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once I got mocked by two customers because I switched around two movie quotes, I was tired that they ... one kept calling me a " fake fan" like, just get your stuff and leave

Good lord. This fake this or that when it comes to fandom is a new thing to me, honestly. Same with “gamer girl”. This is just an example since I don’t know anon’s gender, it’s just a personal experience. When I was a teen and guys found out I was into video games or other “nerdy” stuff they were enthralled, eager to get to make friends with me and enjoy the game/movie/whatever together.. Now you can’t genuinely love these things, or even like it a little, without being questioned. WTF went wrong? Why can’t someone like something without being labeled as fake when they make one small mistake? Like, holy shit, not everyone memorizes everything and everyone trips up every once in a while. Fuck these customers in particular. Fandoms don’t need police, just a love for the material. -Abby

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Hi there! I was wondering if you still have a downloadable version of "Buwaro's Theme". I found it on this youtube video but, tumblr won't let me link it. I love how relaxing and how Buwaro's personality is captured by it!

Sure! The songs were made by my friend Slick (although I think he just wants to be called Daniel these days). He made a couple of other songs for Slightly Damned way back in the day, too:

I think he made a theme for Rhea at some point, but I seem to have lost the file… I’m going to have to ask him about it someday!

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I'm not really confident in my art, and whenever someone sees me drawing in public I immediately recoil. My art is no where near as good as yours. What should I do?

You should watch this video :

This video was made by the amazing @incaseyouart and it will explain you everthing ! ( I just found out this video yesterday night and I was just amazed by how well she explain things )

  • So don’t be scare or mad of your own drawings you need to draw everyday and to improve you need to use references, tutorials and stuff and you’ll see that you will improve without realisation ! :) 


(I will not answer at these kind of questions anymore hope you’ll understand♡ )


Hey! Mark! I just wanted to show you a little something out of all this negative you’ve been seeing. Maybe, hopefully, you’ll see this, and know how INSPIRING just the smallest amounts of positivity can be. Even in the darkest moments….

In 2014 I was very heavy depressed, anxious, and without much hope for my future. I had just gotten out of highschool and had no idea what I wanted to do. I was very down in the dumps, fresh out of an unhealthy long term relationship, living by myself, and my weight was getting to the point where it was endangering my health.

But then my friend showed me some of your videos. I found myself laughing for a long while for the first time in a long time. Because human laughter is contagious. Whether it be through a computer screen or anything else. You and a few other youtubers filled my house with positivity, and your messages of hope, happiness, BETTERING YOURSELF, and being a force for good in this world inspired me to change.

So I got up and did something about it.

It’s now 2017. I am over 100 pounds lighter and STILL working! I am following my dreams and trying my best to push those around me to keep going, Keep fighting. Even though I’m still a work in progress,but everyday I get a little better. I just wanted to (hopefully) show you what being a beacon of hope can do for those around you (or 5,000 miles away.) Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration for those of us who needed a little extra push to fight for ourselves.


NEW VIDEO: did you get a kick out of this? my mom said that my internet friends would probably get a kick out of this [x]

REPLYING to everyone in the comments, let’s talk!

It’s awesome to be able to draw Mark with his black hair again


A compilation of all Sanvers + Alex coming to terms with her sexuality scenes from Supergirl 2x03 to 2x08.

Just a little something I made to tide us over the Supergirl hiatus, enjoy!