and i had a lot of feelings

i started thinking about whether nick and charlie would ever use pet names and .. i feel like they eventually do, and the first time it happens is something like this: charlie’s not having a good mental health day and nick’s really concerned/wants to comfort him however he can and he just says it without thinking :’)

nick and charlie are from @heartstoppercomic

Galaxy Garrison Theories

So I’ve been thinking about the Galaxy Garrison and these are just some thoughts I had:

- I feel like Keith most likely met Shiro before he enlisted in the GG (possibly because they could be related? But I’m not 100% sure about that) and he was most likely the person that influenced him to join in the first place (because he’d already been at the Garrison as a high ranked officer it seems and he probably also noticed Keith’s potential as a pilot)

(- Either that or Keith joined himself and met Shiro there)

- So while Keith was there, he was clearly at the top of his class and also excelled as a really good fighter pilot. All while in the process, probably causing some tension between him and Lance who most likely felt threatened by him and his skills. Keith and Shiro must have been associated at the Garrison because around this scene

Shiro had introduced himself to Lance, saying: “Lance, right?” That means he must have recognised Lance in some way. Most likely because Keith may have talked to Shiro about him (before he dropped out) 

(- If you think about it, who else would have told Shiro about Lance? The only person who has a connection with both Shiro and Lance is Keith, who had a past with him at the Garrison. Also, Shiro’s memory was pretty spotty when he woke up, but he did recognize Keith and Lance immediately. It’s either that or Lance introduced himself to Shiro before but it wasn’t included in the scene? Considering Shiro is Lance’s hero, it would make sense for him to do that. But the way Shiro went about introducing himself to him pretty much proves that they didn’t have a proper introduction before)

- I have a good feeling that Keith’s disciplinary issues that lead him to dropping out of the Garrison, occurred because of Shiro’s disappearance (also, almost everyone thought the pilots on the Kerberos mission were dead, so with Keith being so close to Shiro at the time, it would make sense if he acted up. Assuming that another person that he was close to had left him as well), because if you remember in this scene

Pidge had no idea who Keith was, because she joined after he left. She also joined after the Kerberos mission accident had happened, which is around the time he must have dropped out too.

- So after he dropped out, Keith claimed that he was really lost (most likely because he thought Shiro was dead and because he was alone again), so he might have completely immersed himself into trying to figure out the mystery of this strange energy that he was feeling and trying to connect the cave paintings together. That was most likely the only significant thing happening in his life at the moment. 

- Then he discovered that the paintings were talking about an arrival, and that’s when he came upon Shiro who had crash landed outside of the Garrison. That’s probably why he looked so shocked when he realized it was him, because he thought he was dead

- Keith feeling lost because of Shiro’s disappearance and dropping out of the Garrison was most likely why he didn’t remember Lance immediately when they first met each other again

- But if Keith acted up this much and became that unhinged (most likely) because of Shiro’s disappearance, what is it going to do to him now that he’s lost Shiro again??

- But anyways those are just a few things I was thinking about and was connecting together, hopefully in season three they give us more information into how Shiro and Keith met, and what happened at the Garrison

I can say a lot of that [Cophine] magic also comes from the chance I had to play opposite Tatiana Maslany, who I think is the greatest actor of our generation. She’s so inspiring to watch and it’s so easy to connect with her on a truthful level and to let the scene happen. She’s so spontaneous and instinctual and so it sort of makes you feel free to be in the zone too. It’s a very safe zone but sort of a very ‘anything can happen’ place as well. So, I mean, I feel blessed I got the chance. So lucky. Both to be able to be those two characters but to be those two women working together as well.
—  Evelyne Brochu talks Tatiana Maslany for - PaleyFest, 2017.

