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Types of kisses the nordics like receiving? (The Russia one was just too cute I couldn't resist!)


Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: Berwald gets flustered very easily when it comes to affection, so he normally likes to be kissed on the cheek, when he doesn’t blush as much. His favorite kiss to give is one on the forehead, which makes you feel safe.

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen: Tino absolutely loves Eskimo kisses(basically when two people rub their noses together), no matter who starts them. He loves the closeness of it, and the fact that he can try to be sneaky and plant a kiss on your lips halfway through.

Denmark/Arne Densen: Arne likes it when you kiss his jawline, especially when the two of you are cuddled up against each other. He also likes to kiss the top of your head, since he thinks it would make you feel protected and safe when you were with him.

Norway/Lukas Hansen: Lukas will only accept kisses from you in private, and his favorite were kisses on the nose or cheek, mostly because he thinks they’re more chaste. He’ll only give kisses when he thinks you’re asleep, or you need cheering up, and those are usually on your temple.

Iceland/Emil Stielsson: Much like Lukas, Emil is very stiff when it comes to PDA, and prefers to stay away from it. Though, he appreciates it when you give him the occasional peck on the lips when the two of you are alone, and sometimes returns the favor.

We Need to Talk

The drama is real.

So we have Story for Steven part 2, effectively. It’s another tale of Greg’s relationship with the Gems, especially Rose. What I found really cute about this is the reappearance of Stevonnie, right in front of Greg. Going off of what I said for Keeping it Together, this sets up for another real-life allegory: the parent finding two young kids being intimate. I love how Greg reacts; at first he’s shocked, which causes Steven and Connie to freak out as well. It’s very realistic, and Greg’s subsequent cool attitude seals the deal. This is how you handle a situation like this, you sit the young ones down and give them a calm heart-to-heart about the whole thing. No harsh words, no punishments, just talking. After all, they don’t entirely know for sure what it all means, so why scare them off? Let them understand at their own pace.

Greg’s story begins with a song played by him and the gems, sans Pearl. Rose, as always, is a beacon of beauty, and it only gets better when Pearl steps in to fuse with her. Rainbow Quartz is one of the most attractive fusions thus far, in my opinion. What I like the most about this scene is the confirmation of Pearl’s jealousy of Greg. She only steps in to show that she will always have a better way to connect with Rose, and the rivalry between her and Greg seems to begin here. Pearl’s words seem to ring true at first when Greg tries to fuse with Rose, only to be laughed at.

This is another scene that is very important, as it does something that she show has yet to do: develop Rose’s character. Up until now we’ve had flashbacks, word-of-mouth, and one story depicting Rose as this powerful, beautiful, loving, intelligent leader. Here, we give her a fault. We see that she loves and cares about humans, but she initially sees them as other denizens of Earth, like animals. She doesn’t pay attention to Greg’s feelings, continually laughing him off until he snaps. Rose cares about humans, but she doesn’t have empathy for them. Now, this is important, because it puts her speech in Lion 3: Straight to Video into perspective. There, she talks up humans as this wonderful, complex race that Steven will soon join and take care of. But in We Need to Talk, she laughs at the notion of caring for humans on that level. They’re a novelty to her, as Pearl said.

Something changed for Rose, to help her come to the mindset she presents in Lion 3. That something is most likely Greg. We already start to see it in the end of the episode; Rose and Greg are unsure of what their relationship means, but they’ll go through with it together. Hardships will be faced, such as Pearl’s disapproval, but they eventually will make it work. I mean, come on, Steven is practically their fusion. When we cut back to the present, I like what Greg tells Connie: that she can come talk to him about this intimacy thing if she needs it. Apparently no one liked Greg’s character at first, but I don’t see it. He seems to really care for others, and tries his best, even though he can’t offer much but experience. It’s good, just like this episode.

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What are your sad Anakin headcanons?

