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#do you sometimes want to throttle one or both of them at the same time #because despite how far they’ve come – individually and together #despite Emma continually reassuring him that he’s not a villain #and despite Killian constantly turning up for her where others have failed to in the past #they’re both still convinced the other is going to come to their senses at any moment and leave them #in the first gif we have Emma’s hopeful ‘it’s not gonna change anything’ #secretly terrified that that’s not up to her; #that she’s going to lose him to his own self loathing #and then there’s Killian #certain that he doesn’t deserve her #where in the second gif he thinks he’s going to lose her #and Emma’s worried that his happy ending involves something *other* than her #they are such fools #such lovestruck fools #who are still learning to love and be loved #and i’m aNGRY because they have no freaking idea how much the other loves them #ugh #otp: it’s you

I think the most important thing to remember when analyzing Fitzsimmons’ interactions is that they are both human.

Such a simple concept, you would think, but I think we often (myself included) forget that when we analyze these characters, because so much of what they do is honestly superhuman. They are both geniuses and at the top of their respective field. They fight on against all odds, they are usually so kind and good in the face of all evil (even though if I was either of them I’d probably go home and stay in bed all day every day). Because of this, we forget that there are a lot of flaws and imperfections present. But most importantly, we forget that they’re allowed to have them.

Have you ever lashed out at a friend or loved one when you were hurting or angry or scared or feeling all of those at once? Have you ever said something nasty that you wish you could take back? Did it make you wrong to say that? Of course. Did it make you a bad person? No. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t done that.

Have you ever bottled up all of your emotions and wanted to keep them close? Have you ever been horribly conflict avoidant that you let problems or responsibilities escalate dramatically until you finally dealt with them? Was it a stupid thing to do? Probably. Does it make you a bad person? No.

Have you ever done something out of the best of intentions and have it gone horribly wrong? Did it sometimes take you a long time to realize that even though you did it to help the other person, it still hurt them and the have a right to be hurt? Does it make either of you wrong or right? Probably both.

Pointing out flaws in our favorite characters doesn’t mean we’re saying they’re bad people. They wouldn’t be three-dimensional if they didn’t have flaws. We all have them (and we’re often blind to them - just like they are.) 

The point is - don’t be afraid to admit that Fitz and Simmons are both flawed individuals (in fact - I think Fitz is a more well-rounded character narratively because he has been given more flaws, but that’s a meta for another time). That doesn’t mean you don’t like the character, or that they are bad people. The reason we love them is because their flaws are so relatable (and it’s why we jump to defend them - that’s great!) and these flaws are small peas in comparison to the amazing positive qualities they both have. 

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I asked my mom that I wanted to go see a therapist. I have so much on my mind and I often feel depressed. I have been self harming off and on for 4 years as well. When I asked her today she asked me why and I said "I have a lot on my mind I need to get out" and then she'd shrug and ignore me. I asked her again 10 minutes later and she asked why again and I said "My brain isn't okay mom." And got up and walked away before I started crying.. What can I do? Any advice?

You can make an appointment on your own I guess. I did it on my own too. Sometimes you don’t even have to tell your parents. 

I think people forget that like….there’s a person behind the blog they follow sometimes. I totally get that you’d all just love it if I’d only post cute pictures and never answer an ask (‘cause that clutters up your feed, right?) and never post personal stuff or have an opinion. Well guess what? Surprise! I do!!! I’m a human who likes hockey, hunting, and and video games! If you don’t like that, then have a mint on your way out.

people have a very hard time differentiating intent from action, i think.  luke skywalker doesn’t always do the right thing, but he does always want to do the right thing, which for some reason is more difficult for people to grasp than, say, han, who doesn’t always want to do the right thing but sometimes does anyway (or leia, who sometimes mixes up what she wants to do with the right thing to do).

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I watched the video to Take me to Church by Hozier and why do I see Anders being taken tranquil while his lover(Hawke? Templar!Carver?) just watch in horror while Anders stands in the Gallows looking hollow and I think I need to lay down

wow wow wow. banned. blocked. ignored. blog deleted. how dare.

this turned out a different kind of angsty than i intended gomen

tw for abuse/torture and mentions of sexual abuse bc alrik is involved

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Inferno: My family haven’t always understood me, but they’ve always loved me and tried to do what’s best. Sometimes things just don’t work out sometimes and things end, but things always begin too. I guess that’s what people forget sometimes. That there’s a beginning for every ending. I guess mine’s just around the corner. 

I came out to my close family and friends about 4 years ago...

But sometimes it feels like I continue to come out every day to people who have preconceived notions of me that do not include me having a girlfriend, soon to be wife, and that can get annoying and frustrating. 

So I guess this is my PSA that I’m gay, quite gay. 

Thank you.

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I didn't mean you personally hated on folk punk! I was actually asking you bc you're so supportive of everybody.

Ohhh hahaha I thought you meant I did! I was like “I would NEVER!”
Yeahhhh I think it is really fucking lame for other punks to hate on folk punk- there is so much wisdom in a lot of folk punk- so many ideas and things with such meaning and hope to make a difference. 
Then punks say that it is shit- because why? They would rather have super simplistic lyrics about beer and sex. They are young and I guess they just are overly materialistic and focused on themselves and I do not really know. Sometimes I just wonder if some of them have any idea how awful things in the world outside of their closed off lives are. I used to think punks wanted to make a change in the world but a lot of them have proven me wrong. They can be self-absorbed and rude, and frankly some are just fucking unintelligent. 
I can understand they have different tastes in music- that is fine, but half the time they talk trash about the content not the music as a whole. 
When I was in high school, I remember I was treated like I was scum by a counsellor and she accused me of not giving a fuck about my education because of my appearance and I actually had the highest grade. 
I do not like living up to a bad name for punk.
I do not think it should be about getting drunk, high, one night stands, and being a hateful and unintelligent kid. I even spoke out for helping funding for trade schools so kids could get into schools for specialized classes for part of their day for things like nursing, fashion merchandising (which i graduated from), culinary, photography, vet technician, auto, cosmetology, video editing, and things like that to get a jump start on their passions. 

Sometimes I reread and watch all of the SasuSaku moments, and ask myself how people couldn’t see it. It’s literally right in front of their eyes. But to each their own, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

sometimes i’m like “i don’t understand how people can get such anal clench over the amount of side quests DA:I has” but then i remember i played morrowind way before dragon age and that game has something in the realm of nearly 400 quests so i guess i’m used to it and it doesn’t bother me

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just a consolation prize.

I’m posting this bc I’m in genuine shock rn okay I misplace money like 20s and 50s sometimes bc I’m dumb af but holy shit I open up a make up palette…. there is a fucking 100 dollar bill in here… and I have no idea when it was put there.. like how did i forgot about this money??? my mouth is still on the floor in shock like ?? holy fuck.. I’m crazy and unorganized lol. but also nice surprise?? but wow my life is a mess