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i want keith to like let it slip out that he almost killed himself for the team just him arguing with lance about how he ‘doesn’t care about the team anymore’ and it slips out “i almost gave up my life for this team do you really think i don’t care?!” and then lance our beautiful boy who almost gave up his life once too will be frozen for a moment because this boy that has always been above him,always excelled at what he couldn’t,has the same issues seeing himself as valuable.I think it’d break lance heart.

Heal Me // Doctor!Shawn (A Soulmate AU)

Your car jerks, wheels skidding on the ice beneath the freshly fallen snow. Driving on ice wasn’t something new to you. You drop your gear, slowing your engine and brake slowly. Just like your dad showed you. The bottom of the hill is approaching, slowly, steadily. There is no one driving along the cross street and you figure you’ll go ahead and coast through the intersection. It was only another couple blocks until you were home. Suddenly you jerk forward, head hitting the steering wheel, you car goes careening into the embankment that goes to a sewage run off canal. There’s a flash of red and you see a large truck skidding past your car as you slide into the canal sideways. Everything happens so fast you aren’t sure if you’re right side up or upside down. There’s a loud crunching, something hits you in the back of the head, glass shatters and you are jarred to a very sudden stop. The world is spinning, your head hurts and your leg feels like someone is sitting on it. You glance down and there is blood all over your jeans.

“Hello?! Are you awake?!” someone, a man, yells from far away.

You can’t see anything, vision spotty and snow covering your windshield. You look to your left and see your phone beside you…on the window. The car is on it’s side. “Help!” you yell but you can’t help but feel like it’s not quite loud enough. “Help! My leg!” your voice is weak and you start to cry, tears burning your eyes, pain and frustration getting the best of you.

“I’ve called for help!” the male voice shouts, still quite far away. “Are you hurt?!”

“My leg….my leg,” you sob, voice cracking. There’s a bitter sweet acrid smell permeating the air and suddenly you can’t breathe. It was suffocating, sickeningly sweet. You knew that smell. It was antifreeze leaking from your car. Your heart races, you’re scared that this is the end. This was how you died. In a flipped car, asphyxiated on chemical fumes and bleeding to death. You pass out, the smell and the pain in your leg overwhelming you.  

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I’m now going to tell you about the most magical and amazing experience I’ve ever had and ever will have. This post is SO long so go grab some popcorn 🍿

So on October 2nd I was working a nightshift. It was little to do and just went in and checked my emails. I saw two emails from twitter saying Taylor Nation had sent me a DM!! I panicked so bad and went on my twitter to check if it was real. And on my twitter I have two DMs from Taylor fucking Nation. I stared shaking so bad and could barely breathe. The message said *CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE* and that they have a secret, special event they would like to talk to me about, and to send my full name, phone number and best time to contact me. Have you ever tried typing in details like that while your hands are shaking so bad like you’re on drugs?! ITS HARD MAN! I obviously gave them my details (duh), and told them my lips are sealed and it sounds so exciting! Then I panicked cos I thought my reply was too late, and had to ask if I was too late, and then I apologised for sending them so many messages 😂 They said “haha you’re all good, thanks doll”. Then I was supposed to take care of newborns and their moms and stay calm at the same time. IT WAS SUCH A STRUGGLE! I had to go to the bathroom to try and breathe.

We were not supposed to tell ANYONE, but I just had to send my friend Lyndsay a message saying it’s important to check you DMs on twitter often. And she replied “I know, you too…” and I just KNEW she had gotten a message too. If she replied with something different I wouldn’t have told her anything. We started freaking out together and it was beautiful.

