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Love-Hate || MURPHY x READER - Modern!AU, NSFW

Heeeeey guys! So here I am again, trying to post more frequently… :) This one became an alternative, modern-day, university universe, though the last bit is not that important. It is to be noted, however, that this one is a smut, meaning +18 content, although… Well, you know me. I’m not that graphic, I guess.

Based on these requests:

Anonymous said:
“[text]: You thought you could get away with that, didn’t you?” Prompt with Murphy please?


Anonymous asked: 94 John Murphy


Anonymous said:
“I could kiss you right now” with Murphy whenever you have the time would be great


Anonymous said:
“We can’t keep doing this.” And “Eat me” fro John Murphy I’ve been obsessed with him Recently


Anonymous said:
“It’s not a double date, we are just third and fourth wheeling” is awesome, with Murphy please?

Yeah, I may have included a lot of requests in this one, but they worked together so well…

Word count: almost 3,800
Warnings: sexual themes, bad language

Have fun reading! :D

Jasper and Maya were the cutest thing ever.

Like, literally. Their photos would be sent to a baby seal by a baby doggy, squeaking over their cuteness. Both of them were sweet to the bone, getting all flushed and giggly and awkward around each other. Personally, I wasn’t very fond of relationships, not a ‘shipper’ as some would say but even I thought that Maya’s honeyed caring completed Jasper’s funny goofiness heavenly.

The only problem was – neither of them dared to make the first step, and they were driving us mad. I’ve known Jasper since Elementary, he was my best friend, and now as we were at university, we were renting an apartment together, which meant I was bombarded with his rambling about how pretty and smart and cute and fantastic Maya was, and how utterly frightened Jasper felt about asking her out on a date.

“If you’re so afraid, then cover it up with something,” I sighed one night, getting more and more annoyed. I loved Jasper, I really did, but I was trying to do something on my laptop and he just wouldn’t stop talking.

“What do you mean?” he looked up from biting his nails anxiously, his thumb still in his mouth.

“Dunno. If you’re afraid of her saying no…”

“No, I’m afraid she’ll say yes!”


“I mean… What if I’ll go out with her to a restaurant or something, and I’ll get nervous and do something really awkward and mess it all up?”

“Then ask someone to go with you as well. You know, if there are more people, it’ll seem like a friendly gathering, and maybe you won’t screw up, either.”

So this is how I ended up in front of the cinema, out there, shivering in the cold, and giving my death-glare to Jonathan Murphy. The bastard smirked at me and took his cigarette into his mouth.

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AU College Fic. Farkle never figured out how Riley really felt about Lucas, so it never got out. Now she’s turning 21 and the gang decides to go to Las Vegas to celebrate. Sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

A/N: Starting off with Chapter Two because Chapter One is ‘Dancing On My Own’ (linked below under the ‘1′) and it works a lot better with my chapter titles to start it off with two.

Rating: M (because of language, situations, and it’s Vegas, soooo yeah)

Pairing: Rucas

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                                             Chapter Two: Deuces

Two months later…

‘Vegas, Vegas, Vegas,’ Maya chanted in her mind as she tossed half of the clothing she owned into her bag.  It was finally here.  After months of planning, they were going to Las Vegas to celebrate Riley’s birthday and to celebrate the fact that their whole group was finally twenty-one.

She walked out of her closet and toward her nightstand as she reached for the book that rested on top of it.  ‘Card Counting for Dummies,’ she smiled as she slid the book into her carry-on bag.  ‘Time to see if you actually work or not.’  She turned back to her suitcase.  Several clothing items had spilled out of the wheeled luggage.  She quickly scooped up the fallen garments and tossed them back into the bag.  She closed the lid and attempted to zip it up.  She got about halfway around it until the zipper suddenly stopped.  Maya bit her bottom lip as she tried several times to tug on the zipper.  It didn’t budge.  “Hmm,” she mused as she turned around and sat on top of the uncooperative bag.  She was able to get another two inches of it zipped up before it stopped again.  “Riley,” she finally called out.  “Riley, come here!  I need your butt for a minute!”

Riley stopped in the doorway as she tiled her head to the side in confusion.  “Did you just say you needed my butt?”

“Yeah,” the blonde groaned as she helplessly yanked on the stubborn piece of metal that refused to move any further.

Riley’s eyes widened as she took in the sheer amount of clothes her best friend had packed.  “We are only going to be there for four days, Maya.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know what I’m going to feel like wearing once we get there.  We’re going out to some nice meals, the club for your birthday, and then I have my gambling attire.”  She thought for a moment.  “Oh!  I forgot about shopping outfits.”

The brunette chuckled.  “Scoot over,” she instructed as she sat down on the other side of her best friend’s luggage.  She furrowed her eyebrows as she struggled to get the zipper to move, but after a few moments, it finally conceded and zipped up.  “There,” she said as she stood back up.  “Are you about ready?  The boys should be here any minute.”

“Yeah.  I just need to wheel this stuff to the door and grab my carry on.”  Maya surveyed her belongings for a moment before she glanced at the brunette.  “You ok? You don’t seem particularly thrilled.”

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Mountain girl - part 3

 Yes guys, Bellamy will be in part 4!! I’M JUST AS EXCITED AS YOU ARE

Important: When I notice that no one wants me to continue this series, I will put it on a break to write other things  or maybe even stop. So if you want this series to continue, let me know!!! I love to hear your feedback, it gives me motivation ♥

Prompt: The reader grew up in Mount Weather and had never seen the ground. Her best friend is Maya, and they work together. When the 48 come into the mountain, The reader is very interested. She wanted to hear stories about the ground and become friends with the outsiders. But what she doesn’t know is that the situation will change and danger is yet to come. What does she do when all of her new friends are hunted for their bone marrow? What does she do when she meets Bellamy Blake?

Fandom: The 100

Episode(s): 2x05, 2x06, 2x07, 2x08, 2x09, 2x10, 2x11

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Mount weather! reader (eventually)

Word count: 3128

Mountain girl masterlist

Originally posted by ark-princess

“Maya?” as soon as your friend opened her eyes you rushed forward. You grabbed her hand and brushed it, while she sat up straight. The treatment had worked, Jasper’s blood had worked.

“Welcome back,” Doctor Tsing said to her.

“What happened?” she asked you, confused.

“containment breach in the dorm, you are damn lucky” You explained to her.

“No one’s ever been as sick as you and come back,” The doctor said.

“How do you feel?” you asked Maya.

“I feel… great. How is that possible?” You stepped aside and Jasper came in her view.

“Jasper saved you,” you said.

“Hey,” He said quietly. At that moment the president son came in, Cage.

“Can we speak outside, please?” He said to Tsing, and she walked outside. “You too (Y/N)”

“It was an emergency, we couldn’t reach you in time” Tsing explained, and you guessed she was talking about Maya.

“You expect us to believe that?” Cage said.

“Sir, I apologize for going around you, but it worked”

“How is the patient?”

“her recovery is miraculous-”

“I was referring to Jasper”

“He’ll recover, as I assured you he would”

“That’s not the point,” Cage said, “You disobeyed a direct order from the president not to experiment with those kids”

“Mister President, why bring them here if not to use them?”

“I’m sorry to interrupt you,” You said, “But what are we talking about? I had no idea you wanted to use them for their blood. And why the hell-”

“That’s none of your concern,” Cage said to you.

“Then why did you bring me here?”

“Shouldn’t you be with your monsters?” Doctor Tsing said.

“They’re not monsters, they’re soldiers”

 “Excuse me, what monsters-” you started, but The president interrupted you.

“Sorry (Y/N), maybe it was a mistake to bring you here. I thought doctor Tsing has told you more by now”

“I am telling her everything she needs to know,” She said.

“Well, that’s clearly not enough,” Cage said.

 “That’s enough, both of you. We all have jobs to do. Mine is to be obeyed. And yours is to teach (Y/N) everything about what we do here because she is important to our future” He said to doctor Tsing. And then he looked at you.

“Yes sir,” She said, “Follow me (Y/N)” You walked after her after the president gave you one last smile, but you couldn’t return one. Your head was spinning after the conversation, and full of questions.

“What was that al about?” You asked Tsing as soon as you were in the elevator.

“It was the thing I wanted to show you. I’ve done some research. If I’m right, the blood of the 47 will give us a chance to live on the ground-”

“So you want to use them for their blood?” you said with wide eyes. How could she be so ridiculous? Everyone welcomed them in their house, and now she wanted to use their blood? There was no way in hell you would agree to this.

“Yes. Think about it (Y/N), we could finally go to the ground” She smiled at the idea, but you didn’t.

“So you want to kill others to-” you couldn’t finish your sentence because the elevator door went open. Two men stepped in and the doctor gave you a look to stay quiet. You looked at the floor, for now, you would shut your mouth. But you would not give up your new friends.

When you and Tsing got out, she stopped and looked at you.

 “(Y/N), I need you to keep this to yourself. The president is still deciding-”

“Don’t worry,” you said to her. You knew deep inside that if you told your friends things wouldn’t end well. But if she made you choose between the ground and your friend’s lives, she didn’t know you very well.

“It has been three days and Maya’s numbers are still climbing. It’s too soon to be sure, but… I believe she may actually be metabolizing radiation on her own now” It had been three days. Three days you had to keep your mouth shut, and the word hard was an understanding. The idea of your friends hung upside down didn’t leave your mind, and you couldn’t believe doctor Tsing. You had always seen her as a nice person, but now you knew that deep inside she wasn’t. She was willing to let others die to help herself.

The president turned his chair around and looked at her.

“Jasper’s blood was eight times more effective than any outsider we’ve ever measured” she continued.

“You’re saying that it’s a permanent solution?” Cage said, he probably couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“She’s saying it’s possible. But she can not be sure” You explained, you wanted to do everything to make the president say no.

“In the meantime, sir, you have to let me move forward with the 47,” She said, and this left you dumbstruck. You looked at her with wide eyes. Then your eyes found the president, waiting for his words. It felt like forever, but finally, a word left his mouth.

“No” You sighed. Maybe there was someone not totally crazy in this room besides yourself.

‘Dad, I agree with her” Cage said, and you glared at him. “I know that the plan was to assimilate them into the gene pool, but this changes everything,”

“She just said, it’s not proven,” The president said.

“Mr. President, even if it’s not a permanent solution… with their blood, we’ll need fewer treatments. we’ll live longer and we’ll feel better”

“Jasper volunteered. I will not put those kids in cages like animals” Thank God for the president.

“No one wants that. If you can convince the rest of them to volunteer, great! But what if you can’t?” Cage said.

“I’m sure (Y/N) can do that for us,” Tsing said, and you glared at her.

“I won’t push them into something that can cost them their lives”

“You won’t have to. Just, have a nice conversation” Cage said to you, and he held your shoulder. “You can do this (Y/N)” he said. You shrugged off his shoulder and looked at the president walking away.

“Come (Y/N), let’s go,” he said, and you followed him.

You and the president walked into Jasper, the person you were trying to find. He was holding a box full of ‘thank you’ cards and presents.  

