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Ed Sheeran’s Argentina Concert

Sooooo i just came back from my very first Ed Sheeran’s concert and it was absolutely mind blowing. However i want to point out a few things i found very interesting during my day outside the theater.

1) Half of the fans there were 1d af which, is understandable i guess, but guys i shit you not 4 out of 5 girls were larries and it was so fucking cool to talk to them and talk about cute fanfics and how stressful our lives are bc of those two little shits.

2) When i asked Ed’s fans about what they thought about harry’s and louis’ sexuality and like personal life EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM told me they were pretty sure they were gay or at least bisexual. Fandoms outside 1d are aware of them and it was so interesting to see how instant their reactions were to my questions, they did not even hesitate to say they were probably struggling with coming out of the closet.

3) Before the concert began they started to put Instagram pics on the huge screens around the stage with a hashtag related to the show. This motherfucking picture appeared and i screamed for 5 minutes straight.

In conclusion, larries are the shit and we rule the world. *drops mic*


I’ve been getting quite a few requests wanting to know how this happened, so I figured I’d just make a post with all of the pics from Liam the photographer. Basically, my original badass sign saying “Liam, take my phone #selfie #video” got lost somewhere in the stadium, and I was a bit bummed so during 5sos I went out, found a blank sheet and recreated it, thinking that it was better than nothing. I held up the sign several times for him, Zayn, and Harry and I think they all acknowledged it with like a glance or a smile but nothing. I did get a point and wave from Harry (which was great btw, very very cute) but I wanted my pic dammit.  I knew my best chance was Little Things, so I prepped myself and the guard to not block my view (I was one seat away from the catwalk), and as Lima sat practically in front of me, I held the sign up and just waited. He got through his verse and I was like- yeah okay, maybe now- but ZAYN freaking reached back and interrupted what I was hoping would be my moment, and I flailed bc it’s ziam (at that point, Zayn and Liam had already given me a years worth of interaction. My babes were chatty and smiley :D) , so I just focused on recording that. AND THEN…

Liam got up, walked in front of me, grabbed a towel, gave it to a uard to give a fan, and then sat down and looked directly at me and asked me to give my phone to him. I pointed at the guard and said/gestured if I should hand it to him instead and he said no, and motioned for me to toss it. I always said I would never becuase if I break my phone, I’ll be so mad, but guess who caved when Liam Payne asked? ME. I’m so see through, lmao. I tossed it so damn quick and then a flurry of things happened. All the girls around me freaked out, 3 guards rolled up saying yelling about stepping back and then PADDY fucking PADDY jumps in front of me and yells “DONT DO THAT AGAIN” . I yelled back .“HE ASKED FOR IT, SOZ”. LMAO. The other guard was like- Liam’s the bigger so..

Anyway, I missed most of the picture taking bc of all that, but I saw Paddy pose for my camera and I choose to believe that’s his apology to me. Liam called him over and gave him my phone to bring it back to me and he handed it with an annoyed smile. SORRY , you gotta share Liam and Zayn Paddy. I don’t make the rules.

And that is alllllll. Much love to tomfjord @giggleshrug hisroyalhighnessmalik and my bestie Lina for a great weekend. It’s j ust now hitting me, and I’m actually shaking so I gotta go. BYEEEEEE.

I was bored yesterday, and decided to download Grindr again on my phone. At first, I was looking for a hookup (I’ve lost faith in Grindr’s ability to provide an avenue for real human connection a long time ago). I was browsing through the profiles in my area, and found some hot dudes. Messaged some of them. Flirted with a few.

There was this photo which looked to be that of a cute guy, but what interested me more was the message on his profile. I’ve heard those words somewhere. I then figured out. It’s one of those very obscure quotes from a really good TV show that got cancelled several years ago, but I was just amazed that this guy probably liked the show as much as I did. I sent him a message, referencing the character who said that quote, but I didn’t expect much. We ended up chatting for a bit. Then I decided to ask him out for coffee after work, and we agreed there’d be no malice here; just two guys sharing a common interest and looking for new friends in a new area.

It turns out we had a lot more in common than I originally thought. He’s a pretty cool bro, if I may say so. Ended up having dinner at a rather fancy restaurant, although neither of us would peg that as a date, at least I didn’t want to acknowledge it as a date since we both agreed we’re just looking for friends. But I had a pretty awesome night.

Afterwards, he dropped me off where my car was parked. I wanted to give him a bro-hug before we parted ways, but I just went for a firm bro-handshake; I felt like I’d be overdoing it if I reach out to hug him in his car.

