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Happy April fools birthday~

Hello everyone! I’m sure it’s no secret that Zen’s birthday is coming very soon! As president of one of Zen’s fan clubs it’s my pleasure to announce that we’ll be doing something special for him! An actor as talented and wonderful as he needs an equally amazing birthday!   

(quietly controls fangirling)

The fact that his birthday is on April Fools day isn’t going to be overlooked by the RFA members. Even though I’d prefer not to, the other members would enjoy pranking him for his birthday. You can take a guess who those members might be.

So I’m leaving this to you, the guests and loyal fans of true actors like Zen to make the choice of what you’d like to give him for his birthday. The ask box submissions will be opened for this event to receive gifts or pranks for Zen.  Let’s hope this will be a good day for him!


Send your presents or pranks to us or tag us in a post with the tag ‘ask team rfa bday prank’  or ‘ask team rfa bday gift’. You decide the fate of Zen’s day!

The event will close on April 2nd.

Feel free to be as creative as you like~ gift art, prank art, drabbles, anything! Have fun!  Whatever happens to him on this day he’ll probably still be fabulous.


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I actually think the CW might be experimenting with supercorp and seeing if enough people like it to consider making it happen. Maybe I'm delusional as well, but in a few years I am sure people are going to be more open to a pairing such as this so then it might happen, if enough people continue to support it. Katie becoming a regular gives me hope, considering they could have easily kept her as a guest star if Lena was to remain a casual friend we would see once in a while.

katie has a three year contract and kara and lena already becoming best friends? and their physical touching escalating? + the flirting and couch parallel with kara’s current relationship? supercorp is the real slowburn and we are BLESSED. 

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Why do guests always think that you're lying to them when they can't get what they want. Like why would I lie to you like give me one reason that I would lie to you about something that takes no time at all for me to do to a complete stranger. You're not important enough for me to bother lying to oh my g o d

Welcome Home Pt.2

Magnus had his arms wrapped firmly around his waist, his hands pulling him as close to his body as he could get him.

“God, I missed you.” Alec breathed between kisses. His hands reefed off Magnus’ jacket and he allowed his arms to fall to his sides so it slid from him in a soft pool at the their feet. He headed for the buttons on his shirt next.

“this is taking too long.” Magnus complained and with a snap and a short burst of blue sparks, both of their shirts disappeared.

“I like the way you think, Babe.” Alec said, and headed for his neck, seeking the pulse point that he knew would drive Magnus wild. Magnus tilted his head to give him better access to it and then made a purring sort of noise in his throat as he felt his boyfriend’s  mouth hit the spot he needed.  Alec gave a soft snort of laughter against Magnus’ skin.

‘Are you purring? Seriously? Already?” he asked him, but when he lifted his head and saw those two glowing amber eyes looking back at him he knew he was done for. He drew in a breath and crashed his mouth back to Magnus’ and then started fumbling with his belt buckle and the button on his pants.

Magnus was doing the same thing to him and he heard the heavy thud of his gear belt as it dropped to the floor. He undid the button of his jeans but before he went for the zipper he ran his palm over the hard bulge behind it. Alec gave deep growl and Magnus could feel its vibrations going through his own chest.

“I didn’t think Nephilim could make noises like that. You’ve been spending too much time with those werewolves again.” he said, his voice low and deep.

“Only Nephilim with hot warlock boyfriends can do it. I won’t do it again if you don’t want me too.” Alec was trailing kisses down his jaw line, making it almost impossible for him to think straight.

“don’t you dare stop it.” Magnus growled back, and Alec gave a small laugh before going back to his lips. He had managed to get Magnus’ button and zipper undone and was trying to pull the tight fitting material down over his slim hips.

“Why do you have to wear such tight pants, you’re making things difficult.” Alec complained. Magnus gave a click of his fingers once more and the clothing disappeared along with his boots.

“all better? I can stop wearing them if don’t like them.” Magnus hinted, hooking his fingers into the belt loops off Alec’s jeans and giving them a hard yank down so they fell about his ankles.

“You don’t have to go that far.” He said, running his hands over his muscled chest and abs. He pried off his own boots and then stepped out of his jeans before grabbing Magnus’ hand and leading him to the bed. The covers were bunched up and messy.

