and i got my hair done today

yeah so i got my hair done today

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Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/OC- Reader’s shower stops working and needs to use Roman and Deans. Things get a little carried away.

Warnings: I don’t know why this is so long but it is, also there aren’t any except for pure smut.

I don’t know where this idea came from but I’m damn glad that its here now : @alexispoo @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @sierrarukia @ambrosegirlforever

I smirked as my heels clicked on the concrete in the halls of the arena. Seeing that I wasn’t scheduled to fight tonight but instead I had a promo with Dean and Roman, my outfit had to be perfect. My heels made me feel a little bit more superior than my fellow wrestlers and the whistle that just left Finn’s mouth made me giggle in delight.

As I stood in the gorilla waiting for my cue, I checked my reflection once more and smiled as I saw how well my dress hugged every curve on my body. My music pulled my attention away from the mirror and I walked out the curtain to an audience chanting my name.

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the calendar // panic! at the disco

  • Junkrat and Hana apporach Lucio: Oi! Lucio got any plans for today? Me an Song over here was gonna blow something up real nice.
  • Lucio: I'm getting my hair done for a show this week~
  • Hana: Yeah, but what are you doing after?
  • Lucio stares at them: . .I'm. .I'm getting my hair done?
  • Junkrat: It doesn't take long to get a trim yeah? I mean its like what 5 minutes at best.
  • Hana: A good stylus will take at least an hour Junkrat-
  • Junkrat: nonsense!
  • Lucio hugs both if them really tightly: Neither of you understand true pain, until you sit in a chair for 6 hours
When We Collide (Part 18)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“I heard your date wasn’t even close to a success?”

Looking over your shoulder to see Ashton stand in the door frame to your office you smiled brightly by his presence. He was standing with a bouquet of lilies in his hands and knocked twice on your door frame just for fun.

“You have no idea. Come in.” You giggled and nodded your head in confirm, his contagious giggle filling the room once he walked fully inside.

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Confessions (Zach Dempsey X Reader)

Request: could you write a zach dempsey x reader where is the reader’s birthday, but she lives by herself so she has no one to celebrate her birthday with, but her best friend zach shows up in the middle of the night with a present for her and he confesses his feelings and it’s all cute and fluff? sorry for the bad english,,, luv your blog

~*Zach’s Pov*~
Today was (Y/N)’s birthday, which is the reason i woke up so early, I needed to get her something. (Y/N) lives alone so she didn’t have her parents or siblings to celebrate with her. Thats why i was going, i didn’t want her to be all alone today. I was also planning on telling her how i felt. I’ve had a crush on her for so long and it was about time I finally admitted it.

After I turned off my 8:30 alarm, i got up to shower. After i was done, I dried off my damp hair, put some clothes on, and made my way downstairs to the kitchen. I opened the fridge, got some breakfast and was on my way to go find a gift for (Y/N).

After walking around the mall for a while i became frustrated, it was already 12:48pm and i still have no idea what to get her but then a jewelry store caught my eye and I went it.

‘Girls like bracelets right?’ I ask myself while grabbing one that I thought (Y/N) would like. After that i went to my car and drove off to a random grocery store. I walked in and went straight to the candy and chocolate section.

‘Really Zach? Chocolate and a large teddy bear, how cliche’ i said to myself while making my way up to her apartment, but it was too late to go back now. I knocked on her door but she didn’t answer but I heard a faint “ill be right there” and I figured it was her.

She opened her door with wide eyes, clearly not expecting anyone.

“Happy Birthday!” I said while smiling at her

She pulled me into a hug and told me to come in. Closing the door behind me i sat on her couch where she sat next to me. I gave her the gift bag that had chocolate and a box with a bracelet in it. She opened it. She was looking at the bracelet when i spoke up.

“It might not be that great, i mean I didn’t know what to get. I was spending a lot of time at the mall and didn’t want to leave you waiting so I grabbed it. If you dont like it i can-”

“I love it Zach” she said cutting me off while giggling, noticing how nervous i was.

Its been hours since I got here, it was dark out now. (Y/N) and i spent the time joking and laughing at random things and shared inside jokes.