Sad Anakin headcanons…
To start it off I think Anakin has PTSD and BPD (like me)
And one of their coping methods is self-harm. It’s the only time they feel like they have complete control. (Again also like me. So yeah I’m projecting but it helps)

Another sad-ish headcanon but that’s kinda cute. The only thing they put in that backpack when they left Tatooine was their plush Anooba which they named Ooba. Shmi found Ooba for Anakin when they were very young and sick.

Anakin kept Ooba hidden for the longest time. They lost Ooba when they left him on the Twilight and then Obi-Wan borrowed it and it blew up T.T

Or Padme knows about Ooba and keeps him safe at her apartment. Bail found him after Padme’s death and gave him to Leia.

Since the war started Anakin stopped drawing as much.

I know I have more but I can’t think of any more at the moment.

#Self-harm tw

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Funny thing.

Journal Entry: 

“So I walked in on Callie an Gereth sleeping in bed today. Was interesting though I am beginning to trust the fact that this Gereth is worth giving a chance. So far my desire to remind him of the fact that if he breaks her I will make him regret it has been very low. Which is good not many men trigger that response from me. Plus her threatening me to be nice is quite cute. “

“I haven’t seen her this happy from the attentions of a suitor and as much as it pains me to say it. I am happy she found some one who fits that isn’t me. She needs some one who isn’t haunted by the sins of their past to support her in ways I can’t.”

Scribbles in the side bar: Gereth don’t fuck this up.

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Minally and Minewt??? :3


A: I love it
B: It’s really cute
C: Not a bad ship
D: I’m neutral on it
E: I don’t really like it
N/A: I don’t know the ship well enough

MINHO AND GALLY YES I KNOW OF THIS SHIP VERY WELL although instead of minally, i call them gallyho heh i don’t know which one is the proper one so please forgive me. oh my godddd i’ve also had so many conversations about who tops and who bottoms in gallyho and the results were disappointing. (hint: i never found the answer)


A: I love it
B: It’s really cute
C: Not a bad ship
D: I’m neutral on it
E: I don’t really like it
N/A: I don’t know the ship well enough

LISTEN I LIKE MINEWT LIKE VERY MUCH BUT I DONT SEE THEM AS A ROMANTIC PAIR i’m sorry i am a disappointment but to me, newt and minho are p much just best friends? although, i will accept that they might have had a lil something in the past wink wonk

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this is such a cute giveaway i just wanted to say that separate from my entry c: also thank you for allowing me to have more than one!

Ahaha, thanks! It’s such a fun one to host, and last year’s was so successful I’m looking forward to this round’s results. It’s really cute to read the entries!

Re: multiple entries, no problem! I found three to be a good max number for entries – it allows people who want to thank more than one person to have some room to pick, but it also keeps people from dominating the lottery if say, there’s people who only have one person to thank (which is actually very common! – and this is  also why I allow myself as a nomination). Plus, it helps boost the jackpot!! Ohohoho! <3

I can Bear-ly Contain Myself!

    My 2nd attempt working chunky yarn and I think it came out ok. Found the pattern for this newborn hat on Hopefully Honey which is also where I also found the frog one I did a short while ago. I love the styles from this site. Very unique and a fun uses of chunky yarns which I am developing a new love for.  So soft and cuddly! I may have done it wrong but I feel like with the muzzle and nose…

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selena gomez for the fc thing?

+ ooh okay there was this one adorable rper who played selena as the evil queen in a disney rp and even though the character was evil i frickin loved her so much ?? she was really well written and very snarky and clicked well with one of my characters it was gr8

- i honestly haven’t really had a negative experience with selena i think the closest thing would have to be when i was first looking to join an rp and i found this really cute one and one of the admins used a selena mascot but before the rp could open there was this huge thing with people copying her content and she decided not to open it which was just rly sad

(send me a faceclaim and i’ll tell you my best and worst experience with them!)