“Really, my love, when was the last time you made your bed?” Magnus asked as they stood near the end, hands and mouths busy with each other.

“Is it gonna stop you from laying with me in it?” Alec asked him.

“No way in hell.”

They fell heavily together onto its surface too preoccupied with each other to take it easy. Alec smiled when he heard a muffled cry.

“Sorry Babe, didn’t mean to hurt you, I just really want you.”  Alec nuzzled into Magnus’ neck.

“Ah, I hate to tell you this but that wasn’t me.” Magnus replied and Alec stilled, bringing his head up to frown down at him questionly. They both startled when they felt movement right next to them before hearing something fall to the floor with a thud.

“What the………” Alec started to say before Magnus used his magic to turn on the bedside lamp.

Simon Lewis was trying to scramble to his feet from the floor wearing only his underwear. His pale vampire skin glowing whitely in the dim light of the lamp but his face was actually a pale pink.  Magnus and Alec froze in shock.

“Well, Alexander, this is a surprise I thought at the worse that you might keep a teddy bear in here or something but a whole vampire?” Magnus asked.

“I…..I….I’m really sorry, guys….. oh God, don’t kill me, please? Well technically I’m already dead but please don’t. I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt you but…….” He stammered.

“So, what? You thought hiding under the bed covers was a good idea? What in the name of the angel are you doing in here anyway?” Alec barked at him, as he moved off Magnus, grabbing at the blankets to cover them both.

“I got here earlier today to wait for Izzy but it got late and I got tired so I thought I’d catch a short nap before you got back. I had no idea you’d be coming in here.” Simon was hastily trying to put on his clothes but was tangling himself in the material.  Magnus gave a small snort of impatience and snapped his fingers to dress the startled vampire. Simon gave a jump but then headed for the door.

“I’ll go now then. Sorry guys didn’t mean to intrude. Hey Magnus, nice underwear by the way.” He grinned as he headed out the door. As the door closed behind him, Alec frowned back at Magnus.

“I had no idea vampires could blush like that.” Magnus said thoughtfully.

“Don’t change the subject, what did he mean about your underwear?” Magnus leaned over to him and kissed him, smiling back at him. He flipped over onto his stomach. Alec looked down at his butt and stifled a laugh. The words, ‘property of A. Lightwood” was printed across the material. Alec gave Magnus’  rounded butt cheek a  playful pinch.

“They were supposed to of been a welcome home present.” Magnus told him.

“They still are. I love you Magnus Bane.” He told him.

“I love you too, A. lightwood.” And with a laugh they wrapped themselves up in each other.            

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: "Man, that guy was a jackass."

I don’t have an inch of give a shit left tonight. I worked 13 hours Thursday, 8 Friday, it’s going to be 14 today, and it will be 12 tomorrow. I’m tired. I’m stressed. I’m cranky, but I’m still a god damn professional.

Guy comes to check in, and shortly behind him is a guy who I’d just checked in ten minutes before. In the back of my mind I’m worried that something is wrong with the room I’ve given the guy.

The guy checking in will be JA, the other guest will be Bronicorn, and I’ll be Bran. JA had the most pompous douchey voice you’ve ever heard.

JA- I have a reservation paid through Hotwire.

Bran- Okay, can I get ID and credit or debit card for incidentals?

JA- There won’t be any incidentals, so I’d like to leave a cash deposit.

Bran- I’m sorry, we don’t handle cash at all, it’ll have to be a credit or debit card.

He argues with me a little about it and grabs one of the cards on the desk for the Xham Rewards program and a pen and starts circling the TripAdvisor logo on the card. I ignore him.

JA- The whole card authorization thing is a scam. Holding my money when you’re not even going to use it.

There is a lot of this nonsense going on lately. Did someone’s grandma share something on FB?

JA- Whatever, you don’t care.

At least he noticed.

Bran- Can I get your phone number please?

JA- Alright, I’ll give you fake number.

Bran- Sir, I need a real number.

So he gave me a supposed real number, then I had him read it back to me. Which he did at an obnoxiously slow pace. Then he started making demands, wanting a newly renovated room, no neighbors, etc. etc. We’re too busy to make any such promises. But I got him a room with a new TV, and that seemed good enough.

