and i guess they are called

KYLE: Hey!
CRAIG: The Starbucks? Really?
KYLE: Shut up. The village dining was too crowded.
CRAIG: I guess.
CRAIG: What is all of this.
KYLE: Assignments.
CRAIG: We can do this later if it’s a bad time.
KYLE: No, no! It’s fine.

KYLE: God, I’m sorry, dude. I’ve just been so worked up lately.
CRAIG: That why you didn’t text me back?
KYLE: What? No. My phone’s been off.
KYLE: It’s just because of Stan. He’s been calling me constantly and texting me about this and that.
KYLE: ‘i saw a dog today!’ Cool, dude. But I have a million other things to worry about.
CRAIG: So you told him you were busy, or.
KYLE: No, and I feel kind of bad. I just haven’t replied to his texts in a while.
CRAIG: How long is “a while.”
KYLE: …Two weeks?

CRAIG: You’re an idiot.
KYLE: No I’m not!
CRAIG: Yeah, you are.
CRAIG: I’m as busy as you are and I’m not losing it.
CRAIG: Because I know how to set my priorities.
KYLE: Passing all of my classes is a priority!
CRAIG: I’m pretty sure you had time to tell Stan you needed space.
KYLE: That doesn’t-
CRAIG: If you respect him, instead of treating him like your pet, you would have told him.
CRAIG: It’s not that hard to tell him what you told me.
CRAIG: You two have always been stupid but I didn’t think you were that stupid.
KYLE: Don’t be a dick about this, Craig! It’s none of your business, anyway.
CRAIG: Nevada made it my business.


I’m tired of this mentality which honestly extends tumblr: black or white mentality, or binary mentality. I love BBC Sherlock and is frankly ALL i talk about when i’m not talking about work related stuff or just family stuff. ALL. And yet here i am, hurting because I didn’t like most of s4.
I love BBC Sherlock. Still love it and will always love it. It is even hard for me to be critical because it feels like distancing yourself with something you love but in fact what this is causing is the opposite. I have never felt more involved and I love that too.
The fact that you can love the show and can be critical of it I feel like puts me in another stage of my relationship with BBC Sherlock. More mature I guess. We have known each other for years now and it’s good that I can call out the bullshit I see. No, i don’t own the show, and i’m “just” a member of the audience but that’s exactly what happens when you create something.
If being critical of the show automatically means - for some people - that you:
* send hate to creators / cast / etc
* are a hater
* are obnoxious and are just trying to be negative about everything
* are using this chance to get some notoriety by appealing to other negative people
* are toxic
then you are incurring in the same thing you are criticising.
The only binary thing are binary numbers. Not even digital frequencies that make what we consider binary numbers are binary.
So please, stop appealing to the public calling others as “haters” just because they have an opinion that is contrary to yours. This kind of mentality is what creates hate. Tolerance doesn’t always work when others agree with your point of view, that’s in fact the opposite of what tolerance means. 

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I think all Tumblr shippers should wear some sort of secret symbol to ECCC that only we will recognize. Maybe a Scarlett S would be a little too obvious. Say something like the Safety Pin that became a thing after the election. Or at least a secret handshake.

I guess calling, “YOU TWO SHOULD FUCK AND MAKE BABIES” from the back of the room* and having a secret handshake that’s basically just flipping double middle fingers to antis** are both out???




Random cute Saitama musings

Hmmm I’m a bit restless and taking a break but don’t feel like doodling right now so here are my little Saitama musings that I guess you could call headcanons? But that’s sometimes like putting blood in the water and hoping sharks don’t come and right now I’m like NO, NO FIGHTING OVER HEADCANONS DAMMIT. SO JUST MUSINGS.

- Saitama is self-conscious about his blush showing up not only on his face, but also on his ears and all over his head. He probably hates that Genos can detect a rise in body heat in those areas, not to mention detecting the change in color due to his cyborg eyes.

- I want a damn flashback to how he won that Nezumi Sushi shirt. He said he had to “eat a ton of sushi” to win it, so let’s see it, hmmm?

- Saitama didn’t seem to have much of a social life even in his flashbacks to being a job-hunting salary man, or during training. Given how young he was then, and the fact that we never hear anything of high school friends or anything, could it be that our sweet egg is a virgin? I want Genos to be his first.

- Do you think if Saitama farts, Genos logs it? “8:45 am- Sensei passed wind in his sleep. 10:00 am - Sensei audibly passed wind when he tied his sneakers, perhaps due to his impressive intake of breakfast-” “GENOS CUT IT OUT!” 