I didn’t know when to expect a phone call, all I knew was that I need to have my phone on sound at all times. Like you can’t miss the most important phone call of your life! I had an evening shift the next day and told work I just have to have my phone on sound cos I’m waiting for a very important phone call. Every time my phone rang I just immediately panicked 😂. I can’t remember the time but I was at work and in a patients room when my phone started ringing. I quickly said “sorry I have to take this” and ran out of the room. I look at my phone and it’s calling from New York 😱 I die and start shaking and answer. It was Ali calling from Taylor Nation!! She confirmed it was the right person she was talking too and gave me some more details. It was going to be a secret special event in London on Friday the 13th of October from 4pm-11pm. She asked if I was going to be able to make travel arrangements and I was like “duh YAS OF COURSE”. She told me I could bring a plus’s one, and since I knew that Lyndsay was already going, I gave them my friend Alex’s details. She told me again that this was confidential and I couldn’t speak about it to anyone except my parents, guardian and boss at work. I was going to get more information early the week following. I probably sounded like the most bored person cos I was IN SHOCK, like I was just “yeah” “uhu”, “yes”, and didn’t show any excitement at all 😂. She hung up and continuing work was the hardest thing EVER!

I made travel arrangements and sorted hotels with my friends. I was already going to London on the Sunday till Wednesday before the event on Friday, so I knew the week would go quick anyways. On Sunday evening I out of the blue get an email. I was at the hotel with my mom having a pamper evening, and I was SO THROWN OFF COS I THOUGHT I WOULD GET IT ON MONDAY OR TUESDAY. My mom filmed my reaction to getting this email and it shows how Taylor Swift makes me feel nearly 24/7 😂. The email again said that it was confidential and not to post anything about it or tell anyone. They gave us an address for a Holiday In hotel where we were going to meet up. They said not to bring too much personal belongings cos this was going to be taken off us as well as our phones. AT THIS POINT I STARTED TO BE MORE CERTAIN THAT I WAS GOING TO A SECRET SESSION. Hence my reaction to getting the email lol. I still tried to not get my hopes up, and tried to tell myself that maybe I’ll get to hear a new song and have a swiftie party. Good thing I was in London and could get myself an outfit. OMG IVE NEVER BEEN MORE STRESSED ABOUT FINDING AN GOOD OUTFIT EVER!! I did find it by the help of my really good friend!

THIS STORY IS GETTING SO LONG, sorry 😂 Well done for getting this far. I’m going to skip forward to Friday now (aka the best day of my life).

So, FRIDAY THE 13TH. I get up at 4am to catch my flight to London. My stomach is doing backflips trying to catch butterflies cos I was so excited and nervous and anxious at the same time. I couldn’t listen to any Taylor music cos I would just start to cry, so I ended up listening to P!nks new album (which is amazing btw). When I get to London I meet up with Lyndsay, Megan and Alex. We head to the hotel where we are going to stay and to meet up. Here we get dressed and as I was to put my makeup on I realise that I’ve forgotten all my make up and I go in a full on panic. IM SUCH AN IDIOT! Luckily Megan had makeup I could borrow. After we got ready we headed down to outside the hotel. There were loads of girls with red lipstick and dresses so we knew we were in the right place 😍. We qued up outside, they were running late, think we stood outside for 40 minuets maybe. We then got to the front of the line and inside (finally cos I was freezing my ass of). Taylor Nation was there ready to sign us in!! We signed a confidentiality contract and showed our ID and GOT OUR WRISTBAND!!! (KANDJFJRJDJ)!! It said United Kingdom on it, written in reputation font!!! SO EXCITING! We then went down the stairs to a room with lots of chairs in. There were refreshments, and hot drinks (yay for cold me!) for us while we waited for further instructions.

