and i had a lot of fun just talking with them

Aftertaste *Peter Parker x Reader*

Summary: Part Two of That Sobered Me Up you’ve been avoiding Peter, trying your hardest to move and not think about what you saw at the party. Only a few shots and a game of 7 minutes in heaven doesn’t go down well, now you’re left getting a lecture from the masked hero, whilst you throw up on a sidewalk.

Pairings: Peter Parker x Male!Reader // Reader x Male!OC - the oc is a year above them, he’s kinda a douche, but drunk too!

Rating: Teen [PG-13]

Warnings: Mentione of underaged drinking, swearing & minor talk of self sabotage/ people using you

Authors Note: This is meant to be like, Reader is on a whole bender of trying to forget their feelings for Peter, they do it by going to parties and hanging with people that ain’t affiliated with Parker. So, a masked hero steps in to stop you. - Rosalie🍑

(Credit to gif owner, it’s not showing up as your gif. That’s frustrating, but credit to the awesome person that made this. You rock!)

Avoiding. That’s what you were doing and you were doing marvellously too. Somehow you had managed to avoid Peter Parker in and out of school, it’s now your special ability; Avoidance.

If you saw him in the street you’d head in the opposite direction, twisting and turning through the crowds and effectively losing him. In school you walked into the class late, taking a seat that wasn’t near his, and you avoided your own locker because he seemed to camp out at it.

You could definitely keep this up for another three years, till college. You’d attend a different college, sure MIT was your dream, but Peter was sure to a scholarship there and you can’t risk attending another four year education in the same place as him.

You also had to avoid your two other besties, Ned and Mj. Although it hurt, you couldn’t hang out with them anymore. You could feel their pity stares as you walked through the corridors, their sympathetic smiles as you alluded Peter, yet another time. They seemed to understand and let you continue. You’d make up excuses about homework being too much, how you have to help your mum around the house just to avoid the usual study sessions at someone’s house.

This meant you hung out and stuck with Jess more. More than you usually would. She’s your friend, of course, but she’s the friend that you only spoke to on occasion. Now, you guess, she’s your new best friend.

This also meant you hung out with her crowd of people, a crowd of people that usually you stayed away from. You like to party, but not too much. You had limitations, they seemed to have no limits.

You met a variety of people, most older than yourself. Either college students that supplied the alcohol, or people a few years above you. It didn’t matter, they helped take your mind off of Peter, and his new girlfriend- you assume, they spend a lot of time together, not that you’ve noticed.

“Don’t be mad,” Jess grabs your bicep, steering your already tipsy body towards the sliding French doors. Her blonde curls bouncing, her blue eyes being cast over her shoulder, you go turn but she moves so you can’t see. “Peter is here,” you gulped but nodded, you shouldn’t be surprised, it’s a party for your year, “with Amelia and your old friends.”

You sucked in a breath, the information hitting you a little harder than you thought it would. You exhaled loudly, Jess’ eyes on you as you gulp down the remainder of the alcohol in your solo cup. The strong taste makes you cough, you nod for a few seconds before shrugging.

“I’m fine,” you chuckle but Jess doesn’t seem convinced, “we’re here to have fun, right? Peter can kiss Amelia all he wants, it’s not like we had anything special.” Jess nods a little, “ya’ know what?” The blonde shakes her head, “if he can go round kissing girls, then I can go kiss boys, right? Not like he’d care anyway. Imma find someone to make out with.”

You stumble away before Jess can stop you. Walking to the kitchen and grabbing another drink, watching as a bunch of guys you don’t know play a drinking game. All chugging down a mix of different spirits, biting into lemons or limes, trying not to cough at the strong taste.

The loud music was rattling the floorboards and vibrating through your body, you instantly started to feel buzzed and a little courageous. Stepping forward when one offered for you to join, taking a cup and waiting for the timer, you all started to down the drinks. You think this game was to see who could chug the stinging and sour alcohol the fastest, you didn’t really listen to the rules.

You’re the second to finish, coughing as you bite into a lemon segment. Someone claps your back, all the guys cheering as each one finished in their respected place.

“I’m Damian,” the guy who had offered you to join smiles, extending a hand. He’s wearing cap backwards, a red flannel thrown over a black v-neck and ripped, tight skinny jeans.

You nod to yourself, slightly approval in your head that he is good looking. Not as good looking as Peter, you quickly shake that thought away. “I’m Y/N,” You shake his hand with a grin.

You end up staying in the kitchen just talking to Damian, you’re both a tad drunk and laughing at the stupidest of things. But it’s nice, you think. Despite having a good distraction, your eyes still wonder through the crowds of teens. Trying to find the one guy that your heart still beats for.

You spot him. Talking to Ned, rather excessively. He looks a little distressed, your finger twitch and tap your plastic cup. A frown etching on your face as you watch him, clearly something is wrong and you want to help, to fix whatever it is.

“So, who is he?” You snap your attention back to Damian, his brown eyes on Peter, he raises an eyebrow expectedly. “I’m not an idiot, I know that look,” he nudges and leans again the kitchen counter.

“That is Peter Parker,” you tell him with a sigh, “world smartest, but oblivious guy in Midtown High.” Your eyes sweep back to Peter, Mj has joined their conversation. “I’ve been in love with that guy since we were ten, he stood up to Flash for me, been taking his bullying since then; he made himself Flash’s new victim… for me,” you smile at the fond memory.

Damian nods, “So, why are you longingly staring st him? No one would make themselves a victim of bullying for just anyone.”

“Well, you see, I thought that too,” you chuckled spitefully and downed the last of your drink, grabbing another. “Found him kissing Amelia a few weeks ago, haven’t talked to him since. Been kinda trying to move on, I’ll let you know how that’s going when I figure out how to.”

It’s silent between you, Damian chuckles and slowly sips his drink thoughtfully for a moment. You look away from Peter and watch the crowd of drunken teens, your mind too muddled to think what to do or say next. You don’t know why you had admitted to Damian your feelings, but you did. Too late to regret that now.

“SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!” Someone roars over the music.

You feel a hand wrap around your wrist and pull you towards the living room, Damian is grinning as he lets go of you and writes your name on a piece of paper and throw into the hat. You don’t even protest and allow it to happen, far too drunk to care about what’s happening.

“First couple is,” Flash begins, hand fishing through the names. “Y/N!” He gestures with a wicked grin, you give a little drunk wave and people chuckle. “I’ll pull a name from the guys hat again,” Flash mutters and you give a appreciative nod in his direction.

“Man, I hope Spider-Man’s name is in there,” you accidentally yell and that causes a few laughs. “I’d need like an hour,” you mumble to yourself.

Flash is silent as he picks the next name, “Peter Parker!” You shake your head, Flash frowns as he looks at you.

“I refuse, pick another name.”

Peter sighs from beside you, you give a slight glare to the boy that popped up from nowhere. “It’s just seven minutes in a closet; we need to talk anyway.”

“The game is called seven minutes in heaven, not seven minutes in hell.” Everyone is silent as they watch you bicker, “pick a different name please, I’m sure Peter would prefer a girl!” You spit.

“Is that why you’ve been avoiding me?” Peter questions with a frown, “I was drunk. Whats wrong?”

You just rolled your eyes as you waited for a different name, Peter continuing to pester you about it. You refused to look at him, to even acknowledge his existence. A name you didn’t recognise was called, you just nodded and walked towards the closest with the unknown guy.

Glancing as the door shuts you see Peter standing next to Damian, watching as the closest door closes and a look that you could only decipher as pain flashes across his face. You shake it off and turn to the guy, squinting in the darkness and trying to let your brain catch up.

It doesn’t have time because a pair of lips are on yours. Your pressed against the small closests wall, your eyes remain open and your kinda… over it. You kiss back, you’re meant to be enjoying this. This is meant to be you hitting back at Peter, he kissed a girl, so you’re kissing a guy. Only it doesn’t feel right, you don’t feel right, everything about this feels wrong.

You push him off, panting for air and turn to the door, fumbling with the handle before stumbling out of the closest. All eyes are on you, it’s silent which makes your heart thump in your ears.

“You… like me?” Peter asks and you frown, breathing hard and not knowing if you heard that question correctly. Did he just ask if you liked him? His eyes drift to Damian, who is drunk beyond recognition and he just shrugs his shoulders.

“Someone had to tell him,” he slurs out.

You look back at Peter, everyone is watching and waiting for your reaction. They can feel the awkwardness, even Flash is silent and waiting for you to speak. Instead of answering you push through the veil of onlookers, rushing towards the door of the party and outside.

The cold air hits your warm cheeks instantly, your breath fanning out in front of you like fog. You begin walking, you don’t know where you’re going, but you’re walking away from the scene. Away from the prying eyes. Everyone knows, including Peter Parker. Everyone knows that you love Peter, you can’t deny it either because you ran away, it makes you guilty.

A few blocks away and your hunched over, puking your guts up from the alcohol and trauma of being humiliated. Also, the image of kissing that guy isn’t helping you. The bad taste of whatever mixed alcohol he had, of his mouth on yours… not a good experience.

“I want to feel bad for you,” a voice startles you, you look up to see Spider-Man just watching you from a few feet away, hanging upside down from a lamppost.

