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Okay so y'all probably all heard about the season 3 bundle uploaded to the internet free right? well oops, that link was mine. 

 I honestly did it out of the kindness of my heart but i obviously didn’t think it through very well. I did not have the money to buy the bundle and someone kindly gifted it to me and because not everyone is that lucky i found (what i thought at the time) a way to help them out? and I guess i didn’t realise how much it would affect the amazing cast and crew behind Carmilla at the time but i have recently seen the error of my ways due to the many posts about it. As an apology for my disrespectful and dishonourable behaviour i have deleted the uploaded content, apologised to both @carmillaseries and @hotladypants and various Carmilla fan blogs and i will try to buy/gift as many  bundles when i can to help atone for my mistakes.

Once again my sincerest apologies.

p.s i am posting about this because after my behaviour anonymity should not be an option and i hope this will reach anyone who i have offended/disrespected/upset. So please spread this.


Here’s the weekly drawing collection of year 2016! Did you miss any?

Those who are not familiar with this tradition, I draw a simple drawing once a week and upload it on my main DA page every Monday! So keep an eye out for that in 2017! 

This year I didn’t really have a theme and I did all sorts of random drawings. What ever happened to be in my mind at the time. I’ll see how this year goes.

Year 2016… I personally had a good year. As I was able get my patreon going and start making money by doing what I love. And I found someone I love. I know the jokes and memes about this year being one of the worst and if you personally had one, concentrate on the goods, even if they were little things. And let’s make 2017 even better.

Happy New Year


Ashes to Ashes

I REALLY liked how he came out here so i decided to make a post just for this one.
actually made this while listening to “i see fire” by ed sheeran :’)

….i hate myself for picking up this book…


Count of Three

[Aka.: the big bang fic I’m working on]

Summary: Lance and Keith wake up in a cell with no recollection of who they are or how they got here. While it certainly wasn’t ideal, it was something they could deal with - that is, until they found out that their capturers were aliens (actual, real life aliens) that accused Keith of being something called a “Galra” and Lance of being his “Excazcán”. When the aliens decide to pull out torture devices and guns to make them talk, they decide that it is about time to go.

And that’s how they end up making their way across an unfamiliar planet, get chased by the alien police, steal a camel (amongst some other stuff) and accidentally become the leaders of a shady underground gang. At the end of the day it is, according to Lance, “the best date ever”.


“Just. Please stop talking,” the guy responded in a pained tone. He had his eyes closed again and lowered himself back onto the ground. Did he want to go to sleep? If they hadn’t been in this situation, he might have joined him, actually; the idea certainly was tempting with the killer-headache he was sporting. 

But alas, they were in this situation, and if the guy really wanted to go back to sleep then he was shit out of luck. He had a few urgent questions that he needed answers to. Right fucking now.

“No can do, buddy. I need to know who my cellmate is,” he said grimly. 

For a moment the guy didn’t react at all, then he shot up as if someone had thrown freezing water onto him. “We are in a cell?!” he asked with wide eyes. 

“Yep. And we are wearing matching outfits, apparently. Were we going to a convention or something? Are we divers? Astronauts? I don’t recognize what characters we are supposed to be.” The guy didn’t react at all, he just stared at nothingness, seemingly a little dazed. Growing impatient, he snapped his fingers. “Hello? Dude? We are in jail. Mind telling me how we got here? Mamá is going to kill me!”

Finally the other guy’s eyes settled onto him. “Mam- no, nevermind that. How did we end up in jail?!”

“I don’t know, that’s what I was just asking you!”

“Well, I don’t know either!”

Why don’t you know?!”

“I don’t know! I don’t fucking know, okay! Who are you even?!”

“I don’t know!” he yelled back. He had only screamed that because he had needed to scream something - but a wave of dread washed over him when he realized that he really didn’t know. “Fuck,” he whispered, eyes wide. “I don’t know who I am.”

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I have couple of questions that were probably answered the longest time ago, so sorry about it. so, is Jack albino? is this whole thing happening in (their) real world or is it some king of a game or something? this might be a spoiler so you don't have to answer. and finally, how does uploading work? I read Colorless on tapastic and just today found out that the website is already 2+pages ahead? nevertheless, I absolutely love the comic and adore all of the characters<3

Jack’s albino, he’s very self conscious about it too. the second question is spoiler related.  and tapastic is always a bit behind than the main site since we want people to actually go to our main site, i mean, it’s there for a reason after all. and thank you!

I totally forgot to upload this one. My bad.

I had this idea at 4 in the morning but now that I’ve done some research I found out that this idea in particular has been done already. Oh well, here’s my own interpretation of how Atem / Yami Yugi would look like in modern times! c:



Okay… so can I apologise enough for not posting for two months? Probably not, but I’m gonna say it anyway. I’m so sorry. I don’t even have a very good reason to be honest- all I can say is that I’ve been absolutely overloaded with work, and had so much stuff going on. I barely have a minute free, so I am sorry if my uploads are still slow, though I will try to never leave it this long again, and I will try my best to get all your requests done. 