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I've been in this fandom since early 2012 and it's funny how everything used to only be Modest's fault. Like we all just blamed everything on them. But, then in the last 2 years it's changed so much. Modest isn't even mentioned anymore and now it's Syco, Simon, Sony, etc. How did that even happen? Do you know what caused that in this fandom?

modest isn’t mentioned anymore because they’re irrelevant at this point and no longer have any control over the band. the same cannot be said for syco, sony, and simon.

i feel like this is probably a good time to remind you about how shitty 2014 was to louis and harry and how a lot of the blame for that falls directly at modest’s feet.

modest was largely to blame for a lot of the problems 1d had for the first 4 to 5 years of being a band because they obsequiously did everything and anything syco and simon wanted rather than actually standing up for and acting in the best interest of their clients (aka the band). they were incredibly gung ho about closeting louis and harry and forcing all of the boys to endure inhumane work schedules.

modest was a shitty garbage management team. their hands are still dirty.

simon was and is a shitty garbage label exec. his hands are still dirty.

syco was and is a shitty garbage label and the same goes for sony. do you understand what i’m saying yet?

just because the current ‘big bad’ causing the bulk of the destruction has changed doesn’t undo the previous damage done by the other people involved with one direction.

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HALLO! can i request a reaction where you fight with bts and he say something hurtful but with fluffy ending please :)

hello! thanks for your request, i enjoyed this a lot and i’m rly sorry this took so long,, i’m a slow writer


  • “Well. If that’s how you really feel, then maybe we need to take a break from each other.”

You couldn’t fucking believe it. Was he really saying what you thought he was?

Your head began to spin and you could feel yourself starting to panic. You needed to get out of there. You grabbed your keys and a jacket and ran out of your apartment as fast as your legs would carry you, not bothering to shut the door behind you. You kept going for a block or two before stopping next to a convenience store, sitting down on the bench outside and holding your head in your hands.

How could this be happening?? You couldn’t even remember what you’d been fighting about. Something stupid, you were sure of that. You’d lost your temper and blown up at Jin, and now he wanted to break up, and holy shit, what were you supposed to do now? He was the only man you’d ever loved, the only one you could ever imagine yourself being with. You’d been planning to get married. How could you have fucked up the one thing that had managed to go right in your life?

You felt a hand on your shoulder.

“Hey, what the –!”  Fuck.

Jin was standing in front of you, looking as pitiful as you’d ever seen him.

“Y/n……please listen to me. I need you to know that I didn’t mean what I said back at the apartment. I knew I didn’t mean it before I was even finished saying it. You’re the woman I want to marry. I don’t even know what I would do if I lost you. Please. Please forgive me.” 

“Please say you’ll stay with me.” His voice wavered as he looked down at you, pleadingly.

You couldn’t stop crying. You couldn’t bring yourself to care. All you could do was nod.

Jin breathed a long, shaky breath out, a look of pure relief breaking out on his face. Pulling you towards him, he wrapped you in a hug so tight you could barely breathe. You never wanted him to let go.


  • “Don’t you understand how important this is to me? There’s more to my life than just us, you know!”

Namjoon had spent the better part of the past four weeks at the recording studio. He was there when you got up for work in the morning, he was there when you went to bed at night, and you hardly ever saw him on the weekends. Sometimes he didn’t even come home to sleep; he just spent the night on the old couch at his studio. The most intimate you’d been with each other in the last month was a quick kiss when Namjoon was on his way out the door.

And yeah, you understood why he was doing this. You understood that he wanted to finish recording his mixtape as soon as possible, and you also understood that something deep inside of him was nagging at him to make it perfect. You admired how hard he was working, and you wanted to support him the whole way through.

You just missed him. You missed sleeping with his arm slung over you. You missed eating at your favorite Mexican place with him. You missed kissing him when he’d just gotten out of the shower and smelled like soap and peppermint shampoo.

So, when he said those words to you? It stung. It stung because he didn’t understand why you were upset. Even more so, it stung because you knew he thought you were being selfish.

At a loss for words, all you could do was stand there, staring at Namjoon with tears welling up in your eyes, your mouth half open in disbelief. Namjoon’s face softened instantly, and you could see that he regretted saying what he did.

“Oh….fuck. Aw, no, y/n, please don’t cry. Shit. I didn’t mean that at all. You know I didn’t. You mean more to me than anything. I just…..I’ve been working towards this for so long. And it’s like…I’m almost there. It’s so close.”

You swallowed, hard. “I know that. And I’m so excited for you. So, so excited and so, so proud of you. I just miss you. I miss us.”

Namjoon stepped closer, slipping his hands around your waist. “Oh, god y/n…..I miss you too. Really.” He let out a shaky breath. “I’m gonna try harder to make more time for us.“

He slid a hand farther down your back, grinning down at you cheekily. 

