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From The Dining Table - Harry Styles AU

Warnings: smut 

Summary: Where Harry really fucked up.

A/N: I’m sorry if there’s any grammar errors ! This is my first AU writing and I work really hard on this one, I hope you enjoy it ! (P.S GIF’s not mine)

Words: 1,844


“Argh… Fuck.” Harry moaned, his hands were under his pants pumping his dick faster and faster until he reaches his climax, the hotel room are very quiet and cold. He made his way to the bathroom to shower and clean himself, the warm water are dripping all over his tense body, he’s been very lonely. He have been very busy with the debut album, everything is very exhausting that he forgot about [Y/N]. 

Tall skinny body, brown glowy skin, wavy hair she is so beautiful that Harry is confused why the hell she’s not a freaking super model. They have broken up months ago, but he’s still not over it yet, Harry found himself still thinking about her but Harry is positive that [Y/N] is 100% over him. He walked out of the shower after he finished drying his hair, because it became a routine ever since [Y/N] told him that it’s not good to sleep with your hair dripping wet. Harry misses her so much that it hurts his whole body, especially his chest. He misses her Tom Ford perfume Harry had gifted to her because the scent of that perfume just reminds him of [Y/N], the screaming that came from the dining table while she works on her job that is graphic design because she forgot to add another layer, coming home to her playing the grand piano, and the way she took care of him 

until he can’t take it, so he called her. 

“Hello?” Her voice are raspy, she sounds like she just got out of bed then Harry checked the digital clock that is beside his bed 

02:32 AM Crap. 

He thought, he forgot that it’s two in the freaking morning 

“Who the fuck is this?” She continued “It’s- It’s Ha- Harry.” Harry stutters “Why the hell are you calling me in this hour?! Can’t it wait tomorrow?”

 "Can- Can I come to your apartment?“ 

“In this hour? Hell no Styles.” She answered “Please [Y/N]?” She didn’t answer him for a couple seconds but then she agreed “Fine.”

 "Thanks Love.“ The nickname definitely slips out of his mouth, he didn’t mean to call her that, after he hung up he put on some clothes, took his keys and immediately drive to [Y/N]’s apartment. 

When he arrived at the white building he immediately made his way inside and went to the receptionist desk but he found the staff sleeping with his head rested on the wooden table so he went upstairs without leaving his ID at the receptionist desk. 

The elevator dinged when it arrived at the third floor, he walked outside and began to find [Y/N]’s apartment door. 

0703.The sign on the black door said, he knocked it a couple times but there is no sign that [Y/N] is making her way to the door, so he open up the door; it’s unlocked

 "God Damn it [Y/N].” He went inside quickly and walk straight to [Y/N]’s room and he’s never been so relieved in his life to see her sleeping safely in her bedroom, he sat at the small red couch beside her bed, watching someone while sleeping is overused and mainstream but he couldn’t tear his eyes off of the beautiful girl that is sleeping. After a couple minute watching her sleeping quietly Harry decided to go out of the room to get some water but Harry being the clumsy guy he is, he accidentally run in to her nightstand and knocked up a little night lamp “Fuck.” He hisses quietly 

“What the…” [Y/N] is awake by the time Harry clutching on his toes “I’m ver-very sorry, please go back to sleep.” He didn’t know what to say, It’s been months since the last time they saw each other “No, I just- you really came here.” She said

 "I did.“ He nodded, [Y/N] sighed and sit up "Why do you came here? It’s like in the middle of the night! This is so weird you are my ex boyfriend and-" 

"You didn’t lock your door, that’s dangerous.” He cut off her sentence 

“It’s not like I have something worth thousands of dollars inside this crappy apartment.” She answered “But they can hurt you.”

 "Why do you care Harry? Just go home okay, get some sleep I’m sure you have a lot of things to do tomorrow.“ She’s always been the type of girl that is not into complicated drama, if there’s a problem or a conflict she’ll try to fix it right away leaving the drama out of it 

"But I miss you.” That. There’s the words that Harry has been dying to say to her 

“Just go home okay H?” The nickname, she didn’t mean for it to slip out of her lips “There’s no alcohol in this world that can sink in the chest pain I am having every time I think about you.”