We ended up texting each other the rest of the night, and then since this morning. Just mundane stuff, like how bad the traffic was this morning, or how nice the weather outside today is and why we’re stuck inside our offices instead of enjoying the outdoors.

I think we’re gonna be really good friends. I wouldn’t mind being more than that eventually, since he’s so cute and so adorable, but right now I feel like I’m very comfortable just talking to him and I’d wanna hang out with him some more. I’m probably gonna invite him out for coffee again tomorrow. I’ve actually never felt this comfortable with another person before.

Maybe he’ll end up reading this. He did say he used to lurk on reddit. But I’d like to let him know my day today has been a lot better than I expected it to be just coz’ I’m talking to him.


Duration: October 15 - November 23

Status: Completed

All 1,989 notes can be seen here: x

For 39 days I did a little project to spread the news about Taylor Swift’s new album 1989. Since I am definitely not one of Taylor’s most outgoing fans, the best and most comfortable way for me was to write notes on 3 in. x 3 in. memo paper and leave them in random places to be found by strangers.

As if making 1,989 handwritten notes was not crazy enough, I one-upped  myself and decided to make every note unique. I made sure no two notes had exactly the same content. I thought of, or at least tried to think of, cute ways to get the message across on each one, which also made the whole process very tedious and difficult. Every note either had my own “clever” comments, Taylor’s quotes, media reviews on 1989, or lyrics from one of Taylor’s songs.

Since I started this project on October 15th, I thought I would definitely be able to pull this off by 1989’s release day. Little did I know, it would take me three times as long to reach the end! Even at my fastest pace, I was only able to write 60 notes in an hour… and that was with total concentration and no breaks.

Anyway, every hundred or so notes, I would either leave them as 3 in. x 3 in. notes or I would fold them into origami hearts. Wherever I went, I’d leave a note behind. I’ve left notes in subway trains, in my school’s library, in lecture halls/classrooms at school, on bathroom stalls’ doors, on random cars’ windshields, in between greeting cards and magazines at various drugstores, in Central Park, in Times Square… the list goes on and on. I also passed some out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. I even folded a few into paper airplanes and flown them off the balcony of my school! Pretty much, I left notes in every nook and cranny I came across.

Here’s a collage of some of them: 

Over the past week, I’ve gotten mixed responses from people who have found my notes. Some were discouraging (x and x), but there were also much more pleasant ones (xx, and x).

 For those 39 days, there have been moments when I wanted to quit due to sleep deprivation, lack of motivation, and lack of support. Because I dived in head first and bit off more than I could chew, I found myself asking, “What have I gotten myself into?!“countless times. Since I’m a tough cookie and never like taking the quitter’s route, I kept pushing myself. So here I am, 39 days later and I’ve never felt more proud or accomplished. 😊

Thank you, Taylor, for being the only constant in my ever-changing life. This is just a small token of my appreciation.




Thank you to everyone who has given me advice about getting a second cat- all of your input has been very helpful!

I went to the shelter and found lots of really great and cute kitties but found one in particular that really spoke to me (literally). This is Tina, she is a 9 year old sweetie whose owner died, which is why she ended up at the shelter. As soon as I walked in the room her cage was in she started meowing like crazy begging for attention! She loves to be pet and is very outgoing. She also came from a home with another cat, so I feel like she will be a good fit for Sterling. I brought a washcloth home with her scent on it for him to smell. I have 24 hours to decide if I want to adopt her or not.

Another thing that I love about her besides her personality is her age and color, both older cats and black cats have a harder time finding homes, so I am really happy to offer a home to this little lady who will be spoiled and given more love and attention than she will know what to do with!

I’m going to take the night to decide if I am going to adopt her (I’m 99% sure that I will but I want to be sure it’s a good fit for everyone involved).

Also, sorry for not getting many good pics, she was so focused on meowing at me and getting pats that she wouldn’t stay still!

So, I’ve been reading Olicity fics obsessively for almost a year now and I really wanted to make an list of my absolute favourite works. This list is to appreciate these incredible writers and to recommend new(and mind bogglingly good) fics for those who unlike me, haven’t read almost every olicity fic ever written after 2014. This list includes finished and unfinished one shots and longer fics. I’ve added links to all the writer’s tumblr’s that I found!