“So uhh (Y/N), I’ve been meaning to tell you something” i say as she looked at me slightly confused.

“Whats up?” She says turning her attention from the Tv to me.

“You see we’ve been best friends for a long ass time now and i really don’t know wether this going to end up good or bad but I’m really worried because I don’t want to miss up our friendship and I just-”

“Just say it Zach” she cut me off, yet again. Apparently I talk a lot when I’m nervous.

“(Y/N) I really like you. Like really like you. To be honest I think I fucking love you but I was scared to confess it before cause I was worried that you wouldn’t feel the same.” I said looking down at my hands while fondling with my fingers.

She placed her hand on mine causing me to look up at her.

“Well shit Zach” she started, “ I’ve always liked you too but I was also scared of admitting it”

Fuck fuck fuck, was she serious? I couldn’t stop smiling. I guess all that nervousness was over nothing. I decided to sleep over at her house that night because it was already getting really late. That night was probably the best of my life.

How the Hell are You(r Feelings) this High?!

Member: Joshua

Genre: Angst, some fluff, suggestive themes

Word Count: 11,072

Part 2 to How the Hell are You(r Grades) this High?!

It’s been three months. Three. Whole. Months. Joshua wasn’t sure how he managed to do it, but he did. The inside of his car was cold as he rubbed his hands together and waited for the heater to pick up. Where were you? The snow was coming down heavier, and you were still nowhere in sight. Joshua shook his head and gripped tightly onto the steering wheel to keep his cool. You’ve been dating him for three months- surprisingly- but you’re still you. Wild. Bold. Blunt. Who knows what trouble you could be getting into?

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Dreams - Dean Wincester x Reader

Title: Dreams 

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,634

Warnings: None

Prompt: I have a request,so maybe dean and the reader fell in love in high school or some point and then dean had to leave, but they made love the night before he left. He comes back to the town however many years later you want it and he sees the reader with a little boy and he’s distraught because he wanted that with her when the little boy turns dean just knows it’s his little boy because nobody could mistake those candy apple green eyes, im sorry for being so specific, and please choose the ending.

Dean had never forgotten about this town. From the moment he drove into town with the Impala, from the moment his eyes casted on the welcome sign, he felt his heart leap up to his throat. Even if his mind forgot about the name and about all of it he knew that his heart wouldn’t let him. He knew that his feelings were always going to be there and come heaven or hell there would be something to remind him of this town, even if all of his memories were wiped out.

But now they weren’t. He had all of his memories and he wished he would never let go of them. They were the only ones that kept him going in his darkest moments.

What do you mean you have to go?” the hurt in your voice and the way you pulled your hands from his shattered his heart in ways he never thought it was possible.

I-” he ran a hand through his hair “My dad said that today is- was our last day here. He got done with the case and we-we leave. First thing in the morning.” he swallowed thickly, holding back his own tears. He feared that this moment was coming, he knew it would inevitably, but he liked to pretend he had forever with you- or at least the rest of his life. That maybe by some miracle, that he didn’t believe in but you did, he would end up staying and his father would have no objection at it.

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Daffodils (Elucien)

AN: Yeah, so, I headcanon that when Tamlin dies, the power passes to Lucien and he becomes High Lord of the Spring Court. Why, you say? Not because I think Lucien would be a good High Lord (not that he’d be bad!) but because ELAIN IS PERFECT FOR THE SPRING COURT. So yeah. And yes, I know, I will be posting Across the Stars (which you should all check out!) today, but I got excited about this one first. This is dedicated to the other two Night Court Queens @illyriantremors and @kitashiwrites!!! Enjoy!!! (Also, I’d like to say that this is NOT where I thought this fic was gonna go, but I’m so glad it did!)

“Sit still, my goodness!” Elain frowned as Lucien, once again, shifted uncomfortably in her lap and yanked the stem off of one of the daffodils in his hair. She threw the ruined flower back down in the sun-warmed grass.

Lucien grunted. “You’re taking too long.”

