and i found the source yay!

I finally found the time to write Stella’s bio, yay!


Full name: Stella Rogers

Age: 23

Occupation: Cynthia Walker’s assistant


  • Jack Savage -> Cynthia’s source of desperation, therefore Stella’s most hated mammal
  • Cynthia Walker -> chief, precious friend
  • Gregory Kohle -> Cynthia’s boss, Stella appreciates him
  • Zac Goldenwheat -> Jack’s assistant, annoying just like his boss, too flirty, but sometimes his kindness floors her
  • Stella’s parents -> they’re (probably) dead
  • Judy Hopps -> annoying bunny but less annoying than Jack so she’s okay
  • Nick Wilde -> as long as he doesn’t purposely irritate Cynthia, he’s ok too
Goals in life: be more cultured that anyone else, become stronger so that she’ll never suffer again


Stella is amazingly loyal to Cynthia and instinctively hates whoever tries to wound her; that’s why she can’t stand Jack, because she relizes that Jack is the only mammal who is able to make Cynthia suffer (for nothing, no less). Stella has no interest in romance and so she always avoids Zac’s avances – she often just ignores him until he givep up; but when Zac is particularly persistent, she eventually grants him a bit of attention. She’s serious and plodding, and also very smart and reflective, and appreciate mammals who are similar to her (Colonel Kohle, for example).
Stella was born from a poor family and she had no chance to study, that’s why she loves to learn new things. According to Cynthia, “Stella’s general knowledge is just amazing”.

© to @rem289 for the gorgeous sketch!

Maya played by Jillian YAY

“Awww…I’ll miss Lloyd too but we still have the first 7 seasons plus I play both Jay and Kai’s Moms…hopefully more characters in the future.:)”

ok I’m happy now XD..well yeah :P As long as she’s still part of the cast in some way. besides she was my favorite in Inuyasha as Shippo (that anime was so good back in my day). I guess I’ve just found a liking to all her characters. Maya seems to have a calm and soothing effect in her voice which is what I really like in the english versions.

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I'm so disappointed we never got to see TOS!Bones in the 1920s gangster suit. We were also robbed of AOS!Bones in the survival suit. Ugh. Here's hoping we get more of Len in his dress greys next movie....


Please tell me how this was even remotely fair, because IT IS NOT!


I did find some lovely fanart( @yourtropegirl), could not find source so if anyone knows, just let me know! I’d love to know honestly.(Edit: Yay, found them! @rimiter) Please, dear god in heaven, let Bones be in a survival suit next movie, or something similar PLEASE!

Also as a bonus, I reaaalllyy enjoy Bones in this suit, whatever it is. He wasn’t in it very much, which is a damn shame *sigh* Bones needs more suit lovin and I hope the next movies provide!

[Percy is trying to help Tyson work through some issues via psychology. Annabeth is in the background studying and reminding Percy every few minutes that what he’s doing is not even CLOSE to psychology.]

Percy(Waving several pieces of paper): Test three! Inkblot test! Tell me what you see on this paper.

Tyson(Happily): An inkblot! I win!

Percy(Backtracking): Ah, no, no, no. What does this REMIND you of?

Tyson(Thoughtfully): A fat porcupine.

Percy: Yes, that’s good!

Annabeth(Without looking up): No.

Percy(Ignoring her and switching papers): How about this one?

Tyson: A little alien guy in a gnome cap. Percy, am I secretly a little alien guy in a gnome cap?

Percy(Sighing): Ah, no. Now what about-

[He takes out the next one, and discovers a single black dot in the middle of the page]

Percy: Ugh. Wait, hold on, this is a mistake-

Annabeth(Suddenly freezing, staring at the dot and dropping her book with a thud): THAT reminds me of my overbearing mother suffocating me with all the duties of being a worthy daughter of Athena for the rest of my life.

[There is a pause as Percy and Tyson look at her and she stares unblinking into the void]

Percy(Slowly): Well. I think we may have found the route of Annabeth’s problems- she has mother issues.

Tyson(Delighted): Yay! Annabeth has mother issues!

Percy: No, that’s bad.

Tyson(Frowning): Aw. Annabeth has mother issues.

All in all...

