and i got him without telling my parents

“The floor is lava…”, he whispered. Nobody heard him. And if they did they always chose to ignore him. “Hey! The floor…it’s…it’s lava”, he said a little louder. Amber gave him a quick glance then pretended he wasn’t there. It was like that one time he finally managed to confess to her in 9th grade. She had stared at him with a puzzled look on her face and then walked away without saying a single word. The next day he was as good as dead to her and her friends. He could still be in the same room as them but his presence got unacknowledged. “I am telling you! The floor is lava!” “Oh, fuck off, Jake”, said Amber. It was the first time Amber, let alone anyone, spoke to him since the death of his parents. A tear rolled over his cheek and was followed by a smile. “But but…”. “Listen to me Jake. The floor is lava, the sky is lava, the floor is my pussy…” (He could see Max picturing the latter in his mind’s eye), all of it.. just stop it, okay? This has been going on for days and nobody gives a damn. You are only making a fool of yourself Jake!“, she exclaimed. "Bet he wished the floor was your pussy”, howled Max. “Fucking loser." A smile appeared on Jake’s face. "See! Told you! He really wants the floor to be…” “Oh, shut up, Max!” Sweat started to drip from Jake’s forehead. He grinned. “The. Floor. Is. Lava.” 5…..4…..3….2….he jumped on his desk….1….and then watched Amber, Max and their friends being swallowed by the lava. Their screams music to his ears and the smell of their burning corpses something he would cherish forever. The same way he cherished that of his parents. “The floor is lava, bitch.”

Meant to Be (2)

Meant to Be Masterlist

Pairing: Prince!Bucky X Servant!Reader

Words: 1584

Warnings: Angsty I guess.

Summary: As the news of the King’s death spreads throughout the land, lords and ladies from the nearby countries swarm the castle to offer condolences to the queen and her son. As the prince mourns his father, he is met with the reality that he must now choose a wife and begin his reign.

A/N: Just posting it until I put the tags up. It takes a while but they’ll be up in a few minutes. Italics are flashbacks. Let me know if you want to be tagged HERE.

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future fruit

Min Yoongi / Suga / Agust D | BTS
8,375 words | DRAMA/FLUFF
warnings for language
(unnamed OC)

a playlist because I felt like it, it’s a strange collection but they’re all songs I listened to writing this.

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The first time Yoongi shows up at her apartment, she’s just finished cleaning up her after-dinner mess and opened her laptop for a movie, wanting a quiet night in.

“I hope this is okay,” he says after she opens the door to him slumped against the frame, purpled exhaustion painted into his lacrimal groove and a reddened darkness in the outer corner, as if one of his makeup artists had applied a rusty shadow to elongate his eyes and create depth.

“You said to come over if I needed,” he adds.

She nods. “Of course, come on in.”

He shuffles in, toeing off his shoes in the cramped entryway space, then follows her into the small Gangnam studio apartment. He looks around at her minimal decor, enough to show glimpses of her personality, but little enough to keep her space from feeling overcrowded and busy, the pale peachy wall color cocooning him in warmth.

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Set directly after season 2 with some liberties taken. Based off a tumblr post that suggested Lena lives at her office. When Kara finds out, she insists that Lena comes to live with her. Shenanigans ensue.

Sorry if this sucks, I probably should have waited another day to post it but I had to get it out! Let me know what you think!

Read it on AO3 -

Lena never really thought she would miss having an apartment to go home to.

She spends so much time at L-Corp that an apartment would simply be an added cost, another thing for her already overworked brain to keep up with. Which is exactly why she hadn’t went apartment hunting on arrival to National City.

She originally only meant to stay in National City for a few weeks - to ensure that things were running smoothly at the new L-Corp branch before heading back to Metropolis.

But then Kara had happened.

Kara with her sunny smiles and her unfaltering friendship.

And somewhere between the brunches and late night donuts, Lena had decided to stay in National City. Because Metropolis may be her home city but she can never look at it the same, not since Kara. She had called Kara her only friend in National City, but really she had pushed any other friends she had away a long time ago.

It’s easier that way, less disappointing. Better for them if they stay away from the Luthor name.

It’s why she had left Jack.

No need to taint his wondrous research with her name - it would damn him from the start.

But Kara, Kara is different.

Kara doesn’t care about her last name.

Kara is the best friend she doesn’t deserve.

And so she had stayed - weeks had turned into months; and maybe she’s a workaholic and maybe she has commitment issues; but the house hunt had never happened.

And now here she is, over a year later, living in her office.

Most of the time it doesn’t bother her.

She works late anyway, having a bed the next room over is just common sense.

It’s efficient, it saves time.

But right now, she wants nothing more than to go home.

Only she doesn’t have a home.

She laughs mirthlessly.

National City’s richest CEO and she doesn’t even have a place to call home.

How fitting.

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Playbook (Reggie x Reader)

“Bye Ronnie” You shouted as you ran down the hall not wanting to be late for your ride home.

“Bye Y/N, see you tomorrow”

“What’s going on in here?” Veronica asked as she walked into the Blue and Gold paper office.

“These girls” Betty started to say as she waved her arms in a pointing gesture “Also had been victims of slut shaming from boy on the football team.” Veronica looked at Betty for a moment before turning her attention to the girls.

“Are you serious?” She questioned not wanting to be lied too about something like this. All of the girls nodded their heads and Veronica let out a breath. Looking at the girls she wondering how many more in this school had been shamed. There were about a dozen here and she knew not everyone would come forward. “Well ladies what are we going to do” But before anyone got a chance to answer her, in came two students.

“Guys welcome” Betty greeted as they entered “Veronica this is Valerie and her brother Trev who use to be on the football team. I’m pretty sure this will answer your question on what to do.” Trev looked at the girls in the room and spoke

“There’s a book it’s umm called the Playbook” Trev reached up to touch his neck nervously as all eyes were on him “The team uses it to write down and keep track of all of the girls they hook up  with. They keep score for themselves and how much each girls is worth.” Most of the girls let out a gasp, shocked that the football team was at something like this. “It’s not all of the players but it’s a enough that I quit the team over.”

“Do you know where the book is?” Veronica asked wanting to get straight to the point.

“Yeah I do”

 That’s what led the girl’s here in the school at night. A few of them came to find the book in the place where Trev said it would be to make sure it was true. As Betty searched the supply closet for it, everyone was on edge, not really wanting it to be true but also that Cheryl had showed up. As she knew her brother she knew that there was no way he would do this.

“Guy’s I found it” Betty shouted as she came rushing out with a book in her hands. Everyone gather around her as she opened the book. Reading down the pages there were many names of girls that lived in Riverdale also the football teams members next to them.

“There’s my name” Veronica said as she pointed to it next to Chuck’s name.

“There’s Polly’s” Betty let out. Cheryl stepped back from everyone not really believing it even with proof right in front of her. Veronica scanned the book even more, coming across names of the girls that she had met earlier but one caught her eye.

“Betty isn’t that Y/N?” Betty and Veronica looked over to the player’s name and it was Reggie.

“Since when was she seeing Reggie?” Ronnie asked but Betty just shook her head, she didn’t know anything about it and she had been friend with you for years. Not once did you ever mention anything about Reggie let alone hooking up with him. Flicking to more pages the girls found your name even more, which left them wondering until Cheryl let out a laugh.

“You guys didn’t know? Betty really I thought you would of, you guys have been friends for what? Like ten years.” Letting a smirk come across her face she started again “I didn’t think poor Veronica would know but Betty you. How about I save you the fun. Go asked your best friend all about their little hook ups you would love to know the details trust me” Turning on her heel Cheryl made her way out of the building happy that they were now thinking of someone other than her brother. With one finally look the girls took pictures for proof and also made their way out but now there was a bigger thing to solve.

“Y/N” Betty and Veronica shouted as they saw you at your locker. You turned facing the two, giving them a wave and a smile. The girls looked at each other before they walked up to you not really knowing how this was going to go.

“Morning guys” You said as you took some books out of your locker and into your book bag.

“We need to talk to you” Betty spoke as she looked around the hallway seeing tons of students.

“Sure go on, I’m all ears”

“We shouldn’t do it here Y/N” Veronica told you as she grabbed your arm. Giving her a strange look you pulled your arm back.

“Whatever you guys need to say, you can do it here” You argued not really wanting to go somewhere if it wasn’t that important, class was going to be starting soon.

“Did you have sex with Reggie” Ronnie let out, not wanting to put up with your attitude this morning. You made a face then asked

“Where did you heard that? That’s bullshit” The bell for class rang so you close your locker wanting to go but the girls wouldn’t let you. “Can you move?”

“No not until you tell us the truth”

“I just did” Betty heart was breaking with every word that came out of your mouth, she didn’t want to believe that her best friend for years was lying to her. You guys told each other everything or so she thought. Pushing your way pass them you didn’t want to be late but as you got a little far away Betty spoke as her voice crack

“We have proof”

“You what?” You whipped around and walked back over to the two. Betty could tell in your voice that your were slightly panicked.

“Ever hear of the playbook? When you were to busy fooling around with Reggie, the football team was keeping track of you and others you know. Have to get the highest points right?” Ronnie sassed out but you didn’t speak. Everything was running through your mind. But Betty knew you, she knew what you were thinking.