You groan, flipping him off and looking back at the ground. Saliva dripping from your mouth, tears threatening to spill, a headache starting to thump in your brain. You just wanted this night to be over, to be done with. Now you’ve got Spider-Man on your case, of course, he knows Peter from his internship. Likely here to poke fun, or tell you that you have no chance with Peter.

“Just go away,” you mumble out, “I don’t need some superhero taking the piss outta me-“ he stops you before you can carry on.

He scoffs, “I’m not going to laugh at you. I’m going to tell you how much of an idiot you are though. You’ve been getting drunk and avoiding your friends instead of talking to them, you know those people that care about you. The people that miss you, wondered what they did wrong or why they deserved it,” his voice is stern and sounds vaguely familiar. “Honestly, why didn’t you just tell Peter you liked him? You know you can tell him anything, he’s your best friend…” he trails off.

You stand up, leaning against the post he’s using to hang upside down on. You shake your head, wiping your mouth and chuckling lowly to yourself.

“I was going to,” you admit and nod when he tilts his head, “I was giving myself a pep-talk in a mirror, sounds pathetic looking back now. Then I saw him, making out with Amelia, one of the prettiest girls in school, and I decided that I couldn’t. I couldn’t humiliate myself in front of him after witnessing that, I couldn’t stand before him and say that I loved him because what was the point?” You frail your arms and almost fall backwards but catch yourself, “I felt stupid. He made me feel stupid, it wasn’t his fault and I know that, but I just… couldn’t be around him anymore. I couldn’t look at him because it left a bad taste, the aftertaste of seeing the one you love with someone else? It’s like sick, bile rising up in your throat. You feel silly for your feelings, plus I didn’t want to ruin his happiness.”

You fall to the floor, sitting down on the sidewalk and looking at the road. “I love him,” you look at Spider-Man who hasn’t moved since you started your little speech, “I love Peter, but I can’t look at him… it hurts. I wanted closure but not like this, never like this.” You choke silently, you try to gulp down the sobs that threaten to tremble through your body.

(…everyone wanted a part two! So, here’s part 2! Let me know if you want a part 3 😂😂 honestly, I really liked working on this part. But I have to go to bed, irs midnight and I have work at 8:30am! So, see ya lovelies later. Send me feedback on this, - Rosalie🍑)

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Does anyone you know in RL know about your blog?

Oh yeah, I don’t have shame.

Lots of people know about it, two have actual links to my blog and a bunch of my family knows about it. Especially my mother, she was the first to know I think.

No point in me having secrets, I’m a very open person and I’ve been that way my whole life. For example I was at the bar last night talking to someone I don’t even know about sex toys and titties. I eventually told them I write smut and it’s a lot of fun.

Ya boi Kiwi is proud trash hehehehe

I’ve had a lot of people come to me saying they are scared that someone will find their blog, and I tell them all the time there isn’t anything to fear. Just own it.

~ Love Kiwi xoxo

Some of my favourite moments from the day I spent at the library playing Snape for their Harry Potter event

Edit: this really blew up and got a bunch of notes so anyone who wants to meet me, I’ll be at LeakyCon2018 in Dallas! Just look for the belt of potions bottles! ✌🏻

(It’s probably a little late for this but I respectfully ask, for the sake of my mental health, that anti-Snape’s do not interact with this post. Likes are okay, but please do not reblog. I have my reasons, and I’m sorry again!)

•”The real Snape is taller than you!”

“Real Snape? Oh, you mean the muggle who played me in that film? His name was Alan. My name is not Alan, and I am sadly not 6’1”. Ten points from Gryffindor.”

•*to a little girl dressed as Hedwig complete with mask* “You’re that Potter brat’s owl, arent you? Hedwig, correct?”

“Yeah! You’re so mean to Harry! *pretends to peck at me my god she was adorable*

“See, I’d put you in detention for that, but regrettably you can’t put owls in detention. So I’ll put your mother in detention instead for raising such a disrespectful child.” *the mother cracked up at this*

•”Are you Professor Snape?”

“*long sigh* Regrettably.”

•I had a belt of potions bottles and a group of kids asked me what potions I had, so I actually gave an impromptu potions lesson. Some of the highlights included threatening to use Skele-Gro on a boy dressed as Harry who wouldn’t stop interrupting, and loudly complaining to their parents that I wouldn’t have had to waste time reteaching this lesson if their kids had paid attention the first time.

•Word got out that I actually had the dark mark on my arm so kids kept coming up to ask to see it. I made a big show of rolling my eyes and threatening them and then finally rolling up sleeve while flexing the tendons in my wrist to make the snake move. Made several kids scream. It was hilarious

There were a couple teenagers in a group with a Luna and her friend dressed as her rabbit patronus. I had a lot of fun with them giving her a hard time:

-“Lovegood. I know that name. Why do I—ah, yes, your father.”

“He writes for the Quibbler!”

“Indeed he does. Penned an article claiming Hogwarts had a vampire teaching there. Can’t imagine to whom he was referring.” *cue biggest laugh of the evening*

-“Lovegood, if you melt on more pewter cauldron—“

“They had dark magic in them! All pewter cauldrons do!” (She was really good)

“…you’re telling me every pewter cauldron was made by a dark wizard? He must have been extraordinarily busy” *dry tone*

“Yes, and it explains why you’re the way you are. Spent too much time with pewter cauldrons”

“…why am I still talking to you, Lovegood?”

•”Why arent you at Hogwarts?”

“Have you been outside, child? It’s summer.”

•*parents who wanted photos* “Can we get our picture/their picture with you?”

“…*sigh* Fine. *dramatic eye roll* You do know I’m the villain for like six and three-fourths of seven books, right?” (They found this hilarious)

•The classic, “I love your costume/great costume!” comments followed up with “…What costume?”

•There was a sorting station I helped back up for a bit and I had way too much fun loudly groaning and complaining when kids were put into Gryffindor.

•One little girl was put into Slytherin so I introduced myself to her and her dad and was all “You’d better make me proud. Although honestly after 14 years my expectations aren’t very high so that should be relatively easy.” Went over her head but the dad lost it

•*two rowdy little boys nearly putting each other’s eyes out with fake wands and in general causing dangerous commotion* “No duelling in the halls. Twenty points each from both your houses, and a week’s detentions.” (They straightened up immediately. Was proud.)

•There was a station where kids could make Pygmy puffs out of cotton balls and glue and one kid made an all black one and proudly presented it to me with “I tried to make it look grumpy”

