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So this blog is going to hit the 500 followers pretty soon, if things go as well as they’ve been going, and I decided to host some kind of contest or competition to celebrate it when the time comes.

I have a couple of ideas but I’d like to know what you think about them and whether you’d be interested in participating.

1st idea

I recently found an old list of some movie title/One Piece crossovers I wanted to do years ago, but never got the chance. They all contain some kind of (bad) pun or OP reference (i.e. Hairy Chopper - Harry Potter). You could also come up with your own movie title puns, of course. It’d be up to your imagination and creativity to do something nice with them.

2nd idea

Pick a One Piece character of your choice and create an original and creative AU version of them (i.e. If you choose Mihawk, don’t just turn him into a kendo master and nothing else; I’ll be unimpressed. Do something else with him, give him a twist, take some canon features and apply them to something that apparently has no connection with it and make it fit. Impress me.)

Whichever idea is chosen, you’d be able to submit any kind of work, from fanfics, fanart, headcanons all the way to edits or music playlists. This may still change and be reduced, though.

I’m still thinking of what the prizes could be, I’m leaning towards some One Piece merch, but it’s still not decided.

So what do you guys say? Are you interested?

P.S. Other ideas are welcome. Feel free to suggest your own. Do not send them as asks, though, please.


Este blog llegará a los 500 seguidores muy pronto, si las cosas van tan bien como hasta ahora, y he decidido organizar algún tipo de concurso o competición para celebrarlo llegado el momento.

Tengo un par de ideas pero me gustaría saber qué es lo que pensáis de ellas y si estaríais interesados en participar.

1ª idea

Hace poco encontré una vieja lista que contenía algunos crossovers entre títulos de películas/One Piece que quería haber hecho hace algunos años, pero nunca tuve ocasión. Todos ellos contienen algún chiste (malo) o referencia a OP (i.e. Hairy Chopper - Harry Potter). También podríais inventar vosotros mismos los chistes con los títulos de las películas que se os ocurran. Que acaben siendo algo algo simpático y bonito corre a cuenta de vuestra creatividad e imaginación.

2ª idea

Escoger el personaje de One Piece que queráis y cread una versión AU original y creativa del mismo (i.e. Si escogéis a Mihawk, no os dediquéis a convertirlo en un maestro de kendo y nada más; eso no va a impresionarme. Haced algo más con él, dadle algún giro, coged algunas de sus características canon y aplicadlas a algo que no tenga ninguna conexión aparente y haced que funcione. Impresionadme.)

Sea cual sea la idea escogida, podréis presentar cualquier tipo de trabajo, desde fanfics, fanarts y headcanons hasta ediciones o playlists musicales. Todavía puede que esto cambie y se reduzca la lista.

Aún estoy pensando en qué podrían ser los premios; de momento me inclino más hacia merchandising de One Piece, pero no hay nada decidido.

¿Qué me decís? ¿Os interesa?

P.S. Otras posibles ideas son bienvenidas. Sois libre de sugerir vuestras propias propuestas. Pero no las enviéis como asks, por favor.

anonymous asked:

I feel the same about Nevra, thank you for answering my question. One more : what do you think about Leiftan ? (I know you want to kill him buuuut tell us everything)

honestly, i would like him if he wasn’t so shady… i mean, he was the first person to be kind and understanding to me in this godforsaken world, i bet i could have fallen in love with him if it wasn’t for that.

he started being shady to me in ep 4, when he didn’t let Gardy explain where she found the piece of crystal. it may be nothing, but after that, no matter what he said or did, i always thought he had an ulterior motive when speaking to Gardy. it didn’t help that it was revealed that he was reporting everything Gardy said to him back to Miiko in ep 13.

maybe im just overthinking it, maybe he’s in fact the most trustworthy person in the HQ. but i don’t believe it. i can’t appreciate talking to him when i always think that he’s gonna stab me in the back one of these days (which… he already did LMAO since he seemed to know about the potion). because of that, even when he’s kind, i feel like everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie or his superficial. and i kinda feel bad about it because i WANT to like him. but i just. can’t.

… nevertheless, i do acknowledge that his feeling for Gardy seem genuine. but he’s still shady.

terrificgoat  asked:

Have you watched/done art for Haikyuu? Just imagining what Bokuto would look like in your art style and loving it

yah dude wow haikyuu is my shit ahaha, i used to be a hq blog but then i found voltron :’) my haikyuu tag is here if u wanna check out my vast heap of drawings ahah

I love Sirius Black, but let’s be real, part of the reason he was not put in Slytherin is because he lacks cunning and has no chill. Like, if he had been the one to figure out the locket was a horcrux rather than Regulus, he would have sent Voldemort a howler, “I FOUND UR HORCRUX AND I’M GONNA DESTROY IT, I’LL BE THERE IN 20 MIN, ALSO I DRANK THE LAST FRESCA OUT OF THE FRIDGE AT HQ, SO SUCK IT!!!!11111″


I didn’t see these anywhere, so I decided to scan the things for which I specifically bought the special edition strategy guide.

Not as many sketches and preliminary ideas as I was hoping for, but it’s much better than nothing!

The opposite pages are the HQ busts of the guys that can be found all over the internets, so I refrained.

Since it’s still femslash february it seems like a perfect moment to point out that I love these two and I really wanna know who the heck they are ?? I’m glad it looks like they’re with us on the fukurodani game too, though~


its friday!!! 

uncle victor continues his adventures and teaches hinata and kageyama how to skate :O

lol his lines on how to skate are actually from wikihow …. like it actually says to pretend your an animal???? lol i found that funny….

ps thanks for all the nice msgs about this crossover! you guys have great ideas and i hope you enjoy these :D 

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concept for the “Dear Evan Hansen” Tony Award’s performance

-the entirety of “You Will Be Found,” including the entire OBC and Evan’s heart-breaking monologue beforehand

-also maybe “Words Fail” because come on that song’s stunning

-also “Disappear” and “Good For You” and “Sincerely, Me” and “Only Us” because you gotta talk about those supporting actors, too, they’re amazing

-also the opening number and the closing number, obviously, and everything in between

-essentially all of the songs

-and all the dialogue

-actually the entire musical, but professionally recorded