“How does right now sound?”


  • “I said I don’t want to fucking talk about it!!”

You froze. Yoongi had never raised his voice at you like that. Sure, you’d seen him get mad before. Sometimes he even got mad at you. But you had never seen him like this.

You didn’t like it.

Tears stinging at the corners of your eyes, you turned on your heel and went straight to your bedroom, locking the door after you. Leaning against the wall, you ran your hands through your hair, willing yourself not to let the tears fall.

You knew you shouldn’t have pushed him. He’d been so stressed out lately from work, and you’d thought that if you could just get him to talk about it, he would feel better. Usually, Yoongi would give in and vent to you about whatever was bothering him, but this time he just… lost it. He’d never talked to you like that before, and it really upset you.

You heard a soft knock on the door to your bedroom.


Of course it was Yoongi.

He knocked again, a little louder this time. “Y/n, please open the door. We need to talk.”

Hesitantly, you unlocked the door and sat down on the bed. A beat later, Yoongi entered the room, rubbing his neck sheepishly. You turned your tear-stained face toward him, not looking him in the eye. Yoongi looked visibly upset at seeing that he’d made you cry.

“Can I sit down?” he asked. You nodded, and he moved to sit next to you on the bed. You could tell that he was being deliberately gentle.

A few moments passed before Yoongi finally spoke. “Y/n….. I’m really sorry.” He took a deep breath before continuing, “I should never have yelled at you like that. I don’t know what the fuck’s wrong with me. I don’t know, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, or the late hours at work, or the pressure of this new album – anyway. I know it doesn’t matter. I was way out of line. And I want you to know that I’d never hurt you on purpose. I’m so sorry, y/n.”

You sniffled. “Yoongi. It’s okay. I know you really didn’t mean it. And,” you paused, looking at him pointedly, “I know it’s never going to happen again.”

He nodded, looking serious, but relieved all the same. “Thank you, jagi. I love you so much.” He wrapped an arm around you, pulling you to his chest.


  • “That’s the problem with you! All you ever do is shut me out!”

Your depression had been flaring up again. In the past when you were feeling low, all you wanted was to be alone in your room. Sometimes you’d do nothing for days at a time. It was how you coped, even though it didn’t seem to really make anything better.

As much as it killed you to admit it, deep down, you knew that Hoseok was right. You did shut people out. You were fiercely independent, often to a fault, and Hoseok was earnestly helpful in the same way.  Hoseok always noticed when you were feeling like this. He could be incredibly perceptive when it came to you. When it seemed like you were in a bad place again, he would do everything he could to make you feel better. it was sweet, but it could also be really fucking annoying. All you wanted to do right now was be left alone! Why couldn’t he see that?

You felt terrible for pushing Hoseok away, but you felt even worse that he’d pointed it out to you. Who was he to tell you how you should be feeling? And why couldn’t he stop trying to help for five seconds?

You heard the glass door that led to the balcony of your apartment slide open behind you. You didn’t need to look to know that it was Hoseok.

“Hey.” You didn’t respond.

“So… I know you’re irritated with me, and I know you want to be alone. But, hear me out for just like, thirty seconds.” You hummed, letting him know you were listening.

Hoseok took a deep breath. “I’m sorry for accusing you of shutting me out. It wasn’t fair of me to say that. I know you’re going through a really rough time right now. But listen, jagiya. It kills me to see you hurting like this. But I really think that if you would let me go through this with you, together, it would help you. I just want to be by your side, through the good and the bad.”

You felt like such an ass. Hoseok really did care about you.

You still wouldn’t look at him, but this time it was to hide the tears forming in your eyes. It was no use, though. Hoseok moved closer to you, wrapping you in a big bear hug from behind. You melted into him, letting his touch comfort you. “Okay,” you whispered. “I’ll let you in.”


  • “If you like him so much, why don’t you date him instead?”

You couldn’t believe Jimin would even pull this shit on you.

You’d just been promoted at your new job, and one of your coworkers had offered to treat you to drinks tonight to celebrate. Now, normally this wouldn’t be a problem, except it just so happened that this coworker was a man. (A married man, to be specific, whose wife worked in the same office as the two of you and trusted her husband to make friends like a big boy. What a novel concept.)

