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Top 10 times my heart broke for Rhysand

#1 When she never smiled at him

I waited for you at breakfast, but you slept in. Or avoided me, apparently. And I tried to catch your eye this afternoon, but you were so good at shutting me out completely.” “Is that what got under your skin? That I shut you out, or that it was so easy for Tarquin to get in?” “What got under my skin,” Rhys said, his breathing a bit uneven, “is that you smiled at him.” The rest of the world faded to mist as the words sank in. “You are jealous.”

and that one time she finally did

His fingers tightened on mine, and I looked up. He was smiling at me. And looked so un-High-Lord-like with the glowing dust on the side of his face that I grinned back. I hadn’t even realized what I’d done until his own smile faded, and his mouth parted slightly. “Smile again,” he whispered. I hadn’t smiled for him. Ever. Or laughed. Under the Mountain, I had never grinned, never chuckled. And afterward … And this male before me … my friend … For all that he had done, I had never given him either. Even when I had just … I had just painted something. On him. For him. I’d—painted again. So I smiled at him, broad and without restraint. “You’re exquisite,” he breathed.

#2 When Rhys confessed to having his wishes unfulfilled

“Isn’t that what High Lords do?” My breath clouded in front of me in the brisk night. “Whatever they please?” He studied my face. “There are a great many things that I wish to do, and don’t get to.”

#3 When we find out what his nightmares were about

“I’m sorry I didn’t find a way to spare you from what happened Under the Mountain,” Rhys said with equal quiet. “From dying. From wanting to die.” I began to shake my head, but he said, “I have two kinds of nightmares: the ones where I’m again Amarantha’s whore or my friends are … And the ones where I hear your neck snap and see the light leave your eyes.”

#4 When the High Lord of Night Court physically flinched from an emotional wound

“What is it that you want, Feyre?” I had no answer. I didn’t know. Not anymore. “What is it that you want, Feyre?” I stayed silent. His laugh was bitter, soft. “I thought so. Perhaps you should take some time to figure that out one of these days.” “Perhaps I don’t know what I want, but at least I don’t hide what I am behind a mask,” I seethed. “At least I let them see who I am, broken bits and all. Yes—it’s to save your people. But what about the other masks, Rhys? What about letting your friends see your real face? But maybe it’s easier not to. Because what if you did let someone in? And what if they saw everything, and still walked away? Who could blame them—who would want to bother with that sort of mess?” He flinched. The most powerful High Lord in history flinched. And I knew I’d hit hard—and deep. Too hard. Too deep.

and when we learned how deep that wound went

“Why didn’t you tell me?” “You were in love with him; you were going to marry him. And then you… you were enduring everything and it didn’t feel right to tell you.” “I deserved to know.” “The other night you told me you wanted a distraction, you wanted fun. Not a mating bond. And not to someone like me - a mess.” So the words I’d spat after the Court of Nightmares had haunted him

#5 When he considered settling for ‘whatever pieces she offered him’

“You think I didn’t want to tell you? You think I liked hearing you wanted me only for amusement and release? You think it didn’t drive me out of my mind so completely that those bastards shot me out of the sky because I was too busy wondering if I should tell you, or wait - or maybe take whatever pieces that you offered me and be happy with it? Or that maybe I should let you go so you don’t have a lifetime of assassins and High Lords hunting you down for being with me?”

#6 When he cried…

“But then she snapped your neck.” Tears rolled down his face. “And I felt you die,” he whispered.

But I was being ripped apart from the inside out, and I thrashed, unable to out-scream the pain. “Feyre!” someone roared. No, not someone—Rhysand. Rhysand yelled my name again - yelled it as though he cared 

-A Court of Thornes and Roses

#7 When he spent 3 months thinking she hated him

“And for three months… for three months I tried to convince myself that you were better off without me. I tried to convince myself that everything I’d done had made you hate me.”

#8 When he put her happiness above his own

“I heard you were going to marry him, and I told myself you were happy. I should let you be happy, even if it killed me. Even if you were my mate, you’d earned that happiness.”

#9 When he thought he wasn’t that type of person for her

“I heard what you told him,” he said. “That you thought it would be easy to fall in love with him. You meant it, too.” “So?” It was the only thing I could think of to say. “I was jealous—of that. That I’m not … that sort of person. For anyone.“

#10 When we found out that all this time he had been in love with Feyre

“It killed me, Feyre, to send you back. To see you waste away, month by month. It killed me to know he was sharing your bed. Not just because you were my mate, but because I … ” He glanced down, then up at me again. “I knew … I knew I was in love with you that moment I picked up the knife to kill Amarantha.”

Quotes from ACOMAF and ACOTAR

On a happier note: Another Top 10 for Rhys

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm 16 and I plan to move out of my mothers house as soon as possible. I'm working on saving up $1,000 for an emergency fund right now, but what else should I do to prepare before I move? Obviously I still have a few years, but I'd like to have all my things in order before it's time. Thanks!

20 Things to Do Before Moving Out of Your Parent’s House

1. File as independent on your taxes. We’re a while away from tax season, but remember to file as independent on your taxes. This means that your parents can no longer claim you as a dependent and will no longer receive a tax break from the government for housing you. What it means for you, is that you will no longer be considered part of their tax bracket. This means you’ll have a better chance at applying for financial aid, health insurance, car insurance, etc.

2. Important Documents. Get as many of your important documents (social security card, birth certificate, tax forms, etc) as possible while you’re still living with your parents. You will need this information when you move out, so find a secure place to store them.

3. Learn to cook. Obviously, cooking skills are not going to come overnight! Checkout some cook books, online recipes, or even watch a couple episodes of Chopped. The more fast, cheap, and easy meals that you’re able to prepare before you move out- the better. Here’s my Cooking 101 post.

4. College. If you are going to college or planning to go to college, talk to financial aid about becoming an “independent student”. If the school classifies you as independent, financial aid will pay for a greater portion of your education. Also please don’t have your parent’s call the school on your behalf, start taking initiative and making these calls yourself. As someone who worked in a college call center for four years, a good 80% of the phone calls I got were from parents, and legally a college can’t tell them anything.

5. Accumulate furniture. Check out thrift stores, Dollar stores, and especially yard sales. Buying all of your furniture at once can be expensive and stressful, but accumulating a few pieces over time (space permitting) can be a more effective way.

6. Doctor’s appointments. Start making your own doctor’s appointments! I love this script by @spectrumsuperhero that’s applicable to all of your doctor’s appointment needs.

7. Start building credit. At 16, you’re probably too young to apply for an actual credit card, but having some credit before you move out will help you loads in the long run. As you might be aware, some landlords ask that their tenants have a credit score before renting to them. Don’t be discouraged! It’s just something to think about.

8. First Aid. Learn some basic First Aid. I’m going to toot my horn and link my post because I sat through literally six hours to get certified in this stuff, and if I do say so myself, my post is rather thorough. 

9. Learn to clean. Learn some basic cleaning skills- how to wash dishes, how to vacuum, what sprays clean what. These may seem like simplistic things, but many people grow up not having to do household chores. I guarantee you that not every apartment you live in will have a dishwasher, so learn some dish skills now! Learn to clean.

10. Go Shopping. Make a shopping list and go shopping at your local supermarket or grocery store. Crowded stores can sometimes be unnerving, remember the more practice you get at it, the more at ease you’ll be. 

11. Learn to wash clothes. Doing laundry is something that I never did while living in my parent’s house, and the first few times doing it on my own turned out… interestingly. Get your laundry skills in tip-top shape!

12. Get transportation. Get yourself a mode of transportation that does not require your parents. Biking, walking, and using public transportation are all ways that you can get where you need to be. Get as familiar with public transportation around your city as much as possible. 

13. Separate bank account. Still sharing a linked bank account with your parents? Get yourself a bank account that they don’t have access to. One of the first steps towards moving out and “Adulting” is being able to take care of your money. 

14. Build your resume. Keep working on and updating your resume, even if you already have a job. You never know when you’ll need to find another one, and you don’t want to hastily throw together your resume with little notice.

15. References. Similarly, get yourself a list of professional references. These references can be teachers, guidance counselors, family friends, etc. References are useful for job applications, housing applications, and networking. Always ask before putting someone’s name down as a reference.

16. Health insurance. Start learning about what health insurance coverage you currently have- how expensive it is, how it’s paid, how long it lasts, etc. Find out if you will be able to stay on this insurance after moving out of your parent’s house. 

17. Buy a First Aid Kit. A First Aid Kit is a must have for whatever apartment, room, or house is your next home! Spend $20 and buy a decent sized one that includes things like cold compresses, burn creams, and gauze.

18. Buy a Bed. The average person sleeps around 229,961 hours in their lifetime. That’s a lot of time in bed! Buy yourself a comfortable mattress (you should replace your mattress every 8-10 years), luxurious sheets and/or a memory foam pillow. Nice beds can be expensive, so start saving up for one now.

19. Learn basic repair. Get yourself a toolbox and learn some basic repair. You can find extensive articles online about everything from unclogging a drain, to tightening screws, and using caulk. Get familiar with these tools now, because you never know what type of landlord you’ll end up with. They could come promptly when requested to do repairs, or they might not.

20. Learn how to write a check. Okay but seriously- this is important. Do not let me catch you moving out of your parent’s house without knowing how to write a check. Here is @howtogrowthefuckup‘s two cents.

The Habit of Planning

Prompt: During a busy day at Central Park, Lin mistakes Y/N as a paparazzi and he is not happy.

Pairing: Lin x reader

Words: 4,759 (brace yourselves)

A/N: I’ve been writing for this for so long, I’m glad it’s out of my head. I wrote the basis of the fic under the tags for ‘Monochrome’, and a couple of you guys happened to read it and told me I should write it! So thank you to all of you! I hope you guys enjoy!

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All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.8

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1601
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mentions of blood, sexual content.
A/N: This wraps up a very Heathens filled weekend, thank you lovely people for sticking with me! Not sure when I’ll be posting it but just a heads up that pt.9 is going to be the final installment for this series! The song Gold by Eurielle was definitely being played during the writing process for this part so thanks @gondorgirl01 for recommending it to me months ago! And of course, Heathens by Twenty One Pilots because always. (gif credit)

Click HERE for more character information

** The links in this part don’t seem to be working even after I’ve tried fixing them. Sorry loves! **

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

[ previously ]

He was distracted from his thoughts when you shifted positions. The thin strap of your nightgown slid from your shoulder and exposed the curves of your breasts pushing against the silky material. Subconsciously, he ran his tongue over his fangs as he imagined biting into the soft mounds. A wicked thought crossed his mind and his eyes turned to coal as he slowly stepped forward. The only light in the room came from the moon shining through the windows and now the ominous glow emitting from his dark limb as he waved it as his side. He smirked when you started to react. I’ll start making it up to you, doll. You’re in for a long night.

[ Night of the full moon ]

It was almost midnight and the last glimmer of hope for seeing Bucky was flickering out. You wanted to scream into your pillow. Hell, you wanted to scream at Bucky for taunting you and leaving you alone all day. He had a taste of you but just the same, you had a taste of him. The feeling of having his teeth sunken into the flesh of your neck was intoxicating. He was gentle and feverish at the same time. Slow but hungry and aching for more yet still maintaining control. You wanted to feel it again. Craving the sensation just as much as he craved the blood.

You didn’t realize you had drifted to sleep, too exhausted from your frustrations and hoping to put this whole mess behind you. You woke when you felt it again; your skin was tingling and warming up until you couldn’t take it anymore and yanked the sheets away. Images started flashing through your mind as you tossed and turned. You could see yourself interacting with Clint, then Sam and Tony and the rest of your friends but the scenes were different somehow. Soon you realized that you were watching from someone else’s point of view. You could feel their internal struggle, their own frustrations and tensions building every time you came into view. Any doubts were laid to rest when the visions started showing a conversation with Steve. These were Bucky’s memories. You listened as he talked about his sensitivity towards you being somehow amplified all day. You could actually feel it and it was so much more intense than you could ever have imagined. Finally, you listened as Steve explained his foolish ‘plan’.

“I’m gonna kick his ass when I find him,” you muttered through gritted teeth at the thought of your innocent Steve lying to you.

Now you were awake and struggling to find any relief against the heat. Images from that night out on the balcony starting running through your mind, amping up the intensity. Your hands started to roam up and down the length of your body, pawing at the silk material that barely covered your figure. Cupping your breasts, you could feel your nipples hardening beneath your palms. The pleasure kept building as your hands traveled lower, reaching under the lace fabric that was now soaked through. A moan tore through you as your fingers started rubbing the aching bundle of nerves. Your breath was coming out in heavy shallow pants as you were getting closer and closer. Taking your last bit of composure before completely letting go, you called out for him desperately. “Bucky, haven’t you teased me enough! Where are you?”

An eerie glow appeared at the end of your bed, floating closer to you until you shivered with a familiar chill. Bucky was smiling wickedly as he continued to wave his left hand at his side. Your own fingers started rubbing more feverishly, in sync with his. His voice was so low that you almost couldn’t hear it over the sound of your heaving breaths but you felt it all around you. “I’m right here, doll. Let go.” You looked into his coal-black eyes as you felt your climax finally hit you.

Shaking and steadily floating back down to Earth again, you managed to prop yourself up on your elbows to get a better look at the vampire at the end of edge of your bed. “Oh, you’re a bad man.” You smirked, still trying to catch your breath.

His mouth hung open, fangs exposed as he inhaled the scent of your sweat and arousal. “You could have just talked to me, Bucky. You didn’t have to be all cryptic and dramatic all day.” You lifted yourself off of the mattress and crawled to the foot of the bed, closer to him.

A few seconds passed in silence before Bucky was able to reply, allowing the darkness time to dissipate and his eyes to turn back into that pale shade of blue. “I know. I’m sorry, doll. I’ve never really felt like this so I didn’t know what to do,” he admitted. “I took Steve’s advice and played it safe.” He looked sincere as he sat down in the spot beside you.

You scoffed at his answer but smiled anyways. “Bucky, when was the last time Steve got laid?”

He thought for a moment. Steve wasn’t exactly a lady’s man despite his charm and good looks. Half the time he was painfully shy, the other half he was awkward and fidgety and would shapeshift midway through the conversation because of his nerves.

“Now that you mention it, he probably wasn’t the best person to go to.” You both laughed and Bucky took your hands in his. He placed soft kisses on your knuckles. “Will you let me make it up to you?”

You rose to your knees and slowly started taking his ridiculous suit jacket off, flinging it off to the side. Your fingers played with the buttons of his shirt. “You’re off to a pretty good start but you’re still a little too dressed so can you do something about that?” You pulled away from him and started moving back up the bed, beckoning him to follow only after he finished what you started.

Before you could lie back against the pillows, Bucky was already crawling up after you; bare chested with only a dark pair of briefs keeping him covered. He intertwined his fingers with yours as his lean body hovered above you and started pressing faint kisses along your chest and neck. “You stopped calling me James,” he stated in between kisses.

“I like calling you Bucky,” you whispered. You could feel his lips smiling against your skin. He liked it too.

Nimble fingers made quick work of removing the last remaining articles of clothing until you were bare against each other. The difference in temperature between your bodies made shivers crawl up your spine. You twirled your fingers through his short chestnut hair and guided his lips to your neck, silently urging him on since he was taking his time.

Carefully, he dragged the sharp edges of his fangs along your neck and you whimpered in response. When his lips reached your ear, he whispered something familiar. “Do I have your consent?”

Trying to keep your voice even as you answered, “Bite me, Bucky.”

“As you wish,” he replied with a grin.