“I’m almost done,” she replied, wrapping the stem of the bright yellow flower around a long strand of his hair. “I would have been done fifteen minutes ago if you hadn’t crushed all the petals in my lap.”

A low chuckle rumbled in Lucien’s chest. He plucked a blade of grass and examined it idly. “I do not regret that.”

Elain’s cheeks colored rose. She pressed her lips into a thin line and focused on the flower in her hand.

Lucien resisted the urge to twist around and look up at her. The only thing that kept him still and staring at the cloudless spring sky was the fact that he might ruin his mate’s loving handiwork—even if he didn’t particularly want daffodils strung in his hair. “Do you regret it?”

Her hands stilled for a moment in his hair, and for a split second, his heart grew wings and whirled in a fluttering panic. But her hands resumed their work and she cleared her throat delicately. “Not at all.”

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You’re Gonna Love It

Originally posted by myoongim

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Your attempts at studying surprise you with a new distraction that you can’t help but love

Word Count: 2,005

By: Admin Tokki

The end of the semester was coming all too fast in your opinion. Projects were starting to pile up and the time you had to complete them was running shorter and shorter. You sat at your desk, pencil tapping, feet swinging and papers blank while your roommate was going on about her coworkers at the university shop.

“So then I asked him if he wanted go commit murder with me next -.”

“What did you just say?” you asked, head whipping around to face her.

She chuckled to herself, shaking her head. “I knew you weren’t paying attention. I think you may need to get out of the dorms if you want to focus on your projects.“ 

In any other case this would sound like she’s banning you from the room, but she knew you too well. It was just impossible for you to focus on your work when there was so much around you in your dorm to offset your attention from where you really needed it. It seemed like the only things you wanted to do at the moment were anything, with the exception of school work.

 "Where would I even go if I wanted to get this crap done? The library is always crowded at this time of the semester and the boys are always watching T.V in the lounge,” you counter with a sigh. 

You watched as Y/F seemed to ponder for a second, clearly struggling as much as you were to find an alternative to the convenient places located on campus.

“Well there is that new café that just opened at the old town center. I heard it’s nice and relaxing. Maybe that’s just what you need, ya know, plug in some music, block out everything else, the smell of coffee filling the place,” she said, inhaling as if she could actually smell it. What a coffee-holic you thought to yourself as you contemplated the idea. You weren’t the biggest fan of coffee, but at this point you were desperate to find a quiet area where you could get everything done before it really turned into a problem.

“I guess I’m headed to the café then. No harm in trying, right?”

The café was not what you expected, not even in the slightest. Judging by the modern style of the surrounding shops and restaurants, you were perplexed upon spotting the entrance. It wasn’t all that hard to find, seeing as how the accumulation of flowers and some chairs and tables made the previously vacant space stick out like a sore thumb. As you entered the establishment you were greeted with what Y/F might describe as a smell that transcended all other coffee. Although there were many vacant seats open by the front windows, you made your way towards the back area where there were booths next to several shelves of books. As you settled down and began to unpack your laptop and notes, you decided that the ambiance of this place might just be exactly what you needed.

As you began to work on one of your assignments, the feeling of being watched has you pausing to scan your surrounding a bit more thoroughly. A couple by the far front of the shop were laughing loudly over their lunch, while a few people sat alone, much like you but seemed completely focused in what they were working on. Finally, your sight landed on a pair of brown eyes that quickly broke contact with your gaze. It was the barista, currently cleaning off a booth across the room from you. He was rather tall and lean, dark brown hair complimenting his tan complexion. He was currently facing away from you, standing with a small towel in hand, being wrung as though he were nervous about something. Before you could think too much of it, he looked over and turned to you before making his way over to you, causing you to suddenly become extremely interested in the long and daunting article laid before you.

“Um, excuse me,” a quiet voice sounded, causing you too look up. Within a second you went from moderately shy and reserved to straight up bashful as you saw the face of the barista. Looking at his face alone you might have guessed he was younger than you, but the way his black long sleeve shirt clung to his figure had you guessing he was more or less your age, probably in his first or second year of college. You were still in awe looking at his warm brown eyes when he cleared his throat before going on with what he was trying to say.

