and i guess sometimes it is

Hey has anyone here tried to make their own runes before? I feel like it’s a lot like sigil work but making your own meanings with symbols. I have studied on the elder futhark and also have seen a few runes other witches made. To those who work with runes which do you think are the most important to include? Like the Elder Futhark for example have a lot of symbols that have very similar meanings but different conclusions (if that makes sense) and I feel like sometimes it could be simplified. 

So far I have the sun (for clarity and action), the moon (uncertainty, dreams, intuition), rings(bonding, friendship, union, romance), harvest (reaping what you sow), star (hopes, what you dream for is near) and rain (cleansing, purging, self forgiveness, progression, starting over). I noticed others I want are going close to tarot since I guess I am more comfortable with tarot since I’ve been doing that for a while. Like the major arcana. I was thinking of adding the wheel and Death. 

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I've been watching you for a while now and you are a huge inspiration to me. I have a question for you. Do you ever have a clear image of what you want a painting to look like, but have no idea how to execute it correctly? I was wondering because I have so many ideas for my art, but I sometimes don't know how to do it. Things like background and how the lighting works is something I struggle with. It might be because of my lack of skills, but for a beginner I guess that's expected.

Oh yeah for sure. I usually draw things that I see a clear image in my head though, but every once in a while I’ll have like a vague idea, but It’s not super clear so I don’t really know how to execute it, but once I get going and I find it, then I’m usually ok from there. 

Like, this painting, of Undyne the Undying. 

I had a vague idea, but it wasn’t coming out of my head right at all, and I didn’t know how to really execute it. So I started sketching out different positions and different perspectives until I found one that I liked and knew that I could work with, and so the final result that you see above is what came to be. I cut the whole sketch and re-sketch out of the speedpaint video of this because I didn’t want to waist time, but haha I think I sketched like 4 different Undyne positions and stances and perspectives until I got one I was happy with. XD

So yeah sometimes when I don’t know how to work with something, I might play around with it for a bit while still trying to keep somewhat of the original idea I had in my head when playing around with it, until I finally got something I’m happy to work with. and more often that not, the images in my head look nothing like what the final artwork looks like when I finish either haha. so it’s ok if things don’t come out the same way as you see them in your head. XD

Idea that once Sora and Roxas are separated, they go their separate ways (Sora to DI and Roxas to TT with Lea and Xion), and Roxas has this brief identity crisis because sometimes he feels this awful little tug in his heart, and a lot of times he finds himself wishing Sora was there with him. And it just eats at him because it reinforces every terrible thing DiZ told him about Nobodies at the beginning of KH2, that he has no right to exist and that he really belongs with Sora, that he’s nothing but an extension of his Other and should never have separated from him in the first place.

And he angsts about it for a while and finally confides in Xion and Lea about what’s bothering him.

And they’re all quiet for a minute until Lea goes, “I think you just miss your friend, dumbass.”

And it turns out that’s all it was.

Just got back from having fun at the aquapark, yeah I am still on vacation. XD I’m feeling tired at the moment but let’s see what asks I got so far.

Of course I am still learning English and I do try remember what people taught me since I joined DeviantArt and Tumblr. Or if not, I do research all by myself alone since I no longer count on my family anymore, except my native language cuz mom stated that I speak English much better than Romanian lol. And sometimes I get corrected when adding texts in English in comics, even in some of my streams too, and I guess it’s okay? As long as you’re not grammar nazi, ahem. 

I mostly focus on the writing part, more than speaking. I had English oral exams in school but they were too nice so they let me skip it :D.

Yes, I agree, German is pretty hard. But let’s not forget about Chinese or Arab as well. :B

Thanks guys for your sweet comments! :3 I actually can imagine what’s like voicing and putting an accent on it. XD Well I started using hearing aids many years ago but stopped for personal reasons.

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Ah, never knew it was weekly, just felt faster I guess. -The Same Interested Reader

Yeah, sometimes there will be more updates if I am able to…like if it’s a longer part that needs to be split into two, or if I feel comfortable putting a written part mid-week if there’s enough done ahead of time. But for the most part, it’s weekly!