For the second time, Bucky sank his fangs into your neck, letting out a guttural growl as soon as he tasted your blood on his tongue again. You moaned and gripped onto his shoulders as he drank from you once more, listening to him hum as your blood coated his lips and rushed down his throat. Delirious from the sensation, you hiked your thighs over his hips and pulled him to you, grinding against him until he tore himself away from your neck with a feral look in his eyes. Your lips met in a hungry collision of need and desire, tasting your blood in his kiss. With one precise thrust, your bodies were connected and you screamed as the pleasure began to overwhelm you. You were on fire but his cold skin licked the flames calm. You were night and day. Silver and gold.

Your heart was racing and his hips matched the rhythm. Pumping into you like the blood pumping through your veins until you couldn’t see straight. Your mouth lay open in a silent scream as Bucky surged into you harder and faster, chasing down your orgasms like a hunter would its prey.

When the whimpers and moans fell silent, Bucky licked the puncture marks away and you laid in each other’s arms, bodies still pulsing from the ecstasy.

“That was incredible.” Bucky shifted beside you, letting his eyes rest as he held you close to him. His cold chest felt incredibly soothing against your flushed cheeks.

“Worth the wait?”

“Definitely.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead as you traced lazy circles over his pecs.

You smiled and buried your face into the crook of his neck, content and satiated. Only after your heartbeat had calmed did you realize how much time had passed. “I can’t believe the sun’s coming up already,” you mumbled.

“Sunrise is still another hour away, doll. You may be taking that post-sex glow a little too far,” he joked, pinching your side playfully until you giggled.

“Well, what’s that bright light then? I can barely keep my eyes open,” you complained as you sat upright.

“What are you talking about?” Bucky opened his eyes and looked over to the windows across the room but there was no light coming from them. However, through his peripheral vision, he could see that something really was starting to shine. When he turned to see, his eyes widened in shock. “Y/N…it’s you.”

The look of alarm on Bucky’s face sent a wave of fear through you but before you could say anything, the entire room started to shake violently. Your skin was glowing brighter, heating up to near-boiling temperatures and you started to scream. A high pitched whistling started echoing throughout not just the bedroom but the entire grounds of the manor. There was banging at the door followed by Steve’s worried cries as he tried to bust through from outside. Bucky tried to reach out to you as a blinding light engulfed your body and pulled you away. All he could do was cover his eyes and scream your name.

And now they’re outside ready to bust
It looks like you might be one of us

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**Lyrics at the end from the song Heathens by twenty one pilots**


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Ten Years (Part 10)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,786

Warnings: language, fluff, confrontation

A/N: Tags are closed. This part was over 4K words long, so I split it into two. I’m sorry. Reader takes some steps to make everything right again, but Bucky Barnes is nowhere to be found.

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

Originally posted by jennymagicalheart

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 16] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by blackmind-pastelpinksoul

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: angst and fluff and action

Warnings: mentions of death, sexual abuse, swearing, of course, violence, poor living conditions? 

Remember: if you have a problem with one of these warnings or if there is something that I should’ve put a warning down please talk to me. 

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20}


A/N: I got rid of the drug abuse mostly because I was too tired to write it in, and it wasn’t necessary. This one definitely isn’t my favorite, I am excited for the next one though. A lot of JI Yong and reader coming up! Inbox is always open, please tell me what you think! 

~Admin Brooklyn


3 weeks later

Seungri quickly ducked, letting the wooden object fly across his head. He looked up through his arms, slowly standing up. “Hyung! What the hell?!”

Ji Yong growled at him, a gun loaded in his hand. He was losing his mind, anyone could see it. They stood in the middle of your old room. The dresser that was by the door was completely destroyed, the bed tipped and it’s sheeting ripped and the walls contained bullet holes through all four walls. “Three weeks. THREE FUCKING WEEKS SEUNGRI.”

“Thanks, Hyung, I didn’t know that time had passed, thank you for reminding me.” Seungri ducked again, three bullets flying into the wall behind him claiming the wall with three holes. Seungri looked up and slowly got up from his curled up position. Daesung came rushing into the room, the sound of gunshots bringing the attention of Daesung.

“Hyung, is everything okay?” Daesung regretted asking that as Ji Yong growled and shot the wall next to him.


He didn’t finish his sentence, dreading the possibility of it being true. Ji Yong set his gun down on the bed and sat on the ground next to it, his head in his hands. Seungri looked at Daesung for help. Seungri walked over to Ji Yong’s side, sitting next to him. “We’ll find her. She knows that you’ll do anything to find her, and we will.”

All three boys heard the rush of footsteps. Daesung looked down the hall, staying in his position at the door frame. The footsteps slowed as a young boy entered the room. Ji Yong instantly recognized him. Song Mino, from Winner. Ji Yong’s face lights up as the boy spoke.

“We might know where she is.”

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exbeaut  asked:

i'm so scared to live alone.... any tips?

You know I do! Living alone is a really intense and exciting experience, offering you the chance to explore your independence. It may seem daunting at first because you’re solely responsible for taking care of all your shopping, cleaning, and home related maintenance. But if you go into this experience prepared and confident, you’ll do fine- you’ll flourish!

Living alone is definitely not for everybody, especially if you’re an extraverted or super social person. In this case, you may want to buddy up with a friend and look into two bedroom apartments. Ask yourself- will you be okay spending a day on your own without interacting face-to-face with anybody? If the answer is no, you should find a roommate. 

Check out this post which details how to locate, inspect, and set up your first apartment. And…

Living Alone

1. PKW. Phone, keys, wallet. Every time you go anywhere. Check twice. The worst part of living on your own is having to rely on yourself to never forget to lock yourself out or leave your wallet at a sandwich shop in a mall. Make absolutely sure you have duplicates of your keys (I would get a couple made) and give one to a friend who lives nearby who you can count on. I also like to keep an extra set inside the apartment itself in a secure place, just in case. Your landlord can let you in during office hours, but giving a key to a trustworthy friend helps you 24/7.

2. Cleaning routine. You don’t have to sit down at a writing desk and draft this out, but spend a few minutes coming up with a basic cleaning regime for you to follow. It’s definitely easier to do a little each day, but if that doesn’t work for your schedule set aside at least an hour and a half during your time off to get your apartment spotless. I don’t know about you, but whenever I deep clean my apartment I feel like I’m living in a hotel for a day, and I absolutely love it.

3. Make a “moving” shopping list. This is everything you will need (minus food) for your first week at your new place. First aid kit, cleaning supplies, tape, cat food, etc. Your first week moving into your new place will be stressful enough, you don’t want to be halfway through setting up your living room and realize that you forgot to buy trash bags.

4. Secure yourself. I’m not the most agile or fast person in the world, and I do live in a mid-sized city that has a good deal of crime. The apartment complex I live in is very safe, but I still like to double lock my front door at night. It might be smart to keep some pepper spray or a baseball bat somewhere in your apartment, just in case.

5. Stay social. Even the most anti-social person gets lonely. Make sure to hang out with your friends, not just your co-workers, your actual friends. Get out off your apartment every few days and go see a movie, get a cup of coffee, go people watching at the park, etc. It’s easy to get depressed if you’re living alone and doing the same things the same way every day- allow yourself to mix it up.

6. Meal prep. It can be stressful and seem useless to cook complicated or “fancy” meals when you’re living on your own. Plan your meals for the week and make a list before going shopping. Get yourself enough food to make a variety of dinners that will only take you fifteen minutes. If you do want to go crazy and make steak and mashed potatoes for yourself, make enough for two meals. Also, nobody is going to think poorly of you for stocking your fridge with a couple frozen dinners.

7. Customer service. Living alone means that you are going to be doing a lot of talking to customer service representatives. Get comfortable talking to people over the phone. Tell the rep what you need as quickly as you can, and try to be polite because customer service at a phone center is a garbage job that doesn’t pay well. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to ask for a manager if you’re upset or unhappy with your service. Take their survey at the end of your phone call, tell them how unhappy you are. It’s someone’s shitty job to look at all those surveys, no complaint goes unheard. Companies with great phone service: Verizon, Apple, Amazon. Companies with awful phone service: USPS (literally the worst), electric companies, health insurance companies.

8. Guest space. This is not required, but it’s a good idea to have some sort of space for a friend to stay the night. A friend of mine had a bad breakup, showed up at my apartment with ten minute’s notice, and then fell asleep on my couch after an hour of crying. It as 7:30! Whatever, she needed it. Keep an extra blanket and pillow in your closet, I like to keep travel sized shampoos and conditioners in my bathroom cabinet on the off chance a guest wants to use my shower. I got these at a hotel for free, but they’re available at CVS and other pharmacies.

9. Toilet paper. Don’t let yourself run out of toilet paper! I like to buy more when I notice I only have one roll left. The same deal goes for paper towels.

10. Enjoy. Living on your own is simoltaneously exciting and exhausting, but an all around must-have experience. Enjoy the freedom to forget to make the bed, to decorate your bathroom however you want, to have ice cream for dinner, to watch reruns of Friends and cry when Rachel decides to move to France. Make sure to give yourself lots of space to move at your own pace, but please remember to eat three meals a day and to go to the doctor’s for a checkup at least once a year!

Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Epilogue

April 1


I find the letter at the foot of my bed when I wake up.




I don’t know exactly how to say this

I’ve been sitting here staring at the blank page for ten minutes

Why did you have to be the Mage’s Heir?

I wish this didn’t have to be so hard to say

Crowley, this is ridiculous

We’ve lived together all this time and

Bet you thought I hated you

I don’t hate you

I can’t even explain what I

Why did we have to be enemies?

Fuck it.


I love you Simon Snow.



He finds me outside the dining hall, and when he storms towards me I see the letter in his hand. I brace myself.


“When did you even write this?” I begin.

           Baz looks taken aback.  “What does that have to do with anything?”

           “And why did you have to write it today?”

           “It’s April Fool’s Day, Snow,” he tells me, “or did you forget already?”

           “That’s just it,” I say, my voice getting louder. “Why would you write something like this on a day where it could be a prank?”

           “For exactly that reason.”

           “Well, what am I supposed to think?”

           He gives me a look.  “Think whatever you want, Snow,” he shrugs, “I’ve made my move, just focus on making yours.”

           I glare up at him a second longer.  His eyes are gray and deep and almost sad.

           His mouth is right there, and his lips look soft like his hair.

           I wonder if he’s noticed where I’m looking.


I wonder if he’ll reach up…

           Or if I’ll have to reach down…

           Or if I’m even brave enough…


I’m not brave enough.

           I step back while I still can, before I’ve been staring at his mouth too long or before one of us closes the distance.

           I wish I had some sort of parting phrase, something more eloquent than “fuck you”, but I don’t.

           So I turn and walk away, feeling his eyes bore into my back, feeling that same magnetic tension I’d felt when I’d left him to cry away his own nightmares.

           I wait until I’m around the corner before I start running.


Maybe a love letter is a lame April Fool’s Day prank, but when else am I supposed to tell him? When else would he take it with a grain of salt?

           Except he didn’t take it with a grain of salt, even today.

           I hope it makes him hate me.  I hope he burns it in front of me.  I hope he makes me burn it with my own fire.

           I wish he would just break my heart and leave it at that.

           Because the only thing worse than knowing he hates me is not knowing.


I could have kissed him.

           I wanted to kiss him.


           I’m outside when I run out of breath and I lean against an ivy-covered wall before pulling my phone out of my pocket and dialing Penny’s number.



           “Hey Simon, what’s up?”

           I squeeze my eyes shut.  “You’ve got to help me.”

           “Why, what’s wrong?”



           “I almost kissed Baz.”


I find Simon sitting on the ground against a wall, and the grass is wet but I join him anyway and wait for him to speak.

           “What’s wrong with me, Penny?”

           I shoot him a look.  “Nothing’s wrong with you, Simon,” I assure him, “you’re just scared.”

           “Baz hates me.”

           I don’t answer.

           “And I hate him, right?”

           “If you have to ask me, then you probably don’t.”

           “But I must,” he insists, “I always have.”

           “Things change.”

           “Not this.”

           “Where is this even coming from?” I ask.  He hands me a folded slip of paper.  A letter, and even though it’s not signed, it’s clear who wrote it.  

           “It was on my bed this morning.”

           “You do realize this is probably a prank, right?”

           “But that’s just it,” he sits forward urgently, “I can’t tell.”

           “Simon,” I tell him firmly, “if he does feel this way, then what better day to tell you than on a day you might not realize it’s true?”

           “But why wouldn’t he want me to realize?”

           “Oh, I don’t know,” I scoff, “maybe because you’ve been mortal enemies your whole life and he’s supposed to kill you and it would be bad enough if he thought you hated him but even worse if you didn’t?”

           He doesn’t respond, weighing the possibility in his mind.

           “Quick question.”


           “Who almost kissed whom?”

           He shakes his head.  “I’m not really sure anymore.”

           “Did you want to kiss him?”

           It’s a long moment before he gives the slightest of nods.  “Why would I want that, Penny?”

           I put a hand on his knee.  “Oh, Si,” I murmur sympathetically, “you know why.”


I only go to the room for a minute after lunch to grab a jacket, but when I get there, there’s a note on my bed.



I love you too.



Of course I do.  How could I have doubted for a second that I did?


I avoid him for the rest of the day, spending most of it wandering the catacombs and when that gets boring, the Wavering Wood.  I climb to the top of the highest tree I can find and close my eyes, trying to remember how it felt yesterday.

           I don’t know if I should be reading into the note or not, but that’s probably my own fault.  I did it to him, so he did it to me, all on the one day of the year dedicated to practical jokes.

           Yet neither of us have actually said April Fool’s.

           I wait as long as I can to return to our room for the night, and by then it’s dark already.  Simon doesn’t appear to have come up yet, but the window is open, so he must have been here since I found his note.

           As I stare at the window, something dark and long swoops through the outside air lazily.

           I venture closer, and it swings by again, but this time I see what it is.  A dragon’s tail.

           Part of me wants to yank it hard and send him tumbling (his wings would save him anyway, no harm done), but I just poke my head out the window and find Simon on the roof, his tail dangling over the edge.

           “What in Merlin’s name are you doing up there?”

           “Turns out I like high places,” he replies without looking at me.  I should go back inside (I don’t have anything else to say), but the sky is clear tonight and the moon is hitting his curls in a new way and I could study them for hours.

           “What are you looking at?” he asks when he catches me staring.

           I shake myself out of my trance.  “Nothing,” I say, ducking to retreat back in.

           “You should come up.”


           “Up here, it’s a great view.”

           “I can see just fine from here, Snow.”

           “Yeah, but…” he trails off, still gazing out over the grounds, “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

           “You can come down if you want to talk to me.”

           “Where’s the fun in that?”  He shoots me a shy smile like he’s not sure if it’s allowed. “Seriously, just get out here.”

           I peer over the windowsill to the moat.  “I’ll fall.”

           “No you won’t,” Simon scoffs, “I’ve seen you climb.”

           “And I fell.”

           “I’d catch you.”

           He won’t look at me again but I can tell he’s not going to take no for an answer.

           I look anywhere but down or at him as I scramble over the sill and up onto the roof, not taking the offered hand but not slapping it away either as I might have done yesterday.

           One almost-kiss and you’d think the world was turned upside-down.

           Well, two almost-kisses.

           I settle into place beside him, anchoring my feet so I won’t slide down the angled roof.  It’s really not the most comfortable position, and the night air is colder up here, but now that I’m here I can see what he was talking about.  The Wood is like a quilt draped over the land and the hills roll like waves into the distance.  “Not a bad view,” I concede.

           “Told you.”

           “It would be a shame if I were to push you off the roof right now.”

           “You won’t.”

           “You sure?”



           “You just won’t.”

           I should, just to prove him wrong. Yesterday I might have.



           “Why haven’t we teamed up before?”

           I give a dark laugh.  “It might have something to do with being mortal enemies.”

           “Is that what we are?”

           “Well, it’s no secret that the Old Families want me to kill you.”