  • all the cast was present sans andre braugher
  • bc of this they opened with a bit making fun of his absence, reading letters he’d *supposedly* sent to each of them, some of which he talked about supporting trump/the gop 🤔 and asked melissa for $500…(all jokes ofc)
  • next the cast performed 2 scenes (in character) written by chelsea peretti
    • the first one was promoting and all the characters were super one dimensional. notable quotes include:
      • “I LOVE JAKE…AND FOOD…SEASON 1″ (charles)
      • “I LOVE TO DANCE…SEASON 1″ (gina)
      • “i love there are only 3 other things i love in life: guns, dick, and pussy.” (rosa)
      • jake and amy exit walking COMPLETELY IN SYNC, EACH STEP SYNCHRONIZED.
    • the second one had the cast SWEARING EVERY 5 SECONDS since they can do bleeps and blurs now on nbc. notable quotes include:
      • “HELL FUCKING YEAH” (rosa and amy in sync)
      • “NINE-NINE, ASSHOLES!!!” (terry)
  • then they got a REAL writer on stage: phil jackson
    • he had them perform a scene that he said was ~CURRENTLY IN THE WORKS IN THE WRITER’S ROOM FOR THE S6 FINALE~
    • spoiler: the scene took place in the deep south circa 1928. charles found out from the doctor that he was apparently dying…as did terry, rosa, amy, and gina. scully revealed he was already dead. jake just wanted to solve the big crime but then HITCHCOCK REVEALED: HE is actually the doctor and he POISONED the other characters, bc he’s actually JAKE’S FATHER!!!
    • (none of this is canon obvi but i highkey wish it was lkdfnsblnkbfds)
  • afterward, they opened it up to audience q&a which i only remember a few highlights from:
    • someone asked what big crimes their characters would most want to solve. chelsea peretti said “disband ice”
      • 5 seconds later, she asked, “WHEN WILL A WHITE GIRL COME UP AND TELL ME I’M HER HERO????” (since mel and steph always get latinx ppl saying they’re their heroes lndfsbljnblfdsn)
      • andy: “i’m glad you said that AFTER the ice thing”
    • someone asked what tv show the cast would want their characters to appear on an episode of
      • steph said the bachlorette
      • andy said queer eye
      • melissa couldn’t think of one so she initially just piggybacked off of andy since amy would be with jake on queer eye. andy asked what one of her favorite tv shows was. melissa said game of thrones.
    • someone pointed out a similarity in one of amy’s lines in 202 and a line from a song in hamilton….andy freaked out, “WE WROTE HAMILTON!!!!!!!!!!!”
    • someone asked andy if he actually loves boats. he revealed he actually gets nauseous on boats
    • the cast revealed some running gags they have behind the scenes
      • andy will walk around set with his script pretending to be a dumb actor
      • when they get stuck doing 1000000 takes for the same scene over and over, they’ll start saying “CAW-CAW” and/or flapping their arms like bird wings to indicate that they wish to cut and move on (bc only the director calls “cut-cut”). andre even does it, sometimes just wordlessly flapping his arms
      • whenever chelsea and terry have to act in the bg of a scene (basically go through some wordless motions) terry will kinda try to make it look real, pretending to hand chelsea something for gina to look at or whatever, but chelsea will just slyly flip him off and mouth “FUCK YOU” to him over and over
      • in “stakeout”, andy and joe would come out of terry’s duffel bag and flap their arms like butterflies to be like butterflies emerging from a cocoon
      • some “17″ odd times, andy and joe have done a “flu season high-five” where they go in for a high-five, then stop before their hands touch to prevent spreading germs. this has yet to make the final cut lndsbflkndfb
      • in the jimmy jab games ep, andy and mel did a long improv bit on the roof of the precinct when andy had the fake pregnancy belly on and said it was amy’s baby
    • terry laughed so hard watching “halloveen” when jake and amy woke up in the middle of the night and holt was in their bedroom; he rewound and rewatched the scene a few times bc it was so funny to him
    • chelsea peretti had to go pee RLY BAD. she kept making jokes about it (”what other show would you want your character to be on?” “ONE WHERE SHE GOES PEE!!!!”) and andy was just like “YOU ORGANIZED THIS SHOW” and she just gave up and got up and was like “nO ONE TALK BAD ABOUT ME WHILE I’M GONE” and just. fuckin took a bathroom break in the middle of her own benefit show
      • she came back from the bathroom with toilet paper hanging out of her pants btw
    • mel talked for a bit about how rare it is for a cast to click as well and as quickly as the b99 squad; she knew she’d found something special when she started working on the show, but knew it was up in the air whether or not tv viewers would be able to feel that “special-ness” through watching the show. when the show was canceled and the internet lost its mind and threw a 24-hour long temper tantrum, she texted dan basically saying OMG PPL CAN FEEL THE SPECIALNESS IN OUR SHOW THAT I THOUGHT ONLY WE COULD FEEL BUT THE VIEWERS CAN FEEL IT TOO
    • someone asked if dirk and joel are as close as scully and hitchcock. mel said they carpool to table reads together sometimes!!!
    • andy started to look tired toward the end. chelsea said it was past his bedtime
    • someone asked what future plots the cast would want for their characters. steph wants to play rosa’s evil twin who’s basically the polar opposite of rosa but is the evil twin.
      • cue chelsea: “ROSA IS THE NICE ONE????”
    • chelsea closed out the night saying we should go “reunite with our families” bc family separation is gross and we’re the lucky ones since we get to be with our families. but bc of that privilege we can fight for the ones being separated
    • chelsea lost her mind at these 2 sisters in the audience named hansel and gretel

I commissioned these gorgeous pieces from @lhcshutupandloveme !! I requested Winter in traditional Indian and Jamaican dress, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they came out!!

What I Learned From University (2nd Year)

See what I learned in first year here

  • Adjust how you study → I have a different study method for each class. Even if the content is similar to another class or you’ve had the prof before, you have to personalize your learning.
  • You can skip class sometimes My introductory microbiology class was the worst class I’ve ever taken and I love microbiology. The prof sucked and I found I could just catch up on notes on the bus and have extra time to sleep in. I rarely skip class but I realized my time was much better spent working on other things. Only skip classes if catching up on notes is more efficient/a better use of your time than actually going to lectures. Also, don’t be afraid to take a day off (when you can) if your mental or physical health is suffering.
  • Group projects suck → I knew this already but nothing could have prepared me for what I had to deal with in my one semester long research methods class. I wish I had talked to my TA  or prof earlier to explain what was going on and how I could fix it. (Side note: Use Google docs for group projects!)
  • Mentoring programs are a great thing to be involved in I got involved with a mentoring program for women in stem at my university and it has been such a valuable experience! I have access and connections to upper year students and women working in academia and industry who are there to provide help and guidance. My only regret is that I was too timid to ask for help at the start – take advantage of the opportunities you have!
  • Get larger projects like reports and essays done as soon as you get them My organic chemistry lab reports always took so long to write so I would delay working on them. However, I eventually got into a routine of finishing my lab report (or at least 95% of my report) on weekends (my labs were on Fridays) and it made my life so much easier! Just get it done and you won’t have the looming stress of a big project or report hanging over you.
  • Go to social events on and off campus → You can be social in so many different ways at university! Find something you’re comfortable with or go just outside your comfort zone. I went to a pizza party for psych majors and it was chill. I also went to a pubcrawl and it was so much fun. If you’re hesitant, drag a friend along the first time but make sure you talk to new people!
  • Apply for summer jobs early Lots of good summer jobs for university students are posted early! I check my university’s job board and also look for jobs that are meant for students (where I live the government will provide funding for summer students to certain organizations). Make sure you send in your applications in as soon as possible too! Even if the deadline to apply is in two weeks, some places will get in touch with applicants (and could potentially hire someone) before that deadline. Find out if your uni has a career advising office (or something like that) and check it out, if you need help with resumes, cover letters, interviews, etc.
  • Leave your options open  If you’re unsure about your major or career path, leave your options open as much as you can! Use the time you have now to explore what you really like. Last year I made the decision to do a double major in biology and psychology, because I wanted to go to med school but also wanted to leave the option of research (in bio or psych) open. Now, I’ve decided to major in psych and minor in bio, with the intent to pursue clinical psychology. I took classes and got research experience that helped me make an informed decision about what I really like and want to do.
  • Get involved in research and use your connections Get research experience as early as possible. This will help you figure out if you actually want to pursue research or not, and will be so helpful with applications if you end in a position where you’re doing your own research! I have found it much easier to get involved with research by having connections (like talking to a prof, grad student, or upper year undergrad student who is already involved with a lab) rather than sending out cold emails to profs and hoping they’ll reply. If you are sending an email to a prof/lab you don’t have any connections to, make sure your personalize it – mention any prior experience you have and why you’re interested in that lab specifically.
  • Check your email constantly As a general rule, you can never check your email too much. Make an effort to reply to emails as soon as you get them, because otherwise you might forget about them. In general, reply to emails within 24 hours anyways.
  • Take a summer class I took a summer class on the psychology of motivation and it was totally worth it. I knew I would have to take a summer class at one point and I knew I would prefer to do it earlier in my degree (taking a summer class in my last year does not sound like fun). It was refreshing to see how well I could do when one class was my only priority and I was able to learn/retain the content so much better. It was also nice that I was able to take an upper level course (my previous psych courses had been only 1st or 2nd year level) by itself so I could get used to the increased demands. One thing to note is that summer classes go by really quickly (in my case 3 lectures were equivalent to 3 weeks of classes) so make sure you’re keeping up with the material.
  • Find your optimal level of stress One thing I learned in my motivation class is that we all have an optimal level of stress. Think of it as an inverted U shape, with performance on the y axis and stress on the x axis. The highest point, the top of the U, is your optimal level of stress, where stress is helping you perform to the best of your ability. If you move past that point (either less stress or more stress) your performance is going to decrease. If your stress levels are high and anxiety-causing your performance is going to suffer. I found my optimal level of stress when I was studying for my first motivation midterm – I was cramming the night before but because I had no other pressing responsibilities (like 4 other classes) I was able to feel stressed without feeling panic or test anxiety also. Find your optimal level of stress and see how well you perform. Remember that feeling when your stress levels are rising so you have a baseline to get back to.
  • Don’t get stuck as “premed” → Being premed is completely okay but don’t close yourself off from other options. I know so many people who are premeds and are also biochemistry majors. Some of these people don’t even like biochemistry but stick with it because they think it will make their application look better. Please study something you’re actually interested in. Med school is a great option but just make sure you have a plan B (and a degree that is going to suit this plan B). I know someone who graduated with their biochemistry degree and regretted it – by the end of their degree, their plan was no longer med school and they wished they had done a general biology degree, w classes they liked, while taking a few biochem classes they liked. I used to consider myself premed but I realized clinical psychology is a much better fit for what I actually like/am good at. Just make sure you want to be a doctor for the right reasons is all I’m saying.
  • Morning classes are actually kind of okay Everyone talks about how bad morning classes are, but I actually prefer them. I have a hard time paying attention in later classes and it’s really nice to have all my classes done by mid-day. Just make sure you keep a regular sleep schedule (i.e. try to go to bed/ wake up at reasonably early times so your body can recover better on the nights where you get less sleep) 
  • Always come prepared → This applies for so many things. Bring a snack, don’t forget your charger, do your readings. You’re never going to regret being prepared but you may regret not being prepared.
  • Be ready to register for classes → Know your time and date to register for classes and be ready to click register right at that time! I always make multiple schedules b/c often the lab times or classes I want to take are full. If a class is full, make sure you know what to do. Register on the waitlist. If there isn’t a waitlist, find out who you need to talk to (usually the prof or department head). Check back a few times a week to see if spots open up in classes, because a lot of people change their schedule. Don’t wait to talk to an academic advisor if you’re not sure which classes to take or have any concerns.
  • Quizlet is a blessing  Quizlet is an app/website that lets you make flashcards and view other people’s flashcard sets. Study flashcards while you’re waiting in line for coffee or on the bus. You may also be able to find flashcards from people who took the same class as you – use those! If you make your own flashcards be a nice person and share them with your friends :)
  • A bad grade is not the end of the world In one class I got 35% on my first midterm and never managed to get a midterm grade higher than 68%. I was absolutely destroyed when I saw that mark on my first midterm and was ready to give up. Please don’t give up! I talked to my prof and was able to have my other midterms weighted more and I used my lab reports to bring my mark up. If you show your profs you’re working hard they’ll do what they can to help you out. It’s really easy to feel like your hard work is not making a difference, especially if you’re continually not getting the results you want – this doesn’t mean you should stop working hard, it just means you may have to study differently, review material daily, and ask for help! If you fail you need to remember that you will have to work harder – you have to keep up with the new material and relearn the old material. I wasn’t overly happy when I saw my final grade in the aforementioned class but, when I compared it to my first midterm and my feelings of utter confusion, I was satisfied with my grade because it showed my progress and improvement (and I also used it to motivate me to never let it happen again).
  • Realize that everyone is at university for different reasons Some people have big goals, some people are still figuring it out, and some people just want to get their degree as soon as possible. There’s nothing wrong with being any of the above, just don’t expect everyone to have the same goals as you.
  • Know the deadlines for dropping courses Even if you don’t think you’ll be dropping or changing any courses, write the dates down in your planner. My friend waited a few days too long to drop a math class that turned out to be extremely difficult and, even though she passed it in the end, she was stressed out all semester and her performance in other classes suffered as a result.
  • You’ll always be meeting new people and making friends → I lived off campus first year and felt like I had missed my chance to make friends. I shouldn’t have worried so much. Second year was much better in that there were a lot more familiar faces in my classes and I got to know other people much better through smaller classes and labs! Other people are always happy to make friends so just take the first step by starting a conversation :)
  • You can’t give 100% all the time Some of the best advice that I was given this year was that you can’t give 100% all the time. You only have so much time and energy (mental and physical) you can give. For some tasks, the outcome from 70% effort and 100% effort may not be too different. Figure out what tasks those are so that you have enough energy to give 100% when you really need it.
Talks Machina Highlights - Critical Role C2E37 (October 10, 2018)