Then we were told to leave our stuff behind, including phone, and the first 25 people went on a bus. Me and Alex got on the second bus. Now I stared getting SO nervous, it’s ridiculous. Before we went on we where scanned by security. Then the bus took off! We drove a title while and was driving through the most posh neighbourhood EVER, like I WANNA LIVE THERE! The bus stopped and we were told to be quiet while we went off. I realised we were at a house, and you could only guess I was thinking we were at TAYLORS HOUSE!! There were lots of security while we were taken in a back entrance of the house and in through the basement. I had to knock on the door 😂 (so I could say I knocked on Taylor Swifts door, I know I’m extra 😂). We got scanned by security again before we were taken up to the kitchen. GUYS, THIS HOUSE IS AMAZING!! ITS SO HUGE. We still haven’t by this point been told where we are, but duh 🙄. I KNEW we were at Taylor’s house. Her kitchen is beautiful! She has 4 ovens!! There were lots of snack on the counters. Homemade chicken nuggets, fruit, cheese and fizzy drinks. There were also REP cookies!! And REP m&ms! SO COOL! Andrea and Scott was also in the kitchen talking to other fans. Me and Alex just hung around and talked to a few people. Then Lyndsay and Megan arrived, we hugged each other cos they also realised where we were. We then ended up talking to Scott. He has never been to Norway!! And I told him he neeeeeds to come here.

Her house smells AMAZING. I obviously had to see which candles she was burning so I could by them 😂. We were then told to get in a line as we were going to a different room. This was after everyone had arrived and had some food. Me, Alex, lyndsay and Megan were quite up front as we were taken to a living room. There were cushions on the floor and we sat down. I sat down not even thinking about where. Me and Alex chose a high cushion and shared it. A 100 people was going to fit in this room and it got really tight! When everyone had found a spot there was some whispering and the door opened a little. THEN THE QUEEN THAT IS TAYLOR SWIFT WALKS INTO THE FUCKING ROOM AND IM SCREAMING. We were so loud! I FUCKING LOVE HER SO MUCH 😭😭 Like I couldn’t believe she was like right there in the same room as me. As I was having difficulties breathing she sat down like 2 meters away from me and Alex, we had such a good view of her like OMG. Then she said we were going to hear the whole FUCKING ALBUM AND WE DIED. We now knew this was A FUCKING SECRET SESSIONS PEOPLE! SHE ALSO SAID SHE HANDPICKED EVERYONE! I FUCKING DIED! TAYLOR HAS LURKED ME FOR A YEAR WITHOUT ME KNOWING 😭😭 I’ve never had a like or a follow, and I don’t have many followers on any social media. STILL SHE FOUND ME! I’m got eye contact with her so many times during the listening 😭😭😍! SHE IS SO HAPPY TOO!! I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH! AND IM TELLING YOU GUYS THIS ALBUM IS BLODDY AMAZING. (If you think you are stupid enough that I’m going to tell anything about the album, you are being funny, don’t bother asking 😉)

After she had pledged the album we got to look through the magazines!!! THEY ARE AMAZING AND IM SO HAPPY I WILL BE ABLE TO BUY ONE WHEN THEY COME OUT!! Then we waited to meet her JENFBDJSSHHSHDB 😭. I was getting so nervous by this point. Like I was going to meet the one person who has been there for me for so many years and I get to tell her how much I love her. We were one of the earlier ones to be sent in to meet her. Megan and Lyndsay were in front of us and a free they finished it was our turn.

I RAN OVER TO HER AND HUGGED HER AND SHE DIDNT LET GO UNTIL I DID 😭😭 I just couldn’t believe what was happening. She then hugged Alex and told me SHE FUCKING LOVE MY OUTFIT! She said “I love this whole outfit situation going on” I died. I told her that it’s not something I wear a lot and she said “you should definitely do!” IM OBVIOUSLY NEVER TAKING THIS OUTFIT OFF. Alex then said he wanted to wear the same outfit but we couldn’t match so he said I could wear it, and she laughed 😂 I love how we had a sarcastic conversation with Taylor Swift 😂 She then laughed at Alex’s apology for his bored resting face. I’m SO PROUD OF HIM SPEAKING TO TALOR, you have no idea! ❤️❤️ Then we were told to move to the side a bit cos they were going to open up the front door (so no one could see she was living there). This gave us more time with her and I’m so grateful! I then asked her about anxiety with singing and she gave me tips on singing and performing in front of people. TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT GAVE ME ADVISE ON SINGING AND PERFORMING!! JJDNDJDJFJRJD. Alex then thanked her for giving him the best friends ever and she hugged us both again 😍 Then it was time for picture. We didn’t plan a pose, we just took one. SHE RESTED HER HEAD ON ME AND I SISNT NOTICED BEFORE I SAW THE PIC! It’s so adorable 😍 There were so much more I wanted to tell her, wish I had a few more minutes but I guess she had ALOT of other people to meet.