day 4

bonjour! I got to sleep in because leanna had her one of her exams (it was 4 hours long). after she returned home around 12, we went to go meet cealone and kate for lunch. we ended up meeting them at subway (they actually have a lot of subways here) and ate our sandwiches. after eating very delicious french food for a while, I could definitely taste the difference between an american sandwich and a french one (bet you can guess which one is better). once we finished our meal, we headed out to do some shopping. we went to a lot of cute french boutiques and all of them had shirts with english quotes (I guess it’s very trendy here). kate and I found it very funny, because some of the shirts didn’t have proper english. for example, one shirt we found had “reach for star” in big glittery letters across the front and some shirts had random phrases like “jump the wall.” anyways, after we finished walking around the boutiques, we decided we wanted something chocolatey. we found this amazing french bakery (I feel like I keep using the word amazing to describe all of the food here but everything really is amazing) and split a feulletine which is a chocolate mouse cake. now I’ve had some pretty good chocolate cake, but nothing compares to a french feulletine (I’ve now added it to the list of my french food obsessions).

after our feulletine stop, we then decided to check out some makeup shops. after going into a shop with a ton of orange make up, we officially decided that leanna will be a trendsetter at prom and wear all orange everything. she will be the “fille d'orange” at prom (I guess we’ll see if she actually goes through with it). after that we went to the maison international (city hall) to visit eric, who leanna and cealone described as the “bethany in france” (he’s the program director). unfortunately, he was in a meeting but we still got to tour the maison which was very pretty (there was even an art exhibit inside). then we parted ways and leanna and I went home to eat. we had potatoes with cheese, meat, and mushrooms but this was no ordinary dinner. they brought out a mini grill and set it on the table. this grill had 6 different sections where we each grilled our own meat, cheese, etc while we sat and talked. her family kept laughing at me because I kept burning my cheese and myself on the grill (in my defense I have never grilled anything before). once I finally got the hang of it (after burning 3 slices of cheese), it was very delicious. after we finished dinner around 9:00, (the french don’t start eating dinner until 8:00) I then went upstairs to pack my things for our trip to the French Alps! I can’t wait to go hiking (hopefully it won’t be too hard) and I guess we are also going to a sheep festival (which should be very interesting). thanks for reading and bonne nuit!

I went to a pridefest yesterday. It was pretty small but I’m going to a bigger one next weekend. I got some buttons with nonbinary, they/them, and pansexual on them (all of which I was very pleasantly surprised to see). And then I found a great craft store, a new botanical shop, and at a thrift store I found an awesome vintage studded jean jacket for only a dollar. Plus I wore a super cute vintage polka dot dress and I got tons of compliments. All in all it was a good day. 😊

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Hey could you write a fic on fetus!Emison where Ali gets into a fight with her family and turns up at Emily's seeking comfort and one thing leads to another and they end up sleeping together for the first time? I know it's a little (well, a lot) off-canon but I'd really love to see how you'd spin something like this (and I find the idea of Emily and Alison losing their virginities to each other pre-disappearance cute) :)

I’ve already written something very similar to the first half of this prompt (which can be found here), but I’m not really comfortable with extending any of my fetus!emison fics beyond a little making out, to be honest, I’m sorry!! 

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Hello! What did you use to make your 5sos + text posts edits? and where did you find the pictures and the posts?

HI! I used a really shitty website called which is super slow and doesn’t work very well, but it’s the only site that would load and I don’t have photoshop on my computer. I got the Calum text posts from my blog on /tagged/text bc I always reblog cute ones of him bc he’s my babe, but the others I found just from going through tags for blurbs about them. I also got the pictures from my own blog going through /tagged/candid & /tagged/lq :))

Blow up my inbox!!

fic recs

Mama Bear, by Dira Sudis

How the Black Widow became Auntie Nat.

It’s not quite Clint/Laura/Natasha, but it is Clint/Laura+Natasha and what happened after Clint brought Natasha in, so it’s almost as cute. (And the mama bear in question is not necessarily the one you think.)
Warnings for mentioned past child abuse as well as the requisite warnings for allusions to what the Red Room does.

These Hands I hold, by Smoochynose

When the Asset saves Wanda and Pietro after they are orphaned, they end up following him back to HYDRA and adopting him.