(’Tis I, Gunner Salty Ghost! Some say I’m still grumpy about the lag in that one multiplayer FPS…)

Tonight’s guest is Travis Willingham (definitely not solo because of scheduling conflicts)!

  • Announcements: 
    • Liam’s episode of Between the Sheets is now available to subscribers on the Critical Role Twitch channel, and will be up on YouTube tomorrow! Sam’s episode airs on Monday, and it’s the longest episode yet.
    • The next episode of All Work No Play is this Friday at 7 PM Pacific on the Critical Role Twitch channel. This week, they visit a rage room, and they will be joined by actor/writer/producer Stephanie Sheh.
    • The cast and crew thanks everyone for their patience in the whole process of undoing the technical difficulties related to the live show. They’ve learned from the experience and will be working to avoid something like that moving forward.
  • @critrolestats for this week’s episode:
    • Fjord has cast Disguise Self 21 times, and has made 20 deception checks over the course of the campaign.
  • It’s not a fireside chat, it’s an undersea chat.
  • Travis was opposed to the pirate outfits. “We’re not making fun of the thing I can’t even do yet!” Everyone else was totally on board. Marisha told them to “think ‘seafaring casual’.” Dani: “Nothing about that coat was seafaring casual.” Travis had to make a last-minute run to the Halloween store. Taliesin, on the other hand, brought a ton of coats. Travis: “When you’ve been alive for 19 centuries…”
  • Travis hit up Ashley first for information for the Idiot’s Guide to Sailing. There are alphabetical dividers. Font decisions were made. Brian: “Don’t @ me, by the way: Papyrus is shit.”
  • It was Brian’s idea for Momlan to ask Matt what time it was. He and Sam briefed her quickly right before she went on stage, and she had no idea what it meant, but they assured her it would get a great crowd response.
  • Travis was largely prepared to learn what sort of creature was behind Fjord’s powers, but the magnitude of it “is pretty fucking big. That was a lot. There was a lot going on there.” It’s part of why he was keeping it to himself; he didn’t know yet how he was going to respond to it. Travis: “I mean, I’m pumped for me to control the ocean. Holy shit.”
  • Travis: “Backstory’s great and all, but Matt doesn’t make it super safe or easy, so there’s no guarantee that just because we’re in my backstory that I’m going to survive it. I was curious to see higher warlock levels… No, my confidence is overwhelming. Very secure.” He would’ve liked to get Fjord to a higher level and feel out his powers a bit more before tackling backstory, but he thinks it makes more sense and is more interesting for him to be thrown out of his safe and careful approach into the thick of things.
  • Travis mentions that he learned a lot about keeping squishy characters alive in combat from watching the first campaign; Fjord probably wouldn’t have survived if he’d been Travis’ first character.
  • Travis was expecting something water-based as Fjord’s patron, but hadn’t speculated too much. He was remembering the kraken, and had a vague idea of an aboleth. “Maybe a giant-looking fantasy shark, like a megalodon or something. Or a very benevolent ocean water seal or otter. But really big.”
  • Travis was really excited to find out that he wasn’t the only one dreaming about Uk’otoa. “Hopefully she’s not lying.” He’s thinking more about what happens next now that the most recent dream started giving him some context. “I think he’s genuinely excited.” He doesn’t trust his own powers, and he’d have to know someone really well to trust theirs. Brian: “How well would he have to know them?” Travis: “They’d definitely have to sleep together.”
  • Gif of the Week: Sailing 101 ft. Momlan.
  • Fjord’s internal monologue during the one-on-one with the captain: “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh shit oh shit oh shit DON’T COME OVER HERE.” He didn’t mean to say “OH NO” out loud. Travis points out that he was sitting closer to Matt than usual. “I could see the glistening in his beautiful blue eyes. His hair was all majestic and glowy.” But he was committed to wherever that was going. Brian: “I wanted to see you and Matt verbally act out an entire sex scene.” Travis would’ve been more uncomfortable in the quiet of their usual group. But with the audience there? “I am gonna get naked and nail my fictional NPC right here.”
  • Fjord’s not really aware of Jester’s jealousy yet. “I have to comment though about how terrible a person my wife was:” He told her in December that he had no interest in playing a D&D character involved in a romance. “She was like, ‘I’m going to romance you. You’ll have to fall for me or turn down your wife.’ And she’s fucking doing it!” He was determined to shut her down until she brought “jellyfish and tears”.
  • Blowing up Sabien made sense, but doing the same to the statue of Vandrin was mostly just a puzzle-solving technique at the time. Travis had a “well, wait a minute” moment the next day, wondering if he’d have to find Vandrin and destroy him too. “Vandrin’s very important to Fjord. He’s as close to a father figure as he’s ever had.” He’s sure Matt didn’t intend any hidden meaning or symbolism there. Nope. None at all. Since when has that ever happened?
  • Fanart of the Week: Fjord looking out over his patron.
  • Brian was going to wear one of the backup outfits from the pre-Gen Con video with Taliesin, but it was a really fragile outfit that wouldn’t travel well. He decided to class it up, “and then Taliesin shows up with the eyeliner. I looked like an extra from Blade: Trinity.”
  • Fjord mostly lied about the dream because he hadn’t had a chance to process it for himself yet. “Plus, I think they’re trying to be honest with each other, but that doesn’t mean you have to share everything all of time, especially when it doesn’t affect everyone immediately. I’m sure they’d argue it does, but it’s just a dream, right? As long as there were no Ender’s Game-type consequences, then no harm no foul.”
    • If it had just been Jester, though, he would have told her the truth. “Jester knows a little bit more about Fjord than I think some people have realized and I think that she’s let on to the group. She also doesn’t care about certain things that others in the group care about because of that knowledge.”
  • “Taliesin has a great poker face, but also in front of 3,000 people that can break a bit.” Travis is pretty sure Taliesin had a reaction to pointing out that Molly’s tattoos looked a bit like eyes. “I don’t think Molly or Lucien has anything to do with Fjord’s patron, but also, Molly didn’t know who he was, so it’s hard not to connect that to everything. If Molly is as well-traveled as I think he was…”
  • Fjord has a huge guilt complex over his perceived sense of responsibility within the group, and he’s shying away from it; he’s still not comfortable being called ‘captain’ because he’d always rather blend in. Knowing that finding out more about his patron might put the group at risk is playing out in his mind. “How much do you want to know if it costs a little bit on the side?”
  • Travis has typically been the one who watches other people take the big risks. “When you’re actually having to drive and change things, it’s just a totally different experience. Last Thursday was amazing.”
  • Sam Facetimes in. “I wanted to call in to your show to wish myself a happy birthday.” Brian: “We wished you a happy birthday earlier. You should really watch the show sometime.”

