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Twas inspired by this song and the need to see these two smoochin ;3

Granted, my animation skills don’t give it that effectiveness, but I’m getting better I think. It’s a WIP. I MAY just color it ;)

Imagine Chris taking you to Rome for a romantic getaway. (Part C)

A/N: Part 5C, lovelies. 💕 You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; and Memory Lane - Masterlist) Hope you like it. X

The first four days in Rome were spent redoing the beautiful city. The two of you visited the different hotspots and tourist attractions, recreating whatever photos you’d taken on your honeymoon; the look of love in both your eyes hadn’t faded over time, only increased. There was also quite a bit of shopping done for Jack and the others back home, now that you were parents- it seemed like everything you saw reminded you of your adorable son.

Speaking of, he was doing just fine and having the time of his life with the guys. The two of you would FaceTime him each Boston morning as he ate his breakfast and he’d tell you about what he’d been doing; his days sounded like a kid’s dream come true. Today, when you called, they were starting to decorate the house with Shanna and a few of Scott’s other friends.

When Chris asked, “why? You’re going to be walking the neighborhood with Jack.” Scott explained that he and his friends were going to mend the fort and scare the crap out of neighborhood kids, while Shanna accompanied Anthony and Sebastian in taking Jack around. You swore you saw a flicker of jealousy in Chris’ eyes when he heard their plan for a haunted house; your husband was a huge kid and he lived to scare people, the amounts of times he got you before- you were surprised you hadn’t died from a heart attack.

“Just make sure our house doesn’t get egged,” Chris told Scott as they said their goodbyes to both of you. Behind Chris’ shoulder, you waved until the call ended. “Our house is totally going to get egged,” he chuckled softly, closing the lid of your MacBook.

“Probably,” you chuckled as Chris grabbed your arm and pulled you into his lap. “Are you sure you’re okay with missing Halloween?” You asked, wrapping your arms around his neck; he nodded. “Don’t think I didn’t see that flicker of jealousy in your pretty blue eyes.” He chuckled softly, tightening his hold around your waist as he rested his head on your chest. “We’ve had four days,” you murmured into his fluffy hair, “we can go home now. I’m sure we can get a flight that will make it back before Halloween.”

“I’m sure we can too,” he nodded as he pulled back, caressing your face with one hand. “But I don’t really want to give this up yet. How long has it been since we’ve had some alone time, Y/N? How long since we got to have a lazy, stress-free, do-absolutely-nothing day? This is the first time in a long time that we actually got to sleep in, do you really want to end that early?”

“I feel like if I answer that, I’m going to lose my nomination for best mom.” You chuckled and he laughed. “Okay, we won’t go home early. We’ll continue to enjoy our romantic getaway,” you got off his lap and padded over to the room service menu. “I still can’t believe we’ve done nothing all day, except relax in this luxurious hotel.”

“I wouldn’t say we’ve done nothing.” He spoke suggestively, smirking at you when you turned around; you bit back your smile, feeling the heat rush to your cheeks at the thought of your heated activities between relaxation. “You’re adorable,” he chuckled, walking over to cup your face in his hands. “I love that I still make you blush.” He said and kissed your forehead.

“I could say the same for you,” you smirked and he threw his head back, laughing; he knew exactly what you were talking about. “What are we going to do for dinner?” You asked, slapping the menu against his chest. “Are we staying in or do you want to go out?”

“Obviously staying in,” he took the menu and began to study his choices. “There’s no way I’m taking off this cloud-like robe,” he told you and you chuckled. “Except, of course,” he looked up from the menu to wink at you, “to continue what we were doing earlier.” You laughed as he said, “I’ll take off anything you want me to then.”

“Just order the food.“ 

• • • • • • • • 

“The last time we ate pizza in a hotel room was our wedding night,” Chris pointed out then took a bite out of his slice of Margherita pizza. You nodded, taking a bite out of yours. “Can you believe it’s been four years?” He quizzed after swallowing; he chuckled and shook his head in disbelief. “It’s both amazing and ridiculous how fast time has gone.”

“Yeah,” you dropped your slice of pizza back onto the wooden serving board, leaning back against the headboard. “Four years ago, we were practically kids.” Chris nodded in agreement, lying back against the pillow he had propped against his back earlier. “You were still with Marvel,” you smiled when he nodded, “my handsome Captain America.”

“And you, my love, got your fantastic work nominated for three Oscars. You may have only won two, but it’s still pretty amazing considering who you were going up against.” He said and you nodded. “I still remembered when you were writing the script, you were so terrified about it being unfinished that you postponed sending it to Alex.”

“Well, it felt unfinished.”

“You think everything you do is unfinished,” he chuckled softly. “You stress yourself out more than you need to, Y/N. You do that every time you start working on something, no matter what others tell you- you still convince yourself that it’s not good enough.” You sighed because you knew he was right. “You’re a really, really good writer. Just place some trust in that so you won’t be so stressed when you start on the new job.”

“You should really take your own advice when you start yours,” you told him with a small smile on your lips and he chuckled. “You’re an amazing actor, Chris, and your ability to direct and commander a movie set doesn’t go unnoticed either. You think people just see you as Captain America, or just another Hollywood hunk.” He laughed. “But they don’t, and I don’t. You are so much more than that and there is no one I believe in more to succeed, remember that when you start your new job then maybe you wouldn’t be so stressed either.”

“I really appreciate that, I always appreciate your vote of confidence before I start a job. It just psychs me up, gets me ready to go. So, thank you.” He smiled at you and you nodded, smiling back. “We really are the perfect couple, aren’t we?”