“You knew” Betty whispered, Ronnie looked over at Betty


“She knew that’s why she not saying anything. She doesn’t know what to. How long?”

Betty asked but when you didn’t respond she yelled.


“Would you be quiet so we won’t get in trouble” You stated looking around to make sure the hallways were clear. Letting out a sigh you spoke once again “I knew about the list or whatever it is. Reggie mention to me after one of the guys said I must be a good number. I hook up with him a few times”

“You never told me” Betty said ready to let out tears.

“How could I Betty? With everything going on with your sister and now this, it just wasn’t the right time. I promise you that I never knew about Jason and Polly in the book. I never really knew what it was I thought it was some joke between the guys but I guess not.”

“Not is right” Veronica informed you.

“Don’t blame me for this. I’m not the one who made it and I’m damn well not the only person who knew”

“They were slut shame Y/N because of this.”

“I didn’t know that Veronica.”

“You didn’t bother to care”

“Would you girls get to class” A teacher shouted down the hallway, making you guys drop the subject and move on to your guys classes.

“Reggie” You barked as you pulled him into a empty classroom.

“Who knew, you couldn’t wait to get a piece of this” Reggie let out a laugh “Didn’t take you for the girl who would do it in a classroom” With a roll of your eyes you let out

“We need to talk about the playbook” The last word made Reggie stop joking around and look at you in the eye.

“What about it?”

“People know about it Reggie. They know it’s a real thing. I know it’s a real thing. I thought this was just some big joke, nope you guys actually put it in a book” Taking your hands in his Reggie started to explain.

“Chuck started it last season to see how much action everyone was getting on the team. We’re supposed to put it in every time we do it with a girl, we got to write her name and the date. I stopped putting your name in as soon as we got serious because I realized how stupid it really is. Chuck and them take it as a big deal, to them the more girls you got the better. If they know about some one on the team doing it they will put it in just so the whole team knows what we’re doing”

“You need to come clean” Reggie stepped back wide eyes

“I love you I really do but I can’t do that. If these people know they need to do it. This team is what gets me through college and without I can’t go. I’m not risking rating for my future.” Giving him a nod you truly understood him reasoning. You knew what his parents were like.

“Just tell the truth when asked Reggie please, the people who know already took action and you can’t be caught up in this.”

“If they asked babe your the only one with my name in the book, you’re my girlfriend they can’t doing anything about me hooking up with you” Letting out a laugh you smiled and agreed. Reggie pulled you into his chest so he could wrapped his arm around you. You lay your head on his chest to listen to his heartbeat.

“Always tell me the truth from now on alright” you mumbled against him. Reggie nodded his head not wanting to risk losing you to anything so stupid again. You both wanted this fix not just for you but for the girls who got hurt by it.

She Can't Be You (Teen Dad AU WinWin)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Can you please do a win-win from nct teen dad au like your namjoon from BTS one? Its so cute and I love your writing!

If you consider the win-win teen dad au can it be angst in the beginning (like his parents are upset and say he’s ruined his future dance career) but it ends up fluffy?

“You could ruin him” his mother spoke to you as your fingers touched the warm exterior of the tea cup in your hands. “Sicheng, is going places Y/N. You know that ri-” “I know, that’s why I came to you first” you told her as she sighed. “My parents want to send me away, you know have the baby-” “I think that would be for the best” she says as she take the cup from you and puts it back on the tray “you made a mistake and it’s not right to make Sicheng suffer it all” she told you as you looked up at her “it takes two to make a baby, mainly the man’s a baby is made” you tell her “you tempted him I’m guess. My boy is innocent and was until you came along do you understand?”she tried to remain calm “so say your goodbyes and then get out of my family’s life” you were told by her. 

“This is your grandchild” you tell her “I have to worry more about my 17 year old son more than the speck that’s growing in you” she comments back. “You and your family are strongly against getting rid of it so I won’t tell you to do it but I want you to stop trying to make me feel bad”  she spoke as she turned away and left you there. You got up and quickly rushed out of the home. 


“WinWin!” you called as you saw your boyfriend dressed in his uniform to perform “babe I can’t talk right now, I need to be focused. There’s people here to see me. I might be getting a scholarship” he said excited as a smile crossed his lips. You pulled your lips tight “can what you need to tell me wait until after I go out there?” he asked as he cupped your arms lightly in his hands. You looked him in the eyes “it’s not important anyways, good luck. That’s all I wanted to say” you tell him quietly as he leaned over and pressed a kiss onto your cheek. “WinWin” his teacher called as Sicheng let out a sigh “thank you” he tells you “I’ll see you later” he says. You grabbed his arm and tugged him close before he could leave. You wrapped your arms around him tightly “Y/N is something wrong-” “WinWin!” was called again as he turned away from you momentarily “love you” you tell him as he kissed your lips lightly “I love you too. I’ll see you in a bit” he told you as he rushed off.  

You watched him for a few moments as he started his routine, you wiped your eye lightly. “I’m sorry WinWin” you whisper as you turned away and left the building. 


Sicheng didn’t understand, you just got up and left. 3 months without a word from you. Your parents wouldn’t tell him where you went and basically told him to get over you and never think about you again. He was so hurt that no one would tell him what was of going on. 

Guilt had filled him when he realized you acted as you did because you had to leave him right after your last encounter. If he knew it, everything would have gone differently. You didn’t mention you were leaving because you wanted him to be focused “Sicheng” he mother said excited snapping him out of his thoughts. He had been staring at his phone screen for an hour or so now. Your cute little texts were something he was busy reading through over and over. He really does love you, you were his first girlfriend and all of his firsts. He was always happy to see you and have you in his arms, he craved that now. 

“Sicheng please stop moping” his mother spoke “honey the letter came” she told him excitedly. “Honey please open it” she told him. “Mom not now” he says as he leaned on his hand “why are you so sad, girls distract you from a good future” she told him. “She helped me feel happy-” “you should have been focused on your dancing instead of having sex with her. All she did was screw up my little boy” she says putting the letter down in front of him. “She’s not a whore or a bad person” he shot back. “How did you know about that? Did you make her leave me because we had sex?” he asked “I did” she told him as his eyes went wide “it’s for the best Sicheng believe me, your life would have been much too difficult if she stayed” she explained as he stroked his hair and headed away from him.


Nearly a year later, Sicheng had graduated from high school. And even more amazingly he found himself falling in love with a beautiful ballerina named Min who was going to the same college as him. He and her rushed into a convenience store to get out of the heavy rain. The way their hands linked together, the way they were laughing. It was young love to a T. The two of them made their way to one of the tables on the side. Sicheng linked eyes with the tiny girl sitting at the table beside them, she couldn’t be more than 6 months old and happily watching a video on the phone in front of her. She glanced over and he offered her a smile, he was instantly given such a sweet and loving feeling filled him. “She’s so cute” he says as he reached over and she took his finger into her hand. “This is so precious” he told Min.

“Someone is way too trusting of people” Min comments. “I doubt the mom will be away for long” he comments as the door closed in the back. A young girl had a hat covering her face and no longer in work clothing. “We’re closing soon I’m sorry” filled there ears “it’s raining I don’t want to get sick” Min spoke “I have to get my child home soon. Please” “I’m not going out there its pouring-” an umbrella was thrusted into her face. “Take it please. I have to lock up” “I said I’m not going out there-” “sorry for bugging you ma'am" Sicheng spoke as he helped Min up.

“The bus doesn’t come for like 10 minutes and its freezing” Min comments “Min please” Sicheng says. Head lifting up he got a quick glance of the face under the hat as he did a double take. “Just get out okay. My child has a bedtime and I’m not going to change it for you princess” and Sicheng knew that tone. “Y/N?” he asked as you picked up the little girl. “Get out” you repeated. “Since you’re being a prick I’m taking this back” you ripped the umbrella from her grip. “You stupi-” “stop Min” Sicheng says as he takes off his jacket and holds it above her head as he kicks the door open and they left.

“She’s horrible” Min says as he watched you carry off the little girl protected by the umbrella. “WinWin” Min whines as he let go of the jacket and took off running after you. His was quickly soaked more as he went to grab your arm. “Y/N” he said with a smile “what happened to you?” he asked as you ripped yourself from him “I have to go” you tell him as you continue off. “You left because you had a kid!” he comments as you didn’t stop. “Y/N!” he calls.


Yazhu stretched as she laid on you. After much talking your parents allowed you to keep your child. She was your world now, and she happened to be loved by your mother dearly. But she had caught a cold and didn’t want to risk your daughter getting sick so you took her to work. You didn’t have a fancy job yet but graduating from school while you were pregnant at a very special school for girls in your situation. You didn’t work far from your home either, Sicheng used to come in often because he didn’t live far away either, but he grew a crush on the cute girl behind the counter and asked you out. You two had a very special relationship since then.

