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Ah, I sent that anon to @perplexistan. You totally make a good point. I'm also super pissed about how they treated William and Scully as a mother. I remember watching William during the original run (I'm an old) and screaming at the tv when she gave him up. It made zero sense. Especially since there's no evidence he was actually in any danger and if he had magical powers or whatever wouldn't "they" find him anyways? I guess I've bought into the maternal sacrifice trope. I take it back :)

Oops, I saw this last night right as I was leaving work and then forgot to respond! Listen, I’m not opposed to a LITTLE sacrifice, maternal or otherwise, as a plot point. That’s good drama! But there has been…too much of it, for my taste, without really any point, or happiness, or resolution. It’s one of my biggest problems with ye olde x files, that there are all these dramatic emotional high points of terror and sadness all supposedly in service of some good, some end, but that never comes because that part isn’t as dramatic. It all adds up to very little satisfaction. 

MSR is one of those things, but William is another. We have seen Scully being sad and crying about William (before and after he was born, before and after she gave him away), but rarely ever any happiness over him. Every moment of happiness Scully has ever had regarding the entirety of the William storyline has been tainted by some aching, life-destroying sadness. Even before that. First she finds out she can’t have children. Then she finds out she has a daughter, Emily, and tries to adopt her but can’t because of her Lifestyle and she feels guilty. Then Emily dies. Then (timeline-wise) she wants to try in vitro with Mulder and it doesn’t work and there’s crying. Then she finds out she’s pregnant…but Mulder is abducted. Then she cries through her pregnancy as Mulder is first missing, then returned dead and she has to bury him. Then he comes back to life, we WASTE several weeks on “who’s really the father though WINK” and a bunch of non-Mulder-and-Scully-related plotlines that no one cares about, and then she has the baby and everyone is happy for…24 hours (that we don’t get to see) and then Mulder leaves and she’s sad. Sad sad sad sad for Season 9, William (the payoff of all this angst and anticipation) is mostly nonexistent except when he’s being kidnapped in order to make Scully sad some more, and then Scully gives William up two episodes before Mulder returns. Cries on Mulder’s shoulder about how she gave William up and almost can’t even be happy that Mulder is back, end series. IWTB: Scully is sad about William and futilely tries to save another child’s life partly as an expression of that sadness. End of movie. Season 10: Mulder and Scully look sadly at pictures of William and think sadly about the life they never had with William. (Separately, since they had broken up.) Scully’s mother dies. This makes everyone more sad about William. Last episode: Maybe we can find William and take his DNA to save a dying Mulder. Cliffhanger. 

If they finally found William after all this time only for Scully to immediately die, I think I would burn all my XF shit. I’m not even kidding. I am so, so, SO over the Eternal Sadness/You Thought It Was Bad Before, But It’s Worse Now/No Resolve, Only Reboot that has been XF’s drama engine since Season 8. I honestly at this point wish William had just died as a baby because I am very, very, very tired of having the IDEA of William dangled in front of me in order to elicit an emotional reaction but never actually having anything happen. I to be honest with you am not that interested in a Teenage William storyline. When I think about time passing for Mulder and Scully and the idea of them sitting apart looking at pictures of William and being sad and broken up and that being their lives, and what a waste that is, and how they can never go back simply because no one ever got around to making more X-Files for many years, I just get depressed. If there had been a movie two years after Season 9 where this all happened, the DNA, the pictures, the sad daydreams, then maybe. Now I wish it just had been dropped because of all the time that has passed. 

I just want Mulder and Scully to be together and live their lives and do things together and solve mysteries together and have a range of emotion together and be affectionate with each other and fight spooky monsters and for me to have fun watching it. I appreciate (some of) the writers’ feeling that they SHOULD acknowledge William, since it’s a huge huge thing in a person’s life, but at the same time, it’s like a festering wound. So, to have Scully DIE after this extremely awful thread in her life is finally resolved would be the ultimate insult, to me. And also totally sounds like something Chris Carter would do. 

I didn’t mean for this to get so long or to be negative. I’m not feeling XF-negative! Filming is starting and I’m excited and it’s a good time right now because we have MONTHS of filming to look forward to and hope that the season will be awesome and CC will pull it out and end it on a good note and Mulder and Scully will be set free to ride off into the sunset and have whatever adventures we can imagine for them. I don’t want to feel that the people who make the show hate the characters or hate the fans, and I hope there is still sentiment left in the show’s creators for doing right by the characters and by the audience. 