I’m still getting over a situation from yesterday that wasn’t what it was described as but was exactly what I expected, and some totally unexpected PTSD stuff leaked out today in a way I was able to face pretty productively (yay!) and was actually going to write up about until an interaction with the source that still has me feeling some as yet unnameable Stuff and Things. And the poor Best Bee (fiance) came home early sick as hell.

But other than that, honestly? I found out what the name of my favorite flowers I worked with at the CSA we’re not doing this year (globe amaranth!!!), I found a couple of sticks in the yard that are kind of perfect for a thing I was going to need for organization and also yay nice sticks? I scavenged some pebbles and a slightly chipped plate from the yard for a bee waterer for summer, we got all those tomatoes, I found an excuse to put my hands in the dirt, I looked up a cool self-watering potato bucket method, and we had a damn lovely breakfast date this morning at the garden center.

Plus I am STILL proud of the way I dismantled the aforementioned triggery situation from this evening.

Today was good for me. Spring brings things. I don’t know how else to put it but, even in the middle of the same tough things I’m feeling better.

The Admirals of Limsa Lominsa

So. I did some fancy logic stuff, and since I’m never too confident with numbers I decided to post this here in case anyone has anything to critique, ‘cause I know I found several mistakes that I corrected while typing this up for tumblr from my initial notes. :X Also, funtimes, yay, more facts, etc.

Facts: 72nd Trident was held in 1474. 85th Trident was held in 1563, and Merlwyb won it as her first term. The Admiral before her was male. N’bolata Tyata was the 77th Admiral of Limsa Lominsa, and she is female. Guolskyf was the Admiral in 1525. Trident is held every 7 years unless the Admiral dies prematurely or abdicates. (fact=something mentioned in official sources. These are taken from official site, in-game text, Encyclopedia Eorzea)

Assumption: there were four Admirals of Limsa Lominsa before the Trident was implemented. We know the second was appointed in 902, and we know the last-before-Agatzahr-who-was-the-real-last died in 963, which leaves 61 years unknown. Elilwaen-the-first-Admiral and Agatzahr both ruled for 30-ish years, so it’s safe to say Tragghyr-the-second and his follower could have too, which closes up the 61-year unknown cap quite nicely, which makes Agatzahr-the-last the fourth Admiral in total. (fault: last-before-Agatzahr died to assassination which ended his rule, it didn’t end naturally. Nevertheless, for the purposes of calculation we go with this assumption)

Trident offset between 72nd and 85th: 85th Trident should have been held in 1566 since the 72nd was held in 1474, but it was held in 1563. 1566-1563=3, meaning the offset is 3 years for this time period.

Which Trident Guolskyf won and when: Going by standard 7-year cycle, to have been in power in 1525, Guolskyf must have won the 79th Trident in the year 1523. The offset is 3 years, so if all prematurely-ended Admiralhoods happened before Guolskyf, the Trident was held in 1523-3=1520. Thus, Guolskyf won the 79th Trident in 1520-1523. (it might have been his second term, or first, or whatever. No way to know. All that can be said for sure is that he won the 79th Trident at the very least, the other Tridents’ year ranges don’t allow him to be an Admiral in 1525 unless he won multiple ones)

Which Trident did N’bolata win: She was the 77th Admiral, and the first four Admirals were appointed, the fifth was the first who won a Trident for it. This means the earliest Trident she could have won is 77-4=73, that is the 73rd Trident. Merlwyb is current Admiral, and the first Trident she won was the 85th, and the Admiral before her was male. This means that the most recent Admiral N’bolata could have been is the one before the male Admiral, making Merlwyb 79th Admiral in this scenario, which means that N’bolata won the 83rd Trident latest (presuming the male Admiral before Merlwyb only had one term in the office). The greatest possible range for N’bolata’s Trident is 73rd-83rd, although note she couldn’t have won the 79th which was won by Guolskyf.