“Okay, you know what, Jimin? I guess I just won’t go tonight. I guess I’ll just miss out on my plans to celebrate my new job because you’re feeling jealous.” The sarcasm in your voice was practically tangible.

Throwing your purse down, you stormed down the hallway towards your and Jimin’s bedroom.

“And, by the way, Jimin? He’s married. His wife works with us. Do you really think I would cheat on you? And with a married man, no less. But it’s nice to know that you don’t trust me.” You finally reached the end of the hallway, entering the bedroom and slamming the door.

God. How could Jimin even accuse you of something this ridiculous? He knew that you loved him, that you were in love with him. You couldn’t believe he would blow something this insignificant out of proportion like this.

You were just kicking off your heels when you heard the door to your bedroom open. You turned around to see Jimin standing in the doorway, looking hesitant.

“Jimin, I am seriously not in the mood to hear whatever you have to say right now –”

“Y/n, I’m sorry.” Jimin cut you off. “I was an ass. I didn’t know the guy was married, but that’s not even what matters right now.” He took a few steps, bridging the gap between you.

Looking into your eyes, Jimin continued. “I’m sorry I made you think I don’t trust you, because that’s not it, I just….I don’t know. I’m scared you’re going to find someone you like better than me. I dunno. I think about it a lot.”

Your heart was breaking.

“Jimin….I love you. I want to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life. There’s never going to be anyone else for me.” Placing a hand behind his head, you pulled him in to you and just barely touched your lips to his, hoping to reassure him.

Jimin let out a breathy sigh. “I love you, y/n. Now….get outta here,” he said, handing you your heels.

You hesitated. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

Jimin nodded, looking serious. “For real, y/n. Go, have fun! Besides…..” he paused to wink at you. “I’ll be here waiting for you when you get home.”


  • “I’m just not ready for that right now, okay? Stop trying to move so fast!”

You really didn’t expect Taehyung to react this way when you mentioned going to your parents’ house for Christmas this year. 

You’d been together for almost a year and he still hadn’t met your family, despite the countless offers you’ve made to introduce him. You didn’t understand what the problem was; you’d met his family on several occasions and even had lunch with his sister now and then. They were as sweet as could be, and you loved them. You wanted Taehyung to have that kind of relationship with your own family, but every time you brought it up, he became visibly nervous and changed the subject.

Little did Taehyung know, you’d decided that this Christmas would be it. You had already called your parents to let them know, and they were so excited to finally meet the man who made their daughter so happy. You couldn’t wait to surprise Taehyung with the news.

Let’s just say he didn’t take it as well as you’d planned.

Taehyung completely freaked out. “Y/n, oh my god, we’ve talked about this! You said we were going to wait before visiting your parents!”

This made you even more exasperated than you already were. “No, Tae, you know what? We haven’t talked about it. You have never once given me an actual reason why you don’t want to come home with me! Are we not serious?! Do you not want to be a part of my family, like the way I am with yours?”

Taehyung’s huffy expression disappeared, and was replaced by one of slight embarrassment. “That’s the problem,” he muttered.

“What?” you asked, confused.

Taehyung looked up at the ceiling. “I’m afraid that they won’t like me, okay?” he said quietly. “I’m loud, and too hyper, and not serious enough. I’m worried they won’t think I’m enough of an adult to be with their daughter.”

You thought you could feel your heart shattering into a million pieces. “Oh….Tae.” That was all you could say. You opened your arms, feeling Taehyung lean into you, just letting you hold him.

“Taehyung…..they’re going to love you, because I love you. But if you don’t give them the chance, you’ll never find out. Please, do this for me. Please come home with me for Christmas.” A few beats passed before you heard a muffled “……Okay.” against your shoulder.


  • “I don’t have to consult you every time I want to do something!”

It was after two in the morning when you finally heard Jungkook unlock the door to the apartment you shared. You were laying in bed staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep without Jungkook beside you.

Jungkook opened the door to your bedroom, his movements slow and deliberate. He probably thought you were sleeping.

“Where have you been?” Your voice startled Jungkook, causing him to run into the wall.