  • Origin by eyrk (Role reversal Au, with Felicity as the vigilante and playboy!Oliver, will absolutely destroy you both with it’s incredibleness and the fact that it gets updated very rarely)
  • Anyone Else But You by javajunkie (Frenemies(?) to lovers. Will make you laugh hysterically and then cry like a baby)
  • once upon a december by roselland (Anastasia, aka my most beloved Disney movie & BRATVA AU??? Like I loved this fic before I even had read the first sentence tbh)
  • Employee of the Month by ihatepeas (S1 rewrite, with Felicity as a detective& Papa Lance’s partner. Oliver is a little shit of a vigilante with horrible cover stories and Felicity is the cutest human being ever who predictably sees through all of his lies.)
  • Queen of Chemistry by tssgry (High school-Frenemies-Tutor Au? With sassy Felicity & kinda really cute(and brooding) Oliver.)
  • And Then It Ends, Your Little Winning Streak by MachaSWicket (Oh man. Oooh man. This one will make you wail your anguish and feelings to your dog in 3am. Partly because the feelings it gives you, and partly because no one, I mean no one will ever write ‘scared for Felicity’s life’- Oliver better than this. Seriously, this one changed my life.)
  • A Week off the Grid by fiacresgirl (Post s3 road trip fic!! The title basically explains what they have in mind, but it doesn’t tell you how much you’re going to adore it)
  • Still by TeaWithLemon (Set somewhere in season three, O&F deal with bombers, kidnappers and Ray Palmer. I have so many feelings about every chapter in this fic. So many. When you’ve read it, because you have to(!!), come and message me so we can yell about it together.)
  • Long Time Coming by MachaSWicket (Felicity and Oliver get interrupted way too many times when trying to finally have sex with each other. This one is still my absolute favorite smutty one shot. You’ll see why, trust me. )
  • The Dark Prodigal by pulpklatura (Period drama/Regency Au. I have no words for the talent this writer has. Properly done research & A+ characterization. Also, no big deal, the writing happens to better than many of the novels I’ve read written by acclaimed authors.)
  • Blood Hands by Bre (A brilliant Bratva fic with slowburn romance, piNING?? and incredible sexual tension.)
  • Devil’s Backbone by anthfan (Felicity and Oliver begin a physical relationship after Sara’s death. You’ll love this if you are a slut for angst like me.)
  • can’t escape this now by callistawolf (Another arranged marriage Au, but not with Bratva, but a Mob. Falling in love while trying so hard not to, basically my favorite thing ever)
  • Or Forever Hold Your Peace by katanaxriot (Best friends Au, where hidden(or new?) feelings rise after they end up sleeping together. Oh and Felicity being engaged sort of complicates matters. Lots of miscommunications, jealousy, sexual tension & pining. You know, my favorite tropes as always)
  • Charmed by midnightofthesoul (Oliver should watch out what he says about his future colleagues in the presence of one tiny blonde. Oh god, the awesomeness of this one, seriously. Bad ass Felicity & thoroughly whipped Oliver)
  • Break by eyrk (After S2 finale, Felicity needs a break from Team Arrow, and moves to Gotham and you know, forms the Justice League. Everything about this one is pure magnificence, everything. *Shia Labeouf voice* ‘JUST.. READ IT!!)
  • Who Gave You Eyes Like That (Said You Could Keep Them) by Riley_Scott (Felicity has known Oliver a long time, but doesn’t know how deep his feelings are for her . But when Oliver finally realizes he should show those feelings in other ways than just trying to get her to sleep with her in various lewd ways, she knows she’s in trouble. It’s awesome, trust me.)
  • Between Love and Skate by dettiot (Figure skating Au, in which Felicity and Oliver are new partners. All the sexual tension & fluff! This also gave me soo many flashbacks to my preteen years, when I was utterly obsessed with figure skating)
  • Nothing Can Harm You Here by serenadreams (Felicity meets Oliver, a homeless war veteran on the side of a road. I have no words for the beauty of this work. Heartbreakingly angsty but yet so hopeful?? Just read it.)
  • Rooftops and Parking Lots & Stay With Me by gnimaerd (Felicity has an affair with Oliver, who is not her husband. Really well written two fic with equally amazing sequel piece. Deals with angsty issues amazingly. Oliver is so hopelessly Oliver in this one; pining, brooding, clueless sap. *cries*)
  • Blank Space by YellowFlicker (Au in which O&F knew each other pre-Gambit.)
  • got game by the pound by lisbei (Three times Felicity uses sex to get the assassin/Al Sah Him out of Oliver. Set after Oliver is brainwashed by The League. Angsty smut. Fluffy smut.)
  • Step By Step (We All Fall Down) by FanMomMer (Set during the summer before S3. What if Felicity hadn’t been as forgiving about that ‘I love you’ and what if the deleted kiss actually happened? I’m already so in love with this one.)
  • Between the Shadow and the Soul by apinknightmare (Set during the summer before S3. Oliver deals with the aftermath of the fake-real ‘I love you’- Oliver’s feelings for Felicity are written in an unbelievably and breathtakingly beautiful way. Angsty, but you know, with an happy ending)