How many Tridents were won by people who’d already been Admiral before: Since Merlwyb won 85th Trident, we’re assuming she could be 79th Admiral if N’bolata was the Admiral before the male-before-Merlwyb, and there were four Admirals not chosen by Trident… 79-4=75 Admirals chosen by Trident, 85-75=10, meaning at most 10 Tridents total that were won by people who had already been an Admiral previously (before Merlwyb came on the scene, remember that 85th Trident was only the first one she won, her other wins came later and are thus not included in the calculation)
For the smallest amount, we have to factor in lore. Encyclopedia Eorzea tells us that there were multiple Admirals who took the office more than once, so 0 and 1 are out. We have successfully determined that ‘multiple’ means ‘at least two’, meaning two Tridents minimum won by people who’d already been an Admiral before. This makes the range 2-10 Tridents. Note that this is not necessarily the same number as the number of Admirals who won the Trident more than once, there could have been some who won it three (or even more!) times.

Which number Admiral is Merlwyb: We’ve already determined that the smallest number she could be is the 79th Admiral (the second after N’bolata). For the biggest number, look at N’bolata’s earliest Trident being 73rd. If N’bolata won the 73rd Trident, there are 12 Tridents separating her from Merlwyb. Note that in this scenario, no Admiral before N’bolata could have had double-or-longer terms. We have already determined before that at least two Tridents were won by Admirals going for a second (or more) term in the office, so they must be after her. In this scenario N’bolata won the 73rd Trident and is the 77th Admiral, the two double-term Tridents were after her, making Merlwyb 85+4-2=87th Admiral. In the end, she could be anything ranging from 79th-87th Admiral.

Conclusions: Merlwyb is the 79th-87th Admiral. N’bolata Tyata won the 73rd-83rd Trident (with the exclusion of the 79th). 2-10 Tridents total were won by people who already had already won it at least once before.

…I think that’s about all the interesting conclusions I can come to with the available facts. Adding in the other Admirals we know of does nothing to offer any fun facts to calculate, they just fill in the blanks a bit. …Well, Mealvaan won the 10th-13th Trident between 1055-1061, but that’s not very precise and offers no interesting further conclusions.

OMAKE - Sugita Tomokazu & Nakamura Yuuichi - ”Through the Other’s Eyes”

- their relationship from people around them point of view -

Kamiya Hiroshi: “I got enough with Sugita kun’s Nakamura this and that story! Someone please ban him from talking about Nakamura!”

Ono Daisuke: “‘Seiyuu that I want to be my lover. 1st place: Nakamura Yuuichi’… Eh? This one from Sugita-kun, isn’t it?”

Wakamoto Norio: ”No one knows whether they join at the hips or not”

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: “Nakamura san has a beautiful voice, no wonder Sugita san is charmed~” (Sugita mentioned before that beautiful voice is something that make him fall in love with someone) 

Shimazaki Nobunaga: (based on episode when Sugita set his goal on something precious) “Nakamura san definitely wouldn’t lose!”

Hirakawa Daisuke: “Oh… The one that Nakamura kun is intimate with, certainly Sugita kun”

Yusa Koji: (the first time he met Nakamura long time ago) “So.. you are the rumored Nakamura kun, aren’t you? Sugita kun said that you’reå really really close friend…”

Miyano Mamoru: (Q: Any place that Sugita possibility go to) “Nakamura san’s place!”

Terashima Takuma: “Can’t find Sugita san… Shouldn’t you asked Yuichi san instead of me?”

Okiayu Ryoutarou: “Sugita kun always ‘Nakamura this~ Nakamura that~’ until I want to call Nakamura to stop him”

Yasumoto Hiroki: “Sometimes I pity Nakamura, he always have to deal with Sugita kun declaration of love” 

Morikubou Shoutarou: “Both of you must be really close friend on your previous life~!”

Morita Masakazu: “I think that they really have deep connection, the bond that they share each other”

Yasumura Makoto: (told Nakamura) “You already have Sugita, right! He is your ‘Only One’.”

Yoshino Hiroyuki: “Nakamura san, I wish you forever happiness with Sugita san”


Mizuki Nana: “I know that both of them are lovey dovey. Even when three of us are eating together, the conversation are ‘Nakamura this~’ and ‘Nakamura that~’”

Kobayashi Yuu: “Best friend should be only one; like Nakamura san who will do anything to make Sugita san happy.”

Watanabe Akeno: “I went with them to electronic stores. I got enough….”

Kitamura Eri: “Women all over the world who after Sugita kun are lose to Nakamura kun”

Hanazawa Kana: “Right~ The relationship between those two are too good.”

