but you knew him well enough to sense the unease in his voice. Your face drew into lines of confusion. “Leave you for surfers? What are you -” The lightbulb went off in your head. Drawing in a very deep inhale, you turned slowly to face Tony. He waved nervously. “Hey, there, lovebirds.”

You stood up and Tony hastened backwards, nearly tripping down into the sand. “OK, I was just messing with him, saying he had to protect his territory –meaning you – because otherwise one of these beach bums would sweep you away. Which is obviously not going to happen. Cmon doc, just see how she looks at you all lovey dovey all the time. It’s sickening.” Neither of you laughed. Tony sighed, taking a serious tone. “Look, Banner, I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to freak you out and you have nothing to worry about. You clearly adore her just like she adores you.” He paused. “Ugh. I can hear the weepy Full House music playing in my head. But yeah, I really am sorry.” Bruce looked up. “Thanks, Tony.”

He turned his gaze toward you, bringing his arms around your waist. “Well, at least there’s a bright side to all of this,” Bruce said with a half smile. “What?” You inquired. He kissed you gently, breaking apart to gaze peacefully into your bright eyes. “I finally found my lullaby.”

{This is intended to be a fix it fic for the ending of MTMTE #52, where Tarn turns on Overlord and spares Kaon. Hope you enjoy.}

            If there was one thing that Overlord was good at, it was using his voice to grate on the absolute last nerve of everyone in his presence. In fact, Tarn was willing to wager that Overlord’s voice had caused just about as many as his own. Now, whether those deaths were by a spark giving up or a spark being ripped out of the fool that had lost patience with Overlord and attacked him, that was an entirely different matter altogether. And quite arguably most irritating was that the Phase Sixer’s presence and verbal jabs even made Nickel’s normally acceptable, if not quite forward, zeal seem like it was simply compounding the issue.

              So when Kaon came rushing in, looking more panicked and upset than anything else, Tarn felt his normally seething temper begin to broil. He was fast regretting having ever let Overlord live, much less on board the warworld and near those he considered allies. The massive mech was threatening to undo what he had fought to keep intact, if by presence and words alone.

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Water Gun (N.M)

|based on the request: Hey, can I have and imagine with Nate where we’re at their house or in NYC for the Digitour and the boys are having water-gun fight, I’m talking to Nate’s fans and Nate will sneak behind me and spray the water on me and it will be all cute? Oh, and could you do it with the name Maggie, please? thanks!|

|•I only do Y/N, sorry!, 1.5k words, it’s boring af tbh lol it’s 2am and I need to upload something for yall so, it’s cheesy as and I’m sorry it’s so bad hahahahaha pls don’t hurt me, it’s not edited lol, masterlist is in my description homies•|

“Hey, Y/N!” A girl calls from behind me, making me whip around instantly and probably attack Emily or Andrea with my hair. “Can I get a picture with you?”

The guys are in New York for Digi NYC, so being the good and supportive girlfriend I am, I came along with them to cheer Nate on the loudest from side stage.

“Just attack my eye then, Y/N, yep, that’s cool with me, I’m fine being blind in one eye.” Andrea mutters, wiping her eye in pain yet still managing to roll her eyes with her intolerable level of sass.

“I’m sorry!” I can’t help but laugh at her misfortune, it wasn’t meant to happen, but what can I do, I have long hair. “I apologise on behalf of my hair.”

“You better watch your damn back-” She gets cut off by the shouting fans repeatedly calling my name. “Go ahead, Princess.” I flash her an innocent smile before carefully, avoiding hitting anyone, flipping my hair back over my shoulder.

“Hi! Of course!” I excuse myself from my conversation and skip over to the small group of fans. “How are you guys today?”

“We’re all really excited!” One girl answers, clutching her phone to her chest with a big grin.

“Who are you anticipating the most?” I ask, resting my arms on the metal barrier and looking at each of the girls.

I think Skates fans like me, but I’m not entirely sure. It’s always going to be mixed opinions because not everyone is going to like you and I accept that, but for the most part, I think I’m well liked.

I’m a huge fangirl myself (Nate hates it but he’s learning to love it) so I can relate to all of the fans on a more personal level.

“I’m excited for Sammy and Skate and the Jacks, but I’m more excited to see Demi!” Another girl answers, flashing me her Demi Lovato shirt and bracelet.

“You don’t have to say you like Nate in front of me because I’m his girlfriend, you know that.” I grin, raising one eyebrow with a laugh. “I mean, I don’t like him all too much, he’s really annoying,” I sarcastically drag, rolling my eyes in a jokey way. “But yeah, I’m always the one who cries backstage so.”

“I saw Emily’s Snapchat of you crying during sound check.” The girl who called me over comments and I instantly flush red.

Nate put his heart and soul into sound check just a few hours ago and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears. I’m very dedicated to him and his music and he has so much talent and he’s so under appreciated!

The others really liked taking the piss out of me and publicly humiliating me by taking photos and videos and posting them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine.

“Yeah, he honestly put so much effort into making those songs and he deserves so much more attention! I’m so proud of him, I just couldn’t help it.”

“I thought it was really adorable!”

“Yeah, Nate is really lucky to have such a supportive girlfriend who is there for him and his dreams and not his fame and fortune!”