You went to work the next day. Your daughter clung to your shirt as she looked around the busy sidewalk. You pulled the keys out of your pocket “Y/N” you heard as you looked over. You turned back and unlocked the door walking in. “Y/N” Sicheng repeated. You put your daughter into the highchair behind the counter as she was given a bottle and she quickly began drinking. “We have a baby?” he asked you as you simply stroked her hair. “Y/N. why didn’t you tell me. We could have done this tog-” “it shouldn’t matter. You seemed to have forgotten me rather quickly” you say. “It just reminds me we’re nothing more than a high school relationship” you continued. “I never stop thinking about you. I read out texts at least once a week” he told you.

“I mean I like Min but she’s not you” he says. “What’s her name?” he asked you as he leaned on the counter “Yazhu” you say softly “so we have a baby” he says as you nodded. He smiled happily “can I hold her?” he asked as you nodded again. He rushed over and quickly lifted her up. He grabbed the bottle holding it for her as she stared up at him. “You’re so cute” he told her as she continued drinking and staring at him.

“We can do this together-” “no” you tell him as his body drops some of its happiness. “You have a big future ahead of you Sicheng-” “I want to be” he says “you can’t okay, your future is so much bright without a baby holding you back” you tell him. “My parents got to you too” he says in shock as things fell into place. “They wouldn’t let you tell me and they wouldn’t let you see me” he says as he looks you in the eyes. “They can’t control my future anymore. You and I. And Yazhu, we’ll be a family do you understand. It takes two people to make a baby.I want to be a dad to our baby” he continues. “I mean look at her, you’d have to be cold hearted not to want her” he told you as his fingers rubbed her cheek.

“Your parents-” “we’ll burn that bridge later. For now just let me hold her” he says as he brings her closer to him. “I’ve missed so much. Look how big you are. You’ve taken pictures right?” he asked as you nodded. “Maybe I can come over for a visit then? You can tell me all about Yazhu” he tells you with a smile. “I should go though. I have class” he tells you as he looked down at Yazhu again. “I’ll see you soon” he told her softly as he kissed her forehead and put her back into her high chair.


Sicheng smiled as he looked at the photo album “she’s so precious” he told your mother. It was awkward and sweet at the same time. Sicheng hadn’t told his parents yet but he was much too busy to think about it now. Your daughter was laying comfortably in her swing sleeping as you had been showing Sicheng the many pictures that what had covered the album you made for your daughter. “Can I have one of them?” he asked you as you looked at him “I want a picture of her” he explained as you nodded.

“I want to have this with me always” he explained as he looked over at Yazhu.


“You what?” his mother asked “I met my baby. The one you didn’t want me to meet” he says as he pulls out the picture. “Her name is Yazhu and she’s an adorable little thing” he told as he stroked the picture. “I’m going to be in her life” he finished with a smile.

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 11/?)

PART 1     PART 2    PART 3     PART 4    PART 5     PART 6     PART 7       PART 8   PART 9     PART 10

Me and Monty drove back to Bryce’s I quickly grabbed my bag without saying a word to anyone, then he drove me to my car and I got home. I walked in, my parents weren’t there, shocking.
I took a shower, changed into my pjs, made myself a sandwich and then someone rang on doorbell.

“Hi”, I said surprised when I opened the door. Zach was standing outside with big toblerone. “Come in.”

“I wanted to tell you about the bet before the game, I swear. I found out about it after me and guys left Rosie’s but I blew it off because it’s you and you would never just slept with Marcus, but then you agreed to go to the party with him and I thought he’d try something and I wanted to warn you but you…”, he was sitting out the words.

“But I was an idiot and didn’t want to listen to you”, I sighed and rest my forehead on his arm.

“I thought that maybe toblerone would help me to get you to listen to me”, he gave the candy.

“You didn’t have to”, I laughed. “I’m done with being idiot.”

“So we’re good?”

I nodded my head.

“Okay, good”, he hugged me. “I just want you to know that you’re more of my friend than Marcus”, he said walking to the door.

“I honestly don’t know how could I thought it was different”, I shook my head.

“I gotta go, bio test tomorrow. See ya!”

“Bye!”, I said as Zach left. “Idiot!”, I hit my head with toblerone.


Next few days were quiet intense but on weekend I finally had moment for myself to sit and not think and do nothing. Well, not exactly. It was Saturday and I was babysitting Trixie.

“Y/N?”, she asked.


“What tampons are for?”

I looked at her innocent little face with my eyes wide open and couldn’t believe what I just heard.
Should she already know about periods and sex? Is it too soon? She’s just seven. Am I the fight person to talk about it?

“Sweetheart, you should probably ask your mum, okay?”, I said.

I blow her off but not for too long. Next day we all had family dinner.

“I talked to mum”, she whispered.

“Really? That’s good, sweetie. Probably…”

“Do you have period?”, she asked.

“You mean… Now?”, I mumbled.

“In general”, she rolled her eyes.

“In general yes.”

“And now?”

“Trixie!”, I hissed. “Go to kitchen, my mum will give you extra ice creams.”

I sat there for a moment thinking and the ran upstairs to grab my phone. I opened calendar and started scrolling and counting…

“Oh fuck…”, I whispered.


“Are you okay? You haven’t say a word today”, Zach said at the cafeteria.

“Yeah, I’m fine”, I smiled faintly.

Liar, liar, liar. My whole life was circle of lies. But I couldn’t just say listen guys, me and Monty are fucking since September and now I might be pregnant with his child. That would be really freaking big bomb to drop.

“Okay, what is really going on?”, Monty asked when we were leaving Chemistry.

“Nothing…”, I said automatically, because hey, that’s what everyone does, automatically say they’re fine. “Actually…”

“Something happened?”, he asked and looked at me concerned.

“Maybe… I don’t know…”, I felt tears coming to my eyes. “I want to talk to you… But not here.”

“What’s your last period?”


“You can skip, drive to my house, okay? I’ll meet you there.”

I nodded my head and went to next class.

Monty got to his house faster than me, when I stopped my car at the driveway his was already there. I just walked inside without knocking.


“I’m here”, he shouted from upstairs.

I almost ran there taking two stairs at one step.

“I’m late”, I said opening door to his room.

He looked at me confused.

“Late for what?”

I sighed.

“Fuck, Montgomery… My period is late”, I said trying not to cry.

He freezed.

“Are… Are you… Sure?”, he mumbled.

“Well I’m pretty fucking sure I know how to use calendar… It’s three weeks late.”

Monty started walking around the room.

“Did you take the test?”, he asked.

“Not yet”, I whispered.

“Jeez… Wait here, sit, don’t move”, he pointed at his bed and left room.

“But… Montgomery!”, I shouted but listened to him and sat on his bed.

I laid down on my back and stared at ceiling, I don’t know for how long but it was long enough for Monty to get back.

“Go to the bathroom”, he threw few tests next to me. “How it may even be possible? I mean, we used protection and everything…”, he pinched bridge of his nose. “Usually.”

“What did you just say?”, I stopped walking halfway to the bathroom.

“Usually”, he mumbled.

“Montgomery. We had condom every time. Right?”, I said through clenched teeth. He took a deep breath. “Fuck, look at me and say you wore it everytime!”, I screamed.

“That time… In car… After that thing with Marcus…”, he mumbled. “It all went so fast…”

“Are you kidding me?!”, I threw pregnancy test at him. “Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me”, I hit his arm with every word. “You’re dead, Montgomery”, I took second pregnancy test, not the one I just threw, turned away, slammed the door and went to the bathroom.

We didn’t have condom. He probably got me pregnant. While we’re still in high school. We’re not even a couple. My parents are gonna kill me. My dad is gonna kill him.
I already made few scenarios how I’m gonna tell my parents when I sat down on toilet and looked at my underwear.

“Thank God”, I sighed when I saw some blood. “Oh my God”, at this point I was almost laughing.

I came back to Montgomery’s room to get a tampon from my bag.

“I’m not pregnant”, I said without looking at him.

“You don’t know that, you have to wait three minutes”, he responded while reading instruction.

“Yes, I do. I got my period”, I took tampon and left room again.

“You’re not pregnant, we’re good, right?”, he asked when I got back to the room again.

“I don’t think we should do this anymore”, I said and grabbed my bag.

“Wait. What?”

“The thing between us. It’s over”, I said without looking at him.

“But… Why? Hey, talk to me”, he came closer to me and pulled my face up to make me look at him.

“I just… For last two day I was scared to death I’m pregnant. With your baby. We’re seventeen, we’re not together, we’re just having sex. How would I explain it to my parents? How would I explain it to anyone?”

“But you’re not pregnant, you’re worrying about things that are not going to happen. I want to hear one good reason why you want to end this”, he crossed his arms.

“Because I…”, my voice cracked. I couldn’t tell him the truth. Telling Montgomery about my fellings? What would I expect to hear in answer. I knew him. I knew him well. He would become the one to end things between us very quickly. “I don’t want to do this anymore”, I shrugged. “You said nobody would ever found out and still, Sheri saw us. We’re done, Monty”, I walked past him and left him home.

I got into my car and quickly drove away. I got home, took box of ice cream from freezer and went to my room. Changed into sweats, I put my earphones on and played some music, sat on bed and started eating.

I did the right thing. Relations like that were only right, if they were right at all, if both sides felt the same way. Montgomery definitely didn’t feel what I felt and sooner or later he would call things off when he would get bored and then I’d get hurt more than I am now and I’d be the only one to blame.