I have plenty – PLENTY – of dark thoughts on the hypothetical scenario we’re discussing, and I could get into them, but I won’t. I can have fun picking at angsty ideas and trying to inoculate myself against them by preparing for them and examining them and acclimating myself, but this one, I can’t. If Mulder or Scully are killed off, it is game over for me with this show. Not fun, not OK, I don’t want to have a group mourning or whatever, I just would need to distance and separate myself and throw myself into something different in order to forget about it. Maybe I’d be ready to have a big group commiseration 10 years from now but I certainly wouldn’t right away. The fact that it’s even being discussed as a remote possibility upsets me. So that is how I’m feeling about that right now. 

OK, this is me venting and getting out all my feelings about William and everything else and now I’m done. Filming starts today! That’s crazy. Two thousand seventeen and we are getting new X-Files.

So i know theres been some debate on the possibility of a carry on sequel, and i decided to weigh in and say, i dont think she could get away with anything we wouldnt want. We are so invested in simon and baz at this point, and any successful author knows their audience well enough to understand what drives a story. In this case, there really would be no point in messing with baz and simons love life, it just wouldnt make sense. On the other hand, theres still a lot of issues with the world of mages that still havent been addressed. How did the old families deal with the mages death? Where is any authority coming from? What about the magical creatures? Simom and baz would almost inextricably be involved in the aftermath of it all, but simon and baz resolved the majority of their pressing issues already, at least with each other. For sure, a sequel would delve further into their personal issues, but i can only see that ending in them coming to terms with themselves more. Alright, id be mad too if simon and baz ended up with unecessary angst just for a sequel, but i dont thinkthats where its going. Simon, baz, and penny are a team now, and if theres a sequel, my guess would be theyd have a whole new magical challenge to face. (Whether simon gets his magic back or not, but thats a theory of mine for another day.)

  • [Kuroo and Daichi are talking together]
  • Bokuto: This stinks.
  • Akaashi: I told you to take a shower, Bokuto-san.
  • Bokuto: Not me! Them! Him, and him. Aloone.
  • Akaashi: What's wrong with that?
  • Bokuto: I can see what's happening
  • Akaashi: What?
  • Bokuto: And they don't have a clue.
  • Akaashi: Who?
  • Bokuto: They'll fall in love, and here's the bottom line, our trio is down to two!
  • Akaashi: You are being too dramat-
  • Bokuto: The sweet caress of the twilight, there's magic everywhere. And with all this romantic atmosphere, disaster is in the way!

Taako’s toothy smirk extended just a bit as Kravitz seemed to blush at his words– flustering death was going to be added to his list of magic powers, don’t need a spell slot for that, he thought– and he nodded, “Yeah, well, see I guess it’s mostly just you. I haven’t been out on a date in a long time and it wasn’t too bad, you seem like a good listener and not such a dick when you’re not, you know, beating our asses with big crystal monsters or tricking Merle into losing his arm,” he was still smiling, even despite recounting the past events, “listen my man, maybe I’m just pullin this out of my ass, but I know someone lonely when I see ‘em, we’ve all been there, I kinda live there, so you know, got a little bonding thing going on here. Really laying out the vulnerabilities last time set me up,” he laughed, “but, you know, don’t let me tell you how to do things. Might have asked why your dating pool was so dried up, but I get ya, it’s hard when you’ve gotta maim people and drag them to hell. But it’s not for not being fucking hot, because you’ve got those bases covered right up Mr. tall-dark-and-handsome,” he half closed his eyes, winking.

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Okay, nope, nope. This is not gonna work. I am the magic anon who asked for the flowey thing, and this is getting too angsty for my little heart. After these ten asks, Flowey will turn into Asriel FOREVER. No more magic anons with changing into Flowey. (sorry for so many magic anons. this is it for me, I promise).

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"There's nothing wrong with a bit of magic, as long as it's for the good." (professorpinto) &-hello!!

Seth silently nodded, pushing some of his long back hair out of his face. “I know that, but I guess that all depends on what everyone’s definition of ‘good’ is. Every villain is a hero in their own mind.” He’s met too many sorcerers who’ve said that they were doing the world a favor by killing one person or more. Murder is murder in Seth’s eyes, no matter the motive.


I accidentally created a new character yesterday. Um. This is Bukkit Knight.

It’s like 11:30pm and I’m really tired while I’m typing this up, so I’m just gonna list some stuff:

PROS: Controls paint, has a magic paint blob cat familiar named Cookie.

CONS: Can’t spell, Mute? or… Maybe under a vow of silence? Maybe he’s just taking the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” a little too literally.

and this chubby little thing is what would happen if Freiha and Varistus managed to have a child

i call him nerdspawn and he loves fishing just like his parents