I noticed Bronicorn giving him the side eye as the dude gathered up his shit and went off to the room.

Bran- What can I do for you?

Bronicorn, side eyeing JA still- I was just wondering if I could get a room on a lower floor. I’ll pay the room change fee if necessary.

Bran- Oh, well did you use the room at all?

Bronicorn- No, just walked in and decided it wasn’t going to work for me.

Bran- You sure you didn’t throw a quick party or anything?

Bronicorn laughs- Oh snap, you’re on to me! I got like 80 people up there!

I lighten up a little after dealing the pompous ass.

Bran- Dang dude, that was fast! You’re sneaky!

By that time JA was out of earshot, and Bronicorn said this:

Bronicorn- Man, that guy was a jackass! You sounded ready to go off on him!

Bran- I don’t know about that, but I was about ready to tell him I wasn’t going to check him in if he was going to be difficult.

Bronicorn- Damn straight! You’ve got the right to refuse service! My mom worked in hotels for years, and she wouldn’t have taken any shit from him either!

I appreciated his kind words. I didn’t need to clue him in to my whole barely hanging on situation, but he really brightened my night. He asked again if I was sure that he didn’t need to pay to switch rooms. I insisted he was fine, and he offered me some of his Culvers. If I didn’t already have pizza on the way, I might have taken him up on it.

I hope everyone gets to meet a Bronicorn.

By: mstarrbrannigan

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Are you going to any cons this year?

Uhhh… not sure!  I thought I was gonna’ go to Comic Con but I’m a giant loser and didn’t apply for a professional badge soon enough (I mistakenly thought I had applied for one last year, but I actually got a guest badge from a friend, oops!), SO I’m not gonna’ be there this year unless someone else sneaks me another guest badge, haha.

I don’t have plans for any cons, but if I end up going to some, I’ll be sure to post about it!  It’s only happened a handful of times, but I love getting to meet W2H fans in person… I’ve had some friends spot W2H cosplayers at cons and flag them down to take a picture, like “I KNOW ERICA, I’M GONNA’ TEXT HER THIS!”.  That’s always been super funny to me, but how cool would it be to run into some myself?

Anyway, yeah, no plans right now!  But I’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop!


Tom Holland:

Distracted By Her Beauty

Surprise Guest

Flirting At Comic Con

She’s Basically All He Talks About

Matching Tattoos

Thanks To Tessa

Getting The Most Candy

If You Can Beat Me

Not Quite What I Expected

Stronger Than You

//Two part fic//
Part one: Turning Flips

Part two: I Won’t Fall

Cuddle All Day

Not In Front aid Of Your Dad

Don’t Want To Sleep Alone

I’ll Show You Around

She’s Sick And I Have To Go

Cuddling With A Cutie

Swearing Like A Sailor

Winning More Than Oscars

He Just Has RBF

Lost At Comic Con

I Miss Everything About Her

All About Her


All For Nothing

The Nanny Series:

The Nanny

Falling For The Nanny

Nanny Bear

Don’t Anger The Nanny

Little Waiter Boy

Party Nanny

Jealous Of The Nanny’s Friend

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

So Please Don’t Leave Me

Secret Tattoo

//Two part fic//
Part one: Spider-Man Onesie

Part two: Spider-Man Onesie: Alternative

//Two part fic//

Part one:Cat-Girl

Part two: You Were My Cat?


Halloween Everyday

Wonderful Witch

Ghostly Encounters

Don’t Scare Me While I’m Watching AHS

Silent Treatment

I Caught You Cutie

He’s Not That Great

Don’t Laugh But…

Come Back Home

Spilled Coffee

Dating Peter Parker Would Include:

//Two part fic//

Part one: Singing And Dancing To My Milkshake ft. Peter Parker

Part two: Singing And Dancing To Lip Gloss ft. Peter Parker

The Hello Kitty Pants Series:

The Hello Kitty Pants

Guardian Angel

He Saved Me

Late Night Visitor

I Really Like You. A Lot.

The Date

The Holland Twins

You Look Like A Turtle!