He tried to call me few times but I ignored him. As much as I could avoid his calls for eternity  I couldn’t really avoid him in school.

“Can I talk to you for a sec?”, Monty asked when he stood next to the table we were all sitting at in the cafeteria.

“Umm… Sure”, I said as I stood up and walked to the side with him.

“What is going on?”, he asked when we were far enough so none of our friends could hear us.

“Nothing”, I shrugged.

“Bullshit”, he snorted.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Montgomery. What do you want me to say?”

“I want you to explain why you suddenly act so strange”.

“You think I act strange because I stopped something that was convenient for you?”, I crossed my arms on my chest.

“Yes. Because you ended thing suddenly, out of nowhere. We’re good together, Y/N. We had fun. What changed?”

“There is no we, Monty. There is no us. And we never were together”, I felt bigger and bigger lump in my throat. “And life isn’t only about having fun”.

“What do you want to hear? What do you want me to say?”.

Did he just asked me to say that I want him to tell that he has a thing for me or am I going crazy. Definitely the second option.

“Do you have anything to say? Then just say it”, I didn’t realized I was raising my voice until I saw some people looking at us. I looked at Monty, he was avoiding my sight. “I thought so…”, I said quietly and walked away from him.

“What is going on?”, Jessica asked when I came to the table and grabbed my bag.

“Chemistry project”, I lied and left cafeteria. I really didn’t want to confront him again at chemistry so I decided to skip the lesson.

I got to my car and spent the next hour driving around the city, listening to music and ignoring few calls from Sheri, Justin and Jeff.

I went back to school for the next lesson and Sheri caught me as soon as I walked in heading to my locker.

“Where were you?”, she asked standing me in the way.

“Here and there, you know”, I shrugged and tried to walked around her, but she stood in my way again.

“You know you can tell me everything, I’m always here for you, you know that?”

“Yes, can I go to my locker?”, I asked but she got in my way again. “Damn it, Sheri!”

“You can’t, actually”, she said quickly.

I looked over her it the direction of my locker where I saw Monty talking to freshman girl with big boobs, who just got to the cheerleaders team, the same on he asked out when we both went on a dates. “Seriously”, I sighed and rolled my eyes.

This time Sheri didn’t stopped me when I started walking.

“Great, sweetie, I’ll pick you up at seven”, I heard Monty when I was close enough. Jesus, he was pathetic.

“Sorry, guys, it’s my locker”, I said. Monty sighed and very slowly moved away a little but his new friend who literally stood in front of my locker didn’t move even for an inch. “It’s my locker”, I said again.

“Yeah, and we’re having conversation here”, she snapped back.

Sheri frizzed, Monty frizzed, even some girl few locker away stood with her mouth open.

“You know were in the same cheer team, right?”, I asked calmly.


“And you know I’m vice captain right?”, I asked again. This time she didn’t answer anything but her mean smile faded away. “You’re a freshman so I can understand you feel a little bit too confident because number one fuckboy in liberty high asked you out but if you speak like this to anyone ever again I swear you’ll get kicked out of the team very soon”.

“Okay”, she said looking down at her feet and moving away from my locker.

I didn’t like being mean and I never used the “I’m vice captain” card, but this little bitch deserved this. Plus I had though few days.

I quickly grabbed my book and walked away.

“Wow, you’re a bitch”, Sheri laughed. “I mean, she deserved it but I’ve never seen you like this”.

“Yeah, me neither”, I sighed. “Can we meet later?”, I asked. “I need to talk to someone”.

“Sure. You want me to come to you?”, she asked, I nodded my head without a word. “Okay, I’ll go home after school and I’ll be at yours as soon as I can, okay?”

“Okay”, I smiled a little. “Gotta go, bye”, I said and walked in the classroom.


“Wow… That’s like… A lot”, Sheri said after I told her everything about Montgomery situation.

“I know”, I nodded putting another spoon of ice cream in my mouth. “And I also know that I’m an idiot. I mean… It’s Monty”

“You know… He did change lately”.

“Sheeeeri, stop”, I moaned. “You’re saying this because it would be a perfect little picture – me having feelings for him, him changing, not being an asshole, having feelings for me and then everyone live happily ever after. Not gonna happen, Sheri”.

“So what are you going to do about that?”

“I think watching him treating girls like trash again will make those so called feelings go away”.

I didn’t even have to wait long. Next day he came to our table at cafeteria with that girl.

“Yo, guys, this is Tina, she’ll eat with us today”, Monty said and their sat down.

“Hi, Tina”, everyone said.

Justin kicked my ankle under the table to bring me back to reality, because I was sitting there with my mouth open in shock.

“So, Tina, you’re new cheerleader, right?”, Zach started conversation, but after he finished his question, Sheri sighed and pinched her nose.

“Yeah, I just got in”.

“Girls are in team, too”, Justin said and pointed at me, Jess and Sheri. “Y/N is vice captain.”

“Yeah, I know”, she said looking down at her lunch.

“She’ll probably be the captain next year”, Jess said, crossing her arms.

I finally understood, they all knew about locker episode from the day before, but I wasn’t gonna be a part of that scene.

“Okay, you know, guys. I just realized I forgot about my Spanish homework. So I’ll go to the library to focus and get it done and everything”, I said standing up and picking up my stuff.

“Sit down, Montgomery can do it for you”, Jessica said. “Right, Monty?”

“No, he can’t”, I said through my clenched teeth.

“Why, it’s not like he hadn’t done it before”, she rolled her eyes. Jesus, she was so dumb sometimes. Or sneaky, it was hard to tell.

“Because… I had to take advanced SAT on Spanish if I want to go to the Law”.

“But you don’t want to go the Law”, Monty spoke for the first time.

I looked at him a little bit shocked about the fact that he even remembered about that. Yes, I told him about my parents wanting me to go to Law school, but I didn’t think he was listening.

“I don’t know yet”, I shrugged. “See ya later, lads, see you at practice, girls”, I grabbed my stuff and went to the library.

I spotted Jeff and Clay. Looking at Clay I could tell, Jeff wasn’t doing great.

“Hey, guys don’t bother yourself, I’m just gonna sit next to you and I will not interrupt”, I said sitting down next to Jeff untangling my earphones.

“You’re not at the cafeteria?”, Jeff asked.

“Nope. Oh, if anyone ask – I do my Spanish homework here”.

“Does it have something to do with Montgomery and Tina or whatever her name is?”

“Excuse me?”, I chuckled.

“I’ll go and look for that book I was telling you about”, Clay got up and disappear between shelves.

“So?”, Jeff crossed his arms.

“So what?”

“Are you still gonna deny and act like there is, or was, nothing between you and Monty? Come on, Y/N, I know you better, than I know myself.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, he was messing with me, he didn’t know about anything.

“One time you were at my place, you went to bathroom, our phones were next to each other, you received message, I thought it was my phone ringing, so I looked down and saw text from him”.

I was looking at him with my mouth and eyes wide open.

“Really, I didn’t mean to read your texts, it was a mistake. I’m sorry, sweet”, he apologized.

“Jeez, Jeff, you don’t have to apologize for anything”, I rolled my eyes. And grabbed his hand. “Why didn’t you say anything? And like… I always thought that if you’d ever find out about any guy only having sex with me, you’d beat his ass. Especially Monty’s”.

“That was my first thought”, he nodded his head. “But then I thought that you don’t look like anything wrong is happening to you, so”, he shrugged. “Plus, Monty wasn’t such an ass for people around for last few months, so it was a win-win situation. So – what happened?”

“Nothing”, I said, looking down, avoiding his face.

“You’re lying”, he said with such confidence in his voice, that I hated him for knowing me so well.

“I just don’t want to do this anymore”, I shrugged. “It was fun, yeah, but I just want something more and because Montgomery is Montgomery, he probably isn’t able to give anything more to anyone.”

“You really think so?”, he asked looking at me suspiciously.


Clay came back and he actually really brought a book for Jeff.

“For your next history essay, use this, not google”, he put book in front of Jeff.

“Okay, I gotta go for chemistry. Have fun, guys”.

I got to the class before Monty, when we arrived he sat next to me and not said a word.

“Well, hello to you too”, I snorted.

“Oh, so now we talk to each other?”

“We never stopped talking. We stopped doing other thing”, I whispered. “You started showing off with your new girl, that’s the other thing”.

“I’m not showing off. I’m being myself. You shouldn’t be surprised, you were telling this is who I am for last few months.”

“You know what, let’s just get back to not talking again, huh?”




June just had been very busy for me and well, you know, some things you can’t speed up. 

Plus I didn’t really feel like writing for last few weeks and I really truly strongly believe that it’s better to wait and give people some decent content than to write crap just because it has been week or two since you last posted. I already have and idea on next part so it should be sooner than after three weeks lol x

Oh, I wil do proof reading tomorrow so if there are any mistakes, sorry x

No One Knows Part 6

Pairing: Eggsy X Reader

A/N: I mean… I really have no words



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Eggsy called Roxy first, knowing she was most likely back from her mission in Brazil. She answered after exactly three rings, sounding completely fine and not at all like she had just spent a week toppling a rising warlord.

“Roxy!” He shouted as he jogged after JB who was most likely on Bean’s trail.