“Jasper,” The president said, walking up to him, “We’d hoped we would catch you before you were discharged” Jasper looked at you and you send him a little smile. You still didn’t like this.

“I see I’m not the only one impressed by your courage,” he said, pointing at the box.

“I just did what anyone would do,” Jasper said.

“You are a hero Jasper,” You said to him, and a smile appeared on his face.

“I’d like to believe that’s true, Jasper. After what happened to Maya, I’m sure it woný come as a surprise to you to learn that we’re not entirely safe here. Mount Weather wasn’t build to last this long. Over time, trace amounts of radiation seep inside. The breach in the dorm is an extreme example. We have methods for dealing with this, but those methods pale compared to what we saw with you and Maya.”

“Sir, I don’t think I could to that for everyone”

“of course not. But if you could inspire your friends to follow your example, imagine the difference you could make here,” You saw that Jasper was thinking about it, and you shook your head slightly.

“(Y/N)!” you heard your best friend call, so you turned around. Maya walked toward you holding a notebook.

“Hey, what’s up?” you asked her, but then you saw that something was wrong.

“I found out something, we have to tell the others,” she said, and she walked out of the room. You followed her and stepped into the elevator, while she pressed the button to level five.

“They are watching them everywhere, so you have to act like everything is okay”

“What are you even talking about, what’s wrong?” Maya looked into the camera and turned around. You stood beside her, and she opened the notebook out of the camera’s sight. There stood: “the breach wasn’t an accident”. Off course it wasn’t, you knew that it wasn’t right. Tsing had it planned out the whole time, and you didn’t see it. You shook your head and turned around again, while the elevator door opened.

“Hey, guys!” Maya said cheerfully. She held up her notebook and Monty and Jasper read it. When she walked away you waited until they followed her, and they did.

 Maya led you to a basement, where you could talk freely.

“We don’t have much time,” she said.

“What the hell is going on?” Jasper said. Maya pressed her lips together and tears formed in her eyes. You put your arm around her and you heard Jasper say her name. She apologized.

“Maya? What do you mean it wasn’t an accident?” he said.

“she means that they exposed her to radiation on purpose. It was to get you to agree to be her blood brother” Monty said, and Maya nodded.

“He’s right,” you said, “This is why Clarke escaped”

“Did you know about this?” Jasper asked you and you shook your head.

“Why would they do that to you?” Jasper said to Maya.

“because the standard treatment sucks compared to you” You explained.

“What’s the standard treatment?” Monty asked, afraid of the answer.

“over there,” Maya said quietly, pointing around the corner. She walked to it and you followed her. The boys stepped forward to the window and looked inside. Terror crossed their face and you looked at the floor. You were ashamed of your people.

“Why are you showing us this?” Monty asked Maya.

“Because I’m afraid you’re next”

“Who else knows about this?”

“Everyone” you answered, “nobody talks about it”

“without the treatments, we’d die. What are we supposed to do?” Maya said.

“Die,” Monty said, still looking through the window.

“You have to get out of here,” you said, looking at Jasper.

“Dante said we could leave, right?” Monty said, turning around.

“He was lying. He knew I’d be too scared to leave. Just like he knew I’d do what had to be done to save Maya” Jasper said.

“If Clarke got out, we can too,” Monty said.

“You’ll never make it. Ever since Clarke disappeared, security all around has been increased.”

 “We have to try!” Monty said, almost shouting.

“We’re not leaving, I’m not leaving the others behind” Jasper concluded. “We volunteer”

“You’re all set Monty,” Tsing told the boy, who was lying on a hospital bed. “The general anesthetic will take effect shortly”

“You won’t feel a thing” you reassured him, sending him a smile. Tsing walked away, leaving you and Jasper with Monty.

“How high are you right now?” He asked Monty, and you laughed.

“I almost don’t care that there is a six-inch spike in my neck” He answered. Monty sighed and you smiled before checking on the others.

“When is this going to end?” Maya said to you, looking at Jasper. She was talking about the 47 volunteering with their blood, what they did recently.

“I don’t know… They think they are buying themselves some time so that Clarke can save them, but I don’t know if they are”

“What do you mean? Did Tsing say something to you?”

“She is almost -obsessed- with their blood. For now, things are okay, but when they stop volunteering, or they become too weak to give more blood… I’m sure she will find out something worse than this”

“But for now the president is on our side, right?”

“Yeah, but Cage doesn’t listen to him”

“What can we do?” May asked, looking at you desperately. You wish you could answer, but you didn’t know.

“(Y/N) we need your opinion again,” Tsing said to you when she contacted you. You really didn’t wanna go, but there was no way ignoring her. You knew you were important, and she needed you for everything. But deep down, you didn’t want to imagine what you were going to see when you stepped in the room.

“I’ll be there in a minute”

“Welcome,” she said when you walked into the room. When your eyes focused on what was in front of you, you almost fell. From this day, you officially hated doctor Tsing. In front of you laid Keenan, a girl you knew, dead. Her body was full of blisters, and you couldn’t believe your eyes.

“Why did you bring her here?” Cage asked the doctor after he saw your reaction.

“She has to see why the blood of her friends is so important,” she said, looking at you. “Based on these results, treatments with the blood of the 47 will never be enough to get us to the surface,”

“Why are you saying that like it’s good news?” Cage asked.

“Because it’s made me start over,” you knew she would not give up. “If treatments with their blood give us temporary immunity, how do we extend that immunity forever?”

“Bone marrow,” you said without any emotion, still looking at the body. You missed the smirk that formed on Tsing’s face when you said that.

“What would happen to the donors?” Cage asked, and you looked at him.

“There’s 382 of us. That’s roughly eight procedures for each of the kids,”

“You didn’t answer my question”

“They all die,” you said. You turned around, opened the door, and walked out of the room.

“STOP IT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” you yelled when you walked into doctor Tsing drilling into Harper’s body. It was horrible, the girl screamed and she kept drilling. You wanted to stop her, but you couldn’t do anything. You needed to warn the others. They had to get out of here.

In the corner of the room, you saw Cage, just standing there.

“Why are you letting her do this? What is wrong with you?” you said, walking up to him. He grabbed your shoulders and held you down.

“Listen to me, (Y/N). I told you earlier that you are a great use for everyone, don’t ruin that by stopping this. This is our future,”

“This is your future” You snapped, and shrugged his hands of you. You walked out the room and slammed the door shut behind you. It was time to see if the president really was on your side.

“I have to talk to the president,” you said to the guard in front of his office. He nodded and opened the door for you, and you nodded thanks.

“President Wallace?” You said, and the president turned around.

“Hello, (Y/N)”

“I have to tell you something important”

“Wallace?” you heard a familiar voice say behind you, and you turned around. It was Jasper, with a desperate look on his face.

“Can we talk?” he said to the president.

“I see you both need something from me,” the president said, and he walked up to you. You nodded to Jasper, letting him talk first.

“My friends. Two of them are missing” Jasper said. You took a deep breath, looks like you came here for the same thing.

“Tell me where they are,” Jasper said, tears forming in his eyes.

“Jasper, I don’t know what you’r-”

“Stop lying,”

“Excuse me?”

“You lied about there not being survivors from the Ark. You lied about Maya’s accident. I don’t even know how many lies you told about Clarke”

“Please, sit down-”

“No!” Jasper yelled, and you backed up. within seconds, Jasper grabbed a sword and held it against Wallace’s neck. You held your breath.

“You’re gonna tell me the truth,” He said with big eyes.

“No,” you said, making him look at you. “I am”

You slowly reached for Jasper’s hand and reached for the sword.

“What are you talking about, (Y/N)?” The president asked you.

“I’m afraid your son and doctor Tsing have been doing some stuff behind your back. Some stuff I don’t agree with” The president walked to his desk and pressed a button, what made the guard come in.

“Yes, sir?”

“Could you please find out where Dr. Tsing and my son are at the moment?” The guard nodded and walked away.

“Let’s go find your friends,” he said to Jasper, and then he looked at you. You knew that you couldn’t go with them because then doctor Tsing knew it was you who told him about the bone marrow.

“I can’t come with you,” You said to Jasper, and he nodded. You stood with them in the elevator but got out on level five.

“Thank you for telling us this, (Y/N)” The president said before the door closed. You nodded at him.

You paced up and down the room, afraid that Tsing and Case would found out that you told the President and Jasper about their experiments. There were only 2 patients in medical, and they both were asleep.

You looked at one of them, a woman you had seen a few times. You walked up to her and looked at her state, which was surprising. At that moment, a guard walked in.

“Seargent Lovejoy, can I help you?” you asked.

“Where’s Thorpe? I need to go over the treatment schedule so I know how many cages to clear” He responded.

“He’s not here, I think he just left”

“Thanks, I’ll try to catch him” He walked away, but turned around again when the machine next to you made a sound. The sound meant that the patient’s treatment was done, but she was done too soon. Grounder blood wasn’t this effective. It had to be someone from the Ark if Jasper was right about saying there were survivors.

Lovejoy looked at her files, and his eyes grew.

“She’s done an hour early,” he said, “Twenty-five-minute treatment, that’s gotta be a record” You needed to figure out to who the blood belonged to.

“You really need Thorpe now, huh? He said something about going to the mass hall”

“Thanks,” He said, handing you the papers. You smiled and waited for him to leave the room. When the doors closed, your eyes followed the blood pipes. It led to the room where you found Clarke, where Mount Weather gets their blood. You scanned your card and sighed before stepping into the room.

sinking like sand in your sea

some people believe in love at first sight. some people say it takes a lifetime. for maya hart it takes five years. // or the stages of falling in love with lucas friar

lucaya oneshot. title from send me the moon by sara bareilles

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anonymous asked:

v important!!! who is yours and your team's fave couple from hidoku!!! and/or favorite yaoi couple in general!! from HS mine is naoya and akira :') and i honestly i cant choose my fave bl couple theres too many

I’m just gonna quote them ^^ : 

Eliza (translator):  oh goooooooooooosh where should i start? XD
in hidoku mh…. i guess i stay with maya and nemu because..well…maya..mrrr
in general xD um…. i can’t really decide for one couple - i’ll give you three (holding myself back xD)- doumeki and yashiro (saezuru tori wa habatakanai) … yata and momo (yatamomo) xD definitely tatsuyuki and nozomi (Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki) and..ah no …i said three…woah that it’s hard to stop now xD

Luke (translator):  Definitely Maya x Nemu 💕
(Nini-Note: She wasn’t able to name other couples because there are too many ^^)

Camry (proofy):  From Hidoku, it’s definitely Maya and Nemu all the way. 💕 As for my fave couple in general… I’ve got Asami and Takaba (Finder) as well as Shingo and Kagami (Kuroneko). 😍

Obsidia (translator):  Of course Maya x Nemu 😂😍😍
I’m somewhat crazy over Zhan Zheng Xi x Jian Yi from 19 days tho.. :p and also Kurose x Shirotani from Ten Count :3
(and let me just jump over to voltron and say Klance, but that’s not cannon, unfortunately 😭)

Jien (translator):  Hmm I don’t read Hidoku so I don’t know >< sorry
My favourite yaoi couple is I don’t X give any fucks
💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 absolute OTP!!

kaNd (cleaner):  Maya/Nemu. Otherwise…? Domeki/Yashiro (Twittering Birds…), Asami/Takaba (Finder), M/Katsuya (ITW), Suga/Konrad (Grand Guignol), Alric/Ethan (The Fell)…

Ash (proofy):  I guess I’m the odd one out 😂 I prefer Akira and Naoya. I love Maya & Nemu too, but the other pair clicks with me more.
For any other manga… probably Tatsuyuki and Nozomi

The rest of the Team didn’t have an answer. ^^

Oh and me: Maya x Nemu ^^
Other Manga couples: Nozomi x Tatsuyuki and Tomoharu x Aki

Hidden Talents

Hey guys. I know I’ve been away for a while but I now have a lot of free time so I am getting back into writing fanfics again. If you want to send me prompts feel free to. I’m thinking about starting a multi chapter. Anyways here’s a quick fluffy oneshot. It may be short and not the best but I’m gonna try anyways. Hope you enjoy it!