 "Go home Drama Queen, you don’t get to say that after leaving me with no phone call or text after the break up.“ She lay down and turn to the other side "I’m sorry [Y/N]." 

"You are forgiven, now go home get some sleep.” Harry sighed and sit at the edge of her bed, she’s never been the one that have a lot of money, she rarely treated herself, she hardly want to buy anything because her job didn’t pay her that well and Harry miss the time he can spoil her with anything even though she didn’t like it when people buy her things 

“Can I sleep here? On the couch?” He asked her “What ever I don’t care.” She coldly answered, Harry nodded despite the fact that she can’t see him so he took of his shoes and shirt leaving him with the dark grey sweatpants he is wearing and try to lay down on the couch and slowly he fell asleep. 

After about fifteen minuted being half asleep Harry are woken up by a sound of someone sobbing quietly, Harry immediately sit up and went over to the bed to check on [Y/N] 

“[Y/N]?” He whispered, she looked a little shocked “God damn it H, I thought you were asleep.” She rasp “I was.” Harry’s fingers are wiping the tears that is staining her beautiful face “Why are you crying? Tell me [Y/N].”

 "It’s just- It’s just that you don’t get to come here, calling in the middle of the night out of nowhere after you decided that you missed me! I have been missing you this whole time but I can’t just call you and tell you that I missed you! You can’t do that Harry that’s not fucking fair!“ She shouted, clutching on to the pillow she’s hugging, the familiar pain sensation spreading across his chest "I’m so sorry darling, that it took me a lot of time to realize that I missed you,” she shooked her head while the tears keep streaming out of her eyes, Harry tugged the wavy hair on to the back of her ears “Come one Love, show me your beautiful face,” She always falls for his charms, the way he talk to her made her knees weak, and somehow she always agree to do what he says as if she’s compelled she should be hating him after all of the things he did to her but as you can see now she’s letting him in again 

“There you go.” he began to dry the tears from her face and lay down beside her “I thought, maybe one day you’d call me and tell me that you’re sorry too. I waited Harry and God, I hate myself so much for getting my hopes up. It hurts H.”

 "I’m sorry, I’m sorry sweetheart. I’m here now, I’m not leaving you not again, not anymore,“ Harry lay down beside her and play with her hair from the back, he know that [Y/N] will be fast asleep if Harry played with her hair "I love you [Y/N], now sleep my love. I’ll be right here when you wake up.”

 Harry woke up with [Y/N] sleeping quietly beside him facing the big and dirty window, Harry didn’t have her wrapped around his arms because cuddles won’t instantly fix them, Harry don’t think that it’s what [Y/N] wanted, so he gave her space; just like what she wanted. It’s been a very long time since Harry came to this apartment, the last time he came here was before [Y/N] move to his apartment and help her packs up her things. Harry slowly sit up and walk outside her room to get something to eat, he went to the kitchen and open up the fridge; it doesn’t have anything unless two bottles of wine and Chinese food leftovers that is probably not edible by now Harry wants to go out and buy something to eat for both of them but he promised her when she wakes up he’s going to be right here.

 [Y/N] woke up facing the window, she roll over and found the space beside her empty. She sighs knowing that this would happen, and how she shouldn’t get her hopes up that Harry would stay the night. She checked her nightstand and no, he didn’t left any notes she told herself to get over it and get ready to start the day. 

Harry heard a shuffling in [Y/N]’s room and decided to check her, as he walk inside her room he saw her in a plain black bra set “JESUS!” She screamed and cover herself with a blanket “It’s nothing I haven’t see [Y/N].” He smirked “I thought you left.” She walk over to her the other side of her bed-still in her underwear and put on some clothes, Harry can’t stop staring at her, her body-god her body is amazing “I’m a man of my words [Y/N],” Harry answered [Y/N] respond him by rolling her eyes

 "Where are you going?“ He asked seeing her putting on a jeans and a grey sweater that looks like it’s Harry’s "Work, where else?” She answered 

“Skip work.” He said, [Y/N] shook her head and laugh coldly “You think I can just skip work? I’m not like you okay?” She went to the desk and put her laptop and the charger inside her black Saint Laurent bag Harry bought for her when he was in New York “Please? It’s just one day!”