           “So why haven’t you?”

           “Are you getting impatient, Snow?”

           “You’ve had every opportunity, but even the times that you have legitimately tried, you’ve ended up saving me.”

           “I’ll make a note to stop doing that.”

           “Please don’t.”

           “I doubt we’d make a very good team, Snow,” I chuckle quietly.

           He looks genuinely curious.  “Why not?”

           “I think there has to be a certain level of trust in a team.”

           “I trust you.”

           I raise an incredulous eyebrow at him.  “I sold you out to a goblin yesterday, and now you trust me?”

           “It seems that way.”

           “Maybe that’s the reason we wouldn’t make a good team, because of your horrible decision-making skills.”

           Simon just laughs.  “You weren’t actually trying to kill me, and besides, look how it turned out.”

           My mind jumps straight to the almost-kiss at the top of the tree and I’m suddenly grateful for the darkness hiding my blush. “What do you mean?”

           “You killing that goblin,” he practically gushes, “that was incredible!”

           I shrug.  “Goblins are stupid, it wasn’t exactly difficult.”

           “Exactly. Imagine if we’d teamed up years ago, the Insidious Humdrum would be long gone by now.”

           “How boring our lives would be.”

           “We wouldn’t have to be enemies.”

           I look down at my legs.  “We’d still have to be enemies.”

           “We could be unlikely friends.”

           “No we couldn’t.”

           He glances at me carefully.  “Maybe not,” he agrees after a pause.

           Maybe he could be alright with friends, but I don’t know if I ever could.

           Fuck the Families.  Fuck the Mage.  Fuck the roles we’ve been given and the parts we have to play.  Fuck it all.  I just want you, Simon Snow.



           “Why did you have to write that letter today?”

           I don’t know if I’m shivering from the cold or the question, or both.  “I’ve already told you why.”

           “Why couldn’t you have written it tomorrow?”

           I cast him a sideways glance.  “You know that April Fool’s Day isn’t the one designated day of the year that I’m able to lie to you, right?  Saying it any other day wouldn’t make it true.”

           “If it were true,” he says slowly, “today would be the perfect day to say it without the risk of being taken seriously, right?”

           I shrug carefully.  “I suppose.”



           He looks me right in the eye.  “Did you mean it?”

           I hold his gaze.  “Why are you expecting the truth?”

           “Because I trust you.”

           “That’s right, I’d forgotten.”

           He waits expectantly.

           “It doesn’t matter what I say,” I sigh, “you won’t believe me.”  It’s the grave I’ve dug myself.


           I don’t answer, just meet his eyes.

           “Did you ever consider,” he murmurs, “even for a moment, the possibility that your letter would mean something to me?”

           I don’t speak, I can’t.

           “Or that maybe my note wasn’t a prank?”

           I gulp.  “The thought crossed my mind, but it was too ridiculous to entertain.”

           He shifts fractionally closer but I can already feel the energy start to crackle between us.  “It’s not that ridiculous.”

           “What are you saying?”

           Simon’s eyes are dark like indigo, his hair framed by the moon behind him.  “I think…”

           I can’t breathe as I wait for him to finish.


I don’t know if I can say it.  Writing it down is one thing, but saying it face-to-face, and this close…

           Baz’s eyes are silver, illuminated by the moon behind me.



“Do you know why I woke you from the nightmares?” he says suddenly, and I want to slap him for changing the subject.  (And then kiss his cheek.)  (And then kiss his mouth.)

           “Because I was keeping you from your beauty rest?”

           “Because you were scared, and… it hurt me to see you hurting like that.”

           He won’t look at me again, and I want to take his chin in my hand and make him meet my eye, but I stay still and wait.

           “When you had the nightmares,” he eventually continues, “you didn’t just say no a lot.”

           I already know where this is going.  “What else did I say?”

           “My name.  Simon.”

           Figures.  “I was afraid of that,” I nod.

           “Can I ask what you were dreaming about?”

           It takes a long time for me to answer.  “I had to kill you.”

           “And did you?”

           Just the thought brings tears to my eyes.

           “You don’t have to…”

           “Yes.  I did.” He’s silent as I take a ragged breath. “That’s why it’s my worst nightmare. I know I’ve been told all my life that I have to kill you, but if it ever really came to it, I want to think that I’d be brave enough to refuse.  But in my nightmares, I always give in.  Sometimes you kill me at the same time, and then at least I know I won’t have to carry on living in a world without you…”

“After I woke you,” he says a minute later, his voice getting quieter and quieter, “I hated myself for what I’d done to you.  I wanted to comfort you, to hold you until you fell asleep again, but I was too afraid.  When I walked away, it was like someone was ripping a piece out of me, and then I hated myself even more.  I thought the feeling would go away, but it didn’t.”  He looks me in the eye, and he looks terrified.  “It still hasn’t.”

He’s only inches away.  There’s tears in his eyes to match mine.  

“I think…” Simon moves even closer, “I think I meant what I wrote.”

My heart goes quiet, but I’ve never felt more alive.

“I know,” I whisper, “that I meant what I wrote.”

It’s taking everything in me right now not to fall against him.

I don’t miss his eyes as they flicker to my mouth and back up. When he speaks it’s less than a breath. “May I…”


He takes a handful of my shirt and pulls me down to him.


Baz tastes like citrus and wood smoke and I’m immediately lost in the scent.  His mouth is softer than I could have imagined and I want to be gentle, to move slowly, but I can’t stop myself from opening his mouth with mine.  I feel his sigh vibrate against my chin as I deepen the kiss and oh, it’s not enough.  I want to hear every sound he has, to explore every inch of him, to stay here forever discovering.  I know right now that I’ll never get enough.


Simon kisses me like he’s starving, like he can’t get enough, yet he’s gentle.  His mouth is slow and deep, and my hand is in his curls before I even know what I’m doing, angling his head and moving slow, like we have nothing but time.  The tears are spilling over from my eyes and I can feel the moisture of his own tears on his cheeks, but we’re both kissing through our grins, giddy and desperate for more.


Breaking away from him is like pulling the plug on life support, but he stays no more than a breath away.

“Are you shaking?” I whisper.

“It’s cold up here, Simon,” he murmurs back.  “Not everyone has an internal furnace like you apparently do.”

I grin and wrap my wings around the two of us.  “Call me that again.”

He presses a gentle kiss to my mouth.  “Simon,” he breathes, and I can’t stop myself from pulling him in again.

Baz keeps whispering my name between kisses, and I keep falling more and more in love with him.

Bedtime stories

Ta-da!! Another day, another challenge entry! This cute little drabble is for the lovely @impala-dreamer and her one prompt for all challenge - it had to be Dean x Reader, no more then 3000 words and I had to use the prompt exactly as it was given (you’ll find it bolded)

Word count: 822

Characters: Dean Winchester, wife Reader, Lucas Winchester (OMC), Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Warnings: one swear word, daddy Dean (yes that needs mentioning - your ovaries will thank me)

 Walking through the bunker, I follow the sound of laughter to my son’s room. If someone had told me several years ago that I’d be living in an underground fortress and raising a kid I probably would’ve laughed in their face. But then I met the Winchesters. It took 3 werewolves and 1 horrendous dive bar to change the path of my future, and I wouldn’t change a single second of it – well maybe the part where I got clawed to hell and back.  

After much back and forth between me and the elder brother, I became Mrs Winchester 4 years ago (well as much as I could anyway – not much you can do when the man you love is considered legally dead). And just over 9 months after that, our family grew bigger with the arrival of our honeymoon baby. 

Leaning against the door frame, I smile at the sight before me. My mini-Dean is bouncing up and down on his bed and throwing his favourite stuffed moose onto the floor time and time again as his dad tries to get him ready for bed.

Keep reading

Nobody Needs to Know || Pt. 3

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 4

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “please write the next chapter to nobody needs to know!!! i’m so hooked on it x”

Prompts: #38 “He better only be just a friend.”

Warnings: I honestly didn’t intend the ending to be the way it is, but I was feeling it.

A/N: I’m overjoyed at the response this got! If you like my writing, feel free to comment or go to my ask box and request something you’d want to read. I’ll probably do a part 4, as this seems to be something you guys want to continue and honestly I’m having fun writing it :) 

My requests are always open!

Tag List: @captainsuperfangirl, @kitschkylo, @imperfectanatomy, @latenightbooknerd, @keepcalmandflywithtoothless @markedbymymistakes

You aren’t sure how long you stand out there, taking strength from the friends that stayed in the cold to prepare for any outcome. What you are sure of is that Jughead watched the entire exchange, seeing him turn away through the window just as the group dispersed and started the trek to Archie’s house.

Veronica calls an emergency sleepover, and it was unanimously decided that it would be at Archie’s house. Betty’s mom didn’t like V or Archie, Veronica was almost one hundred percent sure her mom would jokingly flirt with you three to embarrass her, and having your parents ask what was wrong is exactly the conversation you did not want to have.

On the way there, everyone calls their respective parents.

“No, dad, we’re all just missing each other lately and want to spend some time at Archie’s.”

Your dad, protective and yet also thinks he’s a comedian, pretends Archie is news to him. “Who is this boy? Is he nice? He better not be ginger. Back in my day,” you groan, “they just didn’t have souls. Now I’ve heard they steal them!” He laughs, but you just roll your eyes.

“Dad, I know you know Archie. We’re walking there now, I’ll text you once we get there. His dad is there right now but I think he’s going out later, so no worries about me being unsupervised nor any jokes about being killed in my sleep by a creepy old man.”

“He’s leaving later though, huh?” You sigh, knowing exactly where this is going.

“Dad, you’ve known Archie for years. This joke isn’t funny anymore, just annoying. Actually, anymore implies it was funny the first time you did it when I was twelve. No, gingers aren’t heartless. Yes, you know Archie. He lives a block over. No, we won’t be doing any canoodling, he’s just a friend.” You hear your friends all laugh, knowing exactly what your dad is trying to pull. He’s done it to everyone. You distinctly remember him once questioning you about a “dog of a friend” sleeping in your bed, pretending as if he hadn’t just bought the family a dog the day prior.

“He better only be just a friend.”

“Goodbye, dad.”

“Night. kiddo. Have a good time. Don’t forget to let me know when you all get to Archie’s.”

“Will do.”

You send off a text to your father as you walk in the door, heading straight to the kitchen. Everyone’s stomach had growled on the walk here, making the group realize that the capital-i Incident had prevented anyone from eating a full meal.

Rummaging through Archie’s fridge, you hear the soft plunks of pillows and blankets being tossed to the floor in preparation for the sleepover.

You know the conversation that is to come. How long is it acceptable to stand alone in a kitchen before it gets suspicious?

Sighing, you grab the pasta sauce, tomatoes, and spinach from the fridge then head to the pantry for pasta noodles.

Your friends mercifully tend to their nest making and allow you to make dinner while giving you time alone. You feel a scalding sensation on your hand and look up, rubbing the burn.The time on the microwave reads 9:56 pm, and you realize you’ve been standing at the stove for twenty minutes while the pasta has has been bubbling over, the splash hitting your hand as it spilled.

After scooping everyone a serving into a bowl, you set all of the food on Archie’s coffee table in the center of the room, surrounding which are the blankets they’ve artfully laid out. Stopping only to bid a farewell to Fred as he walks out the door, you take the spot in the center and curl up, letting the warmth from the bowl seep into your freezing fingers.

Your friends thank you for the dinner, and a while is spent with only the sound of Archie flipping the channels on the television.

It’s Betty that dissipates the silence.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. He said something about you and we thought you had told him and I feel so bad about-”

“Don’t,” you say with a sigh. You set your bowl onto the table and slip further into your blanket. “It’s my own fault. If I had just realized before it was too late that I had a crush, then I maybe could have distanced myself.” You look at all three surrounding you, and give a small smile. “I’m sure he just needs time, like he said. We’ll be fine in a couple days.”

Veronica slams her bowl down. “I just don’t get it!” Everyone’s head snaps to her. “You both seemed so enthralled with each other, I was sure he felt the same way. Or at least that he cared enough to not drop you just because you had the audacity to feel more for him than he might for you,” she finished sarcastically.

You shake your head, hoping that she won’t be too angry at Jug. He hadn’t done anything wrong, after all. “It’s just a bit awkward now. We’ll get over it. I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

“So,” Archie starts, a little hesitant, “You, uh, haven’t exactly told us what happened,” he points out, hand rubbing the nape of his neck.

And so the story begins. You tell them his reaction after they had left the diner, the hurt you felt. When you start to tell them about your plead with him for the two of you to move past it, the spiral of panic about being left out of the group, they stop you.

“Whoa, Y/N, slow down for a minute. Why would you ever think that?” Betty asks, concern coloring her voice.

“Don’t you ever, for even a second, think that we would stop caring for you just because there’s tension between you and Jughead.” Her fierce protectiveness is evident as Veronica scoots closer to you, throwing her arms around you.

“Yeah, Y/N/N. You’re pretty cool and stuff, we wouldn’t do that to you.”

Everyone laughs as Archie gets embarrassed, not knowing how to comfort you but trying his best. A sudden warmth starts in your stomach as you realize the support that your friends have shown all night.

“Thank you guys. I appreciate you hanging out with me as I wallow in pity,” you say, scrunching your nose at the thought of you in the middle of self-pity. You grab the remote from Archie. “Let’s find the worst movie currently streaming and just relax, yeah?” Everyone agrees, and the rest of the night is spent critiquing whatever movie was the subject of your fancy, support coming from the mere presence of such wonderful friends.

After the sleepover had dispersed the next morning, Archie heading off for Saturday football practice and the three girls all agreeing a shower was in order, you head home.

Once you shut your door, the bliss of being alone hits. You love your friends, and them being there despite you insisting everything was fine meant a lot, but you really needed to time to process by yourself.

The steam from your shower is stifling, but something about the scalding water makes you feel truly cleansed.

You check your phone: no messages. You turn the ringer on and the volume up, before tossing it across the bed and starting up your laptop.

Ten minutes pass. You check that you did, in fact, turn your ringer on. You did. No messages.

An hour passes, and you turn your phone off and then back on again, checking the signal. Full bars. No messages.

You throw your phone into a drawer. When you leave your house, your bedroom door is still open.

Distractions pt 2

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Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst (kinda…I guess?)

Summary: You and Yoongi had a history which nobody knew about. Now that you’ve debuted, you know your paths would cross again.

Word Count: 1689

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Yoongi tossed and turned in bed unable to get the image of you out of his head. Seeing you at that music show was the first time he’d seen you in person in almost four years. He couldn’t lie, you looked amazing and watching you perform was on a whole other level. He knew you loved music just as much as he did, but he never imagined you going through trainee years or debuting as an idol. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! im 16 and still in highschool (im going to be a junior this year) i dont yet have my license (Im not really comfortable or confident driving) I did finish an internship this summer. Im planning on going to college out of the country and I would like to rent my own apartment when I do (I also want to take my dog who is a smaller dog). I would just like to know a few things I can begin to practice and do to feel like a more adultier adult and get me closer to my goal because im terrified.

20 Things to Do Before Moving Out of Your Parent’s House

1. File as independent on your taxes. We’re a while away from tax season, but remember to file as independent on your taxes. This means that your parents can no longer claim you as a dependent and will no longer receive a tax break from the government for housing you. What it means for you, is that you will no longer be considered part of their tax bracket. This means you’ll have a better chance at applying for financial aid, health insurance, car insurance, etc.

2. Important Documents. Get as many of your important documents (social security card, birth certificate, tax forms, etc) as possible while you’re still living with your parents. You will need this information when you move out, so find a secure place to store them.

3. Learn to cook. Obviously, cooking skills are not going to come overnight! Checkout some cook books, online recipes, or even watch a couple episodes of Chopped. The more fast, cheap, and easy meals that you’re able to prepare before you move out- the better. Here’s my Cooking 101 post.