“Ow! Y/n, you scared me!” Rubbing his arm from where he’d bumped the doorframe, he continued, “I was out with the boys. It’s Yoongi’s birthday.”

You crossed your arms. “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to be out so late?”

Jungkook huffed. “Um? Sorry, I didn’t realize you were the boss of me? Am I not allowed to hang out with my friends anymore?”

You couldn’t believe what he was saying. “Holy shit Jungkook, I’m not mad that you went out with your friends! I’m mad because you weren’t answering your phone! I’m mad because you didn’t even think to let me know you’d be out this late! I was worried sick about you! And if you don’t get that, I guess you really just don’t understand me.” Grabbing your pillow and a throw blanket, you went into the hallway. “I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.”

You lay on the couch, feeling lonely and a little cold. Was Jungkook really accusing you of being controlling? You didn’t care what Jungkook did as long as you knew he was safe. You never told him to blow off the boys to spend time with you. You loved them as much as he did, and you even joined them sometimes. You were only mad because you were worried that something had happened to Jungkook tonight.

Soft footsteps padded down the hallway. You felt the opposite end of the couch sink.

“……Y/n?” It was Jungkook.

“Hey, y/n, listen.” You didn’t move to look at him, but Jungkook knew you were listening. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you where I was tonight. We didn’t even think we were gonna be out that late. I should have called you.” He hesitated.

“And I’m also sorry that I called you controlling. I know you aren’t. You’re so good to me. I’m so sorry I made you worry.”

Sitting up from your makeshift bed on the couch, you leaned into Jungkook. “It’s okay,” you said. “I may have overreacted a little bit. I know you won’t do it again.”

Jungkook kissed your forehead. “Thanks for being so sweet, y/n. Now…..” He got to his feet, picking you up bridal-style. “How about we get you back into the bedroom?”

Oh man oh man, you guys. I am OVERJOYED to talk about this! <3

Jaal’s first “oh, damn” moment came during the initial excursions on Havarl. He, Vetra, and Gemma had been slogging through some dense plant growth for hours when he spotted a shortcut from his childhood. It involved a lot of climbing, and Vetra gave him a (gentle) hard time about it, but what Jaal remembers is Gemma staring up the incline, a little frown on her still-strange face. When he asked her what she was doing, she said “I’m trying to figure out if I can do it in four boosts, or three”. Then she grinned at him, and said “I bet three,” and took off. He watched her jet to the first outcropping of rock, catch it, and leverage herself up, and then keep going. 

She made it in three, and laughed when she reached the top. 

He lost his handhold just before he reached her, the rock crumbling under his hand, but Gemma was already there, so fast he never even knew she had moved, and she had her hand locked around his wrist before he could yell for help. And to this day, he remembers the jolt that went through him at the contact, and how her grip did not falter – and how bright her eyes were as she pulled him up. Oh, he thought. This feels familiar. 

No, he added, only to himself, when Gemma – this alien woman – grinned up at him, this feels good. 


Gemma’s moment came later; it was seeing him on Aya, after they rescued the Moshae. She found him on a balcony, looking out over a forest so green it hurt her eyes. For the first time since she woke up, she had a moment to pause, and breathe, and not worry about getting attacked, and she was happy to just bask in the sunlight and the rustle of wind through the leaves with a friend. 

She would have been content to stay quiet – Jaal didn’t owe her conversation after all her prodding back on the Tempest and in the Nomad – but he started pointing out the farms where he had worked as a teenager, his favorite place to watch the sunset, the races he and his siblings used to run near that river to the west – and she felt every knot in her spine coming undone. 

He spoke with so much love for everything around him, and Gemma was so tired and lonely and hating being either of those things that she started crying. She’d always been one for a good stress-relief cry, but this was exhaustion, and longing for home, and grief, and the pressure of knowing everything depended on her. 

She tried to keep quiet about it – not really good diplomacy to start bawling in public, especially if you were the damn Pathfinder – but when Jaal noticed, he just put his arm around her shoulders and told her no one would shame her for this, of all things. 