Talks Machina: Under the Sea

  • “My guest: still just Travis. Sorry.”
  • Brian and Travis debate drinking out of Sam’s flask. Brian: “The only thing I would touch that Sam’s lips have also touched… is Liam.”
  • Who would they like to see next on the Mercer flirtation chain? Travis: Caleb, Caduceus, Yasha. 
  • There’s a lot of happiness about all the Fjord cosplay at NYCC. “Everybody’s so nice.” Brian’s handler knew nothing about the show but commented on how incredibly nice the fanbase was. Travis reproduced an 11-year-old con photo with a fan. Many, many other great interactions. They loved the instant reactions from the audience at the live show. “It makes our little theatre hearts sing.”
  • Sam’s surprise for the worst seat in the house was a gift bag that included a signed poster.
  • Before CR started, Sam and Travis mostly just knew each other professionally. Sam had a paintball game for his birthday and invited Travis, who proceeded to pull out some action-movie movies. At a different paintball game, a masked Laura once dramatically shot three big guys mid-surrender.
  • Travis uses his Grog voice to order at Taco Bell and to answer robo-calls.
Some musings about Pride in the world of the Incredibles:

I bet the drag scene is AMAZING.

Imagine entire drag shows dedicated to Supers and the extra glamorous, exaggerated costumes based on them, and the awesome Super-themed floats at Pride parades.  

Of course, some LGBT and Ally Supers would be part of the parade, too, flying overhead with rainbow/specific Pride capes, or in Elastigirls’ case, on a motorcycle. (See: this earlier fanart)

Imagine young!Elastigirl going to these shows and getting mobbed by excited queens dressed as her. The picture they took on her first visit with all of the excited queens lined up and holding her up like a boa constrictor is still hanging proudly in the entryway to the club.

On an early date with Mr. Incredible, she took him to a Supers-themed drag show incognito both for fun but also to test him and see how he reacted– even though she was upfront about being bi when they first started seeing each other, she still had some reservations about how accepting he might be of the rest of the community.  He was nice and all, but just seemed so… conventional.

He had never seen anything like it.  Even though the queens teased him a lot, Bob loved the show and even talked to the queens afterward about trying drag himself because it looked like so much fun.  Helen thought he was just joking, but a couple weeks later “Mrs. Incredible” showed up at her door with flowers (”See? I’m the best of both worlds!”) and that’s when she knew he was a keeper. <3

not gonna lie one of the most relatable and redeeming things about the way homestuck portrays characters is how they all have intensely specific obsessions that are so important to them that it affects the way they speak and how they present themselves. 

like for real sollux would open up a fucking burger from wendys and gasp at how the wrapping has hexagons because thats sortof kindof like if the wrapping had bees on it. 

seeing their fixations listed in each and every one of their character descriptions really reminds me of being fourteen years old and presenting my favorite objects and media as substitute for personality. its a fun, nostalgic part of growing up that i think goes under appreciated and it honestly seems like one of the only things about these characters that is written with their age in mind like at all.


  • ❝ The next time I see you I’d like you to be wearing a necktie. ❞
  • ❝ Get rid of the mouse, and get your act together. Now. ❞
  • ❝ I see what you’re trying to do, but it’s not gonna work.. ❞
  • ❝ Wow, looks like he hates you even more than me. ❞
  • ❝ God, you must have been the worst fourth grader ever. ❞
  • ❝ Giving him a name makes him human. ❞
  • ❝ I’m fairly certain you would be caught. ❞
  • ❝ What’s the most valuable thing in your office? ❞
  • ❝ You mean my job as an amazing detective/genius? ❞
  • ❝ Did you tell her we slept together twice? ❞
  • ❝ I’m not gonna lie, that turns me on a little bit. ❞
  • ❝ I’d wondered why all the birds had suddenly stopped singing. ❞
  • ❝ You’re going to leave my precinct and my task force alone. ❞
  • ❝ Come on, who wants to take this seriously? ❞
  • ❝ I bet she tucked herself in the bed too tight and got stuck.  ❞
  • ❝ Where have you been? We’ve been worried sick!  ❞
  • ❝ Oh, is he sore from high-fiving criminals he’s gotten out of jail? ❞
  • ❝ Did he get a murderer off who then murdered him to celebrate? ❞
  • ❝ A cop and a defense attorney sleeping together? That’s highly unusual. ❞
  • ❝ It’s a personal matter, involving a personal friend and his personal uncle. ❞
  • ❝ So you remembered to turn off your signature, right? ❞
  • ❝ I promise you, as soon as they tell me, you’ll be the first to know. ❞
  • ❝ You won. Go ahead and gloat, you toad. ❞
  • ❝ Look, I promise I won’t tell anyone, alright? My lips are sealed! ❞
  • ❝ This is a secret. Do you understand me? ❞
  • ❝ You do know what they do to witches up there, don’t you? ❞ 
  • ❝ Well, I think we handled that with dignity. ❞
  • ❝ Are you making fun of my stutter? ❞
  • ❝ Oh. Uh… Sorry. I think I’m feeling a little awkward. ❞
  • ❝ How do we make it not weird? ❞
  • ❝ I just realized I’m never gonna be able to say that to his face. ❞
  • ❝ You know I’ve made a lot of improvements since you left? ❞
  • ❝ I know we just met, and I don’t wanna be too forward… ❞
  • ❝ I’ve got that feeling about you. I like you. I think tonight we- ❞
  • ❝ They just gave me ten years in prison.. ❞
  • ❝ You can’t do anything except disobey orders and screw up! ❞
  • ❝ Why are you dressed up? You look like an idiot. ❞
  • ❝ What’s up? How can I help? ❞
  • ❝ Well, we’ll just break you down to nothin’ and see what time it is. ❞
  • ❝ Speaking of which, I’m getting hungry. What’s for dinner? ❞
  • ❝ Why do people like these things? They’re just shiny rocks. ❞
  • ❝ We’re gonna talk to a lawyer and get a professional opinion. ❞
  • ❝ Looks good! Can barely tell you hulked out in here. ❞
  • ❝ I just threw a bunch of popcorn on the floor. It wasn’t that hard. ❞
  • ❝ All I did was be the only person who believes in you. ❞
  • ❝ Somebody’s tryin’ to kill me, and I need protection. ❞
  • ❝ I can smoke as much weed as I want. ❞
  • ❝ It’s this kind of bickering that makes us such an adorable couple. ❞
  • ❝ I saw an opening and I had to take it. ❞
  • ❝ But this isn’t over! I will hunt you to the ends of the earth! ❞
  • ❝ What?! But we saw him throw them in the garbage! ❞
  • ❝ Nobody’s ever gonna see that footage; the case was cut and dry. ❞
  • ❝ It’s not like I’m dying to tell anyone I saw your- ❞
  • ❝ I’m dating my son-of-a-bitch ex-husband; who am I to judge? ❞
  • ❝ I’ll let you guys talk! I’ll just close my eyes. ❞
  • ❝ I’ll let you give me a spray tan! Any shade you want! ❞
  • ❝ Massage! I’ll give you a massage! ❞
  • ❝ I’ll also give you full control over my hair and wardrobe. ❞
  • ❝ That really freaked me out and I just want this to end now. ❞
  • ❝ The cheese is amazing. It melts in my mouth. And in my hands! ❞
  • ❝ Come on, you can be honest. ❞
  • ❝ I want old, expensive books. I’ll send you a list. ❞
  • ❝ The tow truck just got here, so that’ll buy us at least an hour. ❞
  • ❝ Tow truck?! What the hell’d you do to my car?! ❞
  • ❝ What we need in here is an armored personnel carrier. A tank! ❞
  • ❝ Well, I’m gonna go follow up on a lead right now. ❞
  • ❝ Woah, no! What’re those morons doing in there?!  ❞
  • ❝ Why is everyone just standing around? Get back to work! ❞
  • ❝ What’d you do? What’d you say? ❞
  • ❝ I hear you can smuggle in crap from outside. ❞
  • ❝ What’re you lookin’ at? You got a problem? ❞
  • ❝ I like you. You got balls.. ❞
  • ❝ I hate to rub it in, detectives, but I told you they’d find me. ❞
  • ❝ Well, he keeps yelling, “Disability for life!” so I think he’s fine. ❞
  • ❝ Who hired you? Who do you work for, pizza man?! ❞
  • ❝ You look out there and see a problem, I look out there and see an opportunity. ❞
  • ❝ What have I become? Was this whole thing even worth it? ❞
  • ❝ All because we shut down a foot massage place. ❞    
  • ❝ Oh, my God. The City has no mayor now. ❞    
  • ❝ Put your magical hands where I can see them! ❞    
  • ❝ Did they make their bust? Did they save the precinct? ❞  
  • ❝ I was behind the bar the whole time. ❞    
  • ❝ I bet they have some awesome name for it. ❞    
  • ❝ Can a paring knife remove a human heart in under a minute? ❞    
  • ❝ I think you guys might be our best option at finding this guy again. ❞    
  • ❝ You know, a bunch of us are going out drinking tonight. ❞    
  • ❝ How did you get over there? Who are they? ❞    
  • ❝ I’ve been calling you. Why won’t you answer your phone? ❞    
  • ❝ We’ve been onto you for weeks, and we finally got you. ❞    
  • ❝ I’ve never seen them before! What is going on? ❞    
  • ❝ We’re on the money trail, and we just found a new lead.  ❞    
  • ❝ Okay, this is bad. This is really bad.  ❞    
  • ❝ Wait… What? Did you say “eat people”? Are you a cannibal, [ Name ]? ❞    
  • ❝ I’m always gonna be one step ahead of you. ❞  
  • ❝ I’m so confused. I don’t know what’s happening right now. ❞

I wrote a thing. I played around with the Marvel Timeline and completely ignored IW. Have some Ironstrange and Spiderman and Supreme Family. I regret nothing.