“Ow, hello Eggsy. No need to shout.”

“There is every fucking reason to shout! Tilde hit Bean! He fucking ran! He’s not in my house, Rox! I need your help!”

“I’m on my way,” She said before hanging up. Eggsy took a sharp turn to follow JB into a park. He was not going to call Y/N and tell her her son was missing. He was already going to have to tell her Tilde smacked the kid, the last thing she needed to worry about was her son disappearing.

JB stopped to sniff the ground before trotting away again. Eggsy slowed, following the pug closely, anxiety bubbling through him. He stopped suddenly when he heard a soft sob. He listened quietly for the sound again before looking around at a bush. Small shoes were peeking out from a small area between where the bushes met.

Eggsy moved closer and crouched down to next to the small area and there was Bean, hiding his face in his arms with his knees pulled to his chest. Relief flooded through him, but he still felt like his heart was breaking for the kid.

“Bean?” Eggsy said softly. Bean peeked out from under his arm, tears still brimming in his eyes. “Hey, it’s okay… Come here.” Bean moved towards him and Eggsy wrapped the boy up in his arms, thankful he wasn’t gone for very long.

“She hit me,” Bean whimpered quietly. Eggsy stood, holding the boy close just as a car pulled up. Roxy immediately got out of the car, her poodle following close behind. Once she saw the boy was safe, she relaxed.

“I’m so glad you’re both okay,” Roxy said as she approached. Eggsy rubbed at Bean’s back as he made his way towards Roxy’s car.

“Can you take us back to my place?” he asked, opening the door for JB and Roxy’s poodle, which she named Armani. He got in the front with Bean hugged tightly to his chest. Roxy got into the driver’s seat and drove them back to Eggsy’s home. He carried the little boy inside while Roxy followed. He comforted him, gave him something sweet so eat and assured him that he would never ever ever see Princess Tilde again. Bean looked up at him with wide eyes, tears still ready to fall whenever the boy wanted.

“Are we gonna tell mum I ran away?” Bean asked quietly.

“Well… I probably should, but I think it’s more important we tell her Tilde hit you,” Eggsy said, looking nervously at Roxy. She nodded at them both, a grave look on her face.

“That would probably be best. Should I call her?” Roxy asked. Eggsy gave her a tight lipped smile and nodded. With that, she left the room, Armani right at her heels.

Eggsy sat next to Bean, the adult waiting for his impending doom in the form of a very angry mother and the kid sympathizing with him. They waited together in silence until Roxy came back inside. She only poked her head into the house.

“I’m going to go pick her up from the hospital,” She said before she disappeared again. Eggsy looked at Bean, making a funny face. The small boy smiled, but it still wasn’t big enough, so Eggsy continued to make faces until the boy had forgotten why he was sad in the first place. He gently ran a hand over Bean’s head, ruffling his hair affectionately. Eggsy wrapped an arm around the boy, lifting him up and bringing him up the stairs to his room. He set the boy on his bed before he showed him all his cool, relatively safe Kingsman gadgets. Though probably not a good idea, but Eggsy didn’t care. Bean looked happy to be seeing some cool secret agent shit.

“So, are you really a spy?” Bean asked, looking up at Eggsy excitedly.

“Yeah, but you can’t tell your mum.”

“What about Ms. Roxy?” he asked.

“Her too,” Eggsy said, moving to sit next to the child on the bed. Bean flinched when he heard the front door downstairs slam opened, but Eggsy just sighed. “Stay here okay?” Bean nodded and Eggsy left the kid, shutting the door behind him.


Y/N slammed the door open, fear coursing through her. She didn’t know what had happened, but when Roxy called saying things about they had an issue with Bean, she panicked. She looked around inside, not seeing her son before she moved forward, Roxy behind her. Eggsy came down the stairs then and she looked up at him, worry and panic in her eyes.

“He’s okay. He’s upstairs,” Eggsy said, shame clear on his face. Y/N looked him over, confused now.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Let’s… talk in my study,” Eggsy said, gesturing away from the stairs and back further into the house. Y/N followed him to a room overlooking the backyard. There was a large desk and a bookshelf. She looked at him confused. Eggsy sat at the edge of his desk, antsy and nervous and she was sure she had never seen him like that before.

“Eggsy?” she asked, but he didn’t answer.

“Tilde… Tilde smacked Bean on the wrist,” He said quietly, not looking her in the eye. It was like time stopped, Eggsy holding his breath and Y/N trying her hardest to process the words he had spoken to her. She blinked at him slowly before she felt it. Rage, pure red hot rage was coursing through her veins until all she saw was red.

“She did what?”

“She slapped his wrist for grabbing her ring,” Eggsy replied quietly.

“Where is she?” She demanded. Eggsy got off the desk, raising his hands up in a surrender motion.

“I told her to get out, love. Please, calm down. I took care of it,” Eggsy said quietly.

“Calm down? CALM DOWN? YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN WHEN SOME WOMAN YOU HAD HERE BROUGHT A HAND DOWN ON OUR CHILD?!” She shrieked, not even bothering to stop her voice from raising. Eggsy tried desperately to shush her, but she grabbed one of the books off the bookshelf and threw it at him. He smacked the book away from him with ease, which only made her angrier.

“How DARE YOU TELL ME TO CALM DOWN?!” She continued, grabbing another book to throw at him.

“Y/N, please. He’s just up the stairs-” He was cut off by her throwing a much thicker book his way. He ducked out of the way and it smashed through the window. Eggsy looked behind him at the broken window, surprised before looking back at her just in time to dodge another two books.


“You keep saying our child. What do you mean, our child?” he asked, looking confused.


“Hey! I did not let her hit him!” He defended, having to dodge some more books. It took him a second before what she was saying finally sunk in. “Are you fucking saying that Bean is actually mine?”

“OH MY GOD, YES EGGSY! HE’S YOUR FUCKING SON! HE LOOKS JUST FUCKING LIKE YOU!” She shrieked, tears starting to fall from her eyes.

“That entire fucking time you were talking about me? How I left you? How I was the reason you named him Gary? Are you fucking serious, Y/N?!” Eggsy said, voicing rising into a shout by the time he finished.

“You NEVER came back! You looked for me for maybe twenty minutes before you moved on to a FUCKING Princess, Eggsy!” She stepped back when he advanced on her.

“I searched for you before me and Tilde even started dating! I looked for you for months! No one was willing to fucking talk to me! Like I had the goddamn plague! I went to your fucking parents!” He shouted, backing her into the bookshelf. “They said you were fucking better off without me! That you had fucking moved on without ever even breaking up with me!”

“You went to my parents?” she asked, tears still falling down her face as she got quiet.

“Yes! They told me you fucking got married! That you hadn’t spared a second thought about me at all!” Eggsy was downright furious. “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me I’m the father?”

“You weren’t around! I was doing just fucking fine on my own!”

“You work a damn strip club, Y/N! How the fuck is that doing fine?” Eggsy snapped. She shoved at his chest to get him away and moved towards the door.

“Fuck you! I didn’t have to tell you anything! And I still don’t! Because if you haven’t noticed! Bean has grown up without a father for five years and he certainly doesn’t need one now!” She shouted, wiping her eyes.

“Wait, you’re not fucking keeping him from me after telling me I’m the father!” Eggsy shouted, anger turning into fear.

“Yes I am! You don’t get a say!” With that, she exited the study to go upstairs and grab her child, but stopped when she found him on the stairs. His eyes were watery and she immediately knew he had heard everything. She wrapped her arms around him and lifted him on her hip. Roxy was standing in the living room, her eyes wide as Eggsy came up behind the two of them. Y/N turned to glare at him before she grabbed her purse and stormed out of the house, her son looking over her shoulder at his father’s heartbroken face.

“Mum, but…”

“No, Bean. I can’t… We have to get home…”

“Mum, you’re crying…” Bean said quickly as he turned to look at her face. She wiped her eyes and continued on walking silently.


Eggsy sat on his couch slowly, eyes flitting about the room, but not actually looking at anything. Roxy sat next to him carefully, face contorted in concern. She gently put a hand on Eggsy’s shoulder and he looked at her.

“Did you know?” he asked, knowing she was much better at deductive reasoning than he was.

“Yes…” Roxy admitted.

“How long?” he asked, dropping his head to his hands.

“Since we first met them, I had an idea. He looks like you, Eggsy. But I got her to admit it a week later.”

“Why am I only finding out now? It’s been two months…” Roxy gently rubbed at Eggsy’s back soothingly.

“We’ll fix this, Eggsy. She can’t stay mad at you forever. Even about this.”

“Okay…” he said, but he sounded defeated and Roxy couldn’t tell what was worse. The look of hopelessness on his face or the dead look in his eyes.

Sometimes I
See the broken fragments of people’s dreams
They appear to me as mountains.

- Mountain A Go Go Two

Who else was emotionally compromised by that last episode with Jiraiya’s story? 

