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I realize that, if I don’t throw in content, nobody can really ask stuff, s o ?

I guess these are the most presentable stuff. Included are humanized faces for Sofaea and Seren, and a concept for Seren’s parents. There’s also a non-SPM OC of mine, Omen, in there (the little critter there). Yep.

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i need…to more consistently spell johan(n)’s name. i can never decide if there should be one or two n’s so his tag is all fucked up lmao when i have wifi i can just tag replace so its all the same i guess but still i just. which one is Right™


Some LS requests, Frisks + Human!Sans (There were a lot of them that was sketched out but I got no time ;;). I really appreciate the differences; their appearance/history and their personality. I find them all interesting~

Adult!Frisk in labcoat req by @sidiancoloring, Human!Sans req by @voidless, Bluebell by @askdeterminedlosers, no heal by @ask-no-heal, Tea by @teamun, Echotale!Frisk by @yoralim, Little Pup by @nyublackneko, Core!Frisk by @dokudoki


anastasia • dir.  don bluth, gary goldman [classics]

<<why the change of  m i n d ?>>

                       <<it was more a change of  h e a r t .>>

well, blame @sexysilverstrider as usual;;;

Dorm mates, from left to right: Percy, Drako, Gianni, Santi, Adonis & Bao


Some snips from the forever delightful fic work - @abadtime‘s BOTWOT SOS

First is from chapter 7, second was to figure out our beloved Megaloviathan’s position in chapter 14 - being under a buttload of rubble and trying not to have two extra pancakes to go. You wouldn’t see much of him at all if I drew it true haha


If you listen closely you can hear the sound of the Seijou third years laughing at Oikawa

(shoutout to @letsbetrashcans who noticed the wristband in my last kyoken post - I might headcanon the dog as as far out of the closet as they get, yes)