Originally posted by deadpooli

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In Defense of Ladybug’s Treatment of Chat

I see a lot of people talking about how Ladybug is ‘mean’ to Chat Noir or doesn’t appreciate him… But that’s not true. The idea that Ladybug is impatient with, annoyed by, or dismissive of the feelings of Chat Noir is absolutely false. In this essay I will…

(no seriously I wrote a fucking essay under readmore)

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hey so when andrew graduates, bee adopts him

  • it’s something she’s been thinking about for at least the duration of his last year at psu
  • andrew doesn’t bother walking at the commencement ceremony, but he goes to see his family walk (he stole one of aaron’s free tickets to the event so he didn’t have to ask)
  • bee goes as well, and afterwards has a moment with him while the crowds are milling about outside the stadium where graduation was held
  • she gives him a graduation present– the mug that had become the usual one he used for hot chocolate during their therapy sessions– and also holds out a legal envelope
  • before she lets him take it, she explains. “I thought I’d save this for a special day. A fitting day, because you are officially no longer my patient. I know we have talked about what it means to care for someone, and how choosing to do so is often more powerful than the obligations brought about through blood relations. You’ve asked me what you are to me, and I told you are important. I told you I care about you, and that that would extend beyond your time here at school. If that is how you would like to keep our relationship, I respect that absolutely. But I decided I must at least ask what you think, because this is something I very much want.”
  • and by this point andrew does not know where this is going beyond the twinge of apprehension he gets whenever he’s confronted with what he means to people, like the next sentence is either going to contain rejection or worse– the opposite, which makes him fear future rejection. but this is bee, and bee is safe, and the time they had the conversation where andrew asked what he is to her was the first time andrew felt that too-good-painful feeling and did not get the urge to shut it down.
  • and he doesn’t exactly shut down in the way where he tugs up his apathy like a blanket all the way up his throat when bee says the next part, but he does kind of short circuit. “Andrew, would you consider allowing me to adopt you?”

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the feud & communication

part of the point of the whole pictation game (in my opinion, of course) is to emphasize the miscommunication between Keith and Lance.

out of all of them, Keith is chosen to participate in the one game in the feud episode that involves communicating with the rest of the team…which is ironic, considering he’s usually the one who has trouble with this.

they have him communicate via drawing instead of using words, and Bob even makes fun of him not being good at talking with others. this is something we had already learned about Keith, but we were reminded of it because it’s important to keep in mind during this segment of the show.

Keith tries to get his ideas across with his drawings, which aren’t works of art, but the whole team can understand them…except Lance.

Lance spends the whole game misunderstanding Keith’s drawings, and it’s not like he isn’t trying. it’s apparent that Lance really is paying attention, he just can’t guess Keith’s drawings correctly. i really don’t think this is to make Lance look stupid, i think it’s to emphasize the constant miscommunication between him and Keith.

at the end of the game, he even says tells Keith he can’t read minds. and yeah, this is supposed to be funny: no, of course he can’t. Lance is a man of words, and he has trouble communicating with people if they don’t say it directly.

Keith, on the other hand, is terrible with words: he usually gets his feelings across with actions (or art, in this case). Keith has a lot of built up tension with Lance, and he has consistently tried to use actions to show Lance how important he is to him. as audience members watching the show, it’s obvious to us how much Keith cares for Lance, but from Lance’s perspective it isn’t that obvious, since Keith hasn’t said anything to him. nothing’s going to progress between them unless Keith decides to open up with words. 

Keith needs to use words if he ever wants Lance to understand him, and this is what has to happen by the end of season 8. it’s the only way their relationship is going to progress. it’s pretty obvious (to me, anyway) that Lance and Keith have feelings for each other, whether they know it and are trying to hide it (Keith) or don’t realize the feelings are there but show them all the same (Lance). 

when Lance realizes the truth of his feelings for Keith, he’s going to want to talk, and Keith can’t run away, or use actions/drawings (i think the drawings symbolize Keith’s actions in this scene) to tell Lance how he feels, because Lance needs to be told how much he means to Keith through words.

Lance and Keith have a long history of misunderstanding each other, and this game of pictation, to me, really seemed to serve as a reminder of how they keep avoiding talking properly to each other, multiplying their problems in the process. i think this scene foreshadows 1. them having to talk out their feelings towards the end of the show and Keith having trouble doing so, or 2. Keith trying to tell Lance how he feels without words and Lance drastically misunderstanding him…or some combination of the two.

my personal guess as to how they’ll end up talking is with a near death situation, where Haggar is about to kill/injure Keith (or something of the sort), and Lance saves Keith’s life. Keith might try to tell Lance how he feels then, if he thinks he’s going to die right there, and he’ll be forced to say it in words so Lance understands.

BUT ANYWAY, i’m probably wrong about this, this is just my interpretation of the scene and what it might foreshadow. there are a lot of possibilities for how their inevitable conversation will play out in season 8, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. i hope you enjoyed reading this, regardless, i definitely had fun writing this one :)

There’s a dead girl on snapchat

Story by reddit user u/exwindchaser

I got a notification last night from Snapchat telling me that a friend of mine had just joined. The problem is, she was murdered five years ago.

Lydia was a good friend of mine from back in the day. She was part of our little group that would hang out. We would all go to the movies, out to eat, celebrate each other’s birthdays, and so on. I’m not even sure how all of us started hanging out. At first it was just two or three of us, and then next thing I know, we’re rolling 25 deep to Cheddars on a random Friday just because we had nothing else to do.

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full sdcc panel questions and answers

Q: Is there anything to announce?

A: we’ll get 26 more episodes split into two seasons

Q:The paladins have a huge long journey ahead. Bex what can you tell us about the paladin dynamic?

BEX: It’s going to be really fun because they normally have the Castle with their own rooms, and now they’re in their lions. Season 2 we saw them kind of split off, and we’re going to see that again but in a really fun and funny way this time.

RHYS: I don’t think anyone’s comfortable. Especially not Coran.

BEX: And also we’ve got mice, a wolf and a cow. [starts joking about adding chickens etc.]

JDS: and the shower game on the lions is–

Q: Let’s talk about Shiro because Shiro is great. Should Shiro make a full recovery and what will his relationship with Keith be?

JDS: The fight probably strengthened their bond and showed how much they mean to each other. It was like the ultimate test, really. Shiro should make a recovery. Keith and Shiro will be stronger for it.

[long post under the cut]

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Talks Machina Highlights - Critical Role C2E31 (August 21, 2018)

Tonight’s guests are Marisha Ray and Matt Mercer!