Superdad (Vernon)

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Type: Fluff


~I did do a reaction/scenario thing for Seventeen about them being on The Return of Superman: 1 and 2 ~

You stood in the kitchen washing your hands before you started breakfast as you looked up at the camera “this is so weird” you say to the camera. “Vernon is in for a hard two days” you tell it before heading to the fridge. You got out eggs, veggies, and a thing of porridge before a tired Hansol made his way out of the bedroom. “Good morning” you said as you made a sound. “Are you ready for this?” you ask him as he sits down at the table “of course not” he says as the two of you chuckle. “Don’t worry they should be easier than you think” you tell him. “Come here” you tell him as he quickly gets up “you’re going to heat Hudson’s porridge” you tell him as he nods. “You’ll have to learn how to cook as well” you continue as he clears his throat. “Can’t I order out?” he asked as you roll your eyes “you aren’t making our children fat because you can’t cook” you hint as you hand him the container.  

“I have a cookbook here for you” you tell him as he nods. “I’ll put my list of things to do while I’m gone” you tell him as he nods heading over to the microwave. Soon a soft cry came along “mommy” you hear getting ready to head over “I got her don’t worry” he says as he quickly makes his way to your bedroom to get Amora. He sat her down at the table before heading over to the microwave.


“Hello my name Hansol Vernon Chwe. I’m a father of 3” he spoke to the camera as he held his small 10 month old in his lap. “3 year old Effy. 2 year old Amora. And 10 month old Hudson” he continued as Amora came into view of the camera, well one eye and some of her messy morning hair “I am glad to have this chance to be with my children and give my wife some free time” he says as Hudson started squirming “alright alright” he said putting Hudson down. “My wife tells me compared to most children, our’s are relatively calm. And I shouldn’t have too hard of a time with them” he says as a crash sound occurs behind camera and it soon pans out to reveal the large mess of blocks now covering the floor. “She was trying to make me feel better. I know about that. Since she left this morning I’ve cleaned up at least 3 messes already and it’s not even 10 AM” he nods to himself as Hudson waddles over to him holding a block. “Please don’t make me regret it” he said to Hudson who smirked walking away from him.


After a few episodes Hansol was growing used to being left with his children and they were difficult but at the same time not the worse thing ever. He even began planning days out himself for him and his kids to bond with. On last weeks episode they had celebrated Hudson’s birthday as he was officially a year old and they had a cute little party that Hansol bought a blank cake for and after he wrote Hudson’s name on it he allowed his girls to decorate it but in the end they ate most of the icing. But they had a fun day so he had no problems with it. This week they were going on an outing to a park because of the lovely weather.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy” Hudson repeats over and over. Hansol smiled as he heard how cutely his son said it. They were walking through Seoul Forest before they sat down for a picnic “I met mommy here” he told his children as they were engaged in their finger foods “daddy” Hudson says again as he was now holding onto Hansol holding a apple slice. Hansol opened his mouth and Hudson pushed it into his mouth before he fell. Hansol caught him before he hit the ground and sat him back down.

“I love this” he says leaning back with a smile enjoying the warm weather, a yell came and Hansol quickly sprang to see Effy standing up scared “honey” he coos as she cried. He opened his arms as she rushes over to him “what’s wrong?” he asked as he looked around  “bee” she said pointing into the grass as Hansol looked over closely “sweetheart that’s a butterfly” he coos as he rocks her. “You’ll be fine, you can sit on my lap and I will keep you safe from all the mean bugs” he said as she nods. He leaned over and grabbed some fruit for her as she gladly takes it and starts eating again.


After waving you off again Hansol was left with he little misfits who seemed to be crowd pleasures to many of the people who watched. The spokesmen for their family was little Amora who rarely spoke and was often seen eating something. Not that his other children weren’t adorable, people just seemed to have a favorite out of each family.

Effy stood in front of the tent staring in at the VJ “uncle will you play with me?” she asked as he remained silent. Amora and Hudson were still asleep since it was rather early in the morning “Effy leave him be” Hansol calls as he brings her a sippy cup of juice “today we get to meet the other families you know?” he says to her as she climbs on the couch and he sits down beside her. “Others?” she asked as he chuckled “this show isn’t only about you guys” he said as he scrolled through his phone. “Why not?” she asked sassily as he turned to her. “The world can’t take you for the whole hour and thirty minutes” he responded as she pouted sitting down. 

“Who are we meeting?” she asked him as he went into his photo album pulling up the folder he created for this moment. “Okay this is Lee Joongi and his little girl Taeran she’s your age” he starts showing her the first set of people “this is Jang Dongwoo and his sons Minkyu and Woongin one is older than you and the other is Amora’s age” he then says as she nods. “Oh I forgot” he said as she smiled “uncle Junnie and Houli” she says “they’re on the show too” he tells her. “And finally Lee Soohyuk and his twin daughters and his baby daughter. Inseo and Miseo, who are your age. Then the little one is Doosim who’s younger than Hudson so we have to be careful with her” he finishes as she nods. 


Hansol seemed to instantly notice Houli’s signature dark curly hair as he was playing with a few of the other kids so he knew he was at the right place and the last to show up. “You brought the bag with the leash?” Junhui comments as Hansol chuckles “Hudson wanders now that he can walk” he said as he undid the tail to the bag letting his son take off running before he fell and was helped up by his big sister. “Hello” he said bowing as all the dad’s did the same. “The leash bag seems like a great idea” Dongwoo comments “before when Effy was around 2 years old and could eat solids she would leave her seat at restaurants and go bug other families for food” he states as Dongwoo laughs “my sons just leave and talk to other people” he explains as Hansol nods. 

After a while the dad’s were talking as if they were best friends. “We live in the same area?” Dongwoo asked Hansol who nodded “I think we’re only a few blocks apart” he said “I think our kids would want to hang out then” Dongwoo continues “I think my kids would like that” Hansol says. Soon Hansol felt a tug on his sleeve making him turn Amora stood there. Hansol grabbed the bag he brought and pulled out a thing of skinned apples wedges for her which she took “make sure you share” he tells her as she gave him a look. “There’s four apples worth of wedges in there. If you eat them all you’ll get sick” he calls as she started walking off. 

“You challenge her too much. This is the same girl that ate large bowl of bibimbap and side dishes at the last get together” Junhui says talking about when Seventeen last got together with their kids. “No need to worry she’s sharing” Joongi calls as they all glance over at the group of sitting kids snacking on apples. “Can Hudson already eat apples?” Soohyuk asks amazed as Hansol chuckles “not really he shoves them in peoples mouths. If he eats one it takes him like 30 minutes or so” he tells them. 

“You know since I became a parent all I could talk about is kids” Joongi continues as the all agreed. “I don’t think I go a day without telling the members of Infinite about my boys” Dongwoo tells them. “I call my wife every night we’re filming to talk about them” Junhui says as Hansol sinks into his seat “my wife sends me a text saying ‘are the kids alright?’ and if I say yes she doesn’t respond anymore” Hansol tells them as they all looked shocked “after the first few episodes she stopped being overly insane with messaging and what not. When she gets home I tell her about what we did” he continues.

Soon the younger children made their way over to them “oh thank you” Dongwoo says as Hudson gave him a slice. A large smile came to Hudson’s face as he accepted the compliment and went over to Soohyuk trying to get on his lap “Hudson-” “it’s fine” Soohyuk tells him as he let the young boy up. “Be gentle” Hansol warns as Hudson looks at 7 month old Doosim. Hudson pets Doosim’s cheeks “do you think she’s pretty?” Soohyuk asks “yeah Hudson who is the prettiest?” Junhui asked. Hudson sat there as he continued patting Doosim. “Mama” Hudson says as they all make sounds “mama is pretty” Hansol says “who’s the prettiest baby?” Joongi clarifies. 

Hudson gets down off of Soohyuk before he starts walking off “I guess it’s a mystery” Dongwoo says with a smile “no he has a crush on a member of our group, Jeonghan’s 6 year old daughter” Junhui says. “He likes older woman?” Joongi teases Hansol as he shrugs “my wife is older than I am” Hansol hums before they laugh.


You came back home after the 48 hours with a smile on your face. And the filming had stopped for the night and the cameras were off. You had rang the doorbell and heard yelling instantly as you came into the home. “Mama mama mama” Hudson calls pounding on the gate that blocked his path to you. “I’m coming Hudsy don’t worry” you call slipping your shoes off. “Did you guys have fun with daddy?” you ask as you got a chant of yes before walking in passed the gate. Hudson was soon attached to your leg before you picked him up. “How was meeting the other families?” you ask “it was nice. Amora shared food. Hudson touched a baby gently. Next week Dongwoo and his sons are coming over” he said as you nodded. Sitting down on the couch you were quickly grabbed and climbed on by your children who were glad to have you home. “So you went to the doctors right?” Hansol asked as you nodded. “Congratulations daddy” you tell him as his eyes widen “wait you’re kidding right?” he asked as you shook your head no.

His eyes were wide as he looked away from you. “I thought it was a stomach bug” he groaned leaning back “mama sick?” Hudson asked “no baba mama isn’t sick” you promise as he nods. “At least you don’t have to watch this one until it’s around 7 months” you tell him as he shakes his head. “Four is so many. They’re all so young” he continues as he soon had Amora on his lap. “I’m not even 30 yet” he mumbles. “Honey contain your excitement” you respond sarcastically. “Your right. I’m sorry. This is good news” he said smiling “just shocking” he finishes as he soon had hands smashing his face.