We then went out in the hallway and ended up talking to Andrea. She reminds me so much of my mom!! She is also a bit similar! I told her about my mom and that she was worried I was sleeping in the airport by my self the following night. We then talked about how happy Taylor is and she was tearing up 😭 It was so beautiful to see how happy her parents were for her 😍😍 We gave her a biiiiig hug and then walked down to the basement again. There we stood trying to comprehend what just happened. I still don’t believe it, don’t know if I ever will? We then got merch!!! We got a REP tote bag, pop socket, t-shirt, a sticker, a cap and the best thing ever, a exclusive keychain that only us on the secret sessions London got. IT WAS SO NICE OF THEM! We were then sent on the bus back to the hotel. There we spoke to Ali about confidentially again and what we could talk about and not. She is so sweet!! Megan and Lyndsay old us TAYLOR KNEW WE WERE IN NASHVILLE TOGETHER 😭😭 OMG!!

When we came back to the hotel I called my mom and SOBBED. I couldn’t even talk to her cos I was crying too much. Then I posted online on my social media about what happened and my phone wouldn’t stop buzzing.

I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR TALOR SWIFT. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR THIS!! And thank you to Taylor Nation for giving us this opportunity, it means so much to us ❤️ The picture ended up perfect and I’m going to hang it on my wall so I can stare at it everyday 😍 I’ve been crying since Sunday cos this has been so so emotional to me. I can’t even tell people what happened without crying.


I’m sorry this story is a mile long 😂

Thank you so much @taylorswift and @taylornation

inktober day 15: intimacy

for my drug au

warning: drug use below the cut, including (not detailed) overdose

The first thing Hajime feels is the cold.

He’s shaking, but he feels so weak that he’s hardly able to do that much.

Even just breathing feels like extraordinary effort; he forces air into his lungs, heaving with every breath that he struggles to take. His eyes open wide quickly, in panic, but it’s all too bright, a light from overhead that seems blinding to him-

“Hey, calm down,” a voice says that Hajime doesn’t recognize. He struggles, trying to sit up but his entire body feels so damn heavy.
What the fuck happened?

His brain feels foggy, and the more he tries to think the more confused he feels.

Where is he?

He’s panicking, but he’s so damn cold that he can’t get a grip on whatever it is he’s lying on to push himself up. Cement? The fucking sidewalk? He tries to force himself up, but a strong pair of hands push him back down.

Hey,” the voice repeats, and Hajime’s vision starts to clear enough that he can see the fuzzy shape of a man leaning over him, “lie still, and breathe.”

Hajime squints and tears prick at the corners of his eyes from the light coming from the lamp post above them, but he feels the distinctive cold plastic of an oxygen mask being pressed more firmly to his face.


His heart’s pounding.

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just to be sentimental for a moment

since this whole pony thing’s going on on my blog atm i just wanted to be sentimental for a sec haha

anyways, it’s kinda nice to go back to my roots like this. okay, it’s not been THAT long ago when I became a fan of mlp, but mlp is pretty much the reason why i’m here today and happily editing on my tablet since it gave me a lot of inspiration.
mlp:fim just reminds me of a time where things were easier for me and it was just really nice watching a show as colorful and simply pure as mlp. i just recently watched the new mlp movie in cinema so my sentiment for the show came back up again.
i know the whole pony thing’s annoyin to a bunch of peeps at this point, probably, but i just have a lot of positive memories of it myself and the fact that i can share it here kinda makes me happy, honestly.

on that note, i’m listening to a bunch of my favorite mlp songs again and i dig it.