Yuki Aoi: “When I’m in the same room as them, I feel like third wheel”

Kondo Kanako: “Sugita san and Nakamura san already been through a lot of things, together”

Asami Imai: “Please feel free to show your love for each other”

Asakawa Yuu: “Are they dating?”


Washizaki Takeshi: “Nakamura kun, I left Sugita kun in your hand.”

Kikuchi Yumi: “Sugita san, looks like that you’re busy in the night. Nakamura also.”

Endo Masaaki: “Only two of you also not bad, right? How about getting married?”

Mafia Kajita: “Sugita san and Nakamura san are codependence. They can’t live without each other.”


Done! Yay! I’m not supposed to post this one, because I just found it several hours ago accidentally! But this is so amazing, to be able to know how friends, colleagues, Sugita group member, think about their relationship. 

I just know that IF i don’t post this one right now, it will end as translated but never shared. Good thing must be shared :D although I think that you bored already with post with this two hahahaha.

*source available on request*

source : instagram @/paolaalejandra
I love this photo I found on the popular page! & all of these products look to die for! Super excited to be trying the new Oxford Street products soon & test out the new “B Never To Busy To Be Beautiful” shower gel as well!😍🚿

once upon a very long time ago i was browsing Chickensmoothie and i just happened to open up Googles on it and saw this down in the corner. I screen capped it and kept it in my insp/fav folder for god knows how long hoping to find the source and now i think i have ! and i figured i’d send it to you and tell you the story of how i found you and your art, yay!


that is a beautiful story and a fantastically whacky way to find my work I’m so delighted :’D

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Sorry for bothering, but do you mind sharing some digital art tips? I am re-learning how to draw digitally and having a hard time, I want to paint without linearts, but I don't know how. Aaand I really love your style *_*

The most important thing to remember when you are painting is shape and value! These things help separate an object in space.

If you can master your fundamentals then applying it to a digital program will just take a few adjustments and learning how the program works.

When I first started I would paint underneath the lines until I found I enjoyed the ‘coloring’ part more than drawing itself. (which is why I became a painter, yay! : D)

Here is a way I transitioned from lines to no lines
(disclaimer - everyone learns different, this is just how I started):

Brushes - some artists use 1, some use 20+. It’s all about what you want to do! In my example I used 3 and I am using Corel Painter 12

paint on a layer underneath your lines. Establish your values and light source:

^turn the line art layer off. This will give you a good idea what you need to work on fundamentally. If there are not clear shapes being created you need to adjust your values for readability

tighten and keep painting / adding detail! ^^

Once you really start to get the hang of everything(fundamentals and knowing your way around your program of choice), you’ll find quicker ways to paint and what works for you.

For a tip on working with color take a peek at this right here~

I hope that answered your question.. ^^;;


heyy !! 

theres info on why i set this up below the cut, but tl;dr u can help me out and get dank memes in return, how cool (!!)

i’m planning on adding more stuff (obviously), this is literally only random shit i found on my laptop i thought might be fun. 

remember, all the above designs (and more) are available for multiple products, the ones shown are just examples!!

nice. reblogs are rly good for ur heart, did u know. happy memeing. 

more stuff below. and PLEASE READ THIS TYVM OK NICE

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Louis's February "Big Announcement"

So it’s been a long time I’m telling myself to do that post but I forgot and since I’m really pissed off about that rumor, here it is.

Just to make a little reminder here is what the rumor consists in :


(We’re gonna focus on the second part obviously)

OFC, people started to freak out and were like “fingers crossed Larry will come out”.

I can tell you your hopes are gonna be massively crushed.

This rumor is NOT true, and here’s why :

This rumour popped up on Twitter on December 20th (Yeah I keep tracks okay?!)

Where this rumour comes from? Nobody can tell, nobody can provide the source…

First of all you have to know that I saw the EXACT same rumor 2 days before on Tumblr. BUT at that time, Harry was the one to make a big announcement in February.

I took a screenshot of the post saying that, here it is (the post has been deleted) :

Ok so you have to know I asked the girl from where she got all these informations and she told me “From things I saw on tumblr. I just put them together”. I was like “allright, can you show me the posts please?” She was totally okay to do that but told me I’ll have to be patient because she had to search a little bit. Allright then.