Give you something good to celebrate

Alec woke up early as always. Although, now it was less about his duty, and had more to do with his issue falling asleep. Since the demon attack, he still felt weird around Clary. And now he had the added guilt of aiding Clary in her quest to get her mother, and how he had let Iris split them up. And Valentine was still very much on the loose, plotting God knows what. When he closed his eyes, he saw himself covered in blood, heard Izzy’s voice, or imagined himself running through Iris’. With the stress of everything going on his quick glance at the date didn’t ring any bells. He went through the motions of his boring routine, grabbing a small breakfast with coffee, reporting to the OPS center, filling out reports concerning the demon attack. No one paid him any more attention than usual, still reeling from the attack on the Institute and the Silent Brothers. He had his head bent, shoulders slouched as an extra precautionary measure. He was unbothered for a few hours as he worked before he felt two arms wrap around him.

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Poor Little Rich Girl-Part 14

This is an A/B/O AU

Your father Lucifer is the Alpha of your pack and he rules your town with an iron fist.  He is forcing you to marry the son and heir of a rival pack.  It is 3 weeks before your wedding when you find out Sam Winchester is back.   Sam was your first love at 17, and when your father found out, he forced his family to leave town.  You haven’t spoken to him since.  What will happen when you see him again?

Characters: Alpha! Sam Winchester, Beta! Dean Winchester, Beta! Castiel Novak, Omega! Mary Winchester, Reader, Alpha! (Nick) Lucifer, Beta! Michael, Beta! Gabriel, Beta! Stephanie (OC), Alpha Eric (OC) Beta! Kerry (OC) Omega! Tess (OC) Alpha! Malcolm (OC)

Master List

Introduction (all parts are linked)

Text messages are listed in Bold

Reader’s POV

After a few days, I was improved enough that they said I could go home.  Sam had already told me in no uncertain terms that when we returned to town I was moving in with him.  The last thing I wanted was to be stuck under my father’s thumb again so I was fine with this.  My father, however, was not and thus began the first of many standoffs between my father and Sam.

“Y/N will be returning home to her family where she belongs.” My father said in a voice you didn’t argue with.

Sam stood to his full height, not backing down in the slightest.  He wasn’t intimidated by my father at all, and he wanted to make sure he knew it. “No, she won’t, Lucifer.  I am her mate and her Alpha.  I am her family now.  She belongs with me.”

“I won’t have any daughter of mine living in sin.” My father said piously.

“Are you kidding me, dad? I’m almost 30 years old! This isn’t the fifties! Sam is my Alpha, for heaven’s sake! And you, who wouldn’t be caught dead in a church, talk about “living in sin”? Your such a hypocrite!”

“If he wants you so bad, he will marry you.” My father said stubbornly.

I groaned in frustration. “Haven’t you learned your lesson? The last guy you tried to force me to marry almost killed me! I can find my own damn husband thank you very much!”

“Y/N?” Sam interjected, but dad and I were on a roll.

“As your Alpha….” Dad began pompously.

“As my father, you think you can constantly make decisions for me.” I screeched.

“Y/N!” Sam said louder now. I still ignored him.

“I won’t be told what to do anymore!” I yelled, stamping my foot for emphasis.

“Y/F/N, Y/L/N!” Sam bellowed, getting my attention.

“What?!” My father and I said at the same time.

“I think it’s a good idea.  I’ve waited 10 years for you.  I don’t want to wait anymore.  I agree with your dad for once.  Let’s get married.” Sam smiled at me, and his eyes were warm and shining.

All the wind went out of my sails, and I just stared at him in complete shock. “Um…..well…okay.”

Uncle Michael hooted with laughter as my dad threw up his hands in frustration.  “I get screamed at when I suggest it and he gets just an okay?”

I shot my father a sideways glance.  “He’s the one I’m having sex with, Dad.”

 Uncle Michael was grinning from ear to ear.  “Things are sure gonna be more interesting with him around.”

“Shut up, Brother.” Lucifer snarled.

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Pairing: Thranduil x Reader

Words: 818

Request: “ Hi, for the writing prompt, can I have №1 for Thranduil, please?”

#1: “I don’t want to have a baby …”

Notes: Total fluff. I thought of going the angst route but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Perhaps I might post another as angst … 

You sighed, relaxing into the grass as Thranduil lay beside you, staring up at the clouds overhead. Your hands were folded over your stomach, the news you had learned just that morning still loud and clear in your mind – you were pregnant. For the past few years you’d been badgered by your parents on when you would conceive an heir for Thranduil, and truth be told, it was starting to annoy you.

“Something troubling you, meleth?”

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Inktober day one!! Prompt: fast.

I feel like watching Ponyo ^^

WILDFIRE PART 3- Jughead x Female Reader

I think that this will be that last chapter of this fic. I hope you liked it :)

Warnings: swearing, angst, a lil bit of fluff (like kissing), and idk… sucky writing LOL


PART 1  ||  PART 2  || PART 3

(Y/N) had just changed into her sleeping clothes, a tight, low-cut, black tanktop with a pair of tiny, silky, black shorts. She was both physically and mentally drained after abruptly being approached by her old companions.

Her room had always been the place where she felt most safe and secure when life was pushing her around. Safe from the harsh glares, the rumors, and the inquisitive questions. It was her own, little space where she could hide away from the rest of the world and relax.

Sitting at her vanity, she put on a thin layer of chapstick when suddenly, there was a soft knock on her window.

Tap tap tap…

She looked from the clock on her nightstand, to the drapes of her window where the mysterious sound came from. It was almost midnight.

You’re probably just hearing things, she thought. Deciding that it would be best to ignore it, (Y/N) shifted her body back towards her reflection.

Tap tap tap…

Once again, there was a knock, only this time, it seemed a little more desperate than before.

That was definitely not my imagination…

Now, a little more terrified than before, (Y/N) slowly got up from her chair and made her way across her bedroom. She only paused to grab a small knife from a drawer in her nightstand. This was probably a very dramatic move on her part, but she had always been a little apprehensive when it came to unidentified sounds. Her hand was slightly trembling as she pointed the blade out in front of her. Once she reached the window, she swiftly pulled the curtain aside and there, in the dark shadows, was a face. Too shocked to even comprehend who it was, (Y/N) managed a small scream and jumped back from the drapes.

It was Jughead.

She briskly approached the window once again and opened it so the beanie-boy could come in.

“What the actual fuck, Jug?” she whisper-yelled at him as he stumbled through the window frame and into her dark room. After finding out who it was, she self-consciously pulled her tanktop up so that her chest was less revealing.  

(Y/N) shut the glass behind him and shouted quietly again, “What the hell are you doing here? Do you even know what time it is? If my parents find ou-…”

“What the hell am I doing here?” Jughead was just about to lose it, even though he literally just got there. He told himself earlier to try not to turn this ‘drop by’ into a screaming match, but his anger towards the girl was getting the best of him. “(Y/N), what the hell are you doing here? In Riverdale? After being gone for so long without even telling us where you were going.. How could you not expect me to have questions? (Y/N)… I…”

He took a long breath and looked down at the floor. “I can’t lose you again. I can’t go through not knowing where you are again. (Y/N)… Please…” But he was interrupted by her grabbing ahold of his hand and leading him to her bed where the two of them could sit down on top of the comforter.

(Y/N) sighed and put the compact knife back in the drawer and looked back at the perfect boy in front of her. His turquoise eyes dazzled like the sun reflecting off the ocean from the light of the lamp on her nightstand.  “I understand that you have questions about what happened in the last year, but that’s not what matters right now.“ There was a low scoff from Jughead. “What’s important is that we are here together again.”

“But that isn’t enough! I’m literally going to go insane if you don’t give me anything to help understand what happened to you. I was worried about you and.. I still am!”

He was right, and she knew he was. She had no logical reason to hide the truth about where she was and why she didn’t even bother keeping in touch with her friends.


“No… No! I get that you want your privacy, but this is something that you have to tell people! (Y/N), the whole fucking town thought you were dead! We all mourned you, for crying out loud! You disappeared from my life when I needed you most, when my mom and sister left! So, please… answer my question…” Jughead was breathing heavily now. “Where the fucking hell were you?” His eyes were piercing now, trying to dig up any information from her blank expression.

She thought for a second and watched her hands nervously shake in her lap. He had earned the right to know, but she wasn’t ready to give that up yet. Her secrets were her freedom, and the last thing she wanted was the entire world to know her personal business. It was all happening too fast. The silence was deafening between the two teenagers as Jughead impatiently waited for a response from the girl who silently stood up and started to pace her room.

“You know what?” She stopped in her tracks as a wave of courage washed over her. She didn’t need people telling her what to do, she was her own fucking independent person. “That is none of your damn business.” She spat at him, with a tiny smirk escaping her lips.

Jughead’s emotions were on fire now. The flames engulfed him and it took everything inside of him to not scream from the pain. (Y/N) was a wildfire that burned a permanent hole in his heart and he knew that he would never escape from the torture that was his love for her.