- I say this as a fellow bald person currently. Saitama must get cold as fuck at night, so I wonder if he buries himself under his covers sometimes or grabs at Genos for warmth (not a unique musing as the fan art has been wonderful in this department)? Aaah but just imagine, Genos gets up and when he goes to wake Saitama up for breakfast all that’s exposed is a little shiny egg scalp peeping up over the top of the covers on the pillow. Like a hiding egg. 0w0 so cute! I personally have an Umaru-chan hamster cape that I wear to bed sometimes with the hood buttoned so it keeps my bald head warm. Sometimes the cool side of the pillow is great…for a bald head though it can spell COLD DEATH and CHILLY EARS ALL NIGHT. /PSA. NOW I CAN’T STOP IMAGINING SAITAMA IN A CUTE LITTLE NIGHT CAP. He needs a hamster cape.

For reference she looks like this- pic behind the cut. Click, you won’t regret it.

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Listen I keep seeing posts saying that fiction does not influence real life and I really have to add something concerning the subject

Goethe was a german author who wrote in the XVIII century a romance called “Die Leiden des jungen Werthers”/ “The sorrows of young Werther”.

It was such a success that it dictated fashion for young men as they wanted to copy Werther’s style

But also

Caused a chain of suicides amongst youth given the depressive state of the main character and its ending.
The book was banned from some countries for a while because of that.

Don’t come tell me that fiction does not influence reality when Goethe managed to write a romance that swoop Europe off its feet and caused the death of people. Idk how much extra and dramatic a piece of writing has to be to get people to ACTUALLY DIE for it

Since I’ve been seeing people saying they want to see only positive comments about The Final Problem and season 4 in general so they’ve been unfollowing people who’ve made negative comments, I just want to say that if you didn’t like TFP or season 4, you’re more than welcome to follow me so that you don’t feel so alone. I do have one caveat, though: I do not condone hate being sent to any of the creators or the talent on the show, I do not condone name-calling or ridiculing of other fans, and I do not condone “pranks” like the editing that was done to Mark Gatiss’ Wikipedia page today.

And guess what? If you loved TFP and season 4, you’re also more than welcome on my dash. All that I ask is we agree to disagree and show each other mutual respect.

hey guess what I fell desperately in love once with somebody who didn’t love me back romantically and we healed and became the closest of friends and are weaved into each others lives and hearts and sometimes I sit in the bathtub and think about how I’m still in love with them and always will be and if they called me and pulled that shit I would never be able to speak to them again because I’m a human being that deserves better. I don’t care if somebody had a gun to their head for the sake of just self preservation I would never ever speak to them again. Thats in REAL life, where things happen usually without a solid narrative goal. There is ZERO excuse for writing that scene with Molly and defending it the way they are. If this is a “plan” it is irresponsibly damaging. 

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There were only about 150 people there. And that counts staff and people for all 3 days. They charged a ton for tickets I guess and nobody thinks they made even.


idk why im making this but its fun, maybe some fahc writers can use it

note- since im making these notes to fit into fahc-verse, i use she/her with jack. more to be added… uh… whenever

asset seizure and firewall protection

almost immediately- gavin calls money “bundts.” ryan immediately understands what he means
:25- jack points out ryans fish tank is broken. ryan insists its supposed to look that way, and that jack doesnt understand art
:47- ryan insists everyone try on costumes. michael is the only one not upset about his fashion choices
1:10- gavin admits that “none of these outfits are more douchey than what i usually wear.” michael agrees

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Never gotten a traffic ticket, but I was pulled over once when one of my headlights was out. Knock on wood though amirite…

“Man, even his sleeves are sexy.” wtf Link :O

“I’d let Dale drive 98 in my 75 mph zone” is the most unexpected innuendo ever and I appreciate it.

Aww what a good dog in the wheel intro video!

@razle-dazle Link drawing attention to “Let’s get textual” >.> hmm…

I don’t get why people are impulsive while driving XD That’s dangerous, y’all. Buckle your seatbelts, don’t tailgate the car in front of you, and don’t speed too much. Also use your turn signals. :P

Five girls in their truck and Rhett still wanted to ride with Link. <3

I guess since Link had a truck, he was the friend everyone called when they needed something moved. But HOW did they not kill anyone or cause a massive pileup when they were moving that loft?? Good gosh. I was driving on 295 a few months back and thankfully missed hitting a bike that had come off the top of someone’s car. A bunch of other people hadn’t missed it though, because it looked pretty mangled. :/

“Failure to secure my load” sounds like something they would say during bedroom roleplay though ;P

They both have lots of memories in that truck ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lemme stop

So management called me into the office today to tell me they keep hearing my name from so many different directions and all great things and they asked me what my goals are for the company, and that “we’ll have to have another talk in a month or two to discuss that”

I’m shaking now.

Theres a high chance that in a couple months, I’ll be SALARIED.

Ask me where I thought I’d be 7 months ago… I’d never have guessed job at a fabulous company, with a CAREER pending, new car, living in a new condo…

I’m so proud of myself.