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Sheinside is an online store that sells a wide range of clothes that are trendy, cute and affordable! Shopping online may be stressful whether it be you not being able to afford the outfit or if they don’t have appropriate clothing for where you live right now. However, I recently came across Sheinside who offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE and have clothes for ALL SEASONS!

My first pick is this amazing Blue Short Sleeve Hollow Floral Crochet Bodycon Dress which is amazing for summer! Next is this Grey Short Sleeve Geek Print Crop T-Shirt which is very basic and cute to wear anywhere! After that I chose this beautiful Green Round Neck Sleeveless Ruffle Flare Dress which is so perfect and lovely, and looks better with some sort of accessory! And finally this unique Apricot Geometric Eye Pattern Knit Cardigan which is one of my favourite things I’ve found on Sheinside!

Have a lovely day!~Miaღ


Hello, I recently found out that Pepper, one of the kitten sisters I’d adopted from a shelter had colitis. she was having very severe diarrhea, which led me to setting up a vet visit & after a colonoscopy & an expensive blood test here we are. The vet sent us home with an anti-inflammatory and a prescription for PV kitten food which is about $50 a bag unfortunately. I really hate doing this, but I’ve exhausted all my other options. my credit cards are maxed from the initial visit, & the medications.

I’m really just trying to help my kittens. Please, donate or share if you can’t. Anything really helps.

‘Ello~! Cute Harajuku, a Japanese fashion store, has been so kind to sponsor me another item from their shop which is this very adorable cat keyhole sweater! I found out these types of sweaters are actually pretty plus size friendly so I wanted to review the other variants of keyhole sweaters, such as this cat one. If you wanna purchase this sweater for the winter or anything from the lovely store, Cute Harajuku, you can use the code rinihime for 10% off!

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I have found a very unique line of yoga wear called onzie.

They have a large variety of comfortable, convenient, and cute yoga/sport wear. You can choose from a large variety of soft dressing, tops, bottoms, one-pieces, and there’s even a men’s section!

I’m wearing the turquoise criss-cross bra top, black V back tank top, and black mesh capri pants.

There’s so many different designs of clothing to choose from with a selection of different designs and patterns for each piece which is so great if you don’t just like the plain black active wear.


Jackson, Bambam Interview parts from Japanese magazine Boy Paradise Vol.15

Q: Which habit of a member do you think is cute? Otherwise, a weird habit from the member?

Jackson: BamBam → He always calls me “Hyung~! Hyung~!” which I found very cute.
Bambam: Jackson → He tends to shout when getting excited.

M&M scans (1) (2) (3) Omona (1)

Jackbam Crosstalk

Q: Impression when you first met each other?

Jackson: I complimented him!

Bambam: Let’s say the truth here~

Jackson: Bambam is really cute. Although he’s still a child now, he was younger when I first met him.

Bambam: I grew up too.

Jackson: When I was in Hong Kong, I’m always the youngest one wherever I go. But when  came to Korea, it’s either the same age as me or younger than me. So I thought “I became an adult all of a sudden!” (laughs)

Q: Impression about Jackson?

Bambam: I as already in Korea for 1 and a halr year when I first met him so I’ve got completely used to Korea’s ‘sibling’ culture. I properly bowed and greeted with 'Annyeong haseyo’ but he greeted me back in English with 'Yo, what’s up!!’ so I got surprised. He’s frank with anybody. He was more muscular before because he was a National Fencing Representative. So my first impression is [?]. (laughs) We get along very well now!

Q: Each other’s good points?

Bambam: He is the one who loves the younger ones the most among the hyungs. This is a secret because if the other hyungs hear this, they will feel sad. (laughs) Even though he’s older, we look like friends because we just get along very well. From the very beginning. Jackson hyung is open-minded so it was easy for me to be close to him. We agree with each other, get along and share the same ideas. I think we really match each other.

Jackson: Yes! Best friend! My brother! He’s like a real younger brother to me. I always hear 'hyung!’ from him, like a family. But there a times when I think that Bambam is the older one.

Q: If you were to give a name to this pair, what would it be?

Jackson: JackBam!