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Can you please tell us about the strange experiences you mentioned earlier?! 👻👹☠

Oh sure no problem, I’m surprised you’re interested actually aha.

I suffer from sleep paralysis. Basically sometimes I’ll wake up but still be in R.E.M cycle I guess? I’m not exactly sure, but usually it just goes that I’ll be awake but can’t move my body or open my eyes. Usually like thinking about moving my body kinda works?

But anyways, usually it just starts and ends there. I can’t move and eventually can. But on two occasions I had weird experiences happen. The first one I can’t remember so much but I remember feeling like I was being dragged off the bed. Then I woke up and was so terrified. The second time was what made me super scared. I remember hearing actual whispers while stuck in this state of sleep paralysis. And felt like I saw something? But idk cause my eyes were closed. And then when I woke up I felt an overwhelming sadness, and some weird ass feeling like it was my grandfather? Like a intuition I guess. Anyways, yeah those are my experiences. It’s not something super crazy but ever since then I haven’t been able to sleep with the TV off. Because it emits light and some noise I haven’t had the experiences recently. And those instances happened about a year or two ago. Also lately I’ve been falling asleep like early mornings anyways haha.

Heres a video that my friend in college showed me about another person explaining their sleep paralysis experience and she does a really good job of explaining it, better than I can. It’s a bit scary though, maybe don’t watch it to late?

It’s turtle birthday weekend!  Our 3 red-eared sliders Scampy, Decoy, and Bandita just turned 13 so we decided it’s time to for them to formally begin their ninja training.  They’re going to star in an all-female reboot of TMNT, featuring Josie the Russian Tortoise as their leader (she’s a couple years older), and our cat Ezio as their wise sensei/trainer (although I think he’d also make a good villain - the Couch Shredder).

Whoa. First of all, you three have AWESOME names (nice job human!) and HAPPY HATCHDAY!  I wouldn’t have guessed any of you ladies were a day over 10! 

we are SO on board for this all lady shell TMNT reboot! And good call to give the lead to the older wiser Russian tortoise …. ( she side eyed me into including that last part) 

They don’t look like they need much training, but even the wisest shell can admit that sometimes a shell needs a kind fur beast to teach them how to connect with their inner ninja! This is gonna be a blockbuster for sure! ( Zoya says you should write in a 5th so she can be in the movie too.. ) 

  • *8 months before the wedding*
  • Maya:So we've decided on a small outdoor wedding. Just family and friends, no more than 25 people, in a beautiful garden somewhere, maybe an acoustic guitar playing while we walk down the isle.
  • Zay:And maybe you already know someone who went down to the courthouse and registered as an officiant so that he or she - he - could perform the ceremony.
  • Riley:Why do you want to perform the ceremony?
  • Zay:Because it subtly implants in the mind of every woman there, that when I ask a question you say, "I do."
  • *6 months before the wedding*
  • Lucas:Great, now my momma's invited the Lessners.
  • Maya:This puts our numbers in the triple digits!
  • Riley:Wow. I guess sometimes, Lessner *is* more... ner.
  • Riley:You know how like sometimes less is more?
  • Farkle:This is one of those times, sweetie.
  • Lucas:Whatever, it'll be ok. Maybe it'll be a slightly big, outdoor wedding.
  • *5 months before the wedding*
  • Maya:So it's not going to be an outdoor wedding anymore. Pappy Joe is convinced that if we have an outdoor wedding in a state without open carry, he's going to get mugged. It's going to be inside now.
  • Maya:It'll be great, we're still going to have an acoustic guitar!
  • *3 months before the wedding*
  • Maya:So now instead of an acoustic guitar, We're having a harp player.
  • *at the wedding*
  • Maya:And the harp player is pregnant. And crowning.
  • Maya:*eye twitching*
  • Maya:But it's gonna be fine. It's great. I'm great. It'll be great. Everything's great.
  • Riley:One more and I'll believe you.
  • Maya:IT'S GREAT, K?