“A little too perfect, if you ask me.” You smiled, giggling when he chuckled. “Why do you think Hollywood’s calling us a power couple and waiting for us to work together on a movie? Can you imagine the amount of awards we’d bring in with our collaboration?”

“I can and I have, which begs the question- how have we never worked on a movie together?” His eyes narrowed in confusion as he quizzed. “I mean- we’ve talked about it before, like- a lot, so why haven’t we done it?”

“Bad timing, I guess,” you shrugged. “Marvel kept you pretty busy, and- it’s not like we can work together now that we have Jack. We can’t both disappear into our work, someone’s got to be able to work from Boston.” He pressed his lips together, nodding. “But hey, I’m sure we’ll have our chance. You’re stuck with me, remember?” You teased, holding up your left hand to display your wedding band.

“Stuck?” He chuckled, moving the pizza out of the way so he could get closer to you. He grabbed your ankles, pulling you out of a sitting position. “I don’t think you can use the word ‘stuck’ if it’s a choice.” He pressed his body on top of yours, using his hands to prop his weight so he wouldn’t completely crush you. “And you are my choice,” he brushed you hair out of your face, smiling when you smiled. “Always have been and always will be.”

“Right back at you,” you whispered as he leaned in to press his lips against yours.

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Part 5D up next. X

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A/N: I hope you enjoy this one and I hope it’s what you had in mind! Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: Too Drunk To Tell

Requested by: Anon - ““You’re so drunk.”, “You’re really soft.”, “I’d like it if you stayed.” maybe reader is drunk and is getting really touchy with Pride and he has The Feelings for reader but he’s too much of a gentleman to do anything bc they’re drunk. <33"

Word Count: 956

Pairing: Pride x Reader

8. “You’re so drunk.”
33. “You’re really soft.”
44. “I’d like it if you stayed.

The bar was packed, drinks were flowing and the live music had everyone in good spirits on a hot and humid Friday night. After just closing a case you and the team decided to head over to Pride’s bar to celebrate and to unwind.

Pride himself had just hopped behind the bar to help serves the locals as well as tourists who were here on holiday. He made sure to keep the team’s table stocked with drinks but nine out of ten times that he’d look over, you weren’t there.

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Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: Yay for friday! I love how you all look forward to these updates, it makes me so happy and more than willing to write this lovely series! Here’s to the new CB chapter; merry christmas eve eve! 

Warning: Ben cusses a bit and it’s some good shit

Word Count: 4K+

“A concert?” Sitting on the bar stool as your mother worked around the kitchen, you nodded. “How much?” Stopping in her tracks to look at you, you shook your head.

“Absolutely free! There’s no fee since they’re not like a profiting band, they just do small gigs.” You smiled, in hopes she’d say yes.

“A band? Is this that band you listen to on repeat? The only rock band out of all your music?” Slumping your shoulders, you slowly nodded. “What was it again? Knights of…Knights of…”

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Lazy Day: Dylan O'Brien

My eyes adjust to the light flowing through my shared bedroom curtains, blinding me partially. The pair of arms that are wrapped around me cause me to feel safer knowing who it was apparently.

“Dyl babe,” I whisper quietly, my voice sounded disgusting.

I feel his arms move before they end back around me. “Yes?” His voice is groggy and sounds sexy as always.

“Babe, we have to get up it’s going on almost one pm.” I spoke turning myself around to face him only to find his eyes still closed. “Dylan.” I say again scaring him slightly and his eyes open up again.

“Come onnn babe, we don’t have to get up. How about we just have a lazy day? Because I really don’t feel like doing anything besides you’ve been working almost everyday for the past month ever since you got a promotion.” He explains, fully wake now but his voice still came out deeper than usual.

I fiddle with my fingers and actually think about what he said. “Okay, okay.” I giggle and a smile appears on those soft plumb pink lips of his.


“You totally cheated!” I yell and place my controller down next to me in the bed, not wanting to play anymore.

“Awe babygirl, it’s not my fault I’m a pro.” he smirks staring at me.

I gasp. “I am a pro too.” I argue crossing my arms over my chest before turning away from his gaze.

“If you were, you wouldn’t have came in twelfth place.” That famous smirk of his is still on his lips as I glance at him and turn away once more. I don’t respond and so doesn’t he for a few minutes. “Babygirl, you know I love you to death and I would never cheat.” His arms wrap around me and pull me on to his lap.

It’s hard for me to stay serious and I end up laughing. “You thought I was actually mad, you should’ve seen your face.” I tease.

“Oh that was real classy.” He says before he begins to tickle me. “You have to apologize and then I’ll stop.” He continues on.

“A-alright, sor-sorry.” I say in between my laughs and he finally stops. He stares at me for moment until his lips meet mine, his hands sliding up my side sending shivers down my spine. We end up with me on top now still going at it not even thinking to pull anyway from one an other.

He sits up with me still on his lap, finally pulling away and opens his top drawer on his nightstand, a black box in hands once he closes it back.

“This may feel like the worst time, but I am ready to do it now.” He spoke nervously looking up to me. “Y/N, I love you so friggin much I-I can’t even explain. I want you to be the mother of our children and the grandma of the grandchildren our kids would have. I want to spend the rest of my life with you because there is no one else I would rather it be. So y/n,” His hand opens the little black box flashing a silver diamond ring. “will you do the honor in becoming Mrs. O'Brien?”

Tears are streaming down my cheeks now and I was speechless. “Yes, yes, yes, a millions times yes!” I say with a giggle and he slips the ring onto my finger. My lips meet his once more when he’s finished putting it on my finger. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” He whispers back, giving me that beautiful wide smile of his.


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