and i guest i liked it


hi i’m struggling for money cos my mother is making me pay for every damn thing i need so uh commissions innit


Prices can be negotiated if u want something more specific than the stuff pictured.

Accepting payment only through paypal

ik they’re pretty cheap (so i’m told) but like most of my followers are about 14 on average so i’m not expecting them to have £40 lying around to pay for pricey shit. If u want to pay more then please be my guest lmao.

I won’t draw:

p0rn / mechanic stuff (unless very basic) / detailed backgrounds

I will draw:

furries (you know i’m desperate) / fan art / your OCs / animals & plants / most things tbh

If you want me to draw something in a similar style to something i’ve previously posted, please let me know!

I will email the full resolution image to you when completed. If dissatisfied with the work, any minor changes will be an additional charge of £2.

Even if you can’t commission me, reblogs are appreciated in case any of your followers are interested. 

DM me if interested/ if you have any questions

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on the topic of weirdos not to be trusted around children. Iv'e never been able to like betty grof's character since she was voiced by lena dunham. when I first found out she was going to be on the show I was immediately worried for jeremy shada's saftey. luckily she doesn't voice her anymore.

afaik she was casted and contracted as betty a year+ before that sick book of hers came out, still im not sure where the casting director was going with that decision :( maybe they just needed a big name guest star but this really was the worst way to go gjshfjkgh

im just. so glad they replaced her w felicia day i couldnt stand it

What I liked about Thomas’ new video
  • Dominic
  • The cool rock music in the background
  • The dude in the Yu-GI-Oh t-shirt
  • how much Thomas enjoys everything his fans create
  • the guy in the beanie
  • the A+ sketches
  • the person that read the submitions
  • how good Thomas looks in that leather jacket
  • the charming cutie in the background
  • KA ME HA ME HAaaiiii mom
  • the special guest
  • the bloke that just spin his way into my heart
  • the piercing eyes
  • DomINiC

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Perhaps another reason John won't be doing as much promo is maybe they're going to let him host SNL??? I know you have like a week working with them, and so if it's happening right around the time the Last Jedi is coming out, he'd be too busy with that to do promo. Also, you're not allowed to say that you're hosting SNL before they announce it, so it would explain why he's not giving a reason for doing less. This could just be wishful thinking on my part. I would love to see it. He's so funny.

Hmm, that’s certainly possible! I’m not sure how guesting on SNL works, but I’d love for John to host an episode - he’d kill it.
Arrowverse 4-Way Crossover Photos

The crossover will unfold across two nights, beginning with Supergirl and a specially scheduled Arrow on Monday, Nov. 27, starting at 8/7c, and concluding with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 8 pm.

Unlike previous crossover events in which you could “tell” which of the superhero shows you were watching, “This year it is a four-hour movie,” Stephen Amell said. “The note that I got when I was speaking with one of our producers is, “When you tune in… if you didn’t know what order the shows were in, you shouldn’t be able to tell.”

Check the link to see the photos.

“Crisis on Earth X”: Barry and Iris’s wedding brings the gang together, but things go awry when villains from Earth-X attack the ceremony. All of the superheroes band together with help from their super friends like Citizen Cold (guest star Wentworth Miller), The Ray (guest star Russell Tovey, Quantico), Felicity Smoak, Iris West and Alex Danvers to take on their most formidable villains yet. Earth’s mightiest heroes – Green Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and White Canary – lead their teams into battle to save the world.”

Sleepy Saturday

I changed my schedule to Monday - Friday and this is my first real Saturday off (not counting surgery leave). It’s been the bomb. I slept in while Sarah got up with the tiny (thanks babe!), then we all hung out until Sarah left for work.

Cleaned the kitchen while Jay slept—even had time to oil my bamboo stuff! Then he and I started a little thanksgiving craft, but he’s having a rough day seizure-wise, so I ended up just swaddling and holding him while we watched GoT. I folded the laundry and now Sarah’s back home. We have like 30 minutes to just do quiet time, then we’re heading to our friends’ house. I’m going to teach them how to make curry, which I’m excited for.

Hopefully Jay does okay when we go over there. I’m thinking we can bundle him up and let him chill on the couch and if it’s too overwhelming he can lay on the bed in their guest room. Poor guy. I did finally convince his doctor to increase one of his meds while we’re waiting to do our inpatient in December. It seems like every day is medium-bad now, with some really bad mixed in.

Is it weird that I’m looking forward to brain surgery for him? I just want him to have some relief from the constant seizures and give him a chance to work on development a little. I hate seeing him on those bad days when he just can’t catch a break from his brain.

Well, my happy post took a somber turn, but what are you gonna do. Still calling this an overall good day.