So, anyway, here’s a lil Sirius oneshot, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Sorry again

Not requested

You knew you’d find him up here.

He’d once told you a story of how he’d often climbed to the roof of his parent’s house as a child, and how he’d watch the stars every night, searching for the constellations- until his father found out and stopped him, that was. So, when James explained to you what had happened, you were certain where he’d be.

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U-um.. hi... m-may i request for a scenario where shiro!kaneki, ayato and haise accidentally found out that their human s.o is actually ss class ghoul? >< sorry if its too long. I love your blog by the way

((Hey guys, sorry I have been neglecting my tumblr blog, I’ll make sure to upload more frequently, btw I have a Wattpad so if u wanna read my fanfic about Kaneki and Haise go right ahead XD. My username is Orenzia))

HAISE’s eyes would widen in shock. His s/o was an SS ranked ghoul named (alias). How could he have not noticed in all the time they had been going out for. “H-Haise, I can explain!”, they’d yell. Desperately trying their best to keep Haise. They loved Haise and didn’t want to ever let him go. Haise started walking towards them, suitcase in hand. “Haise, please. I’m begging you, just hear me out”, they’d beg. By the time they had finished their sentence, he was infront of them. “Please Haise, don’t do this. I love you”, they’d say, tears threatening to spill from their eyes. But suddenly, Haise dropped his suitcase and embraced his s/o tightly. “How could I ever not love you, I love you so much that I’d rather die than see you get hurt”. He’d say. Haise would comfort his s/o as they silently cried into his chest.

AYATO wouldn’t be surprised at all, his s/o wondering why he wasn’t surprised. “Why aren’t you surprised?”, they’d ask. “Baka, I’m a ghoul too you know, I can tell that you’re a ghoul just by smelling you”, he said, slightly irritated by how naive they were. “So you’ve known all along?”, Ayato’s s/o asked. “Yeah,who wouldn’t”, he’d say. They’d reply with an, “Oh”. Ayato might have looked irritated and unimpressed from the outside but on the inside, he was quite impressed and surprised. He would have never thought his s/o was the SS Ranked ghoul (alias). After a while, he would test his s/o’s abilities every so often just for the shits and giggles.

SHIRO!KANEKI would be slightly surprised. He never noticed you were a ghoul. He never suspected a thing whenever you said you were going out late at night. Though they didn’t know Shiro!Kaneki was a ghoul either. Kaneki always went to Anteiku to get food. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t want you to fi-”, they were cut off by Shiro!Kaneki. “"It’s fine, I’m a ghoul too, well artificial half to be exact”. They were shocked. So she had been going out with the SS Ranked Eyepatch and she didn’t know that? Wow! “"Well come on, your hungry right? I know where you can get some food without having to hunt for it” he said. You both went to Anteiku to get food.

Watch on

ok this literally took me forever to figure out how to upload but i found this (SHIRTLESS BRES!!!!!) so i don’t know why it’s posting all wonky but whatever. go to 0:57 for shirtless, wet, swimming bressie and then again at 1:07 and scream with me :) bc :) shit :)

@irish-nlessing @storiesintheam @undertheniall @niallandharrymakemestrong @squirrely83 @nocontrolforlouis @lucyvanpelt78 any other bressie friends i forgot!!

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Hi! Ive started knitting along with your critical role blanket and I'm one and a half panels down! I was just wondering how long does it take you to knit on of the critical role panels for the blanket?

Oh, I’m so excited that you’re knitting it too! Hopefully I’ve uploaded all the edited charts…I found a few stitches out of place here and there as I knit them and I *think* I’ve uploaded all the new versions to but do let me know if anything seems off.

I usually can get a panel done in about a week, though it’s hard to say exactly how long it took me in actual knitting time, because most weeks I get a little done during CR, maybe during Talks Machina too, and possibly some during church on Sunday. Some weeks I find time to knit a little more besides those days; other weeks I get distracted with another project during some of my usual knitting times; so I’m never sure exactly how many hours I’m putting in on any one project. But when I was less distracted and working mostly just on this blanket, I found myself finishing each panel in about a week.

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I mostly lurk so this question may just be ignorance on my part. Do you think the Doom community is doing a good enough job at preserving gameplay mods? Recently with the changes to the Doomworld forums breaking a lot of links to older stuff (even if the pages themselves are still on the forums) it has made me worry how almost everything gameplay-wise is found only on forums and uploaded only to Mediafire and Dropbox.

I think we’re doing a good enough job with the resources we’ve got, but that’s exactly the problem–it’s “good enough” for us, but for outsiders it’s incredibly limiting in that there are a diminishing amount of places for dedicated archiving.

/idgames has by and large been a source for hosting maps and mapsets, so that’s pretty much entirely out of the question. ModDB is terrible.
DRDTeam was the defacto option back in the day, but suffered heavily from lack of mirroring–people would upload to DRDTeam and only DRDTeam, and when that went down we lost a lot of stuff that are forever gone to history.
The same thing happened to Best-Ever, and even The Sentinel’s Playground recently had a bit of a wipe.