Once Upon A Time


Henry Mills

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Love And Fish Scales

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Accidentally Summoned


Peter Pan

Not Alone Anymore

Grant GustinCelebrity Crush

Barry Allen

You Weren’t Supposed To Hear That

The Dolan Twins

Being The Dolan Twin’s Best Friend Would Include:

Dating Ethan Dolan Would Include:

Dating Grayson Dolan Would Include:

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Yay so it looks like he is filming Ride this week? Any word yet on the guest(s)? Stoked for this season and also hoping they get a S3 to do even more Int'l locations. Also, god help me I love those ratty ass brown boots. They're like an old friend. Really really old. (how old are those things anyway?)

No word yet but I love those boots

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Please just listen..

–Phone rings–

Me- Thank you for calling [hotel] in [city-north] this is WriggityWrecked, how may I help you?

Guest- Hi, yes, um are you at [hotel] in [city-north]??


I totally was just kidding, were in other city at a different hotel, I juts like to fuck with people when they call!

Ugh…why can’t people just listen?!

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I just watched The Guest (where Dan Stevens is starring at) and I fell in love with his psychopath-like character and was wondering if you know any fic where draco is a psychopath but he is got a soft spot for Hermione :) rated M would be nice. Thankyou


His Beautiful, Haunting Eyes by thecellarfloor - M, 14 chapters-  
Draco pushed her to the wall, kissed her roughly on the lips, then punched the glass window beside her head. It smashed into pieces and the crowd who had parted for him seconds ago gasped. Hermione couldn’t. She couldn’t even breathe. What have you done?

And its sequel:

Her Sweet, Decadent Smile by thecellarfloor - M, 14 chapters-  
“Princess,” Draco’s voice sliced through the silence, dangerously close to where she was hiding, “I know you’re here somewhere.” Hermione muffled her ragged breaths. He was clearly enjoying this. “Come out, come out, wherever you are…” A sequel to HBHE


I look forward to the return of the good old-fashioned bait-and-switch as a tactic for circumventing the narrowing ideological limits of discourse (it’s been more than useful enough for policing them already)

In 8th grade, I had a class called “Design & Technology”.  It was my least favourite class and I did the worst in it and the teacher hated everybody but I had a grudging respect for it because what it actually was was a woodshop class.  Looking at the name I assumed it was gonna be like, Intro to Making Apps and Business Speak and I’m sure someone in the school board did too when they were deciding the middle school curriculum, but actually the prof would regularly tell us, and brought in guest speakers to tell us, that we should really think about trade school down the line and that there were more jobs in trades than tech.  We built fucking pulleys.  We went to a trade fair.

And that’s why I can’t get as butthurt as some rationalist-adjacents about the failure of MIRI to “produce results” or whatever.  Do you guys really think Eliezer Yudkowsky, for all his delusions of grandeur, thinks he’s going to produce the major technical steps to sentient AI before Google or China?  Look at the “recent papers” on their front page: MIRI at this point is an almost entirely philosophical enterprise, classically humanist even compared to actual humanities departments, albeit focused on the deeply philosophical & humanist questions raised by machine sentience.  Machine sentience is one of the best examples I can think of where inquiries and forms of inquiry that cannot be narrowly reduced to the scientific or technical or referred immediately to an ideological consensus are immediately relevant to high practical stakes, where the borders of the scientific or technical are themselves being debated as furiously as they were in the Enlightenment, but try telling that to a university administrator where that artificial division is already built into the administrative structure which is all an administrator is trained to see.  Whereas Yudkowsky just cuts out the middleman, calls theorizing AI “AI development” and Scrooge McDucks in the Google and Thiel cash.  And don’t tell me it’s on accident, we’re talking about the man who rebranded the classic humanist maxim that Dostoevsky was the greatest psychologist as cognitive trope therapy.   

Imagine if the Deleuzian cyborg feminists were doing this, is what I’m saying

I wish that this was just All Stars and it was in the BBUK/BBAUS format or a mix between the two, like I want the house guests to just live together and we vote em out and stuff

Sometimes I dream in polished stories...

…or pieces of them. Here’s the latest. Chapter one, I suppose. Probably never to be continued.