“That honestly makes my heart swell, you guys are so sweet!” They’re the first of any of the boys’ fans to say anything like that to me! I don’t really know how I’m supposed to respond to it, but it makes me feel so good, honestly.

The group of girls introduce themselves as Sarah, Kelly, Morgan, Alisha and Sapphire and I take selfies with each of them individually and a group selfie. I get to talking with them about different things about the boys and what it’s like to travel around with a mass number of boys and only having one girl constantly by my side.

It’s a struggle, definitely.

“Where’s Nate now?” Morgan asks after we take another photo, locking her phone and holding it in her hand.

“Uh, I’m not actually sure.” I scratch the back of my head awkwardly. “He’s off with the boys somewhere around here, they’re probably messing about, annoying some staff and causing trouble.” Yep, sounds about right.

All 5 of the girls laugh to themselves and make small jokes about what I had said. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they were hidden in the food tent, stuffing their faces before the event has even started.

Sapphire clears her throat and quiets down her group of friends, “What’s your favourite Nate song, Y/N?”

“That’s a hard question…” I rest a finger on my chin in a ponder, even though I already know the answer. “Ride Wit Me feat Jack J, also known as Outro.”

“Why that song?”

“Because him and Johnson rap so well together and I know that he put a lot of effort into it.”

Also because Johnson is featured on the track.

The girls then tell me their favourite Nate song and why it’s their favourite, and they do delve into such great detail! One of them even told me their favourite line in the entire song.

“Have you met any of the guys before?” I ask the girls, resting my chin in my hand. None of them bother to answer, they just look at me awkwardly. “Is there something wrong?”


They don’t answer my question, just watch me. Did I say something wrong? I don’t think I did, I’ve been really nice to them and even offered to get them Nate follows, but I’m being swerved…


That’s when I feel a huge spray of water all over my back, a big pressure hitting the centre of my spine causing me to arch my back in shock and whack my hips against the metal barriers.

“What the fuck?!”

It wasn’t even that much water but I can feel my shirt sticking against my back and going transparent against my skin, and little drops of water trickling down the back of my jeans and into my pants.

I don’t even have to turn around to know who it was, it’s pretty damn obvious that it’s my extremely mature boyfriend with a cheesy, guilty grin plastered on his lips.

“Nathan Montgomery Maloley, I am going to kill you!”

I whip around, without attacking anyone with my hair, and face my boyfriend with a pissed off look. I rest my hands on my hip and raise an eyebrow at him. He does nothing but shrug his shoulders and smile.

What a cheesy ass bastard.

Ugh, he’s so adorable.

“You don’t really want to kill me, your amazing, loving boyfriend, do you?” He asks, ‘hiding’ the massive water gun behind his back and taking a step towards me.

I scoff a laugh, “Oh, believe me, I will.”

“No baby, you won’t.”

I completely deadpan into a resting bitch face and blankly stare at my cheesy boyfriend. Of course I wouldn’t literally kill him, not in public anyway.

I look down at his body and notice that he’s completely wet through, his black jeans are a shade darker, they’re going to be a bitch to get off, and I can see his entire torso through his shirt. These girls behind me must be having a field day right now.

“Can I have a hug?” He asks, taking another step forward and raising his arms out. “I want a hug.”

“Not when you’re that wet you can’t.” I take a step away but he follows me, only taking one step at a time.

Nate grins at me with a playful glint in his eye, he slowly pulls the water gun out from behind his back and aims it at my stomach, silently threatening to pull the trigger and completely soak my front like he did to my back.

“Nathan, don’t.”

“Don’t what?” He asks, stepping closer and pushing his finger down on the trigger harder than before. “Am I not allowed to show my baby affection?”

I roll my eyes and mentally start to freak out as my back hits the metal railing. “Soaking me with a water gun isn’t affectionate, Nate.”

“But babe, it’s so fun!” He grins, pushing the trigger down again and lightly squirting some water at me. “See! It’s just a bitta fun!”

“I haven’t got any spare clothes with me and this is already spreading to the front.” I whine.

“You can wear my flannel.” He says quickly and wraps his arms around my body, pulling me tight into his chest to make sure that I’m completely soaked, just like he is.

“Oh for Gods sake, Nate!” He rocks me side to side and quietly laughs in my ear. “Why do you do this shit to me?”

“Because I love you,” He cheeses, kissing the side of my head and pulling me against him tighter, I’m near to suffocation, I swear. “And because it’s fun to annoy you.”

“You’re an ass, babe.”

He pulls back a little bit and wipes his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand. “An ass that you love.”

“Unlucky for me.”

I look down at my top and cringe, it’s completely transparent and anyone can see my bright pink bra. Why didn’t I colour coordinate my outfit completely?

Oh, yes, right, I didn’t know that I would get attacked by a damn water gun so I didn’t dress for the occasion.

“Just shut up and enjoy my hug, love bug.”

I tilt my head and raise my eyebrows again, “'Love bug’, really, Nate? You’re starting up on the cheesy nicknames again?”

“Of course I am, pumpkin.”

I can’t help myself.

“…Spice latte.”

“This is why I love you and why I wanted to attack you with my water.”