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Wow, Timothée was literally on the tonight show for like 5 mins and jimmy did basically all of the talking

yeah not to put sh*t on fallon but like he never lets his guests speak, it’s just fact!!!! There were so many guests on timmy’s episode so time was short, i can’t believe i’m about to defend fallon here but imho it genuinely looked like he loved cmbyn. And because he was in a rush to explain cmbyn, talk about why it was so beautiful  and hype up timmy that meant he spoke for the majority of time to speed up the interview. (Like at one point fallon literally says “ i gotta hear you buddy”) 

I wished the interview was longer but you know this is just the first of many talk shows timmy is gonna be on!!! We have the ellen show to look forward to….i’m praying she plays the never have i ever game and has great longer conversations with timmy and armie:)

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Do you use any mods in your game? If so which ones? Are there any you think are necessary to play the game to it's fullest potential? Like ones that you just can't play without?

I do! I love me some mods!

The most essential mod, that I honestly probably couldn’t play without, is MCCC. In addition to all the cheaty things it adds, it also adds story progression. It’s nice to have other families hooking up and breaking up without my prompting, you know?

Other mods I’m currently using:

Other Mods I can personally recommend, but I’m not CURRENTLY using:

ETA: OH DUH, how did I forget POSEPLAYER?! Shame on you, Kit. Poseplayer’s kinda essential if you want to get particular shots in game… Since EA interactions only go so far.

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Top 3 Kristen Bell roles?

Oh, that’s a good one considering Kristen doesn’t exactly have great taste when choosing her roles! Let’s see…

1. Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars) - I don’t think she’s found another role like Veronica yet, one that allows her to shine as an actress in every possible way.

2.  Eleanor Shellstrop (The Good Place) - Eleanor has allowed Kristen to show her comedic streak in all its glory. She’s hilarious as Eleanor.

3.  Ingrid De Forest (Parks and Recreation) - Kristen has done a lot of guest appearances, but I think she nailed this part - probably because Ingrid is so unlike Kristen? I don’t know, I just love her in that role.

sleepover saturday!

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I’m visiting my boyfriend rn and his mother cooks dinner. She made mashed potatoes and he said that she used vegan butter instead of milk, but after eating I was having stomach pains and gas. I’m not 100% sure it was a dairy reaction tho. I asked him if he was sure she didn’t use milk and he said yes. I don’t want to call his mom a liar, but I think she used milk and lied about it. Idk how to handle it bc I’m a guest and want to be grateful that she makes us dinner. Any advice? :c

That’s a bit of a tricky one. You could just try explaining to her the reaction you had and maybe ask her what brand she used or if she added anything so you know to refuse it in future. You’re not accusing her this way, but you’re making it clear that the fact she likely used dairy has had a negative effect on you. Maybe phrase it as asking if it could have been cross-contaminated, explain how big the impact can be when you aren’t used to eating it anymore, and just tell her it made you sick for a while. You need to be polite about it, but also make sure she isn’t likely to repeat the same thing again. 

You two are a delight and seeing all these comments pop up was lovely, but I hope you appreciate how much copying and pasting and whatnot it took to round them all up.  I kept starting to reply last night and there’d be three new comments and anyway I had a headache (gotta love rapid atmospheric pressure changes), so I just went to sleep.

gurguliare replied to your post “crocordile replied to your post “Fic or art, I don’t care which, but…”

i feel like finrod with a full entourage when he meets beor is hard to reconcile with the repeated emphasis on 1) the fact that he’s alone and 2) the fact that he lives among them for a while after… definitely yes to the need for pageantry on the royal/diplomatic combined hunt though, but i would kind of fudge it as “finrod, as fairytale king/confirmed eccentric, journeys to visit his cousins as a lone guest and is hosted as such until he takes his leave of them”

i mean and obviously it doesn’t take that much work to insert a mini travelling court into his encounters with men, but given that tolkien very much plays on the “fairy court appears out of nowhere!” trope elsewhere, the absence of it here feels deliberate

crocordile replied to your post “crocordile replied to your post “Fic or art, I don’t care which, but…”

@gurguliare I agree! The aesthetic experience begs for Finrod to be the one faerie element in the scene and it feels super intimate :’) But I think Finrod ditching the party and meeting mortals by himself could still work with a full royal hunt - that he deliberately leaves behind? It’s just weird to see art of the actual hunt and it be just three horse riding guys being dudes

gurguliare replied to your post “crocordile replied to your post “Fic or art, I don’t care which, but…”

YES no i agree, that was what i was thinking also, a full hunt that he just. peels off from. what a weirdo

though like, hunts could also be pretty scattered right? a lot of people but moving around in small groups to corner/pursue the prey? not that it would be remotely likely to have all three princes together and no one else in sight, but … i have such a horrible time trying to visualize epic hunt descriptions, sigh

crocordile replied to your post “crocordile replied to your post “Fic or art, I don’t care which, but…”

@gurguliare I know I saw a movie once that cemented my mental image of The Hunt but I can’t remember now which one �� but no yeah Def! People getting scattered during the hunt or getting lost is even a plot point of…a medieval romance… I can’t remember which one either lmao orz I’m terrible 2nite