BUT she never came back to me. I’m not saying she’s a liar or anything, but maybe she found the posts and saw the sources are not reliable and didn’t want tell me. I can understand that.
Althought these informations remained unconfirmed.

So, on December 20th I saw the exact same rumor on Twitter, but Louis was the one to  make this big annoucement.
Since I’m an huge pain in the ass, I asked every single person I saw post it on my TL where this information came from. Nobody could find me the source, it was just about “I heard it”.

Later people started to validate this rumor with this :

People were like “Hey you see the date on that pic, February 22th?! and you know Louis has a big annoucement in February. So it confirms it Yay \o/”


This pic is OLD !!! And that’s why I think someone somewhere started this F rumor. They found that pic and started the rumour from it.

The pic comes before not after!

And even that so called messages from that fired Modest! guy are doubtful for me. February 22th? Seriously? How convienient is that?
It’s Larry anniversary…coincidentally. Awwww so cute…AND WHAT ABOUT NO?!!

Guys, Larry’s coming out would make my life complete, I’m not joking.
I’m wishing for this from the bottom of my heart.I could die in peace then.

But don’t be so gullible, please!

I don’t know who started this, if it was just blinded expectations from that Modest! guy posts or whatever. But if it was made in purpose to put the joke on the Larry Shippers, know that

OKAY. I did my job.

Now please spread the word, I don’t want to see disappointed people everywhere after February.

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What will Gom-Kagami-Takao-Kasamaysu react and do when they found that their s/o was a fujoshi and like to ship them with their teammates or rivals....heheheheheh

let’s accommodate for ALL the ships! Yay! This was actually so much fun to write

Akashi: “Tetsuya? I harbour no romantic attraction toward him - he’s merely my former teammate.” “Are you sure? It seems like more than that.” You sit at your desk, finally with the motivation to draw something, but with no inspiration. You definitely wanted to draw akakuro, because omg, they were so canon and totally your otp. So you go straight to the source - your boyfriend, Akashi. He’s a bit sceptical about your motives, but does provide you with information about his times at middle school. The pencil darts across the page as you make a rough sketch. Akashi’s amazed - even your sketches look good. It takes you a bit longer (well, much longer) for your drawing to have a definite outline, and then you mark it out with a fineliner. “Ta-da~” It’s a bit weird to see him in such a position with Kuroko. Really weird. Kuroko was asleep on Akashi’s lap, while Akashi slept with his head resting on the sofa. It’s a bit strange to see all the things that go through your mind.

Aomine: “Why do you think I’d be good with Bakagami, huh? He’s terrible at everything, compared to me, who outranks him in everything there is-” Suddenly, Kagami appears and kicks Aomine down. “Ahomine, have you been talking crap about me again?” Aomine sits up, his blazer muddy and his hair messed up. “Oi, this was a good day until you showed up. (f/n) says we’d be good together, for whatever reason.” “But you two are going out.” “Exactly. Maybe (f/n) wants a threesome -” Aomine turns to you with a blank expression, “do you?” You’re standing a few metres away, breathing heavily. Your feels. Your OTP is interacting and you absolutely cannot anymore. And the idea of a threesome- You pass out.

Kagami: “Ahomine? And Kuroko? And Kise?!” You point at the screen. “Look, look. There’s one with all four of you in it.” Kagami moves closer to the screen and cringes at the summary. “What does the ‘E’ mean?” “Explicit.” “You read these sorts of things?!” Kagami falls to his hands and knees. Tears run from his eyes and drip onto the floor, while you stare on in confusion, a finger pointed near your lips. “What’s wrong, Kagami-kun?” “I thought… I thought you were innocent. Those idiots have tainted you. I must get my revenge and claim my rightful place as alpha male. I won’t let them lure you into some orgy.” With a brand-new resolve, Kagami runs out of the room. You spin on the chair. Kagami’s weird. It’s just a bit of harmless fanfiction…

Kasamatsu: “Kise? He’s annoying! I can hardly stand seeing him for a couple of hours every day, let alone actually being with him.” You laugh at Kasamatsu as you start on a spider diagram, titled ‘prompts’. “What’s that for?” “Ideas for when I next write about you and Kise-kun~” He throws a teddy bear at your head. “Don’t bother!” You’re still mumbling about prompts and angst and feels, whatever that means. How he got sucked into this side of you he’ll never know, but he’s finding it impossible to leave. He has to admit, your stories are pretty cool. Just not when they’re about him and Kise. Kasamatsu leaves, muttering about how strange you were and how you really needed to get another hobby.