The interview on Tuesday went very well.  Malcolm liked the look of the company and the job description they gave him.  They promised to call him by the end of the week to tell him yes or no. 

He was a bit surprised, a few days later, when Charlotte Worthington showed up on his porch and rang the doorbell.

“Hey Charlotte,” he said, stepping outside.

“Hi, Malcolm!  I know it’s  a bit odd for me to come over like this, but I wanted to tell you the good news in person.”

“What good news?”

“You got the job!”  She beamed at him.  “You’re officially a part of Worth Co., starting next week!”

Malcolm gaped. “What?  I got the job?”

“You got the job!”

“Thank you!”  He wanted to hug her.  “Thank you so much!  This is great news!”

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Hi mittens! I'm a Cas fan that gave up on the show previously but I remained in the fandom and kept up with spoilers. Recent posts made me want to catch up though. I started rewatching from s4 and am halfway thru s6 and realizing I will never catch up at this rate. Do you have any suggestions for the best Cas, Dean, or destiel arcs (or single eps) to watch? Or arcs to skip? (nothing against Sam ive just never connected with Sam's character for some reason)

Hi! And wow, welcome back! I assume since you’re a Cas fan, you probably got farther than s6 during your original watch of the series? Or… maybe you didn’t? But I will start off with the disclaimer that I’m probably the worst person to ask this of, because I can’t imagine just ~skipping~ episodes… >.>

(okay i lied there’s a few I skip or at least pay less attention to during rewatches, but they’re few and far between for the most part… *see all the weird dog episodes for starters*)

But hmmm, halfway through s6… I’m gonna assume 6.11 or thereabouts as a starting point, since that’s the technical halfway mark of the season (6.11 is in my top five favorite episodes, so I never skip it, even though it’s very Dean-centric… it still has some HUGE canon info about Cosmic Consequences, life and death…)

I personally love 6.15, and it starts to show us just how bad things are for Cas, as does pretty much the rest of s6… (see I told you I’m terrible at picking a few key episodes).

7.01 is obviously a big Cas episode, and then he… does the thing… in 7.02 and disappears until 7.17. S7 does have some good episodes though! I mean it’s Dean’s Sad-A-Thon of Grief! With dick jokes! But if you’re mostly just trying to skip ahead to the Cas episodes, there are still a few in there worth watching anyway:

I personally enjoy 7.07 (which I know some people think is silly but whatever), 7.09, 7.10 (if you love Bobby you definitely shouldn’t skip this one), 7.14 (PLUCKY’S), 7.15, 7.20 (if you enjoy Charlie), 7.21, 7.23.

I mean, I could keep going, but at this point, Cas is back and if you’re just focused on Cas episodes, you can skip to each of those. I don’t know how far you got before you quit watching, but even just reading through the synopses on the Superwiki for episodes you skip over could probably provide a decent 5 minute refresher on all the major plot arcs, just to keep things making sense. :)

Good luck to you, and I hope you’re able to catch up soon. Sorry I wasn’t more thorough, but I feel all itchy thinking about skipping episodes. :P

It’s ok you guys feel free to come to me, I’m sorry to hear that, what you can do is try to show them how great Korean is and why you’re passionate about it, and learning another language is always useful / helpful in some ways, I myself have been studying Korean and Japanese. Anyways if they don’t want to support you it’s sad yes but keep doing what makes you happy. Our genius boy Min Yoongi didn’t have the full support of his dad, his dad even threw away his book he wrote songs in at one time and he never gave up and now he has his dad full support, so keep doing what you love even if others don’t support or like it. One day they just might. I really hope they do, I support you ☺ if you need any help I’ll try to help in anyway possible 👍 all the best honey