4. College. If you are going to college or planning to go to college, talk to financial aid about becoming an “independent student”. If the school classifies you as independent, financial aid will pay for a greater portion of your education. Also please don’t have your parent’s call the school on your behalf, start taking initiative and making these calls yourself. As someone who worked in a college call center for four years, a good 80% of the phone calls I got were from parents, and legally a college can’t tell them anything.

5. Accumulate furniture. Check out thrift stores, Dollar stores, and especially yard sales. Buying all of your furniture at once can be expensive and stressful, but accumulating a few pieces over time (space permitting) can be a more effective way.

6. Doctor’s appointments. Start making your own doctor’s appointments! I love this script by @spectrumsuperhero that’s applicable to all of your doctor’s appointment needs.

7. Start building credit. At 16, you’re probably too young to apply for an actual credit card, but having some credit before you move out will help you loads in the long run. As you might be aware, some landlords ask that their tenants have a credit score before renting to them. Don’t be discouraged! It’s just something to think about.

8. First Aid. Learn some basic First Aid. I’m going to toot my horn and link my postbecause I sat through literally six hours to get certified in this stuff, and if I do say so myself, my post is rather thorough.

9. Learn to clean. Learn some basic cleaning skills- how to wash dishes, how to vacuum, what sprays clean what. These may seem like simplistic things, but many people grow up not having to do household chores. I guarantee you that not every apartment you live in will have a dishwasher, so learn some dish skills now! Learn to clean.

10. Go Shopping. Make a shopping list and go shopping at your local supermarket or grocery store. Crowded stores can sometimes be unnerving, remember the more practice you get at it, the more at ease you’ll be.

11. Learn to wash clothes. Doing laundry is something that I never did while living in my parent’s house, and the first few times doing it on my own turned out… interestingly. Get your laundry skills in tip-top shape!

12. Get transportation. Get yourself a mode of transportation that does not require your parents. Biking, walking, and using public transportation are all ways that you can get where you need to be. Get as familiar with public transportation around your city as much as possible.

13. Separate bank account. Still sharing a linked bank account with your parents? Get yourself a bank account that they don’t have access to. One of the first steps towards moving out and “Adulting” is being able to take care of your money.

14. Build your resume. Keep working on and updating your resume, even if you already have a job. You never know when you’ll need to find another one, and you don’t want to hastily throw together your resume with little notice.

15. References. Similarly, get yourself a list of professional references. These references can be teachers, guidance counselors, family friends, etc. References are useful for job applications, housing applications, and networking. Always ask before putting someone’s name down as a reference.

16. Health insurance. Start learning about what health insurance coverage you currently have- how expensive it is, how it’s paid, how long it lasts, etc. Find out if you will be able to stay on this insurance after moving out of your parent’s house.

17. Buy a First Aid Kit. A First Aid Kit is a must have for whatever apartment, room, or house is your next home! Spend $20 and buy a decent sized one that includes things like cold compresses, burn creams, and gauze.

18. Buy a Bed. The average person sleeps around 229,961 hours in their lifetime. That’s a lot of time in bed! Buy yourself a comfortable mattress (you should replace your mattress every 8-10 years), luxurious sheets and/or a memory foam pillow. Nice beds can be expensive, so start saving up for one now.

19. Learn basic repair. Get yourself a toolbox and learn some basic repair. You can find extensive articles online about everything from unclogging a drain, to tightening screws, and using caulk. Get familiar with these tools now, because you never know what type of landlord you’ll end up with. They could come promptly when requested to do repairs, or they might not.

20. Learn how to write a check. Okay but seriously- this is important. Do not let me catch you moving out of your parent’s house without knowing how to write a check. Here is @howtogrowthefuckup‘s two cents.

Show Me Your Heart And I'll Show You Mine - Part 3

Parring: Bucky Barners X Reader

Word: 845

Warnings: nope

Summary: Soulmate!Au, what you write on your skin/wounds will show up on your soulmates skin. Reader is going off to meet her soulmate

A/N: I am done with my exams! It went like shit, but who cares? Because i am going to London on a few days! Let know what you think. Also, remember to check out mean my friend’s lgbt+ blog @rainbowadvices where i just posted about how i found out i bi

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“Is this really necessarily? “Will asked, looking at your stuffed trunk with a raised eyebrow.

“Of course it is! “Sabrina answered, throwing another shirt in there. “She is gone for a week, AND she is going to meet her soulmate, she has to be prepared for anything! “

“I don’t know” Will took a pair of hiking boots from the trunk and held them up. “I’m not sure they are going to be camping”

“You never know! “Sabrina snapped, while she took the boots from Will, and throw them back. Will started questioning every item Sabrina had packed, all while you just sat on your bed, watching your friends.

You were far too excited. All your life you had watched soulmates together, your friends had started to find theirs, while yours lived to far away for you to meet up. But now you had finally arranged something, and you were going to meet your soulmate in a few days. You had known him for years, he knew your deepest secrets, and you his. No, you weren’t nervous. Not at all.


All right, maybe you were a bit nervous.

“I’m not sure I can do this” You said, turning to Will and Sabrina. They sighed, it was the third time you had said that.

“I’m glad we came in good time” Will said, looking at his phone to check the clock.

“Listen, Y/N” Sabrina said, walked towards you, and took your hands. “He’s your soulmate. You’re meant to be, literally! You know him, he knows you, and he likes you for you. Besides, it’s not like it’s YOUR wedding, is it? “

“No” You answered, looking down at your hands.

"See? “Sabrina said and lifted your chin. “No reason to be nervous, he’s already madly in love with you”

You smiled weakly at her, before she pulled you into a hug. After that Will hugged you, for the third time, before you took a deep breath, looking at your friends.

“Wish me luck! “You said, giving them a last smile.

“Good luck” Sabrina answered, smiling soothing, before you turned around, starting to walk towards your gate.

“Go get him, girl! “Will said behind you, and you couldn’t help but chuckle.


I think I may be running a bit late

The text appeared on your arm while you sat in the flight. Relief spread like a wave through your body. You knew it wasn’t supposed to be like that, but you were so nervous that it only could make you happy to have a little more time.

That’s fine

I’m on the flight

You smiled weakly as you wrote your reply. Even now, when you were so nervous you literally were shaking, he was still the same, and you still liked him.

Great, I can’t wait to see you

A wide grin spread on your face, and you let your head fall back, throwing your arm over your eyes. You could almost feel the couple beside you staring at you, but in that moment, you didn’t care. You were going to meet your soulmate. You were going to meet Bucky!


You took a deep breath, not being able to keep the smile off your face. Bucky had written instructions on how to get to the café where you were supposed to meet him, and you were currently waiting for the bus. It was different than what you were used to, and you probably wouldn’t be able to find your own nose if you were on your own.

The bus arrived, and you bought a ticket, finding a seat. You had made Bucky write a list of all the stops so you wouldn’t miss it. Every time they said the next stop you checked if it were correct, and how many there were left.


You were tapping your foot on the floor, your eyes not staying at the same place more than a few seconds. It was nice outside, but you didn’t notice.


The elder women in front of you hushed at you, making you stop tapping your foot. You then started to fiddle with the edge of your shirt.


Every time someone new came into the bus you wondered if it could be Bucky. You had never seen him, he could be anyone. He could be the one sitting a few seats behind you.


More people stepped into the bus, and a boy around your age sat down beside you. You ignored him, looking out of your window.


You pressed the stop button as soon as you could, and said to the boy beside you that it was your stop. He responded that it also was his, and when the bus stopped you both got off.

You turned your head, looking for a café named Coffee time. It was apparently Bucky’s favourite café, and he wanted you to try it out.

You finally spotted it when you saw the boy from the bus walking towards it on the other side of the street. You took a deep breath, and walked towards it.


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After the Beep.


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: All of the in-between moments of a relationship, captured in the one-sided monologue that is voicemail. 


This has been sitting in my drafts for over a week whoops.

This isn’t the Untitled Garbage Fic that I’ve been rambling about but hopefully it will hold you over until that one is post-able.

Basically, I wanted to start getting words flowing again for the first time since we finished WYCH and that manifested in me choosing the absolute worst format for telling a narrative story. Honestly, this may or may not be the dumbest thing I’ve ever posted like @ becca why would you think this is a good structure for a fic? 

I hope you get a kick out of me fumbling my way out of writer’s block lmao.

Also ps shout out to @fragmentofmymind​ for being great at all times and for reading through this monstrosity for me (and providing that gif), she’s super awesome and super talented and if you aren’t following her already then honestly where have you been??

Word Count: does it even matter? the format on this is weird I’m so sorry.

The number you are calling cannot be reached. Please leave your message after the beep.

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Magic Lessons

In which Nesta gets rip-roaring drunk.  Mildly NSFW.  There’s a small shout-out to Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy too.  Makes more sense if you read the rest first:  1  2  2.5  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11

Nesta scanned the library shelves.  She had about half an hour before she needed to meet with Amren, and wanted to see if there were any books on life magic.  Months earlier, she had read what limited information there was on death magic, but none of it had felt like what she had called up that day against the King.  Hopefully, she had just been searching for the wrong thing, but she’d spent an hour already with no luck at all.  There were stacks of books on Illyrian killing power, and many more on the more generic magics like managing pocket realms and winnowing.  None of which she had tried yet.  Damn.  The silent librarian who escorted her turned into a different set of shelves, pulled two volumes down, and handed them to her.  She carried them to one of the desks that lined the circular walls and flipped one open.  It was a dissertation on magical theory, reviewing the concept of magic as manipulation of molecules.  She didn’t even know what that meant, but it sounded like it might be informative.  The second book opened to a gruesome picture of a fae being misted.  She’d seen enough of that in person during the war, and it had never called to her power.  Closing that one, she lifted the first and turned to the librarian.  “Can I borrow this?”  The female shook her head, and pointed to the desk, then to Nesta.  Okay, then, she could leave it here and come to read it.  She set it back down, nodded her thanks and left, realizing as she climbed that she could have verbally thanked the librarian; Clotho was mute, not deaf.  Oh well.  

Amren had suggested they meet on the roof; it was vacant when Nesta emerged from the House of Wind so she settled into one of the chairs.  Cassian had taken Feyre with him to train with Brisa again, so they wouldn’t be working out up there.  Her stomach ached from his absence.  Or from the memories of the day before.  She still felt a twinge of pain at how close she came to plucking his life before she remembered him after returning to her body.  Though he hadn’t been nearly as disturbed by the fact she’d nearly killed him as by the idea that she might have stayed in the abyss.  Their bond vibrated, and she realized she was sending her thoughts down it unawares.  She opened her pathetic, untrained barrier to him and he sent back an image of their return to the apartment the night before.  Her lips curled into a smile as she recalled flying back from the townhouse chasing the setting sun, all the colors more vibrant  than she had ever noticed before, his arms warm and hard around her, the wind tickling her skin, setting her into a state of arousal yet again.  Cassian must have felt it too, because as soon as he landed he lay her down on the chaise in the rooftop garden and they didn’t bother to fully undress before they were tangled with each other again, his wings flared to hide them from any eyes flying overhead.  Then he had carried her down the stairs, ignoring her laughing protests, mouth claiming hers as he gently set her on her feet.  It felt strange, to return to their apartment after so much had changed and realize they had been gone less than twelve hours.  She had been a little worried that Willow would reject or fear her, but the half-grown cat had greeted her as enthusiastically as ever, whole body vibrating with the force of her purr.  Then this morning, they had lingered in bed far past his usual sunrise awakening.

The sound of a throat clearing interrupted her reverie, and she looked up to see Amren glaring at her.  “Are you ready to work, or am I going to have to deal with newly-mated nonsense all day?”

Nesta bristled a little at the tone, but replied, “Yes” as flatly as she could manage.

The tiny female’s eyes narrowed.  “Yes to which one?”

“You pick,” Nesta replied, but got to her feet.  “What’s the plan?”  

Amren led her over to the door, where she had set a box of plants.  “We need to figure out what your magic affects, and you need to practice control.”

Nesta looked down at the box, wondering if Elain would be mad at her if she destroyed a bunch of plants.  Or if she was right, and it was life magic she possessed, could she turn the roof into a jungle if she pushed her power the other way?  “I found a book,” she said, noticing the crossing of Amren’s arms at the delay, “that talks about magic as manipulating molecules?  I don’t really understand what that means, but it sounded brilliant…” She broke off as she realized Amren actually looked a little embarrassed.  Her expression changed to bored contempt as soon as she noticed Nesta’s attention.  Hmm.  Perhaps the ancient female had more talents than she knew, if she was writing books.  Though after thousands of years of existence, she supposed writing was just another thing to do.

Amren waved a hand dismissively.  “That’s all well and good to read on your own time.  Maybe it’ll help, if you can actually understand it.  For now, grab a plant and sit down.”  Selecting the ugliest plant of the group, Nesta sat at the little painted iron table.  “Close your eyes.”  She obeyed.  “Now, remember what you felt yesterday when you returned and everything was fresh.  Breathe in, and let the power flow through you.  Then breathe out, and reach out with it.  Don’t do anything with it, just feel.”  

But Nesta didn’t have to reach out.  As soon as she thought of the power, she could feel Amren’s life force flowing, so close to her.  The people in the House of Wind behind her as well, servants and librarians and the couple of scholars who had been admitted.  She directed her focus to the plant in front of her, but it may as well have been made of the same iron as the table; she couldn’t feel it.  Minutes passed, and finally she felt a tiny flicker from the plant.  It felt clean, content.  Simple.  And it was…moving.  She opened her eyes and focused on the spot of movement.  A small bug was crawling along a leaf.  “I can’t feel the plant,” she said, “but I can feel the bug.”

“Can you manipulate its life force?”

Nesta shook her head.  “I don’t want to kill it.”

“What?” Amren’s tone was incredulous.  “You don’t want to kill the bug?”

“It’s cute.  And it’s not going to hurt anyone.”

There was a long enough pause that Nesta looked up.  Amren was shaking her head.  “The girl who beheaded the King of Hybern doesn’t want to hurt a bug because it’s cute.”

She gestured at it.  “Look, it’s got all those little spots on its shell.  And the little antennae, they’re…waving.  It doesn’t mean any harm.”  

Amren’s expression shifted from incredulous to intensely focused.  “Can you sense its intent?”

Nesta shrugged.  “I don’t know, it just sounds…feels…benign.”

“Have you been able to sense people’s intentions before?”

“I’ve never really tried.  I mean, I can feel Cassian’s but, you know, the bond.  And he’s remarkably easy to read even without it.”

“Try with me.”

Pursing her lips, Nesta shifted the focus of her power to Amren and just sat for a moment, listening to the complex force flowing under that fair skin.  “You’re…sharp, for lack of a better word,” she said, finally.  “That’s not an intention, but I don’t know how else to describe it.”  

“Do you remember how the King felt?” Amren asked softly, leaning in, silver eyes fixed on the swirling gray-blue.

“No,” Nesta replied automatically, then paused to remember.  She called up the feel of the King when he sat on that throne of bones, conducting the mindless members of his court, thriving on the dismay of his prisoners, on the pain.  Then, when he was readying that Cauldron blast, she had been able to feel his gleeful anticipation at the destruction it would wreak, like a staccato beat.  She had thought it was the Cauldron she had felt, but the Cauldron did not have emotions, did not have an opinion about anything outside of itself.  Finally, as he had appeared holding her father prisoner, the off-notes that had sounded - she had known he would kill him, regardless of what she did.  When she spoke again her voice was trance-like.  “Yes.  He was dissonant, he wanted to disrupt all the threads.  After he died, the chords got more…harmonious.  But then the Cauldron was broken, and you and Rhys…”  She couldn’t find words for the cacophony that had erupted, hadn’t been able to differentiate between emotion and power at all at that time.