Kise: “With Aominecchi? But I’m with you, (f/n)cchi!”
You were telling Kise all about your ‘ships’ and ‘OTPs’, but you weren’t sure if he was following. You didn’t blame him. The world of a shipper was very confusing, dangerous and full of feels.
“Yeah, but in your Inter-High match! There was so much sexual tension, and my heart just couldn’t-”
You go off into your shipper world. Kise hears you mumbling about fanart and fanfiction.
“(f/n)cchi, are you sure you don’t need help?”
“Ryouta’s so rude! Just because he doesn’t understand what it truly means to ship!”
“When you ship me with my rivals, it’s a little weird…”

Kuroko: “(f/n)-chan, what’s that?” You’re scrolling through a list of something but Kuroko can’t see much. “Oh? It’s fanfiction!” “Fan…fiction?” “Yup. People write stuff about other people, like here. It’s about you and Kagami-kun, would you like to read it?” Kuroko doesn’t know how to react to it, so sits beside you and begins to read. Unfortunately, you’d picked a particularly.. steamy fanfic, and the amount of detail the author had gone into was astonishing. By the end, Kuroko’s ears were burning and he wouldn’t be surprised if his face was the same colour. He leaves the room without saying anything to you.

Midorima: “Akashi? No, the closest relationship we had at middle school was the one of captain and vice-captain.”
Midorima looks very confused. How could you suggest such a thing?
“Why do you ask, anyway?”
“So I can write cute things about you two~” you say, twirling your pen with a smirk on your face.
Midorima begins to blush. He didn’t want cute things to be written about him; he could hardly be considered cute.
“You’re weird.”
“And your horoscope stuff isn’t?”
“At least that has a basis. This is all based on speculation, no facts-“
“Oh? I can write about you and Takao-kun if that makes you feel better, because there’s definitely a lot of basis and evidence there-“
“You shared a bath together during training camp, didn’t you?”
Midorima sighs. He much rather you didn’t write about him with anyone, but your next suggestion makes him leave the classroom.
“What about you with both Takao-kun and Akashi-kun?”

Murasakibara: “Eh, (f/n)-chin ‘ships’ me with Muro-chin?”
He looks at the drawing you have in your hands. It’s very good, he just doesn’t know why it has to be him in Himuro’s lap. And why doesn’t he have any snacks? How preposterous.
Himuro walks into the gym for shooting practice and you call him over.
“Look what I drew, Himuro-kun!”
He smiles, but it was one of his poker face smiles. He’s flustered, and you know it.
“That’s very.. nice.. (l/n)-chan. Where did you get the idea from?”
“Just watching you two every day - you really do act like a couple!”

Takao: “Hey, (f/n)-chan, what are you writing?”
There’s a very serious expression on your face as you show Takao the paper you’re writing on. His smile gradually changes to confusion and then he starts laughing and can’t stop.
“With Shin-chan? That’s so weird! But it’s so funny, because it’s Shin-chan! See, you’ve totally written him as the tsundere he is~”
Midorima comes out of nowhere as he hears his name. He wonders why Takao is laughing so much. He takes the sheet of paper from Takao’s hand and starts reading it. With each second that passes, Midorima blushes harder and harder.
“Midorima-kun, what do you think? I wouldn’t object if you would like to be in a relationship with both me and Takao.”
He storms off, mumbling things like ‘they’re both mad’ and ‘why did I come to Shuutoku’.


Yay!  I found the other bit of footage from The Ladykillers.  I thought I’d lost the original source, but no, it was just hiding under a not-obvious file name.  (I’m uploading it separately in case anyone wants to see it.)

You know, I’ve never included The Ladykillers in the filmography based on the somewhat spurious logic that since it was a stage production it doesn’t count.  Which doesn’t actually make sense,because the filmography has always included more than just film and tv work, and anyway, we do know the play was recorded even if only tiny bits and pieces of the recording are currently available.  So I’m definitely going to add it, especially given that the Professor’s appearance explains so much about why Randall Brown and series 4 Malcolm look the way they do.