and i got cancelled

To everyone going to the Boston area on Saturday

Many of you are probably aware that the stupid fucking white supremacist gathering is gonna be happening this Saturday in Boston at the Boston Commons.  Please, please stay safe, we don’t want another Charlottesville incident to happen.  Whether you want nothing to do with the event or you’re going to counter-protest the abhorrent display of hate, do what you can to keep yourself and the ones you care about safe.

I WAS going to be going to the Boston Commons for a Cosplay Picnic event that was going on but it ended up being cancelled because of the impending shit show.  Personally, I’m glad it got cancelled, because let’s face it, Cosplay, a hobby that stresses the importance of inclusion and diversity, would certainly not mix well with this kind of anger and hatred that’s gonna be sweeping through the Commons.  I’d rather everyone who was going to that picnic be a little bummed and be safe at home rather than get caught up in any potential violence that would break out.

Dream Job - Unlocked!

Found it. Found my dream job.

I was supposed to ref an adult league game tonight at 9:15 but it got cancelled.  Because it got cancelled less than 24-hrs before game time, I still get paid.

Paid for not working.  That’s it.  My lifelong dream of the perfect job has finally come true.

Oh sure, I thought I had it made being a stay-at-home Dad for a few years there, but this is even better.  That was not working but not earning money.  That’s cliche.  Anybody can do that.  I don’t even think you need a college degree.  Heck, it’s probably easier if you don’t.

But now I’m not working AND earning money.  No responsibility, no co-workers, I can work from home, I don’t even have to get dressed.  It’s the best of both worlds.  Not working but also getting money.

It is great to be alive!

I dodged a real big fuckin bullet never buying an Xbone cause I was gonna get it for…..Scalebound.

man, that would’ve been gotten me fuckin pissed if I got the shit before Scalebound got cancelled.

Deadass would’ve bought an axe and chopped up my Xbone and taken pics of it and put it on twitter and tumblr if that happened

guys im like 98 percent done with my big to-do list i have one more phone call i need to make but i’ll do that tomorrow because it’s meant to be rainy and crappy and i wanna go outside not sit on the phone with my insurance company haha bUT LIKE I HAVE DONE SO MUCH SINCE LAST THURSDAY TBH i got new glasses new contacts a refill on my birth control i got a haircut i called to cancel the internet in my apartment at the end of the month i emailed my union to go inactive in membership i called my doctor to switch my insurance update everything IDK LIKE I AM FEELING SO CONFIDENT RIGHT NOW ALSO MY HAIRCUT IS SO GOOD LIKE SHE MADE IT SUCH A PERFECT ANGLE I AM (sun)

  • good show: gets cancelled
  • me: why did they cancel this yet spn gets to have 14 seasons
  • another good show: gets cancelled
  • me: why did they cancel this yet spn gets to have 14 seasons
  • yet another good show: also gets cancelled
  • me: why did they cancel this yet spn ge-

13 Reasons Why was met with the most backlash I’ve ever seen. I have NEVER seen anybody on this site agree on anything in such a unanimous way that 13rw was bad. And yet it got renewed for a second season.

Then you have The Get Down, a show barely surviving in the first place because Netflix gave it LITTLE TO NO PROMOTION and it isn’t even in the first 3 pages of the “Netflix Originals” scroll list. So many people loved this show, there was so much effort to try and get it to renew but it got cancelled.

I wonder the fuck why.

“I was the best student in my high school. I put so much pressure on myself. I never failed a class. But I got sick during 10th grade and I started to fall behind. That’s when the panic attacks began. One day the teacher handed me my grade report, and I couldn’t breathe. My heart was beating very fast. I felt disconnected. I saw people trying to talk to me but I couldn’t hear them. Eventually I passed out and woke up in the infirmary. The attacks were almost daily after that. Last year I started college. And I can’t be the best student here no matter how hard I try. Everyone is so talented. My panic attacks got so bad that I had to cancel my first semester. But now I’m working on acknowledging my anxiety. I used to try to hide it. I would log off social media. I wouldn’t answer calls. I thought that if nobody knew, it didn’t exist. But the more I talk about my problem, the more I realize that other people experience similar things. So I’m trying to express it more. I had a great teacher who told me: ‘Instead of letting anxiety keep you from doing your art, let it be the thing that motivates your art.’”

(Bogotá, Colombia)


ive seen MANY times on my dash different posts either complaining about teen titans go ( and rightfully so tbh) or whining/begging for the original teen titans to somehow make a triumphant return

unfortunately no amount of petitions you sign, emails you send, or rants you post, will ever bring the original back bc of 1 reason:


let me explain;

when i was in my starting year at SCAD i was going for animation (dropped that like a rock but thats beside the point haha). there was a special seminar at night where freshman could meet w professionals in whatever field they were planning to go to. i thought this sounded amazing bc i was so eager to learn so i went, and to my surprise i was the only student who went.

i talked to the animation and sequential art guys and it was amazing to have their complete attention!! i felt much less shy talking about how insecure i was about my art than i would have been in a group of many students.

the animation guy asked me if i knew of the show teen titans, and i said ofc and that i loved it and wished it hadnt been cancelled 

and then he told me something i would never forget 

“it got cancelled bc NO ONE wanted to work w the creator. it got so bad people were quitting left and right until the studio decided they had to let him go. it didnt matter how successful the show was, or how many ratings it got/fans it had. this guy was so unbearable to be around that even if his product was amazing no one wanted to be a part of it any more.

so dont feel bad about your art not being the best, if you are a kind, and genuine person then people will want to work with you. its not about how quality the end result is, its if you are a person people would enjoy being around.”

Y'all. I just realized I will be truly devastated if The Bold Type gets cancelled.