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have yall ever done some sort of movie theme? or like... popular book theme?


Pidge: at Lance’s request we did a How to train your dragon week. We had these little toy puppet dragons and some fake weapons. It was pretty fun!

Shiro: Keith liked it a lot.

A.N. well I’m back. Unofficially. But yeah… starting to tear into the 100 FREAKING QUESTIONS. I love them all. Keep in mind that if you asked me something I’m answering them in order so I’m sorry about any late things.

THIS was an excuse to draw @parfaitperi ‘s HTTYD AU. which I love. It was a fun warm up as I get back into working.

@itsrapmonster replied to your post: “Came home from work to an empty flat, spends 15…”

Does she have a favourite toy? D: try to throw it/make her play with that. It always help me with my cats

just waved her favourite mouse doll in front of her and then threw it so she could catch it. and all she does is give me this face :)))

I’m gonna try lure her with food :))

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But why barbie movies specifically, why do you have so many?

I freaking love Barbie movies, I always have. I wish we had more, I had a huge collection at my moms. Rn I only have Diamond Castle (I’m watching that now), Magic of Pegasus, Three Musketeers, Nutcracker (fav), 12 Dancing Princesses (another fav), A Fashion Fairytale, Princess and the Pauper, A Mermaid Tale, Mariposa, Island Princess, Thumbelina, A Christmas Carol, and I could have sworn we had Rapunzel but I can’t find it (it’s another one of my all time favs)

Without hesitation, Hanzo grabs Jesse by the front of his blue and white gingham shirt, and he crashes their lips together. He fists the shirt and presses himself against Jesse’s body, suddenly desperate for contact. His cowboy tastes of the spices Ana used in her jerky and sweat from a long day’s ride in the sun.

– Chapter 19 “Constellations” of Petals on the River by bamfbugboy and @ijaat

This commission art was done by @Kazimo. Please check out their artwork and consider commissioning them! Kazimo captured this moment so wonderfully, and we are so touched by the thought and care that went into this piece! Thank you very much!!



Now that i read a comment in a fic, something to consider:

How did Ladybug knew kissing Chat would break the spell in Dark Cupid?

The only thing she remembered to do that was that a True Love Kiss defeats dark magic or something like that.

Anyway, she knew kissing Chat was going to be a True Love Kiss. Or at least was sure enough that kissing him would be powerful enough to break Dark Cupid’s spell  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


Ahem, the uh, Hannibal fandom is more diverse then I first thought. I have gravely miscalculated their enthusiasm

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