and i guess this is already a given with shirou back from the dead and yukio as a demon

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Listening to confessions was tiring lately for some reason; perhaps it had to do with Shirou’s own weakened state of mind, caused by the many sleepless nights. It just didn’t feel all that right anymore, listening to other people confess and giving them absolution while the Reverend wasn’t quite so sure anymore whether he himself deserved such or not. It was a strange, mixed feeling; he had told Rin that God wouldn’t punish him for something that wasn’t his fault, and Shirou knew it definitely wasn’t his fault that he was back here – after all, he didn’t even know how it could have occurred –, yet the fact that he had no memories of what had happened between his death and his return was less than reassuring.

As the last person finally left, Shirou stepped out into the main aisle of the church with a weary expression, pushing his glasses off his face and letting it dangle on its chains as he rubbed at his eyes. All he wished for was something to eat, and some sleep… although there weren’t any dreams to look forward to.

Opening his eyes again, at first he didn’t recognize the person standing in the door, and for a moment, he pressed his lips together in annoyance – so it wasn’t quite over yet? –, but as soon as he readjusted his glasses to look again, the emotion quickly turned into surprise, and shock. It was Yukio – but he looked rather different, and as soon as Shirou realized just what exactly was different about him, he couldn’t help the startled exclamation escaping his mouth.

“Good Heavens! I certainly didn’t expect this…”

Although, on second thought, Yukio probably didn’t expect to see his father of all people either – after all, Shirou was supposed to be dead.