BUT I MEAN yeah Def possible! ! I think Yav was vagueing at the Jenny dolfen art with m&m&f hunting and it just looks like three dudes on a horse having fun… I know that’s what I had in mind personally ahaha

(At least there are a couple doggies tho <3)

gurguliare replied to your post “crocordile replied to your post “Fic or art, I don’t care which, but…”

i figured sdkgjsldkg, but yeah, that art is lovely but also definitely very Maedhros and Maglor and Finrod Day Trip With Two Dogs

crocordile replied to your post “crocordile replied to your post “Fic or art, I don’t care which, but…”

@gurguliare I just went looking for it again and the dogs are really, really cute… I bet Finrod named them maeghros and madlor

So I was totally vagueing at the Jenny Dolfen art, because I love her style but of all artists, I expect her to do better w/r/t historical things like that?  Given she did a whole series on Hannibal, she’s clearly got some pretty substantial historical background and usually she’s pretty reliable about using it.  But also just in general I was realizing that I don’t think I’ve ever seen or read anything that gives that scenario the full Royal Hunt treatment.  If there is something, please link me!  

I definitely agree that aesthetically/canonically in that initial meeting with Beor and his people, Finrod is completely alone, but the fact that he lives among them for awhile after actually says to me that someone at least knew where he was and how to get in touch with him?  I feel like there would be more panic if he just.  Disappeared.  Way too much risk that he was captured by orcs or spiders or other evil.  

I was imagining something more like Finrod sort of halfway-intentionally wandering off during the hunt because he’s just too damn tired of dealing with his cousins, two days later his assorted retinue realizes that no one’s seen him in awhile and start trying to track him down, finally catching up several days to a week after he’s found the Beorings.  After that they could either stick around and do the fairy court thing or most of them head back to Nargothrond or wherever they were staying, either works for me.  Also if Finrod has a retinue with him on the hunt with Maedhros and Maglor, there’s so many more possibilities for metaphorical dick-measuring competitions over their respective kingdoms.

Girl at my school: “I just don’t think a girl would be with someone who kills people.”

Me: “surenotpffT thAT wouLD bE craZY”


Ice Dance Elements presented by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir | Dance Lifts

insp. by @eggplantgifs​ and feat. special guest appearance by Marie France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon

Lifts are essential elements in any Ice Dance program. They are used to enhance the character, music and choreography of the dance. They are graded on a level scale and awarded Grades of Execution (GOEs). Levels are awarded based on difficultly in the form of difficult positions, change of positions, entry and exit features, and number of rotations. Unlike pairs lifts, in Ice Dance the lifted partner cannot be supported over the head of the lifter so the lifts are identified by the position of the lifter and are split into two categories:

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“It was amazing. It’s funny because Willam, Alaska and I were doing a gig in London maybe two years ago, and a friend of mine was like, ‘my friend Aaron is Little Mix’s hair person and they love you guys and they were wondering if they could come to a show’. They came along and hung out in our dressing room – it was so funny, Little Mix hanging out in OUR dressing room. Jade is the superfan, she wears our merch. Some promo she did, she was wearing a Courtney Act tank top, it’s so fabulous. They messaged us and asked us if we wanted to be in their music video. They were so lovely, and their mums were there, and Jade’s mum came and hung out in our dressing area. We just sat there having a kiki. She came around at Drag Con and queued up, it’s adorable. We were like, ‘it’s ok, nobody will mind if Jade skips the queue’.” - Courtney Act


Wow edgy.  So…. Someone(me) didn’t expect over 300 notes on those bodyguard au doodles  that I did quite awhile ago. They also did well on my Instagram? O0O

Bonus, cause all my art can’t fit into the post. 

But since people were asking, I made a little bit more art for it, cause I kinda thought about the “story” a little more and I ended up liking this au more than I should have, because it really was a random and spontaneous idea. But the biggest thing I thought of is… why would Mahiru even need to be protected? I already stated in my previous post that he didn’t originally ask them for help.

But I thought rather Toru(his uncle) hired them to protect Mahiru, but it was more of a precautionary measure.  It started as a simple escort thing(??), where they bring Mahiru safely from point A to point B and be done with it. But then Tsubaki comes into the picture with a grudge towards his brother of course. So I bet you guys can assume how things go wrong and get complicated from there.

Sakuya is helpful on their side because he is an ex-assassin(who used to work with Tsubaki.) He knows ways to get past him. But Tsubaki also might have a bit of issue with hurting Sakuya….. *Coughs*  No matter who betrays me, I won’t betray anyone.” *COuGhs*

I haven’t decided if Sakuya turns on Tsubaki to help protect Mahiru instead or if he had already given up on being an assassin??? I made myself a little sad tbh. 

Eh whatever. I am still unsure about many details. AS USUAL. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

This was honestly just fun to draw. I don’t normally draw… uh, darker stuff?? I guess. lol Half of this is silly too… so???