Q: What kind of performance would JackBam want to show everyone?

Jackson: I want to try hip-hop

Bambam: The concept would be 'If Thailand and Hong Kong fall in love’ (laughs)

Q: Both of you are proficient in English. Do you talk in English with each other?

Bambam: There’s a lot of instances where we mix English and Korean when we talk.

Q: Which one is easier?

Jackson: For now, Korean is easier. Because I’ve been using Korean everyday for 3 years.

Bambam: Speaking and writing in Korean has become my forte now than English.

Q: Did you ever quarrel?

Bambam: When we first met each other, Jackson hyung said 'Won’t you wear matching t-shirts?’ and I received a shirt from him as a present. But after that, we had an argument. I got so angry that I returned the shirt back. When I completely forgot about that, Jackson hyugn stormed ferociously and yelled: 'If you don’t need it, go and throw it!’ (laughs) I was still a kid that time so it was scary..

Jackson: Back then, I was the same age as Bambam (/*that’s impossible wtf is he saying?*/). We were both really young. Even seeing each other’s face was unpleasant during that time. But I got really annoyed and I exploded when he returned the shirt back.

Bambam: Fighting because of a shirt…thinking of it now, I can’t understand it. (laughs)

Jackson: It was all because of you!

Bambam: Hahahaha! (laughs)

trans: jngwyng (1) (2) (3) (4)

New adventurer challenge!

As many of you may know, one of our mods, Ginny, has to undergo surgery because of a brain tumor. Because of this, both she and her boyfriend will not be able to go to work, which means they will be very short on cash.

If you can, please donate on Paypal or gofundme. Even $1 would help.

Now, on to the actual challenge. This is obviously a difficult time for Ginny, so I want you guys to #Make Ginny smile.

  • Splice some of Ginny’s favorite Pokemon (found here)
  • Splice anything cute that would cheer her up
  • Include a happy or encouraging message 
USUK Fall/Halloween Card Event (1/3): Arthur the Teenage Witch~Pumpkins

Fall Card #1, Fall Card #2, Fall Card #3

Summary: (USUK) Prompt given was: messy pumpkin carving 

Card made for:  ixbranna16

Warnings: traditional omegaverse

A/N: Years ago I thought of the idea of making a USUK fic off the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch(Sabrina&HarveyOTP 5ever). The show was very cute and fluffy and campy as heck which is right up my alley. I started the fic, but it never progressed, I did the same thing with Gilmore Girls AU(Rory&DeanOTP i will fite u). Now I found a way to fuse the two ideas and I LOVE it. Sorry for the image, I took these pics for my IG and forgot to take wider for tumblr. ToT  

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Dorothy is very cute in my opinion and is definitely a play doll.  She fits in well with the other 14 inch and 18 inch dolls and can be a nice addition to any play doll collection.   Dorothy also comes as a fashion doll in three different packages.  One of the fashion dolls sings the song by Lea Michele who is the voice of Dorothy in the movie. (x)

I want that doll

Buyer Beware

I’m posting this through a botnet, so don’t even think about getting cute and trying to find me. I’ve got enough trouble with people finding me as it is. It all started a few months ago, when I found a good source of amphetamines on a deep web marketplace I won’t name. I live in a town so small and bland that even the local high school kids don’t bother selling drugs. It’s boring as sin here, which is one of the reasons I started ordering speed online in the first place.

I was always very cautious. I tumbled my bitcoins carefully and ensured that every transaction was well-encrypted. Yes, before you even ask, the proxies I used were fully configured and trustworthy ones. It wasn’t the technology that failed me at all, actually. It was a single mistake in judgement. To a single trusted seller, I gave my real physical address.

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The “Help Wanted” Poster

Kaji (Ashiya’s seiyuu): Speaking of which, was Abeno-san the one who made the “help wanted” poster? I’ve been wondering about this.

Maeno (Abeno’s seiyuu): Shouldn’t it be him? It was (intentionally) posted behind other posters.

Kaji: I mean, the design is quite cute… And it looks very colorful. Did Abeno-san really draw that?

Maeno: Hm, come to think of it, Ashiya also found that poster by chance.

Kaji: Was (Abeno) actually expecting a girl to show up?

Maeno: Wasn’t he? I have no idea though.

Kaji: If that’s the case… Somehow I feel sorry…

Maeno: *laughs* No no, Ashiya is good. It was a fortune to have Ashiya-kun be the person.

~ from Fukigen na Mononokean -Radio no Kai- Round 5

**the poster ↓↓