“I don’t want to come off as rude, but well… sorry I’m new at working here, and as awkward as it feels to say this, you really do need to order something to stay in here,” he said quietly, quickly averting his eyes from your own as you processed what he said.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” you quickly apologized. “It didn’t even cross my mind!” However, now you had a dilemma. You quickly glanced at the large chalk board hung above the counter that stood behind him, but that didn’t help your decision as much as it did complicate the situation.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m not much of a coffee person, so I’m not entirely sure what I should order,” you said slowly, leaning forward, trying to catch his gaze.

At that he looked back up at you, contemplating with pursed lips.

“Well, there are a couple of popular drinks that I could recommend,” he stated before beginning to list off a few. To be quite honest they all sounded really good, and you weren’t exactly the best at making quick decisions. Maybe it was due to the apprehension on your face or the amount of time you were contemplating that prompted him to ask, “How about, I surprise you and if you don’t like it, I’ll pay for your drink?”

You studied his inquisitive gaze before resigning to the fact that actually deciding on a drink could take you eons, and gently nodded in agreement.

He gave you a big smile, that left you staring, star struck, as he turned and made his way back behind the counter quickly working on a concoction of who-knows-what.

A few minutes passed of you trying to concentrate on your work before you heard footsteps approach once again. As you looked up, a hot drink was set in front of you, carefully placed away from your papers. He had that same bunny smile stuck on his face, as he watched you expectantly. You took the cup and before taking a sip you sent him a questioning glance, as if contemplating if it was poisoned with something that would magically knock you out until after all your projects were past due.

He simply chuckled to himself before egging you on, “I promise, you’re gonna love it.”

Ever since that day that first day at the coffee shop, you couldn’t stop visiting. You told your roommate and yourself it was because of how productive the atmosphere made you. Simply studying at your desk didn’t cut it for you anymore, no matter how much you cleared your surroundings of all distractions. Your trips to the café became a regular occurrence, so much so that the barista, who you later learned to be named Jungkook, would automatically look up a crazy recipe to try and serve it to you, a smile always on his face. A couple of times when the café wasn’t too crowded he would come and join you at your now favorite booth and you two would talk about college and your interests until customers started to trickle in again. You learned that although he was in college as well, he wasn’t too sure about what he wanted to. At this point, he wanted try a little bit of everything since, as he put it so humbly, he was “good at everything, but not exceptionally great at one thing.” Occasionally you would exchange music playlists for studying, or revise material by explaining it to one another. In a way, a friendship of sorts began to bud through these study sessions.

All of this continued on until finals week came, and you found yourself too busy with the extended class periods and exam schedules. There were only two days of exams left, and you desperately needed to take a break from studying so hard, and so you retreated to your newfound haven. The walk to the café was cold and rainy, so as you closed your umbrella and entered the building, the warmth permeated you on a physical level but also brought upon instant soothing to your mind. Unfortunately, as you made your way to your booth, you realized that Jungkook was nowhere to be seen. Setting your stuff down, you walked up to the counter to order your drink. The pink haired barista who was eagerly concentrated typing on his phone shot his head up to look at you before tucking his phone away and asking what he could get you. It took you a while to decide, as you realized you had never had to order for yourself here before, always being served with one of Jungkook’s ‘masterpieces’ as he liked to call them. After choosing a drink you thought might be similar to what you would normally get, you sat back down and started to read a book from the shelf behind your seat. It was one that Jungkook had pointed out and suggested as a nice read for stressful days.

Quite a while had passed and the sun had begun to go down before you heard someone rush through the door, a gust of cold air following them in. When you looked up you were met with the sight of Jungkook, mouth agape and hair a little misplaced as though he had just ran a mile or two. As his bright and searching eyes settled on you, he smiled and walked up to you.

“Hey, Y/N! I was worried I wouldn’t catch you before you left.”

“Oh, how did you know I was here?” you asked, head tilting in confusion. Jungkook’s big smile quickly shrunk as a bashful look crossed his face.