“Also… You have no fucking idea what I’ve been through! And now you think it’s okay to bombard me with questions that I’m not comfortable answering yet?” (Y/N) sneered in her most quiet yelling voice. “Jughead, we may have been best friends once and shared everything with each other, but in case you haven’t noticed, things have changed! And I know damn well that things are probably never going to go back to how they were!” Tears were flooding her (E/C) eyes now, but she tried her best to keep them from falling. If there was one thing that she had learned from her young life, it was to never show weakness to others who could use it against her.

Her focus moved to the carpeted floor as she calmly sat down on the chair in front of her vanity, her body still facing towards the boy’s who was across from her.

As for Jughead, he sat there dumbfounded. He couldn’t argue with her, that would just put make things worse and he’d be more likely to lose (Y/N) again, but this time, forever. Instead, his gaze shifted towards the window and back to his once-best friend, more like ‘stranger’ now. There was so much he didn’t know about her and it made him uncomfortable with curiosity.

“(Y/N)…” He spoke as softly as he could, trying not to be burned by her anger again.

“I don’t want to hear it, Jughead!” She fiercely interrupted, her eyes still glued to the ground.

Please listen.” He paused to make sure she wasn’t going to interject again. “I just want to say that I’m sorry. I shouldn’t push you into telling me anything.”

There was a quiet sigh from the girl’s direction. “Thanks.”

Jughead hesitantly stood up from the bed and trudged back to the window. “I should go…“ and he lifted the glass.

Just as he was about to place his leg outside and into the ladder, there was a faint whisper from the girl that was now standing and staring at the beanie-wearing boy. “Don’t…”

And then, like an unforeseen lightning strike, his turquoise eyes met her tear-filled (E/C) ones. It was as if all time had stopped and they were the only two people in this wretched world.

“Please stay…” This time, her voice was a little louder. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… I-I-I don’t know w-what to say, but I’m s-so so sorr-…” Her stuttering words were cut short by her body being engulfed in a blanket of love and sympathy that was Jughead’s embrace.

For what seemed like hours, the two besotted teenagers stood there, wrapped in each other’s warmth and affection. (Y/N) silently sobbed into Jughead’s chest while he repeatedly ran his fingers through her hair, occasionally whispering calming words to her, “Shhh, I’m here…” or “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Eventually, the girl let go while she casually wiped away the remaining tears that were beginning to stain her flushed cheeks. “I’m sorry. I hurt you a-and that was a real bitch move an–…”

“Hey…” Jughead attentively cut in and brushed a strand of (Y/N)’s (H/C) hair behind her ear. “You don’t have to be sorry. I understand now that you have probably been through the unimaginable. I used to think that I wouldn’t forgive you, but I already have.” He paused and took a deep breath and continued to lock his gaze onto the sparkling orb-like ones in front of him. His hand thoughtfully reached out and held her fingers in his. “Like you said, it’s more important that we are back together, in the same damn room and breathing the same fucking air.”

She quietly chuckled and stared that their intertwined hands. “Yeah… Jus-just give me time, and then, I will tell you everything you want to know.”

“Of course, take all the time you’ll need. I’ll wait.” And with that, Jughead embraced her once more into a second bone-crushing hug for the day.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, (Y/N) looked at the clock. 12:26 AM. “Y-you should go, Juggy. It’s late.”

The beanie-boy smirked down at her. That same damn smirk that unknowingly drove (Y/N) wild. “What? You don’t want your parents to wonder why a boy was in your room in the middle of the night?”

She grinned at the question and stroked the hem of Jughead’s sweatshirt sleeve with her fingers. “Yeah… Something like that.”

“Well… Then I better get going.”

“Yeah.” She sighed and walked towards her bed. Jughead was lifting the window when an idea came to his mind.

“Hey, umm, (Y/N)?”

“Hmm?” The girl replied while sitting down on the blankets.

“Would you want to meet me at Pop’s tomorrow? Maybe for lunch, or something?”

(Y/N) beamed. “Yeah… Uh, that sounds great.”

A smile widened on Jughead’s expression, the only person that could make him that happy was her. The flames that slowly consumed his heart had been less painful now, it was more like a certain warm feeling that you get when you are overwhelmed with joy. (Y/N) was dangerous and Jug knew that, but the wildfire that was her spirit was remarkably controlling. He’d drown in those flames if he had to. “Great, then I’ll see you around 1?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

“Ok.” And with that, Jughead smoothly climbed outside of the girl’s bedroom.

(Y/N) made her way back to the glass, and just before she closed the window pane, she felt that same wave of confidence flow over her once again, “Hey Juggy?”


“I.. Umm..” Her brows furrowed and she bit her lip, she knew only one act of affection could save her from her tongue-tied words. She couldn’t control herself, he was so perfect. So, without even thinking, the girl lunged forward, her face now outside the comfort of her bedroom. Her hands went directly to cup the raven-haired prince’s face and forcefully, but passionately, pressed her lips to Jughead’s. Like a scene from a sappy romance movie, fireworks exploded, as a small, satisfactory moan escaped from the back of the boy’s throat. He had imagined this moment for years now, but nothing could compare to the real thing. His hands advanced and grasped at the girl’s (H/C) locks, deepening the kiss.

The two of them let out a soft sigh when (Y/N) pulled away, eyelashes delicately fluttering to the beat of their delirious hearts. Jughead’s smirk grew, helplessly wanting more from her. He watched her features glow in the moonlight, completely mesmerized by her radiant beauty.

“Goodnight, Jughead.” (Y/N) sighed as her body receded back into her bedroom, as she bid farewell to her beanie-wearing Romeo.

“Night, Juliet.” He grinned as he started his decent down the ladder, only to be swallowed up by the darkness of the night, away from the warmth of his wildfire.

Changed the ending so it was a little fluffier :)

Beloved Part 2

I dont know why this happened, but I’m weak, love my baby Violet, and yes, I stayed up until 3 am writing this mkay so feedback would be appreciated. Also please tell me what you think about the donation/commission thing I mentioned before. Thanks!

Taking care of a baby was hard work. Keith was tempted to say it was even harder than being in war. For the first few weeks, Keith and Lance had been terrified to hurt Violet when changing her diaper, her clothes, when bathing her, burping her. Lance had a little more experience from having taken care of his siblings, but it had been a long time since he took care of a baby, so he was still hesitant.

After a few months, Keith got used to it and managed to be a little more confident in taking care of his daughter. Lance’s favorite thing was putting her to sleep and watching her breathe and smile from whatever she was dreaming. Keith’s favorite thing was feeding her because she would place her hand on Keith’s and make the cutest little sounds as she drank her bottle.

Pidge and Hunk were able to create a few soft toys for her to grip and fascinate herself with. Coran had managed to sew blankets together to make a quilt for Violet so she could lay on the floor and work on lifting her head. Allura liked getting the mice to perform for her, watching her purple eyes flit and follow the colorful critters.

When Violet was almost six months old, and able to sit up on her own with a slight support on her back, Keith began switching out with Shiro on missions. The first time he left Violet was the hardest, but he was more determined than ever to get back. When Violet was ten months, she began lifting herself up and standing while holding something for balance. With Hunk’s help, she was given a healthy diet of foods to nibble on. With Pidge’s, she was learning to differentiate colors even if she couldn’t say them.

When Violet turned a year old, a small party was thrown before an attack caused them to leave Violet in a special bunker made to keep her safe while Shiro and Coran stayed behind in the control room with one eye on the monitor in the bunker. That battle resulted in Lance getting injured so badly, he spent the night in the cryopod. When he got out the next day, Keith took him to rest in bed. Before he fell asleep, he asked Keith to marry him. Keith said yes.

Then Violet began walking. And she began talking. Suddenly she was three. Then five.

Now she was six. The team was coming back from another battle and Violet was rushing out of her bunker to hold on to her parents for the next hour. When the team came back, Violet barely managed a greeting to her aunts and uncle. She just needed her fathers.

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Oh my gosh, Anon, thank you so much! I’ve changed the wording slightly because my Race swears quite a bit when he’s emotional soooo. This is potentially a bit longer than it needs to be and I got a little distracted but I absolutely adore this prompt.

2. “I’m feeling very emotionally vulnerable right now so just hold my damn hand.”

14. “Tell me you need me.”

19. “It’s starting to kind of hurt my heart that you don’t say, ‘I love you,’ back.”

TW: Homophobia, Homophobic slurs (though they are all in Italian)

Race hadn’t seen his parents for three years. They kicked him out when he was fifteen, after finding out that he loved boys, and he hadn’t even thought about trying to get back in contact to reconcile. His best friend, Jojo’s, parents had taken him without even questioning it, even though it left them with three rowdy teenagers on the other side of Manhattan.

Well. Rowdy.

Whilst Race had been known to be the rowdy one, he’d slowly become more reserved over the months before he moved out, listening to his parents rant and rave about the abhorrence of homosexuality. Although Jojo’s parents were expecting the loud, bubbly Race that they knew, they got a small, quiet kid who smiled and nodded but cried when no one was watching.

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I thank the Holy Death for her favors. What a fear I got when I was told that my son was found in a grave with other people. I saw a newspaper article about this. And that moment, my boy came home. I felt so happy. He wasn’t home for a few days, and I though he’d really died—one of the corpses looked a lot like him. My son went with his friends to Veracruz without telling me.

Margarita A. G.
Guanajuato, 2008