“And the queens?”  The words were barely more than a whisper.

Nesta didn’t move or speak for a full minute before shaking her head.  “No, I can’t remember.  They felt wrong, but I don’t know that wasn’t just because they were so obviously uninterested in helping us.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes, Nesta watching the bug delicately nibbling a leaf, still listening to its tiny life force humming.  There was something soothing about it.  

“Well, we know you can’t feel plants and won’t kill bugs,” Amren finally said drily.  “Is there a creature you’re willing to practice on?  Other than Cassian, of course.”

Nesta shivered at the reminder of her near-disaster the day before.  “I don’t know, maybe Elain can point out some pests or something.”

Amren’s mouth twisted.  “She and her mate went back to the Dawn Court once it was clear you were okay, so we’ll have to wait a bit if you’re going to insist on that.”  Nesta had forgotten Elain and Lucien were on their honeymoon.  She wondered briefly why they had come back, how they had known, but Elain must have seen it and asked to return.  Sweet Elain.  She hadn’t thanked her, or Feyre for that matter.  Her history was filled with unspoken gratitude.

They worked for another hour on pinpointing and describing individual life forces.  She could easily reach about halfway across the city, but selecting an individual to follow among the crowds was challenging.  And exhausting.  By the time Mor came to bring them to dinner, Nesta was starving and had a headache brewing between her eyes.  The three walked towards the dining room.  Mor glanced at her out of the side of her eye.  “Looks like I miss all the fun,” she said casually.

Nesta snorted.  “Well, I would’ve issued you a formal invitation to witness my trauma, but I just don’t like you.”

Mor grinned, golden brown eyes glimmering with humor.  “Given that you apparently came out of wherever the hell you were in a killing rage, I think I’m grateful.”

“Now, now, I wouldn’t go into a killing rage without you to inspire me.  I was just a little confused.”

“Remind me to always be crystal clear with you, then.”  They slid into their seats at the table, the first to arrive.  Mor poured them each a glass of wine.  “I’ll tell you what, though,” she said, more seriously, “I felt you from here.  When you surged.  As soon as I regained my breath I winnowed to the townhouse, but I was told to let you and Cassian be and Feyre promptly dragged me right back here.  You’ve got some wicked power there, I’ve never felt anything quite like it.”

“I still think you should talk to Rhysand,” Amren interjected.  “He may be able to help.”

The High Lord appeared then as if summoned, Azriel a step behind him.  “What can I help with?”

“Managing your sister-in-law’s terrifying power,” Mor chirped, her bright tone at distinct odds with the words.

Rhys inclined his head towards Nesta as he took his seat.  “I’d be happy to.”  He snapped his fingers and food appeared on the table.  “Feyre and Cassian should be here shortly.  She said to get started without them.”

Mor frowned.  “Everything okay?”

Rhys chuckled and even Azriel gave a dry smile.  “Yes, just something has evidently gotten under Cassian’s skin and he needs to blow off some steam before appearing in polite company, apparently.”

Nesta and Mor looked at each other, then back at Rhys.  “Where exactly is the polite company?” Nesta inquired mildly.

“That is a very good question,” Feyre answered, entering the hall.  Cassian prowled behind her, expression stormy.  She dropped a kiss on Rhys’s cheek before slipping into the seat next to him.  Cassian threw himself onto his chair, arms crossed, and Nesta pressed his knee with her own.  He gave her an apologetic grimace that was probably intended to be a smile and she bit her lip to keep from laughing.  Glancing at Feyre did not help her maintain her composure, as her sister’s own lips were twitching.  Whatever had been gotten Cassian riled was clearly not of any dire nature.  Everyone watched him quietly for a moment while he chewed on his lip.

He finally erupted.  “I’m going to wallop her!” His hand slammed onto his table.

“Who?” Mor and Amren chorused, while Nesta asked, “Sabine?”

“Yes!”  He fumed silently for another moment before going on.  “She had the balls to ask me if I was going to invite her father to our mating ceremony.  Of course, she called him our father.  Why the hell is she even thinking about the ceremony?  How does she even know?  You’ve been able to feel the bond for all of a day.”

Azriel cleared his throat and said quietly, “Well, brother, you’ve been engaged for a few weeks now.”

Cassian glared at him.  “She had already asked about the wedding, just assuming she’d be part of it.  Now she’s trying to shove into the mating ceremony that Nesta and I haven’t even had a chance to discuss.”

Mor raised a hand.  “Um, I may have told Brisa about the events yesterday, and I guess she could have told Sabine.”

The warrior whirled to her.  “What?  Why?  When?”

“I ran into her at Rita’s last night,” she said, shrugging.  “She asked me if anything exciting was going on.  I didn’t realize it was a secret, I’m sorry.”

His brow furrowed and jaw clenched as he looked at Mor, anger darkening his eyes.  Nesta wanted to kiss the little wrinkles between those eyes, that muscle feathering in his cheek, but settled for brushing his hand with hers and murmuring, “It’s okay, Cass.  Everyone was going to learn eventually.”  

After a brief moment he glanced at Nesta, then took a breath and settled back into his chair, turning his attention to the food.  Tension still rolled off of him, but he did a passable job of acting normal as they ate and discussed the growing rift the death of the eldest mortal queen had caused on the Continent, and what that might mean for the movement going forward.  When the meal was finally over, and Rhys had agreed to join Nesta and Amren the next day, Nesta took Cassian’s proffered arm and they walked in silence to the roof.  “Can we go out?” he asked abruptly as he scooped her into his arms.

“Sure, if you want.”  So much for going home and finding inventive ways to relieve his tension, but they hadn’t gone dancing in a while, and dancing was often a good source of inspiration.


They landed at the top of a hill unfamiliar to Nesta.  Cassian strode down the darkening street, fast enough Nesta nearly had to jog to catch up.  She took his hand and he slowed, squeezing hers in a gentle apology.  “Why does it bother you so much?” Nesta asked.  “They don’t mean any harm.”

He stopped abruptly and turned to her, his free hand moving to her cheek.  “Because you and I haven’t even had a chance to talk about this, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let them push you into something you don’t want.”  

“Oh.  So it’s not that you don’t…want…all of this?”

He laughed, loud and long, before taking her face between his hands and answering, “I want nothing more than to be with you for the rest of time.  I’d be mated or married or whatever you want tomorrow if we could arrange it.  But if we let Sabine and Mor and everyone take over, we’ll end up having half the Night Court at the ceremony.”  Nesta blanched at that idea, and there was a smile in his voice as he continued, “And since I highly doubt that’s what you want, I’m going to fight like hell to prevent it.”  He kissed her thoroughly, and a couple of kids on the street whooped.  “Now let’s go dance.”

The club was busy, almost as jam-packed as Rita’s always was, the music just as demanding.  “Let’s grab a drink first,” Cassian said in her ear as he steered her towards a booth.  Leaving her there with a kiss to her hair, he headed towards the bar.


Nesta’s head snapped up at the unfamiliar voice, and she glanced at him where he had stopped, halfway across the floor.  She noted the stiffening of his posture, the subtle tightening of his hands into fists, as a tall, curvy female with large dark eyes and full lips approached.  “Hello, Tamirah,” he said warily.

“It’s been ages since I saw you last,” she replied brightly, “I was wondering when you’d come seek me out.”

“I’m not…” he started, then stopped, collecting himself.  “I’m with someone.”

She laughed, a high, fluttering sound.  “I heard you had someone sharing your bed,” she said, “but that never stopped you before.”

“This is different,” he said warmly.  

Nesta smiled internally at that warmth, though her impassive mask did not shift.  She pretended to be watching the dancers as his eyes flicked to her, then felt Tamirah’s attention shift to her as well.  “Oh, she is lovely, though I heard she’s colder than ice.  Well she’d be welcome to join us, you know I’m always up for that.  And I know you’ve always enjoyed having multiple females at once as well.”  Nesta could feel his flinch down the bond.  The tall female moved as if to run a hand over his chest but he snarled at her, viciously enough that all the nearby dancers stopped and stared.  She took an involuntary step backwards, then laughed again to cover her confusion.  The others shuffled away before resuming their dance, continuing to glance nervously at the warrior.

“You know,” she drawled, cocking her head to the side as she studied Nesta, who still pretended her attention lay elsewhere, “she looks just like the High Lady.”  Her eyes moved back to Cassian, a nasty smile playing over her lips.  “There was a rumor that you and Feyre had a fling before the High Lord claimed her.”  Cassian’s Siphons flared a little, but Tamirah didn’t notice the brief flash of red light.  “She certainly has a taste for powerful males, doesn’t she.  First the Spring Court lord, then you, then Rhysand…I know you and the High Lord are close as brothers, but I guess he wasn’t willing to share.  Looks like you found your own version to play with.”  

Nesta had nearly leaped from her seat at the reference to Feyre, but on feeling Cassian’s anger flare through the bond she settled back to see how he would handle it.  There was nothing of his usual warmth and kindness in his face; no, he looked truly menacing as he stepped towards Tamirah, towering over her.  “If you ever - EVER - insult our High Lady again I will break your fucking neck,” he said, voice low but all the more threatening for it.  “It just so happens that Nesta is Feyre’s sister.  And my mate.  So do me a favor, Tamirah.  Since you love to spread rumors, tell everyone you know that I am mated, and to be married, and completely in love with the High Lady’s sister.  And get the hell out of my face.”

Tamirah obeyed, scurrying for the door with real fear in her face.  Nesta couldn’t help it, she reached a tendril of power out to her.  The tall female’s life force was limp, held together by thousands of tiny threads that spread out to others in a huge fragile web.  There were no thicker threads to anchor her, no strong connections to anyone.  Nesta couldn’t be angry at her, she just felt…sorry.  Even when she had herself barricaded behind ice, Feyre and Elain had always kept their bonds strong and now she was tethered to so many.  This female had no one really, just the illusion of a lot of someones.

A tug from one of Nesta’s someones drew her focus back to Cassian.  He was watching her, expression wary and a hint of sadness in his eyes, and he turned away as she met his gaze.  She rose and eased through the crowd which had encroached upon Cassian again, until she was standing next to him, lightly brushing his arm with her shoulder.  He just looked down at her, and there was something in his face she couldn’t read, a void where the humor usually underlay everything else.  She ran a questioning internal finger down the bond and it came to her - shame.  Her chest ached, and she searched for what to say to let him know she understood, that she didn’t care about anyone he’d let into his life or his bed before her.  

“So, I take it she won’t be sending us a Solstice card?”  His lips twitched but he didn’t reply, and the flash of humor didn’t reach his eyes.  She tried again.  “We can seat her next to Sabine’s father at the ceremony.  I bet they’d hit it off.”  A low growl but a slight thaw.  “I’ve always wondered what the role of the third person was in a multi-partner situation.  It sounds like she’s an expert.  Maybe I should go ask her for information.  Maybe she’s written a book.”  Now he was struggling not to laugh, and she nudged him with her shoulder.  “I never thought you were celibate for five hundred years.”

He sighed and rubbed his hands over his face.  “I know, it’s just…running into her with you here…”

“Well,” she said, tone practical, “I imagine if we wanted to avoid all of your former lovers we could never leave the apartment.”  

He started to protest, but paused.  “Okay, you may have a point.”  

“And as long as I’m the only one around at present-”

“You are.”

“- then I don’t care.”  He wrapped his arms around her then, pressing her into his chest and kissing her temple before resting his chin on her head.  She felt the tension he’d been vibrating with leave him.  Another question flitted through her, but now was not the time to ask it.  She tugged him towards the bar.  While they waited for the attention of one the bartenders, she read the various signs that listed the different drinks.

“What’s a Gravedigger?” she asked.

Cassian laughed.  “Trouble in a glass.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s some specialty cocktail they make.  I had two once and it put me completely under the table, Az had to drag me home.”  He laughed again at the memory.

“I want to try one.”

“No you don’t.”

Her eyes flashed.  “Are you telling me what I can have?”

“Of course not,” he said, raising his hands in surrender.  “You want a Gravedigger, that’s fine, I can carry you home.  But don’t blame me in the morning.”  The female bartender turned to them then, and Cassian raised his eyebrows at Nesta.  She nodded.  “I’ll have a brown ale,” he said, “and the she’ll have a Gravedigger.  And a glass of water.”  The golden-haired bartender was grinning, her exotic face alight with humor as she returned with the drinks.  Nesta took a cautious sip of hers.  It didn’t burn as she expected, but instead a gentle warmth flowed through her.  She rolled a second sip on her tongue, savoring the way the sweetness of fruit and honey was balanced by the slight sharpness of the alcohol.  A third sip and she felt strong, bold.  What had Cassian been worrying about?  She drank the rest down and then grabbed his hand and dragged him out onto the dance floor.  

They danced forever, Nesta surrendering herself completely to the music, the pulse of the crowd, all those bright lives moving around her, with her.  The life force flowed through all, she was everyone and everyone was her.  There was no way of knowing how much time had passed, time really didn’t mean anything anyway, it was just a construct after all, when strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her away from the small group she had joined.  She swayed slightly and her back hit against something warm and solid.  She tilted her head back and found herself looking up a vaguely familiar pair of nostrils.  Her focus shifted and there were amused hazel eyes behind those nostrils.  She spent a moment going back and forth between nostrils and eyes.  Odd that she could control that.  Something tickled her face and she reached a hand up to brush it away, but it wasn’t the light feather she was expecting.  Instead her hand smacked the face above hers, one finger going into an eye.  Ew.  There was a deep grunt that reverberated through her back, and the face above hers pulled back.  Now she could see a mouth above a strong chin, and black hair curving down around it.  “Must you poke my eye out, love?” a familiar voice asked.

“Is she okay?” came a husky female voice from nearby.  Nesta turned towards the sound and saw a blur of golden hair surrounding sapphire-colored eyes in a narrow pink oval.  She blinked, and the blur coalesced into a face with sharp, exotic features.

“I think so,” replied the voice behind her.  “I guess I better bring her home though.  I don’t know what you put in that shit, but Mother above…”

There was a warm laugh.  “Need help?”  

“No thanks.”  The face above her swung from side to side, making her dizzy, and she felt herself being hoisted off the ground.  She was floating, suspended, and she stretched her arms over her head, bending backwards over the two hard beams that held her up.  Other hands brushed hers, and there was a murmuring as she passed weightlessly through the crowd.  Then they were outside, the cool air bracing.  She gulped it down like water and felt her head clear a little.  She knew these arms that held her.

“Cassian?” she asked.

“Yes, love?” he rumbled, as something dark spread behind him.  His wings.

“I love you, Cassian,” she said, tears starting in her eyes.  How had she never really realized this?  How deep this went?  How it affected every part of her?

“That’s a relief,” he replied, then kissed her forehead and launched them into the sky.

The cold air nipped at her skin and tore at her hair as they sailed over the city.  “We’re flying!” she shouted.

“Mother’s tits, Nesta, we fly every day.”

“But we’re really flying!  Don’t you know how…how…what a miracle that is?”

His whole body vibrated and she grabbed at his shoulders in case they should fall.  What was wrong with him?  Was he having some sort of fit?  They touched down on a roof and he set her gently down before bending over, howling with laughter.  She didn’t know what was so funny, so she just waited.  Finally, he regained control and straightened.  “Come on, love,” he said, scooping her up again, “let’s get you to bed.”

The apartment was dark as he kicked open the door, and there was a patter of tiny feet and then a small squeak, then lights flared to reveal the fluffy gray cat.  “Willow,” Nesta said, tears welling again.  “Willow, I missed you, kitty.  I love you.”  