so like at work i’m only out as trans to all the other hosts but like it’s not a secret if any of the servers ask me or anything i’ll tell them and all the other hosts all use he/him pronouns for me

and today when i was standing up front, out of nowhere one of my managers comes up and apologized for using the wrong pronouns sometimes and said that he’s been trying to use he/him and like it caught me so off guard i was so surprised cause i didn’t even know that he knew so i just told him thank u and like, i’m still so surprised he walked up and said anything to me 

it was really nice tho

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ok nonsense but i have to say this, althought this is not a exo blog; y'all need to chill abt sehun rn. he didn't came out, why y'all are making things bigger and bigger all the time? he just said he likes "men fans" and he often says men make his heart flutter but guess what; i'm a straight girl and sometimes girls make my heart flutter too? because people are beautiful, and bromance is a known thing that it's kind of normal for him to say that. chill.

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JIMIN AS YOUR BOYFRIEND GOT ME FEELIN SOME TYPE OF WAY. especially the whole daddy thing, ughhhggggg, I can't wait for yoongi's and tae's!! Also, that gif of yoongi in the going drinking with your guy friends, do you know what video it is from?? he just looks so cute! he's my bias wrecker honestly, it gets really hard to stay loyal to tae sometimes T.T p.s. your blog is what I live for

I FOOOOUUUUUNNND IIIIT!!! Ahaha sorry it just took me a WHILE to find it, mainly because it’s only like a half-second clip from a forty minute video ToT The gif is this one:

It’s from the first episode of Rookie King, and the clip will show up in the first 10 seconds or so. It’s like a preview for the dorm reveal that happens right after, but this doesn’t show up in that longer clip, soo xP Anyways, the video is here if you want to watch it. It’s two years old, but it’s SO funny, and I recommend you watch the whole series - it’s eight episodes and a link to a playlist with all episodes dubbed in english can be found here~

also thank you ily youre super sweet <3


Although Wyatt said he needed to go, he doesn’t leave immediately.

Wyatt:  I’m sorry I was afraid to approach you.  I saw you leaving for school a few times and I think that you’re really pretty.  Hopefully, you’ll hang out with me sometimes.

Zeton:  *smiles* Yeah…I’d like that!

Wyatt:  *returns smile*  Okay…I guess I’ll see you around. Bye

Zeton:  Bye!


and I didn’t want to invite anyone else,

just her…

and.. since then, i didn’t make an extra effort to be better friends..

we just, y’know, slowly drifted.. apart..

I tried to find my own ways to get people to like me, but it never worked out.

Those actions came out awkward and strange and I thought, well, if people liked me for being kinda weird by standing out that way, then that’s what I wanted to be. I had strange expectations from people. I expected praise for what little I did to not follow the rules sometimes. They’d laugh sometimes, but I know they were probably laughing at the person, not just the situation.

And once that was done, I’d just rather not bother to be with them once they have made better friends sometimes.


so i guess these numbers probably mean something..


ok, so I’m in a gamish mood. I will open this up to all of y’all and the first messages in my inbox that ask for these will get:

A) a fic dedication

B) a follow

C) a deep conversation

D) a secret of mine (this one will be private unless I get 5 or more of these)

E) a picture of my face

(I’d give away stuff but I’ve got nothing)

as per usual I’ve got to thank some lovely mutuals who are positive forces on my dash (sometimes in my life, I guess I love you guys) (If I don’t mention you and you’re a mutual, I promise it’s not personal. I’m tired):

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Antis are so funny, they argue that we only think it's them tweeting for our "agenda" but really we can just tell when it's them because it sounds like them? And they do the same when it's something they don't wanna hear (surprisingly I guess they don't wanna hear the band is still together?) so they're hypocrites too. No larrie has ever said it's either them ALWAYS tweeting or them NEVER tweeting, that makes no sense. Sometimes they tweet and sometimes they don't, antis shouldn't blame us

for 1dhq doing a shitty job of impersonating the boys so we can tell easily whether it’s them or not. We even have Louis on camera in an interview saying that /sometimes/ it’s them not tweeting. But they can keep trying I guess

exactly like… if i could put it into words and try to explain the whole twitter discourse it would probably be close to this