and i got some free food with it even

Toxic~ Chapter 6

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Warning: (M), Language

Length: 1333 words

Summary: “No strings attached”- that’s the rule I followed. Until it came to bite me in the ass.

Part: 6/?

A/N: Sorry again guys. I don’t even have an excuse today hahah I just wasn’t feeling it (-_-)

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- Telling people you don’t know where you got your shoes or clothes because they would laugh at you if you said “I got them from the Goodwill.”
Being made to feel ashamed of the “benefits” you get that other kids don’t.

- Hanging your head in shame when other students bitched about their tax paying dollars going to the free lunch program.

- Having to struggle not to apologize for the aforementioned, because you don’t want anyone to know you get free lunch.

- Listening to all the other kids gush about their lavish Christmas gifts and when they ask you what you got you just say “Oh, just some clothes and things. I didn’t want anything else.”

- Eventually Christmas gifts just stop happening.

- Your friends looking at you weird beecause you never - literally never - have name brand anything. Not clothes or shoes or food. An iPod? Never even held one.

- Having to get a job at fifteen when everyone else you know is kicking back and waiting until they graduate.

- More wealthy kids being mad at you because you got so much more money from fasfa than they did and you have to bite your tongue to keep from telling them why you need so much more.

- Being made to feel ashamed over all the “benefits” you get that other kids don’t.

- Feeling ashamed when people say that those on welfare and food stamps are just lazy bums sitting on their asses collecting a paycheck when everyone in your family works and you still need foodstamps and you would still need the welfare your family doesn’t qualify for.

- Feeling like one of the most hated demographics and having to avoid people finding out you’re poor or else get bullied in school for all their parent’s tax dollars that are apparently going to you and people like you.

I dont get all the hype over these shades of grey movies. Tom and Nicole did this like 10 years ago. Why suddenly everyone is into some secret sex movies? Some of us dont even get to have regular non-secret sex. Fuck you movie industry. And I mean that. Seriously. Not because Im jealous but because its rude to make sex when some of us are sexless. Want some free food? Sorry, none for you. Want a taco, fuck you.

Enjoy your sex movie, and remember that for every sex movie, there’s a good movie out there wishing it got some attention.

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Honestly @oracledelphii they were worth it

I can’t have dairy, peanuts or tree nuts (+fresh fruit and veggies usually hurt me to eat too) and my shitty school dining literally has a sign that says all the desserts contain like…..every allergen you can think of and even normal food is almost never actually marked

Like sometimes they’ll be like “ah yes here’s some dairy free pasta” but they’ll have already put cheese on it or some bullshit like that

And nothing against the people working there but a lot of them don’t understand English or at least not enough that I can ask them :/ not their fault, literally could all be solved if the shitty company cared. There are big tv screens that say what food is being served under them–they’re usually wrong, but like that would be a perfect place to list common allergens but instead I guess it’s better to have a shit ton of blank unused space on the screen

They have a new like nut free station thing but it’s not dairy free lmao so a lot of the stuff there I can’t have anyway

Someone even write a satirical article in our newspaper basically comparing the food service to the Tronald dump administration, saying that according to “alternate facts,” campus dining was more successful than ever and all students loved the food lol

Chapter Two | They Don’t Know About Us

Sorry it’s taken me some time but I’ve really busy with real life stuff like my career so that’s why. I’ve got a clearer idea of where this is going now but do feel free to send in little ideas of what you’d like. Enjoy x

Late on that Friday afternoon, Harry pulled Marcel from the library to drag him to the shop in order to get food and drink for the gathering that Harry had planned at the Styles’ household for the evening.

“Marc, I promise it’s only a few people, ten at the most, it’ll be fine,” Harry insisted as they both perused the aisles searching for crisps and dip, not even chancing themselves on the alcohol positive in the hope that Anne would have some in the cabinet. Marcel followed quietly behind picking up nuts and throwing them in to the basket along with two pizzas. He wasn’t looking forward to this; he never did. The routine was always the same and he’d end up upstairs in his bedroom, alone, waiting for everyone to leave, only popping down for a drink every so often; he even waited for food from their leftovers rather than have to eat downstairs in the kitchen. Anne banned the boys from eating upstairs so the only option was the dining room or breakfast bar; and the threat of somebody walking in on him in the kitchen made Marcel anxious.

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I love water. It’s free and it’s everywhere. It comes out of the freakin’ SKY for crying out loud! I think I fell in love with water when I was doing survival training in the Sonoran desert. We were thirsty all the time even though we had water and found some in the desert. At first we thought about ice cold beer but later on, we fantasized about pitchers of pure iced water. When I finally got back to civilization I bought a two-liter jug of ice cold spring water and it was just as wonderful as I imagined it would be. To this day I love nothing more than a cold glass of pure water.

Six more hours. At least it wasn’t as bad as ten, but even so Erik could have sworn that the sound of the clock ticking away the seconds was going slower than seemed humanly possible. The almost completely empty airport terminal seeming to laugh at him and his desire to get out of it. So much for getting a weekend with his family, he’d be lucky if he got to spend even a day with them at this point. Restlessly tapping on his phone he finally stood up, just needing something to do that wasn’t just sitting here. His attention turned to the only other person waiting, a small smile passing over his features as he approached them. “Hey, so I’m starving and I was going to try and see if there was any way to get some free food out of this whole situation, ‘cause I figure they kinda owe us after messing up our flights. Do you want me to try and get you some too?”