Word count: 1226
Lucas Friar was good at many things. He was good at school, he was good at sports, he was great at being a veterinarian and he was an even greater husband. However when it came to baking, let’s just say he was no Anna Olson. Bless his heart he tried so hard. But everytime he attempted to bake a sweet treat it ended up going in the garbage. Even after all of his failed attempts he refused to give up. He wouldn’t be the husband of Riley Matthews Friar if he just gave up. If she could persevere and make it on the cheerleading team after years of failure surely he could succeed eventually. Today was the day that he would bake the perfect chocolate fudge cake. After all it was Riley’s favourite.
He had gone over the instructions 6 times, he made sure he had the right ingredients and he preheated the oven to the correct temperature. He watched plenty of Rosanna Pansino videos to understand the techniques needed to bake the cake. He believed the odds were in his favour.
“Babe what are you doing?” Riley asked as she waddled into the kitchen in a pretty sundress.
“Hey, you look nice.” He said as he kissed his wife and wrapped his arms around her.
“Thank you, but that doesn’t answer my question.” She said putting her arms around his shoulders.
“I’m baking a chocolate fudge cake.” He told her.
“Again?” She asked.
“Yes and I am going to get it right this time.” He said confidently.
“I believe today is your day, but you know you have nothing to prove right? You are an amazing man, the perfect husband and you are going to be the greatest father.” Riley tells him as he puts his hands on her baby bump.
“I can’t believe we get to meet our little girl in 3 months.” He said while feeling his little girl kick.
“Yeah me neither. I love you Lucas.” She said with love in her voice.
“I love you too.” He said to her as he leaned down to kiss her. She deepened the kiss by running her hands in his hair pulling him closer. They continued for a couple of minutes before Riley pulled away.
“Okay I better go or I’m gonna be late meeting Maya.” She said as she made her way to the door.
“Have fun and be careful. Love you.” Lucas told his wife.
“I will. And there better be some amazing chocolate fudge cake ready for me when I get home.” She said. The both giggled at her comment.
“Love you too baby. Bye.” She said as she left.
He quickly got to work. He cieved all the details ingredients in one bowl and all the wet ingredients in another. He slowly added the wet ingredients to the dry, whisking together the ingredients bit by bit. By the end it actually looked good. So far it was best batter he had made. He poured the batter into 2 8 inch round baking pans and put them in the oven. He double checked the heat and the timer to make sure he didn’t undercook or burn the cakes. He went on to make the fudge frosting which turned out fantastic. When the cakes were ready he let them cool before putting the frosting between the cakes and on the outside of the cake too. By the end he was quite tired and was left with a giant mess but be was satisfied. He finally think he pulled it off. But although the cake looked good, he didn’t know if it would taste good. He set the cake on a cake stand and left it in the fridge as he tidied the mess. Just as he put the final dish in the dishwasher his wife, his best friends Zay and Maya walked through the day.
“Hey baby, were home.” Riley said as she pecked her husband’s lips.
“Hey how was your day?” He asked.
“It was good. I got the cutest things for the nursery.” She said excitedly.
“Yeah and all I got was a broken down car which meant I had to call Zay to pick us up.” Maya said annoyed.
“Maya don’t sweat it, you’ll get your car back soon.” Zay said.
“Urgh whatever, so Huckleberry what have you been up to all day?” Maya asked.
“I’ve been baking.” He said.
“Oh no. Would you just give up Bucko!” Maya said.
“Yeah dude you suck at baking.” Zay said as he laughed with Maya.
“Hey! You leave my husband alone. Don’t listen to them baby. Where is it?” Riley asked as she put her hand around his waist.
“In the fridge, I’ll get it.” He said as he got his cake out and a knife.
“It looks great baby!” Riley said.
“Thanks honey.” He said.
“Okay it may look good but we all know how it’s gonna taste so I’m good.” Maya said.
“Yeah me too.” Zay said.
“Okay I guess I’m the only one trying it.” Riley said.
Lucas cut her a slice and gave her a fork. They all watched as she took a bite if the cake. She kept of straight face so they couldn’t really decipher if it tasted good or not.
“Well?” Maya said.
“It was better than last time.” She said giving him a sympathetic smile.
“Well I hate to say I told you so but we told you so. Just give up man.” Zay said.
“I’m sorry honey. I know you tried your hardest. I’m proud of you.” She said as she kissed his cheek. It made him feel better but it didn’t get rid of the look of disappointed look on his face.
“Yeah and with that I’m out. Zay come on I need a ride home.” She said as they left.
As soon as they left Riley ran back to her slice of cake and began devouring it.
“Well I better get rid of this.” Lucas said as he picked up the cake to throw away.
“You will do no such thing!” Riley exclaimed.
“Riley the cake tastes bad.” He said.
“Do you think I would be devouring this cake if it tasted bad?” She said and he just realised she had finished her slice.
“But you said that-” He said but she interrupted him.
“I what? Made it seem like the cake tasted bad in front of Maya and Zay when in reality it was incredible.” She said.
“Yeah. Why did you do that?” He asked confused.
“Because instead of believing in you they laughed and told you to give up. They don’t deserve your incredible chocolate cake. Plus if they knew how great it tasted it would mean more cake for them and less cake for momma.” She said rubbing her belly.
“Yeah well I will make as much chocolate fudge cake as you want.” He said.
“I knew I married you for a reason.” She said as they chuckled. He leaned down to kiss her and tell her he loves her.
“You really want more cake don’t you?” He asked knowingly.
“I really do.” She said giggling as he cut her another slice. They sat in the couch with their arms around each other, more in love then ever and more excited for the future ahead of them.


Girl Meets World / Hogwarts Crossover 
Everyone is surprised when an unlikely friendship begins to form between a girl who tries everyday to prove she’s not as bad as her slytherin status may suggest, and a girl who wants nothing else but to prove she’s brave enough to be in gryffindor. Together they take on this new magical world. 

Lucaya AU: Riley moves to London and Lucas & Maya become bestfriends after she lost her best friend and he his girlfriend and they became closer over the years. Senior year Riley comes back and thinks she and Lucas can jump right in back from where they left off end of freshman year but Lucas & Maya realize their feelings run deeper than friendship.


They didn’t mean for this to happen. They didn’t mean to get close, so close, close enough to be best friends, but also so much more than the title that had fell upon them. It started when Riley moved to London, they automatically became closer, tighter, better friends, but there was always that spark hiding beneath their friendship, the spark of romance, that really has yet to die out.

They’ve yet to talk about their feelings, they’ve chosen to just ignore it and pretend nothing was there, that they were strictly just friends. And then, when they finally sat down to have a serious conversation about their relationship, Farkle comes charging into their usual place— Topanga’s Cafe— the name still the same, of course, and tells them very loudly that the Matthews’ are moving back to the city.

“Excuse me?” Maya says, face contorted in shock. “What did you say?”

“I said,” Farkle rolls his eyes. “Riley is coming home!”

“As in New York?” Lucas utters. “As in here?”

“Yes, Lucas. New York, her home, here, her home.” Farkle shakes his head, water flying off his wet hair in many different directions.

Maya’s still in shock, having yet to really register that her best friend is coming back after three years— three way too long years. “Why is your hair so wet? It’s not raining.”

“I was in the shower.” Farkle admits. “But that’s besides the point.”

Lucas turns to Maya, and gulps. “Did ya hear? Riley’s coming home.”

“Yeah, huckleberry. I’m sitting right next to you, of course I did.”

“Why do you guys not sound more excited?” Farkle wonders, finally sitting next to them on the couch.

“Riley hasn’t been here in almost four years.” Maya says.” Things have changed.” At the last part, she glances at Lucas.

“And by things have changed I’m guessing you mean this,” He gestures back and forth between Lucas and Maya, “has changed. Because I certainly haven’t changed, I’m still head over heels in love with Riley Matthews, and have been since the first grade.”

“Yes, Farkle.” Maya rolls her eyes. “We know that. You remind us every day.”

“Well, can you blame me? Since Smackle and I broke up after freshmen year, I realized that I had to stop lying to myself.” Farkle points out, scratching the back of his neck. “Plus, Smackle and Zay are together now!”

“Speaking of those two, where are they?” Lucas questions.

“Probably making out somewhere.” Farkle says.

“Yeah.” Maya nods, smirking. “They do that a lot.”

Coincidently, at that exact moment Zay and Smackle come walking into the cafe, hand in hand.

They take a seat in the single chairs next to their friends.

“Hey!” Zay smiles. “What did we miss?”

“Some pretty big news, actually.” Maya announces.

“Really? We haven’t had anything big happen since that gross-ass snake that found it’s way into the school last year.” Zay shivers at the memory, remembering how much he hates snakes of any kind, small, large, fat, or wide. He just hates them all.

“Yeah. That was the most exciting thing that has happened since, well…. forever.” Smackle adds. “So what is it, then? What’s the news?”

Maya gulps. “Riley’s coming back.”

“Well, that’s pretty big news.” Zay sighs. “How do we all feel about that? Are we happy, sad, upset, or what?”

“I couldn’t be more happy than I am right now.” Farkle says. “But, Lucas and Maya here are a little iffy about Riley’s return.“

“That’s just because they’re in love.” Smackle shrugs, earning a glare from both Lucas and Maya, and a laugh from Farkle and Zay.

“Smackle.” Maya warns.

“Sorry, sorry.” Smackle’s hands are in the air, despite her apology she’s grinning, showing all teeth.

The friends sit together until the night comes and the moon shows in the sky. They can’t help but let their minds wonder if things will change now that Riley’s coming back to New York. They’ll just have to wait and see, they decide.

It’s two weeks later on a cold Monday morning when Riley Matthews’ appears out of something like thin air. She struts her way into the school, stopping and squealing when she sees Maya standing at her locker.

“Peaches!” Is all Maya hears until she’s tackled, pushed back into her locker.

“Honey!” Maya smiles, turning around when Riley finally realizes her from her bear-like grip.