Cassian carried her down the hall with the cat trotting behind and set her carefully on the bed then knelt to remove her shoes.  She sat watching him, the way the hair had escaped from its tie to fall across his cheekbone, his fingers undoing the straps of her shoes.  He pulled her to her feet and deftly flipped back the bedcover, then began unbuttoning her dress.  She pushed at him.  “I shouldn’t,” she said, and the words sounded uncomfortably loud in her ears.  “I have a mate.”  

“Yes, love, you do.  Me,” he replied, continuing to gently undress her.  Desire flared through her at the scrape of his fingers against her bare shoulders as he eased the dress down.  He picked her up and lay her down on the bed, then tucked the covers around her.  She grabbed his shirt when he tried to turn away, and tugged him down so his face was close to hers.  

“I want…” she couldn’t think of what she was going to say.  He waited patiently until she remembered.  “I want you to fuck me.”

“Not tonight, sweetheart,” he said, a smile in his voice.  

“But why not?”  She smacked him lightly on the shoulder.  

“You’re drunk.”

“Nah, I’m not drunk.  That’s just a…” Words were really hard to find.  “An excuse.  I’m not…I’m not a child.  Don’t you want to fuck me?”

He sat on the edge of the bed, cupped the side of her face in his hand, and brushed his thumb across her cheekbone.  “Yes, love, I do.  But not like this.”  She started to protest but he pressed a gentle finger against her lips.  “If you still want me to in the morning,  I promise I will.”  He rose then and left the room before she could respond.  Clinking sounded down the hall and she could hear Willow’s excited mews.  Lights turned out in the apartment, and then Cassian came back into the bedroom and set a glass of water on her nightstand.  He shut out the lights, but she could still hear the rustle as he removed his clothes.  Good.  Once he was naked in bed she could convince him.  But first, she would just close her eyes and rest for a minute.  She felt the bed sink under his weight, then his arms wrapped around her and pulled her against him.  In just a moment, she’d begin seducing him.  She just…needed…a…little…rest…

SILVER SPOON: Part 6 [Yoongi x Reader; Rom-com, fluff]

A girl who had to work hard every day of her life to rise from nothing, meets a man who was born with and given everything.

A classic tale of what happens when a cold, uptight farm girl meets a playful, rebellious, easy-going city boy that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Summary: Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin & VIXX’s Leo as side characters; some other BTS members show up too lol)
Office au
Romantic Comedy, Fluff

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (Finale)

A/N: So this was a pretty long part haha so I’m gonna insert a “Read More”/ “Keep Reading” link for it. I don’t really put them in cause I don’t trust that they always work ;_; so please let me know right away if it isn’t letting you read more!

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          The following morning was filled with sad goodbyes from your family members. Yoongi had dropped the bomb after breakfast and you thought Jin and Taehyung were going to cry on the spot. Honestly, you also couldn’t shake off the feeling of dread inside you, not since you received the text from the Chairman last night. But seeing Yoongi’s bright smile and how excitedly he announced the end of his punishment, you figured he was happy about returning to his fancy apartment and his comfortable bed. I mean, who wouldn’t? And it’s not like you wanted him to stay at the farm forever either.

           You watched your mother fuss over him before you two made your way to the bus with a gentle smile.

           "Make sure you eat well. Pack a big lunch. Eat a hefty breakfast. And if you ever want me to pack you a lunch, just give Y/N a heads up. And if you want to come visit on weekends, you’re more than welcome to. I’m sure the boys and the girls would love it.“

           "Thank you mom.” Yoongi grinned and let her give him a tight hug and a few kisses.

           Jin and Tae squeezed the life out of him and you had to pry Yoongi out of their grasps in order to make it to the bus stop on time.

           "I’ll e-mail you hyung!“ Tae bellowed as Yoongi waved and chuckled.

           "I’ll write you letters and have Y/N deliver them to you!” Jin shouted.

           "Oh please don’t make me do that.“ You groaned.

           Yoongi laughed and ruffled your head. "I wouldn’t mind that at all.”

           You huffed, trying not to look flustered at his subtle action. The effects from yesterday still weren’t worn out after all.

           Soon enough, you two fell into a comfortable silence as you trudged towards the bus stop. It was just going to be you two heading to work today. Leo stayed behind in order to pack everything they had brought with them. Then he would head to Yoongi’s apartment to make sure the building was ready for his return.

           You realized that this was the last time you were going to have a companion on this stroll and on the agonizingly long trip to and from work. You frowned at the thought.

           As usual, you two climbed onto the bus and claimed the back row. Yoongi smiled as he stared out the window.

           "I’m actually going to miss this view.“

           "Well, my mom said you’re welcome to come whenever.”

           "Will you be okay with that?“

           You blinked. "Why not?”

           He snorted. “Have you forgotten I’m your boss?”

           You blushed. Right.

           "Oh well…I mean…you do whatever you want anyway…“ You tried to find an excuse.

           He chuckled. "You’re right. I just didn’t want to be ‘inappropriate’ by your standards and regulations.”

           You smiled gently.

           "Oh. Here.“ Yoongi rummaged through his bag and handed you his Ipod.

           You raised an eyebrow questioningly. He chuckled and grabbed your hand, placing the device into your palm.

           "You asked me yesterday what it was that I was interested in.” he closed your fingers over it. “And it was actually you that pointed it out to me a few weeks ago. I thought it was a normal interest that everyone had, but when I thought about it, I’ve always turned to music my entire life. It’s been the most consistent and comforting thing for me.”

           You glanced up at him, surprised. You didn’t think he was mulling over what you had said candidly and spontaneously last night, so it shocked you to hear that he had been thinking about it deeply. When you looked into his eyes, you recognized his serious gaze, but there was also a sprinkle of worry laced into it as if he was nervous about your reaction to his answer. You felt the corners of your mouth turn up and you looked down at the IPod.

           "So what would you like to do Mr. Min?“ You asked lightly.

           He grinned. "I would like to find a way to run a business related to music. I don’t know exactly what kind yet, but I think I’d like to take my time figuring it out.”

           You giggled and nodded. “I’ll look forward to it then.”

           "It’s yours.“ Yoongi gestured to the IPod. "I spent last night organizing my music and making you playlists for you and your family.”

           "What?“ You stared at him.

           "I think it’d be more fun doing farm work with a bit of music.” Yoongi smiled. “And I think your bus ride would be more enjoyable too, because I’m not going to be here to entertain you.”

           He grabbed the IPod and turned it on. “I made you a 'Work Work’ playlist when you’re doing last minute documents or something, a 'Farm Girl’ playlist, '3rd Sunday Parties’ playlist, and when you’re having a hard time falling asleep there’s a 'Lullaby’ list too. Oh and there’s a 'Strolling’ playlist when you’re walking to the bus stop or to work…”

           You tuned out the last few playlists he was explaining because you were busy studying his facial expressions. He was so close to you and he was talking so animatedly that it filled you with awe. So this is what he looked like when he was passionate about something. You admitted that you were going to miss having him around for some reason. It was nice to have someone that you could talk to about work and the farm life, someone to travel with, and someone that got along easily with your vivacious family members.

           "And I told Leo to leave the charger at the farm. I’m sure you know how to use that.“ Yoongi glanced over at you and found you looking at him intently, with softness in your eyes. He searched for what type of emotion you were displaying, but he couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Unlike other times though, you weren’t shying away from his eye contact and he felt himself leaning closer to you. As if realizing what you were doing, your eyes widened and you tensed up. He grinned, his face mere centimeters away from yours.

           "Finally realized how handsome I am?” he cheekily jeered.

           You rolled your eyes and scoffed. “I was just amazed. I didn’t you’d actually be interested in anything.”

           Yoongi cackled. “I’m amazing, aren’t I? A man of many talents and surprises. A genius.”

           You groaned and shook your head.

           "Do you like it though?“ he asked nervously.

           You blushed and nodded. "Yeah, I love it. Thank you, Mr. Min. It’s so thoughtful.”

           He beamed, and you wondered if his smile had always been so dazzling.

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Wanted - Jungkook Scenario (Angst/fluffy/slight smut) - Part 6

Originally posted by icons-bts

PART 1 / PART 2 / Part 3 / PART 4 / PART 5

A/N: I decided to re-write the part 6 of thsi story just because I felt it needed to be changed! So I hope you enjoooy and send me your thoughts on the story! 

Members: Jungkook x You ft. Jimin & Taehyung
Genre: angst, fluffy, smutish
Warnings: badboy, cussing, mature
Word count: 2836

                          “Whos’s gonna be the first to say goodbye?”

“You broke me.” Jungkook hears your voice, feels your breath near his ear
“My heart is crushed into pieces.” You said again
“I never wanted to do that” Jungkook said looking at you, you started to cry
“How could you do that to me?” you take few steps back from him
“Y/N. I am sorry.” He kept coming towards you but couldn’t manage to take your hand
“I HATE YOU-“ you scream

Jungkook wakes up breathing heavy, all sweaty. He looks around with his eyes wide open and sees Taehyung standing next to his bed.
“Are you okay man?” he asked
Jungkook looks around, feeling weak.
“Jungkook?” Taehyung raises his eyebrows
“Yeah…Umm I am fine.” He finally spoke and sat up on the bed
“You don’t look so fine”
“W-what are you doing here?” Jungkook stood up and walked over to the bathroom
“Came here to pick you up”
“Right.” He said and washed his face, looking at himself in the mirror.
Your voice, face kept repeating in his head. The dream felt so real. Taking a deep breath he looks at himself for one more time and takes a white T-shirt, throwing it over his head.

“Um Jungkook.” Taehyung spoke
“You forgot to put on your jeans” he points
“OH right. Wow, I don’t know what’s happening to me” Jungkook laughs a bit

“Hey Y/N” Taehyung smiled and kissed your cheek
“Hey” Jungkook looks at you and sits down
“Hey” you look at him

Jungkook kept looking at his phone. Taehyung and you kept your arms on each other till the bell went off.
Taehyung kissed you and two of you sit down on you seats.
You look to the side at Jungkook, but he didn’t do anything. He kept being quiet, resting his chin on his palm.  
You take a small piece of paper and give it to Jungkook. He takes it and opens it.
“Are you okay?”
He looks up and looks at you, nods his head.
“I am.” You read his answer
“You look down.”
“I am fine.”
You sigh and two of you look at each other.

Taehyung from behind watched two of you passing notes, he was curious, jet little bit jealous.

As the bell goes off for end of class, you stop Jungkook by putting your hand on his chest.
He looked annoyed, not wanting to even look at you.
“Are you okay?”
“You already asked me that.” He looks down at you
“I think you’re lying” you said
“You always thought that, am I right?” he leans down and winks

As Taehyung walked up, Jungkook left the classroom.
“He had a dream. I don’t what was it, but he woke up all sweaty, and was breathing heavy.” He explains as two of you walked together
“That doesn’t mean he has to be cold towards me”
“Since two of you are talking?”
“We are friends” you said
“Friends?” Taehyung laughs
“We’ll see how that goes” he nods his head
“Why you always want something bad to happen? Especially when it has to deal with Jungkook.” You close your locker and walk away

On a break, you sent Jungkook a message.
“Why are you like this?”

Jungkook, 9:02AM: Y/N, I am fine
You, 9:03AM: You can tell me what’s wrong you know?
Jungkook, 9:03AM: Tbh not feeling that well, probably will be sick. But there’s nothing to worry about.
You, 9:04PM: You need medicine
Jungkook, 9:05: lol Y/N you ain’t my mom. I’ll be fine

You smile a bit and look up to see Jungkook looking at you. He shakes his head and looks away.

“Y/N party at my house TONIGHT!” Rose smiled and sat next to you
“It’s Friday girl! My parents are away for some business things” she explains taking a sip of her smoothie
“It’s green” you point at her bottle
“Oh yea, decided to eat healthier!” she smiled and you laugh
“Wooow. Now that is some big news!” you smiled and she pushes you a bit
“So… How are things going?”
“I told you over texts, Jungkook and me are friends now, and I am fine with Taehyung”
“Just fine?” she looks up at the sky
“I was team Jungkook to be honest” you quickly look at Rose
“You what?” you laughed looking at her
“I just don’t like how, suddenly you were all about Taehyung, you know?” she looks down at you
“Well, I was having a plan of getting with Tae to make Jungkook jealous and I don’t know what happened after. I was just a mix of everything” you sigh and lay down on the grass
“It’s okay, you were just finding yourself still.” Rose smiled and lays down too
“But…” you start and stop at the thought of Jungkook. He was just replaying in your mind.
“But what?”
“Nah, it doesn’t matter. I am happy for being friends with Kook”
“Kook?” Rose laughs
“Nice nickname.”
“Kookie.” You smiled widely
“Awwww” Rose said and two of you look at each other
“Stop it.” You laugh

Jungkook and you got A’s on your project which both of you were happy about.
“See Jungkook, working with a beautiful girl makes you work harder” teacher teased
“Yeah yeah” Jungkook nods his head

Two of you walk out of the classroom and head outside, to go home.
“You coming to Rose’s party?” you ask
“Probably yeah. I’ll see you there” he puts on his half smile and rushed to Jimin and Taehyung waiting for him in the car


Everyone was drinking, drinking too much. It was so amazing that you didn’t bother about a thing anymore.
You grabbed Taehyung’s face and kissed him hard. His hands on your ass.
“God you’re too fucking beautiful” he said between the kisses.
His kisses got more passionate, two of you made out on the couch, with him being on top of you.
You didn’t care what anyone was saying or thinking about two of you. It was just him and you.

No matter how hard you tried to forget the feeling of you being watched, you couldn’t.  Taehyung’s lips fall on your neck and you open your eyes and look around quickly and see familiar face, Jungkook.
His eyes fall on the floor then on you again as he drank everything he had in his cup. He smirks and walks away.

“Baby I want you” Taehyung whispered
“We can’t do it right now” you said
“Ahhh that sucks” Taehyung comes off you and looks at you
“But I will get you later” he smiled and kissed you again

“Y/N let’s go to the hot tub!” Rose grabbed your hand and pulled you with her
“Rose, I didn’t bring my bikini!” you laugh
“I mean Y/N underwear is the same thing?” she smiled and walked into the hot tub where few more other friends of yours and hers were.
You took off your skirt and top, shoes and walked in the hot tub.
“Yeahhhh” you smiled and sat down

Jungkook was with one girl. Making out with her. She grinds on his lap, his hands squeezing her ass, pulling her more towards him.
“Meet me upstairs?” she smiled
“Sure will” he smirks

She got off his lap, Jungkook looks around noticing Taehyung holding some girl’s hand and walking upstairs with her.
“You coming?” girl looks at Jungkook, he nods his head still looking at Taehyung

She took Jungkook’s hand and led him upstairs. Jungkook was looking around, in every room where Taehyung is. He wanted him to not do what he thinks he’s doing.
He spots Taehyung closing the door of the room at the end of the hall.
“I think there’s a free room” Jungkook spoke and opened the door of the room where Taehyung is. He was all over her. Taehyung turns around and pushes Jungkook out.
“What the fuck dude!” he shouts and shuts the door locking it.
Jungkook stayed in shock. Knowing what Taehyung is doing and what will be done, will fuck his head over and over just because you don’t even know what’s going on.

“Jungkook?” girl smiled
“I.. I’m sorry, I am just not feeling like it.” He spoke
“Awww baby, you can later come with me to my place? Or you want my number?”
“Number, I’ll call you babygirl” He smiled and kissed her lips

She smiled and typed her number in Jungkook’s phone. She pulled his shirt and pressed her lips against Jungkook’s.
“I’ll see you around” she spoke
Jungkook smiled and she left.

He kept standing, looking at the door where Taehyung is now fucking a girl. That girl isn’t you. He slides down the wall, putting his hands on his head.
Will he tell you or he keeps this as a secret so you don’t get hurt, just to protect you from all the pain.
He tears up. He was so angry that he wanted to break in that room and punch the shit out of Taehyung. Who’s a bad guy now? Him or Taehyung? It never was him, it was always Taehyung who didn’t show his true colors to you.