“Jimin texted me you were here, but I just got done with taking one of my exams. I’m sorry I couldn’t serve you one of my masterpieces today. It’s a real shame too since you’ll be gone for winter break.”

At the mention of your leaving campus and visits with Jungkook being put on hold, the air between the two of you went awkwardly silent for a bit. You avoided his gaze as you voiced what the both of you were thinking.

“I’m going to miss our talks… and the drinks you make me,” you mutter, ending with a small chuckle.

When you look up, Jungkook is looking at you – no. It’s as if he’s looking through you, obviously thinking hard about something, before his gaze snaps back to meet yours.

“About that, I was wondering,” he spoke, confidence trailing off with each passing word. He let his gaze fall to the ground between where the two of you stood before continuing.

“I was wondering if, perhaps, when you come back for next semester, if you would like to go out? Like… on a date… with me.”

You stood a bit shocked but not entirely surprised at his words but more by his actions. His attitude and posture seemed so meek compared to the confident and high-spirited boy you had befriended these past few weeks.

“That sounds lovely,” you said quickly, not wanting to prolong his nerves.

“Really?” he questioned smiling at you, eyebrows raised in surprise.

“Really,” you said beaming back at him. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

At that he flashed you a mischievous smile, before leaning in to hug you tightly as he responded, “It’s a surprise, but I know you’re gonna love it.”

A/N: AAhhhhh!!! The feels *dies*. I killed myself with feels THAT I MYSELF CREATED ( •᷄⌓•᷅ ) the betrayal sorry we haven’t posted much since the initial ones. College is currently kicking our butts and we’ve been karate chopping right back at it, however it has left us a bit behind schedule. I’ve mentioned to admin Nabi a possible challenge we may be doing during winter holidays but we’ll let you know when that is 100% for sure. I hope you guys really like this!! Sending good vibes and good luck to everyone out there trying to get their grades up as finals week is starting to close in on us! Fighting!!

-         Admin Tokki


Today’s Taako is on a date with death!

Haircuts and Wedding Plans [Part 1]

Part 2 Part 3

Characters: hair stylist!Jensen Ackles, single mom!reader, Indiana [reader’s daughter], Genevieve Padalecki, Felicia Day, Ashlyn [OFC]
Pairing: Jensen x reader
Word count: 2.3K
Warnings: cussing??
Summary: You’re busy getting your sister’s wedding organized, spending time with your kid, Indiana, and trying to figure out getting a date for the wedding, when you take Indie to get a haircut and meet Jensen.
A/N: This is for @teamfreewill-imagine ​‘s birthday AU challenge. [The prompt was hairdresser!Jensen.] Happy late birthday, Jamie! Honestly, you, your blog, and your writing are all amazing, so thank you for being you. And thanks for letting me be a part of your challenge. Hope you like this! <33
Beta: @wintersfavoritechild She really helped me out this time, even though I kinda distracted her from writing an essay due in the morning…..

Originally posted by milanavsh

My phone buzzed and I looked down at it to see a text from Felicia.

I thought I’d mention that I’m not at work today. Feeling sick. Sorry. :(

Wait… Work? Why was she telling me about- Fuck. Hairdresser. I was supposed to be there in thirty minutes. With Indiana.

Please tell me you even remembered…

I groaned and texted back a nope.

“What’s up?” Genevieve asked as she finished tying a balloon.

I shook my head. “It’s nothing. I was just supposed to take Indie to cut her hair. She’s been begging me to go get a haircut, and we all know how bad I am at even trimming hair. But since the date for Ashlyn’s bridal shower got changed to today instead of last weekend, I totally forgot about it. But I guess I’ll just cancel… Ugh, she’s gonna be so disappointed. She’s been having a rough time being back in school, and she’s really been looking forward to this.”

“No. It’s fine. Go. We’re pretty much done with decorating, and you should be back by six, right?” Gen smiled and shrugged. “Get your kiddo a haircut.”

I looked at her hesitantly. “But-”

“Seriously. Go.”

I rolled my eyes, but smiled, thankful. “Fine.”

Okay, but you’re still coming, right? Cuz I got somebody who took some of my appointments and you and Indiana are one of them.

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