  • Announcements: a one-shot will be airing on August 30 in place of Critical Role (Matt, Marisha, and Taliesin will be away), a new Critical Role show will be announced (I have seen the future), and crew AMA on Friday at 2 PM Pacific on the /r/criticalrole subreddit!
  • @critrolestats for this episode:
    • The party spent 4,047 gold and 2 silver, plus the cost of the Dust of Deliciousness and the straw hat, in their downtime shopping (Matt’s enjoying the financial caution that comes from being at low levels).
    • Nott’s discarded save against the Bead of Force was the M9′s 3,000th d20 roll.
    • Jester used eight of her ten spell slots and both uses of Channel Divinity during the prank/escape.
  • For time-jumps like this, Matt sends out texts to get a vague idea of what everyone’s planning on doing, but they always come up with more/different stuff at the last minute.
  • Beau mostly enjoyed her training with the halfling monk. Marisha: “I don’t know if he was her flavor.” Matt: “That can be taken a few ways.” Marisha thinks it’s important to learn from multiple teachers, and that philosophy bled through to Beau in-character.
  • If a player’s plans fall through because of the dice, Matt may try to give them a partial win anyway if it looks like a player will be genuinely disappointed and lose out on having fun, but he points out that this group is generally very accepting of the possibility of failure.
  • Marisha is really excited about the extra reactions Beau gets now. She also loves the visual of Beau being super amped to go kick ass and then having to just rage-read.
  • The cast loves the Mighty Nine, but they still really miss Vox Machina. Marisha is enjoying how new fans of the second campaign are reacting to Keyleth when they go back to watch the first campaign. Matt points out how great it is that this group is comfortable sitting back and allowing or facilitating chances for growth and development from the other characters, because that results in slow but realistic growth of the ensemble (rather than backstory dumping right off the bat).
  • The Waste Hunter Blade is permanently gone now that Fjord’s consumed it; the falchion shape is the constant in this process. Matt thought this was a good way to fit with the Hexblade class while still allowing for the upgrading of weapons throughout the campaign. Dani points out that at some point he’ll probably have to let go of his last memento of Molly. Ouch.
  • Beau was a little bit worried about Fjord leaving, but fundamentally it was something she would’ve done as well. In this party, they’re still pretty used to people coming and going and taking care of their own business.
  • Matt had a long conversation via text with Ashley to make sure Yasha’s reaction was genuine. “It was all her, man.”
  • Matt tends to keep a few DC thresholds in mind for library excursions, with different levels of information prepared according to how well characters roll. He now has to overprepare (and often improvise) even more than usual as a reaction to Caleb’s character. “I’m so excited they’re engaged in that regard.” He’s had a lot of campaigns in the past where people were completely uninterested in lore, so he’s happy to play to that, and he wants to reward Liam for playing that kind of character properly.
  • Gif of the week: ghost-punching.
  • Beau’s goals have changed since meeting the Mighty Nein. Marisha is more aware of meta-goals than Beau is directly. “Keyleth was deeply long-term goal-oriented. Deeply. I didn’t want to do that again.” Beau’s flying by the seat of her pants as a big-fish-in-a-small-pond character getting thrown into something much bigger.
  • Beau’s leveling montage was mainly just a fun bit of narrative-based flavor—she won’t have to return to the Archive every time she wants to level up, but it’s a great opportunity Matt wants to take whenever possible. Matt sings an 80s-style montage for training to punch ghosts. It’s glorious.
  • Fanart of the week: Fjord underwater.
  • Matt had only loosely outlined the Gentleman as part of the underworld faction in Zadash; he only became an important character because of that one time Beau stole the mail.
  • Especially when she was younger, Beau was definitely the sort of person who would leap unnecessarily into violence just for the excitement. While she’s a little more cautious now, sometimes that enthusiasm still slips out.
  • Matt especially enjoyed Jester’s shenanigans because it was a great example of players not playing it safe. He points out that painting a symbol of Bahamut in colors that could be interpreted as belonging to Tiamat would’ve been… bad. The government would’ve gotten involved if they’d been caught.
  • Beau opening up more to calling the rest of the group friends/family is partly because the rest of the party’s started doing it as well, which kind of gives her permission to admit it (to herself and the rest). “Beau’s never had friends that lasted this long.” Brian: “Friendships that lasted this long, or they all died like Molly?” Ouch. Matt: “Just for perspective, by ‘friendships that lasted this long’, she means ‘two and a half months.’” Also ouch. Marisha: “All of Beau’s friends were people who worked in the criminal underground who were older than her and just passing through the town.” She was the local hire for people passing through.
  • Matt is loving building Jester’s relationship with the Traveler. He talks about how he designed Exandria as a world where the gods have basically removed themselves from mortal concerns. This has been an opportunity to explore the notion of different scales of deity (Vesh was a similar example from the previous campaign). He talks about how the Traveler can have a much more personal relationship with his followers because he’s not constrained by the Divine Gate.

Talks Machina Isn’t Talking About Scientology Anymore:

  • Matt points out that the correct pronunciation of firbolg is actually “feer-bolg”. He found out by listening to the audio guide on D&D Beyond… that he recorded. “Thanks, me.”
  • Matt and Marisha love Caduceus because they enjoy seeing Taliesin’s quick wit paying out with longer payoffs.
  • Brian: “What’s the last movie that made you cry, Matt?” Matt: “What was the last movie I watched?” Marisha: “You broke down when we were listening to Pink Floyd in the car.” Marisha sent Liam some Pink Floyd after she told him that story and realized he hadn’t listened to them before. Matt: “Asking if Liam cried to it… he’s like me with the added weight of children. I’m ready to cry at the drop of a hat. He’s brimming at all moments.” Brian: “We’re a group of sensitive boys, aren’t we?” Marisha: “I love my sensitive boys.” Matt: “I’d rather feel really hard than not feel at all, man.” Brian: “Feel really hard… Life is short. Do something to a bagel.”
  • Beau does think Jester’s speaking literally about her closeness with the Traveler… or, at least, she believes that she believes that’s the way their relationship is. “I believe you’re speaking about this imaginary friend literally. Doesn’t change that it’s an imaginary friend.”
  • Matt: “I avoid Pillow Mercer. I don’t want to know how dirty he is and why.”
  • Matt waxes poetic about Fruity Pebbles cereal. Brian: “Chief didn’t even need to come up with anything weird for this episode.”
  • What flavor of dead-person tea would they be? Marisha: weed and red wine. Brian: bourbon and resentment. Matt: ahi tuna.
  • Matt loves DMing CR, but he also loves backing off to give other members of the cast a chance to shine in the DM chair.
  • Reunited at last:

a long list of things I adored out of to all the boys I’ve loved before:

  • THE LETTERS MY GOODNESS GIRL I love the romantic drama
  • lara jean almost running peter over in the parking lot
  • speaking of, kitty wearing a helmet in the car. oh honey.
  • the fuckin’ hilariously judgey look peter gives lara jean at the diner when she admits the sparkly blue bike is hers
  • his entire interaction with josh after that (“looks like it” “not long”)
  • the fact that their contract involves them spending time together and getting to know each other’s interests
  • speaking of the contract, a ski trip three months into the future is a contingency? oh honey.
  • seriously, every single thing peter does as part of the fake dating relationship from SUGGESTING IT in the first place to putting giving her notes every day in the CONTRACT to the yogurt. the boy is LOST and who can blame him.
  • how peter spins her to him using her back pocket.
  • lara jean avoiding margot’s calls because she can’t lie to her
  • peter legitimately wearing lara jean’s favorite scrunchie like a knight wearing his lady’s favor. YEAH HUH.
  • “girl, come on. you know I already got it.”
  • I love how comfortable they are in each other’s presence even at the start. it’s also roaringly clear that he had a crush on her before just like she had one on him.
  • “I’m driving, remember?”
  • lara jean and peter being too fucking cute together at the party
  • hanging out at the corner cafe even though nobody else is around to ~see them together~ :D
  • lara jean calling peter on still being at gen’s beck and call. “we’re still talking about her?”
  • when she tells him “I love to read about it, and it’s fun to write about” he doesn’t make fun of her or belittle her interests one bit even though it’s a stereotypical thing guys make fun of girls for
  • this leading to their conversation about her mom and his dad and <333
  • “we don’t have to talk about it but it’s not whatever” she is a joy
  • really all the heartfelt conversations where they actually bond really well. ALL OF THEM.
  • honestly this whole movie is like, me being delighted that lara jean gets to be in a ‘90s style romcom with such a delightful person who likes her
  • I love lara jean’s room with the fabrics on the wall and the TREE
  • hands! HANDS!
  • lara jean setting boundaries for herself with josh! like, I feel sad for josh because he’s lost margot and one of his best friends in quick succession but it’s good she’s setting healthy boundaries for herself.
  • kitty! what a kiddo
  • “you can be mad at someone and still miss them”
  • chris. just like, her entire presence in this movie.
  • the bus trip nature montage :D
  • also the wonder trio of lara jean + chris + lucas :D
  • “it’s cold outside. I don’t do cold.” “well I have korean face masks.” *lucas slides over to her*
  • “how does he look at me?” “like you’re a sexy little rubik’s cube” I’M DYIN’
  • *show a little loving, shine a little light on me*
  • “I wanted to sit next to you, lara jean” HEART EYES MOTHERFUCKER
  • “…you must really like yogurt?” “you are impossible.”
  • that long stare in the hot tub when they’ve made up but before she gets in. boy knows what he’s about.
  • “I didn’t bring a bathing suit” :P oh honey
  • “there’s no one like you, covey” + bonus lap sweep jeez louise
  • the way he pulls her back towards him for a good night kiss THIS MOVIE
  • what can I say, I love when dudes shower ladies with the affection they deserve
  • “who says it’s [physical stuff] not a big deal to me?” good, movie. well done.
  • josh, poor josh, you lost puppy, but BON IVER WANNABE I’M CACKLING
  • “you were never second best” <3
  • “I sent the letters.” *pause* “I’m going to kill you.” sisters!
  • “I thought five chances at a boyfriend was better odds!” lmao
  • “it’s not…like I added a stamp!”
  • the music in this movie was so well thought out and put together
  • how peter immediately and instantly puts a stop to the slut shaming the first chance he’s given (first day back to school).
  • “whoa whoa whoa!”
  • the reason that gen bailed on being lara jean’s friend is petty but also…something that’s completely true to middle school friendships
  • but also, “I am not as tough as I pretend to be.”
  • lara jean and josh getting their friendship back!
  • lara jean conquering her fear of driving!
  • “you gonna break my heart, covey?” *shrugs* :D
  • thank you for existing, movie :D

ROTTMNT and Subtle World Building

I see a lot of people enjoying the new TMNT show with its great animation, fun loving characters, and phenomenal voice acting. But one gripe seems to always come up. The plot.

The first episode seemingly had a purpose, establishing how the turtles got their new weapons and the looming threat that is introduced. But after episode one a lot of people seem to think that it derails into teen titans go territory with no underline theme. But I have to say that’s just not correct.