“You look so grown up!” Riley smiles back, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

“And you look exactly the same!” Maya teases, reaching out to take ahold of her friend’s hand, just like she has so many times before.

“Awww, same old Maya.” Riley squeezes Maya’s hand. “So what’s new? We haven’t talked for a few weeks.”

“Nothing much, just living the same old life.” Maya bites her lip, chewing on it, trying her best to not explode and tell Riley about everything that’s changed, everything that has happened with her and Lucas.

“Riley Matthews, is that really you?” Zay says as he walks to the duo with Smackle in tow.

“Zay! Smackle!” Riley bounces on the heels of her feet. “I’ve missed you both so much!”

“And we’ve missed you just as much, sugar!” Zay says, earning a nudge in the stomach from his girlfriend.

“Shut it, Babineaux.” Smackle glares at her much taller boyfriend.

“You know you’re my girl. Zay wraps an arm around Smackle, pulling her close.

“You guys are so cute together.” Riley admits. “I’m very glad you found each other, finally!”

“It only took us a few years.” Zay laughs.

“I know, but you two were always meant to be.” Riley says.

“Yes, we really were.” Smackle beams, a twinkle in her eye.

All of the sudden, before any of the group registers it, Farkle comes running over, pushing past everyone before engulfing Riley in a huge hug.

“Farkle!” Riley starts to tear up. “I missed you!”

“I missed you too, Riles. I’m glad you’re back.” Farkle blushes, stepping away from Riley.

Riley smiles at him for a while before they’re interrupted by the sound of someone coughing.

“Forgot me already?” Lucas laughs.

“Never.” Riley grins, turning to find Lucas standing next to Maya. “I think I might have missed you the most!”

“Oh.” Lucas frowns, clearly not having expected that.

“Well, time to go!” Smackle says, pulling Zay and Farkle along with her.

“What?” Riley shakes her head confusedly. “Did I miss something?” She turns to Maya.

“Um, no, Riles. You didn’t miss anything.” Maya lies, shuffling back and forth on her feet nervously.

Lucas scoffs before smiling sympathetically at Riley. “Yes, you did miss something. But it’s not exactly your fault since nobody actually told you.”

“Well, what was it that I wasn’t told?” Riley tilts her head to the side, curious.

“That I like Maya.” Lucas simply says.

Maya gasps and elbows Lucas. “Huckleberry, shut it.”

“No, Maya. We don’t need another triangle situation again. We’ve already been through enough of that for one lifetime.” Lucas responds, shaking his head, having made his decision.

“Fine.” Maya huffs, before turning back to Riley who’s staring at the two in something that resembles shock. “I’m sorry, Riley, I should have told you.”

“No, no, it’s okay. I understand why you wouldn’t have wanted to.” Riley admits. “I want you guys to be happy, please don’t let my feelings stand in the way of that, not again.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Maya questions, once again taking Riley’s hand.

“Yeah, I am. Lucas and I haven’t dated in a while. I’m not sure what I thought would’ve happened.” Riley laughs.

“Okay, honey. Welcome back. I’ve missed you way too much.” Maya pulls Riley into another hug, rubbing her friend’s back comfortingly.

“You too, peaches.” Riley nods, before walking off in the direction of the office.

“What now, huckleberry?” Maya turns to Lucas after Riley’s out of sight.

“I like you, Maya. You know that. I’ve always liked you.”

“Yeah, I did know that.” Maya beams. “Just like you’ve always known that I like you too, very much.“

“I guess I might’ve figured that out.” Lucas smiles, reaching down to take Maya’s hand.

“Yeah, yeah.” Maya laughs, pulling him closer to her before standing on her tippy-toes and pecking him on the lips, she pulls away smiling. “Let’s go, I’m hungry.”

“Whatever you say, m’am.” Lucas smiles.

heart-eyes-santiago  asked:

73 + lucaya please :)

73 lucaya- “If you feel bad, I do, too”

Set after SL2 (I know I’m sorry but the episode does in fact exist).


Lucas is with Riley. Lucas is finally with Riley. Maya is basically promised to Josh. Everything should be fine, right?


Maya should feel great, right?


I guess this is real life. No nature to make them think they’re living in there fantasy world where everything is happy and fine.

She couldn’t stand it. The constant reminder that she pushed Lucas to Riley. She should be happy, her best friend was so happy with the prince of her dreams but she couldn’t watch. She just couldn’t.

So she found a new group of friends, and by that, I mean she focussed all of her energy into her art work. She only spoke to Riley when they were alone together and Zay was her closest companion at school, but even he fifth wheeled with the group sometimes.

Katy loved Maya’s artwork. She hung Maya’s pieces all over the house. More importantly, Katy knew how Maya had been feeling since her trip to the ski lodge, and she knew the least she could do was support her daughter in her favourite hobby.

It was midnight, or something slightly after. Maya didn’t care, she just knew it was late and that the stars looked like a picture she could only ever dream to paint.

“If you’re wanting to stare at something, sugar, you could stare at this masterpiece whilst we talk about today.” Zay not-so-gracefully climbed through her window and placed himself at the foot of her bed.

“Okay, today I decided to do a chalk piece instead of painting because my mom has enough of those. Today I got another A in Spanish class. Oh, and today I had a chimichanga! Maya laughed.

“Okay my turn. Today I had baseball practise, I’m still amazing, thanks for asking. Today Smackle hit on me and Farkle got jealous. Oh, and today I saw Lucas try to help you out when you dropped your million pieces of artwork and you wouldn’t let him!” Zay mimicked.

“It was nothing.” Maya lied.

But it was everything. She had been knocked down by some big senior jerkfaced jock and her papers went everywhere. If not for Lucas the Good™ she would have spent at least 5 minutes trying to gather them all together. But that’s not why it was everything.

It was everything because he just acted friendly, like his good old self. He acted like nothing had even happened at the ski lodge, he was still concerned about Maya. He kept talking even when she walked away. And his voice kept repeating in her mind, “I did everything you wanted me to.”

He was right. No, he was so wrong.

“Earth to Maya. Zay here. It’s a school night and I’m in need of beauty sleep. Talk to me.” Zay waved his hand in front of Maya until she smacked them away. “Hey, you’re the one who decided how the triangle should end.”

“Why do people keep telling me that?”

“Because you made the choice for Lucas. You sent him to Riley. You don’t even knew who he would’ve chose if he made the decision himself.” Zay spoke just below shouting level. He was surprised that Katy didn’t kick him out already.

“Do you know something Zay?”

“Hey, your mom knows more than I do about all of this. But you know who knows the most? Lucas. Ask him.” Zay made his way to the window before turning back to look at Maya. “You can’t avoid him forever. The group isn’t the same without you.”


So any normal person would’ve got it over and done with the next day to prevent it from consuming their thoughts.

I guess Maya was not a normal person.

It had been a whole week since she had the late night talk with Zay. She still didn’t know what to think of it, and she certainly didn’t know what to do about it.

Once again, Maya had bribed the janitor to let her stay extra late in the art room. It was the night of the big baseball game so the janitor didn’t need much persuading.

The canvas was blank. The canvas had been blank for an hour. ‘Paint what you feel’ her art teacher always told her.

But what do you paint when you don’t know what to feel anymore? Heck, what do you feel when you don’t know if you feel anything anymore?

She dipped her brush into the first colour she saw and threw the brush across the canvas. She did it again. And again. And again. She did it until her arm hurt and she couldn’t see because of all the tears in her eyes. Her back pushed against the nearest wall and she slid down, finding her way to the floor.

“Maya, what’s wrong?” Despite Maya not being able to see very clearly, she knew an urgent sounding cowboy when she heard one. And it wasn’t Zay.

“I’m fine Lucas, seriously. Just don’t look at me for a minute.” She wiped the tears from her eyes and stumbled to her feet.

“You don’t want me to look at you because you know you’re not fine. I don’t even have to look at you to know that. It’s all right here in the painting” Lucas ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “Why didn’t you tell me if this isn’t what you wanted?”

“You haven’t even noticed I’ve been gone from the group! You love Riley and that’s why you haven’t noticed. And I love my art so step away from it, its incomplete” Maya pushed through Lucas’ shoulder and stood in front of the canvas once again. “Oh.”

The canvas was something she didn’t even recognise as her own. It was dark, but not in a cynical way, in a confused sort of way. It was darkness and hatred that wasn’t aimed at anyone or anything but the artist.
I guess Maya had made sense of what Zay had said, and she blamed herself.

She felt so cold. Every muscle in her body tensed up and she tried so hard to keep the tears away again.

She would have succeeded if it wasn’t for Huckleberry still being in the room.

“You think I haven’t noticed?” Lucas was calm, he kept his voice gentle. “Maya, nobody else in that group treats me the way you do. I’ve missed it all. The constant joking. The little game we’ve kept up since we first met. The nicknames! The way you look at me and don’t ignore my flaws, but you look at me anyway. The conversations we have, the fact they’re about the here and now, and not about a future that we shouldn’t have to think about right now. The shirt grabbing. The unintentional contact. The ha-hurrs-”

“That’s enough.” Maya sighed. “I’ve heard enough.”

“Why did you want me to choose Riley?”

“Why did you choose Riley?” She snapped back.

“Because the person I was going to choose decided she was better of waiting out a guy 3 years older than her!” Lucas shouted. It wasn’t aggressive as such, it was like he had been wanting to voice that statement for so long that he just had to shout it. He had to make sure someone finally heard him say it.

“I was protecting myself! You didn’t even fight for me!” Maya argued.

“What was I supposed to do? You said you didn’t want a nice guy. You told me yourself I am a nice guy! After being shot down like that I don’t think fighting back would have changed your mind”

The argument was extremely heated, it was like everything they should have told each other at the stupid ski lodge was finally coming to a head. Stupid nature.

“Riley is perfect for you! You can’t be saying all of this now, I’m her bestfriend and I feel bad.” Maya was trying to calm down, but the tension was still at its peak.

“Maybe I didn’t want something that was perfect! Maybe I wanted someone with as many flaws as me. Someone who I could relate to and talk to on a level that nobody else would understand! Maybe I wanted jokes and someone to play games with! Maybe I wanted you, Maya.” His words filled every corner of the room, and it was suddenly noticeable that they were only inches away from each other. Maya knew this because she could feel Lucas’ warm breath as he exhaled before he continued. “But hey, if you feel bad, I do, too. Because we’re still lying to ourselves.”

“I can’t hurt Riley.” Maya couldn’t look at Lucas, she hadn’t looked at him the whole time.

Which is why Lucas took matters into his own hands and softly lifted her chin. “Neither can I. But I can’t stand to see you like this.”

“So what happens now?” Maya asked despite not wanting to know the answer. She just wanted to stay with Lucas’ hand on her face and she knew she was going to ruin it one way or another.

But she shouldn’t want this. She’s pretty much with Josh, and Riley is so happy right now.

“It’s your choice, shortstack.” Lucas smiled weakly, it wasn’t very convincing though, even he knew what Maya was going to say.

“I can’t do this to Riley.” Maya shook her head and broke the contact. She packed her brushes in what felt like a record time and walked out of the class and never looked back.