You laughed with the crew, not even knowing what’s happening upstairs. Noticing you haven’t seen Taehyung, you stopped to laugh and kept looking around if he’s anywhere near.
You spot Jungkook walking pass, so you got out of the hot tub and walked inside. Jungkook was sitting down on the couch being really fucking down.
You walk up to him, and he didn’t even bother to look up at you.
“Jungkook” you said and sat down next to him

Quickly he runs his hands down his face and looks at you.
“Are you crying?” you look closely at his eyes
“No..” he shakes his head
“What’s going on?”
“I am not feeling too well you know” he laughs and looks at you, licking his lips
He looked so nervous, out of his mind, like he wanted to throw and break things. That he was angry, mad at something or someone.
“Do you want to go outside?” you said and he nods his head

You walked behind Jungkook. You got lost in the thought as you kept looking at his back, arms, everything. For a second you didn’t even think about Taehyung.
Jungkook stops at the front porch and puts his hands in his pockets.
“Do you want me to bring you water or anything?”
He shakes his head, keeps looking forward.
Both of you stood in silence, you look up at Jungkook and his eyes meet yours.
“I feel like I done something-“
“No no no Y/N. Stop.” He cuts you off
“Today is like that. I am feeling not well, down and I don’t want to deal with bullshit you know. It’s not your fault of how I feel” he points at himself
You nod your head and look away.
“Can I ask you something…?”
“Yes” he said
“Do you know where Taehyung is?”

Jungkook’s eyes go wide open and his expressions change. He could feel his heart beating so fast, he couldn’t calm down.
He wanted to tell you, but he couldn’t.

“I..I don’t know” he raises his shoulders
“Oh, okay… I was just wondering because I didn’t see him for a while now” you sigh
“BUT did you catch someone?” you elbow his arm smiling
“I did. But I wasn’t feeling like it” Jungkook smiles
“Oh hell no. What’s happening to you Jeon Jungkook” you look at him
“Times change I guess” he laughs and throws his arm around your shoulders
“Come on friend, let’s go dance or something” he looks down at you and two of you smile and walk back inside

Taehyung walked out of the room and stopped for a moment. He runs his fingers through his hair and walks downstairs. He saw Rose, Jungkook and you dancing.
Jungkook saw him and just gave him a look. Taehyung right away knew something was going on. Knew that Jungkook saw and knows everything. What if he tells you what will happen?

Taehyung walked through the crowd and steps next to you.
“Tae where have you been?” you asked
“Just… Talking with few old friends” he looked at you and lied to your face

Jungkook watched Taehyung lying to you, Rose looked at Jungkook being pissed off. She thought he was just jealous of two of you.
“Jungkook, can I talk to you for a minute?” Taehyung turns to Jungkook and he just nods his head

Two of them walk to the kitchen.
“Who the fuck you think you are?” Jungkook spoke being angry
“Calm down man-“
“I know I- I done something-“
“THEN I am a bad guy here? I don’t care?” Jungkook cuts him off
Taehyung takes a deep breath
“YOU…. You cheated on her. On Y/N” Jungkook whispers to him, not breaking the eye contact
Taehyung looks down on the ground and shakes his head “No” .
“You fucked up. There’s no going back” Jungkook pushes him slightly
“Please don’t tell. Please don’t” Taehyung begged

Jungkook clenches his jaw looking away.
“She deserves to know, but I won’t tell her. You will.”
“I fucking hate you man. You’re fucking unbelievable Taehyung.” Jungkook pushes him to the side and walks away

As he grabbed his jacket, Jungkook looks at you one more time before leaving. You started to walk towards him but he closes the front door. You stop not knowing what happened.
Taehyung walks slowly out of the kitchen.
“Taehyung, why did Jungkook leave?” you put your and on his arms
“I am going home too. I’ll text you… Or call whatever..”  he didn’t even bother to look at you
“Do you want me to come with you?”
“No. I’m good”
“You’re drunk”
“I said I am good” he looks up at you coldly and walks away

That hit you. It hurt your feelings. How can everyone be so cold and heartless tonight. Did you do something wrong?
“Y/N?” Rose stands in front of you
You tear up and she quickly pulls you in a hug and you hug her tightly.
The night ended miserably.

You sat alone in your room after few nights passed from the party. Taehyung didn’t ever call you or texted you after that night.
You would sit in the dark on your bed, like now and cry because of him. Be so worried and broken because he’s not there.
He isn’t there to hug you, kiss you, hold you in his arms.

He never showed up in school. Jungkook was hanging out with Jimin all the time, you didn’t want to bother them.
Rose and you would go on walks, go to the gym, get some food but nothing didn’t make you take Taehyung off your mind.

Rose kept being with her boyfriend and you were alone.

With tears in your eyes, you kept texting Taehyung, but he never replied.

“Jungkook are you awake?” you click send and wait for a reply. You look through the window where stars shined and moon was high up, you smiled a bit how beautiful that sky is. Your phone buzzes after few minutes

Jungkook, 1:00AM: I am now, what is going on?
You, 1:00AM: I don’t have anyone right now when I need someone
Jungkook, 1:01AM: Are you okay Y/N?
You, 1:01AM: No

You start to cry more and you lay back on your bed, putting your hands on your face

Jungkook, 1:02AM: Do you want me to come?
You, 1:04AM: Please

You quickly type your address and see if he saw the message
“I know where you live, Taehyung told me before. I’ll be here in a minute”

You sigh and wipe off your tears and stand up, looking at yourself in the mirror.
Your face looked tired, eyes red and puffy because of constant crying.
Soon after you hear small stones thrown at your window. You walk over and open the window and Jungkook was standing there.
“Can you climb up?” you whisper
“I mean if there was a tree or something I would” he looks around
“Oh wait, I got an idea” he adds and walks over to the garage. He steps on the garbage can and climbs on the garage’s roof.

Step by step and he walks into the room, closing the window slowly behind him. He turns around facing you.
“I’m sorry that I woke you up-“
“It’s fine, I couldn’t sleep anyways…”

You nod your head

“What’s wrong Y/N?” that simple question made you tear up

Jungkook felt hurt and sad because of you crying. Especially because he knows what worries you and he can’t tell you.
At first he didn’t know what should he do, but his arms reach out and he pulls you close to him. You small arms wonder around his waist and hold on his T-shirt.
He could feel you shaking, feel your tears against his chest.

“You will be okay” he whispered

7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 15

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Jungkook once again woke you up just as your plane landed and you stretched your arms out, glancing outside the window. It was raining quite heavily which made you a bit sour. You were finally back and the weather you were greeted with was depressing.

Jungkook had taken it upon himself to collect your luggage along with his and you waited by a pillar for him. Suddenly, remembering your phone was currently on airplane mode, you dug it out of your jacket pocket and turned off airplane mode. As soon as you did so, your phone began to buzz with a multitude of messages from different people.

Your first one was from Namjoon.

“Y/N where are you and Jungkook? Are you back? Reply asap.”

Confusion and a pang of worry greeted you at Namjoon’s urgent message and just as you went to reply, another message came in from Jimin.

“You guys have touched down right? Why isn’t Jungkook answering?”

The worry only grew stronger and you quickly checked the rest of the messages you had left, each one questioning where you both were and to reply as soon as possible. Right when you decided to call Namjoon and ask what was happening, Jungkook’s heavy footsteps running at you in an alarming speed made you pause your actions and the expression on his face made your stomach drop. You had never once seen such a tearful and pained expression ever grace his face. He dropped his hands away from both of your luggage and grabbed your forearms, even more tears gathering at his eyes.

“We have to go, we have to go now! They got Tae! Those fucking bastards got Tae!”

Out of all the things you expected to hear, that certainly wasn’t one of them. You unconsciously dropped your phone and the device slapped onto the ground. You could care less at this point, you were lost to say the least. However, you wouldn’t allow yourself to breakdown crying on the floor and instead grabbed Jungkook’s hand and your baggage, including your now cracked phone.

Not saying a word, you speedily exited the airport, hailing a taxi and placing a distraught Jungkook inside. After managing to stuff all of you and Jungkook’s belongings inside the car boot in record time, you all but threw yourself inside and asked Jungkook for the destination where you would find the others.

“I- its- that hospital n-near the arcade.” He was slightly hyperventilating and you quickly gave the driver the directions he needed before turning back to Jungkook who now had tears streaming down his red face.

“Jungkook, what happened? Who got Taehyung?” He brought his hands to his head and rested his elbows on his legs, staring down at the floor whilst replying to you.

“Taehyung, h-he got jumped or something. They fucking attacked him when he was alone, those fuckers who harassed you all those months ago. He couldn’t defend himself! No matter how well he fights, he can’t take on four at once!”

You couldn’t help the fact that you felt as if this was entirely your fault. If you thought about it, you had never once heard of both groups of boys having any problems. In fact, the only time you had heard they had ever encountered each other was that awful day when their leader had somehow taken an interest in you. So you came to the conclusion that this was some sort of sick revenge from them.

Taehyung was hurt because of you.

You didn’t want to cause even more grief at this exact moment. Now wasn’t the time to cry, Jungkook needed someone to comfort him and if that meant you had to push all of your emotions out then so be it.

Someone needed to be strong.


By the time you arrived at the hospital, Jungkook’s tears hadn’t ceased and your comforting hadn’t seemed to do much.

“Jungkook go in. I’ll handle everything.” The grateful nod he directed at you reassured you that you had done at least one thing right and he opened the taxi door, hurriedly entering the hospital.

Paying the driver and collecting both of your baggage, you too entered the hospital moments after. You asked the receptionist for the room Taehyung was residing in and he directed you towards the second floor. Thanking him, you slowly made your way to his room, taking your time to calm your rapidly beating heart. You didn’t want to cry in front of everyone. You didn’t want to bring attention to your pitiful state. That’s why you couldn’t allow yourself to break down.

With every step you took closer to Taehyung’s room, you felt your resolve weakening. Your hearts beating grew even more faster if that was humanly possible and you felt your emotions rush back into your body at full force. You soon found yourself standing in front of the door to his room, on the brink of losing control.

Several deep breaths later, you had your feelings under control. Leaving your bags outside, you quietly pushed the door open, entering the deathly silent room. Inside, the boys were crowded around the bed Taehyung was laying in with his eyes closed. The first to notice you was Yoongi and to your surprise he motioned for you stand beside him, offering you a hug to which you gladly accepted.

“He’s sleeping.” Seokjin’s voice broke the silence to inform you on his current condition.

“He received multiple injuries, the most serious being head injuries, broken ribs and a fractured collarbone.” It was only then that you noticed the sling and bandages wrapped on both his head and torso.

“Hyung, I’m okay… you’re making it sound more serious than it is…” Taehyung’s comment made everyone snap their heads in his direction and he gave a small grin in return in an attempt to prove his point. It didn’t really help that he winced right after due to the bruises decorating his otherwise perfect face.

“Don’t speak Tae. Don’t strain yourself.” Namjoon sighed at his typical nature and rubbed his face.

“But I’m fine…”

“You’re far from fine! Look at you, you look like you’re a fucking mummy wrapped in all those bandages!” Yoongi’s outburst startled you and he muttered a ‘sorry’ underneath his breath. Taehyung simply rolled his swollen eyes and winced once again when he attempted to twitch his nose.

“Is my nose broken?”

When he received confirmation on his question, he groaned as loud as possible.

“Why’d they have to get my nose?”

“I don’t know, why didn’t you ask them that when they were beating you half to death? You’re so lucky we found you before they killed you. Why the fuck were you walking in their territory alone?” Yoongi shot questions at Taehyung and he remained silent for a couple of moments.

“You’ll think I’m an idiot if I tell you.” Jungkook stepped in, fresh tears gathering at his eyes. “You’re already an idiot, Tae! Just tell us!”

Taehyung’s eyebrows furrowed and an almost embarrassed expression grew on his face.

“I saw a dog that reminded me of Soonshim on my way home and I wanted to pet him.” Instead of getting even angrier at Taehyung’s reason, Jungkook released a breath he was holding. You had remained silent throughout the whole exchange, not wanting to get involved.

“Tae, Soonshim was waiting for you at home. Why would you need to pet a dog just because it looked like your own.” Taehyung stubbornly stayed silent, not having a good enough reason behind his actions.

“The doctors said you’re lucky to even be awake right now. They said you should have at least ended up with a brain haemorrhage due to your head injury.” Jimin’s calm voice infiltrated the tense mood and he too had tears running down his face.

“Tae, be careful. Please, be careful. We don’t want to lose you, we can’t lose you.” Taehyung gently nodded, trying not to cause any pain and the rooms atmosphere grew slightly lighter.

“I’m going to call your parents.” Namjoon exited the room phone in hand and Seokjin followed behind him.

“I need air.” Yoongi’s abrupt announcement made you turn your head towards his retreating figure and you watched as both Hoseok and Jimin joined him. You turned back in time to watch Jungkook carefully place his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder and give him a light side hug.

“I’m so thankful that you’re okay.” Taehyung beamed at him, drawing out a smile from Jungkook. When Jungkook had opened the door to leave, you realised that you were the only person left in the room, besides Taehyung of course.

“I… I bought you loads of snacks. I’ll go get them for you.” Spinning on your heel, you sped walked towards the door and placed your hand on the handle, intent on getting out of the room as soon as possible.

“You know you don’t have to be the strong one. I can see you holding it all in.” You stared blankly at the unopened door. You had thought you had your emotions bottled up. That was until a sob escaped you and your shoulders began to shake. You pressed your forehead against the cold door and slid down to the floor, tears leaking out of your closed eyes.

“I’m sorry… I’m so so so sorry Taehyung.” Your crying grew louder and he opted to let you release everything you had been holding back. It had taken a solid ten minutes before you had even remotely calmed down and your constant apologies had died down.

“Stop apologising, it’s not your fault.” You wanted to scoff at his somewhat comforting words.

“But it is! You can’t tell me they just randomly decided to attack you because that’s not how that shit works!”

“You know, I’m being serious when I say it’s not your fault. No one really knows this but after the whole incident with you, I kind of somehow got involved with them again.” Your sobbing halted to hear his story but the tears did not stop for one moment.

“About a month ago there was another problem with a girl getting harassed. She goes to our school and she was begging me to help her, to pretend I was dating her or something. I normally wouldn’t even bother but she reminded me of when you were confronted by them and so I decided to help her. Long story short, I basically got into a fight with two of them. I must’ve hurt their pride really bad or something because they got their revenge on me though with more people on their side this time.”

His story had successfully made you feel less responsible for the whole situation although there was still the lingering feeling of guilt. Standing from your spot on the floor, you drifted towards his bed and bent down, placing a kiss on his forehead.

“Kim Taehyung, your kindness is going to be the death of both you and me.” He chuckled at your remark and grinned his boxlike grin you loved so much.

“I have never been so relieved to see that smile.”

“And I’ve never been so relieved to hear that someone bought me food. I seriously thought you would forget.”

Satisfaction was evident on his face at the giggle he managed to pull out of you.

You felt selfish for having Taehyung reassure you that it wasn’t your fault, he was the one who needed comforting but he was too caring to even think about his beaten self. Tears leaked from your eyes once again however, this time they were not only tears of sadness but also relief and happiness.

“Why’re you crying again? Don’t tell me I’m that charming.”

You couldn’t contain your laughter and nodded your head whilst wiping the tears with the sleeve of your hooded jumper.

“Yes, Taehyung. You’re extremely charming.” That brought an overexcited grin to his face and although he flinched in slight pain, his smile never faltered. Eagerly grabbing your hand, he motioned towards the door with his head and you understood the general message.