 "No, I got paid only seven dollar per hour because I’m on training. I can’t lose this job Harry,“ she walk outside her bedroom putting on a black converse and walk to the door "Go home, you don’t have to lock the door on your way out.” She slammed shut the door leaving confused Harry and her heart at the green eyed man she loved so much. 

Part 2 Anyone?
Put Me Back Together Again

Request from @queentiffanyyy: So here is a request. After the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco and reader head off to a private estate in the countryside and live the rest of their lives together. Kinda like in The Hunger Games MockingJay Part 2 ending, with Katniss and Peeta back in District 12, (with the rain scene and/or the baby scene). Thank you so much if you end up writing this one😊

Thank you for requesting! I love THG, and I can seriously imagine Draco doing something like this :)

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The rain came gushing down, pooling in small puddles on the gravel that led towards the garden. It had been just over six months since the Battle of Hogwarts had ended yet you and Draco often found yourselves waking up screaming in the middle of the night. The decision to move away and live in the desolate countryside was completely spontaneous: the two of you gathered all the saving you had after leaving Hogwarts that day and within a few days you were moving into the small estate you’d managed to buy. 

Draco’s parents hadn’t visited. A part of you felt sad for Draco but after you’d heard about the sorts of things they’d made him do you were glad they didn’t bother to grace their presence in this one safe haven the two of you had gradually made together. You stood in the large oak doorway for a few seconds before resting your back against the frame and letting yourself slide down against the wall, watching as each rain drop splatters on the floor. It was calmin, watching the rain fall. It seemed like the one thing that hadn’t been corrupted by the war; despite the heavy trouble that had been cast over the wizarding world, the rain continued to fall. 

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Random, but something I always found curious. I think ‘Who are you?’ must be the most common phrase ever said in fiction. It’s pretty much in everything, every genre, every book, game, show, movie, whatever. Now that shouldn’t seem strange really, should it? …Apart from it’s a phrase you NEVER actually hear in real life. People don’t go around saying ‘who are you’, it’s a strange thing to say and quite rude sounding. And yet it’s so prevalent in fiction.

Of course I know WHY it happens. It’s setting up having a nice tidy introduction from a character, who has wandered in doing something interesting without explaining themselves… The whole scenario is so weirdly common. I can’t bring myself to write the line anymore, just because it stands out to me so much.

Does it sound like I’m trying to make a point? Or call people bad writers? I’m not… I just thought it was interesting, and felt like it was worth mentioning. One of those weird things. I also challenge anyone to come up with a line more common and universally in fiction, and bonus if it’s never said in real life. 

Fallen (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 5~

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Stiles’ screams echoed through the night sky as my body suddenly took control, my silver eyes scanning through the road as my legs pushed on. I had no idea how I had managed to leave the rest of my friends behind, and somehow ended up in the middle of the road, with only one goal in mind: finding Stiles. Consciously, I had no idea what was going on, but somehow something in the back of my mind and the pit of my stomach told me he was in danger. My vision darkened for a second before I found myself standing in the middle of the school parking lot, just a few feet away from the unmistakable jeep. I gasped and somehow managed to regain control as I watched Stiles run off toward the school, a boy hissing and chasing after him.

“Stiles!” I cried out, following after. My eyes widened and my body seemed to hesitate in disbelief as I watched the boy I now recognized to be Donovan stop and turn to face me. He huffed through gritted, pointed teeth, blood pouring from his mouth before he hissed and ran after Stiles once again.

“Stiles!” I called out, running in through a different entrance. At this point, I was following instinct as I ran through the dark, vacant hallways of the school. My heart beat pumped hard against my chest in both fear and panic, the adrenaline enhancing my hearing as I continued to push on my legs that begged to stop. I came to a screeching halt as I realized what I had gotten myself into.

