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Babysitting (Jonathan/Reader)

requested by @maxifuckoff

jonathan realizes he’s in love with the reader :-)


“Will! Lunch is ready!” You shouted as you set down his plate, his favorite meal coincidently being the only thing you can cook.

The short boy ran into the kitchen, nearly running into you which caused you to laugh, “Hey! Slow down, bud.”

He sheepishly grinned before sitting down and digging into his food.

You smiled at him as you turned to wash dishes, not noticing your boyfriend leaning against the doorframe with a love struck look on his face.

He couldn’t believe how sweet you were to Will and the fact that his usually closed off younger brother took a liking to you was a major plus.

Everybody knew Jonathan Byers’ mom and brother were the most important people in his life, beside now you.

Jonathan hid behind the doorframe as you turned back around, putting the now clean dishes away where they belonged before taking a seat at the table with Will.

“How’s school been?”

Will shrugged, a sudden frown coming onto the face, “Those two mouth breathers still bully me and my friends.”

Jonathan was about to burst in until he heard you speak.

“Really? Does your brother know about this?”

The younger Byers quickly shook his head, “Of course not! He’d tell my mom and she’d go down to the school and make a huge scene.”

You chuckled at the thought of small Joyce Byers marching up to the school and yelling at your large principal.

“Well I’ll promise not to tell Jonathan anything if you promise me you will tell him if it gets too hard for you, alright?” You explained.

Will thought about it for a second before nodding, he spit on his hand and stretched it out to you. Without a second thought, you did the same and shook hands with the boy as you both laughed.

Jonathan, who was watching it all happen from the doorframe chuckled which made you and Will notice him.

“Spy much?” You teased with a smile.

Your boyfriend blushed as he ruffled his brothers hair, “I wanted to see what you guys were up to.”

Jonathan grabbed you by your hands and helped you stand up before pecking your lips which caused Will to gag.

Laughing, you both pulled away, your boyfriend wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Go get your shoes and we’ll take you out for ice cream.” You smiled at Will who bolted to his room.

Turning your attention back to Jonathan, you asked, “How much of Will and I’s conversation did you hear?“

He shrugged, “Just saw your gross handshake.” He lied.

Will rushed into the kitchen to pull you away from Jonathan and out the door.

You bursted out in laugher as you followed the boy.

“Hey!” Jonathan called out as he grabbed his keys and took off after you.

He wouldn’t tell you anytime soon, but he was definitely in love with you.

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Need some help from a Friend?

Billy Hargrove Headcannons

Requested: I don’t usually write for people not on the list, but i feel bad cuz i haven’t written in so long. I’m sorry but school is tight cuz private schools suck, but I’ll write when I have time.

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*Him being constantly on your ass about spending time with him

*(cuz he doesn’t want to be alone)

*(you know but don’t want to embarrass him so you don’t say anything about it)

*Going for long cruises in his car and when he starts driving recklessly you’ll reach across the console and giving his hand a squeeze silently reminding him to ease up

*trying to get him to be kinder to Max and her adorable friends

*totally shipping Lucas with Max, but stay quiet around Billy so you don’t upset him

*Being the big sister Max always wanted and taking her places when she doesn’t want Billy to drive her

*Driving to some cliff-like structure and laying a blanket on top of the car so you can stargaze (and make out)

*chilling with him behind school inhaling his second hand smoke and flirting your butts off

*Even though you’ve been together for 6 months, you both still enjoy the thrill of the chase always figuring out ways to keep each other guessing

*instead of getting jealous of all the envious looks from other girls, you constantly tease ‘Big Bill’ about the unwanted attention

*he may have used to enjoy it, but now its just annoying

*always giving him a little loving in front of those girls just so they know he’s taken

*when his dad is getting to be a little too much, he speeds over to your house and knocks on your door

*your parents understand his situation and just send him up to you and he curls up in your arms as you hum, sing or whisper sweet nothings to him

*he’s always thankful for your attention and love and he makes sure you know it

*over time he begins to let go of his careless attitude and finds himself actually dressing up for dates with you (not too much) and starts to slightly care about his grades

*you notice the shift in his character immediately and slyly ask if he wants to study after school sometimes

*after a while of improvement, you ask him why he is making this sudden change

*he proceeds to tell you that its all for you

*despite what everyone thinks and sees him as, he wants to be able to graduate, to get a job, to provide for you because damn his name if he doesn’t get to keep you for the rest of his life

*his dad notices the change to and begins to actually lighten up on the kid

*this just makes it easier to treat Max more like a human than some dog he can order and kick around

*you never tell him when you catch him joking around with her and developing a sort of friendship with her

*this all is a cycle that leads back to your beautiful self and he understands that you play a role in his life that could never be replaced

*there were no words to describe how thankful he was to have discovered your soul and intertwine it with his own

*(then you mock him for his newly-discovered love for poetry)

*he’s just so happy now and its so much better than his self-destructive self-serving personality he had before

*he can proudly say hes apologized to Lucas and voluntarily drives Max to places like the arcade and Mike’s house because hes glad his little sister found people she can feel safe with

*he loves you so much and he tells you every chance he gets

*whether it be with a surprise road trip, spoiling you with special trinkets or kissing you until you can’t breathe

*He loves his Sunshine and you love your Moon

To anonymous: I’m not sure if this is what you wanted, but here you go. I kinda got carried away turning him into a cinnamon role, but thank you for your request and don’t be afraid to ask for more or tweaks to this one. Have a sunshiney day, love!


Another twitter dump, I’m sorry I’ve not gotten anything big done recently (it sorta pains me to see so much black and white on my blog…) I’m working on a few pieces at once, and a couple of bigger commissions, so my times been spread thin! 

