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Now that I did a stupid one here's a serious one (well sort of): Theron, Koth, ....Jace Malcom! (Wtf?)

Fake Date - Jace, but mostly to see the look on Theron’s face. “You’re dating my father?!?!” Something tells me Jace would not find this amusing however.

Enemies to Lovers -  Koth best suits it I guess, because technically as a Zakuulan he, at one point in his life, was on the opposite side. And he does take little time to warm up to you at the beginning of KotFE. ♥ me some Koth (one day I’ll get to play his romance through on someone he doesn’t hate)

Slow Burn - Theron, because I swear he’s the epitome of the Slow Burn. (I mean, it takes him a few months to vaguely return your flirtations… he waits, what a whole year to even kiss you? Waits five years and thinking you’re dead to admit that maybe “you mean something to me”, a whole seven to say the “l” word. This is what normal people do in relationships.)

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be a good girl

A/N: okay, so, i caved and i….. wrote my very first smut….. here you guys go, i hope you enjoy, there’s literally no plot, its just peter smut.

pairing: peter x reader

peter hooked his fingers in your shirt collar and used it to drag you closer. you were wearing a short skirt and his pants were already unzipped, giving him easy access to you.

“how bad do you want it?” he murmured against your neck, dragging his hands down your sides until they rested on your hips. you bit your lip and stayed propped up on his lap, grabbing his shoulders.

“bad,” you replied, almost panting already. just the anticipation was making your mouth water.

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Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

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