“And that’s what I admire and her.” Lucas took a moment to compose himself, letting the room fill with complete silence.

“That’s what I love about her.”


I had to write this in my notes and it’s not great but I hope you enjoy the read nevertheless :)

anonymous asked:

Hi I love your writing so so much and I love this blog a bunch, just wanted to let you know that <3 could I also request a lucaya fic/one shot where Lucas stays home sick (with a bad cold/flu or something) from school and Riley doesn't visit him after school because germs so maya decides to show up at his house to take care of him since his mom's out of town. Also can it be pre-dating lucaya? Like they both have feelings for one another but haven't done anything to initiate it yet? Thanks xx

I really liked this story, it was a lot of fun to write. I don’t usually write sick fics, but I’m proud of how this turned out. Here’s a link to the poem referenced at the end of the story.

“Where’s Ranger Rick?” Maya asked, arm draped over the edge of Lucas’ empty desk. At the sound of Lucas’ name, Riley perked up, just then noticing his absence.

“Yeah, Dad, where is he?” Riley asked, expectantly. Mr. Matthews was shuffling his notes - he actually prepared for these little life lessons? - and without looking up, he answered the girls.

“He went home sick. Didn’t look too good either.” Maya sat up straighter, sliding her arm off his desk and back onto her own, her eyebrows furrowed.

“But he was fine at lunch.”

“Guess not.” Maya glanced at Riley, but she was scribbling something in her notebook, a frown playing at her lips. Maya leaned over.

“His parents are out of town, though, right?” She whispered. Riley pursed her lips and nodded, an idea flickering and dying in her eyes.

“I can’t get sick. We’re going to Uncle Shawn’s this weekend.” But then, who would take care of Lucas? Knowing him, he probably could barely function on his own when he was healthy, let alone sick. Mr. Matthews started to ramble on about the Black Plague and while he usually was the only teacher who was able to capture her attention, today she couldn’t focus. She just kept thinking about Lucas. How sick was her? Did he have a fever or the flu or both?

As the day dragged on, Maya couldn’t keep Lucas off the brain, which made her shoot Riley a few guilty glances, because she knew – she knew – she wasn’t supposed to like him.

But Riley couldn’t get sick, and Farkle wouldn’t even think to go and Zay has dance class every Wednesday and he’s sooner die than miss a lesson. So, when Maya took the subway home with Riley that day, she went a couple stops further after grabbing stuff from her apartment.

She finally made her way to the doorstep of Lucas’ house after walking three blocks - it was in a seriously inconvenient place - and she just managed to ring the doorbell without the pot and the box she brought toppling it over.

After almost a minute, the door swung open. Lucas stood there a minute, cocooned in a plush, grey blanket, looking like death itself.

After it was clear he wasn’t going to say anything, Maya tried to break the silence. “I brought soup,” she offered. Lucas furrowed his eyebrows like he was trying to concentrate on something.

“You’ll get sick,” he managed, finally.

“Nah,” she grinned. “I’ve got an immune system of steel.” He drew in a hesitant breath, like he wanted to argue but he seemed to exhausted to put up much of a struggle, so he let her come in, collapsing onto his couch as soon as she set the things she’d brought down. Maya had only been to his house once before, when they had their muffin project the year before. It still felt sorta familiar. It had that same oaky smell that she was so taken by the first time around.

She stepped into his kitchen and called out, “Can I use a bowl?” He grunted, and Maya assumed that meant yes. She poured some soup out for him, careful not to spill and steadily carried the dish, brimming to the top with broth, out to him.

“I trust I don’t have to feed it to you?” He laughed at that, as he reluctantly pulled himself into a sitting position. He took a sip as Maya slid into the armchair a couple feet away from the sofa Lucas laid upon.

“You made this?” He asked, notes of impression in his voice.

“Actually, I ran to Topanga’s. I can’t cook anything besides Kraft mac and cheese,” and after a beat, “ So what’s wrong with ya, Huckleberry? You dying or what?”

“You know when you sleep wrong and your neck is all sore the next day?” Maya pursed her lips and nodded. “Well, my entire body feels like that.”

“You got a fever?”

“99.5” Maya frowned.

“Well, that’s not too bad. I brought some ibuprofen in case you didn’t have any.”

“Thanks,” he said, grabbing the bottle and downing two pills. There was a beat of silence as Lucas looked at her. He opened his mouth but no sound came out, and he just barely shook his head, like he was deciding against something. But Maya was paying attention and - though she hated to admit it - she could read him pretty well.


“Nothing, it’s just - um - why isn’t Riley here?” Maya’s face didn’t so much as twitch, but her heart clambered up into her throat, and she made sure to swallow it back down before she spoke again.

“Sorry, Ranger Rick. I guess you’re stuck with me, instead,” she said, forcing her voice to sound casual.

“No!” Lucas said, frantically backpedaling. “It’s not that. I just didn’t think you’d want to come on your own.”

“Oh,” Maya said, a bit puzzled. “Well, I know what it’s like when you’re really sick and there’s no one there to take care of you.”

Lucas looked down at his hands and Maya, uncomfortable at his sudden silence, tried to change the topic.

“So, wanna watch a movie?” She asked, grabbing the three DVD’s she had brought. Lucas reached inside the box, too, grabbing a thick book and studying the cover.

“I didn’t know you were into poetry, Maya.” She blushed a little at that, unsure whether it was a compliment.

“I’m not, really,” she said, taking the book in her hands and running her finger down the worn spine. “This is my Billy Collins collection. I don’t know, a lot of the other poems I read sort of, um, went over my head. But Riley showed me this poet and I can understand it, and it’s still meaningful.” She paused. “I just brought it in case you had a headache and you wanted to read instead.”

Maya dismissed the odd gleam in his eyes as she spoke, because it was Riley he liked and not her. If there was anything different about the way he was looking at her, then it was just her imagination.

“Um, what movies did you bring?” He asked, after a long silence.

“Right, uh, I brought ‘Hercules,’ ‘Rent,’ and ‘An Affair to Remember.’ We don’t really have the largest collection, so I brought what I thought would work.” Lucas smiled, warmly.

“‘Hercules’ is my favorite Disney movie, but I’ve seen it about ten times, so what about that last one?” He said, grabbing ‘An Affair to Remember.’

“It’s a romance,” Maya warned.

“So?” Lucas said, raising his eyebrows. Maya popped the movie in, and she soon found herself caught up in the story, and though she’d already seen it, the climax tore at her.

The saddest love stories have to be the ones of bad timing, she thought, grimly.

When the movie finished, Maya clicked off the TV and turned to Lucas, eager to see his reaction, only to find him lightly snoring. Maya chuckled as she cleared away the mess she made. She grabbed a pen, so she could leave him a note, but she didn’t have anything to write on. So, Maya flipped to a random page in her Billy Collins collection and pulled out a random poem. She scrawled out a note at the bottom.

Soup’s in the fridge. Feel better, huckleberry.


Had she known the poem was titled, “Love,” she would have given her left arm to pick any other. But had also known the look on Lucas’ face as he read it, she wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

a beautiful mess

love & a whole lotta blue. lucaya

(based off the song by jason mraz)

Sometimes she’s angry. She paints swirls of fiery red with frustrated flicks of her wrists, the color splattering on the canvas in a chaotic mess of feeling. She adds some black for good measure, though she can barely see where she’s aiming the brush with her thoughts clouding her vision. She continues until the canvas is full of dark colors, and her sin turns into shame. She steps back, watching the shades blur into one another.

He knows she’s wondering if she’ll ever catch a break, if the world will stop throwing her these bones before carelessly tossing them in the opposite direction. Then her mind drifts, and she wonders if she’s selfish for considering that at all, because she’s lucky to have a place to call home and parents and a beautiful best friend who all love her. (She doesn’t know how lucky they are to love her in turn.) But, she realizes as she lies in bed, loneliness is an irrepressibly haunting feeling; it spares nobody, and it sneaks its way into every crevice of her being. It leaves her feeling empty. Her canvas is marked by specks of an unwelcoming shade of an unspecified color, dark but glaring all at once. And she’s angry, and she’s sad, and she calls him; she’s got to.

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My Life in Parallels: a Riarkle Fanfic

This fanfic was requested by indulgent-s. It’s Riley and Farkle as if they were Cory and Topanga from 3x01 from BMW, with minor changes of course because I can’t keep everything the same.

Maya barged into Riley’s room, throwing her bag on the floor and running up to Riley’s bed. Pulling off the covers and shaking Riley’s ankles to wake her up, Maya plastered on a happy smile as she annoyed her best friend.

“Maya, stop,” Riley groaned, covering her eyes and curling up into a fetus position from the cold air that had swept over her.

With a mischievous smile, Maya let go of Riley’s ankles rounding to the side of the bed. “Okay, okay, I’ll stop,” she smirked. Instead, she jumped on Riley’s bed, landing with a thud on top of her best friend. “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” she yelled, sitting on top of Riley’s stomach with triumph.

“You’re the worst,” Riley grumbled, shoving Maya off of her and getting out of bed.

Maya smiled, moving to sit at the bay window, “Just doing my job, honey.”

Shooting Maya a smile, she couldn’t ever be mad at her, Riley walked into her closet to pick out her outfit for today. She was debating between a sweater and jeans and a cardigan with a dress when Maya called out from the other room.

“So, sweets,” Maya yelled. “What are you going to do about your Farkle situation?”

Her eyes widening, Riley threw on the dress and grabbed the cardigan before practically running out of her closet. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Riley blurted quickly. Inside her mind, she cursed herself for coming off too nervous, knowing instantly that Maya had read right through her words.

Innocently, Maya bat her eyes, “You know, he’s been away at Einstein Academy for, basically, every day of this summer and now, a month into the school year, he has returned. He could be a whole different person, by now,” she hinted.

Riley butted in to Maya’s speech, “He’s not going to be a different person, he’s Farkle. He’s my—” Riley cut off instantly. Her eyes growing larger and her cheeks turning, red.

“Penny in the air,” Maya smirked.

Riley situated herself next to Maya at the bay window, “Oh.” she breathed.

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Hi! idk if someone already asked this, so sorry if that's the case! I just got the time to catch up on Hidoku Shinaide and I'm wondering, when did Maya and Nemugasa got rings for each other? I feel like I missed something :/ (thanks in advance!!) (also if you got this twice, I'm sorry! I don't know if it sent the first time D:)

Hi! Someone already did, but it was a while ago so let me just copy my answer. Sorry for being lazy xD

The moment when Maya gave the ring to Nemu has never been shown. Apparently it was more of a practical thing than a romantic gesture.

Volume 5 Ch. 1

This is where they’re talking about the rings for the first time.
I remember when I saw spoilers from the raws back then. I completely lost it xD I was hoping for a romantic scene too, but… welp… apparently not what Sensei had in mind for them ^^ But they still look like a married couple, so it’s fine I guess ^^

But I think Maya doesn’t only think of the ring as a thing to keep Nemu from being hit on ^_^
Also, he’s wearing his ring quite often :3


Best summer ever

Rated: T

Farkle wasn’t sure when things had started to shift between him , and Riley . The piece in time a childhood crush turned into something with real substance. It’s was like it was a string of many days adding up , and one day as Riley was leaving after a hang out she hugged him making his heart race. It didn’t click at first , but then later that night when Riley called to give him a rundown of her date he just felt like he had been punched in the gut. That was the night he realized he was in love with Riley Matthews.

