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one time it took both me and my co worker a collective hour to explain to an old white couple how prepaid phones work.

My husband knows that feel with computers. He used to do it professionally with a small business but when it went under the customers continue to call him so I guess he’s technically freelance now. All of them are old as balls. Whenever he goes to help them, often with something he’s already explained, it takes him two or three hours. They pay him a lot, though. Some even make him cookies or candy for our kids. So it’s a good trade off. I’m sure its not the same in your situation though. Big box stores and all. :( -Abby


D-Kikan, the Hoshidan Army’s intelligence branch, formed due to war with the Kingdom of Nohr looming overhead

AKA The FE14 AU no one asked for

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I worked in a bookstore and I categorized it as YA. Not because it couldn't be enjoyed by adults, but because for fantasy, if we could possibly pass it off as YA we would. With new YA books, fantasy or realistic, nearly all get put on displays for at least a few days, get shown in newsletters, and YA is the section with the most traffic. As opposed to fantasy, which gets stuck on one shelf in the back where you can't stumble on it while browsing. Which sucks, yes! But reality in many bookstores.

Interesting. Smart of bookstores to do that, tbh. I personally read mostly YA anyway (I’m 30) and I know the Shades of Magic series has resonated with a lot of teens, which I think is fantastic.

So I guess the answer is that *technically* it’s Adult, but it’s been marketed as YA by bookstores and consumers.

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!

Hey look, I actually made something on time, neato.

Also drawing skeleton legs is a pain, but so worth it.

P.S. There should be more Sans in that shorts dress meme, I’m honestly kind of disappointed that there isn’t any.