I was a halfling bard spending a chunk of the summer at a communal cottage by the sea. The first of the guests to arrive, I unpacked my things, got settled in the attic up a very steep flight of stairs, and meandered down to the lobby just in time to greet my new living partners.

The goliath slouched over a stone counter. He had a long beard like steel wool, face hard, muscles hard too. I let out a squeak – “Hello!” – as he lowered a mug the size of my head to the counter.

As he gave me no gesture, no movement of the eyes or face whatsoever, it was hard to tell if he spoke to me or to the cupboards ahead of him. He muttered something through his beard with hardly any wind behind it – unexpected – and I genuinely tried my hardest to pick out the consonants. “Sorry,” I steepled my fingers in front of my lips. “Could you repeat that?”

He promptly repeated the same sort of noise, at the same length, with the same soft, muddled syllables. I hated asking someone to repeat a thing a second time. This was when moods could turn one way or another. “I’m sorry. Would you please say it again?” I tried to imply a bit of gentle instruction here.

He growled out his words again, faster, his tone beginning to sour, and still nothing came but the sort of noise you would expect from a, well, goliath talking through his beard.

“You should project your voice!” The words slipped out.

My stomach sank as he turned to face me with the eyes of a man ready to strike. With a great deal more volume and clarity the goliath rumbled, “Take care that your dog doesn’t disturb my children.”

I took my eyes off him, eagerly at that, and saw my copper coated setter, Sally, in the mudroom burrowing her nose up into the neck of a goliath in her early teens who despite being less than half my age was double my height.

“I will, certainly,” I faced him again after some struggle.

He kept his eyes pressed on mine like hot pokers. “You should train yourself to listen.” He tapped an index finger to his heavily scarred ear.

The tiniest grain of truth in a creature’s words could warm me up to the hardest criticism. Perhaps this was a flaw of mine. “Actually,” I brightened, “yes, I should, and oftentimes I fail to focus my mind on listening even when my ears would readily do so. But this time, I promise I was trying and it seemed you were allowing your throat to collapse. This is a lot better!”

Without pause he cut eye contact and stood from his stool. His frame was more massive than his slouch had given him credit for.

“You are tall!” I marveled as he swung past, a towering monolith, and thudded across the floor to sit with his wife, daughter and son on a lush rug at the foot of a fireplace. Crates and bags still piled by the open door, the family had unpacked just enough to indulge in a small indoor picnic.

Sally trotted over to nuzzle my cheek. I slung an arm over her back and sank into her sweet smelling coat as she sat down. All four of the goliaths faced away from us as they unwrapped their lunches. In between nibbles and hushed conversation the wife gave me a furtive, mischievous glance as if to say, “He’s just a bit of a tool.” The daughter couldn’t keep her eyes off my dog and made no effort to hide it. The son kept to himself, back hunched and elbows together as he scarfed down a sandwich.

I took these little details as good omens. I had come here to get away from these sorts of dynamics, but perhaps the situation could be salvaged. In any case, it was rude to watch people eat. “Come on, Sally.” I ruffled Sally’s ears and she scampered after me up the attic stairs.

Knowing my fat ass if I were Belle I would have tried a hell of a lot harder to eat all those foods during Be Our Guest

I mean look at this shit 

Bitch just grabbed a cherry 

“Try the grey stuff it’s delicious” Bitch please pass me the fork 

This scene is visually stunning, but my drunk ass would have climbed the table for some champagne  

Don’t even get me started with the live action version I MEAN LOOK AT THIS

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In summary I would basically look like this throughout the song 


this video has changed my life

i am so fucking tired of the “schizophrenics are violent” bullshit like for fucks sake i would trust my schizophrenic friends with my life and i am so so sick of hearing “ooooh yeah but you would never stay over at their house would you” and im like fucko, i have many times crashed on their couches or in their guest rooms while i visit and literally the only “bad thing” that ever happens is that sometimes we have a weirdass conversation at 3 am.  oooh so scary.  shaking in my fucken boots here.

stop portraying schizophrenic people as violent, jesus fucking christ


“When they see someone handsome, they will get attached”

  • Jaehee: So, how was the wedding?
  • MC: It was an emotional experience.
  • Saeyoung: Even the cake was in tiers.