It had been 3 months since that night , and the guy had broken up with Riley about two week after that date. Riley , and Farkle started to fall back into their old routines over the summer before their senior year.  Though Farkle knew he would only ever get to be friends he enjoyed every second he was around her. He had his moments though when she was asleep on his chest after a movie night , or when she was just doing something so damn cute where he really wanted to just grab her tell her how he felt. Farkle would then talk himself out of it being to afraid it would change them , and he would lose all the things he had with Riley. Farkle had loved this summer , and he actually even canceled going to camp after Riley had looked so sullen thinking she was going to be alone. Lucas had gone to Texas , and May a had gone on a road trip for colleges with Shawn  When it was Farkle’s time to go he told his dad he changed his mind then went to Riley’s to surprise her , and her smile made him know he had made the right decision. School was starting tomorrow , and even though he was happy to have the whole group back he was bummed out that he wouldn’t get Riley alone so much anymore.

Maya .and Riley strolled in to their first day as Maya turned to Riley with a smirk “ We are kings again” Maya let out a cackle while strolling next to Riley“Feels good!”

Riley giggled at her “You will be a great king Peaches”  Tilting her head to one side when all of sudden a cup was in front of her face.

“Be careful it’s hot” Farkle said before walking out in front of them both with a smile. “It’s a hot chocolate. I figured you might need it on our first day of school.” Riley grabbed it smiling at Farkle Making him feel all warm inside.

“Thank you Farkle!” Holding her hot chocolate she used her other arm to wrap around him. Her head rested on against his chest as Farkle held her tight until she let go. “You may have just saved my life again” Their eyes lingered on each other without them speaking a word until Maya who had been quietly observing them both did.

“Farkle we will be right back!” Maya announced before starting to drag Riley to the other hallway. Riley just blinked at Maya wondering what the hell was up with her. “Peaches what are you doing?”

Maya let her go , and pointed down the hallway “What was that? Are you dating Farkle or something?!?

“WHAT?!?” Riley remembered she was In the school hallway. “No..I mean we spent most of the summer together , but no still just friends.”Riley nervously sipped her hot chocolate. Over all the days of summer Riley had started to see she had Feelings for Farkle , but when he never made a move she just assumed he didn’t want her that way. So she decided what they had was worth more then trying for something else.

Maya Laughed then patted Riley’s back “Oh honey…Did you really fall for Farkle?” Honestly if anybody was good enough For Riley is was her other best friend , but she just had to much fun asking questions.

“No we are just….” Riley had started to turn the corner when she caught Farkle within ear shot some girl way to close to his face well In her opinion at least. Maya saw her stop so she peeked her head around too wondering what was going on.

Farkle was just waiting for the girls to return when some random girl had walked up to invading his personal space. She started asking him all these questions about him , and Riley , but each question made him feel more suffocated so he just quickly said “We are just friends!” Loudly as he exited making his way to Mr. Matthews class hoping to get distracted for even a little while.

Riley clutched her hot chocolate tight then walked over to a trash can throwing it way. “Rile…” Maya knew she was hurting as she tried to comfort her , but Riley turned to Maya . That is when Maya discovered she was wrong Riley actually seemed angry maybe even betrayed . “as I was saying Farkle and I are just friends.” Riley spoke before stomping her way into her dad’s class with Maya in tow , but Maya had plans to force a bay window meeting later between those two if they didn’t fix it.

When Maya took her seat Lucas leaned over whispering in her ear “Are those two okay?” Lucas gestured his head at Riley who look frustrated , and Farkle who stared at the front of the room depressingly while staring straight in front of them.

“It’s complicated huckleberry , but keep your eye on them I’m sensing something in the air” Maya winked at Lucas making him smile , and raise his eyebrow at Maya before slipping out of his desk sneaking up to Riley. This was the day Cory always showed up about 10 minutes after the bell rang so Lucas took advantage to try to cheer up.

“Hey beautiful why are you so mad?” Lucas gave her one of his big Texan grin’s as he waited for his answer. Maya swore she had never seen Farkle move so fast as he went over smacking Riley’s desk glaring at Lucas.

“Back off! You had your chance with her…And other people care more about  her  then you do. So just sit back down , and keep being a Face the thing your good at.” Farkle demanded as the whole class turned their attention to the commotion now forming in the front of the classroom. Everybody thought Lucas would fight back , but he just glance back at Maya who shook her head no at him so he just retreated back to seat trusting Maya. “Good guess Maya” Maya reached over putting her hand on his while they kept their eye on the two.

“Lucas..I’m sorry Farkle is being so inconsiderate today , and Don’t take it personal he was mean to me as well” Riley smiled at Lucas before turning her attention back to farkle who was now standing up his hands in his pocket his eyes full of confusion.

“I was not mean to you! Unless bringing someone a hot chocolate is now bad…I did not get the memo” Farkle said back still not fully following what the hell she was even referring too. “Then Maya dragged you away , and I waited for you like I always do! So please do enlighten me on how I was mean to you Riley.”  A sound of exasperated sigh fell from his lips.

“You were waiting , but with some girl who you were awfully close to” Riley started to take her jacket off starting to feel a bit stifled.

Farkle ran a hand through his hair still not remembering not talking to a girl in the manner she was speaking of. “I still don’t know what you are talking about Riley.”

Riley got up throwing her jacket on the floor they both had completely forgotten about the rest of the room at this point. Both of them to focused the other just the sound of their voices , and hearts filling the room. “Yes you do!” Riley raised her voice a bit her eyebrows started to crease “ The one you said we were only friends too!”

Farkle swallowed hard as he took his hands out of his pockets waving his hands in front of him. The feeling was building up in his chest as things grew more tense “I didn’t lie..Isn’t that what we are? Isn’t that what we always have been? Isn’t it what you want us to be?!?”

“Whoa….wait one second.” Riley raised her hand up pointing at him her voice full of tension , and a new passion she had never used before. “it’s not like you did anything to change it…We were together all summer , and you never made one move on me.” She then poked his chest for emphasis “So don’t you dare try to pin this all on me”

Farkle bit his lips his eyes searching hers . All of his emotions came crashing together as he stared at The woman he loved. He felt angry , nervous , and excited all at the same time. “I’m going to show you what I’ve I wanted to do all summer.” Farkle closed the space between them putting his hands on hips as he pulled her in pressing his lips to hers. It felt better then he ever thought it would , and when Riley started to kiss him back he relaxed wrapping his hands around her. All the tension they had built up over the summer faded away. With Riley in his arms the whole world disappeared the only thing on his mind now was happiness , and he really wished the kiss didn’t have to stop.

They both pulled away from the kiss at the same time Their breath in sync as a silence past between them. Farkle removing his hands from her back placed them on her face , and he was pretty sure she would be able to feel his heartbeat through his hands.

“I am deeply in love with you Riley , and I hope that made up for how stupid I was all summer. If it’s not enough I would love to keep making it up to you as your boyfriend if you will let me?” Farkle licked his lip the words lingering in the air. The whole class was in suspense at this point not wanting to react yet , and ruin anything .

“Yes!Yes! Yes!” Riley got all giddy as she giggled loudly Farkle pulled her in for another soft kiss when Maya , and the class couldn’t hold it in anymore.

The whole class started to clap as Maya smacked Lucas desk “NATURE! Nature always wins!” Lucas chuckled at her with a twinkle in his eyes.

Riley , and Farkle turned bright red as they both were reminded they were in the classroom “Oh I forgot…”Farkle nervously shifted running his hand across his neck as Riley put her hand in his with a grin.

“I did too…”Riley squeezed Farkle hand as he led her to his desk.

Farkle made sure she got into her seat then sat in his while glancing over at her “Best summer ever…Bring on a life with Riley Matthews as my girlfriend.!”

Riley shook her head , and smiled brightly “You are such a dork”

Farkle sat up proudly “But I’m your dork.”

“Always” Riley giggled being so excited to finally have Farkle as hers.

“Oi….you two I’d rather not throw up on my first day of school” Maya stuck her tongue out of the two then Squeezed Lucas’s hand before retaking her seat just as Cory came in.

“Morning class sorry I was so late…I hope you were all good while I was gone.” Cory noted how they were all perfectly in their seats , and they all looked too happy.

“Anything happen While I was gone?” The whole class shook their heads as Lucas , Maya , Riley , and Farkle all smiled at each other. “Meet us in the bay window after class Mr. Matthews.” Maya said with a smirk making Cory blink.

“Oh boy that serious huh?” Cory glared at four suspiciously then finally started to teach.

Farkle didn’t really remember anything that was taught that first day of senior year , but He knew he would never forget the day he became Riley’s boyfriend.

Guilty but not sorry

Just dashed off a quick ficlet. Wrote this on my phone, no edits, so please let me know if there are any glaring typos. I’m too lazy right now to fix the inconsistent tenses, so just go with it I guess.

Enjoy bbs. It’s Riley angst.


Riley isn’t sure when it began. She knows when she noticed. She remembers the first time her heart really clenched like it might cave it on itself. The look of terror on Lucas’s face when Zay said that he’d called Maya “the blonde beauty.” She didn’t know what that look meant. She only knew it hurt.

“I want Maya to be happy,” he’d declared in front of the whole class earlier that day. Then he just…stared. At Maya. Riley suddenly couldn’t remember if he’d ever looked at her that long without looking away. But Lucas wanted all of them to be happy, didn’t he? Riley decided to chalk it up to his general good nature. But then, later at Topanga’s…

“He was talking about you.”

Riley starts to wonder if she’s seeing things. She wonders if the yearbook superlatives are making her see things that aren’t there or if she’s just finally seeing what everyone else has known all along.

At the school board meeting, she looks up at Lucas, who is…looking at Maya. But maybe it’s nothing. They were here to help save Maya’s art classes, after all.

There were other moments. Riley didn’t really know what she was looking at most of the time, she just knew that when Lucas looked at Maya…the way he kept looking at Maya lately…it made her stomach churn.

It wasn’t until Lucas stopped Maya from attacking Farkle that Riley really started to wonder. When Maya turned around to fix Farkle with that menacing smile of hers, something strange flashed across Lucas’s face. And when Maya stood up, he moved so fast to grab her…as if he’d been waiting for it. Eager for it. And he didn’t just stop her. No. He sat her back down, his hand lingering on her shoulder for what felt like forever to Riley.

And the LOOK he gave Maya when she turned around…well, Riley wasn’t quite sure what that was either. It wasn’t a look he’d ever given her that she could recall. So…smug? Was he smug? Why was he smug? Why wasn’t Maya saying anything?

Riley eggs Maya on silently. “Call him a Huckleberry. MAKE FUN OF HIM. Say something!” But Maya doesn’t speak. She stares at Lucas for way too long, scrunching up her face a little. Riley wonders if Maya knows something she doesn’t.