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@Squirreltastic and I were talking and we found out there’s no formal term for a group of scarecrows. That’s when we had to take matters into our own hands and come up with a term ourselves

Some suggestions where:

  • A conspiracy of Scarecrows
  • A scream of Scarecrows
  • A spook of Scarecrows
  • A fright of Scarecrows
  • A decoy of Scarecrows

and then it got silly…

  • “My family” (pthhh…)
  • A scareCREW
  • A hroo of Scarecrows (or a hraa)
  • Whatever you want they wont reply
Were you even paying attention?!

Okay okay okay so because I am Gay and Bored I am totally writing a thing for @piper-mccool‘s awesome pipabeth swimmer headcanons and it is going to be water polo fight me I hope y’all enjoy this

Piper’s head rested against the lane line as she waited for the referee to blow the whistle and drop the ball. She took a deep breath, trying to clear her head despite the crowd’s monumental cheers. She looked up into the stands, searching for the blond curls she knew were there. Once she found them, she smiled, and turned her focus back on her breathing. 

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale.

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In the nightstand drawer, Emma found a cluster of old photographs, most dating from the early 1900s.
Photographs of a group of four boys, at various stages of their lives. They seemed a lively bunch. Two of them—one blond, one dark-haired—were together in almost every photo, their arms slung around each other, both laughing. There was a girl with brown hair who looked a great deal like Tessa, but wasn’t Tessa. And then there was Tessa, looking exactly the same, with a gorgeously handsome man in his late twenties. The famous Will Herondale, Emma guessed. And there was a girl, with dark red hair and brown skin, and a serious look. There was a golden sword in her hands. Emma recognized it instantly, even without the inscription on the blade: I am Cortana, of the same steel and temper as Joyeuse and Durendal.
Cortana. Whoever the girl was in the photograph, she was a Carstairs.
—  Lord of Shadows

Look what I found in Gjafars rain blanket 😱 It was laying on the pile of straw for weeks because I was too lazy to put it away and then finally I wanted to do that and I grab something yellow and the first thing I did was running away screaming and washing my hands 😂 then I unfolded the blanket and a little bee came crawling outside. I realized then that it’s a bee nest, so sorry for destroying this safe place, especially since the bees need to be protected 😧

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Do the Pratt Pack have something that they liked to be called in bed? Like "sir" .... or "alpha".... or just do they really like the sound of Bae screaming their name?

Hello! I’ve actually done this one before, and you can find it here (x)

Also! I have a compiled master list of every sex headcanon I’ve ever done for the prattpack that can be found here (x)

Enjoy ;)

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Lizz did not have time this week to see ED, but I just did it and the Thursday episode was beautiful, 10/10 for maxine. But on Friday everything was so forced, Robert's reaction to the Pup, the way Aaron found out, Rebecca's ridiculous reaction to Aaron's scream, except the first Robron scene and the bathroom scene, the rest was so exaggerated, The last scene was so manipulative.

Thursday was so good, a great few eps (well the Aaron and Robert stuff anyway) but Friday was terrible. I hated that final scene.


The Eleventh Hour so far has my favorite storytelling from Griffin! So here’s a pseudo-movie poster ehuehueue

Had to do another illustration for our Fantasy Illust class and our prof gave me the go signal to draw TAZ again as long as I found good face refs for them. B^) I based Magnus, Taako and Merle on John Spainhour, Paul Boche, and Brian Cox respectively! 

i’ve never been the best at anything. ever. i wasn’t the best at math or even writing. i wasn’t the best runner and i wasn’t the best artist and i wasn’t the best listener. for a long time this sat inside of me, this resentment of my mediocrity. 

not being the best was the same thing as failure. 

but here’s the thing.i made a best friend in my freshman year because she knew more math than me and was patient enough to teach me. i couldn’t run but i hung back with the rest of the kids with asthma. my art never changed the world but it once made someone cry with joy as a birthday present. and my writing never made it to shelves but it carried me, and these bones, and my empty body, when nothing else sustained me.

the best sounds lovely indeed. but i was born me. and not being the best made me gentle and soft and loving. made me make friends who knew failure and who saw only the worst in themselves when i saw only gems. made me listen and learn and not be afraid of falling. made me try hard and cry and scream and beg the world to be nicer to me. but it also made me strong and capable and better at looking deep.

and here at the bottom, i found the best in mediocrity.