Gemma tried to make a joke – cover my back for a few minutes till I stop looking like a boiled tomato, okay? – but he was looking at her so sincerely, so gently, that she just nodded and maybe – maybe – leaned into him a little. Jaal was alien, half his people wanted to kill her, and she didn’t really blame them – but he was warm, and solid, and he didn’t let go till her tears were done. 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Remus Lupin must be so sad when he sees Harry, especially in POA when he knows that if Lily and James had lived Harry would be calling him Uncle Moony or something sappy. He would go to the Potters for Friday night dinners and him and Sirius would be so happy seeing their best friends in love. The potters would have another child and Remus would be The Godfather. He would work at Hogwarts and see all his friends kids come through and he would spend his time at the place he called home. But when he sees Harry all he can see is everything his life could have been. But he is forced to pretend that he doesn't know every detail of the boys parents lives. He sees his eyes for the first time in so long on the train and it must upset him so much.


Please hear me out. Got7 is killing it, Jackson is back and has is own show, we’ve broken our own records, we’ve won numerous times, two little boys got fly/departure onto the melon charts, life is good.

Life isn’t so good for Monsta X/Monbebes. They debuted 2 years ago and still haven’t had their first win, YouTube royally screwed up the views for Beautiful, Monsta X constantly says they feel unworthy of their fans because they work so hard and have nothing to show for it, it’s heartbreaking. Got7 and Monsta X are friends, Shownu trained with JJP, Jackson and Jooheon are very close, and I know a lot of ahgases also like Monsta X.

Please. PLEASE consider voting for Monsta X for award shows, watching their video on YouTube, and buying their album if you feel so inclined. These boys work just as hard as our boys, and deserve it just as much. I’m worried that if they don’t get a win soon Starship is going to start focusing on promoting outside of Korea because they don’t see anything to be gained. The members of Monsta X are truly so talented, sweet, funny, and humble. Please, if you have the time, think about watching their video for Beautiful on youtube and Melon and voting for these hard working wonderful boys.

Ahgases and Monbebes fighting!


hi friends i just wanted to apologise for being a bit inactive on the weekdays (and even sometimes on the weekends)! my final uni hand-in/deadline is on may 11th which is fast approaching + so ive been super super busy trying to keep on top of current work and also trying to finish previous work that didnt get done due to health stuff etc

im also simultaneously still dragging myself through burn-out which is starting to get worse again because ive had so much to do + ive started having a lot of shutdowns and big decreases in energy levels and an increase in frequency of overloads which is just ❌😪

but anyway thank you for your continued patience and kindness + hopefully I’ll answer a big bunch of asks tomorrow + post some planner photos

i hope that you’re all doing okay and having manageable days!

“Look who finally decided to show up.” Lilith said once Cassandra had arrived at the venue. “We have a lot to talk about.”

“I know, I know. We’ll get to it later. It’s been crazy.” Cassandra replied, then changed the subject. “I had a feeling our dresses were going to match.”

“I wonder why. It’s not like you’ve known me all my life.” Lilith teased.

Cassandra turned her attention toward the rest of the group. “By the way, how were you guys even able to come to prom? I thought it was upperclassmen only.”

“Jeez, Cassandra. Don’t be ageist.” Dustin scolded.

“Yeah, you of all people.” Dirk scoffed, rolling his eyes. “I’m just kidding. Let’s head inside–they’re doing pictures.”

i was just reading an old journal of mine, and one of the things i talked about the most was how i hated how much i sucked at writing, because it made me feel inadequate and useless. this was when i was 13 or so, and having an incredibly bad life as a severely mentally ill queer kid in a small town with abusive parents, few friends, and a “best friend” that had no qualms about using me however he wanted.

it’s true. my poetry was not something that would win awards, or turn heads. but in retrospect, that wasn’t the point of it.

every poet’s early writing is going to be painful to read–both because it’s unskilled, and because there’s a lot of unhappiness that needs to be bled out before healing can begin. there’s a reason that the stereotype of “depressed teenager who writes terrible poetry” exists. 

nobody starts out writing well. nobody. every writer and artist always has a period, no matter how brief, where they spill all their sadness into a lot of cliche art. but? that’s not a bad thing. 