 I uh, de-aged them, after I realised I kinda knew how to draw kids I got carried away ;). Did anyone else’s parents used to put you head to toe with your friend for sleepovers? I imagine Hizashi probably kicks though…not to mention the snoring.

Bellamy’s not gonna know that Clarke tried to radio him. He’s not gonna know that she basically bore her soul to him every day since they left the ground. And Clarke’s not gonna be the one to tell him. Because she wouldn’t want him to know. She wouldn’t want to put that on him. But something’s gonna happen with Madi where she mentions what Clarke dragged her outside to do every day like he already knows. Like it isn’t that big a deal because no matter how many stories Clarke could tell her about Bellamy, she still doesn’t understand the gravity and depth of their relationship. And he’s going to look at her, stunned, wondering if he’s sure of what he just heard. And once Madi tells him that yes, Clarke was outside every day no matter what, trying to contact him by name, he’ll get up and go to her. He’ll find her doing something, completely unaware of what he’s just learned, and he won’t be able to help but look at her. Awed and inspired by her hope in him as an intensity fills his chest that he’s never felt before. And Clarke’s going to find him looking at her and smile back because that’s just what she does. And she’ll be confused for a moment about why he looks so solemn but it won’t take her very long at all to find out.

Kiss The Girl // Harry

Requested- yes

Summary- based on the song kiss the girl by the descendants cast

Pairing- harry hook x reader

A/N-  flashbacks are in italics! i also got a lil carried away and this is kinda long lmao

there you see her
sitting there across the way
she don’t got a lot to say
but there’s something about her

Harry watched in awe from the front of the Fish N’ Chip restaurant as you walked along the Isle with your parents Tiana and Naveen. He was completely enamored by you.

You weren’t from the Isle, but your parents regularly made the trip for peace meetings and you usually never tagged along, but last time you met a certain pirate and now you were itching to see him again.

“How’ve you been liking the Isle, love? Is it up to your parents standards?” Harry asked.

You had just stopped for a bite to eat when the son of Captain Hook to a seat across the table from you, somehow both startling and intriguing you at the same time.

“Well mom seems to like it, says it’s got character,” Harry scoffed at that part, “while dad isn’t sold yet,” You explained in between bites of your food.

Harry quirked an eyebrow, “And you? Are you sold?”

A smirk formed on your lips as you replied, “Almost, I need a bit more convincing before I can make a final decision.”

The boy suddenly stood up and held out his hand which confused you. You looked up at him and swore your heart rate increased when you saw his smile.

“C’mon, let me convince you.”

You followed his actions and stood up, grabbing his outstretched hand. Harry had just moved a step back when you tripped over your own foot and fell into his chest. Harry immediately placed his hands on your waist to steady you while your hands rested on his shoulders.

He was the one who leaned in and you followed suite, eyes closed, lips just centimeters away when Gil bursted through the doors and shouted at Harry that Uma needed him.

Harry glared at his friend before turning back to you, “Don’t think this is over, princess.” He winked and walked away.


yes, you want her
look at her, you know you do (yeah, yeah)
it’s possible she wants you too
there is one way to ask her
it don’t take a word, not a single word

You walked along the narrow streets of the Isle, stopping every once in awhile to look at the little trinkets the locals were selling.

“How much for this?” You asked the old man as you held up a bracelet.

“Don’t buy it, the gold will turn your skin green.” A familiar accent warned,

Turning, you came face to face with none other than Harry Hook. Finally.

You stepped away from the jewelry and walked towards where he stood, leaning against a wall, a smirk plastered on his face. 

“Always nice to see you, Princess,”

You smiled at the boy before responding, “You too, Captain.”

Harry chuckled and looked down, “I’m no Captain.”

“You should be,” You mused, stepping closer to him, You fully intended on finishing what you two started at the restaurant the last time you were there.

This time, it was you who leaned in and Harry followed your actions and once again, you two were interrupted.

It was Uma.

“Sorry to ruin the lovefest, but I need my first mate.” She shot you an almost sympathetic smile before turning to Harry, “It’s the Auradon kids, we need to go. Now.” She turned to walk away and the boy in front of you seemed to be fighting with himself.

You sighed, “Go. Find me later, alright?”

Harry looked to where Uma was waiting rather impatiently for him and turned back to you before nodding, “We’re gonna finish this once and for all, Princess.”

“I’m holding you to that, Hook.”


now’s your moment
floating in a blue lagoon
boy, you better do it soon
no time will be better

It was now night time, you were set to leave the Isle in the morning and you couldn’t be sadder.

You knew it wasn’t safe, but you just couldn’t resist. You went out to the little lake for a late night swim, just to clear your head of Harry.

Only, it didn’t work. The boy was still all you could think about.

“It really isn’t safe for you to be here alone, Princess.” Harry’s deep voice startled you.

You turned in the water, eyes widening when you took in Harry’s shirtless body. A small smile settled on your face as you spoke, “Well now you’re here to protect me, right?”

Harry slowly made his way to you, the water barely coming up to his hips as he stopped in front of you.

It was the perfect time, you thought. There was nobody around, no Gil or Uma to pull Harry away, no Auradon kids to ruin the moment.

This was it.

The boy slid his arms around your waist and pulled you close to him, you two gazed into eachother’s eyes and leaned in at the same time.

Harry’s lips were unbelievably soft, just like you imagined and he was gentle which you didn’t expect, but loved. His hands gripped your waist as yours tangled themselves in his hair. You didn’t want to pull away, but your chest was begging for air.

Pulling away, you rested your forehead against his and tried catching your breath before whispering, “Was that worth the wait?”

Harry let out a laugh before wrapping you into a hug, “It definitely was, my princess.”

Well, he finally got to kiss the girl.