Simply put, we don’t really have a big main central and RELIABLE hub for gameplay mods. So we mostly go back to the old tried-and-true standbys and hope for the best. Now our only real solid method of preservation now relies on ye olde-fashioned method of distribution–keep our own copies and distribute them to other folks.
This relies entirely on people’s willingness to both check out mods, download their own personal copies, and re-host if things go south, which ultimately boils down to complete random chance. You can probably find people willing to rehost Psychic easily, but Joe Modder’s Cool Weapons Pack? It’s a gamble.



  • apparently it’s announce ha-ge-man. I’ve been pronouncing it Hage-mans, like Sage-mans, all this time. 
  • Vincent Kai can beatbox like a BOSS.
  • Apparently the love triangle was actually something they left up to the fans instead of knowing the outcome ahead of time. I’m not sure how I feel about that. 
  • Adult fans have requested steampunk for a long time and this was sort of LEGO starting to lean in that direction.
  • I found Waldo!
  • Cole’s new vehicle has suspension and fires missiles when pushed down. They put a lot of effort into it and it looks SUPER COOL
  • The Dark Island Trilogy IS canon.
  • Next story involves a LOT of magic.
  • No news on the release date of Hands of Time. Day of the Departed starts October 29th.
  • SOMEBODY ASKED HOW ZANE CAN HAVE ICE POWERS. They’ve been trying to avoid the question. XD Eventually, they hope to do an episode answering that.
  • Ninjago the series WILL continue alongside the film.
  • There’s only one Realm Crystal among all the realms.
  • Nya was going to be pronounced “Nai-ah” but the cast screwed up pronouncing it.
  • Morrow wants MORE power so he’s named MORRow. Yay bad puns!
  • Kai originally had red hair and freckles
  • We will hear more about the FSM
  • Dark Island Part 3 will have Skullkin
  • Ghost-ism is not contagious. XD
  • Someone asked if everyone likes Cole as a ghost or human and the shouts were VERY mixed. 
  • “Bad guys become good guys. Good guys become bad guys.” THIS LINE CONCERNS ME A LOT
  • Vincent went over to a kid who was too shy to ask questions and helped him. Dawwwww.
  • There will be ninjas in the Ninjago movie. Woah! (More info on the movie next year.)
  • If they added a sixth ninja, it’d have the element of… they’re not telling. They want to save it for the show if they do.
  • Jay WOULD have wished for love if it was possible, but then he wouldn’t have deserved it. 
  • Someone pointed out that the last we saw of Dr. Julien was the Dark Island and that “gone” is very vague. They said they might do something with that.
  • An orange ninja would have the power of orange juice. 
  • If the Garmadon’s had a vehicle, it’d be a mini-wagon called the Destiny’s Shadow. XD
  • EVERYONE misses Sensei Garmadon and the staff are listening.
  • Wu’s survival in the Great Devourer is a gruesome tale. 

My emotions have been doing parkour ever since I discovered Filthy Frank/ Joji. First i got excited about ff and it went uphill when i found out who he really is, I mean how hot he is. Then the feeling dropped when I found out he’s kinda shitty towards his fans, AT TIMES. But then i feel bad and adore him more when i watched the exposure video and jojivlogs. Then his passive aggressive tweets got me mixed feeling. Treasured him when he’s nice, him being hardworking, appreciate the fans etc. Kinda disappointed when his whining about his fans. When he uploads new vid and somehow you can see the quality is getting better and better, the feeling bounces back.Seriously seeing the transition of overall quality from dizasta to the recent videos is really impressive. Got really proud of him working for The Weeknd. I love Abel since forever and was really excited when found out that Joji is working for him. Then the josh pan tweets happened, kinda almost hit rock bottom. But when he denies hating on his fans on his insta, got me feeling loved back. Now, Lily. I know he’s just a normal human being. There are times he’ll feel down and all, can’t expect much from a man who’s been doing things all by himself and he’s a grown ass man who can think and decide for himself, gotta respect him trying to be private bla bla bla. Idk man. My feeling must be fucking ripped by now thanks to him lol.

p/s: me disliking lily has been way before all of these. 

Monochromatic Souls

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Lobos Jr, most famous for various Dark Souls challenge runs, recently started a playthrough with the game modded to show only the most basic shape renders, with the depth of field creating hues at distance, to make Dark Souls look like the game Limbo.  I found it very striking.  It allows one to view the pure level and enemy design to appreciate it without even needing textures or color, and makes several areas take on whole new characters.  Note that these are screen-grabs from his YouTube upload here and are not mine.  I claim no ownership, just wanted to share how cool it is.  Please check out his Twitch or YouTube channel for some great Dark Souls content.  And now, more pictures:


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It’s my little bunny’s first birthday! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. It seems like yesterday mommy and daddy found out that we were having you and now you’re a beautiful little girl. I never knew I could love someone so much like I love you. Happy Birthday Lily! Mommy loves you more than you will ever know.

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