And then…when he busts through the bay window blockade in a rage…Maya doesn’t back her up. “We don’t like you when you’re like this. Tell him, Maya.” But she doesn’t tell him. Instead, she tells him to pick up the bed, and for a moment it looks like he might try.

Riley wasn’t sure what that was either.

Maya was perfectly capable of closing her own eyes. But his hand was clamped over Maya’s face and then his head was tucked behind hers, almost buried in her blonde hair—and Riley could barely focus on the routine she was already botching to begin with.

“—man!” he calls her when he rings the bell.

And then they’re all in Texas.

“I’m sorry Maya…you look…good.”

Then he says they both look good. And Riley believes he is telling the truth, but…

Then Cletus says “ha-hurr” and Maya’s hands are on Lucas’s head and his…arm…and he’s letting her pose him like an action figure. He’s just…letting her. She hears her uncle’s voice in her head.

“Well, why do you let her?”

Maya is yelling at Lucas and Riley can’t quite work out why. Of course Lucas will be fine, Lucas can do anything. Why doesn’t Maya see that?

And when he asks her to stay…well, for the second time in her life she picks Lucas over Maya.

And then he’s flying through the air like a rag doll. For a moment, time stops. Riley shouts and runs and when he rolls over and speaks at last she feels relief like she’s never known it.

But then she looks over at Maya…

And she realizes that for the first time in their lives, her very best friend in the world has been keeping a secret from her.

And she’s been keeping it a long time, although Riley couldn’t say for sure how long.

So she pushed them. Like Maya pushed her. She didn’t know what she thought would happen. Part of her, a part of her she didn’t want to look at too closely, hoped that Lucas would shut Maya down quickly and then things would go back to normal.

But in the back of her mind, she knows.

She’s known for a while, but she still can’t pinpoint the exact moment the truth wormed its way somewhere into the deep recesses of her brain where she wouldn’t have to look at it.

“I don’t want to know.”

“My broth-er!“

He catches her fist before it can connect with his shoulder. He…pats the back of her hand and drops it. She’s burning a little where he touched her and he’s thanking her again. A glimmer of hope wells up in her chest.

“I will always be here.”

“Thank you, Riley.”

She expects his gaze to linger, but it doesn’t. And then he’s making a new face, like he’s terrified and overwhelmed and tentatively joyous all at the same time.

“Hi,” he says clutching the strap on his book bag, his intake of breath making his chest puff up. She’s done that hi/hey dance with him more times than she can count but this time…it’s different. It’s different and he’s not looking at her.

Maya says hey right back. Riley wonders how she can be so cool.

“Hey.” Her heart leaps into her throat and she can’t help that her lips curve into a smile at the sound of it. She answers him, but she says it in her grown-up voice. She’s proud of herself and for a moment she thinks he’ll say hey again, say hey forever. But he’s already looking behind her again with that look in his eyes that she still…just doesn’t quite recognize. Not for the first time, Riley wonders if she knows Lucas Friar at all as he spares her a quick glance before walking away.


Everything’s spinning and she barely keeps up as Maya and Zay and Charlie talk around her. She wants to tell Charlie what she and Lucas are to each other, but he cuts her off—

“Are you free?”

Riley’s stomach flips again and her palms start to sweat. She hopes she’s not shaking but she can’t tell.

No, no she’s not free at all.

Her father is ranting. Maya and Lucas look so…strange right now. Maya is grasping the edge of her desk and Riley suddenly realizes that it’s very odd for Maya not to have her arm draped across the edge of Lucas’s desk, invading his space in a way that could easily be passed off as casual and—

And then Farkle taps her on the shoulder and she opens the note. Charlie. Again.

“Riley. Did something get through?”

“Riley. Something happened between me and Lucas.”

Time freezes for a second before she hears his voice. He sounds guilty but not sorry.

“Oh boy.”


I’m a monster.

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13- rilaya;)

13. “Kiss Me” 

~set in their second year of high school, riley and lucas are dating~


Maya tentatively pushed open the window and climbed into the Bay Window. Riley was sitting in the middle, and moved over to make room for Maya; she was staring straight ahead, tear tracks staining her cheeks.

“Riles, what’s wrong?” Maya asked seriously; she hated seeing Riley this upset, and she hated not knowing why, it made her feel so helpless.

Riley turned to face Maya, tears still in her eyes. “You lied to me,” she said quietly, her voice breaking slightly.

“What? Riley I didn’t- I would never lie to you,” Maya replied firmly.

Riley shook her head and gave a small sad laugh, wiping her eyes, “I know you lied about not liking Lucas at the Ski Lodge last year, and I know you lied when you said Uncle Josh was the other person you liked, and I know you don’t like Lucas anymore, and I know that I’m the person that you like.”

Maya’s heart skipped a beat, and she took a moment before she spoke, “How do you know?”

“I’m not an idiot, Maya, I knew something was up, I just didn’t know what,” Riley held back her tears, “but I knew if you hadn’t told me, the only other person you would’ve told was Zay.”

“So he told you?”

“Sort of. He told me half of it.” Riley replied.

“And you guessed the rest?” Maya prompted with a sniff; her eyes were beginning to water too.

“Yeah, once he told me the story, it didn’t take long for me to realise who the person you liked was.”

Maya smiled, and wiped her own teary eyes, “Of course it didn’t, Riles,” she commented affectionately.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner, Maya?” Riley asked, her voice breaking.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I just wanted you to be happy, and I still do.”

“I know, Maya,” Riley replied softly with a little nod, her eyes darting away from her for a moment.

“Why are you crying then?” Maya asked her desperately, grabbing her hands and giving them a squeeze.

“Because I can’t stand the thought that I’ve hurt you for so long,” Riley admitted

“You didn’t, Riley! You never did!” Maya told her, her own voice rising. “It doesn’t hurt,” she added, quieter, “not as long as you’re in my life, then it never hurts, Riles.“

Riley smiled at Maya, her eyes shining, and Maya smiled right back, her eyes shining just as bright.

“I broke up with Lucas,” Riley told her quietly, after a minute or two.

“What?” Maya said, taken aback.

Riley shrugged, “It was a long time coming, if we’re both honest.”

“Riley, I’m happy being you’re best friend, I truly am, if that was for me, you really didn’t need to.” Maya said, her voice trembling.

“Yeah I did, because I was never in love with Lucas, Maya, don’t you see,” Riley placed a hand on Maya’s cheek and caressed it softly, “it’s always been you.”

Maya’s breath was caught in her throat, “Riley, are you sure?” Her voice was so quiet, so scared, so vulnerable, yet so hopeful.

Riley smiled, “Peaches?”


“Kiss me, and then see if you need to ask that question again.” Riley told her firmly.

Her heart racing, Maya leant in tentatively, until they were so close that she could feel Riley’s breath on her lips, and then they were kissing.

And it was glorious; everything about it, how soft Riley’s lips felt against Maya, the way they fitted together, how one of Maya’s hands was in Riley’s hair and the other on her waist, the way Riley was simultaneously caressing Maya’s cheek with her thumb and kissing her like there was no tomorrow, how alive they both felt, and most of all how it was just the two of them, in the Bay Window, the centre of their world, the place that had first brought them together, kissing.

When they finally stopped, their hearts were racing, and their breathing was heavy, never before had they been kissed, or kissed someone like that; they caught each other’s eye and both began giggling, because neither knew what to say, for it was so utterly wonderful that there were no words.

Maya leant her forehead against Riley’s, breathing in and quieting down, a wide smile spreading across both their faces, as Maya shut her eyes and Riley entwined her hand with Maya’s.

“Maya,” she whispered, kissing her softly, their lips just brushing.

Maya opened her eyes, “Yeah Riles?”

Riley kissed the back of Maya’s hand, eyes locked on hers, “I love you,”

Maya beamed at her, all words lost, and kissed her again; making sure that Riley understood exactly what the kiss meant.

I love you, and I will always love you.


I hope you enjoyed this anon, and that this was what you were hoping for!

If you would like to request a prompt, just choose from this list :)

Thanksgiving Surprises

It’s the morning before Thanksgiving, and I’m in a car with Pappy Joe speeding to the airport. My only class for today was canceled, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. It just means that I can fly back to New York a day earlier to be with Riley.

My parents and Pappy Joe weren’t too happy that I decided to leave, but they understood. At least I hope so, Riley and I haven’t seen each other since the day I left for college besides our video chats.

She doesn’t know that I’m coming, no one does. I wanted to surprise Riley, and I couldn’t risk anyone ruining that. As I walk onto the plane, I can’t help the smile that takes over my face. It won’t be long before I get to see her beautiful face in person. I’ll be able to hold her in my arms.

I put my carryon in the compartment above and take my seat next to the window. I watch as people continue to walk on and find their seats. I see a few people that I assume go to my school based on the sweatshirt they are wearing. I guess they are trying to go home for the holiday as well. That’s what I’m doing, wherever Riley is, that is my home.

I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pull it out ready to answer it, when a flight attendant tells me I need to shut it off. I look down to see my momma’s picture filling my screen. She’s probably just making sure I got on the flight. I press ignore, and send her a quick message.

I’m made it. We are about to take off. I’ll call you as soon as I land. I love you momma.

I press send and turn my phone off.

The plane starts to take off, and my grip on the armrest tighten. This is the part I hate, the take off. As soon as we are in the sky, I look at the window and let a small sigh. I’ll be in New York soon.

An hour go by when an announcement is made saying that’ll we’ll be landing in Tennessee due to the weather. Groans from the passengers, including myself, fill the airplane. I can’t believe this is happening.

After talking to one of the employee behind the desk, I go and sit down pulling out my phone and turning it back on. As soon as it lights up, one notification after another start to come in. Mainly text messages from my momma and Riley.

Riley called. She said she tried calling you. She isn’t in New York. She went with Maya and her family to California.

Come home. It makes no sense for you not to be here now.

You’ll see her for Christmas. I love you.

There is no way Riley would leave and not tell me, would she? I feel my heart drop, and the possibility of seeing Riley just for a few days is gone just like that.

Well, I’m in Tennessee right now. The weather was too bad to fly. I guess I’ll see the soonest I can get a plane back home, hopefully before tomorrow. I’m sorry I ruined Thanksgiving. I love you, too, momma.

I press send and instead of automatically checking Riley’s text. I move back to the counter to see when the next available flight to Texas, which is in about two hours, if the weather is okay. I move back to my seat and pull my phone out, so I can see what Riley sent. Just thinking about her makes me smile, but knowing I’m not going to see her makes my heart ache.

I tried calling you, but it went straight to voicemail. Your mom told me you wanted to surprise me. Can I just say I have the best boyfriend? Because I do. I don’t know if your mom told you, but I’m in California. Call me when you can. I’ll explain.

I love you so much. We’ll see each other soon I promise.

I skip texting her and call her right away. The phone rings once and her voice is bouncing through filling my ear.

Lucas! She shouts, and I can hear the smile in her voice. I’m so sorry! I ruined Thanksgiving for you. I should have told you that I was leaving, but I didn’t think that-

It’s okay. I cut her off. I should have told you I was coming.