What it says. Except it’s also an everyone lives fic and so very much found family.
Which hurts rather in the first section because it’s Hydra, the organisation that allied with Leviathan/the Red Room, of course they’re going to use that found family connection to manipulate everyone involved. So warnings for emotional coercion and implied human experimentation?


No one ever talks about dog tag etiquette, but all Rangers know it.

Dog tags as a representation of relationships between rangers. The etiquette and meaning surrounding a part of exclusively ranger culture. It’s great!
Also there’s Chuck/Mako/Raleigh.

Bring Your Own Lighting, by Isagel

The elevator stops, suspended in the half-space between floors. It’s a liminal place, a stopped elevator, neither there nor here – a room ripe for assassinations or seductions. It makes some people nervous. Natasha has never been one of them.

Natasha/Pepper, costume porn (literally, it’s pwp about Natasha’s light up suit). Mostly I’m reccing it because of the pairing and because it’s extremis!Pepper.

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I’m going through my old phone cause we’re gonna give it to my grandpa and things I’ve found:

Pictures of me being cute (like if I had worn makeup then I’d have been gorgeous)
Someone asked someone to prom on the back of a horse
“How to psychologically abuse students without detection” folder on my forensics teacher’s desktop
A creepy art studio we once saw on a field trip of a very flamboyant man who made sculptures of rabbit shaped gas masks
A wall meant for you to express yourself with a sticky note at the children’s museum I volunteered at on which was a sticky note that read “One Pooprection”

Day 2: Getting There

Today I made some hella rad friends (if you’re stalking my blog hi there)! We walked over to Sinchon for lunch and dessert, and ended up chilling and shopping for a while after that. We found some very questionable t shirts in a department store lol. Apparently having random english phrases on your shirt is in.

I also got to stop in at an Etude House ^^ The store itself was super cute! I bought two products, one of which ended up being almost half off. Beats me if I know what the promotion was though. None of the sales girls that I talked to spoke much English, so it was mostly them speaking to me in rather fast Korean and me staring blankly trying not to look like a complete idiot. I need more vocab. I think that’s what’s really holding me back right now. Well. That and my listening skills aren’t too good xP

When we finally got back to campus, it was around 2:30 or 3, and I was super tired because I woke up around 5 this morning. *shakes fist at jet lag* I took an accidental 3 hour nap and woke up just in time to grab some dinner from one of the little restaurants on the main floor of my building before it closed.

It’s 9:30 now, and all I want to do is sleep lol. But I’m gonna stick it out for one more hour, and then I think I’ll be in a pretty good place for getting adjusted to the time zone ^^


I didn’t find the tactical vest, but whatever it’s no big deal. I went up to the costume shop, then to this mall i’d never been too..which ended up being quite small and …well not a lot to see. I did find a winners though and went to see if they had any bathin suits. I found a very cute bathing suit that actually fits me perfectly and was $25! It’s a one piece and will do me well for the summer. I then went to the Vaughan library, returned my video game and… got 4 fables TPB’s, a book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales (cuz I love them ..and getting into the ‘Fables’ stuff just reinforces it), and the Audobook ‘Cinder’ so I can listen to that on the way to MTL.  unfortunately my head is hurting again so I’m gonna nap or something now and I’ll start packing after supper as I can pack my Ambrose gear now ^_^ 

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hi, can you please recommend me some good town rps that are not appless or literate? Thank you!! (:

hi, bby!! so it’s been at least thirty million years since I’ve been in the town rp tag ( & I have missed it dearly ) so thank you for giving me the chance to do so!! ( also, there are so many apples rps out there wow ) anyways, I found 7 recs which are stonegate-rp & followyourstars-rpg & fourteenrp & almostmaine-rp & astrophilerp & musicaltownrp & grottorp !! all of them looked pretty cute & homey ( & i’m fairly sure they are all appless, I kinda rushed looking at them ) I hope one of them catches your eyes, boo!! and you’re very welcome thank you for asking so nicely. tell me how it goes, okay?