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I’m Yours

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Request: Anonymous asked: Could I request a reader x Poe where they are best friends and everyone on base has been telling them for months to just get together but reader is a subordinate pilot to Poe and Poe didn’t want to cross the line yet. He changes his mind when Snap pretends to be into reader and flirts with reader just to make Poe make a move out of jealousy and panic at the idea of someone else being with reader? Thanks

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Notes: My computer died… all my work was lost, good thing it’s saved here

Poe admired her from a distance, with a small smile set upon his lips. He had taught her all the basics to pilot an X-wing. He sighted in a couple of days, she’ll become a pilot just like him. There were so many implications in that, but it was her dream and he was happy for her. If she was happy he was happy… he shook his head and let out a laugh; he sounded so corny…

“You like her?”

Poe looked to his friend, Snap, and crossed his arms shaking his head for a second time. There was no way he could be with her, he was too old for her in addition to that she’ll be under his command. It would not be ethical to be in a relationship with her. And the strongest opposition was:

That she was the General’s youngest daughter. General Organa was very protective of her daughter; he was lucky that he could be closer to her without a scold from the General.

“No” he firmly indicated looking at Snap, who only raised an eyebrow and nodded. It was a blatant lie, he really like her, but he was not going to destroy her future being with her.

“Right… You’re not a very good liar, Poe. Is very noticeable how much you fancy her” Snap claimed looking back and forth between them. Y/N looked back at them and give them a very bright smile. Poe turned his head and playfully glared at him. “And how much she fancies you.  You give me diabetes and how sweet you’ll look together” he added grimacing at the thought of it. “In second thought, everyone in the base basically is shipping you together” Poe frowned; he had rumors about a bet circulating about him and Y/N.

“She’s only another pilot under my command I will never think of her like that”

Y/N turned her attention back to her friend, Buin, another pilot trainee. “See he was looking at you” commented Buin looking at her with a smirk. “He likes you… It’s creepy how much he looks at you” her tone was of fake incredulity, everybody in the base had bet going on how much time will Poe confessed to Y/N. And now she was losing two months and only steal glances and small touches, nothing mayor. If she didn’t accelerate the process or she was going to lose something very important. Besides, Poe and Y/N needed a little push…

“Sure… And it’s creepier that you actually noticed that” Y/N commented rubbing her arm and shyly looking over her shoulder and like Buin had said Poe was looking at her but quickly turned his attention to his friend. She felt a blush invading her cheeks. Rubbing her neck, she smiled shyly at her friend, Buin only smirked and shook her head.

“ You two are unbelievable” she whispered in disbelief, how can two people be so blind; there are pilots for the love of the galaxy…

Y/N frowned it was another day that Poe had ignored her greeting. Buin and Snap looked at each other as they saw Y/N sad frown as Poe clearly ignore her.

“What the is he doing?” Buin whispered angrily to Snap who tapped his chin, he narrowed his eyes in thought.  "Is he trying to drive her away?“ She scoffed crossing her arms and tapping her foot angrily against the cement floor below her.

"That’s clearly what he is trying to do…” Snap concluded he could see it in the way his friend tightened his grip and bit his lip. “I have a plan, though…”

Y/N sat alone in the canopy tree cleaning her helmet. “What are you doing all alone, Y/N?” She looked up and saw Snap smiling at her. “May I sit?” he pointed at the empty spot in the bark, just beside her.

Poe was walking through the open hangar when he heard a giggle. His lips set into a tight line and his posture went rigid.

In front of him…

Y/N’s face was red and clinging to Snap´s arm. There was a wide smile on her face as Snap pompously talked about one of his adventures. She turned to look at him, a frown set on her face; she turned her attention to Snap and a smile quickly appear on her face. Poe felt desolated as he looked at them…

“What are you doing?” Poe hissed at Snap as he was about to sit in front of him in the dining hall.

“About— Hey, Y/N!” Snap completely ignored Poe as he trailed behind Y/N. Poe clenched his jaw and stood up from the table and marched out of the hall, leaving all his food behind.

Poe frowned as soon as he saw Snap and Y/N having an avid conversation. “You didn’t” he heard exclaimed putting a hand on his arm. “Yeah, I totally see why” she added and patted his forearm.

And that’s when Poe felt rage and agony at the same time. “Poe, are you feeling well?”

He turned around and saw Buin smirking like a little kid. “Snap seems to like Y/N, very good couple” she added thoughtfully nodding her head. “Wanna bet how much—” she revealed to Poe pieces of paper and he quickly marched away greeting his teeth. “I bet a week” she shouted and Poe looked over his shoulder and glared at her. “Bet how much time you can take” she added but Poe was too far to hear it. “To confess to her”

Poe angrily put his orange jumpsuit on. He growled when he heard Y/N’s giggles and Snap’s thunderous laughs. “Can you be quiet!” Y/N turned around and see Poe standing behind her. Veins were visible on his forehead and his jugular radically beat against his neck. From his neck to his forehead it was the color of his blood. “Are you feeling ill?” She inquired turning around to look at him.

“I’m fine,” he said between gritted teeth took his helmet and furiously walked out of the room. “Dandy actually”

A week passed and Poe hasn’t directed a word to her. “Maybe your plan is not working at all” Y/N commented looking at Snap and Buin. “It seems to drive him away further” she looked at Poe who sat with his back to them.

“Give him the time he’ll come around,” Snap said looking at Buin who only grinned and nodded enthusiastically. “Just wait”

“So I just” Buin nodded looking at Y/N.

“I look hideous” Y/N looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing some weird contraception of Buin’s doing.

“You look beautiful, Y/N”

Poe gripped his helmet, Snap and Y/N talked with General Organa. A smile was displayed on the General’s face. “Abou— “

Y/N felt someone tugged her hand and drove away into the forest. “Poe, wait you’re hurting me” Poe stopped and let go of her wrist. Slowly she rubbed her redden wrist. “Look at—“

“I can’t take it anymore, Y/N” Y/N looked from her wrist to Poe. “I love you”


“I understand that you like Snap, I just wanted to let you know that—“

“I love you, too” Y/N hands snake around Poe’s waist and settled her head on his chest. “I thought you will never confess, though”

“But I thou—“

“Yeah, I won; pay up you idiots” Buin shouted, Poe and Y/N looked back and saw all the base looking at them.

“A word Commander Dameron”