Episode 2 we see the turtles discussing how they can become heros. Donnie and Raph suggest taking down bigger threats on the first go, but Leo interjects. Leo for once gets rid of his sarcastic attitude and takes control of the situation. He obviously doesn’t want them to go in over their heads and suggests starting out small, I.E the paper bandit. This is the first time the audience gets to see the old Leo we know. He’s still a natural leader at heart and in a way it foreshadows the possibility of him becoming the leader in the future.

Later on in the episode we see two mutants stealing the paper to make their origami weapons. It’s pointed out that a foot symbol is painted on their face but no mention of the ninja clan is actually said aloud. They didn’t talk about Shredder or say what they were even going to use the origami for, because at this point it’s not necessary. We don’t need to be introduced to everything in one sitting, we can uncover the mystery of the Foot through different episodes.

Originally posted by mordecoolskrillex

The rest of the episodes seem to just be about the turtles and their shenanigans. But we are introduced to new information in the process.

Throughout the episodes we see the turtles interact with different mutants. This shows how the mutagen mosquitos that were released in episode one have actually effected people.

Its almost as though a new society of mutants is being built upon too. This is even more evident when Warren Stone buys a jewel from a “underground” shop that sells mutant wares. Repo Mantis even has his own business.


The TMNT writers know what they’re doing. Just be patient. Thanks for coming to my ted talk


Log entry 1, GSY 38904, rotation, uh… 203. It’s now 0814 hours. The proximity buzzer went off last night, interrupting my reading, and I glanced up at the camera monitor. I watched the ship’s science officer approach my quarters with what I’ve come to understand is a nervous gait. Their species, the N*zerethli, they rely heavily on body language, even more so than we humans do, and they tend to express emotions in the way they stand or walk (though it’s more of a hop), or even–well you know how they always seem to be dancing even when they’re perched on a chair? That’s them expressing emotions, emphasis, or even information.

It’s fascinating, frankly, but like learning any new language it’s been a challenge to understand. D*lithss, the comms officer, has been very helpful in this, but I don’t get exposed to their languages as much as I’d like. As usual, humans’ reputations as frightening unstoppable monsters with unquenchable bloodlusts still pervades the minds of most of the crew here on the trade ship N*zernoOo. They all tend to avoid me except for D*lithss and G'nnor the science officer, and he–excuse me, they, N*zerethli don’t have a male gender–they probably would avoid me as well if it wasn’t for their orders from the two Captains to use me to help them understand humans. Whatever, I’m not getting paid to break down everyone’s prejudices. I’m just here to be a Guinea pig and occasionally save their asses when the shit hits the fan.

So anyway, the buzzer sounded off with a different cadence, the one that meant somebody was at the door, so I sat back and tried to arrange my face and arms to appear as non-threatening as possible–oh, and that reminds me, I need to send a comm to the assholes over in Diplomacy, they got a LOT of shit wrong in their briefing materials–and I gave the voice command to let G'nnor in. They raised a foreleg in a decent approximation of a hello wave, which I’ve had them all working on; hardly a greeting befitting my rank, but then again I’ve been discharged for more than a cycle now. Better get used to civilian hellos. Anyway, G'nnor did what I recognized as a submissive sort of nervous bob-and-weave as they asked if I had time to talk about something they’d run across in their research. I smiled, making sure to show my teeth–that’s one thing Diplo got wrong, one of many; these guys aren’t Earth predators, teeth means friendly, not aggressive–and said, “Sure thing, buddy, it’s what I’m here for.”

G'nnor did a relieved sort of head tilt and fluttered their eyelids several times. “Thank you, human Grinda,” they said. I’d given up trying to get any of these friendly, nervous buggers to pronounce “Galinda” correctly. I guess their mandibles just aren’t made for it. They said–oh hell, I’ll just play you the video.

(Transcriptionist’s note: video feed from Ms. Kowalski’s quarters, main room, dated GSY 38904-202-1842:1869, begins playing. Transcription from this point includes description of events in the room in brackets, with notes in parentheses. Some assistance in body-language translation provided later by Ms. Kowalski.)

[G'nnor perches on one of the low bars bolted to the floor.]
“I was reading about human brains, and the document mentioned something called… Addiction. Can you please help me understand this?”

[Kowalski exhales loudly, putting her hands behind her head.]
“All right, so keep in mind I’m not an expert in neuroscience, but you remember how we talked about humans intentionally poisoning themselves for fun and pleasure?”

[G'nnor waves their foreleg in a sinuous motion, their body-word for ‘confirmed’.]
“You said it was because the poisons mimic pleasure chemicals in your brains.”

“That’s right. Do you remember the different types of recreational poisons?”  

[They wave 'yes’ again, with a pleased wiggle of their eyebrow-like feelers.]
“There are several different sorts; some slow down brain function but they also reduce pain; those are… downies?”

[Kowalski nods.]
“Close enough; downers if you want to be perfectly correct. Also called depressants and narcotics.”

[G'nnor nods back, presumably mimicking her.]
“There are also stimulants or uppers that create additional connections in your brains temporarily, making it feel like you are smarter and stronger. And…”
[G'nnor pauses, and activates the data pad in their grasp.]

[Kowalski waves dismissively at the data pad.]
“The other main type are hallucinogens, but they’re not important for this discussion. Like you said, these drugs mimic certain chemicals in our brains and bodies that are responsible for pleasurable nerve stimulation, or in some cases they stimulate our bodies’ production of those chemicals but the result is the same: more pleasure.

"The problem is when we get used to the additional chemicals. We get used to the heightened pleasure and/or lessened pain, we get used to the increase in brain activity. But our bodies cannot naturally produce the additional amounts of those chemicals, and the lack results in suffering. Mostly reduced brain activity, increased pain and stress, decreased energy–even worse than if we had never taken the drugs in the first place. And for the more dangerous drugs, a lot of serious biological symptoms in the rest of the body too. This suffering is called withdrawal, or cravings. And the brain tells us that we need the drug to avoid this suffering.”

[G'nnor dances a dance of shock, appalled.]
“But why would anyone see this as an acceptable exchange? The document I was reading claims that the withdrawal period can be dozens of rotations long, and the effect of the drugs are mere hours, if that!”
[They wave their forelegs in confusion.]

“Well, it’s complicated. Everyone has the capacity to become addicted to these drugs, and in fact to anything that mimics or stimulates production of pleasure chemicals, including sugar, spices, and even contact with someone or something we’ve bonded with. Like me with Stabby for example.”
[Kowalski gestures to a little cleaning robot in the corner, standard model S13 for Terran janitorial duty, which has a knife taped to it*.]
“If I went too long without seeing my little buddy here, I’d be sad.”

[The cleaning robot beeps in response to its name; G'nnor takes a step away from it, apparently frightened by it.]

(Transcriptionist’s note: Ms. Kowalski’s voice, off-camera, presumably narrating.) “G'nnor is a fast learner; they’d only been caught by Stabby once.”

(Transcriptionist’s note: Ms. Kowalski’s in-video dialogue resumes.) “So yeah, humans can become addicted to anything that gives them more pleasure chemicals, but we’re even more susceptible to addiction if our brains don’t make enough on their own to prevent problems like depression or anxiety.”

[G'nnor waves 'yes’ and nods their head.]
“I have read about these. They are… emotional disorders caused by imbalances in your brain chemistry, yes?”

“Primarily, yes, but they also can be caused by emotional trauma. Depression is usually the result of insufficient pleasure chemicals and people who have it, like myself, our brains are always telling us we need to create more, need to stop the pain.”

[G'nnor wipes their feelers with their forelegs. Ms. Kowalski does not know what this signifies.]
“…Yourself? Grinda, you are depressioned?”

“I have depression, yes,” Kowalski corrects. “I’m not often actively depressed any more, but that’s because my doctor gives me medication to help my brain retain the pleasure chemicals that I do create. But I still crave the same drugs I used to take before. They kept the pain away when I was high, even if they brought their own pain when I couldn’t get more drugs. I always justified it by saying it was better than suicide.”

“Suicide… I remember this term. It is… Voluntary self-termination?”
[G'nnor shivers, a body-word that means the same thing as when humans do it.]
“Grinda, your species is frightening, but I care for you and I do not wish you to self-terminate.”

“Thank you for your concern, G'nnor. I’m not at risk of killing myself. Never was really. Self-destruction, maybe, but not self-termination.”
[Kowalski takes a deep breath and shakes her head.]
“So does all that make sense?”

[G'nnor wraps their forelegs around each other. (Ms. Kowalski thinks this is their body-word for 'hold on, I’m thinking’.) Suddenly they freeze, then begin rapidly stomping one foot. (Ms. Kowalski says this is the N*zerethli equivalent of a boisterous laugh.)]
“Grinda, you humans really do come from the most death-world of death-worlds! Even your own brains are always trying to kill you!”
[Kowalski does a double-take, then laughs along with them.]

(*Transcriptionist’s note: When questioned why a knife had been taped to the cleaning robot, Ms. Kowalski explained: “Because it’s really funny whenever it rolls by and cuts the ankle of someone caught unawares.”)