some thoughts lol

guys the show was amazing. it’s a completely different feel being able to see it live, and i’m so glad i got to. every single one of these dancers was so charming in everything that they did. koine obviously lit up the stage with everything she did, and she was my favorite to watch live, along with mark, lex, dassy, and robert (!!!) the show had no breaks at all, it was just continuous dancing with smooth transitions and EXCELLENT production. surprisingly enough, i enjoyed watching sydney a lot. her standout pieces, in my opinion, were her jive with logan, and her contemporary with kiki. she had energy that was missing from what was on the show. another person that i enjoyed live, surprisingly enough, was kiki. he was charming, what can i say?? seeing him live gave a new perspective tbh. for example, his solo in the elements dance on the show was a complete mess, but seeing it live with different production made it really good!! one of his standout dances, to me, was DKLA with kaylee. the partnership didn’t really work for me lmao, but he pulled off the style, which is understandable bc of the fact that the choreography was originally for cyrus, who isn’t great at contemporary. another thing i i’d like to say is that i was SO SO SO happy that robert was featured more. he is a PERFORMER. call me mother with him was definitely a highlight. some other dances that i loved were ending (mark and jasmine contemporary), protocol (koine and logan), im better (mark and kaylee), and bodak yellow (robert and kaylee) but my FAVORITES were definitely koine and marko’s closet piece, seeing it live was so so beautiful, L-O-V-E with koine and lex was so charming, and seeing it live just made it so much better, and mark’s solo was aDORABLE!!!

what i didn’t really enjoy was the fact that although this show was great, there was still a bit missing imo. there were partnerships every which way, which made me so happy, but i was missing a koine and mark duet!! they would’ve killed redmercedes tbh. also, there was only one ballroom dance, which was sydney and logan’s jive. i loved it, but i needed more ballroom!! what i’m most shocked with is that kiki didn’t do any ballroom outside of his own solo, and the only duet that kiki and sydney did wasn’t even ballroom?? also, the kiko salsa was one of the most popular routines of the season, but we didn’t even get ONE kiko duet. we!! need!! more!! ballroom!! but, i will give them props, bc they added a short kiko duet section that had some of the choreography from their salsa in the beginning of dancing on the ceiling (look out for it!!) but i obviously wasn’t pleased enough. but the show was great, that’s my only complaint lol.

i didn’t get the m&g package, i just got tickets, but i did meet koine and kiki, and theyre definitely the most genuine people ever. they’re so welcoming and sweet, and care a ton about fans. kiki took an adorable picture with my little sister hugging her, and that was when she was too shy to talk to him (AWW). they made great conversation with all of us talking about the tour and stuff and where everyone was from, and overall, im so happy that i had the chance to meet them. they willingly autographed things for me and took a bunch of pictures, im so grateful, and from what i heard, the rest of the cast is amazing too!!

overall, this show was so good, a 9.8/10, and the .2% being the fact that we needed more ballroom and i needed koine doing hip hop lol. however, every second of it, i enjoyed. (even taylor’s solo!! spoiler alert, she uses her left leg too lol) when marko started talking into the mic i was kinda star struck, like, whaaat oml we’re breathing the same air, and the audience was so hype, it was most definitely a night to remember. 10/10 would recommend!!

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Hey sorry I just wanted ask about one of your posts about stealing gifs. Is it stealing if I repost them? I just don't want to do something wrong and steal someone's creative property. Just cus I repost stuff just so I can look back through it later or like show appreciation for stuff.

I honestly don’t mind it if people use my gifs as reaction but to post them to get notes is a big no no. I already gave up getting twitter and Instagram people to credit where they get their gifs from so at least for tumblr it’d be nice that no one steals.

Honestly I’m really fucking mad that they finally gave us a great story about Kara struggling with what it felt like to lose her entire world and then said LOL JK SHES SAD ABOUT HER BOYFRIEND

Supergirl used to be a show about a woman who found strength in not only what she’s lost but what she’s found. She built her heroism around her memories of her family and her strength around the family and friends she found on Earth. She didn’t build herself up based on who she was dating, it’s a waste of a good story to forget about all of her childhood trauma and say that her boyfriend is the source of all her angst. Not only is it a bad story, it robs all of us of the solace we found in a story that doesn’t define a woman by her boyfriend.