No, you were trying to be an amazing boyfriend, but I had to ruin that by coming to California.

I let out a defeated sigh. Yeah how did that happen? When did you guys leave?

We left really early this morning, or late last night. She giggles lightly and my heart flutters. Shawn had an assignment for work.

On Thanksgiving?

That’s what I said, but yeah. He wanted Katy and Maya to go, and Maya wanted me to go. I should have told you, better yet I should have gone to be with you, but I wasn’t thinking. And you know I can never really say no to Maya.

I groan. Of course, it’s for Maya. Well I hope you have fun.

You’re mad, aren’t you?

A little if I’m being honest.

I hear a huff from her end. I’m sorry. Where are you at right now?

In Tennessee, somewhere. I’m waiting for my flight home.

Will it help if I stayed on the phone with you until that time is?

I laugh a little. Talking to you is always a good thing, but what about Maya?

She’ll be fine.

Silence never once falls between us, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t still upset that she did leave with Maya. I should have told Maya and her parents, so they would have made her stay home. I’m surprised they even let her go on a holiday. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews have always made a big deal of holidays and being with family that’s why I didn’t ask her to come to Texas.

Talking to Riley always makes time go by faster because before I know it, it’s time to start boarding my plane.

Riles, I have to go. I’ll call you once I’m back home.

She sighs. I’m sorry again, but we’ll see each other soon. We can skype, so I can see your handsome face. Laughter comes from both of us.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I hang up the phone, turn it off, and shove it back into my pocket. I pick up my bag and walk towards the gate and onto the plane that will be taking me back to Texas.

When the taxi is pulling up to the ranch, it’s a little after two.  I didn’t want to bother anybody mostly I didn’t want to redirect any of the irritation I was still feeling on them. I walk inside the house and hear rustling coming from the kitchen. I drop my bag by the door and saunter in the direction of the noise.

My momma immediately stops what she’s doing and turns in my direction, no one can ever sneak up on her no matter how quiet you are. “Hey sweetheart,” she rushes to me and give me hug, “I didn’t know you were going to be home right now. You didn’t tell me anything about a flight home.”

I pull away, “Yeah, I was on the phone with Riley. I should have told you that I was going to be home soon,” I say in a hush tone. Poppy noise comes from the stove behind her, and I look over her shoulder, “Momma, why are you cooking so much. Dad and Pappy Joe aren’t going to home until later, and it’s just you here.”

She shrugs her shoulder, “I didn’t know when you were going to be home. I wanted to make sure there was something to eat when you got here.” I slump myself onto one of the chairs, and my momma starts to shake her head.


“You get up and take you bag to your room. I didn’t hear you walk down the hallway, so I’m assuming you just left your things by the door. I just spent all morning clean this house, you go and take your bag to your room.”

“I can’t do it after I eat?” She puts her hands to her hips, and she doesn’t have to say anything for me to know that the answer is no. “Fine, okay.”

I drag my feet against the wooded floor board and back to the door. I thought my mom would at least ask me how I was feeling and offer to make me her famous white hot chocolate with a dash of mint, but she didn’t. I grab my bag and turn on my heels in the direction of my room.  

When I’m in front of my door, I open the door wide enough to toss in my bag. I move to close the door, but I hear a familiar giggle come from inside. Butterflies awake in my stomach, and I must be hearing things. I slowly push the door open, and I see my beautiful girlfriend sitting on my bed smiling at me.

“Hi,” she says through her smile.

“Hi,” I run to her, grab her in my arms, and twirl her around. Laughter comes from the both us, and my momma who found her way into the room.

“She had the same idea that you had. She got here the same time Pappy Joe got back from dropping you off at the airport,” my momma says. “I’ll let you two be. Lunch is ready when you two are hungry.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Friar.”

“Emily please,” Riley laughs and nods. I watch as my momma switches her gaze between the two of us, “You two are just too adorable,” she says as she closes the door behind her.

As soon as we are alone, I cup Riley’s face and press my lips against hers. I have waited too long for this kiss. I pull her as close as I can, and we melt into each other.

She breaks the kisses, and gives me one last peck. “I can’t believe you’re here. How?”

She laughs, “Let’s just say it took a lot of convincing.”

“I really thought you were with Maya in California.”

She takes a deep breath, “She’s actually a little upset that I decided to come with you instead. She’ll get over it.”

“So, wait she really is in California?” Riley nods.

“Yeah, she wanted me to go with her, and I was considering it. But,” she grabs my hands and interlocks them with hers, “I had to be with you.”

“You were here when I called you?”

She smiles, “Yeah. Your mom called you as soon as I got here, but you didn’t answer. I should have told you I was coming.”

I laugh, “We just wanted to surprise each other. What matters now is that we’re together. And Riley,” her eyes lock with mine, “thank you for picking to choose Thanksgiving with me.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“So, how did you get your parents to say yes?”

She opens her mouth, but my momma shouting for us to come out to eat stops her. “I guess I’ll have to tell you later. Come on, I’m starving,” she pulls me towards the door, but I stay locked in my place pulling her back to me.

“One more kiss before we go out there,” I pucker my lips, and she laughs as she touches hers to mine.

The rest of the day we spend with my momma until my dad comes home with Pappy Joe. Both were excited to see me back, but not nearly as excited to see Riley. I love that my family loves Riley almost as much as I do because it just makes me love her so much more.

When I can finally have her all to myself, it’s a little past ten. Majority of the evening Riley was in the kitchen we my momma making the desert for tomorrow since we never have time on Thanksgiving to make the pies, and I was in the living room with my dad and Pappy Joe watching a movie. Well they were watching a movie, I don’t even know what movie because I my eyes were locked on Riley.

We walk outside in the backyard where we have a hammock tied between two trees. The few times Riley has come to Texas, this is where she spends her nights watching the sky. I watch as she careful takes a seat and slowly lays down looking up at the sky.

I walk over to her and stand right next to the hammock watching her with amazement in my eyes. I will never understand how I got so lucky.

“Are you going to join me or watch me like a weirdo?” she jokes.

“Well watching you is pretty great,” I tease.

She laughs, “Lay with me, please.”

“You don’t need to ask me twice,” I say as I slowly lower myself next to her laying the thick blanket I brought out on top of us.

As soon as I lay next to her, she lays her head on my chest and I slowly start to stroke her hair. I can smell her sweet vanilla scent shampoo.

“What are you thinking about?” her voice is quiet.

“Honestly, in this very moment nothing. I’m just enjoying this moment with you under the stars,” I run my fingers through her hair, “what about you?”

“That wherever we live, I want to have our own hammock in between trees and be able to see the stars.”

I kiss her forehead, “We will.”

We talk about the kind of future we want together. Whenever we talk about the future, it’s reassuring to hear that she still sees a future with me. I’d follow her anywhere, but if I’m being perfectly honest, I would love if she would move here to Texas with me. She always talked about leaving the city, but I never knew if she was ever serious.

Hours go by, I look at the watch on my wrist; it’s already two in the morning. Why does time go by unbelievably fast whenever I’m with this beautiful girl?

“Do you want to go inside and go to bed?”

She slowly shakes her head, “If we go inside, you have to go to your room and I have to go to the guest room. But out here, we can stay here and fall asleep in each other’s arms.”

I laugh, “I like the way you think.”

A peaceful silence falls between us, and I realize it’s after midnight so technically it’s Thanksgiving.



“Want to know what I’m thankful for?” I feel her nod her head against my chest. “I’m thankful that you’re here. That you’re mine. I know I’ve told you that every Thanksgiving since we’ve became a couple, but this year you being here in Texas with me, picking me over Maya. I don’t know I feel even more thankful to have you in my life. I just want to enjoy the few days we have together.”

She lifts her head slightly so her eyes meet mine, “You’re the most important person to me,” she sighs, “and I’m sorry for always putting you second to Maya. I never realized how much I did it until I was talking to my mom about where I should go.”

“Yeah, how did you convince them to let you come?”

She sits up and I follow suit. I watch as she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a piece of paper, “I told them that one I wouldn’t even consider leaving for Christmas,” her eyes meets mine, “so that means I can’t come to back, and two that it was the only flight that wasn’t sold on to Texas,” her eyes land back on the piece of paper.

She takes a deep breath, “I don’t think I ever told you that I applied to the University of Austin,” I shake my head. She never once mentioned it. I thought she only applied to a few schools close to home. “I didn’t want either one of us to get our hopes up, but I did. I got a letter in April, but I was waitlisted. I was disappointed in myself.” She lets out a long sigh, “It had an amazing journalism program, and of course I wanted to go to be close to you, but it was also for me. I was going to wait to show you this, but I couldn’t hold it in anymore. Here,” she says handing the piece of paper to me.

“Is this the letter?” I ask unfolding it.

“Just read it.”

Dear Riley Matthews,

You were placed on the waitlist of for fall of 2021, but we are pleased to inform you that a spot has been made available and you were at the top of the list. Congratulations! We would be happy to welcome you to our campus and you’re first semester with us in spring of 2022.

I don’t read anymore. I look up at Riley who is looking at me smiling, “I’m going to be here in Texas. It’s two hour away from A&M, maybe a little more if there is traffic. But we won’t have to fly to see each other. I can drive or-“

I cut her off by capturing her lips with mine. I break the kiss, “I’m sorry, but I’m just so happy,” she laughs, “You’re really going to be moving here?”

“I am. I have a tour of the campus Monday that’s why I needed to come. I might have lied a little about there not being a flight before then, but I missed you like crazy. I couldn’t go another day.”

I grasp dramatically, and it makes her laugh, “Riley Matthews, you bad girl.”

She leans in close. I can feel her breath on my lips as her lips barely brushes against mine, “Yeah, but it got me here.”

“It did,” I close the gap with a soft kiss.

“I was going to wait until Christmas. I thought it would make an amazing gift, but there is no way I would be able to wait,” we both laugh. “So, Thanksgiving it was.” I grab her hand and interlocking our fingers, “Lucas, I’m thankful that I got in, but mostly I’m thankful I won’t have to be so far away from you. I never realized how lost I felt without you near me. But that all changes in January. We are still going to have to travel a bit, but we can drive and spend weekends with each other.”

I smile at her, and her bright eyes meet mine, “You just officially made this one of the best Thanksgivings. From surprising me and now knowing that we’ll be in the same city.”

She yawns with a laugh, “I have no idea how I’m going to top this next month,” she jokes.

“You won’t have to. I’ll have to top it,” we both chuckle lightly followed by another yawn on her part.

I slowly start to laugh down and she follows suit. I know she’s tired and is just fighting to stay awake. She returns her head to the top of my chest, and I hold her close. It’s only a few hours into Thanksgiving, we haven’t even gotten to the feast of it all, but she has already made it the best one yet.

I hear breathing start to become heavy followed with a little sigh after each breath. I know she’s sleeping. “I love you, Riley,” I whisper rubbing small circles on her back. “Thank you for making this day a day to remember,” I kiss the top of her head and close my eyes.