“Do you know what would make me really happy? Snacks. But more importantly, I’m sure Jungkook wants to know if your okay. I’m not the only one who noticed.”

Were you really that transparent? Or have you been hanging around the boys too much? You’d rather it be the latter explanation.

Taehyung released your hand from his grip and you took that as your cue to leave the room. As soon as you closed the door behind you, you came face to face with Jungkook’s familiar figure. You didn’t even get the opportunity to look up before you were encased in his arms, your face being pressed into his neck.

“Don’t pretend your okay when your not. Everyone needs comforting and I know you think it’s selfish but it’s far from it. You need to take your own advice sometimes.”

It’s okay to cry. No one will judge you.

You simply circled your arms around his waist and allowed fresh tears to flow.

Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 21.)

CHAPTER TITLE: Expect the Unexpected

Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8. - Part 9. - Part 10. - Part 11. - Part 12. - Part 13. - Part 14. - Part 15. - Part 16. - Part 17. - Part 18. - Part 19. - Part 20.

Character(s): Reader and the Wives (cameo with Dwight, Simon, and Negan)
The Wives put their plan into action.
Word Count: 2,811
Warning: Violence! 
Author’s Note: So, I know I just posted a new part yesterday, but my schedule says I’m due to upload a new chapter today, and I couldn’t help it because I wanted to get to the drama already. Shit has gone down. Again, big thanks to RoxtheRoxie on AO3 for this wonderful idea! Enjoy! 

“We’ll do it tomorrow.”

Sherry and the rest of the wives were becoming anxious. Neither of the women could sleep throughout the night when they were that much closer to getting rid of you. Sherry had thought that the rest of the wives would back out, but when they were more excited to do it, it surprised her. It had her anxiously waiting for tomorrow to come.

Once the sun rose, Sherry and the wives were already awake. They were dressed in their usual little black dresses and heels with make-up perfectly done and their hair impeccably styled.

“You don’t think it’s a bit early for that?” Frankie giggled, pointing to the drink in Sherry’s hand.

“I suggest we all take a shot before do this. Once we have her, I don’t want anyone backing out.”

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The Truth pt. 10

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Pt 5) (Pt 6) (Pt 7) (Pt 8) (Pt 8.5)   (Pt 9)

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

With a hand frozen on the door, Yoongi checked, once again, to see if you’d replied to any of his text messages. He wanted to know how the talk with Namjoon had gone. He wanted to know what you were actually talking about in the first place. He was worried about you. He was anxious about how you were feeling. He was all over the place.

Had you finally gotten your apology? Had anything been resolved?

Yoongi had complained about always being so involved in your relationship problems but honestly, sometimes he needed to hear the drama. It was a great distraction and it could be pretty entertaining at times.

He looked at his three unanswered messages and slipped his phone in his jacket pocket. Where were you? Maybe you were telling Jungkook what happened? It would make sense that you’d tell Jungkook first considering that he was your boyfriend.

Instead of seeing all the action, he’d been at the studio trying to write. That hadn’t gone well. All he’d managed to do there was stare at the wall for two hours.

“Ah, I wish I could’ve been here” Yoongi groaned into the air. He began putting the code into the door as he thought about how badly Jungkook must’ve wanted to be here too. Yoongi pushed open the door and slid his shoes off as he walked in. He could hear Taehyung talking in the distance and he frowned. When did he get here? Yoongi followed his voice to the living room and saw him talking to Jin and Hoseok on the couch.

As soon as Taehyung noticed him, he stopped talking and turned his full attention to Yoongi.

For the past half hour, he’d been helping with the mess left after the fight. That included the physical mess and the mental chaos and confusion that shrouded Jin’s mind. After all, Jin was the only one in the house who was completely out of the loop when it came to the Jungkook-Namjoon tension.

“Hyung, where have you been?” Taehyung asked exasperated.

Yoongi unzipped his jacket and sat with them.

“Trying to write a little. Have you guys been here all day?” Yoongi asked, confused.

The boys all looked at him strangely and Hoseok suddenly clapped his hands together.

“I told you! I think they weren’t invited or something! He lied to them” he said, looking at Yoongi’s facial expression. It was the same one that you’d given him earlier. The wheels were turning in his head as Yoongi watched them all talking in front him.

“Namjoon didn’t tell you guys that he wanted to speak to ___ alone?” he asked. The boys all shook their heads and Yoongi felt a sudden spark of annoyance.

“Jungkook said something like that earlier-”

Jungkook had been here earlier?

He should’ve guessed that Jungkook would’ve talked his way into coming here. Yoongi got up and started walking to Namjoon’s room. He was pissed that he was lied to and he had every intention of saying something. Lately, Namjoon had been such an ass that it was out of control. He’d been trying to hold it in but every day there seemed to be a new issue with Namjoon.

Without knocking, Yoongi opened the door, ready to yell at him. When he opened the door however, he almost immediately smiled. He tried to cover his grin with his hand but his giggling eyes were betraying him. He shifted all of his weight to his right leg and tried desperately to keep from laughing.

“You’re just going to laugh at me? Aren’t you going to ask what happened?” Namjoon asked with a wince. He sat up in the bed and slid the cold bag up higher on his purple eye. Yoongi’s smile grew every time he winced.

“I can already see what happened. You got your ass kicked” Yoongi said, finally breaking into a laugh. Namjoon shook his head in annoyance. Not only did he have to deal with physically feeling like shit but now he had to deal with Yoongi making him feel like shit mentally.

“Do you have to be in here?” Namjoon asked.

Yoongi sat on the edge of the bed and leaned in to get a better look at his eye.

“Jungkook lost it this time, huh? Over a lie?” he asked, pushing Namjoon’s hand away. He lightly rubbed his thumb over the discolored skin, completely amazed. This must have been the final straw or something. It wasn’t like Jungkook to get this wound up over something as small as a lie.


“Yeah, that is why he did this, right? Because you lied to us…jackass” Yoongi added. He continued examining Namjoon’s eye, wondering how the makeup artists were going to cover this up.

“I kissed ___” Namjoon admitted.

Yoongi looked at him in complete disbelief before tapping the skin around his eye. Namjoon sucked in a breath and pushed Yoongi away.

“-The hell is wrong with you?!” Namjoon blurted, covering his eye.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Yoongi threw back. The immediate pain subsided and Namjoon put the cold pack back against his eye. Was everyone going to try and kill him today?

“You know that Jungkook has a temper, why do you keep messing with him?” Yoongi asked next.

I’m messing with him? Am I the only one who realizes what he did to me? Everyone only looks at what I did! What about him!? We were friends! He was like a little brother to me and he had sex with my girlfriend behind my back! Why isn’t he being scolded too!?” Namjoon asked, face turning red. Yoongi sighed as he watched Namjoon’s eyes tear up. His emotions had shifted so suddenly that it took Yoongi by surprise.

“Why, huh? Why is he praised for helping my girlfriend cheat on me? Do you know how much that hurts?” Namjoon asked, angrily swiping away a tear.

“No one is saying that Jungkook is right. Both of you are wrong-”

“Then why am I the one sitting in my room with a black eye?” Namjoon butted in. He looked up and Yoongi went silent as he looked at his glassy eyes.

He watched as Namjoon vented, his recent douchebag persona falling away.

“Why am I getting laughed at because I got punched in the face?” Namjoon continued.

Yoongi was quiet, waiting to see if Namjoon would further his rant. 

“Why is there no one in my corner? Why am I the only villain here? All of my friends– all of you guys- turned on me. ___ won’t answer any of my messages or calls. In a few weeks, everyone just abandoned me. I cheated. Okay, I get that. I apologized and I’m really sorry…what else do you want from me?” he complained, voice choked up.

After a few seconds, Yoongi sighed and carefully looked at Namjoon. Even though he’d been acting like a dick lately, it was still hard to watch Namjoon break down like this.

“You’re right. I’m sure it does hurt that you went through that and Jungkook isn’t off the hook for attacking you. He’s not right for sleeping with ___ either. Both of you messed up” Yoongi started. Namjoon nodded, for once listening to what someone else had to say.

“-but put yourself in his shoes. When you think about it, you’re actually doing the same thing to him. Jungkook apologized to you already and you hit him. Ever since that night, you’ve been taunting him and bothering him for rehearsals and he’s just been letting it happen. Today, you tricked his girlfriend into coming here by herself and then kissed her. If you were Jungkook, wouldn’t you snap too?” Yoongi asked. Namjoon didn’t comment, knowing that he would’ve done the same thing.

He remained silent, not knowing what to say or what to do.

“Namjoon?” Yoongi asked. Namjoon looked up and blinked away another tear, pissed that he was crying in the first place.

“Why don’t you just let her go, huh? Whether you like it or not, it’s obvious that she’s moved on” Yoongi said.

“I love her” he responded simply. Yoongi huffed in frustration and just stared at Namjoon. He was a very stubborn man. His black eye was more than enough evidence of that.

“Namjoon, I assume that you want to have some type of relationship with ___, right?” he asked, standing up from the bed. Namjoon removed the cold bag from his head and lightly grazed his fingers over his eye.

“Of course.”

“Then you have to stop acting so crazy. Apologize and leave her alone for a bit. Just, relax” Yoongi said. He walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.


From the corner of your eye, you watched Jungkook as the elevator doors opened. After a second, you walked out and he was right behind you. In your mind, as soon as you brought up how you were feeling, it would start an argument. You’d never had a fight with Jungkook and you were honestly dreading the whole thing.

The entire car ride back home was full of nothing but suffocating silence. Jungkook had suddenly remembered what Namjoon said about you. Had you really apologized for being with him? You wouldn’t actually say that, right? The question consumed his mind and it was starting to annoy him. Either Namjoon was lying or you were lying. Most likely Namjoon was the liar but Jungkook’s insecurities were beginning to take hold.

You were just annoyed that Jungkook had lost it back there. How could he let Namjoon get inside of his head like that? He was stronger than that, wasn’t he? He’d promised that he would be calm.

After opening your door, you went straight to your bedroom, pulling your shirt off. All you wanted to do was shower and go to sleep. Maybe you could avoid the fight altogether. Your pants were the next to come off and you went to your dresser to grab a change of clothes. Turning around, you leaned against the dresser with your pajamas slung over your shoulder.

You sat there quietly, looking at Jungkook as he took off his socks. With your back to the dresser, you bit your lip, unsure of what to say. Jungkook still seemed upset but so were you. He’d promised to keep a cool head and he completely disregarded that when the two of you were leaving. Jungkook mumbled something to himself as he pulled his shirt off.

His eyes fell on yours before briefly dipping down over your half-naked body. Tearing his eyes away, it was the first time that the two of you had actually looked at each other since the fight. Jungkook opened his mouth to speak but you immediately looked away from him.

“I’m going to take a shower” you announced before heading out of the room. Jungkook rested his hands on his hips and sighed. He watched as your back disappeared from the doorway and bit his lip.

He was nervous. In Jungkook’s mind, the longer that the two of you avoided talking, the worse the fight would be. He needed to talk to you now. 

Without a second thought, Jungkook stalked out of the room and to the bathroom. He stopped just outside of the door and knocked despite hearing the shower running.

“___, we need to talk. We can’t just ignore it” Jungkook called out. When he didn’t get a response, he dropped down to the floor. Looking through the small crack under the door, he could see your feet by the side of the tub. You hadn’t gotten in yet. 

“I can see your feet ___” he sighed. 

Rolling your eyes, you shut the water off. You should’ve sat on the sink or something. 

“I really don’t want to argue with you” you responded.

Jungkook sat on the floor with his back against the door. 

“Wouldn’t this be easier? You can’t actually see my reaction. We have a barrier” he reasoned. You looked at the door and scratched your head. He was kind of right. It could be easier to talk this way.

“I’m sorry that I lost it back there. I didn’t plan to- you know? Something in me just snapped” Jungkook started. 

“Back then, you told Namjoon that we were dating before I was ready. Why did you do that?” you asked. 

You could picture that confused expression that must have consumed Jungkook’s face. 

“What?” he asked, not knowing what else to say.

“I told you that I was going to tell Namjoon about everything when I broke up with him but you did it for me. Why did you do that?” you asked again. Jungkook, taken completely by surprise, shrugged. 


“Did you think that I couldn’t do it?” you asked.

“It wasn’t really like that. I was just tired of sneaking behind his back and pretending that I wasn’t with you” he answered. You kept quiet and Jungkook was beginning to regret this form of talking. With the door in the way, he couldn’t see if you believed him. He couldn’t see if you were understanding what he was saying. Unless you spoke, he had no idea what was going on in your head. 

“Why did you come with me to talk to Namjoon?” you asked.

Jungkook thought to answer your question but his insecurities spoke for him.

“Why didn’t you want me to go?” he asked. What Namjoon said had managed to sink deep into his brain. 

“I think you proved why it was a bad idea” you answered. 

“Okay, what do you think would’ve happened if I hadn’t gone? Once you told me, I would’ve had the same reaction” Jungkook said, sitting up a little. You didn’t say anything, not knowing what to say. How would it have been different? At least if he would’ve been here there would be a distance between the two boys.

“You were going to tell me, right?” he asked in response to your silence.

“What? Of course I would’ve” you answered. 

“Right, of course” he said, unconvinced.

You stood up from the ledge of the tub and walked to the door. You froze just before grabbing the handle. Were you really ready to face him?

“You don’t think I would’ve told you?-”

“You didn’t tell me that you apologized for being with me” he said without thinking. 

At that, you pulled the door open and he looked up. He stared at the genuinely confused look that plagued your eyes.

“Yeah, and you didn’t tell me that you caught Namjoon cheating on me!” you blurted out.

Jungkook blinked and opened his mouth to speak.

“How long have you been holding on to that?” he asked incredulously. Jungkook got off of the floor and faced you.

“I wasn’t-”

“Obviously you were. You just threw it in my face!” he responded. You didn’t say anything and Jungkook continued without missing a beat.

“You said you weren’t mad about that. But since we’re clearing our chest, why did you apologize to him for being with me?” Jungkook asked, his voice strong.    

“I didn’t apologize for being with you! I apologized because of the way that we got together!” you exclaimed. Jungkook looked at you and shook his head. Even though he understood what you were saying, somehow it still felt bad.

“I understand” he respond quietly.

You looked at him and sighed. You could tell that he didn’t like that.

“Don’t you feel bad? Think about what we did to him-”

“I understand, ___. It just sucks that that’s always something that is going to follow our relationship. I fucked over one of my closest friends to be with you. I don’t like that” he responded. 

A moment of silence passed as the two of you thought that over. You would never be able to have one of those fairy-tale meeting stories. The story would always involve Namjoon and it would always bastardize him in some way. When your children asked in the future, you’d have to say that you were dating their “uncle” Namjoon first. 

You noticed Jungkook looking at you, his back against the wall. He motioned for you to come over and, without hesitation, you moved to him. Wrapping your arms around his waist, you rested your body against him and sighed heavily. He hugged his arms around your shoulders and kissed the top of your head. 

As usual, you felt as if a huge load was lifted from your shoulders as you hugged him. Even when it was him that you were arguing with, it was his hug that you needed to feel better. 

“Your hugs have gotten better” you mumbled into his chest. With his cheek resting against the top of your head, Jungkook chuckled and squeezed you tighter. 

“Really?” he asked, continuing to squeeze you.

“Ugh, I can’t breathe” you complained with a laugh. 

“I thought my hugs were better now?” he asked, squeezing a little more.

“Jungkook!” you shouted, slapping his arm.

 He released you and you smacked him again, smiling as he continued to laugh. He pulled you back to him and kissed your lips gently. 

“We just survived our first fight“ he grinned.

“Can you really call that a fight? Most of my fights involve screaming and crying“ you responded.

“Mine too. The screaming, not the crying“ Jungkook said, making a face. You made the same face as him and he smiled.