I’m just so mad that I even hoped it would get better.

thank you so much for ready player 3. i hope you guys like my bracelets, and talking about my depression was a scary thing but you gave me confidence. thank you again 💓

im sorry i didn’t even say hi, i was so nervous and i made it all up as i went along. 😕

also, jack, i hope you like the artwork, notes and story i have you. my friend cried when i showed her this video of you telling me to say hi to her

@therealjacksepticeye @gamegrumps

Some things in the book that may point to Eddie being gay

A bunch of people sent me asks and messaged me asking to make a post about the scenes in the book that code Eddie as gay. Of course, there’s nothing in the book that straight up says “Eddie is gay,” but there are some things that may imply it:

- The most talked about thing is Eddie’s encounter with the leper. This scene in the book is a bit different than in the movie in that instead of just chasing Eddie looking super gross and disease ridden, the leper in the book offers to give Eddie a blowjob. 

This, being Eddie’s biggest fear, can be interpreted in several ways. Of course, the most obvious is the leper itself represents Eddie’s fear of disease and dirtiness. He feels that if he touches it, he will instantly begin to rot from the inside out. However, the offerings of a blowjob at first for a dime and then for free not only shows Eddie’s fear of sex in general (with how much his mother likely repressed him sexually, but also instilled a fear of sex) but also of his fear of sex with men. 

- At a point in the book, Eddie talks about how he suddenly began fearing going to church and celebrating communion. He says this fear began after a story that his Sunday School teacher told, but it definitely appears to reach much deeper than that. 

He says that he feels “not worthy” and as though he’d be “damned to Hell” which he, seemingly, has no reason to feel that way. It seems as though he knows he’s doing something “wrong” in the eyes of God. 

- The very first thing we learn about Eddie when we’re introduced to him as an adult in the beginning of the novel is that he does not love his wife, and that she is nearly a carbon copy of his mother. It is made very clear that Eddie did not want to marry her, and that he only did so because he found the same comfort and safety in her that he found in his mother. This can easily be taken as him marrying a “beard” or a woman just to have a wife. 

- In general, Eddie’s mother is very repressing and homophobic throughout the book. That seemed to be obvious, but I just thought I’d make that point clear. That definitely would have added to his internalized homophobia as a child.

- Eddie has many notable similarities and parallels to Adrian Mellon, one of the only openly gay characters in the book. They were both described as fragile, and suffered from asthma.  

Another small thing to note between Adrian and Eddie is that they’re called the same nicknames Don Hagarty (Adrian’s boyfriend) and Richie respectively. 

- Eddie only talks about having a “crush” on a girl once, and when he described why he liked her he only described her physical appearance. This is typical for gay kids, who want to seem as though they are attracted to the opposite sex but can only describe why they like them in the most obvious senses: the way they look. 

- There are some weird sexual innuendo scenes between Richie and Eddie that King decided to put in for whatever reason. I made a post about it. Oh, and while we’re here, here’s my post about scenes with Richie and Eddie in book if you’re interested. 

- I don’t know if this would count as something pointing to Eddie being gay, but I wanted to include it anyways. During the sewer sex scene with Bev, Eddie is very much not consenting and seems very not okay with the whole thing. Here’s my post about this that I made a while back and want more people to notice. 

- In the miniseries and throughout the whole book, he’s often called a girly boy, a queer boy, a fag, etc. 

- Finally, Stephen King gave Eddie characteristics that are often stereotyped with gay men. He’s small, fragile, feminine, clean, and easily frightened. As always, I’m not saying gay men have these characteristics, they’re just characteristics that people stereotype gay men to have, including the other gay men that King wrote in this book and in others. 

Sorry this post is so long. I wanted to make sure I could add quotes and references to as many of these as I could to back up my claims. Please feel free to add anything else from the books/miniseries/movie/etc. that you think show this as well!