writing is a learning curve. there’s no “end goal” for artists–there are always improvements to be made, new styles to try, new muses to delineate. and every writer is continually getting better. all of them! every one! if you’re reading this and you think that your writing is not good, then i have some news for you–maybe other people don’t recognise it, but it is good. it’s necessary. it’s life-changing, for you if not for others. 

you will have to start out writing for yourself. writing for others will come later.

honestly there are just so many mixed feelings about this grave (cant stop me wont stop me) news it’s like

1) my bitterness over OG!Graves really was just because he is EVERYWHERE in fandom and in EVERYTHING despite not being a character who actually showed up in the movie

2) if he had shown up and actually had some good canon material to work with besides Grindles acting like him then I’d probably be less bitter

3)…well MAYBE less bitter

4) im a bitter spiteful person in general it happens. I also may have ended up liking him a lot but now we shall never know i guess

5) maybe with no new material for him the fever for Hot Wizard Daddy will die out though so I don’t have to sigh and scroll down ten times a day

6) but I know people better than that. He was hot. fandom never lets hotness die

7) if he keeps being A Big Thing him being A Big Thing without any canon material will make me way more bitter than if he came back in canon

8) and seriously though DAMN FARELL that is harsh. And hilarious just for the graves puns. Maybe people can say he lives on in America not giving a single flying fuckwit about whatever that Scamander guy is up to

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As soon as you blinked open your heavy eyes, you really wished you hadn't. Everything hurt and the first sight you were met with was a scowling Derek Hale towering over you. You winced, unsure of whether the pain or the severity of his gaze had contributed more to the involuntary action. "What part of 'stay put' wasn't clear enough for you y/n? Huh?" Derek's question sounded a hell of a lot more like an accusation to you.

You groaned. “Obviously the ‘staying’ part.” You huffed, sitting up slowly to rub the side of your head. “Otherwise this conversation would be very different, right?” Leaning forward on the couch in his loft, you braced your elbows on your knees, staring at Peter’s coffee table with a squint as you continued to rub your head. “Why do I feel like I have a hangover?”

“Wolfsbane,” Derek said grumpily, crossing his arms with a huff, but the slightest amount of sympathy at the back of his tone made you smile almost imperceptibly. “They let off a grenade of the stuff when they saw you.” He smiled, and you could have sworn it carried a hint of pride. “Probably because you scared the crap outta them when you charged out of nowhere.”

“Hey. I learned from the best,” you smiled at him, his own growing slightly at the sight. “Why be a werewolf if you can’t make an entrance?”

Derek sighed, his smile fading, and his brow knitting slightly in worry. “Seriously, though. Why didn’t you do what I said?”

“I saved your life, and this is the thanks I get?” You stopped rubbing your head, looking him right in the eye, feeling anger brewing deep in your stomach.

“Only because you caught them off guard. It could have gone a whole different direction.”

You straightened your back, the anger bubbling just under your skin.

Flashing his red eyes at you briefly in warning, he continued, “You could have gotten hurt. Any of us could have gotten hurt. We’re lucky we all got off with only a ‘hangover’.” He air quoted the last word before crossing his arms back over his chest.

You rose to your feet quickly, your yellow eyes shining. “And if I hadn’t shown up?! What then? Huh, Derek? Because from what I saw, you all were pinned in a corner.”

“We had backup on the way-”

“They would have been too late!” Your shout echoed across the loft.

Derek just stood there, revealing red eyes once again, but you ignored them and the warning they carried, though you did let your eyes fade as you took a step closer to him.

“‘Backup’? What backup did you have on hand besides me? Who were you going to call? You benched me. Who in the hell has any more of a right to fight these-”

“Stop. Stop talking,” Derek said lowly. He growled before continuing. “They were the people who started the fire at your house.” The words hung in the air as he let his eyes fade. “Peter, Isaac, and the rest of the pack wanted to have some…. Words…. With them. Our backup was the Sheriff. We had no idea they had wolfsbane or even knew we were werewolves. We just thought they were punks, and everyone wanted to scare them a little bit before the Sheriff showed up and arrested them.”

The loft was silent. You let the information sink in, looking down at the floor as if it held the answers before backing up slowly and plopping back down on the couch, still staring at the floor like it held your cypher key.

“But you’re right.” Derek’s voice was soft, and you looked up to meet his eyes. His face had melted to one of sympathy and understanding, his eyes carrying apologies. “If you hadn’t shown up when you did, we’d all have much worse than wolfsbane to be talking about. In fact, the Sheriff pulled up right as they used the grenade, so they had even more reason to arrest them.”

He moved over to sit beside you on the couch. “But, Y/N, there are positions in a pack for a reason. I need to know you will listen to me the next time I tell you to sit one out. I need to be able to trust you.”

“I know….” you mumbled. “You don’t trust me?”

“I do,” he said quickly, “with my life!” He sighed. “But trust is something earned, and it can quickly disappear, and while last night is a great example of following your gut, I need to know that you will follow orders, too. The same way you trusted me not to make you sit out unless there was good reason.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry,” you nodded. “Trust works both ways.” Derek nodded. “I know you’ll always have my back, you always have, and I want you to know I will always do the same.”

“I know,” he smiled widely.

Let’s do that 5 sentence meme!


Call me biased because I am but I feel like Yuzuru was underscored
…and others overscored
Not gonna name who

In the free program a lot of things can change (still bitter after last year when I thought Yuzu had the title back but shit happened and he fell and yeah)
So things can change
I actually want everyone to be at their best on saturday. But at the same time I wanted everyone to be at their best today too
I’m too invested in this for my own good xD
Imma wait until saturday and then wail like a wailing whale

What are you guys currently reading?

I’m waiting on a lot of book mail (I had a reduction I took advantage of) but especially Strange the dreamer (my preorder was only shipped today…)
I’m reading Wayfarer and Warbreaker! I also started Dragon Keeper but I’m making slow progress because it’s a new cast in a familiar universe so it feels a bit weird… And I’m rereading the name of the wind, though only bits and pieces since I’ll do a full reread when the 10th birthday edition will be released

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does marcos remember octavia/the kidnapping in general? I feel like it would make some Deep™ internal monologue, maybe he goes to find and join the vampires or something. marcos has potential. marcos is great. i like marcos.

Oh….oh I know this for sure >:) I have so much planned for my sweet little Marcos. I can say if I had a specific heir, I’d choose him since I can see a lot of my next story revolving around him and his life! 

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JIKOOK ARE BOYFRIENDS im crying 😭😭 their moments in the 3rd muster got me right in the feels especially during the photoshoot!!! such cuties anyway i've been seeing a lot of sad/disappointing asks here about the lack of jikook and i just wanna say that its a concert!! the fans is their priority!! they will not be together all the time so lets just cherish the 21stcg moments that we get ;)) also wasn't it just a few days ago that JK had his lovestruck eyes on jimin?? im sure they are fine!

YES JIKOOK ARE BOYFRIENDS!!!! Don’t even get me started on how fluffy and cute those two looked in the 3rd muster video. I died bc of cuteness.
And I agree with you!! In a concert, the boys #1 priority is giving a good show, not continuously only being with each other.
(Plus we had that butt slap from Jimin like 👀)

So it’s been a while.

Sorry for my sudden, unannounced hiatus I’ve had for the duration of March, but social media has really been draining for me lately. My mental health isn’t at its best, probably at its worst to be honest, and I had a lot of college work and personal issues that have just been making me less and less able to come online, so I apologize to all my friends who I haven’t spoken to for a while and well, simply just apologizing for being so inactive. I’ll try to be on more often, but I’ll see how that goes. If I’m not online I’m probably taking a break… again.

I had an amazing acupuncture and trigger point release session today to start work on my tight trapezius muscle, unaligned neck and winging scapular! I’d never had this kind of treatment before but I already feel a weight has been lifted, literally! I feel I’ve held a lot of my stress/anxiety from multiple past events involving bullying in my shoulders and back, causing a lot of tension and inflammation. I do believe that emotion can get lodged in our bodies and cause havoc! It’s validated to me that our body and mind is intertwined. I’ll now be doing daily yoga and stretches to re align myself, accompanied by breathing exercises to get into good patterns and to try and learn more relaxation techniques. I feel like I’m on the right path to healing. Fully aware that poor lifestyle choices can contribute, and there’s still a few things in working on, but it’s all interesting and fascinating. Wiped out from the session, but in a good way! Goodnight all ❤️